South Korea: Joint US Military Drills to Stop Now!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2018

Of course they’re going to stop.

Trump and Kim are friends now, he said they’re going to stop, why would they not stop?

We’re in getting things done mode now.

Deal mode.


South Korea and the United States are expected to announce the suspension of “large-scale” military drills this week, with the provision that they would restart if North Korea failed to keep its promise to denuclearize, news agency Yonhap said on Sunday.

Citing an unnamed government source, the South Korean news agency said the suspension was likely to affect only major joint exercises, not more routine military training.

U.S. President Donald Trump surprised officials in Seoul and Washington when he pledged to end “war games” after his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore last week.

Immediately after the announcement, U.S. forces in Korea said they had received no guidance on stopping any drills, and South Korean officials said they were trying to figure out which exercises Trump was referring to.

I am very excited about the whole situation.

I think it is all going to work out as planned.

Trump will be the hero who did the deal no president before him even tried.

Remember Rodman saying he went to Obama and Obama wouldn’t even give him the time of day with regards to trying to get this situation fixed. Trump wanted to be the guy who did it, he’s done it, he wants this as the first major part of what will, we hope, be a grand legacy.

Trump’s been tweeting on it.

Chuck the kike was claiming that nothing happened at the talks. That is the Jew line here. “Oh yeah but nothing happened, this isn’t really real.” I don’t know what else they can say, really.

The other thing is that Trump somehow gave something to an evil, evil Hitler man by meeting with him.

I mean, yeah, Trump’s time is valuable, but he was already spending time on the situation by dealing with the conflict. So wasn’t solving the conflict the best option?

Probably, nothing was going to happen.

But he says “potentially” – and yeah, there was always the potential for North Korea to attack Seoul with CONVENTIONAL weapons and blow the whole place to hell.

And their ability to do that actually meant that there was no possible military solution.

Bannon said that during some drunk impromptu press conference before he was fired from the White House (probably why he was fired) because Trump was playing like there was one – but there really was no such solution that didn’t involve Seoul getting btfo and millions dying.

The option was to either make peace or kick the can down the road. Trump picked up the can and made peace.

Jews of course love these boogiemen who allow them to fearmonger, push for military expansion that benefits globalism, so they are pissed off. They also love the whole “Evil Hitler Man” stuff – “Adolf Slope,” they called him. They didn’t call him that. But they love their “evil people out there planning to hurt you, goyim, need to invade the world to keep the goyim in safety.”

My take is this, just because North Korea gave up development of Nuclear weapons, doesn’t mean they gave up their ability to build them, they already know how to do this, they probably have a dozen or so sitting around somewhere, and hopefully they will continue to share this technology and knowledge with Iran and other nations which will be allies in the coming clash of civilizations world war. We need peace with the North to take away that play from the Chinese, who are the real threat long term. We also need to end this world police bullshit and bring our troops home, were gonna need them to invade California during the racial civil war that’s coming here.

Untold Tales: Red Dragon Rising

China is moving beyond its borders in every imaginable way, commercially, demographically and even militarily. In addition to many nations, especially the US, even the planet itself will be feeling the pain. From

Bibliography for Red Dragon Rising

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For Further Investigation, Robert Walker’s Gangs or Us.
Asian Crime Gangs 2013
LA Gangland Documentary


US Accuses China of Using Sonic Mind-Beams on Their Diplomats

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2018

I remember Alex Jones talking about sonic mind-beams 15 years ago. There is a whole bunch of documentation on them.

They definitely do exist. It just isn’t something that really gets talked about much – partly because the government doesn’t want people thinking about them, and partly because it makes people uncomfortable to think about them. It definitely makes one uncomfortable to imagine they could be surreptitiously targeted with mind-beams in their homes.

I just can’t really figure why Cuba and now China would be using these mind-beams on consulate staff.

Like, what is the goal of such an operation?

You could speculate that this is some high-level mind beaming that can actually control people’s thoughts and so on – but consulate staff are not important people, really.


An employee at the US consulate in Guangzhou and his family have reportedly been evacuated from China upon suffering neurological symptoms after hearing strange sounds. Washington says it’s taking the strange illness seriously.

The US State Department has said medical tests confirmed that at least one US government worker in China experienced the same type of a “medical incident” that US diplomats had suffered in Cuba after allegedly hearing some strange sounds.

US Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said that upon receiving medical confirmation that the the staffer displayed similar symptoms a team of medical professionals was dispatched to Guangzhou to “conduct screening of all US government employees and family members who requested it.”

