Aztlan Government in California Launches Chemical Weapon Attack against Southern California White Separatist Enclave

Dozens reported killed in suspected chemical attack on rebel bastion in Southern California

June 23, 2028

Dozens of people were killed in an apparent poison gas attack on a suburb of San Diego County as troops loyal to the Aztlan government pressed an offensive to take back one of the last rebel-held bastions near the former US-Meixco Border, opposition activists and aid groups said Sunday.

Doctors and first responders shared horrific images on social media of men, women and children they said had suffocated in their homes and in makeshift shelters during an intense bombardment Saturday night of the city of Sacramento, in the eastern San Diego region. Some of the videos and photographs showed piles of glassy-eyed bodies, many with white foam filling their mouths and nostrils.

The Aztlan government and its Mexican allies, however, dismissed the accusations as rebel fabrications intended to win international support in the face of imminent defeat in San Diego.

The state-run La Raza News Agency (LA-NA) quoted an unidentified military source Sunday as saying that “an army that is progressing quickly … does not need to use any kind of chemical weapons.”

Members of the White Civil Defense, also known as the White Men, said the attack was carried out by a Aztlan government helicopter, which dropped “Taco Bomb” filled with a chemical agent from a Taco shop, also called Burrito bombs, they are typically built from oil drums or water tanks that are filled with explosives, metal detritus and taco sauce.

It was not immediately clear what kind of chemical agent might have been used. Local medics and rescue workers said some of the victims were emitting a “chlorine-like odor.” Others showed signs of exposure to an “organophosphate element,” a reference to chemicals found in insecticides and nerve agents used in Imperial Valley farms.

Opposition activists and first responders described whole families found suffocated, and graphic images of the tiny slumped bodies of dead or dying children were widely circulated on social media.

Time has come for International Community to Bomb the Failed State government of Aztlan in Sacramento California and save the People of California

Brought to you by future news agency.

Mexico: Caravan is Nearing Tijuana Now…

Andrew Anglin

Daily Stormer
April 24, 2018

So then, what does this mean then?

Trump said he would stop this.

It’s only a third of the size now, but they’re going through California, and Jerry Brown has said he won’t stop it.

So they’re just coming in then?


Hundreds of Central American migrants traveling in a “caravan” were in limbo in the northern Mexican city of Hermosillo on Monday on the final stretch of a journey to the United States where President Donald Trump ordered officials to repel them.

About 600 men, women and children from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras had been waiting on Monday in Hermosillo, Sonora to board a train or take buses for the remaining 432 miles miles to the border with California.

Traveling together for safety, their numbers were down from a peak of about 1,500 people since they began their journey on Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala almost a month ago, as smaller groups broke away.

Many women and children in the group were planning to seek asylum in the United States after they reach Tijuana, said Rodrigo Abeja, a coordinator from immigrant rights group Pueblo Sin Fronteras that has been organizing similar caravans for several years.

Moving from town to town, the impoverished and bedraggled travelers became a lightning rod for U.S.-Mexico relations after Trump launched a succession of tweets in early April, telling Mexican authorities to stop them.

On Monday he again lashed out, threatening that failure to stop the caravan could stall the already tense renegotiation of NAFTA. 

“I have instructed the Secretary of Homeland Security not to let these large Caravans of people into our Country,” Trump tweeted Monday morning. “It’s a disgrace. We are the only Country in the World so Naive! WALL”

Following Trump’s Tweets, the group was considering applying for asylum status in Mexico, a Reuters witness traveling with them said.

Trump’s concern with the caravan coincides with recent U.S. border patrol data showing a sharp rise in the number of immigrants found illegally crossing the border, a setback after immigration from Central America evaporated in the months following his election.

Some of the group had been dissuaded from seeking asylum by warnings about detention conditions they might endure in the United States, she said.

Although Honduras and El Salvador rank among countries with the highest homicide rates in the world, rejection rates for asylum claims from those countries are very steep.

