It’s Happening!! Confiscation and Door to Door Compliance Checks in California

The California DOJ along with local law enforcement across the state of California are going door to door to do so called compliance checks on state residents. Since they are checking to see if you are complying with the law its more of a door to door criminal investigation and from what I’ve been told has already led to arrests. Please support this channel and gun rights groups below. Support the channel on Patreon

The following information was provided by FPC PLEASE READ NEVER EVER consent to a search.

NEVER EVER talk with a law enforcement officer without your lawyer present and having been provided with specific legal advice.

NEVER EVER waive any of your rights unless you are damned sure you know what the consequences of doing so are. Do not ever consent to a search, no matter what. Even if the officers are friendly, you think it’s just a “simple misunderstanding,” or that you can talk your way out of the situation, do not consent to a search and demand a warrant. Remember that police themselves are legally allowed to lie to you in order to get you to consent to a search or provide reasonable suspicion of a crime. – Ask if you are being detained or under arrest, or if you are free to end the encounter and leave. – If you are not being detained or under arrest, politely end the encounter. – If you are being detained or under arrest:

TELL THEM (out loud) that you want to speak with your lawyer and that you are exercising your right to remain silent. Then, DO NOT SAY ANY MORE until you have a lawyer present and have been provided legal advice. (Courts have held that even if you tell them you’re exercising your right to remain silent, if you keep talking, anything you say may be used against you anyway.) – Contact an attorney.

Some lawyers with California firearms-related criminal / compliance experience include:

Adam Richards – Northern California

George Lee – Northern California

Don Kilmer – Northern California

Jason Davis – Southern California

John Dillon – Southern California

– Report the issue to our Legal Action Hotline at, by e-mail, or call the or call toll-free at (855) 252-4510 (24/7/365).

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Shocking Video Shows 3rd World Conditions in Los Angeles – Homeless Everywhere

Right next to Los Angeles’ business district, full of high-priced skyscrapers, you will find endless encampments of homeless people living on the streets.

TRAITORS: Police Side With Mexicans and Antifa, Turn on ICE Agents, American Citizens

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2018

The police saw how well the Charlottesville method worked on the Alt-Right, so they applied it to the Alt-Right’s secret Fascist organization within the Deep State.

Daily Caller:

Portland, Oregon, police refused to respond to at least two 911 emergency calls from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employees inside their offices where violent protesters held week-long demonstrations.

The National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council, a union representing ICE employees, wrote a cease-and-desist letter to Mayor Ted Wheeler, asking him to ensure the police enforce the law equally and protect innocent people.

“Your current policy forbidding Portland law enforcement agencies from assisting employees of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency who request law enforcement assistance while at or away from work is a violation of the United States Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause,” the letter says.

“We understand that you have a difference of opinion with the current President of the United States, and some of his policies, but we fail to see why targeting the employees of ICE and leaving them vulnerable to violence, harassment and even death furthers a legitimate government interest,” their lawyer, Sean Riddell, says in the letter. “Your policy has created a zone of terror and lawlessness.”

“We ask that you end your policy of not responding to calls for police services from ICE employees immediately,” the ICE union pleads in the letter to the mayor. “We would like to avoid federal litigation, but we are prepared to protect our membership and their families.”

Portland police did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This is pretty serious.

Libshit West Coast cities are basically in open revolt.

And they’re using the tried and true Charlottesville strategy on ICE agents.

They sic Antifa on their enemies, refuse to help and then the police punishes anyone who tries to defend themselves.

This is 4th gen. police warfare. You may have heard of this state of affairs referred to as “Anarcho-tyranny,” but I think that the term “4th Generation Policing” or something sounds more specific and unique.

It also gets you thinking that the police is the enemy. Just by dint of you using war terminology in relation to them. Because people automatically understand that the police and them are naturally antagonistic to one another. You can sugar-coat it, but short of you having a militia filled with cousins and extended cousins, the police force is essentially a bunch of low-IQ, mentally-ill strangers who can legally kill you if they’re having a bad day.

It’s not a conspiracy theory. This is just the nature of things.

You have to literally be the “Authoritarian Personality” to just blindly worship these people.