She has not specified how many Americans have already returned to the US from China, saying that “a number of individuals” were sent for “further evaluation and comprehensive assessment of their symptoms” to the US.

I can’t imagine you can test if a person has suffered an attack by a mind-beam.

Although I am certainly no expect, I would suspect that it leaves no traces. Perhaps long-term exposure could show up on an MRI? I’ve no idea.

The New York Times reported on Wednesday, citing officials, that US diplomatic staff and their families in the southern Chinese city have been undergoing checks administered by a team of medics who were dispatched to China specifically for that purpose.

While the cause of the mysterious ailment, which already claimed at least one US official in Guangzhou back in April, is still under scrutiny, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last month likened the symptoms displayed by the stricken worker to those experienced by US diplomats in Cuba.

“The medical indications are very similar, and entirely consistent with, the medical indications that were taking place to Americans working in Cuba,” he told Congress in May.

It was reported earlier this week that the State Department has established a dedicated taskforce to look into the “unexplained health incidents” with US diplomats, which have become of a growing concern to the White House. The task force, which was touted by Pompeo last month, will be an umbrella body to investigate, identify and treat the diplomatic staff and their close ones who were subjected to the attacks.

A State Department official told CNN at the time that it was “currently reviewing the incident in China and determining how best to proceed.”

While US officials, including Pompeo, keep drawing parallels between the incidents in China and Cuba, with the latter being dubbed “health attacks” by the State Department, several reports have cast doubt on the claims that the diplomats were deliberately targeted by some sort of sinister technology in the first place.

An FBI report in January failed to uncover any evidence to support the allegations that sonic waves were used against the US diplomats.

Cuban authorities, meanwhile, repeatedly denied any involvement in the supposed “attacks,” noting that Washington might be peddling the narrative in order to fan anti-Cuban sentiment.

Yeah, it seemed like a false flag in Cuba, and now that they’re also doing it in China, it seems even more likely that is the case.

Maybe the US is using these weapons on their own diplomats. Or maybe the diplomats are being instructed to fake it.

I think what we are seeing is the development of a narrative of constant paranoia of science-fiction type weapons being constantly used everywhere by the enemies of ZOG.

Foreign Policy published a piece last year claiming there’s a long history of these kinds of weapons being used by US enemies.

An underlying paranoia of secret invisible mind-beams everywhere adds a bizarre element of confusion to the current social and political climate.


“Acoustic weapons” have been used for crowd control for a long time.

It’s called “LRAD” – long-range acoustic device.

This doesn’t get talked about much either.

Probably because people would be asking Israel why they don’t just use these to repel Palestinians instead of opening fire with live rounds. And other reasons.

But directing low-frequency mind-beams into people’s homes is something different. Much more advanced. Though also, does exist.

All of this weird sci-fi technology is going to start coming up more often now.

Something to look forward to.

Weird cyberpunk shit is kind of exciting.

We might end up all having to walk around in cloaks with metal helmets to protect our brains from the beams.

They could easily be emitted on a large scale from cellphone towers, you know. Scramble the minds of entire populations. Or rewire their thoughts in other ways.

PEMFT (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) has been FDA approved for a decade and allegedly cures depression through electromagnetic stimulation of people’s brains.

If they can cure depression with these beams, they could cause it too, no?

The could induce calm or panic as they wished.

We are already surrounded by all kinds of artificial EMF waves. We are inundated by them.

There was a 2003 movie about this technology being used via cellphone towers called “Control Factor.”

The only reason I can think of why they wouldn’t start implementing some form of mass mind control using these techniques is incompetence.

There is this and still weirder things yet to come.

Pentagon Confirms Chinese Fired Lasers at U.S. Pilots – Two American Aircraft taken down by Chinese Military Laser Weapons.

The Pentagon confirmed Thursday that Chinese nationals fired lasers near a military base in east Africa against U.S. military aircraft in the region, injuring several pilots.

Pentagon Press Secretary Dana White said the U.S. government made diplomatic protests to the Chinese government over several recent incidents of laser firings near China’s first overseas military base at Djibouti.

“These are very serious incidents. There have been two minor injuries. This activity poses a threat to our airmen,” White told reporters.

“We have formally demarched the Chinese government, and we’ve requested that the Chinese investigate these incidents,” she added.

The number of incidents is “more than two but less than ten” and the laser firings took place in recent weeks, White said.

White said the Pentagon is confident that Chinese nationals were behind the laser firings but did not elaborate on the intelligence linking Beijing to the incidents.

She declined to speculate on the Chinese motive behind the laser attacks.

“I believe there have been cases where this has happened previously,” White said. “But what this started was these last few weeks we decided to become very serious about it, and we have demarched the Chinese, and we’ve asked for the investigation.”