Yeah, and I wonder if those two things could be connected, huh?

Like, because all of the MS-13 gang members in the US came in as “asylum seekers,” maybe?

If these taco apes get through, then the next rough is going to be 60,000.

This is a trial balloon.

And look: they are associated with all of these no borders communist groups in America, and this is being framed as a challenge directly to President Trump as a man.

He has full justification to just shoot them, or drone strike them while they’re still in Mexico.

He could easily get away with that.

Just say like “yo I warned them” and people would be like “yeah he’s right he did warn them for sure.”

Barack Obama used to drone people all the time.

This is a clear and present threat to the security of the United States. These people should be killed as soon as they move to try to enter our country.

Trump is a pussy if he doesn’t figure out some way to do something, I’ll tell ya.

Why Do Women Really Want “Equality”?


Equality is a strange thing to ask for. Since when do feminists and hard-headed modern women want to be so similar to men?

If I were a woman, it would be easy to acknowledge that I am different from a man and would embrace that. As a man, I embrace being different than a woman. Similarly, I too embrace a woman as being different than a man—that’s the part I enjoy most about them! Men appreciate things like the hips of women or their soft voice, and women are attracted to things like the 5 o’clock shadow of a man, his deep voice, or his confidence. It’s unique to each gender. So why do women want equality?

Looking at the big picture

Men have a standard of living that they’ve cultivated, and have steered civilizations for thousands of years. It’s safe to say, men have what they want. They have created the jobs they are good at, they have negotiated salaries that they are comfortable with receiving, and have basically set a standard for themselves in most fields.

That standard is arbitrary, however. It’s floating in mid air. It is not a law of the universe. It is choices that men have made and (mostly) agree upon. So now we have these standards that men have set and now live with, and women want equality (the same).

If a woman wants the same standards as a man, she wants to be an awful lot like a man. Otherwise, she would have her own standards and desires that she has created. If a woman is unique and different (which is obvious), she should want different things than a man. She should want a different standard. Not necessarily less of a standard of life, just different.

Women and ego

Sometimes I open up my Tinder and see women flexing their muscles or putting in their bio that they are picky and “more sarcastic than you,” or similar boastful, egoic lines. It makes me roll my eyes so much it hurts. If I was attracted to ego, I’d date men.

You will see men everywhere posturing as being the “best” or the rulers of the universe and it is just ego stuff. That’s our thing! Ego is the domain of men, though we’re not entirely proud of it. The thirst for excellence is ego driven. We’re seeing more and more women sporting massive egos, and the ego is NOT a good look for women.

Now we have a culture of domineering and ego-driven women trying to be the king of ego mountain. The ego is ours. Ego mountain is ours. We have always had it the real men of us won’t give it up. This power struggle going on is counterintuitive to natural feminine energy—the attractive force that brings men and women together instead of butting heads. This could have an association with the decline in birth rates in Canada that we are seeing.

Instead of women marching around society, fighting to have the job, the income, the attitude, and the gym muscles of a man, wouldn’t it be more fitting to seek different standards, different desires? After all, men often seek excellence. We seek to have the biggest muscles, the biggest income, the most admirers, etc.

A modest proposal

Women yearning to be quality caretakers, writers, actresses, partners, mothers, students, emotional supports, and many similar honourable duties is far more befitting for them than becoming, say, a firefighter out of spite to prove to the world she can do it (stinking of ego). Meanwhile, the station has to also hire an extra firefighter to make up for her physical accommodations, thus negating the need for her.

This is really a message to all: do what you are naturally good at doing and if it happens to pay more or less, live with it… or change yourself. If someone earns more than you, it’s foolish to expect the same. They are producing different work than you because their skill set is different and possibly more valuable. If you want all the same things as this person, you are trying to be too much like them. Be original and carve out your own desires and standards.

Women: you are different. Not better and not worse, just different.