And I get it, I really do. If you’re an inner Hajnal line White, you’ll never actually admit what I’m saying, because it’s a bit too…impolite. Instead, you’ll talk about how the police are heroes and great members of the community and all that crap. And on some level, it’s a solid strategy, I think, or at least it was at one point.

You try to get the police integrated in the community by offering carrots and acting like you’re on the same team. I’m no sperg – I realize that politeness and over-the-top displays of gratitude and solidarity are an effective appeasement strategy in many cases. Sometime the chieftain of the village has no choice, and has to pretend to welcome the occupier with open arms to spare bloodshed or something.

However, I think that this is a short term strategy. It has outlived its usefulness because the police basically doesn’t fear the people anymore. Worse, they’re basically all indoctrinated at this point. Remember, these are unstable, low-IQ individuals that on some level want to hurt others or themselves.

Also, they are increasingly non-White. This photo is from the man-hunt for the Tsarnaev’s in Boston (Boston is still 50% white, but whites don’t represent 50% of their police force). 

Short side-story: I was in an American international airport about a year ago. This one Boomer with thinning White hair and ruddy red skin stood in front of me for the TSA screening. There wasn’t a single White TSA agent at the checkpoint.

And the Boomer is having a hard time getting through. The full body scan has revealed something. He chuckles haplessly. He’s sent through the metal detector. Nothing. Through the body scanner again. He’s grinning from ear to ear now. And then the fat sheeboon starts using the wand.

Still no good. The Boomer keeps chuckling. He looks over my way and gives a guilty shrug. While he’s still T-posing, a second sheboon comes over to frisk him down. His body sways slightly as he tries to keep his balance from the thorough pat down.

“Put yo’ shoes on,” the sheboon finally waves him through.

He slips into his tasseled loafers, thanks the officer and shuffles along on his way.

Now, I get what he was trying to do. You try to endear yourself to the police in a White society, hoping that you can get past the badge and the uniform and get the guy to chill the fuck out by being as nice and compliant as possible.

Solid strategy when you’re dealing with people that can theoretically empathize with you. But I don’t think it works on diverse TSA agents.

Just like the whole, “we respect the work you do, officers, here’s some money for your retirement fund, yes, that’s correct, that’s my address and number, so, you know, if I call you up on the ol’ 911, don’t ignore my call and don’t come forty minutes later, please” strategy doesn’t work anymore either.

Furthermore, the po-po is filled with people who decided at some point to be a different breed of cop. Not like those corrupt, racist and old-fashioned cops that they grew up hearing about in the jewspapers and on TV shows.

They were going to empathize with the poor inner-city youths, they were going to reach dees keeds and get them to turn dey life ’round. Or maybe, they got back from the Middle East and didn’t know what else to do with dey own life.

When they failed to be supercop, they got bitter, and years of dealing with ghetto blacks coarsened them, made them jaded and faded and robotic.


Oh shit.

You look at the odometer and you see that the needle is 7 miles north of the limit…

And now Robocop has finally got that transfer to the White suburb he’s been asking for. Your White suburb. And it’s your window he’s rapping his knuckle on. And it’s you he’s addressing like a “civvy” haji that he used to stop and search in Iraq, or a ghetto black trying to hide the drug stash that’s stinking up his car.

He’s got one hand on the pommel of his handgun and he’s adopted a power stance while you shuffle around for your registration in the glove box, trying to keep your hands visible.

The “sir” he uses to punctuate his sentences jars you. The term of respect is said with contempt and through tight lips, gritted teeth and a stony face looming down over you, hidden by black shades even though it is an overcast day.

Sure, you’ve been speeding, but so has everyone, and now you settle in for the half-hour wait as he fiddles around, putting your information into his computer.

You await your final verdict with trepidation and then you hear his door pop open and the faint, but unmistakable sound of boots crunching over the gravel. As he’s sauntering back over to you, his hand strays back to the pommel of his handgun as he approaches your window.


He almost spits it out at you before he begins his interrogation.

“Do you know why I pulled you over?”


“You were speeding, sir.” 


