Forbidden history: the struggle for truth in history

by Larrysmusings

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One myth of our times is that official history is – or even can be – objective and true.  Inconvenient facts are routinely suppressed, trivialized or ignored in official histories.  So much of what passes for “history” is propaganda, even crude propaganda.  The late Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes told his students and readers of the need for bringing history into accord with the facts.  That is the purpose of true historical revisionism: to make historiography objective, factual and true.  We must critically examine what currently is claimed as history to verify its veracity or lack thereof.

In this essay, we offer a number of links to well researched and thought provoking articles on some hot button historical issues.  The reader can choose what to read and what not to read.  As well, each individual will have to decide for him or herself what is the truth.  A discussion about whether humans can recognize truth is a matter for the philosopher (and perhaps for the behavioral social scientist) and not the historian.  We merely present the links and encourage the reader to read them.




Reader discretion is advised for these linked articles.  Your long-held beliefs and assumptions may be seriously challenged, and that may be disturbing for you.

Prior to the outbreak of World War II, no less a thinker than Bertrand Russell felt the Germans ought to be left to chart their own course.

A first person account of life in Hitler’s Germany by a German citizen.

Powerful interests were working against Hitler and the German people as early as March, 1933.

World Jewish Congress Declared War on Germany

Outrages committed against ethnic German civilians prior to, during, and after the war are ignored or trivialized by mainstream or official history.  James Bacque wrote 2 good books on these crimes:  Crimes and Mercies, and Other Losses (which treats the Allied program of starvation of surrendered German POWs in 1945 and 1946).  Here we offer a link to a short item about murders of ethnic Germans in Poland in 1939 prior to and after 1 September.

For some readers, this next post will be a shock.  Jews committed crimes, terrible murderous crimes.  Those who know of the ((((((Bela Kun)))))) regime in Hungary in 1919 and the many horrific crimes of the Bolsheviks in Russia will not be surprised by this next link.  It is not very surprising that the peoples of the Baltic states looked upon the invading Germans in 1941 as their liberators.

Warning: there are very graphic black and white images of murder victims in this lengthy article.

The Allied war crime atrocity of Dresden is discussed in this next link.  Ironically, those who sat in judgment at Nuremberg were themselves guilty of heinous war crimes (as defined by the Allied indictments at Nuremberg).  Also, A. C. Grayling wrote a good book some years back, Among the Dead Cities, that treats the Allied terror bombing campaign against Germany and Japan.

The Dresden Holocaust – The Impartial Truth

The human side of Wehrmacht soldiers is shown here:

Love is..

The following 3 links are to articles on the holocaust.  It is currently illegal to question the official holocaust story in many European countries.  Several months back (on this blog) we questioned why questioning the official story is tabu.  Free and open inquiry in pursuit of the truth ought not be banned.  (And, please do not bother me with the bogus assertion that pursuing open inquiry as to the truth or lack thereof of the official holocaust story makes one by default an “anti-Semite”.)

This next article proposes the reasons for the invention and the propagation throughout the world of the official holocaust story.

This final linked article (of extreme length) addresses the long standing motif of Jewish persecution (going back centuries).

Jerusalem, Israel- April 14, 2007: Young people gathering with flags of Israel at Jaffa Street in the center of Jerusalem to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day.

Cuck-o-licks Celebrate White Genocide

History abounds with examples of duplicitous jewish liars, scam artists, and con men. The rich jewish heritage of fraudsters immediately brings to mind the likes of Bernie Madoff, Scott Rothstein, Lou Pearlman, and the eponymous founder of the pyramid scheme Charles Ponzi. The exploits of these kosher criminals, even when considered together, pale in comparison to the most destructive jewish swindle ever perpetrated: Christianity. The semitic depredations of Jewsus and Saul (pseudonymous Paul) have far exceeded the dollar amounts of the more recent rip-off artists from their tribe. In fact, they have done more than any other jewish lie to advance the insane talmudic plan for the genocide of the White race and the creation of a miscegenated, degenerate, moronic brown-skinned slave caste who exist solely to be exploited by g*d’s chosen people.

Trust us, we’re jews!

In the California failed state, the Cuck-o-lick variety of the semitic mind virus infected the population early and became an ongoing source of multiculturalist pathology and an institution dedicated to promoting the self-abnegation of the White population. An ageing population of spiritually dead, brainwashed Whites, most of whom have never even read the scripture they purport to find so sacred, shuffle in among the pews and are confused by what they hear. Did the Latin mass make a comeback? No, that’s just Spanish, or Vietnamese, or Tagalog, or Swahili, or Bantu. The consequence of selling your soul and your community to the con men who wear Sunday dresses and the JUDEO-Cucktian death cult they promote, is that your society comes to resemble the tower of Babel.

