Apes Shit on Mona Lisa in New Beyonce “Apeshit” Video

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2018

Are you tired of this yet?

This is nigger trying to be deep. Or perhaps their Jew managers who think it would be hilarious to have a bunch of apes run wild around the Louvre, looking all smug and above it all *sigh* white peepo, shaiking mah dahm head. 

But yeah, if you don’t want to watch the video, it’s some modern interpretive dance shit, stupid lyrics and black people twerking on the ruins of Western civilization.

You know I’ve found that, with the rare exception, you have to think of niggers as a force of nature.

They’re out to get you, whitey. And it’s nothing personal, kid…except that it is.

We hate you.

We hate everything about you.

We don’t even really know why.

But we’re a force of nature. Constantly beating at the walls and wailing for White people to let them in. So that they can wreak everything of course. And then proceed to lord over it all.

Because they’re KANGZ don’t you know?

Putting on some fancy-looking clothes, a self-aware smirk and getting a video camera rolling is now a tried and true African appropriation ritual.

A territory marking ceremony that White people seem to be blissfully unaware of.

Twerking in the Louvre was Beyonce’s way of planting the nigger flag into the museum and saying, “dis shit be ours, now.”

It’s like what the Moslems did when they took Jerusalem.

In actual history, they took the crucifixes and beat them and marched them around the city.

But that’s what these niggers are doing.

Marking their territory.

What are you looking at, white man? Dis be my shit now

I’m at such high levels of negro fatigue that I get triggered by pictures of gorillas now.

In my mind there simply is no difference left whatsoever.

Abducted, stabbed and set on fire for being white

DAANISH Zahid, an Asian shopkeeper who helped in the abduction and murder of schoolboy Kriss Donald, was found guilty yesterday of Scotland’s first race murder where the victim was white.

Kriss was the victim of a revenge attack stemming from an incident the night before when a person – X, whose name, gender and colour cannot be revealed for legal reasons – was attacked with a bottle in a Glasgow nightclub.

The attacker, of the white 15 year old, belonged to a gang called the McCulloch Street Team.

Swearing revenge and threatening to “cut up the culprit and take his eyes out”, X, the High Court in Glasgow heard, got together a five-strong armed gang, including Zahid, to prowl the streets in a stolen Mercedes looking for him, or someone who knew his identity.

Kriss Donald, 15, was last seen alive as he was bundled into the Mercedes near his home in McCulloch Street, Pollokshields.

He had been heading out with his pal, Jamie Wallace, 20, to play computer games, and fitted X’s bill for no other reason than he was white and lived in McCulloch Street.

The next day Kriss’s body, naked except for the charred remnants of his underpants, a sock, and a training shoe, was found on the Clyde Walkway at Parkhead, in the east end of Glasgow.

In a crime which shocked the country, he had been beaten, stabbed repeatedly and set alight with petrol while still alive.

During the trial, the court heard it was not Zahid who plunged the knife 13 times into the defenceless teenager’s stomach, back and arm. Nor was he the person who set him on fire.

His role had been to help abduct Kriss, stay with him during a 200-mile drive, buy the petrol used to set him on fire, and dispose of weapons.

As Kriss was being finished off, Zahid, 20, sat in the car, watched – and made no attempt to help the terrified boy.

Yesterday, after the jury found him guilty of Kriss’s murder by a unanimous verdict, the trial judge, Lord Philip, told Zahid that the price for his participation in the crime would be a life sentence. He was also found guilty of the racially aggravated assault on Kriss’s friend, and attempting to defeat justice by burning the abduction car.

Animals who murder whites, all share similar characteristics, they are brown and or black. Remember this, when the time comes, no questions, double tap, and move on.

Because Zahid, of Shields Road, Pollokshields, Glasgow, is a first offender, Lord Philip, told the jury that he was obliged to call for reports before sentencing him to life and calculating the number of years he should serve before being allowed to apply for parole.

