White Couple Sues Dog-Killing Nigger Officer Who Forced Them to Decapitate Loyal Canine at Gunpoint

Roy Batty

Daily Stormer
January 31, 2018


There’s a lot of bad shit that is allowed to go down in our thoroughly jewified society.

But this kind of stuff just hits me in the feels.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

A Crawford County couple on Thursday filed a lawsuit for damages sustained when they say officials forced them to decapitate their dog and take the head to the health department.

Joe Goodwin and Tosha Dacon are suing the county, Sheriff Lewis Walker and deputies James Hollis and Wesley Andrew Neesmith for $75,000 in connection with the Dec. 1, according to the lawsuit.

“Under extreme emotional duress and distress, and under threat of incarceration and physical harm, Plaintiff Goodwin was forced to decapitate the dog with a knife,” the lawsuit states.

Here’s a picture of the police officer who FORCED THEM TO CUT OFF THE HEAD OF THEIR OWN DOG.

Neesmith responded to a complaint about a dog on Wellington Drive. While Goodwin was at work, his 2-year-old dog, Big Boy, allegedly lunged at the deputy and Neesmith shot and killed the dog, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported.

Shortly thereafter, Hollis arrived and told Goodwin he’d have to cut the dead dog’s head off for rabies testing or face arrest, according to the lawsuit. He felt compelled to proceed and decapitated his pet in front of his children.

Afterward, Goodwin was “too emotionally and mentally distraught to comply and, therefore, Plaintiff Dacon was required to do so,” the lawsuit states.


Hollis, who has a history of voluntary resignations and was previously fired from the Zebulon Police Department, was placed on administrative leave with pay during an internal investigation.

Niggers and other brown people have no empathy or respect for animals. The only dogs I’ve ever seen niggers own are pitbulls that they use in dog-fights or to bark and maul little nigger kids.

And to be fair, this was a pitbull mix – so a pretty violent breed of dog no doubt.

But we all know how this went down. Cops kill dogs regularly because too many of them these days are low-IQ and overweight guys with mental problems who have gone power mad are are looking to unload a few bullets on just about anything… which is fine for dealing with nogs, but NEVER with man’s best friend.

And niggers especially hate dogs.

Cop+Nigger=Guaranteed Dead Doggo.

In general, having respect and being able to form cooperative relationships with animals is something that only White people are good at doing. And I know that there are rich, White-imitating high-IQ members of every race that copy White people behavior in this regard – but its only Whites that seem capable of doing this en masse, unprompted, instinctually even.

Probably because we have high empathy levels and instinctually feel that this big ball of fur is frankly adorable.

Killing or hurting doggos is particularly heinous because they have literally evolved to work with and help humans in exchange for care and…dare I say it…


So I just want to put this out there, and say something that I feel needs to be said. This is coming from the very bottom of my heart:


If I had to choose between the life of every nigger in America and the life of one innocent doggo, you know who I’d chose in a heartbeat.

In general, niggers are useless to the cause of advancing civilization. Dogs are not.

Dogs can be your friends. Niggers cannot.

To keep our puppers safe, we need the White ethnostate NOW.

President Trump Tells Off Ungrateful Rapper Jay-Z

Andrew Anglin

Daily Stormer
January 29, 2018

Le Monkeyface Jay-Z is whining about Donald Trump not doing enough for black people and saying that helping them get money isn’t enough if he continues to say things that they perceive as hurting their feelings.

These people.

They’re so ungrateful.


The spat comes after Jay-Z was asked by CNN’s Van Jones whether it was okay for Trump to “say terrible things but put money in our pockets.” The rapper said no, “because it’s not about money at the end of the day. Money doesn’t equate to happiness. It doesn’t. That’s missing the whole point.”

Jay-Z, who is married to megastar Beyoncé, is worth an estimated $810 million according to Forbes, making him the second-richest hip-hop artist in the US after Diddy.