On any given Sunday, the Garden Grove campus of Christ Cathedral – a postmodern glass structure accompanied by an 18-story stainless steel steeple that serves as the hub of Catholic life in Orange County – is a flurry of different languages. At 6:15 a.m. Mass in Vietnamese is followed by a 7:45 Mass in Spanish, then ones in English, Chinese and Spanish again – and on throughout the day.”

A “cathedral” for a false religion that looks like a chicken coop for humans.

In a postmodern architectural eyesore that looks like a cage for animals, a seething mass of mutually hostile genetic aliens makes unthinking obeisance to a jewish puppet’s pernicious use of the (((Wholly Babble))) to promote an endless flood of primitive, sewage-colored bipeds into White nations. A cathedral with all the aesthetic charm of a chicken-wire rabbit hutch is a fitting symbol for the vapid Cuck-o-lick brand of worship by a motley collection of low-IQ, civilizationally incompatible savages, called by Jewsus (and seemingly endless welfare) to invade a White homeland, and to displace the native White population.

One of the blessings is that it’s such a mix of all the different cultures here,” said Bishop Kevin Vann of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange. “It creates a healthy dynamism of energy and enthusiasm. One day I can go from Vietnamese to Spanish to English, and that really invigorates me — and I think it does for the whole diocese.”

Unless one is completely ignorant of human history, the “blessings” of multiculturalism are inevitably intractable violence, tribal nepotism, a decline in human capital, an alienation of individuals, and eventually genocidal war. I suppose the ChristCuck and apparent race traitor Vann isn’t telling complete lies: all the interracial violence that will be the end-stage result of Catholic-promoted diversity will be conducted with dynamic “energy and enthusiasm.”

This multiculturalism is one reason why, scholars say, during a time of priest shortages, parish closures and thinning ranks in the pews, the Diocese of Orange is now among the fastest-growing dioceses in the United States and home to 1.3 million Catholics…Immigration from heavily Catholic countries — Mexico and Vietnam, in particular — further fueled Catholic growth from 330,000 in 1976 to 1.3 million today.”

Some mysterious “scholars” illustrate that the failing educational institutions of the USSA cannot teach the difference between cause and effect.  The number of Orange County Catholics has increased because the completely corrupted Catholic church has imported over a million Aztexican and Vietnamese co-religionists into Orange County. The “multiculturalism” didn’t cause the increase in Cuck-o-licks; the treasonous immigration scams run by Catholic Charities (and other Cucktian charity fraud operations) to bring in as many alien adherents to the semitic spiritual cancer as possible caused the spike in multiculturalism that was fatal to our once prosperous society. In other news (it couldn’t be related, could it), the California failed state has just over 10% of the entire US population, but over 33% of all welfare cases.

If you look at the Diocese of Orange, that’s the future of the Catholic Church in the United States over the next 50 years.” [said Tarra McNally, assistant director of evaluation at the USC center for Religion and Civic Culture.]”

The JUDEO-Christian contribution to the insane kosher plan to destroy the White race in the USSA, and replace it with an undifferentiated, devolved population of brown simpletons to serve as slaves for g*d’s chosen people. The jews need an unending supply of nightmare creatures from the most benighted corners of the globe, and a shameless brainwashing campaign to convince the hapless Whites that “we’re all equal” and “race doesn’t exist” (except for Whites, who are bad and need to die). Enter the Cuck-o-licks, who can occasionally be bothered to stop with their buggery to promote a completely disproven equalitarianism between Whites, African living fossils, Asian ant-farm drones, and the miscegenated monsters of Aztexico.

In 2012, the diocese acquired Christ Cathedral, itself a symbol of the church’s growth that is in the midst of a $72.3-million renovation that will include shrines to Our Lady of La Vang, a Vietnamese Marian apparition, and the Virgin of Guadalupe, patron saint of the diocese and the Americas.”

The Christological castrati of the Catholic church have busied themselves for 5 years and spent over $72 million to provide their foolish followers with aliens to worship. To comfort the racial enemies of the Whites, and provide another avenue for which deluded Whites can abase themselves, there are now shrines where they can worship the ghost in the Vang model machine, and the patron saint of Aztexican welfare queens.

As the diocese continues to grow, McNally said that Southern California is becoming a powerful voice among Catholics in the United States — and the world — particularly on social issues such as immigration, on which the diocese takes a more progressive stance. “At the end of the day, it’s a numbers game,” she said.”

