California ZOG

How is it that jews persist in White societies? How is it that the jews maintain their positions of power, while wielding those positions to such deleterious effects on Whites in their own communities? Replete with drastic biological differences including readily observable distinct phenotypical traits and foreign genetics, the jews could easily be classified as a separate species from Whites. If taxonomic standards were applied consistently across the various classes of animals, Whites, jews, and the other races of man would clearly be separate species. Aside from their alien genetics, the jews are culturally unassimilable because they have their own distinct culture, which they protect with an unwavering jewish racial supremacism. They cannot tolerate the achievements of the White race and White civilization, which by their mere existence expose the degenerate jewish culture, miscegenated genetic inheritance, and the idiotic evil of their death-cult religion. It is out of hatred and envy, documented for all to see in the repellant talmud, that the jews actively work to undermine White societies and destroy the White race. Given that the jews are a dangerous and ultimately fatal parasite to White existence, it took centuries of infiltration, subversion, and indoctrination to enstupidate White societies into permitting the pernicious presence of jews, and to have them sink low enough to celebrate a thoroughly judaized culture. The current disastrously kosher state of affairs is only sustainable through an obscene act of doublethink: the jews are simultaneously the most downtrodden, persecuted, disenfranchised victims, while also occupying positions of the most extraordinary financial, political, and social power.

A cornerstone in the perpetuation of a Zionist occupied government (ZOG), is a subversion of the laws that ostensibly govern a society. The jewish corruption of governments and laws is amply described in Protocol No. 5:

We shall create an intensified centralization of government in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community.  We shall regulate mechanically all the actions of the political life of our subjects by new laws.  These laws will withdraw one by one all the indulgences and liberties which have been permitted by the goyim, and our kingdom will be distinguished by a despotism of such magnificent proportions as to be at any moment and in every place in a position to wipe out any goyim who opposes us by deed or word.”

In the California failed state, a once-great White homeland that is now ruled by a ZOG, the implementation of Protocol No. 5 has proceeded at a terrifying pace. From removing the “indulgence” of freedom of assembly with draconian desegregation and anti-diversity diversity laws, to criminalizing the “liberty” of free speech with perverse “hate speech” and “hate crime” laws, the California ZOG has achieved the kosher despotism sought by the evil jews. One need only look at a recent history of California’s demographics to see proof of the ZOG using its power to wipe out the Whites: the goyim who opposed the rat-faced men by deed and word. Recently, the jews of Kabbalafornia celebrated another expansion of the ZOG’s power through the enactment of yet more laws that will accelerate the destruction of the remaining Whites.

Since March, JCRC [Jewish Community Relations Council] has worked with community members, advocates and policymakers to advance bills addressing the concerns of our community. Below is a list of bills, budget items, and resolutions which we supported during the legislative session… JCRC will continue to advocate, often in coalition with other communities, for a just society and for security for all minority groups”

Always on the lookout for the best interests of the unclean meat, the rootless traveling merchant has an amazing deal for you! As experts in telling others what is The Right Thing To DoTM, the jews have organized thousands of “community relations” organizations across the USSA to ensure a never ending expansion of laws favorable to the parasite and fatal to the host. Of course, all these organizations are tax-exempt and “charitable” because these are g*d’s chosen people, and the rules only apply to the goyim.

AB 291 provides a set of legal protections for tenants against unscrupulous landlords who might otherwise try to use immigration status as a way of intimidating tenants who have exercised, or who are about to exercise, their housing rights.”

This horrific law will be used to criminalize the mere existence of rental property, and will inevitably be selectively enforced against Whites. Under this jewish-orchestrated usurpation of the law, you can now face the full brunt of state power if you refuse to rent property to illegal foreign invaders. Thanks to jewish conniving from the JCRC, California landlords now have the choice of violating federal immigration laws by renting to illegals, and violating AB 291 by refusing to rent to illegals. Combine this new, unavoidable violation of contradictory laws with the federal and state civil asset forfeiture laws, and we can look forward to a wave of people being dispossessed of their property for the benefit of greedy ZOG operatives and their jewish handlers. There never was a clearer example of the old witticism: with the jews, you lose!

AB 450 enacts a set of restrictions on California employers to ensure that the assistance they give to federal immigration enforcement activity in the workplace goes no further than what is required by law and that workers have sufficient notice and opportunity to correct any inaccuracies in their employment eligibility records before employers take adverse action against them in connection with immigration enforcement audits.”