China’s government has not commented on the incidents. A Chinese military expert told the state-run Global Times newspaper that the U.S. accusations that China used a laser weapon in Djibouti was “groundless.”

China opened the military base in Djibouti last year and plans to deploy some 400 troops there.

China’s government has asserted that the base is merely a logistics hub for anti-piracy operations as well as to support China’s international infrastructure project called Belt and Road Initiative.

The U.S. government regards the Chinese base as part of Beijing’s efforts to project military power around the world.

The Djibouti incidents appear similar to the 1997 incident involving a Russian merchant ship that was shadowing a Navy missile submarine and fired a laser on a Canadian surveillance helicopter.

The laser damaged the eyes of the Navy Lt. Jack Daly and Canadian pilot Captain Patrick Barnes near Washington state and was covered up by the administration of President Bill Clinton.

China and the United States have battled over international trade and finance after the Trump administration announced it will impose tariffs on China for its unfair trade practices.

The U.S. and Chinese militaries also have squared off in the South China Sea where China is seeking to take control of the strategic waterway. The U.S. military has been seeking to counter the illegal claim by sending ships and aircraft near disputed islands in the sea that have been militarized in recent years by China.

A Federal Aviation Administration notice to airmen reported April 14 that “there have been multiple lazing events involving a high power laser” near the Chinese military base.

“Use extreme caution when transiting near this area,” the notice states. “If a laser is seen in or near Djibouti, notify immediately tower…”

The notice also said U.S. military air crews were to contact military air controllers.

In one incident, air crew members flying aboard a C-130 transport suffered two minor eye injuries after exposure to what was described as “military-grade laser beams” that appear to have been fired from the Chinese base.

The laser incidents followed U.S. military exercises last month off the coast of Djibouti called Alligator Dagger. The exercise was canceled April 5 after two separate air mishaps, including the crash of a Marine Corps Harrier jump jet and a CH-53 helicopters, in Djibouti.

About 4,000 U.S. personnel are stationed at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti. The base has been used as a major launch point for U.S. military and special operations commando raids in the region.

The Chinese military base in the country is located about a mile from Camp Lemonnier and is Beijing’s first overseas military base and has raised security concerns because it is located very close to the U.S. military base there.

The Washington Free Beacon disclosed in 2015 that China’s military has deployed several types of hand-held blinding laser weapons.

The weapons, according to state-run Chinese media, are used to interfere and damage laser and night vision equipment.

Use of the weapons violates China’s announced commitment to a section of the 1998 U.N. Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons that bans the use of blinding lasers in combat.

The Chinese have marketed four types of laser guns, designated the BBQ-905 Laser Dazzler Weapon, the WJG-2002 Laser Gun, the PY132A Blinding Laser Weapon, and the PY131A Blinding Laser Weapon.

Marine Corps Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, commander of the U.S. Africa Command, warned in congressional testimony in March that China is seeking to expand and possibly take over the strategic port in Djibouti, which owes Beijing an estimated $1.2 billion in construction debt.

China operates a naval port and “multi-purpose” port that offloads containers from freighters.

Waldhauser said a Chinese takeover of ports in Djibouti would have “significant consequences” for U.S. military operations there.

“We are not naive to think that some of the activities the Chinese are doing in terms of counterintelligence there are taking place, but it just means that we have to be cautious,” Waldhauser told the House Armed Services Committee March 6. “We have to be on guard for that type of situation.”

Pentagon: Chinese military producing 42,000 drones

The US Department of Defense says in an annual report that the Chinese military is set to build nearly 42,000 land-based and sea-based drones.

It added that China is also developing long-range Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for intelligence gathering and bombing attacks.

“The acquisition and development of longer-range UAVs will increase China’s ability to conduct long-range reconnaissance and strike operations,” the Pentagon said in the report on Friday.

The report — entitled Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2015 — shows concerns from the US military about China’s growing military power.

“China is advancing its development and employment of UAVs,” the report said. “Some estimates indicate China plans to produce upwards of 41,800 land- and sea-based unmanned systems, worth about $10.5 billion, between 2014 and 2023.”

The report was handed to the US Congress for further assessment.

The US military also noted in the 2015 report that China has been adding UAVs into military exercises in recent years, including one drill in the East China Sea in 2013.

The Pentagon also expressed alarm over the scale of the Chinese army’s modernization campaign that seeks to depend on self-sufficiency rather than important defense equipment from the US or its allies.

The report concluded that the People’s Liberation Army Air Force “is pursuing modernization on a scale unprecedented in its history.”

