Miscegenation Attracts Unstable, Low-Confidence People

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This has been a long time coming.

Comment From a Reader:

I just wrote this for my daughter: I always lose a couple of friends over this but also gain new ones for stating the truth. I hope this helps you understand my insight into this nefarious topic?

Race Mixing: is whoring yourself and your ancestors out to the enemy under the guise of love that ultimately destroys your own kindred people and nation = Treason.

Race Mixing: is racial and spiritual warfare. There is no real cuteness or beauty within the amalgamation of racially different people through miscegenation when it is in fact racial distortion, unnatural ugliness, offensive, race baiting, and abominable.

Did I hurt your feelings? I do not have to accept anything I do not want to or find anything cute about others irresponsibility within their self-eradicating life choices.

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Miscegenation Attracts Unstable, Low-Confidence People

From a recent study on children of mixed-race unions with African-American fathers:

This study finds that 92% of biracial children with African American fathers are born out of wedlock and 82% end up on government assistance. The results of this study make it very clear that biracial children with African American fathers are fatherless on a scale much larger than the public may realize.

In the hands of most people, this may seem like an indictment of black fathers, and perhaps it is. However, a black-white union produces a child that is very obviously not of either extreme, where a Hispanic-white or Asian-white union tends to produce a child that looks like its minority parent with a few white tweaks. As a result, it might be expected that black-white children find fewer fathers.

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Every parent wants a child that resembles them, but a black-white union generally produces a child of lighter skin color and different features than those of its black parents. This could be responsible for the greater abandonment rate, which in turn points out something about the type of person likely to enter into a mixed-race union.

Generally, those who marry outside of their tribe are less self-confident than those who do not. A person who miscegenates is both rejecting their parents and looking for someone who will enter into a relationship with them for exotic points or for the sake of being different.

It is therefore not terribly surprising that mixed-race children have such difficulties. To their parents, the union was a way of demonstrating uniqueness or having control over the other partner by being a rare commodity, and the children of such a union are an unwanted byproduct.

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FBI says James Fields won’t be Charged with Domestic Terrorism over Charlottesville

In a display of decisive action and solidarity, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has announced that Charlottesville suspect James Alex Fields Jr. will not face a charge of domestic terrorism despite the media outcry and virtue signaling suggesting that his crime was an act of terrorism.

A special agent with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force said the suspect accused of killing a Charlottesville protester will not face domestic terror charges since the federal statute does not outline penalties for the crime.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has said Fields is to face one count of second-degree murder, a decision which has either side of the spectrum groaning over.

Special Agent Thomas F. O’Connor has since called on Congress to change the statute, although it’s unknown if that will happen and it’s too late for this case.

“Even though many states and localities have adopted penalties for domestic terrorism, and the U.S. Code defines the phrase ‘domestic terrorism’, there are currently no penalties attached to that definition,” O’Connor said. “And therefore ‘domestic terrorism’ is not a crime in and of itself under federal law.”

The only fatality in the case, Heather Heyer, has been a serious source of debate as of late as to what actually killed the woman ongoing through social media and video streaming chats.

Some have pointed out that in the video footage Heyer was never hit by the car, but that still doesn’t mean that Fields car wasn’t responsible for the allegations (these are the claims being made) that she died from a heart attack.

Now even if she died from a heart attack, and the vehicle didn’t touch her, the prosecution has the argument that the heart attack is a result of the vehicle’s action, which would stick.

That could likely result in a lesser charge of manslaughter as a conviction, but again that’s for the court, Fields’ attorney, and the prosecution to debate in front of a jury.

Anything else is purely speculation at this point but the videos have only increased on social media arguing both sides.

There are even the farthest out there conspiracy theories (some actually make a lot of sense honestly) to combine with the left and right spin onto the events.

Through this article, I’ll post a few different perspectives without bias to each of those, and you can determine your own views contrary from mine.

Regardless, James Fields takes full responsibility for the death, even as there’s an ongoing debate as to whether or not his vehicle hit her at all, with other reports suggesting the woman died as a result of a heart attack.