In the dock with Zahid was 20-year-old Zahid Mohammed, also of Shields Road who could also have been facing a life sentence. Mohammed was also charged with abducting and murdering Kriss, but on the first day of the trial, Advocate Depute Mark Stewart, accepted that he was not guilty of murder because he had left the car hours before Kriss was killed.

Mohammed, however, admitted abducting Kriss and attempting to defeat justice by asking a friend for a false alibi.

He entered the witness box to give evidence for the prosecution and told the jury the reason why he left the others. He had been sentenced to wear an electronic tag on his ankle for carrying a knife, and had to be home for 7pm when his evening curfew began.

Lord Philip also called for reports on Mohammed, who will be sentenced along with Zahid at the High Court in Edinburgh on 16 December.

Zahid, who ran his family newsagents business in East Kilbride, had denied, while acting along with others, abducting Kriss in Pollokshields on 15 March this year, driving him to Strathclyde Park, Motherwell, Dundee, and then back to Glasgow, and murdering him at the Clyde Walkway near the Celtic Supporters’ Club in the East End.

The Crown claimed that the abduction and murder was a racially aggravated crime.

Zahid lodged a special defence incriminating X and another person who cannot be legally identified.

During eight days of sometimes harrowing evidence the jury heard that Zahid, Mohammed, X and the two others, set out to find the youth who had carried out the bottle attack the night before in Victoria’s nightclub in Glasgow.

When Kriss and his friend, Jamie, were spotted, X told the others, “They’ll do”, and ordered the car to be stopped. X and the others, including Zahid and Mohammed, jumped out and, as Jamie tried to defend himself and at the same time distract the attackers from his friend, Kriss was punched and kicked and bundled into the car. He was heard to plead with his captors: “Why me. I’m only 15.”

The schoolboy was driven to Strathclyde Park where Zahid Mohammed got out and returned to Glasgow by taxi because of his curfew.

During the journey, Kriss, face down in the well of the rear seat, would have been in terror as X phoned friends to ask them for a flat where he was to be tortured for information.

But when no-one was willing to help, X ordered the Mercedes to be driven back to Glasgow. En route they stopped at a filling station and Zahid was ordered to fill a canister of petrol.

Kriss was then driven to a deserted walkway on the banks of the Clyde.

Zahid said that X ordered the youngster out and followed him with two others to the rear of the car. He insisted that he remained in the front passenger seat and told how he heard screams and then saw a fireball. When X and one of the others returned their hands and clothes were covered with blood.

However, Mr Stewart, prosecuting, maintained that Zahid must have seen the killing because bloodspots on the bonnet and wing of the car proved Kriss had been stabbed at the front of the car.

The gang then laid him out on a pile of logs, doused him with petrol, and set him on fire before racing away in the car.

The jury heard how the youngster, with his blood draining from three severed arteries, rose in flames to stagger or crawl down towards the river leaving a trail of burned clothing and scorched grass.

He never reached the river. He collapsed in a rain-filled ditch, rolling in the mud to try to douse the flames, eventually succumbing to his terrible internal injuries and burns.

In the meantime, a drug dealer who supplied X and the gang with cannabis, had been ordered to buy petrol. Zahid met him at a prearranged spot in the West End of Glasgow, took the can of petrol from him and left a bag containing a knife and a hammer in the back seat of the car. The Mercedes was set alight in Granby Lane.

During his evidence, Zahid told Kriss’s mother, Mrs Angela Donald and his sister, Samantha, he prayed for Kriss and his family every day, and apologised for doing nothing to help him.

Zahid claimed he went along with events because he was terrified of being “done in” by X.

He also claimed that the murder had been committed on the spur of the moment by X, described by defence counsel Ian Duguid QC as a “psychopathic lunatic” and that it could not have been foreseen.

But Mr Stewart told him he was guilty because he had participated at “every gruesome stage” of Kriss’s ordeal and failed to take advantage of opportunities to get away and distance himself from the crime.

Detective Chief Superintendent Elliot McKenzie said: “The job is only half-done. The Crown and the police will not rest until those others have been brought to justice.”

Time is nearly here, are you ready for a global revolution?