Not that it’s something I’m especially concerned about, but I’m pretty sure the second is Dr. Dre. Because he sold Beats to Apple.

But whatever the case, a bunch of people who would otherwise be running around in the jungle chucking spears at one another are making hundreds of millions of dollars telling white kids how to sell crack and pimp hoes.

Many have taken to Twitter to argue Trump “missed the whole point” on Sunday when he tweeted about black unemployment falling as a result of his policies.

Van Jones himself fired back by saying “someone needs to inform” Trump that he already asked Jay Z whether the black unemployment figures are enough to redeem Trump’s presidency, to which the singer responded with a “powerful” answer.

Rep. Gregory Meeks of New York’s 5th Congressional District also chimed in, saying black unemployment remains “unacceptably high” and that “standing on Obama’s laurels don’t reverse Trump’s harmful comments about people of color.”

You know, Gregory.

That might have something to do with your people being lazy.

And your boi Jay says it isn’t about money – because no one is questioning the statistic of this being the lowest unemployment for American-Africans since it was recorded.

Also: it isn’t somehow Donald Trump’s job to be responsible for you people, whatever is going on with you.

You’ve got a lot of problems, guy.

Check your out of wedlock birthrate:

Your incarceration rate:

Your drug rates (not per capita):

Your AIDS rates (not per capita):

You’ve got a lot of problems.

And the idea that these are problems that it is someone other than your job to fix… well, that isn’t going to get you anywhere.

If you think this would all be better in a black-run country, then move to Uganda. That option is always on the table. No one is stopping you.

DoJ Says Release of the Obama Anti-Trump Conspiracy Memo Would be a “National Security Risk”

Andrew Anglin

Daily Stormer
January 25, 2018

The memo is going to be released.

This cannot be stopped now.


The Justice Department has called on the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee to let the FBI view before release a secret memo alleging to show political bias within the department.

With the House Intelligence Committee saying it is in the preparation stages of releasing a 4-page memo, which purports to show collusion between the Obama administration, the FBI, and the Clinton campaign against Trump and his team, the DOJ has said releasing the memo would be “extraordinarily reckless.”

“We believe it would be extraordinarily reckless for the Committee to disclose such information publicly without giving the Department and the FBI the opportunity to review the memorandum and to advise the [committee] of the risk of harm to national security and to ongoing investigations that could come from the public release,” Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd wrote in a letter to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA). “Indeed, we do not understand why the Committee would possibly seek to disclose classified and law enforcement sensitive information without first consulting with the relevant members of the Intelligence Community.”

Because there is a conspiracy to undermine the government of this country and the people of this country have a right to know about it.

And clearly, the Department and the FBI aren’t doing anything about it – so what right do they have to keep it a secret?

Others issues thought to be contained in the memo, which thus far has only been viewed by House members, involve the so-called ‘Steele dossier,’ a controversial document prepared by former MI6 spy Christopher Steele that made a series of unverified claims against Donald Trump. One of the more shocking allegations put forward in the dossier was that Trump had paid prostitutes urinate on a bed at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow where former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michele had once stayed.


The fake intelligence file that was initially funded by the evil kike ((((((William Kristol)))))) and then handed off to Hillary Clinton and her posse of evil kikes.

The memo will also likely focus on the email correspondences between two FBI staff members, Peter Strzok and his mistress, lawyer Linda Page, both of whom expressed strong reservations for Trump.

Strzok, who served as Chief of the Counterespionage Section during the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s use of her personal email server, at one point referred to Trump as a “douche” and an “utter idiot.”
Strzok was abruptly removed from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe earlier this year after the DOJ began investigating his seemingly biased messages.

The Strzok-Page story lay dormant until this month when new revelations showed that at least five months’ worth of electronic text messages between Strzok and Page had disappeared.