Contrary to the media attempt to smear white Nationalists and those who had a legal permit to march to begin with at the Unite The Right event, it’s clear to anyone with common sense that the Antifaschistische Aktion groups at the event had no legal documentation to attend or protest, unlike those on from the AltRight and various sects of the far right.

The event was intended to be a march to protest the cultural Marxist attempts to rewrite American history by removing historic monuments and statues across the United States, something that’s only increased since the event with little to no opposition nationwide.

The international Communist mantra in many countries has been to first subvert the ideology of a particular party then attempt to push for increased cultural Marxist indoctrination through academia and to control the media and printed press, all of which has occurred in America and has been occurring for the greater part of the past century.

Only in recent years has there become a resistance to the Communist Agenda, with traditional values under attack and a rising sense of Nationalism and courage from those willing to stand up.

Make no mistake, the actions taken by James Fields cannot be condoned in any form, and such tactics are completely counterproductive to the success of a spirited movement which has only continued to grow.

The outcry over Heather Heyer death is to be expected, albeit it appears the man responsible was not on any official logs or registrars of those who were organizing the event and some would suggest he’s a mentally unstable lone wolf figure that could have possibly became scared due to his vehicle being assaulted which resulted in him stepping on the gas or acting irrational.

It’s expected that he will undergo several psychological examinations as per the defense attorney’s requests before and possibly during his upcoming trial.

Nothing will bring back the deceased victim and any sensible leader of the far right would condone such actions as they do not benefit their interests.

Regardless if you support the organizing of the event or not, those individuals attending not only had a legal permit and Constitutional Right to do so, but have a growing concern for the war against traditional values and the oppressive force-feeding of mental illness such as degenerate brainwashing that the Marxist left wing of America has forced down the throats of everyday Americans and children.

They had a right to march, to speak, to protest, and even took additional steps under the law to receive the legal documentation to do so.

Much of the failures of the incident lay in the hands of both Governor Terry McAuliffe, former DNC Chair who had ties to top level Communist billionaire donors, who coincidentally has reported to have given the police officers in attendance at Charlottesville a stand down order to prevent them from enforcing the law as their job description is meant to do.

Other failures would be the fact that the city council was fully aware of the event and the size of the crowds in attendance and failed to unite with their Mayor and ask the Governor to bring out the National Guard for security, an intentional act some say could result in the Governor and AntiFa facing charges over.

All of the violence could have been avoided, to begin with. Everyone without a bias who looks at the events and the video evidence can see that, and without edited clips can see that those who had a legal permit to attend didn’t simply commit violence but were, in fact, defending themselves after they were attacked.

Again that boils down to the failures of the Charlottesville Police to do their jobs which forced those in attendance legally to defend themselves from the violent and radical AntiFa which continue torment communities and cities across America.

It’s a civil rights issue, and those men and women who marched had a right to do so as per the Constitution, while the AntiFa resort to violence as a response to anything they dislike.

During the event, however, before any of the official and advertised speakers ever took the stage, the tragedy unfolded in the now infamous vehicle alleged attack, which resulted in 19 injuries and potentially caused the death of Heather Heyer.

That will now be debated in a court of law as James Fields, the driver of the vehicle which drove in an erratic manner either in defense or fear or in a planned assault (the court will decide the motive) being charged with second-degree murder for the fatality that occurred.

There is a ton of video evidence that shows the AntiFa attacking Fields’ car before he drove it into the crowd, and the defense likely will pursue that angle.

The prosecution, however, will likely bring to the witness stand emotional social justice warrior witnesses to claim the act was intentional and that their lives are damaged as a result of the event.

No matter how you look at it nobody wins in this case, because of the growing divide and conquer amongst Americans who are busy fighting each other and not uniting to Make America Great Again against a common enemy, which in theory is part of the enemy’s plan.

The Nationalism which had risen has been under assault even by virtue signaling biased Senators who unanimously signed a resolution condemning one side on the events (by the way I will never vote for anyone who signed that resolution, specifically because it didn’t mention AntiFa once and there are hours of tape showing the atrocities committed by Antifa).