The jews have been busy ensuring that their bipedal biological weapons are immune from repercussions. This is another example of the jewish strategy of using the natural propensity of Whites to abide by laws, to force them into untenable situations and eventually punish them with an abusive, out of control police state. California employers have to cooperate with federal immigration authorities and their enforcement operations on pain of obstruction of justice charges, but if they cooperate too much California will now brand them as criminals. How much is too much cooperation? Only the jews behind the curtains can say for certain, but be assured that if you’re a White employer being overly cooperative with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, you’ll probably be prosecuted for a hate crime under AB 450.

SB 31 prohibits the state from cooperating with any religion-based registry or watch list.  This bill, an urgency measure, prohibits public agencies and public employees from sharing specified information with federal authorities for the purpose of compiling a registry or database of individuals based on religion, national origin, or ethnicity, or otherwise assisting or participating in the creation, implementation, or enforcement of such a registry or database.”

More jewish disingenuousness in service of protecting their sewage-colored primitives being used to overwhelm White homelands and eradicate Whites through violence and miscegenation. Initially described as intended to prevent “religion-based watch lists,” a quick perusal of the semitic fine print reveals that SB 31 also prevents any consideration of national origin or ethnicity when enforcing laws. This awful law, in the best case scenario, will prevent state and local law enforcement from protecting society from crimes perpetrated by any and all hostile foreigners, whether they be immigrants, colonists, or armed invaders. Good luck getting any accurate crime statistics once the jews succeed in removing any information about national origin or ethnicity from police reports through the threat of prosecution under SB 31.

SB 54 prohibits state and local law enforcement agencies and school police and security departments from using resources to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes.”

The disastrous jewish march through the institutions continues with a nonsensical new law that prevents any investigation or enforcement of immigration violations; essentially a law that criminalizes enforcing laws. SB 54 is perhaps the most pernicious of these terrible Kabbalafornian laws, in that it advances Protocol No. 5 more than the others. By preventing any state or local immigration enforcement, the jews are attempting to force the “intensified centralization of government.” For without state-level support for the enforcement of immigration laws, the federal government will have to grossly expand its police presence in the state, with immigration enforcement as the pretext for doing so.

Legal Services for Immigrants: The budget which passed included $30 million for the next three years in order to augment existing funding, bringing the total to $45 million…Non-Profit Security Grants: The California Non-profit Security Grant was funded for $2 million dollars in the 2017-18 state budget.”

No kosher agenda is complete without some mention of the shekels. Predictably, the jews want the remaining Whites to pay for their own annihilation. So alien invaders, brought here by jews to destroy White homelands, will be given $45 million worth of lawyers to litigiously prey upon the native population. No need to provide legal services for the native Whites, but the jews have endless amounts of your money to spend for the benefit of the Mestizo and Moose-limb monsters who are here to savagely destroy the remaining vestiges of White civilization. And just to make sure the jewish organizations like the JCRC are well protected, Kabbalafornia is now providing publicly funded security for them!

The state of California is a walking corpse. All its utility and vitality as a homeland for the White people who created it has been defiled and consumed by the jewish parasites and the opportunistic, brown welfare colonists in their service who are here to scavenge the carrion. It exists as a sickening laboratory, in which jews experiment with the promotion of the darkest, unimaginable perversions and the most unnatural, soulless forms of diversity and miscegenation. It exists to debase Whites morally, to reverse any civilizational or genetic advances hard won by Whites, and ultimately to devolve Whites into the seething, moronic mass of brown slaves promised by the detestable talmud. The jewish parasite colonies have burrowed deeply into the body politic of this once-great White homeland, and now use its resources to fund and protect the bipedal biological weapons the jews use to ensure that no safe White homelands remain. The jews hide behind altruistic-sounding organizations in the shallowest of attempts to disguise their evil. We must stand firm and unmoved by the duplicitous jewish bleatings of “humanity” and “compassion” as they commit genocide against us. We must not allow jews to dictate the laws which govern our society. We must stop White genocide.

