Chinese Scientist Sentenced to 10 Years of Prison for Stealing Genetically Engineered Rice Seeds


Daily Stormer
April 15, 2018

When I first read this article, my first thought was “Why would you give foreigners access to your country’s technology, especially foreigners from a country that is your biggest rival in almost everything and who steals your tech on an industrial scale?”

But then I realized how insanely bigoted I was.

Because this guy wasn’t Chinese, he was American – the second he set foot in America the magical dirt turned his DNA into 100% deep-fried apple pie.


A scientist from China has been sentenced to 10 years in prison in the United States for stealing seeds of genetically modified American rice, the Department of Justice announced Wednesday.

The Chinese scientist, Weiqiang Zhang, 51, was a legal permanent resident living in Manhattan, Kansas. He was working as a rice breeder at Ventria Bioscience, a biopharmaceutical company that creates genetically modified rice. He stole hundreds of rice seeds from the company that had cost millions of dollars and taken years of research to develop, according to the Justice Department. He kept the seeds in his home.

But why did you hire a Chinese in the first place, ESPECIALLY to work on rice?


Then in 2013, United States Customs and Border Protection agents found the seeds in luggage belonging to researchers who visited Zhang from China.They were on their way back to China with the seeds.

In February, he was convicted of three counts: Conspiring to steal trade secrets, conspiring to transport stolen property across states lines and transporting stolen property between states.

Why did it take 5 years to convict him?

“Weiqiang Zhang betrayed his employer by unlawfully providing its proprietary rice seeds to representatives of a Chinese crop institute,” Acting Assistant Attorney General John Cronan said in a statement. “Today’s sentence demonstrates the significant consequences awaiting those who would steal trade secrets from American companies.”

How dare he betray a faceless, greedy (you know they hired him because it was cheaper than hiring an American, right?) corporation from a deracinated society that believes in nothing for something as petty as the advancement of everyone who shares his looks, culture and DNA?

Shame on him!

Also, about the “consequences” of stealing your trade secrets – wouldn’t it be better to try not to have them stolen in the first place?

Because you know for every one of these guys you catch, there’s at least two or three you don’t, right?

The conclusion of the years-long case comes as President Donald Trump’s administration is planning to punish China for what the White House has said is the theft of intellectual property by that country. In a tweet on Wednesday, the president put the annual amount of intellectual property theft at $300 billion.

300 billion is “3” followed by eleven zeroes, like this: 300000000000 .

That’s a lot of zeroes.

You’re working on fixing it, right?

FBI Director Christopher Wray has also warned about China. Asked during a Senate intelligence committee hearing in February about the counterintelligence risk from Chinese students in the U.S., Wray said, “The use of nontraditional collectors, especially in the academic setting, whether it’s professors, scientists, students we see in almost every field office that the FBI has around the country…. They’re exploiting the very open research and development environment that we have.”

Why is it so (((open))) in the first place?

And why wouldn’t you expect other people to take advantage of your stupidity?

I don’t really care about the Chinks doing it, that’s normal.

All countries steal stuff from each other all the time, especially technology, it’s just common sense.

Actively letting them do it on the other hand, like the Western world does today, is completely insane, and shouldn’t be tolerated.

I mean seriously, how many times does this have to happen before you start rethinking the magical dirt theory?

China Trolls Leftists As Diversity Narrative Burns

So let’s say you went to a place to study or get a job. Let’s say you play by the rules. Ruthlessly. The end result of this is predictable. The places you succeed in will forget to say “thank you” because they are too busy hating you with an unimaginable intensity. Asian-Americans who bought the rhetoric of diversity being our strength or of the so-called American Dream have now experienced this.

Does this backlash against Asians work? Not really. The diversity monoculture victims have single moms while Asians have Tiger Moms. One of these paradigms works. The other would die tomorrow without taxation-looted life-support from the administrative state.

So those who believe their status as immigrants or minorities makes the rest of Amerika owe them a living hate it when a group with different abilities shows up and put the lie to their carefully cultivated learned hopelessness. It becomes that rock that you can’t ever seem to get out of your shoe. People that hold victimization to be part and parcel to their identity cannot stand people who succeed despite whatever the professional victim is using as an excuse.

