Black Shoots white Girlfriend and Tries to Hide the Body

Black Shoots Coalburning GF and Tries to Hide the Body

Tim Hort
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2017

Coalburning will never work out for you.


A man accused in the shooting death of his 24-year-old girlfriend is claiming it was an accident.

Our cameras were there early this morning when 29-year-old Jasper Davis appeared in court, charged in the murder of Jennifer Nicole Mamo.

Prosecutors said Davis got into an argument with Mamo after she accused him of flirting with another woman at a bar.

Prosecutors allege Davis shot Mamo and then dumped her body by a creek on Birnam Wood in north Harris County.

Jennifer Mamo.

Black Who Killed White Man Surrenders

Tim Hort
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2017

Donte Mayo.

Another day, another dead White guy with a Black being the killer.


Colorado Springs police announced Friday morning that a man wanted for a double shooting outside a Family Dollar has surrendered to authorities in Pennsylvania.

24-year-old Donte Jose Mayo was wanted on a charge of first-degree-murder for the shooting that killed 18-year-old Alex Eugene Ainsworth and seriously injured another teenager on October 26.

Alex Ainsworth.

Sheboon Involved in BLM Torture Livestream Gets Probation – Imagine if the races were reversed.

Tim Hort

Daily Stormer
December 9, 2017

Brittany Covington. Time is coming for blacks to either be forced to leave white nations, or wiped out.


Imagine if the races were reversed and it was a group of Whites torturing a retarded Black guy.

Do you think any of them would just get 4 years probation?


A woman who live-streamed herself and a trio of friends abusing a mentally disabled man and taunting him with racial insults was sentenced to probation Friday after spending nearly a year behind bars.

Brittany Covington, 19, had been held at the Cook County Jail without bond since January, when she and co-defendants Tesfaye Cooper, Jordan Hill and her 24-year-old sister Tanishia Covington were arrested on kidnapping and hate-crime charges.

The plea deal prosecutors made with Brittany Covington makes her the first of the four to be released, though she will remain on probation for four years and is barred from contact with Cooper and Hill, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

Brittany Covington narrated Facebook Live video of the others tormenting an 18-year-old white man in the apartment she shared with her sister.

The victim, a Crystal Lake man who had been classmates with Hill at a west suburban alternative high school, appears terror-stricken as he was taunted with racially-tinged insults — including calling him a supporter of then-President-elect Donald Trump. Hill and Cooper allegedly cut his clothing with a knife, punched and kicked him. In other video, the man was forced to drink water from a toilet bowl.

In one of the videos the defendants allegedly posted on Facebook, a man threatened the victim with a knife. Someone told the victim, “kiss the floor, b—-!” and “nobody can help you anymore.” At one point, someone told the victim, “say ‘I love black people.’ ”

The saga began on New Year’s Eve, when Hill had picked up the victim, at a Streamwood McDonald’s, driving a van he had stolen earlier that day, prosecutors said. They drove around visiting friends for about three days, police said. The victim slept in the van.

When a woman who lived in the building complained about the the noise and threatened to call the police, the sisters kicked in the woman’s door in anger and took some of her property, police said. While the others had run to the other apartment, the victim managed to escape, and police found him, wearing shorts and his torn clothing in the January weather, a block away. Streamwood police officials say the victim’s parents had made a missing-persons report after their son didn’t return home.

Dindu Killed 9-Year-Old White Boy in Carjacking

Tim Hort

Daily Stormer
December 9, 2017

Darian Cummings. Another Pavement ape who should be dead or back in africa instead of killing and stealing from white people. When are we going to do something about these animals?


So this Black steals a car and then gets into a crash killing a 9-year-old White kid while also injuring his 5-year-old brother.

When will this problem be addressed?


A suspected carjacker who crashed into a family’s sedan near St. Louis Lambert International Airport last spring, fatally injuring a 9-year-old boy, was charged Friday with the boy’s murder.

The boy, Caleb Lee, had just returned from a Disney World trip with relatives when their car was hit by an SUV that was fleeing police on April 25. Caleb died May 5.

St. Louis County prosecutors charged Darian Cummings, 17, on Friday with one count of second-degree murder, three counts of second-degree assault and one count of tampering with a motor vehicle.

Cummings’ bail is set at $1 million.

Cummings was 16 on the day of the crash and has been held by juvenile authorities since. He turned 17 about a month later. On Thursday, Cummings was certified to stand trial as an adult. He had not been publicly identified until Friday.

Caleb and Evan.

When are we going to bring this system down, and remove the non-whites who infect our nation?

Brits Stuck with Infinity Illegal Brown People Forever

Daily Stormer
November 30, 2017

The UK will be a sewer forever now. But don’t worry goyim, it will be a VIBRANT sewer!

Are you as sick as I am of all these nattering nabobs who constantly go around on all the TV shows and newspapers telling us what we can’t do?

“We can’t have White countries anymore because Current Year™️!”