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Victor Davis Hanson; Explains why California is Failing Despite Silicon Valley and all it’s Wealth

The left coast is so leftist is because they have the luxury of not having to suffer the cost and consequences of their idiotic agendas they want to impose on everyone else. They have the luxury of indulging in “muh feels” and virtue signaling, while the rest of us suffer. There is only one way to stop these marxists, we burn and raze these communities to the ground, and slaughter everyone. Victor Davis Hanson talks about assimilation, but history shows us that only ethnic groups part of the same race can assimilate with one another, niggers and indians have been here far longer than beaners, and they still have not assimilated. They ALL need to leave, civil war is coming, fight of die. Blood and Soil. Race matters, its real, the natural order will always win.

California Driver Ploughs Through Pro-Immigration Protesters!

Leftist getting ran over by cars is part of living in a large city.

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2017

The left has once again shown their inability to dodge vehicles coming at them.

In this case there were only some minor injuries, however we are seeing cars being driven through lefts becoming a normal event all over America.

Maybe they will reconsider blocking roads in the future.

Mestizo Murderer of Kate Steinle on Trial

The California failed state recently declared itself a sanctuary. But a sanctuary for what? The question can be answered by a quick glance through recent headlines. There is simply no better place to avoid the consequences of being a (((Hollywood))) sex pervert or child molester, a homosexual degenerate who wants to intentionally spread GRIDS, or a Moloch-worshipping transsexual who likes corrupting children. Of course, in a state that lies prostrate in worship to the toxic jewish agenda of White genocide, sanctuary is most readily bestowed on the hordes of hostile, bowel-movement brown invaders who serve as biological weapons for the rat-faced men seeking to destroy a formerly safe White homeland.

Kabbalafornia’s abject collaboration with the insane talmudic plan to extinguish the White race by flooding White nations with violent, low-IQ savages has a long history. In San Francisco alone, there was the infamous “migrant-offender shield” program that used taxpayer dollars to protect Honduran illegal alien crack cocaine dealers from deportation by flying them outside of US jurisdiction temporarily, before assisting to bring them back to the US. And who can fail to appreciate the supposedly critical contributions of the Aztexican invader to the violent “vibrancy” that the jews want us to believe is (((our))) greatest strength? Reaching into the memory hole, one can still find the not-too-distant case of the murderous Edwin Ramos and the cold-blooded “mistaken” execution of a father and two children. Never mind that this Aztexican primitive had a history of murdering its fellow Mestizo monsters, the sanctuary state protected its dangerous pet from deportation and ensured a continuation of violence. It must be a complete coincidence that the Yiddocracy then uses the existence of the violence it promotes through the untenable proximity of incompatible racial groups as a pretext to browbeat Whites about “racism,” take away any remaining meaningful liberties, and promote the eradication of Whites through miscegenation with lower, darker forms of humanity.

For the jews, it is important that we learn absolutely nothing from the past and remain ignorant about the true, disastrous effects of flooding our homelands with dangerous animalistic dullards from the Central American sewer. That’s why the murder of Kate Steinle by Jose Garcia Zarate, despite getting some national attention when it occurred (primarily as part of an effort to further restrict gun rights and disarm the population), has been tagged for expurgation. Now safely out of the media spotlight, the Mestizo who, after being deported five times, gunned down a beautiful, innocent Aryan woman in the prime of her life is being put on trial. In the Californian clown-court, the despicable Jose Garcia Zarate is being prosecuted by his co-ethnic tribal compatriot Diana Garcia.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for justice to be served.

A beautiful Aryan woman sacrificed to jewish lies about multiculturalism and economics.

The undocumented immigrant accused of shooting and killing Pleasanton native Kate Steinle was aiming toward her and knew what he was doing.”

An undocumented invader uses an undocumented shooting range, and something goes terribly wrong. Despite its resemblance to a creature from The Island of Dr. Moreau, the Zarate animal was at least dimly aware that it was viciously attacking a White woman as it took aim and shot her in the back. Pay no attention to the Mestizos overrunning your communities and gunning down your women, White man. Hey isn’t that negro ball on the talmudvision?

This piece of Aztexican garbage purposefully gunned down a White woman. The jews want more of this in our homelands.

The closely watched case has attracted national attention because of its connection to immigration policy – Garcia Zarate, a Mexican citizen, was released from a San Francisco jail two and a half months before the shooting instead of being deported because of the city’s sanctuary city policy.”