Horrific Anti-White Racist Attack Buried by the Media

Earlier this month there was a horrific racist attack in the town of Rochdale, but as the victims were white, the story was soon buried by the media and forgotten. The double standard on the reporting of racist incidents is clear to see and is part of the agenda of instilling white guilt in those of European descent. Find out the truth about this selective reporting and how we can fight back against this anti-white agenda.

Gang of Asian thugs hurl racial abuse and fracture teenage rugby player’s skull by mowing him down with car then smashing him over head with golf club in terrifying ‘hate crime’ attack

  • Teenage rugby player Matthew Hayden, 17, left with a fractured skull after attack 
  • Along with Josh Jones, 18, they were ambushed by four men wielding golf clubs 
  • Littleborough RUFC said the attack came as they were driving around late night 
  • Hayden needed emergency surgery for a bleed on the brain following the assault
  • Police are appealing for witnesses but have not disclosed details of the attackers

A teenage rugby player was left with a fractured skull and a bleed on the brain after being mowed down by a car and hit over the head with a golf club on Saturday, in what is being treated as a possible hate crime.

Matthew Hayden, 17, needed emergency surgery for the bleed following the terrifying late night assault in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

His friend and teammate Josh Jones, 18, was also beaten with a crowbar, suffering injuries to his hands and face at the hands of four or five Asian men, who allegedly hurled racial abuse at the innocent trio as they tried to flee, police say.

Police have not confirmed the exact details of the incident, but a spokesman for Littleborough RUFC, said the attack came as the friends, who play for the club’s Colts U18s side, were driving around Rochdale in the early hours of Saturday.

As they travelled along Kiln Lane and Wildhouse Lane, in Milnrow, four men in a Nissan Micra following them and seemed to be trying to ram their car.

Moments later at a roundabout on Smithy Bridge Road, near Hollingworth Lake, the Micra smashed into the back of the rugby players’ vehicle.

When Mr Hayden got out of the car to remonstrate with the gang, the Micra drove into him, flipping him over the bonnet, the spokesman said.

One of the four men in the car then got out and hit over the head with a golf club, believed to be a nine iron.

At the same time two other members of the gang smashed the driver’s side window and repeatedly hit Josh with a crowbar, injuring his hands and face.

After hearing the noise neighbours and nurses from a nearby care home ran outside and shouted at the gang, forcing them to flee.

Police have not confirmed the exact details of the incident, but a spokesman for Littleborough RUFC, said the attack came as the friends, who play for the club's Colts U18s side, were driving around Rochdale in the early hours of Saturday

A third friend Zac Madden, who was a passenger in the car, managed to escape unharmed.

At this stage police have not released descriptions of the offenders or given any details of the motivation behind the attack.

Matthew is now recovering following surgery in Salford Royal Hospital. But he’s been forced to cancel a scholarship at a university in America this summer and it is feared he may never play rugby again.

Mr Hayden was mowed down by a Nisan Micra before four gang members got out of the car and battered the defenceless teen. One of the attackers hit Mr Hayden over the head with a nine-iron golf club, while Mr Jones was assaulted with a crowbar by two other attackers

Mr Hayden was mowed down by a Nisan Micra before four gang members got out of the car and battered the defenceless teen. One of the attackers hit Mr Hayden over the head with a nine-iron golf club, while Mr Jones was assaulted with a crowbar by two other attackers

Aaron Jones, from Littleborough RUFC, said: ‘It has shocked everyone at the club. Matthew and Josh are down-to-earth lads, they’re not trouble makers.

‘They’ve been playing for first team and really made a big impression on people at the club.

‘Everyone is relieved they are alright. Matthew knows he is lucky to be alive and we just want those who did this to be caught.’

Matthew is now recovering following surgery in Salford Royal Hospital. But he's been forced to cancel a scholarship at a university in America this summer and it is feared he may never play rugby again

Matthew is now recovering following surgery in Salford Royal Hospital. But he’s been forced to cancel a scholarship at a university in America this summer and it is feared he may never play rugby again

Detective Inspector Mark McDowall of GMP’s Rochdale borough, said: ‘The man is still in hospital recovering from this brutal assault and I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

‘This was an unprovoked attack that has left the victim with life changing injuries, so it’s vital that we find the people responsible for this horrendous incident.