It’s a shameful act by the Senate, completely disgusting in every way. The same Senate can’t repeal Obamacare after promising for nearly 8 years to do so, the same Senate can’t support President Trump’s policies and border wall after he’s the entire reason they’re in control, the same Senate can’t agree to bring troops home from our 17 year long wars, the same Senate can’t figure out how to balance the budget, I mean I could go on and on, but this is about Charlottesville.

They should have held proper investigations (they didn’t even debate the matter at all, just unanimously signed a resolution Condemning one side, the legal permit holding side, all while ignoring AntiFa) before signing such a resolution and they undoubtedly should have condemned both sides for the violence committed, as in AntiFa and the Charlottesville and Virginia civil servants who failed to protect the men and women with a legal permit.

A travesty of American injustice.

It’s likely that if video evidence of those in attendance is accepted into the court that this trial will not only be considered controversial but also expose much of the Antifaschistische Aktion’s Domestic Terrorism in a court of law, as to hopefully see the Federal Bureau of Investigation do their jobs and pursue indictments against many of their crimes.

It’s also possible that the suggestions that Heather Heyer died as a result of a heart attack will bring the Medical Examiner to the witness stand, and if that’s openly decided upon as the cause; even if Field’s vehicle forced her heart attack via fear or what have you, he could face or be convicted of a reduced or lesser charge.

That’s assuming he’s decided by specialists to be competent enough to stand trial at all, which is also up for debate.

The trial will likely be the most publicized courtroom monitoring since that of the OJ Simpson trial, a magnitude of potential ramifications that can be used for decades to come on trying a suspect or building a case for the defense.

No matter what the outcome, people are certain to be angry in a further escalation of both ideological and racial tension in modern America.


A Groovy Plan For White Genocide

The Plan to Exterminate the white race began long before many of us on the alt-right were even born. We must understand when this evil begin, so we can not only undo what has been done, but to make sure it never happens again.

Diversity Paradise Houston Shows The Psychological Effects of Diversity



A week after a tragedy, the psychological effects begin to manifest. People who otherwise were stable and sane start to act differently. They stumble over common words, drive as if they were distracted and on heavy drugs, and make decisions with no relationship to reality. The tragedy has set in; now, the body assimilates it, taking all of the darkness within in an attempt to master it.

People experience these little mental health moments as they become unable to deal with the sheer crisis around them. Houston survived a hurricane, only to be flooded by its government which released the reservoirs in order to avoid endangering the newly-built areas around the city. There was hope, and then it perished under waves of rain, pond and sewer water.

It is perhaps a euphemism to call these failures of cognition “mental health moments.” They occur when people check out of reality entirely, and turn into the world of the self, like autistics stimming looking for a source of inspiration within themselves instead of out there in the world or even the more dangerous territory of their inner selves.

In fact, it seems like our entire society uses natural selection to ensure that the only people who prevail are those who do not mind going into a mental fugue state. Too much traffic, a task at a job that is both pointless and sure to be wasted, a society wracked by legal corruption? Just go into the zone of nothingness and allow the hours to pass without pain. It’s like morphine plus religion.

This mental discoordination appears after a disaster. The normal state of things, guaranteed by social good feelings and government, has been interrupted. People feel a sense of loss, but even more, a feeling that all of the normal rules do not apply. The promises were lies. The usual way of living has failed and been replaced by a more basic sense of survival.

When Houston flooded, the disconnection appeared. The normal way of doing things, which we assume to be safe and benevolent towards us, revealed itself to be empty and toxic. The assumptions of our fellow citizens, and the glowing newspaper articles about how people “came together regardless of race, age or gender” showed that they were not just lies, but lies designed to make us into ideological zombies.

White people — mostly Western Europeans — love diversity, mainly because they are naturally competitive, and so this becomes just another way of beating your neighbors. You have a black friend? Well, I have Asian, Latino, Indian and black transgender friends. And yet, when all the drama is done, they retreat to their all-white suburbs, and if those become infiltrated by the Other, the value of those houses mysteriously drops as all those anti-racist white people go elsewhere in search of others like them.