And how else do these professional victims cling to their delusions? They get affirmed in them by a toxic class of people who deliberately talk them into aiming low. These “friends” are not friends. In one of his few lucid and intelligent moments in major league politics, President Bush II discussed the soft bigotry of low expectations. Black, Hispanic, immigrant, transsexual, single white women or whatever group of people you are attempting to coax into self-sabotage can be induced to destroy themselves by following the great diversity experiment in low standards.

So what do these “friends” of minorities, immigration or diversity have to say when entire racial groups completely invalidate their hypothesis of minority victimhood? They claim that these Asian-American immigrants are really just a part of the White Supremacist dominance class. Simultaneously, they deny extensive Asian cheating on exams, taxes, business paperwork, and other essential parts of our institutions as these Asians prepare to take over from the idiots who drugged themselves with democracy, diversity, equality, and other fatal illusions.

At this point both non-liberal Whites and the Asians themselves ask these Beltway limousine Leftists a vitally important question: “Who you callin’ a honkey, Honkey?” The Chinese back in China have taken to asking it in a very pointed manner. Hilarity commences below as Chinese are learning the tactics of the Alt-Right Shitlord Supreme.

And by making the term “White Liberal” an insult of devastating leverage, they do to the Schumers of the world what “Cuckservative” does to Senator Lindsey Grahamaphrodite. It isolates them, it brands them, it describes them, it effectively stereotypes them so that anyone with intelligence and judgement can swipe left, avoid, and get on with their day. Well done to the Internet Shitlords of The Middle Kingdom.

​California is moving towards Civil War

Ben Stein: “this is essentially a rebellion by the statr of California… It is very, very close to the beginning of a civil war. I hope it’s not with bloodshed. I hope it’s just with litigation. ”

This looks very much like April 12, 1861 when the Confederate military fired upon the Union installation at Fort Sumter in South Carolina.
The constitution empowers the federal government, not state legislature, to decide when and how the federal lands are sold, Jeff sessions said. California was admitted to the union upon the express condition that it would never interfere with the disposal of federal land. And yet once again the California legislature has enacted an extreme state law attempting to frustrate federal policy. 
These unconstitutional laws passed by the state of California are not in the best interest of its citizens, they are a slap in the face of everything American stands for and clearly indicate we have a rogue state, an anti-american legislative body in Sacramento, working for the interests of Mexico.

Its high time the federal government step in before things spiral out of control and take measures to bring California in compliance. Clearly the stategovernment is out of control, they must be reigned in and brought under heal, arrests must be made, and charges of treason levied. 
California, under dominant liberal Democrat leadership, appears to be evolving into a rogue state, and many of its politicians privately hold alliegence to Mexico, much to the dismay of many of its citizens.  Defiance of federal law has now spawned efforts to secede from the Union.  Sadly, unabated liberalism could move this state on an irreversible path to ruin.  

Dismantling the state is clearly in order, and would represent a return to the values of the republic, and its people.

“Deep State” realizes they have to disarm the White Race

FBI Groomed Mentally Ill Kid as a Right-wing Terrorist


The Free Thought Project reports: This time, in the case of Jerry Drake Varnell, the 23-year-old diagnosed schizophrenic, accused of attempting to bomb a bank, the FBI fomented terror from a right wing dialogue. In a June meeting with the agent, according to FBI documents, Varnell described himself as a believer in “Three Percenter” ideology, a right wing group claiming to be committed to standing against and exposing corruption and injustice. According to federal documents, Varnell drove what he believed was a stolen van containing a 1,000-pound ammonium nitrate bomb on Saturday morning to blow up an Oklahoma City bank. Vile, indeed.

However, if we backtrack just a bit, to when the FBI began grooming their would-be right wing militia terrorist, the vileness comes directly from the government. “The FBI knew he was schizophrenic,” Varnell’s parents declared on Wednesday in an open letter bravely published by NewsOK. Underneath his condition, he is a sweet-hearted person and we are extremely shocked that this event has happened.

However, what truly has us flabbergasted is the fact that the FBI knew he was schizophrenic. The State of Oklahoma found him mentally incompetent and we, his parents have legal guardianship over him by the Court. These documents are sealed from the public, which is why no news media outlet has been able to obtain them. The FBI clearly knew that he was schizophrenic because they have gathered every ounce of information on him.” Yet they knowingly continued to groom him, despite the clear immoral implications.