This week, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC), and House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) commented on the lost texts, saying: “The omission of text messages between December 2016 and May 2017, a critical gap encompassing the FBI’s Russia investigation, is equally concerning. Rather than clearing up prior FBI and DOJ actions, these recently produced documents cause us to further question the credibility and objectivity of certain officials at the FBI.”

This whole thing could be on the verge of blowing up.

I want Trump to do the Mueller interview. Finish that all up so there are no more questions.

Then turn the tables.

Investigate the investigators, and bring down this entire conspiracy – from Obama and Clinton to ((((((William Kristol)))))) and ((((((Adam Schiff)))))) to John McCain and James Comey all the way to the kike media which made all of this possible.

Kick in the door and the whole rotten house will collapse, I guarantee it.

And then we can get to the business at hand, which is: making America great again.

In the process, we may even be able to avoid a massive global war for Israel.

It’s You or Them When The Dreamers Dream

by Jonathan Peter Wilkinson on January 19, 2018

There is no diversity with Freedom of Association. Under forced integration, there is an absence of armed conflict, only as a delaying action until sufficient numbers can be imported to overpower you.

It is common knowledge that people who are not part of an indigenous culture will feel they are denied opportunities in direct proportion to the strength of that culture. Therefore, when given a vote, they will exercise economic and social self-interest by voting to weaken or destroy that culture.

The Drexel University Professor who asked for White Genocide as a Christmas Present in 2016 was just stupid enough to be honest. Our current US President understands this and when possible, he pushes back.

The Trump administration has declined to renew the temporary protected status of Salvadoran immigrants to the US, giving an estimated 263,000 people less than two years to leave the country or be deported. The Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation has allowed immigrants from El Salvador to live and work in the US since 2001, when a pair of earthquakes crippled much of the Central American nation.

There are two aspects of this story that require further flushing out. First of all, this was supposed to be a temporary amnesty starting in 2001. It was for people specifically displaced as a result of a natural disaster. Once the disaster was cleaned up, there was no legitimate reason for 263,000 non-citizens to be given free reign in the US. Even El Salvador doesn’t need fifteen years to rebuild housing. These people could have returned 10 years ago.

But the earthquake was an excuse, the point was to get these people into the US, not away from any earthquake. There is a specific reason why a fifteen year vacation in Mexico, Argentina or Brazil was not acceptable. It just had to be the Good Ol’ US of A! Why make that sort of a paranoid statement? Well, President Trump has been forced to remove 60,000 Haitians after a 2010 earthquake, and about 60,000 more Nicauraguans and Hondurans who were given temporary status after a hurricane in 1998.

All three revocations have been met with similar types of protests. ¡It’s simply heartless and cruel to send hordes of foreigners who disrespect our country while loudly proclaiming allegiance to their own back home to the Motherland! There is only one cure for homesickness and that would be home. Yet this sort of thing, even when it fulfills both the letter and the condition of the law under which these people have been brought in, is seen as cruel and inhumane.

Amanda Baran, a consultant to the Immigrant Legal Resource Centre, called Monday’s decision “reckless and heartless”.
“El Salvador is one of the world’s most dangerous countries, and will be unable to absorb the return of these thousands of people whose lives are inextricably intertwined with those of ours here in the United States,” she said in a statement. Amnesty International also decried the decision, claiming the US “could be sending people to their deaths”.

Now Amanda Baran may or may not consider these “refugees” more or less than a paycheck. But if the Center For American Progress memorandum on DACA is accurate, these people are the new Hessians employed on behalf of the Amerikan Left. “Conservatives” who claim they can reason with La Raza, or that these people are Good Catholics who are natural conservatives, are deluded at best. At worst, they have put an industrial demand for cheap, transient labor over the needs and wants of citizenry born in their own nation. Maybe the mercenary Senator Jeff Flake has more in common with the aforementioned Hessians than I previously thought.

To understand why you can’t reason with La Raza or that these people are Good Catholics who are natural conservatives, here is what Malcolm X had to say on the subject of race relations from the logical and well-reasoned viewpoint of a minority.