The conspicuous surrender of our borders to rampaging inferiors is explained away by rat-faced men, bleating about immigration policy and “the right thing to do.” It’s never mentioned that Zarate and the millions of identically hostile, anti-White Aztexicans have nothing to do with immigration, and everything to do with invasion, colonization, and the displacement of Whites from the communities they built. To the unredeemable and corrupt jewish puppets running San Francisco, hunting down and violently diversifying every last White person is much more important than your safety or the life of Kate Steinle.

Garcia Zarate, who was spinning around in a chair on the pier, aimed “towards” Steinle with the gun and fired, Garcia argued. Steinle, who was walking with her father, fell forward…The only thing she could say was ‘dad, help me, help me.’”

With an IQ that would be considered retarded in a White, the “hardworking” Mestizo monster spends its day hanging around the pier and spinning in a chair. Reaffirming those strong Aztexican family values we hear about, Zarate then shoots Kate Steinle dead in front of her father’s eyes. Apparently this is all perfectly acceptable because a jew said It’s The Right Thing To DoTM and muh GDP. How about another million of these morlocks next year?

[Defense lawyer Matt Gonzalez] said Garcia Zarate, who was homeless, had found the gun on the pier, wrapped in a cloth, and picked it up. “He did not know he was handling a firearm,” he said.”

A primitive, brown-skinned idiot, living a listless parasitic life in the remnants of a once-great culture it cannot understand and can only destroy.  The moronic malevolence of the Central American simpleton on full display.  It didn’t know it was handling a gun, but it somehow could aim, and put its paw on the trigger. All those years ago, Kipling was right:

Take up the White Man’s burden –
Send forth the best ye breed –
Go bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives’ need;
To wait in heavy harness
On fluttered folk and wild –
Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
Half devil and half child.

The Kate Steinle tragedy is symbolic of what the catastrophic jewish century has wrought on our once proud and prosperous society. The needless and avoidable death of a young lady who epitomized the peerless beauty of Aryan women, at the hands of a malformed genetic alien from a miscegenated, degenerated branch of humanity. The jews brought the Mestizo creatures to our homeland with lies about how important it is for the White race to sell its birthright and its future so that a meaningless economic indicator will increase by a fraction of a percent. The Mestizos may be here for a better life, or for family values, or because they’re natural conservatives; but they will never be here for a better life for Whites, or the values of a White family, or the conservation of the White race. They are a separate, competing species and their presence in White homelands can only lead to the violence exemplified by the nightmare that befell the Steinle family. A nation does not exist for an economy. It exists to provide a safe space for a race and that race’s culture to flourish, or it doesn’t exist at all. The Mestizos continue to invade our country at the behest of the jews, who use them to impoverish, displace, and violently kill Whites. They are a tool of the jewish-orchestrated White genocide, and we should not forget the human faces of their victims, like that of Kate Steinle.

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California: 44% Speak Language Other Than English at Home

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2017

This is what “replacement” looks like.

CNS News:

In California–which with a July 2016 population of 39,250,017 is the nation’s most populous state–44.6 percent of the people five years of age and older do not speak English at home, according to data released this week by the Census Bureau.

At the same time, according to the Census Bureau, 18.6 percent of California residents 5 and older do not speak English “very well.”

That ranks California No.1 among the states for the percentage of people in both of these categories.

Nationwide, 21.6 percent speak a language other than English at home and 8.6 percent speak English less than very well.

Texas ranked second for the percentage of residents five and older who do not speak English at home (35.6 percent). New Mexico ranked third (34.5 percent); New Jersey ranked fourth (31.7 percent) and New York ranked fifth (31.0 percent).

States Ranked by the U.S. Census Bureau by the Percentage of People 5 and Older Who Speak a Language Other Than English at Home:

West Virginia had the smallest percentage of residents (2.5 percent) who spoke a language other than English at home. Montana had the second smallest (3.7 percent); Mississippi had the third smallest (3.8 percent); Alabama, the fourth (5.1 percent); and North Dakota the fifth (5.2 percent).

The Census Bureau asks about the language people speak in their homes and how well they speak English in its American Community Survey. The numbers released this week were for the 2016 survey.

The core premise of “multiculturalism” is a lie. By the very definition of “culture,” it must be a system shared by a population that lives among itself.

If you have multiple cultures in one location, you have a natural clash between the populations adhering to the different cultures. Members of each culture will attempt to separate and/or overtake the competing cultures.

Relatively small or tiny populations of a foreign culture living within another culture do not do this, generally. A small population of members of another culture will either adapt to the dominant culture or build a small subculture for themselves that does not attempt to attack and override the dominant culture.