Having been one of the main perpetrators responsible for turning California into a diversity hellhole, the Cuck-o-licks are now aiming to expand their disaster to nationwide proportions. It’s all just a numbers game to them, another Ponzi scheme and part of their longstanding hebraic heritage.

The fact that Cucktianity is one of the more potent tools used by the jews in their campaign to destroy White nations is evident by the tireless promotion of invasion and colonization of only White nations by genetic aliens.  Its semitic nature is exposed by its exploitation of the highly developed sense of altruism possessed by Whites; a parasitic subversion of a beneficial trait that is then used to harm the host. The jews, in keeping with their hubris and arrogance, even admit as much:

We have imposed upon you an alien book and an alien faith which you cannot swallow or digest, which is at cross-purposes with your native spirit, which keeps you ever-lastingly ill-at-ease, and which you lack the spirit either to reject or to accept in full.  In your hearts you are still Pagans… We have merely divided your soul, confused your impulses, paralyzed your desires.” – Marcus Eli Ravage, A Real Case Against the Jews, The New Century Magazine, January 1928.

It is time that we recognize the semitic mind virus of Cucktianity for what it is: a jewish weapon used to confuse and degrade the defenses of Whites that otherwise would protect us from the onslaught of the genetic aliens of other races. It is a precursor that allows the jews to bring their devastating bipedal biological weapons to bear against their hated racial enemy: the Whites. The death cult of Christianity has festered within White civilizations for long enough.  It is time to heal our divided souls, and put an end to our confusion and paralysis. It is time to embrace the Pagan religion that still resides in our hearts and our blood. It is time to stop White genocide.

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Swedish feminist: – Why is it so bad that a Muslim man has three wives?

The death of Feminism is finally here.

Image result for laughing man

This is funny, you have to laugh at these stupid bitches, they know what they are saying is bullshit, and they know we know they know. Its always funny to watch an angry feminist bitch slit her own throat.

Image result for Ulla Lundegård

Ulla Lundegård, poster-child for the death of Feminism.

Feminist artist and writer Ulla Lundegård can not understand why it is so outrageous that Muslim men bring several wives when they come to Sweden.

– It may even be that they live a much more interesting life than many Swedish couples do after thirty years of being married, she writes in Expressen.

Ulla Lundegård’s article is a comment to the upset voices that were raised after it became known that Nacka municipality is buying three homes in Saltsjöbaden for an entire SEK 14 million to a Muslim man with three wives.

“Why do we place so much emphasis on the fact that this man has three wives? And why are we talking with disgust that the municipality has to get apartments for all of these? They also have the right to housing, right?” asks the 65-year-old feminist.

She states that we must not let our “prejudices and established tradition-bound norms” stand in the way of how enriching it may actually be for a Muslim man to have a whole set of wives.

“The children have three mothers with different qualities and ages that can help out when needed. They can even share their love for the man and live in the same house! It’s more than any of us can imagine.”

This article was posted: Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 6:39 am


How the Left is Attacking EVERYTHING white.

leftist propaganda aimed at the traditional family, white working class, and the white race, they seek the destruction of our very way of life, its us or them. We fight and destroy this system, and we seek out those who worked to destroy us. There is no peace, until the enemies of our people have been exterminated.




Why Men Cheat from The New Modern Man


It always amuses me when today’s road-worn women expect 110% fidelity from their Beta meal tickets. They just can’t put on the faux-disgusted face quickly enough at even the mere insinuation their man is flirting with another woman or sliding up inside a strange coochie. They’re (supposedly) miffed at why men cheat. “They’re all dogs!” Well, not quite. There are two simple explanations, ladies.

  1. Women are notoriously flighty and unreliable in relationships (this is why culturally enforced monogamy was written into the Bronze Age texts that are the foundation of the world’s Big Three religions)
  2. Genetic and other biological evidence points to a high rate (10% by some estimates) of Beta cucks unknowingly raising children that aren’t their own

That’s the nice way of saying it. Here’s the non-PC way of saying it.

  1. These hoes ain’t loyal
  2. Women cheat as much (or more) than men, but are better at hiding it, plus in Anglo culture women always frame any breakups as his (the Beta cuckee’s) fault, and since feminism females have cultural impunity to do so

Biologically speaking, males of all species (not just H. Sapiens) have evolved strategies to spread their seed far and wide. Call it the buckshot strategy, when the Law of the Jungle rules as it currently does in a post-feminist, increasingly degenerate and r-selected culture. In other words, men have instincts to cheat that evolved in a world where females aren’t culturally and/or religiously expected to stay with males. That’s most of human history, and it seems we are regressing to that lower standard of living.  Just like most of the animal kingdom!