In that sense, we exist in two realities. The public reality affirms the equal nature of all people; the private truth points out that all of us want people like ourselves to exist alongside. Every now and then, the streams cross, as happens when a disaster removes all the pretense and forces us to adhere to what actually functions in terms of results in reality.

After the Houston floods, the mayor came out and made a speech. Then, he indulged in the pretense of the crowd: he allowed them to criticize him, ask “pointed” questions, and demand answers. Victory was on his side: there are always reasons why none of those apply, or at least can be deferred long enough to be swallowed by the memory hole.

The audience immediately separates into two groups: the fools, who do not understand that politics is a game of image, rely on the promises made and the laws written, and demand results. More savvy, the realists recognize that politicians thrive by finding large groups of people to vote for them, and so those laws, standards, and conventions can be overthrown and replaced.

Whatever the crowd wants, it gets.

The emptiness of the response shows us how much we are self-selected victims of democracy. We fear the moment where we must prove ourselves in reality, so we fall back into these human-only activities where all of our choices are “just opinions,” and therefore never wrong. We make the economic decision to suppress reality in favor of our own pretense and that of our friends.

All is vanity. About the only pure things left are love for nature and love for God. Those who adore and trust whatever created all of this, while knowing that it was not necessary and therefore somewhat arbitrary, recognize that it tends toward a proliferation of life, beauty and goodness. Such people have not an innate purpose, but the ability to choose a logical path which resembles purpose.

Humans fear that purpose because it makes us feel small, and we retaliate by demanding that our opinions become law, which is what the term “equality” really means. We are equal without having to adapt to our world or to contribute anything. We can just be as we are and never change, which means we never cross the streams because we remain only in that public world.

In the public world, appearance matters more than reality. Most people just want to be nice, or inoffensive but with the right motivations, because that way they feel powerful for having used The System toward their own ends. But this replaces reality with human emotion, which is why so many of them would rather die than be proven wrong.

Again, natural selection emerges. All of the people who were willing to confront reality have died off by becoming Romantic poets or joining the French Foreign Legion. What remains are those who live in a world of human emotion, denying both reality out there and the deep inner traits of their personalities which demand meaning, something which requires context in the world.

The result is that our nations do not feel like home anymore. They are ruled by a mechanical ideology that resembles that of the Soviets. The people who win are those who care the least about the consequences of their actions. We become neurotic, and come to hate each other. Much of this comes from our denial of the situation around us.

For example, in Houston, Sylvester Turner is an affirmative action mayor. He was elected because he did not offend the various minority groups, who did not want a white guy in charge. This means that he will say whatever makes those groups happy, and offer to everyone else empty excuses.

We need to call guys like this what they are — Kwame Kilpatrick (Detroit), Lee Brown (Houston) or Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) diversity candidates — because they are fundamentally insincere to the stated objectives of multiculturalism and democracy. They work for their own groups, which requires obliterating all others, and they do this through the soft methods of law, economics and social opinion. People go along with it in order to seem intelligent, while insisting that what we actually have is the surface definition of democracy and diversity.

The result shows us our future if we do not remove diversity. All groups act in self-interest, except the pretentious Caucasians, and so when a member of these groups gets in power, he does nothing but steal, corrupt and manipulate. That benefits his people. The rest of you will starve in flooded homes.

Across Houston, in its white neighborhoods, piles of debris and soaking belongings have emerged. The reservoir was emptied so that those who are likely to support the mayor were not inconvenienced, but those white people — unlikely to vote for him in the first place — they can be destroyed. It’s not like they will ever rise up against the system they have created.

You can see immediately whether someone understands the world around them by their attitude toward democracy. Those that think their elected leaders are coming to save them, or that they can manipulate those leaders, or even that a logical argument is being had in the media or with politicians… these people do not get it. They still believe in the surface.