‘Even though this happened in the early hours of the morning, I’d urge anyone who heard or saw anything out of the ordinary on Smithy Bridge Road, or who saw the men in the black Nissan Micra at any time, to get in touch.

‘They are described as being four or five Asian males, of thin build and aged between late teens to early twenties.

‘Our officers will be carrying out additional patrols in the area while the investigation continues, so I’d ask that you speak to them directly or ring 0161 856 8441 if you have any information.’

Reports can also be made anonymously through the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting incident number 274 of 02/06/18.

Untold Tales: Red Dragon Rising

China is moving beyond its borders in every imaginable way, commercially, demographically and even militarily. In addition to many nations, especially the US, even the planet itself will be feeling the pain. From UntoldTales.net

Bibliography for Red Dragon Rising

Serge Michel and Michel Beuret, China Safari, On the Trail of Bejing’s Expansion in Africa, Nation Books, New York, 2009.
Patrick Radden Keefe, The Snakehead An Epic Tale of the China Underworld and the American Dream, Anchor Books, Adivision of Random House, Inc. , New York, 2010.
http://www.gangsorus.com/asian_gangs.htm, Robert Walker’s Gangs or Us.
Maj.Gen., Count Cherep Spiridovich, Secret Government or The Hidden Hand, The Unrevealed in History, The Anti-Bolshevist Publishing Association, New York, 1926.
The FBI’s New Job
For Further Investigation
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Asian Crime Gangs 2013
LA Gangland Documentary


Dennis Rodman Blows Chris Cuomo’s Mind Out the Back of His Head

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 12, 2018

To be clear, this is from last night (early morning SG time), before the main meeting, right after the handshake, during Trump and Kim’s one-on-one. Dennis was there in Singapore for the event.

I’m used to seeing black people blow people’s minds out the backs of their heads – but not like this.

Dennis is a truly unique Colored Gentleman. You know, you do have these outliers in every group.

He told Chris Cuomo – the rat – that he talked to Kim five years ago about making a deal and he tried to talk to Obama about it and Obama just brushed him off and wouldn’t even have a conversation with him (I think rill niggas make Obama nervous because he’s such a pussy, but he also just didn’t give a shit about solving a war situation).

Cuomo couldn’t believe that a Colored Gentleman (AKA OG Based black guy in a MAGA hat) was saying these things about the anointed mulatto savior Obama.

Dennis then started crying and saying he couldn’t even go home after saying the North Koreans were good people, because he was getting so many death threats – I can only guess (((where))) those were coming from!

There’s actually a pretty good chance that none of this would have happened without Dennis.

I think he should be made ambassador to North Korea.

No joke.

That would be appropriate. And hilarious. Because the libshits would come out like “HE’S NOT QUALIFIED HE’S DUMB” and it would be like “u racist bro?”

He says he doesn’t know anything about politics and when he first went to North Korea he thought it was a charity event and didn’t know any of the history. That’s perfect.

This isn’t really a political thing anymore. The war ended on July 27th (my birthday, btw) in 1953. This whole North Korea thing is a human situation with a bunch of bizarre elements that created a situation that otherwise wouldn’t make any sense.

Like he says about Obama blowing him off – it was useful to the West to have a bad guy. That’s why they let this thing go on this long. They made North Korea into this bad guy – not the other way around. The politics are very simple. It is the human side that is complicated.

So yes.

Make Dennis Rodman the ambassador.

And hey – Ta-Nahesi Coates – let’s get an article about how Dennis Rodman is a white man in a black body oppressing other black bodies with the empowerment of white supremacy institutionalized microaggressions. I won’t read it. No one will. But it would be really fun if you did that, Ta-Nahesis.