In recent years, the Pentagon claimed that China has been building more advanced weapons that could target US interests in the future.

The US has expressed concern that the US might be losing its military superiority in areas such as fighter jets, missile systems and cyber warfare in the coming years.

Military spending worldwide amounts to $1.75 trillion and Washington is responsible for more than one third of all military spending.


China Announces Plans to Contest US Navy with Chink Super Fleet and has started building its third aircraft carrier

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 18, 2018

Russian news did a good report on China’s deepwater navy ambitions. Seems like China is getting serious and only the Russians are paying attention to these new developments.

Also, LOL at the title. Someone knows about the /pol/ prophesy.

Frankly, I don’t think that China’s entrance on the world scene is a good development. The chinks are far preferable to pretty much every other non-White people, but they also suck a lot too.

It’s been said before, but they’re soulless ant-folk.

And idk if this is the result of the twentieth century or if they’ve always been this way, but the fact remains that I would not want to be living in a chink cyberpunk dystopia.

No thank you…Although it beats the suburbs, tbh.

That being said, China isn’t infected with JEWS and has a boner for everything White because they rightly regard it as being superior to everything to do with non-Whites.

So, it’s a mixed bag.

On the one hand, I admire China for not being crazy, on the other hand, they’re crazy in their own way, and no amount of skin bleach and eyelid surgery will change that.

Overall though, China contesting the Pacific with the American fleet is probably a good thing.

It means that ZOG’s attention will be distracted and they won’t be able to focus on Russia, fully. There will be two theaters of war instead.

Ideally, here is how I see things playing out. We go to war with China and Russia – Russia over land and China over sea. During this time, money starts running low in the US, and EBT and all those other bullshit minority entitlement programs have to be cut. Mass chimpouts ensue.

American soldiers and regular citizens get fed up with non-Whites and start wondering why we are fighting these pointless wars abroad. They start forming militias from disgruntled vets and Alt-Right ideologues/partisans and because ZOG’s attention is diverted, they start effectively resisting the state and federal governments.

One day, the White Guard is ready to storm DC in like a Valkyrie-type coup scenario without Tom Cruise.


Just like that, we win.

And then we pull out of World War III to start preparing for World War White – where we launch a Reconquista of Europe and every territory where Whites are in peril.

After years of reform and struggle, we divide the world between the techno-Chink AI empire, the Slavo-Cyborg Confederation, the Trans-European Commonwealth and the Corpo-Anglo Syndicate. Naturally, we genocide the Moslems and Blacks and Mexicans.

And then peace comes to the world.

China has started building its third aircraft carrier, military sources say

Work on the vessel, which will use a hi-tech launch system, began at a Shanghai shipyard last year but it is not known when it will be completed

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 04 January, 2018, 9:02pm


China started building its third aircraft carrier, with a hi-tech launch system, at a Shanghai shipyard last year, according to sources close to the People’s Liberation Army.

One of the sources said Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard Group was given the go-ahead to begin work on the vessel after military leaders met in Beijing following the annual sessions of China’s legislature and top political advisory body in March.

“But the shipyard is still working on the carrier’s hull, which is expected to take about two years,” the source said. “Building the new carrier will be more complicated and challenging than the other two ships.”

China has been trying to build up a blue-water navy that can operate globally and support its maritime security, but it so far has only one aircraft carrier, the Liaoning – a repurposed Soviet ship it bought from Ukraine that went into service in 2012.

Its first Chinese designed and built aircraft carrier, the Type 001A, is expected to go into full service later this year.

The sources all said it was too early to say when the third vessel would be launched, but China plans to have four aircraft carrier battle groups in service by 2030, according to naval experts.

Shipbuilders and technicians from Shanghai and Dalian are working on the third vessel, which will have a displacement of about 80,000 tonnes – 10,000 tonnes more than the Liaoning, according to another source close to the PLA Navy.

“China has set up a strong and professional aircraft carrier team since early 2000, when it decided to retrofit the Varyag [the unfinished vessel China bought from Ukraine] to launch as the Liaoning, and it hired many Ukrainian experts … as technical advisers,” the second source said.

The sources also confirmed that the new vessel, the CV-18, will use a launch system that is more advanced than the Soviet-designed ski-jump systems used in its other two aircraft carriers.

Its electromagnetic aircraft launch system will mean less wear and tear on the planes and it will allow more aircraft to be launched in a shorter time than other systems.

Dalian Shipbuilding Industry spent more than eight years refurbishing and upgrading the Liaoning. It is a subsidiary of state-owned China Shipbuilding Industry Corp (CSIC), as is the Shanghai shipyard.