Someone who sees government as an employment program that sells power in exchange for donations to candidates, the media as an entertainment product that reports only what creates an emotional reaction, and other people as a herd in which most understand almost nothing, by having seen this things, can never believe in “the System” but has seen the actual nature of people and their behavior.

We are victims of democracy. We believe in it, when it is actually a form of theater; we trust it to save us, when really its objective is to enrich its own members. And then, as doom approaches, we rationalize it, so that we can feel good and smart for having chosen the winning side, even if it will eventually destroy us.

This originates in our own hubris. We insist that whatever we do is right, instead of the natural form where we must do what is right according to the order above us, including nature and whatever gods we can summon. Our hubris makes us blind, and so we trust the Sylvester Turners of the world, forgetting that their goals do not overlap (much) with our own.

That hubris prevents us from seeing the obvious. This life is insane: sitting in traffic, tolerating idiocy at the office, pretending everyone matters and claiming our world is the best possible option, all reflect a mental health moment that has become a crutch. Surrounded by ugliness, we just space out when the time comes.

Even greater insanity might be trusting democracy itself. How can one reasonably expect a herd of human animals — bickering, preening, conformist, emotional — to make any kind of realistic choice? The answer is that one cannot, and so whoever tells them pleasant lies will win the day. This especially applies to smarter and smugly self-satisfied groups like Caucasians.

When you add diversity into the mix, it becomes even more impossibly unstable. Houston, after all, had two floods: one that flooded the usual areas that get hit by heavy rains, and the second caused by the release of water from the reservoirs, effectively using most of the city’s remaining white areas as a giant retention pond. The first flood was unavoidable, but actually not all that bad, compared to previous events; the second was catastrophic, and a product of the toxic brew of diversity and democracy that strangles Houston.

The West is headed toward dhimmitude not through importation of Muslims, but through diversity and democracy. We invite in the world; they vote against our interests because their interests begin when our power is shattered. And then, to rub our nose in it, they flood our neighborhoods and refuse to pay for actual drainage systems because there are benefits to be had and paid out, for votes, taken from our money.

In the long term, as we watch Houston float away, it becomes clear that diversity will never work. It merely enslaves the productive to the needs of the destructive. In turn, that makes the productive neurotic and oblivious, and so they self-destruct in emotional events far more devastating than even a 1,000 year flood.

EU Vice President Admits To White Genocide Plan

Alex Jones breaks down a EU bureaucrat clip of European Union VP saying will Islamify you. Muslims are allowed to rape because it is their culture and how you must accept that culture if we want to survive in diversified europe. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we’re reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family: http://www.infowars.com/show

Diversity is white genocide mr. jones.

Researchers: Drug White People with Oxytocin to Get them to accept White Genocide

Diversity Macht Frei
August 26, 2017

This is really happening. The experiment specifically targets white people (“Caucasian” – a term that has no scientific validity).

Oxytocin-enforced norm compliance reduces xenophobic outgroup rejection In the midst of rapid globalization, the peaceful coexistence of cultures requires a deeper understanding of the forces that compel prosocial behavior and thwart xenophobia. Yet, the conditions promoting such outgroup-directed altruism have not been determined. Here we report the results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled experiment showing that enhanced activity of the oxytocin system paired with charitable social cues can help counter the effects of xenophobia by fostering altruism toward refugees. These findings suggest that the combination of oxytocin and peer-derived altruistic norms reduces outgroup rejection even in the most selfish and xenophobic individuals, and thereby would be expected to increase the ease by which people adapt to rapidly changing social ecosystems.