And on it goes for a few minutes. You wondered for a brief moment whether it was possible to talk this guy out of a ticket and a fine, but there is no doubt in your mind now. You stop trying to reason with the guy and play dumb instead. You turtle up and turn your mind off as you deliberately slow down the pace of the interrogation.

“Oh…mhmm…oh sure, I understand…yea ok.”

You’ve gotten a ticket. It’s one hundred and fifty bucks.

But you would have paid far more to not have to deal with that power-tripping bastard that just pulled away ahead of you. And you start wondering if “Blue Lives” really matter as much as people say.

Finally: California is Burning Up for Good This Time

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2018

I see all these apocalyptic headlines and I’m just like “yeah whatever, call me with the earth opens up and prehistoric hollow earth megafauna starts climbing out and wrecking cities.

This picture is pretty hardcore though.

It looks like Fallout, no?

Check this one.

Sad part… these are white areas.

The few people in California who don’t deserve to be burned alive are the ones getting the fires.

…for now.


Washington Post:

Fueled by an incendiary combination of scorching temperatures, dry air and unpredictable winds, the deadly Carr fire doubled in size to 80,906 acres on Saturday — almost the size of the city of Philadelphia. The wildfire has forced thousands to flee, torched 500 buildings and killed five people — three civilians and two firefighters.

President Trump declared a state of emergency on Saturday for the areas affected by the fire.

Fire Inspector Jeremy Stoke was killed battling the Northern California blaze, the Redding Fire Department announced. The other firefighter killed in the blaze was identified as 81-year-old Don Ray Smith, a privately hired bulldozer operator. Two children and their great-grandmother were killed when they were unable to escape the flames, according to the Associated Press.

The deaths underscored the hazards of a blaze that Cal Fire Chief Brett Gouvea called “extremely dangerous and moving with no regard to what’s in its path.”

The National Weather Service issued a red-flag warning Friday, saying fire-favorable conditions would exist until at least 8 a.m. Monday. The fire was so strong it was producing wind gusts of up to 50 mph and fire whirlwinds — tornado-like funnels of fire, ash and combustible gas. Smoke from the Carr fire could be seen from space.

Authorities say the fire started Monday when a car having some sort of mechanical issue sparked a blaze.

But an initial slow burn “became very active” later in the week as the weather tilted in the fire’s favor, Gouvea said.

On Thursday morning, the fire was burning across 20,000 acres, officials said. Within 24 hours, it had doubled in size, thwarting efforts to bring it under control. By Saturday morning, it had surpassed 80,000 acres, and only 5 percent of the fire had been contained.

Honestly, I hope everyone in California burns to death.

Except my friends. I hope my friends are okay. Even if we never meet, I consider you all my friends. And some day we will meet, I suspect.

You guys I mean. You are all my friends. And I’m sorry you have to live in that hell. Truly.

We’ll take it back some day. If it doesn’t all burn up.

And if the San Andreas fault line doesn’t open up and gigantic hollow earth lizards come crawling out to eat absolutely everyone.

Seriously though, as far as CGI pointless action films go – Skull Island beats anything Marvel has ever done.

California’s “Cal-3” Initiative Will Expose the Left’s True Nature- All will learn.

The nation should pay attention and pay attention closely to California’s “Cal-3 Initiative,” because it will be one of the rare moments an entire political party will expose its true nature to the world.  This is a rare sight, even rarer than last year’s total solar eclipse, because most political parties have to hide their true nature, lest moderate voters find out what their true agenda is and vote them out of power.  In this particular case, “Cal-3” – the initiative to split California into three separate states – will force the American left and democrat party to show Americans their true colors.

How will this happen?

Well the left faces a paradox when it comes to California.  It claims California, specifically the cities, are leftist political, economic, and sociological successes.  They have banned bags, have emissions standards, pay for illegal aliens’ education, and a whole host of other socialist merit badges that renders these municipalities “socialist utopias” in their minds.  But these socialist successes are the coastal cities of California, not the ignorant, heathen interior of the state that wishes to secede.  And the Californian left LOATHES the “ignorant, CIS gendered, white hick scum” that populate said interior.