This is, very simply, because a small number of people do not have what is necessary to form a society. Therefore, they will necessarily be dependent on the larger dominant culture and population, and being dependent, will not develop hostility towards it and will follow its customs.

I have lived in Asia with small communities of white guys, so I know what both sides of this look like. When you are with other white people, you have your culture together, but when you are out in the general society, you conform to the standards of the culture you are among.

We have always had small populations of foreigners in America. I remember the random Mexican or Asian family growing up as a kid. No one ever viewed them as a threat. They were simply a curiosity.

And there is the trick that has been played on us.

We were told that more of these people in our countries would just be more of that – more local curiosities, who lived in a bubble and didn’t harm anyone, didn’t disrupt the social order.

However, when a critical mass is reached, the alien culture has the ability to form a parallel society. And then you have conflict, necessarily, as multiple societies cannot peacefully exist on top of one another.

The globalist plan is to destroy all culture, to turn each individual into an atomized consumer without any roots at all, without any ties to anything other than himself. Meanwhile, the Jewish plan is simply to exterminate white people. If we keep our current course, the latter plan will probably succeed while the former will not.

You cannot destroy all cultures because brown cultures are strong enough to hold themselves together. They are much stronger than white cultures. This is due to various factors, but a key factor is the ability of the Jews to undermine male-female relations within white cultures, something that hasn’t been successful in brown cultures. Sure, you can increase divorce and abortion rates, but you’re never going to convince large numbers of brown women to give up all of the privileges that go along with being a woman in order to embrace “liberation.”

Generally, the fact that brown people are less complicated makes it more difficult to trick them into abandoning the natural order. Obviously, you could not program monkeys or dogs to abandon their biologically determined gender roles. Less intelligent people are also naturally more social due to the lack of any introspection.

So, what we are looking at is not a world of atomized individuals, but instead a conquest and displacement of whites by brown people.

California will become a Mexican/Latino state, while the nations of Europe will become Moslem. The other minorities in these areas will be forced to adapt to those new dominant cultures.

Locus note:

When one looks at societies throughout history that have gone on to be great nations, societies that grew and developed and went on to change the world, those societies have always been held together by common bonds and have moved in unison and worked like a natural colony. Whether one looks at ancient Rome, the Japanese Empire or the British Empire, when the people of these nations worked together as one cohesive group, they reached for the skies and changed the world leaving behind legacies that are still marveled at today. Hierarchies will always exist in these great civilizations – but the important factor for success is that those at the top are moving in the same direction as those at the bottom and both wish to advance society for the good of the group.
Those at the top develop, invent, inspire and lead. Those at the bottom work, go to battle and build. But the pyramid, the simplest form of any hierarchy, moves as one in the desired direction. Equality is not the basis of a smooth-running and well functioning society. In any successful society there is always a division of labor and the existence of structural hierarchies, just as there is in the natural world. However in a good and strong society, those at the top and those at the bottom have equal respect for each other and realize that they both depend on each other – so they move in unison as a well-oiled machine. In human terms and in relation to the superego, those in the hierarchy who abuse those beneath them are defectives as they have not learned a social conscience.
Equally, those in the hierarchy who wish for an easy life and don’t want to put any effort in and don’t want to do their duty are equally defective, as they have not developed an ideal self and are not striving to better themselves. Bearing this in mind, it is quite clear that when society breaks down due to greed, selfishness, a lack of morality, laziness and the drive for individual gain – all of which are pursued at the expense of the wider good – it is due to a defective superego in the individual and a breakdown of the wider community consciousness. The individuals who are failing the group are giving in to their id; they are putting their own pleasure principle above the wider societal morals and good of the group, which means ultimately that they have a weak superego. As individuals pursue their own agendas this of course represents a weakening of the societal superego as those who make up that society no longer share the same values.


For you people that don’t know it; Cudahy is a hellhole of a city, located about 10 miles, southeast of downtown Los Angeles. Illegal alien fuckheads took over there, about 30 years ago.

Its about replacing whites.

We need to deport EVERY illegal alien, and execute the ones who ever try to return.

ONLY ONE WAY THIS IS ALL GOING TO END. The illegal aliens are not gonna leave on their own, the brown skins want a fight, we should give them one, only one race will remain, winner take all.