Never before have individuals had to adapt to social environments defined by such magnitudes of ethnic diversity and cultural differentiation. However, neurobiological evidence informing about strategies to reduce xenophobic sentiment and foster altruistic cooperation with outsiders is scarce. In a series of experiments settled in the context of the current refugee crisis, we tested the propensity of 183 Caucasian participants to make donations to people in need, half of whom were refugees (outgroup) and half of whom were natives (ingroup). Participants scoring low on xenophobic attitudes exhibited an altruistic preference for the outgroup, which further increased after nasal delivery of the neuropeptide oxytocin. In contrast, participants with higher levels of xenophobia generally failed to exhibit enhanced altruism toward the outgroup. This tendency was only countered by pairing oxytocin with peer-derived altruistic norms, resulting in a 74% increase in refugee-directed donations. Collectively, these findings reveal the underlying sociobiological conditions associated with outgroup-directed altruism by showing that charitable social cues co-occurring with enhanced activity of the oxytocin system reduce the effects of xenophobia by facilitating prosocial behavior toward refugees.

Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA

It’s noteworthy that some people (“low on xenophobic attitudes”) actually preferred the out-group (brown people) to begin with.

The names of the researchers are listed below:

Marsh N, Scheele D, Feinstein JS, Gerhardt H, Strang S, Maier W, Hurlemann R.

As a commenter observed, a disproportionate number of these names would appear to be Jewish.

Feinstein and Maier are certainly well known Jewish names.

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Image result for white genocide

Image result for white genocide

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Agenda 21: The Elite Plan for Global Tyranny

If you’ve found your way to this humble outpost of truth, you might have noticed the world around you is beginning to not make any sense. Up is down, left is right, black is white. Part of the reason for the chaos is the fact George Soros and other elites are organizing camera-ready protests, then bringing two sides of extremists together to clash while pinning the blame on one side.

This agenda has been going on for years. (Ferguson, San Jose, Charlotte, et al.) So, it’s worse than what happened in Charlottesville. What’s more, almost every “news” item one sees in the mainstream media is a farce, a marvel of the Hegelian dialectic intended to accomplish goals of elites paying talking heads to read propaganda before they swoop in like vultures with “solutions.” These false flags and psyops are designed to create division and to implode the remnants of the American republic. We are entering the advanced stages of a long-term elite plan for a so-called post-democratic, post-industrial world. It is to be a world constrained by a tightly controlled, planned economy. In essence, global Communism is its aim.

The irony that the U.S. and Russia have so dramatically switched roles in the world since 1991 is all the more astounding, in that the U.S. is now making concrete steps to enforce its brand of totalitarianism on the world and Russia is making strides towards democracy, nationalism, and national identity once prized by America.

It now seems the Cold War was a fight over who would get to take over the world first, not the trite freedom vs. tyranny narrative American statesmen sold us for half a century. The U.S. used the power of the free market to take advantage of the economic weaknesses of Socialism, only to make a stunning about-face once the Soviet threat died and the world lay before the American elite as spoil.

The bleak future of American-style global Socialism (and later, Communism) is what many have dubbed The New World Order. One of the key ways global tyranny is being implemented is through Agenda 21. Not enough people know the truth of what Agenda 21 really is, adopted by the United Nations in 1992 as a “voluntary” (it’s not) agreement to create a world run by the elite in which each citizen is as interchangeable as a piston rod (to paraphrase Howard Beale) and every bit as expendable.

Most think Agenda 21 is just another crazy conspiracy theory, although in modern times, conspiracy theories are beginning to make more sense than the unending stream of lies from corporate media.

Looking back, the transition from a free society to a society run by tyrants began 100 years ago with the creation of the Federal Reserve, effectively handing over the power to create money to a private bank. As the Rothschild family knows, and Nathan Rothschild once said:

Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.


The Barbary Slave trade culminated in 1 to 1.25 million white Christians being enslaved by black Muslims between 1500-1800

Indeed, those who control the purse strings make the rules. But, the ball really got rolling on the agenda to topple American democracy and replace it with worldwide tyranny after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the institution of mass feminism, and the scapegoating of whites for the crime of slavery (which all races participated in – the first American slave owner was a black man, and there was the Barbary slave trade in which Africans enslaved millions of Europeans between 1500-1800) as an offshoot of the Civil Rights movement. It’s no coincidence all this happened in the 1960s.

The current obsession with the slavery narrative in the brainwashed world of the corporate media is intended to start small, strategic fires around the foundation of the American republic with the removal of Confederate statues, then progress into a big, roaring flame culminating in the burning of modern Rome. The slavery narrative is the perfect Trojan Horse, since the Founding Fathers were slave owners when they formed the American republic.