“We can’t have White neighborhoods and schools because RACIST!”

It’s funny, really, when you think about it. Every western nation seems to have been run by these (((people))) who enacted policies that they claimed would never cause problems like White dispossession in our own countries. They said it would just be impossible to import that many brown, yellow and black people. Populations just don’t move around like that. Only complete mouth breathing conspiratards could think that was a possibility.

Then, a generation or two later, when the problems (which were actually the objectives) are glaring right in your face every day, they say “We can’t possibly deport all these people! Populations just don’t move around like that. Besides it would be really, really expensive and we don’t have the money!”

This has traditionally been an American argument, but now that the UK has been flooded with uncountable numbers of illegals and rapefugees, not to mention their “naturalized” counterparts, the same nonsense is being spewed by immigration “experts” there as well.

It’s almost as if all our countries are run by the same people…

Daily Mail:

It is impossible to track down the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants working on the black market in the UK, a border workers’ union boss has warned.

Swingeing cuts to the immigration enforcement workforce has left the country vulnerable, it is claimed.

And there will be no way of enforcing new rules on EU nationals once the Government’s post-Brexit immigration strategy is eventually finalised.

That is the warning from Lucy Moreton, of the Border Force workers’ trade union the ISU.

Wow, that sucks. We just can’t do it. The expert has spoken.

She told the Sun: ‘If you are here illegally you can survive very well, you access medical services your child can go to school the chances of us catching you are very, very slim.

‘If you don’t break the law we are not going to get you as we don’t have the resources. We can’t catch you.’

Seriously, wtf is this? The head of their border services union is basically just telling all the scum of the Earth to just come on to Merry Olde England, where a high time will be had by all, at no expense to any foreigner and with no consequences?

What could possibly go wrong?

Don’t worry, he’s just here for the gibs…

I’m here to tell you that this is crap. If White people could do great things like conquer the world, put men on the moon, and gas the six gorillion in fake shower rooms right in the middle of an expensive and somewhat time-consuming world war, we can deport a horde or two of non-Whites any time we damned well please.

Besides, this just shows what terrible leadership the UK has in Theresa May’s cuckservative government. Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that under Obama, we had immigration officials like Jeh Johnson being cited all over the Fake News media as saying we could never deport all these darned wetbacks, and no way would we dare try to stop these Moslems from coming here in unchecked numbers.

Now Trump is The Leader, and despite his not having been overly successful in getting his agenda enacted, the judenpresse is all like “ZOMG! Trump is gonna deport all the poor beaners and force the muzz to stay in muzzland!!!”

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Black Nurse Fired for Tweets about Killing White Babies (how wide spread are her views in Black Community?)

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Previously on SBPDL: 89-year-old White World War II veteran suffocates to death while Black nurses laugh at him

Here’s your shot. [IU Health investigates after controversial tweet traced to nurse, Indianapolis Star, 11-25-17]:

Indiana University Health is investigating a controversial tweet allegedly sent by a nurse who works for the organization.

Black nurse tweets our her hatred of white males, basically endorses killing young white babies
The tweet, from an account named Night Nurse that has been linked to an employee named Taiyesha Baker, said: “Every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son. Someone with the HIGHEST propensity to be a terrorist, rapist, racist, killer, and domestic violence all star. Historically every son you had should be sacrificed to the wolves Bitch”
IU Health spokesman Jason Fechner confirmed that Baker worked for the health system when the tweet was posted. He said human resources is investigating and will take appropriate action based on what it finds. He did not elaborate on the protocol for the investigation.
“IU Health is aware of several troubling posts on social media which appear to be from a recently hired IU Health employee,” Fechner said in a statement. “Our HR department continues to investigate the situation and the authenticity of the posts. During the investigation, that employee (who does not work at Riley Hospital for Children) will have no access to patient care.”

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To make sure the shot went down smoothly, here’s the chaser. [Nurse tied to controversial social media posts no longer employed by IU Health,, 11-26-17]:

A nurse at the center of an investigation into a number of controversial social media posts was not allowed access to patient care on Saturday and was no longer employed on Sunday afternoon, according to a spokesperson for the health care system.

Officials at IU Health confirmed Saturday that they were aware of what they called “several troubling social media posts” made by Taiyesha Baker, who they say was recently hired and who did not work at Riley Hospital for Children.

On Sunday afternoon, they provided an update, saying, “A recently hired IU Health employee tied to troubling posts on social media this weekend is no longer an employee of IU Health.”

Notice how in the second story, detailing Taiyesha Baker being fired from her job as a nurse, the mainstream media report sanitizes her anti-white bigotry (the cause of her firing) completely by leaving out the motive for her dismissal.

The main question few dare ask: how wide spread is the hatred Taiyesha Baker feels for white males and white babies in the black community?

Remember this, blacks hate white people, and this is natural state of things:

You Fight Nature, you will LOSE and lose hard.