Thus, in a world where women do what they want, by cheating the male ensures his evolutionary Prime Directive is achieved. In a world of here today, gone tomorrow women who keep only men around until the money or social laurels run out, a man wagering the farm (i.e. his genetic survival) on one woman is a pretty risky bet. She has a mood swing, and it’s back to square one. Mr. Wiggly is back on bread and water, and Mr. One Woman Man has his confidence shot, to boot. So, it’s simply good biological game playing to have a main dish, and a couple of side dishes when – not if – the main dish splits.

Additionally, evolution proves human females are so…um…slutty that the majority of male sperm in each ejaculation has evolved to destroy other sperm that somehow finds its way into the vaginal receptacle. That’s right, most of the billions of male sperm are there for combat and not to fertilize anything. (You know how women just trip and fall on other men’s dicks by accident. Happens all the time.) Female infidelity is a given, so no man can be sure of the paternity of what is supposedly “his” child. As a result of women who 1) don’t give a damn about men personally, and 2) are demonstrably not loyal, the male thirst for sexual variety is a deeply rooted biological instinct.

It’s quite a conundrum that women aren’t shamed for their biological instincts, like shameless hypergamy and wiping her ass on dad at the child support slave court so she can hop back on the cock carousel, but men are scorned for pursing their biological instincts. That alone speaks volumes about Anglo culture.

The takeaway lesson is never to let yourself be guilted into getting one-itis. Not only will you become less attractive to your main dish, but you’ll be a sitting duck when she decides to launch torpedoes of celibacy at you as she whisks herself away into the arms of another guy. That will happen in today’s culture that openly encourages women to be hoes.

When it happens to me, I just move one of my backups into the #1 slot. It’s amazing how fast a man can forget a woman when he’s got some fresh juice to squeeze.

Locus says, “100% accurate, females are like this, there is no NAWALT, you as a man need to control your woman, or she will cheat on you, this is a fact, either you are wearing the pants and are the alpha, or she is or will be fucking someone else.”


Christianity: A Virus Of The Mind

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First let me say that I know I’ve had(possibly still have) Christian readers.  This is not a personal condemnation.  Rather an aggressive critique of a semi-structured belief system that has been around for 2000 years.  It has managed to survive while morphing into various competing sects(denominations),ideologies and cults.  Anything I have to offer in the form of criticism is coming from a person who was once a zealous Christian protestant himself.  I have “sat at the feet” of some very learned preachers who gave me an immense library of knowledge about what the message of the bible is.  I have studied the original languages which the books were written in(Greek,Hebrew,Aramaic).  I still have a library of books on Christian history and doctrine.  At one time I harbored an intense belief and fervent submission to it’s tenets.  So much so that I was voluntarily celibate for 5 years of my life.

The problem for me was that I honestly believed it.  I was a “true believer” for a long time.  I had an understanding of the scripture that found little if any compare among my peers and even some “authorities” on the subject.  For this reason I have a unique perspective which I can share with others who possess the ability to see clearly and think rationally.  The purpose of this post is to educate and caution anyone, especially my own kind from “drinking the blood and eating the flesh” of Jesus.

Many so called “Christians” do not actually believe the real message that they claim.  Why would they?  If they were to actually believe and follow the words of their savior Jesus they would be chopping their ears off upon any sound which tempted their flesh or poking the eye out which wandered off into sin.

I will explain in detail how the Christian religion is a slave’s religion and it effectively exterminates every race/nation and people that are not Jewish once they sincerely commit to it’s beliefs..  From a perspective of manipulation and “magik”, it is actually quite impressive.

Hearken Ye Slaves

What is the main appeal to Christianity?  Of whom does it appeal to?

Here at TSL, we know the earth is Savage and only the strong survive.  The modern atomized sheeple need only watch the Discovery channel for a few minutes to see this fact is very true.  Accordingly for the believing Christian, the bible says that god created the earth in 6 days.  He made creation and he said it was “good”.  So if we observe in nature the lion devouring the zebra and the wolf ripping the god damn sheep to shreds.  We must logically conclude that it is “good” and normal.  That’s life is it not?

In such an earth outside of your sheltered suburbs and urban safe spaces there is little if any “love” that transcends.  Babies are slaughtered.  Little children raped.  Men sacrificed by the millions who happily charged into the maw of death.  All to feed the war machine of profit making.  Doesn’t god hate these things?  Isn’t he benevolent and all loving?