So here’s a question any moderate…or any American for that matter…should ask themselves:

If the left is so confident in its policies AND it detests the conservative scum in the interior of California, wouldn’t they WANT to divorce themselves from the rest of the state?

According to them those rural and suburbanite ignoramuses are only holding the intellectually superior left back from achieving their true utopia.  Besides, I know I WOULD LIKE to get rid of leftists out of my state/city/county/country, so why wouldn’t the left want the same?

And here is where their hypocrisy (and a complete debunking) of their socialist ideology lies.

Deep down inside the left knows it needs those “no good dirty, hickish, ignorant, suburbanite scum” because the left is completely financially dependent on them.  They don’t want to admit it.  They don’t even want to admit it to themselves, but the professional left knows an entire “theoretical leftist utopian state” of social workers, guidance counselors, politicians, teachers, environmentalists, non-profits directors, welfare recipients, students, and other varied sorts of parasites cannot survive without an economic host to tax and live upon.  The California coastal cities, and their socialist utopian dream, NEED the people they hate the most.  The reverse is not true as conservatives do not need socialists because hosts do not need parasites.

This is going to create an interesting situation for California’s leftists.  They’re going to be forced to tacitly admit to the world they need the rest of the state more than the state needs them.  This is doubly terrifying for them because it will also prove their “socialist ideology” (which is all these people have) is unsustainable, unfeasible, and simply wrong.  But ultimately if the left votes against Cal 3, it shows what they truly want – the continuing of the partial enslavement of other people.  And if the voting public can make that connection people will vote in droves for Cal-3 and kick California’s coastal cities out into their own little socialist beds they made for themselves.  So what’s a leftist to do?

Well one thing they can do is come up with red herrings that have nothing to do with what Cal 3 is fundamentally about (sovereignty, freedom, and the right of people to choose).  One such measure is already underway where these morally-better-than-you leftists are citing environmental concerns as to why they need to keep sucking off your taxblood you shouldn’t break up California.  You can expect more cowardly moves like this to obscure their real reason in keeping Californians enslaved to the socialist coastal towns as the vote approaches.

But the biggest thing leftists can do is simply “nothing” because I have some good news for my fine Californian democrat friends.  And it’s what has been saving the democrat party since the JFK years!

Americans, especially Californians are ignorant, low IQ morons.  And nobody is going to be paying attention.

In addition to convincing millions of people to commute and enslave themselves into traffic-congested leftist municipal hell holes, I have to tip my hat to the left in another regard.  You have done a SPECTACULAR job in brainwashing a full three generations to become non-thinking conformists who simply…don’t think.  At best they spew simplistic, feelings-based leftist talking points they’ve been conditioned to in K-College, but most are more concerned about what’s happening on Game of Nice Chairs, their addiction to social media, or what the latest idiocy is in sportsball.  And to think the average American idiot, let alone his inferior Californian cousin, is going to be smart enough to make the connection between the left voting against Cal 3 and their continued economic enslavement of working Californians is laughable.So don’t worry California leftists.  Your socialist fiefdoms and slave plantations are safe.  The slaves aren’t even smart enough to realize how California welfare spending has resulted in California traffic, so you have a green light to vote against Cal 3.  Nobody is smart enough to see what’s really going on.


The leftists are scared to death of this. The truth about CA is that LA and SF are the leftest hotbeds, the rest of the coast is fairly red. “Northern CA” will stay blue because of SF (which is in big trouble with it’s shit filled streets and drug infested neighborhoods). “Southern CA” will turn Red because, like you said, it’s made up of all the farmers and ranches and all the people that actually produce something of value. And “California” will stay blue because of LA, which sucks because it includes us in the middle of SF and LA who are red through and through.

Another huge negative for the communist party is that it breaks up their 55 electoral votes that are currently a complete lock thanks to SF and LA.

I’ll be voting for the breakup and praying that LA has an earthquake and falls into the ocean.

Millionaires Flee California After Tax Hike

, I cover the intersection of state & federal policy and politics. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

(Photo credit: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

According to new research released by Charles Varner, associate director of the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality, California lost an estimated 138 high-income individuals following passage of the Proposition 30 income tax increase championed by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and approved by Golden State voters in 2012.