The slavery narrative is intended to ultimately debase and destroy the United States Constitution.

No matter how noble the aims of the authors of the founding documents were, how they inspired the world and how rare the gifts they bestowed on the masses have been in the course of human history, the lobotomized narrative is the fruit of their labor must be discarded because it is “tainted” by their participation in an economic system that dominated the entire world at the time. Slavery, as horrible as it was, and is, was the entire world’s economic system for thousands of years. (Interestingly, only 5% of the African slave trade came to the U.S. and the rest went to Latin America! Yet another fact the Anglo-American media cartel refuse to acknowledge!)

The elite intend to enslave mankind by decrying slavery. This is just how diabolical the plan the American elites have for the world really is.


One of the NWO blueprints, in which a central planning agency decides where people can and cannot live

Agenda 21

The supreme hypocrisy of media narratives is the fact talking heads condemn a world run by white men, but the New World Order will result in world run by rich white men once again – a 1% which is ostensibly the same 1% that owned slaves in the first place (99% of whites never owned slaves). If there plans are realized and the U.S. Constitution is dissolved, thus begins a downward slide into hell on earth. Here are key bullet points that are part of Agenda 21. It’s aims are anti-life and anti-humanity:

  • Ending national sovereignty
  • Constant surveillance of all activity
  • State planning of all land resources
  • Ensuring global equity (equal slavery)
  • Elites only defining the role of business and finance
  • Abolishing private property
  • Restructuring the family unit (i.e. destroying it)
  • The State raising children rather than moms and dads
  • The State choosing jobs for citizens
  • Restricting movement (Think TSA on steroids)
  • Creating “Human Settlement Zones”
  • Beginning mass resettlement and forced eviction
  • Dumbing down (even further) education
  • Mass global depopulation (killing billions)

All these goals are being worked on piecemeal, as the economy is inflated and then crashed in concentric rings with the noose slowly tightening around the West’s throat as living and working conditions worsen with each generation. The above goals are the antithesis of what America is supposed to stand for, and each legislator who has supported them in the past and supports them today are treasonous scum.


We must be this generation’s Paul Reveres, alerting the masses to the danger the American government is placing them in

We Are The Resistance

If Agenda 21 realized, we will live in a world in which the individual is finished. Man nor woman will have any control over their own lives, as electronic slavery is unleashed on the world via RFID chips. The State and the henchmen who finance it in the corporate world will have total control over the populace. Indeed, Agenda 21 realized could lead to the end of the human species itself.

How do we resist? We went searching for answers. Interestingly, the Jeremiah Project proposes one of the most viable short-term solutions. It offers a three-pronged course of action for those awakened men who see what’s coming. It says the awakened man must:

  1. First, he must defend himself by protest, i.e., legal action.
  2. Second, he must flee if at all possible,
  3. Third, he may use force if necessary to defend himself.

The full treatise of the plan of action to resist the NWO is available here. As TNMM has repeatedly written, we must not let ourselves be divided any longer on matters of race, gender, sexuality, and other wedge issues designed by the planners of Agenda 21 and The New World Order to keep us fighting amongst ourselves while they dissolve any remaining freedom we enjoy. From the Jeremiah Project:

We must reject the collectivist idea of “divide and conquer” and instead accept ALL men as equals. We need to consider the words of Martin Luther King and reject the racist labels put on humanity by those who want to control and dominate us. There is no black, no white, no Hispanic, or whatever when it comes to humanity. Sure, there are those ethnic differences, but those differences are only descriptors of our heritage, not differences in human value. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet and we should live our lives that demonstrate that solidarity.

We should encourage whatever talents each person has and allow them the opportunity to express those talents in a way of each person’s choosing.

The controllers of the world know that in order to dominate and control the masses, the easiest way to accomplish this goal is to keep the people divided amongst themselves. Rather than expending valuable resources to conquer a society, the controllers instead pit one another against their neighbors and let them fight amongst themselves, thus destroying their unity.