This isn’t a crazy, illiterate or ignorant human being at all. He thinks, reasons lucidly and can only conclude that your cracka ass deserves a dirt nap from his point of view. There is no logical reason to think that well-spoken, clean-shaved and intellectually perspicacious “refugees” from Syria, Liberia or El Salvador would otherwise reason with respect to their own self-interest.

When the resistance to Donald Trump demands DACA, they are threatening to shut down a whole lot more than just THe Federal Government. Under the laws and regulations of our current system of forced integration; they have to go back or Amerika has to die in a bonfire. Which is it, Ladies and Germs?

5 Reasons Haiti Is Indeed A Shithole Country

Haiti is a disaster zone. It’s the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, and the epitome of a ‘failed state’. It’s a country founded upon the wholesale slaughter of 3,000-5,000 mostly innocent white French men, women and children following a 1804 massacre, and there is almost nothing attached to its name that could be considered an accomplishment other than being the ‘world’s first black Republic’.

In any case, Haiti has made it big in the news recently, due to President Trump deriding it and other African nations as “shithole countries“. He especially considers them poor sources of new immigrants to the United States, and that the country should be more open to countries like Norway, a nation which once sent 1/3rd of its population to the U.S. in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

This article will present five reasons why President Trump is not racist in regards to his opinion on Haiti being a shithole country (facts are racist!), and will end with a strong argument that countries like Norway would indeed be far more preferencial sources of immigration to ensure U.S. prosperity. That is of course, if they even bothered to come. Norway by many measures is considered to be the most prosperous country in the world.

1. Dirt Cookies Are A Component Of National Cuisine

(0:22 – 0:42) “These patties are a grim reminder of just how poor this Caribbean nation is. They aren’t sweet, they’re hard to swallow, and add almost nothing in terms of nutrition. Because the cookies are actually made of dirt.”

(1:42 – 1:50) “This is literally dirt being prepared for humans to eat, on top of other dirt….and filth.”

Haiti is a country so wretchedly poor and lacking in any widespread agricultural competency that patties made out of dirt must be consumed by a substantial percentage of it’s population. Friggin’… dirt.

These nutritionally bankrupt “cookies” known as ‘Bon Bon Te’ often contain parasites and various other toxins, but many pregnant Haitian women astoundingly believe it has minerals that would be good for their baby.

2. “F” Grade Cleanliness And Personal Hygiene

Pigs rummaging through garbage in a section of Port-au-Prince (Port-a-Potty)

It’s hard to pigeonhole all of the developing world into one classification of substandard cleanliness and hygiene. For instance, while not quite up to western or Japanese standards, the streets and alleyways of much of Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Colombia, etc. tend to be adequately cleaned and maintained. Personal hygiene standards are also quite good in these countries despite being less-than-developed.

Places like Cambodia? Not quite so much, but they are getting better by the year.

Urban Haiti however, is a living monument to genuine I-don’t-give-a-fuckdom. You will see pigs rummaging through gigantic piles of refuse, people wading through trash covered waters, and the smells invading your nostrils will be repugnant and utterly offensive. To not call it a shithole, you would only be lying to yourself.

In fact, Haiti has such a bad reputation for filth and putrid hygiene standards that the capital of Port-au-Prince is jeeringly referred to as ‘Port-a-Potty’ by many visitors.

3. High Rates Of Crime And Civil Unrest

The U.S. State Department Is As “Racist” As Trump!

If you look at the top 20 countries of the global human development index, you will notice that a common characteristic they possess (beyond a majority population of Germanic Europeans and Northeast Asians) is that they have very low rates of capital crimes such as murder, in addition to being very politically stable.

You would be foolish to try and argue against high rates of crime and instability as major contributing factors to defining a country as a Trumpian shithole. Ask any educated person from some high crime and not-so-top 20 countries such as South Africa, Brazil, or Honduras why they might want to emigrate, and I guarantee you that wanting to raise a family or live in a much lower crime environment is high on their agenda.