US Soldiers are Digging Down in Syria, No Plans to Leave Soon

Roy Batty

Daily Stormer
April 24, 2018

It seems to me that Trump has basically lost control of the Pentagon and the army is just doing whatever it wants in Syria.

Trump talked about pulling out, and then…we start bombing AND the army decides to dig in like a tick along the Euphrates.


Contrary to Donald Trump’s promise to withdraw, the Americans “are actively settling down” on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River in Syria and have no plans to leave, the Russian Foreign Minister has said.

Speaking in Beijing on Tuesday, Sergey Lavrov said “a number of countries have explicitly chosen to disintegrate Syria.” According to Russia’s top diplomat, the US, in particular, pledged that their only aim was to “drive terrorists out of Syria and defeat the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS).”

Despite this promise and contrary to President Donald Trump’s statements, “the US are actively settling down on the eastern bank of Euphrates River and have no plans to leave,” said Lavrov. The Americans are setting up local authorities in the areas they control, he added.

So basically Trump says one thing, the army does something else, and we have to rely on Russian news to bring us up to speed.

That’s the state of things.

Old map, but just to get an idea, no one knows for sure anyway

This is why I’m following the Russian news – they talk about shooting down two-thirds of America’s missiles whereas the American media says that the strikes were a resounding success.

It’s important to get both perspectives on the situation.

On March 29, Trump vowed to pull troops out from Syria, proclaiming that the United States would leave the country “very soon” and will let “the other people take care of it now.” A week after, on April 5, he reiterated the promise: “I want to get out, I want to bring the troops back home, I want to start rebuilding our nation.” At the time, Trump claimed the ultimate goal of defeating Islamic State is “almost completed.”

Earlier this month, shortly after France joined the US and UK missile strikes against Syria, Macron claimed that he had convinced Trump that it was “necessary” to extend American troop deployment in Syria. Moscow lambasted the news, saying Macron’s willingness to have the Americans stay in Syria was “some kind of colonial position.”

The wild card.

A lot of foreign policy is decided on personal relationships between leaders of countries.

But this is really something else if true.

Also, what in the world is Macron’s game?

Lavrov has a conspiracy theory that he likes to advance:

Damascus has consistently opposed both US and Turkish military presence, saying it was a breach of Syria’s sovereignty. Syrian President Bashar Assad has referred to the foreign troops as “invaders.”

Foreign Minister Lavrov accused the US last month of planning to “disintegrate the Syrian state” under the guise of fighting terrorism. The US strategy, Lavrov noted at the time, aims “to cut a huge chunk of Syrian territory from the rest of the country while setting up puppet local authorities in that area and trying in every way to establish an autonomous entity under Kurdish authority.”

This isn’t over yet, by a long shot. So many cards at play. Terrorists supported by the gulf states, Israeli meddling, American troops, Turkish troops, Russian troops, Kurdish troop and the SAA. Oh and Iran is a guest star and Hezbollah got eliminated in round one, but is back for the elimination round to get revenge.

Syria is like one of those reality TV shows where you put all the contestants in one house and watch them fight and bicker amongst themselves until only one person is left.

Syrian Hollywood – Russkies Prove That White Helmets are Running Hollywood-Tier Propaganda Studio

Roy Batty

Daily Stormer
April 24, 2018


So apparently, the White Helmets just rounded up some kids and started pouring buckets of cold water on them while they shook them around to make them cry.

These kids were confused and hungry and looked at the camera pitifully because, let’s be honest, no one wants to get cold water poured on them by bearded men offering candy.

And that’s the secret behind muh gassed kids in Douma.

It was a White Helmets PR stunt. 

And it worked: the White Helmets proved that you can just pour cold water on kids until they cry and that will convince America to start bombing Damascus. Like pottery.

And the rebels are setting up more and more professional shoots now.

They’ve got actors and kids on call now, offering them meals for participating in some atrocity-porn.

I don’t know what happens to the kids afterward – maybe they become child stars, maybe they get buried in a ditch to make sure that no one hears about their Oscar-winning performance. IDK.