Well America it continues where the FBI is now being continually exposed as being involved in mass shootings, and now we have the FBI busted trying to groom a mentally ill patient to carry out an attack to label it as right wing terrorism.  The sad part about the Florida shooting is it has done one good thing, and that is that the FBI is being exposed as ignoring multiple warning signs with attacks and mass shootings on American soil…Or grooming subjects to carry out the attacks.

With the confirmation from the family of mentally ill patient Jerry Varnell stating the FBI was grooming him to carry out an attack to label it a right wing terrorist attack…Now is probable cause that the FBI grooms multiple people for attacks to push political agendas for the Left. Bet this is the same case with the Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz and many others.

I Don’t Smell a Hogg — I SMELL A BIG RAT

By Phillip Marlowe

I saw this guy on TV and said to myself, this David Hogg has been coached or something else tricky dick is going on. Turns out, little Hogg boy is definitely not who they want you to think. We already know the idiot liberals want to disarm America — the homies are totally going out of control crime-wise. Can’t have the Second Amendment when violent, criminal blacks are running around freely, while media Jews promote our women to breed our White race away. Of course, criminal blacks will be the ones who will keep their guns. The law only comes into issue when “the man” gets “aholt” of them.

But mostly, I think the real “Deep State” realizes they have to disarm the White race because the next stage in the “Agenda” will be all too obvious — even to the braindead — and they have to prevent us from revolting en masse. Sure, a lot of weapons are out here now, but they can take efforts to pare that down quite a bit. Already the rats are talking total disarmament.

Now David Hogg, AKA Archie High School hero, is getting fully exposed (see photos below) while the media is doing everything they can to laugh it off as “conspiracy theory” or even “hate speech.”  Some aide to a politician down in Florida was asking questions and they fired him, just like that. Seems none of us can ask questions anymore. Anything casting doubt on the official narrative is like “holocaust denial” (because the so-called victims are supposedly denied respectful sadness by us “haters”).*

And I am not saying the shootings at that school didn’t occur. I’ve always said these bastards have a seriously clever way of doing it. Perhaps it was a LET IT HAPPEN ON PURPOSE (LIHOP) or a MAKE IT HAPPEN ON PURPOSE (MIHOP). I personally think they have some kind of slick scenario, akin to modern day high tech magic acts, utilizing an engineered drug — possibly a version of Scopolamine or “Devil’s Breath” to control the designated patsy. They’ve tweaked the drug at the molecular level, probably to eliminate accidental lethality. Think that’s wacked? Look into it.

Florida’s shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was at least a LIHOP, while Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook and Stephen Paddock at Las Vegas were MIHOP false flag events. Crazy Cruz was probably on the radar screen and he was simply allowed to do it. But it is also possible he was drugged with Scopolamine and set up to take the fall after a purposeful killing event by a yet unknown assassin operation (yes, indeed, they have peeps who will do evil crap this). I don’t know that yet, but Hogg is definitely not who he seems.

His role in this whole thing needs to be fully exposed.

The site SQUAWKER is now claiming Hogg worked for John Podesta-funded, Center for American Progress. A huge liberal lefty outfit. As I recall, ((((((George Soros)))))) has money here, too. Hogg graduated from high school in Redondo Beach, California, in 2015 and his dad is supposed to be a retired FBI agent, if that makes any difference.

They are saying Hogg is a paid actor working for CNN and the forces behind gun control efforts.

FAKE NEWS is calling all this a “conspiracy theory” lie. But is it?

Uh Oh: Florida Shooter Nikolas Cruz was Jewish


From Daily Stormer

So the media was hoaxed hard on the Republic of Florida thing.

They are now scrambling to figure out a way to support the idea that he was racist or at least right-wing.

And apparently, they’ve found some crap.

Although it is basically just the same casual racism that is a fundamental part of all Generation Z internet culture, it is something for them to promote as proofs to older people who don’t understand just how cynical about the politically correct narrative young people are these days (they don’t understand because the media refuses to talk about it).


In a private Instagram group chat, confessed school shooter Nikolas Cruz repeatedly espoused racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic views and displayed an obsession with violence and guns.

Wednesday, 19-year-old Cruz opened fire at the school that expelled him, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Authorities say he killed 17 with his legally purchased AR-15.

CNN, investigating comments the shooter may have left on a now-deleted YouTube channel, was added to the private Instagram group by one of the active members in it. The responding group members, who appear to be younger than 18, have refused to confirm their identities to CNN on or off the record.

