The Boomer Generation is a Generation of Complete Failure

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
October 15, 2017

The Boomer generation is one of the largest groups responsible for our destruction as a civilization, probably only second to modern women.

Even then, that’s a close second.

Their continued failures and reckless actions put us all at risk.

We need to start rounding these people up.

White Baby Boomers Cucks “Mourn” Fake Hate Crime

These boomer cucks needs to die off if their gonna allow emotions to control our lives and destroy our nation.

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2017

A bunch of middle aged suburban windbags met with blacks who can’t wait to see them dead to “mourn” the lynching of an 8-year-old black boy by local white racists.

The problem is the boy is white and the whole thing is a brazen Go Fund Me scam.

But this isn’t about crime, hate crimes, or even “racism.” The local democratic party and Woodstock nostalgics are coming out singing “We Shall Overcome” because they want the world to see their cuck bonafides after the Jews defamed their economically declining town as a place that still practices lynching. The only thing that matters to sheltered suburban whites over 50 is looking good. That’s a lot easier than being good!

The Jew Steven R. Swartz at the (((Associated Press))) is adamant about keeping this hoax in the headlines. Let’s hope the police seriously investigate this and make a statement that blows out Mr Swartz’s Menorah candles.


In this struggling mill town in western New Hampshire, racism was never something people talked all that much about.

There were people who drove around Claremont with Confederate flag bumper stickers in the mostly white town of 14,000 and some instances of high schoolers using racial epithets during football games and on Facebook.

But for the most part, residents had other concerns.

That changed Aug. 28 after allegations surfaced that several teenagers had taunted a 9-year-old biracial boy with racial slurs and several days later pushed him off a picnic table with a rope tied around his neck. The family of the boy, who was treated for neck injuries and has been released, called it a hate crime while the parents of one of the teenagers told Newsweek it was a terrible accident.

The images of the boy’s rope-singed neck were shared widely on social media, prompting an outpouring of support for the family and outrage against the teens. With prosecutors continuing to investigate the case as a potential hate crime, the city known for historic textile and paper mill buildings found itself associated with words like lynching and intolerance.

“Certainly people were shocked by the young age of everyone involved, especially the victim,” said Allen Damren, the town’s assistant mayor who also grew up in Claremont. “That certainly has an impact on people. When you use the word ‘lynching,’ that has all sorts of bad connotations to it.”

“It happened in our hometown. People responded to that,” he added.

The case has compelled city leaders to confront an issue that many had associated with bigger cities far away. Most insist Claremont isn’t a racist place but say the town must consider how its white majority treats those who don’t look like them. The families of the accused teens declined comment.

“This is an opportunity to take a very unfortunate event involving children and have some public discussions about how we treat each other,” said Middleton McGoodwin, the superintendent of the school district that includes Claremont. “Just because you may have a different color skin or different color hair or wear certain clothing, that doesn’t give me license to make you feel uncomfortable or make fun of you.”

More than 100 people from Claremont and surrounding towns gathered last month in a downtown city park to speak out against racism. Holding signs reading “Teach Love Not Hate” and “Stand Together,” residents listened as city officials and religious leaders spoke about the near-hanging and the need to confront intolerance.

City and school officials have since met to discuss new strategies to counter racism, and McGoodwin said the district is developing a plan for elementary through high school that examines school culture, including how students treat each other and how staff respond to issues like bullying. Residents are planning to be outside the high school and middle school this week, holding signs calling for an end to violence and bullying.

“We are not going to say this was an event that took place in late August, wasn’t in school and wasn’t about us,” McGoodwin said. “It definitely is about us.”

This town’s youth has real problems the older generation has no interest in addressing, but watch how all these failed institutions mobilize as soon as the young Shaun King is instructed by the old “cash me ousside” girl to cook up a fairy tale about lynching blacks in 21st century New Hampshire.

The bourgeoisie in the last places isolated from racial reality loves making big public displays of conformity. You can’t get any of these baby boomers to get off the couch unless it’s a “demonstration against racism” in a 99% white town, or picketing the middle school to “stop bullying.”

Forget race, why aren’t they protesting the fact that there are no decent jobs for their kids? Where are the rallies against immigration physically replacing them?

Part of me wishes Obama’s HUD program was still in place to fill the place up. Wake up and smell the negro apocrine stank!

Here is Cenk Uyghur’s take on the incident. He doesn’t know any of the details but is already making veiled threats about “vigilante justice” in respects to the white kids being accused. Leftists are angry that the police in the town won’t release the identities of minors because they want to come after them. If these scumbags get their way, anyone falsely accused of a “hate crime” will be actually lynched in the street!

And these older white women who watch Oprah will nervously hum “We Shall Overcome” as they watch the Jewish led communist mobs slaughter their kids.