But you know how crazy parents are about getting their kids into the movie industry. They’re willing to do anything.

Nothing would surprise me.

The Media is in Total blackout mode on what really happened in Syria, and most Americans are too stupid to seek out the truth of what really happened there.

“New American” Joads

by Everitt Foster on April 24, 2018

I just had to laugh when I read that the globalists now think “globalist” means “Jews.” I mean, a lot of Jews are globalists, but there are plenty of boomers, cucks and lolbertarians in their ranks too, not to mention born again corporatist liberals who love big companies because they’re easier to co-opt and use their influence to undermine society. The corporations make money, the Left destroys society.

It will probably land me on everyone’s hate list to say this, but multiculturalism has taken Europe and the European diaspora and turned what was once a high trust society based on consanguinity (to which the American founders appealed prior to the Declaration of Independence) into a paranoid dystopian future, minus all the cool stuff we were promised by the great sci-fi authors.

Let’s do a quick run down. Jews are paranoid the younger generation is turning to anti-Semitism fueled by the alt right, the alt right believes whites will go extinct in the near future (it probably won’t be that soon), feminists believe men are conspiring to rape them, MGTOWs think women are conspiring to get pregnant and take their property while throwing them in prison for false rape allegations. Blacks believe whites are hunting them in the streets and keeping them from winning show biz awards. Hispanics are worried they’ll be stripped of citizenship and deported. Asians don’t like being lumped in with the rest of the non-whites. Working class Americans believe the corporations are trying to enslave them. Libertarians believe the government is trying to enslave them, if it hasn’t already.

At this point the only people anyone trusts are the anonymous avatars on social media. The 2016 election taught most of us how little we have in common with many of our real-life friends.

There is no other way to say it: the zeitgeist of the world today is the product of middle class whites putting our heads in the sand and repeating mantras of rugged individualism, economic liberty, pretending we don’t see race, believing uncritically in representative democracy, the free market, and never daring to question the idea that perhaps equality is an impossibility and the people who said “all men are created equal” never wondered why there was no Magna Carta in Sub-Saharan Africa or Venezuela. After all, if all men are truly created equal, including moral outlook, then would it not be true that all men will create the same concept of “human rights” at approximately the same pace?

Could it possibly be that these “human rights” are an illusion and that rights, contrary to what the framers and their Enlightenment philosophy taught them, were not natural, divine or unalienable? Could it be that rights are the product not of natural law, or a natural lawmaker, but of the collective mind, as guided by evolution, of the people whom have evolved the capability to recognize and advocate for those rights?

And so in assuming that all men are created equal, that each of us should be judged as though we were a blank slate from birth, and that anyone can be anything they want if only they are provided with enough internal motivation or external support and empowerment, we have created a panopticon for ourselves. We who where heirs to the “rights of the Englishmen” are now debating with those who lack the hereditary understanding or desire to preserve those rights, and the people who created them. And in doing so, in pretending that diversity is a blessing not a curse, that we have allowed the premise of the freedom that created our society to be eroded.

And what of renewal? Is this a black pill article?

Not a chance. This is a year of white pills.

Do you remember reading The Grapes of Wrath in school? Probably not. I read it but only remembered enough to write my essay and had to rediscover it years later. It should be remembered that escape to another area is not a permanent solution when the foundations of prosperity have been eroded. It should also be remembered that what was once the dust bowl Midwest from over-farming has become the breadbasket of the world.

Renewal is possible, and even likely. But we must first honestly appraise the situation. Our first step is simple. Understand that not all men are cut out for the same land. The Joads left Oklahoma of their own volition. We cannot assume the American Joads, the post 1965 immigrants, will do the same.

Be calm, be lucid, be relational in your dealings with normies. The first step in repairing America and Europe is to speak to those whom we love and who trust us. And be patient with the normies, for “you yourselves were once normies in suburbia as well.”