Well according to the bible which all (protestant)Christians believe is the infallible/inerrant word of god, it says that god himself ordered the wholesale slaughter and genocide of entire nations and peoples.  He ordered the slaughter of women and children as well.  It takes a massive amount of cognitive dissonance to maintain the belief in a loving god who also says in Isaiah 45:7

I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

You heard it from the horse’s mouth.  I have nothing to add.

So this god “creates evil” then we are to take the blame for it all.  Sounds like an awful deal doesn’t it?

Appeal To The Weak

Christianity appeals to and vehemently encourages the slave(victim) mentality.  In the Roman Empire when Christianity first hit the scene it sounded like lunacy and suicide to any proud Roman.  Many of it’s first believers were actual slaves themselves.  When one is powerless and weak it is much easier to believe in the fantasy fairy tale of some “after life” and “reward in heaven” when this life is exceedingly grim for you.  Much easier to believe in fairy tales than dare to dream of true freedom.  It is difficult to resist your oppressors.  Difficult to train oneself and become stronger.

Some soothsayer comes along and promises rewards for weakness and acknowledgement for self denial, it is easy then to believe in a care bear fantasy land where rainbows and unicorns frolic while everyone sings kumbaya.  In that sense the slave is further reduced to a longing for what he cannot achieve with his own hands.  The power of false hope in another world makes him a happier and more efficient slave.

Does god oppose slavery?

If fascinates me that many Christians would say yes to that question.  Slavery is not only permitted but encouraged in the bible.  In fact in the new testament, Saul the Pharisee encourages new believers who are slaves not to break their chains and seek freedom, but to be a good slave.  In essence he is saying “don’t become strong and proud.  Stay weak and submissive for your heavenly rewards”.  Not only does it encourage you to be a good slave for your earthly masters but you must also be laden down with another yoke.  The yoke of jesus who said that you must “die to yourself daily”  and “crucify your flesh”.  He even teases you by saying “my yoke is soft, my burden light”.

So sell all that you own, don’t even have the decency to bury your dead family members.  Just “follow me”.

That’s right good slave, follow him right into oblivion and suicide.

What About Satan?

Another instance of cognitive dissonance for the Christian is their idea of who/what Satan is.  For the Christian, satan is the all evil force that opposes god.  The “god of this world”.  They believe that this satan or Lucifer is nearly as powerful as god himself and this Lucifer has been fighting god this whole time.  That apparently is the reason for all the bad shit in the world.   So an all powerful, all loving god allows this satan to wreak havoc on the earth and commit all sorts of evil on innocent humans while you are supposed to believe it is simply “part of the plan”.

So as a Christian would you tell that to a little girl who has been raped?  “Yea sorry bout gettin raped little girl, it was part of god’s plan”.  Does that not sound like the most disgusting thing to ever say to someone?  Who the hell would ever say that?

Yet if the Christian were to say this he would be acting in concert with his beliefs.  Remember earlier god says he created evil and he slaughters people when he gets jealous.  Apparently if you have actually read the Old Testament, god gets jealous a lot.

Now back to satan.  There is only one verse in the bible which says the name Lucifer and that is Isaiah 14:12.  Now if one actually studied the true meaning of this verse they would find that Lucifer is not some fallen angel but an earthly king.  In fact the idea of satan in the jewish sense is completely different from the Christian.  I will leave this link here and you can hear it from a rabbi himself.

In Judaic thought satan is a servant of god doing the will of god.  Satan means “adversary” and in the jewish mind, god puts many satans in your path for you to overcome.  You see Judaism is not a slave religion but it is the Master religion for the jews.  While Christians learn to submit to god, jews learn how to fight with god and achieve equality with him.  That in fact is what the word Israel means. He who fights with god.  While the Christian must submit submit SUBMIT!  He must be full of fear and that is ultimately the mechanism by which this god works.  It is not love that compels the Christian to believe but fear.  He fears to fall under the wrath of god and so he bows down at the altar and prepares to eat the flesh and drink the blood of a crucified weakling.  Be “Christ-like”.  Be submissive good slaves.  Forget your past and your own blood.  Drink mine and become drunk on my spirit.  A spirit of death.  For you must love your enemy good Christian and hate your own family.  Jesus words not mine.

In Conclusion

This article has become rather long so I will split this up into other installments.  Hopefully I have been able to educate some on the true nature of this religion.  There are many other aspects I will cover in later installments.  Love it or hate it feel free to let your voice be heard in the comments.

Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.