Unity is strength, always remember that. Here is more sage advice to resist the NWO as the world descends a world electronically controlled darkness, unlike any mankind has ever known:

  • Disconnect from all Establishment media and other sources of Marxist propaganda
  • Seek out like-minded men and help build each other up
  • Self-educate and think critically
  • Learn to recognize the Hegelian Dialectic: Most “problems” are created so the masters can impose preconceived solutions on the masses, stealing their liberty and autonomy
  • Learn to recognize false flags, which have been perpetrated on the public for literally thousands of years
  • Patronize small business rather than multinationals and chains
  • Get your money out of the banks – fractional reserve banking means the bank only has 10% of the sum of all customer deposits available at any one time
  • Reduce the amount of taxes you pay into the system as much as possible by any legal means necessary – this usually means learning to live on less
  • Eat non-GMO food and organics when possible

Of course, these bullet points are only a start when it comes to planning a peaceful resistance movement. The bad news is, we absolutely cannot expect our representatives to do anything except blow hot air as we’ve seen with the Establishment’s moves to maroon Trump on a political island. (Whether he is part of the ruse remains to be seen.)


Mighty Mouse and The Gobbler aren’t going to save you – Ryan and McConnell are traitors to the American people

Republicans Are Complicit

If the election of Trump has proven anything, it’s the the Republicans are malware. They refuse to move on any of his agenda items despite having an overwhelming mandate as they control more of the United States government than the party has at any time since 1929. It is obvious they are complicit in impaling the heart of the American Republic as Democrat Socialists lead the way. Laurence Vance of the Lew Rockwell blog details how bad Republicans really are:

Republicans are worse than Democrats because they use libertarian rhetoric to deceive conservatives and libertarians into thinking that they actually believe their mantra of the Constitution, limited government, federalism, fiscal conservatism, personal freedom, private property, and the free market.

Just take one issue: the war on drugs. Republicans support it lock, stock, and barrel even though it is not authorized by the Constitution, it increases the size and power of government, it violates the principle of federalism, it wastes billions of dollars a year, it negates personal freedom, it infringes upon property rights, and it is contrary to the free market.

How bad are the Republicans in Congress? The few that are good are very, very good. The many that are bad are horrid.

The only thing Americans could possibly do to drain the swamp at this point is to elect an entirely new Congress, throwing every Republican and Democrat currently in office out on their asses. That simply won’t happen. Re-election rates for incumbents are high, despite the fact their approval ratings are low. The shuck and jive still works for those holding the levers of power.


Leaving America may just buy you some time

Go Minimalist Now, Expat if Possible

The best advice for those planning for the worst is to go minimalist now if you haven’t already. Destroy your debt. Stay out of debt. Live on less. Downsize from a McMansion to a smaller home. Don’t buy new cars. Stockpile money and diversify your investments. Plan for the worst, because the current economic bubble we are in will be imploded just as all the rest were imploded since the advent of the Federal Reserve, by design.

Future articles will expound on what men can do to safeguard their own lives and those of their loved ones.

If you haven’t made strides to expat and take the fruit of your labor with you, now might be a good time to speed up that agenda. At least it will give one breathing room and a buffer zone when the inevitable conflagration begins in the United States. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be here when Martial Law is declared and mass chipping of the public begins.

Falling back at least gives men time to regroup and come up with a new plan, since we are painfully behind the 8-ball as earnest efforts to de-legitimize the U.S. government begin. As we either try to weather the storm or fall back and regroup, when making our plans we must always remember one sage piece of wisdom. As the Founding Fathers knew: Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.


Locus says, “the only solution is the complete and total end of all involvement in the UN and similar organizations, and the withdraw of all western nations from any and all involvement with non-white nations. All political elites and corporate leadership and their families must be liquidated, deportation of non-whites (especially non-white males), and anti-white populations within the west must be relocated to controlled zones for reeducation for those who can be, and termination of those who refuse to submit to white male rule.”