Melinda Gates Bashes ‘White Guys,’ Says She’ll Discriminate Against Them

Melinda Gates says she will preference women and non-whites over men and white people, specifically for these immutable characteristics that have nothing inherently to do with business success.
Joy Pullmann


Melinda Gates has decided to enter the venture capital world by sending her money to people based at least partly on their sex and skin color, she said in a recent Fortune interview.

“It’s been incredibly disappointing to watch how few women-led businesses are getting funded,” Gates said. “Ultimately, if we want more innovation and better products, we’ve got to put more money behind women and minorities. That wasn’t happening, so I decided to step in and see what I could do to help a little bit.”

Here are other portions of her interview where Gates specifically says some criteria for how she invests in startups are race and sex. She clearly says she preferences women and non-whites over men and white people, specifically for these immutable characteristics that have nothing inherently to do with business success. “Over-index” is essentially a financial or data version of affirmative action.

I am specifically looking at funds who over-index on women-led and minority-led businesses.

I’m asking a lot of business questions about how they will go about their funding, how they will over-index on women’s businesses, and how they will hold themselves accountable for a great return.

Some of these big firms often believe in the white guy in a hoodie disrupting a whole industry. So we’re going to disrupt it by making sure we’re indexing for women and minorities because they’ve got great ideas.

Many of them think if they have one female at the table, they’ve done their job. Another big one is when they say that they have trouble finding women. Those are just excuses. They don’t know what investing in these areas looks like until they get several women who are partners in their firm.

A white man could easily make products that meet minority women’s needs and desires, and vice versa. Their race and sex has nothing to do with their drive and ingenuity. But Gates implies that they do, which is weird and patently stupid, to put it mildly.

It’s not only Gates who feels comfortable revealing her race and sex biases when deciding where to spend some of her billions. It’s industry publications, too. Here is how Business Insider characterized the interview, a headline reposted to the website of the longtime Microsoft-funded National Center for Women and Information Technology:

It’s by now automatic in our Alice in Wonderland world to see things like this and immediately imagine the social hypocrisy, not to mention cries of racism and sexism, if the scenario were reversed. What if Gates had announced she’s going to give “white guys” a boost in her investment calculus, merely for being white guys? Or what if she complained about a startup for having only one man on its board because then “they don’t know what investing in these areas looks like”?

There’s a good chance — only mitigated by the fact that her husband is one of the richest men on earth — that she’d be written out of public life and shamed by every publication in town. Of course, that’s far less likely when she, her husband, and likeminded people are funding lots of the outlets that cover their activities, either through charitable dollars or business investments. Great PR cover if you can get it.

Gates is, of course, merely one prominent person among many spending lots of time and money addressing what seems to be largely a feature, not a bug, of human nature under conditions of historically unparalleled social freedom. Yet instead of addressing real inequalities, such as the development-retarding home environments of children whose parents chose not to commit to each other for life or hiring practices at companies like Google that seem to purposefully tilt the playing field against whites, men, and non-leftists, companies like Microsoft, Gates, Apple, Pfizer, Intel, AT&T, and Facebook choose to address the actual structural inequalities like these with PR rather than equality.

They sponsor pseudo-academic conferences that generate “research” that amounts to narrative-pushing. They hire lawyers and PR people instead of considering the possibility that they are wrong. Obfuscating reality allows them to play politics without even admitting it is politics, much less truly investigating whether their politics fit human nature, even though mangling it even accidentally is highly dangerous.

Disparate Outcomes Can Signal Broader Possibilities

In the Fortune interview, Gates says “I think real change can occur when the VC community starts to demand that the people it invests in have diversity, the right values, and the right behavior.” When asked to “define diversity,” she responds, “I define diversity as when you have a mix of people seated at the table who look representative of our whole society.”

Gates is saying that venture capitalists — and other social leaders — should be demanding that business partners essentially conform to quotas based on neo-Marxist class distinctions, or Left-defined identity groups: sex, race, income, sexual behavior, ethnicity. Never mind whether the individuals whom Gates lumps into these groups believe their interests align with those of all the others. No self-determination allowed here. You are allowed to count precisely as much as identity politics-mongers decide you do, and according to criteria they choose, not you.