CSIC chairman Hu Wenming in November told state broadcaster CCTV that China now had the expertise to build any type of aircraft carrier. He said a unit of 5,000 people from across the country had been formed to work on developing the country’s aircraft carrier fleet.

The latest aircraft carrier project has been in the pipeline for some time. Satellite images taken back in 2009 showed a huge frame had been installed at the Shanghai shipyard to accommodate large-scale projects. That year, its general manager Nan Daqing told Shanghai Dragon TV the company was “fully prepared” to build the country’s first home-grown aircraft carrier.

The Jiangnan shipyard is China’s oldest – it was founded during the Qing dynasty in 1865 and became a state-owned enterprise in 1949.

Sources said the layout of the new aircraft carrier, including its flight deck and “island” command centre, would be different from the other two.

“The new vessel will have a smaller tower island than the Liaoning and its sister ship because it needs to accommodate China’s carrier-based J-15 fighter jets, which are quite large,” the first source said.

“It has been suggested that they look to Britain’s warship, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, which has two small tower islands on the deck. That would create more space for the runway and aircraft, but no final decision has been made yet.”

China’s navy has meanwhile begun training its own fighter pilots, rather than recruiting them from the air force, as it prepares to expand the fleet, the official PLA Daily reported.

Chinese Scientist Sentenced to 10 Years of Prison for Stealing Genetically Engineered Rice Seeds


Daily Stormer
April 15, 2018

When I first read this article, my first thought was “Why would you give foreigners access to your country’s technology, especially foreigners from a country that is your biggest rival in almost everything and who steals your tech on an industrial scale?”

But then I realized how insanely bigoted I was.

Because this guy wasn’t Chinese, he was American – the second he set foot in America the magical dirt turned his DNA into 100% deep-fried apple pie.


A scientist from China has been sentenced to 10 years in prison in the United States for stealing seeds of genetically modified American rice, the Department of Justice announced Wednesday.

The Chinese scientist, Weiqiang Zhang, 51, was a legal permanent resident living in Manhattan, Kansas. He was working as a rice breeder at Ventria Bioscience, a biopharmaceutical company that creates genetically modified rice. He stole hundreds of rice seeds from the company that had cost millions of dollars and taken years of research to develop, according to the Justice Department. He kept the seeds in his home.

But why did you hire a Chinese in the first place, ESPECIALLY to work on rice?


Then in 2013, United States Customs and Border Protection agents found the seeds in luggage belonging to researchers who visited Zhang from China.They were on their way back to China with the seeds.

In February, he was convicted of three counts: Conspiring to steal trade secrets, conspiring to transport stolen property across states lines and transporting stolen property between states.

Why did it take 5 years to convict him?

“Weiqiang Zhang betrayed his employer by unlawfully providing its proprietary rice seeds to representatives of a Chinese crop institute,” Acting Assistant Attorney General John Cronan said in a statement. “Today’s sentence demonstrates the significant consequences awaiting those who would steal trade secrets from American companies.”

How dare he betray a faceless, greedy (you know they hired him because it was cheaper than hiring an American, right?) corporation from a deracinated society that believes in nothing for something as petty as the advancement of everyone who shares his looks, culture and DNA?

Shame on him!

Also, about the “consequences” of stealing your trade secrets – wouldn’t it be better to try not to have them stolen in the first place?

Because you know for every one of these guys you catch, there’s at least two or three you don’t, right?

The conclusion of the years-long case comes as President Donald Trump’s administration is planning to punish China for what the White House has said is the theft of intellectual property by that country. In a tweet on Wednesday, the president put the annual amount of intellectual property theft at $300 billion.

300 billion is “3” followed by eleven zeroes, like this: 300000000000 .

That’s a lot of zeroes.

You’re working on fixing it, right?

FBI Director Christopher Wray has also warned about China. Asked during a Senate intelligence committee hearing in February about the counterintelligence risk from Chinese students in the U.S., Wray said, “The use of nontraditional collectors, especially in the academic setting, whether it’s professors, scientists, students we see in almost every field office that the FBI has around the country…. They’re exploiting the very open research and development environment that we have.”

Why is it so (((open))) in the first place?

And why wouldn’t you expect other people to take advantage of your stupidity?

I don’t really care about the Chinks doing it, that’s normal.

All countries steal stuff from each other all the time, especially technology, it’s just common sense.

Actively letting them do it on the other hand, like the Western world does today, is completely insane, and shouldn’t be tolerated.

I mean seriously, how many times does this have to happen before you start rethinking the magical dirt theory?