This new research by Varner updates a previous paper released six years ago that looked at domestic migration to and from California following a 2004 income tax hike.

“One reason we wanted to update our previous paper is that this tax change in 2012 is the largest state tax change that we have seen in the U.S. for the last three decades,” Varner said.

Prop. 30 raised the state’s top income tax rate by more than 29%, increasing it three percentage points from 10.3% to 13.3%, which is now the highest state income tax rate in the nation. Prop. 30 also hiked the tax rate on income between $300,000 and $500,000 by two percentage points (a 21.5% rate increase), and raised the rate on income between $500,000 and $1,000,000 by three percentage points (a more than 32% rate hike).

In 2016, California voters extended the Prop. 30 income tax increases, which were originally scheduled to expire in 2019, until 2030. There will be an effort to extend those income tax hikes yet again prior to their expiration in 2030; book it now.

Varner’s new research examined taxpayers who were and were not hit by the Prop. 30 rate hikes. He found that in the two years before the Prop. 30 tax hike was imposed (2011 and 2012), net in-migration for both groups “was positive and roughly constant.” Yet following 2012 and the passage of Prop. 30, net in-migration dropped for households that were facing an effective tax increase of 0.5 percent or more. The reduction was greatest for households facing the highest effective tax hike, according to Varner and his coauthors.

This isn’t surprising for those who are familiar with other attempts to soak the rich with punitive state income tax hikes on high earners. Take what happened in Maryland after Martin O’Malley, the former Democratic presidential candidate and governor, imposed a millionaires tax hike a decade ago.

PHILADELPHIA, PA. — WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, 2016: Former Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, in Philadelphia, Pa., on July 27, 2016. (Photo by Marcus Yam/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

In 2008, in an attempt to address a state budget deficit brought about by Maryland’s structural overspending problem, then-Gov. O’Malley championed and enacted a new millionaire income tax bracket, raising the rate to 6.25%. A May 2009 Wall Street Journal editorial described the disappearance of one-third of the state’s millionaires in the year following O’Malley’s tax increase:

One year later, nobody’s grinning. One-third of the millionaires have disappeared from Maryland tax rolls. In 2008 roughly 3,000 million-dollar income tax returns were filed by the end of April. This year there were 2,000, which the state comptroller’s office concedes is a ‘substantial decline.’ On those missing returns, the government collects 6.25% of nothing. Instead of the state coffers gaining the extra $106 million the politicians predicted, millionaires paid $100 million less in taxes than they did last year — even at higher rates…All of this means that the burden of paying for bloated government in Annapolis will fall on the middle class. Thanks to the futility of soaking the rich, these working families will now pay Mr. O’Malley’s ‘fair share.’”

Some, like the folks at Next 10, a San Francisco-based think tank, point to high housing costs as a more important factor than high taxes when it comes to what is driving people to leave California. While it’s clear that up is the only direction in which most California legislators want to take the state’s overall tax burden, it’s uncertain what action, if any, California officials will take to reduce exorbitant housing costs. When given the opportunity to institute a modest reform this year to help alleviate the high cost of housing, California officials declined.

Earlier this year Assemblyman Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) introduced Senate Bill 827, legislation that would permit higher density housing near mass transit stops statewide. Passage of 827 would’ve permitted apartment buildings of up to five stories to be constructed near stations for San Francisco’s BART, Los Angeles‘s Metro Rail, and other mass transit stops throughout California. Despite claims that they are defenders of the downtrodden, Democrats who have steep majorities in both chambers of the California legislature were unable to pass Wiener’s bill. The failure to enact Wiener’s bill, which policy experts across the political spectrum viewed as a reasonable reform with which to begin addressing high housing costs, leaves little hope for those who want to see California lawmakers repeal or reform regulations that unnecessarily inflate the cost of housing.

Going back to California’s high tax burden, Varner’s new research backs up the old adage that when you tax something you get less of it. That applies whether the thing being taxed is cigarettes, booze, or, in California’s case, millionaires.

Patrick Gleason is vice president of state affairs at Americans for Tax Reform, and a senior fellow at the Beacon Center of Tennessee. Follow Patrick on Twitter: @PatrickMGleason