This is conformity, under the banner of diversity. Yet social research actually tends to find that a truly free society with better-equalized opportunities for all people sees a greater range — or, ahem, a greater diversity — of choices than do less-free and less-developed societies. Or, as a 2008 Journal of Personality and Social Psychology article put it: “differences between men and women in their personality traits become more extreme with the increasing development of human society.” The more people are free to do what they truly want, the more they are likely to create outcomes that drive rigid, Procrustean percent-equalizers insane.

This may seem to be contradicted by surveys like the below, presented at NCWIT’s conference last week, but such surveys may also just reflect that kids of any sex don’t know much about careers, period, and other research showing that women’s strong predilection for non-science pursuits appears to be natural and persistent despite millions spent to change that: “An analysis of women’s academic choices in 67 diverse countries and regions…reports that women consistently register lower interest in STEM education and careers compared to men. This fact has remained stable over the decades, despite most developed countries taking ‘considerable efforts toward understanding and changing this pattern.’”

Instead of considering evidence like this, Gates and those like her rush in and assume social crimes like racism and sexism. Guilty until proven innocent.

Affirmative Action Schemes Hurt Intended Beneficiaries

Furthermore, evidence from countries that have imposed class quotas on business boards have actually seen a decline in opportunities available to women and minorities. What either written or unwritten diversity quotas tend to do is secure opportunities for a select few people who are already at the top and fit the quotas’ arbitrary criteria. So far there is no evidence they actually increase opportunities for the artificially advantaged groups, and some that they reduce their opportunities and create dangerous social conditions by weaponizing and thus delegitimizing their promotions as artificial rather than earned.

Other attempts to rig finance and tech on women’s behalf are already backfiring, and Gates has even indicated she’s aware of this yet so far seems blind to how it applies to her new venture capital strategy.

“Guys in finance only hire who they can fire easily. Young men they can fire without a problem,” an anonymous female venture capitalist told Business Insider. “The unfortunate thing that happened in the #metoo movement is that men don’t want to ride the elevator with women who could pitch them for fear they would accuse them, let alone mentor that person alone.”

By weaponizing women as women, Gates is likely to reduce their opportunities by making them too political for others to work with safely. It’s already happening. If women could be hired and fired based precisely on their work, and nothing more, then they would have precisely equal opportunities. The outcome are up to individuals’ free choices. When women are hired based on their sex, it may appear an advantage at the outset, but it will in the long run disadvantage them by promoting them beyond their abilities and increasing prejudice against them for gaining what they did not earn.

Punishing People for Their Group Status Is Deeply Unfair

Lastly, Gates presents her strategy as a just corrective to an unjust current system, but is actually the opposite. By elevating women based not on their work but on their sex, she necessarily disadvantages men based not on their work but their sex. Of course, men can’t change that they are men.

Therefore, she is consciously and publicly discriminating against men for something they can’t change and that has nothing to do with their potential for bringing her financial returns or serving the market needs of anyone, including women and minorities. This is unfair, and unjust. If Gates or anyone else cares not about that, they may care about its sure potential to breed dangerous resentments.

Even if you do buy that women and minorities are not as frequently funded because of some kind of injustice somewhere, it only adds another injustice to disadvantage innocent competitors for capital because of it. The men competing with these currently politically favored groups did not themselves do anything to hurt women and minorities. Simply putting themselves forward in the same competition is not unjust, that’s just part of the game. So punishing them for the sins of others based on sharing some trivial characteristic is deeply unjust. It is an attempt to make two wrongs into a right.

Further, punishing people for the “sins” of their “class” is, quite frankly, of a piece with the ideology that ultimately led to the slaughters of the Bolshevik and French revolutions. If we don’t want to end up in an avalanche of those kinds of effects, maybe let’s start by not packing and tossing a snowball.

Joy Pullmann is executive editor of The Federalist and author of “The Education Invasion: How Common Core Fights Parents for Control of American Kids,” out from Encounter Books in 2017. Get it on Amazon.