The Haitian capital of Port-Au-Prince had a murder rate of 60.9 in 2012, which is incredibly high even by most third world standards. By comparison, the murder rate in Norway was just 0.56 in 2014. Now which of these two countries would you prefer as a source of immigration?

4. Widespread Environmental Rape Culture

An aerial view of the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, showing how badly that Haitians have raped their environment.

What’s the difference between campus “rape culture” in the United States and environmental rape culture in Haiti? The answer is that the problem actually exists in Haiti.

Once a section of the island of Hispaniola with astounding natural beauty and lush greenery, Haiti has gone through such rampant deforestation and environmental degradation that you can actually see the results from space. It is also entirely the result of human action from Haitians themselves, yet SJW’s will always insist that ‘white racism’ and/or the ‘legacy of colonialism’ has something to do with this travesty.

You can see from the NASA photograph that the substantially less shitholey neighbor of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, does a much better job of looking after it’s environment.

5. There Is Almost No Economic Mobility

(1:26 – 1:38) Desperate illegal immigrants from Haiti getting their first taste of racist white people in the USA.

If you weren’t born into substantial Haitian wealth, your chances of rising above their abject poverty are tied with much of sub-Saharan Africa for being among the worst in the world. Let’s just say that 99.5% of the locals probably don’t have much spare change to invest in cryptocurrency.

Haiti has a massive trade deficit, remittances are the primary source of foreign exchange, and any sort of skilled labor is a rare commodity in this “proud Republic” lying less than 1,500 kilometers away from Florida. There is not even really the chance of becoming a well-paid soccer star like a lot of poverty stricken youths in Brazil, Peru, Mexico, etc. could otherwise aspire to in their countries.

Haiti is a shithole, and that’s why so many people there are desperate to leave if they have either a chance or the resources. ‘White Supremacies’ like the USA, Canada, or France are dream destinations, while even the neighboring Dominican Republic offers a substantial leg up in living standards.


Hear that? SJW Senator Kamala Harris thinks that ESPECIALLY people from Haiti helped build the USA! 😀

Haiti is a bottom drawer source of migrants not just for the United States, but pretty much any other country in the Western hemisphere. The people have no skills to offer, they have low levels of English (or even Spanish) competency, they have high rates of crime, their cities look and smell horrible, and they hail from the country with the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS outside of Africa.

Much in the same way that low-crime, clean, and orderly Northeast Asian countries are wise for not having much of an immigration policy at all, it would be completely anti-humanist for the well being of citizens of the United States to tolerate the idea of Haiti being a “strength” building source of diversity.

Norwegians on the other hand, are the most common ethnic background of people in the U.S. state of North Dakota. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation, the people are incredibly friendly, they possess a strong protestant work ethic, and North Dakota, where many Americans with Norwegian ancestry reside, is the most fiscally responsible state.

President Trump is 100% correct on the Norway-versus-Haiti debacle. New immigrants from the former would help maintain 1st world living standards, while the latter would inevitably turn Tampa into ‘Tampon’.

NUMBER #1 reason and most obvious

Its a shit-hole because the people who live there are black.

We wuz Romanz

Diversity Macht Frei

January 6, 2018

When I first heard of the new Sky series Britannia, I had high hopes. Ancient Britain, Druids, Celts, this has to be diversity-free, right? But, no, I thought. It’s got Romans, too. They might try and work some diversity angle in through the Romans. Looking at the trailer confirmed these suspicions.

Here we see a negro Roman soldier.

Later on we see a crazy-looking Briton talking to, presumably, the same negro’s beheaded head with the slogan “Not everyone wants to be civilised.”

So it looks like the propaganda angle on this is going to be: Big-hearted “Roman” negroes try to bring civilisation to the barbarous Britons who, because of their racism and xenophobia, fail to properly appreciate it.