Yeah I wonder why.

It’s not like CNN has a history of threatening to dox people if they don’t bow to their will.

When asked for comment or whether they knew about the private chat group, the FBI directed CNN to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Most of the conversation in the group since Cruz joined around August 2017 is between six people — including Cruz.

Racism was a constant theme in the chat group, which was called “Murica (American flag emoji) (eagle emoji) great” — a name it was given by Cruz.

The hatred he and others in the group espoused met little resistance from its active members. In one part of the group chat, Cruz wrote that he hated, “jews, ni**ers, immigrants.”

He talked about killing Mexicans, keeping black people in chains and cutting their necks. The statements were not made in jest.

How would you know if they were in jest? What sort of reporting is it when you feel comfortable claiming to have mind-reading abilities?

There are hundreds of racist messages, racist memes and racist Instagram videos posted in the group.

One member even joked about Cruz’s particular venomousness, saying that although he hated black people, too, he didn’t “to a point I wanna kill the (sic) like nick.”

Cruz said he hated black people simply because they were black; Cruz hated Jews because he believed they wanted to destroy the world.

After one member expressed hatred for gay people, Cruz agreed, saying, “Shoot them in the back of head.”

White women drew Cruz’s hatred as well, specifically those in interracial relationships, whom he referred to repeatedly as traitors.

There are no indications in the group chat that any member, including Cruz, is or was part of a white nationalist or white supremacist group.

Yeah and all of this is – again – just basic banter that is standard among anyone under 22 on the internet these days.

The media KNOWS THAT, but they don’t report on it because they are trying to figure out some way to reverse it and feel that covering it would give it more power.

But I promise you, high schoolers do not give a shit about nigger and kike jokes. None of them do. Even if they are not themselves racist, they are in a culture that is so aggressively cynical that they do not find it weird if classmates are talking about wanting to slaughter mudsharks.

This is what the Alt-Right meme culture has done. We have penetrated the minds of the youth and liberated them from the mind-prison of the Jew.

But here’s the part in the CNN report that isn’t usual.

The bio on one of his Instagram accounts read, “annihilator.”

At one point in the chat, he wrote, “I think I am going to kill people.” After a member told him not to say things like that, he said he was just playing.

During one of the anti-Semitic rants in the chat, Cruz spoke of his birth mother, saying, “My real mom was a Jew. I am glad I never met her.”

Roger and Lynda Cruz adopted Cruz when he was a child. Roger died in 2004, and Lynda died last fall after an illness.


There it is, BRO!

It is a biological kike!





Also, just a post-script here, with regards to the FBI not stopping this from happening, the CNN article says:

Jim Gard, his former math teacher, told CNN’s Brian Todd that although he never had problems with Cruz, he did receive an email from a school administrator around November 2016 asking to be notified if Cruz came on campus with a backpack.

So this guy was known to be unhinged and deranged and a potentially violent threat for a year and a half.

He was known to the FBI and just last month they were given a tip about him planning violence.

New York Times:

The F.B.I. received a tip last month from someone close to Nikolas Cruz that he owned a gun and had talked of committing a school shooting, the bureau revealed Friday, but it acknowledged that it had failed to investigate.

The tipster, who called an F.B.I. hotline on Jan. 5, told the bureau that Mr. Cruz had a “desire to kill people, erratic behavior and disturbing social media posts,” the F.B.I. said.

The information should have been assessed and forwarded to the Miami F.B.I. field office, the bureau said. But that never happened.


Because they were too busy chasing Russian ghosts and harassing people in the Alt-Right.

No time to prevent a mass murder.

All of Comey’s people need to be purged from the organization and replaced with people who are not obsessed with destroying America.


The fact that Cruz is a kike doesn’t negate the issue of SSRIs. Kikes are evil, but most of them do not shoot-up schools, and the fact that he was treated for depression does indicate he was on SSRI drugs.

That should be investigated.

But yeah, now the important thing for our narrative is that he was a RAT JEW who they are trying to claim is a Nazi.

Dispatches From the War with Wakanda

War photog Bret K. Ellis took this now famous shot of captured Wakandan “King T’Challa” at the Battle of Atlanta. That’s first sergeant C. W. Moss escorting his majesty.

By Phillip Marlowe

His men marched past the Leader standing up in the impromptu grandstand in company formation, four abreast, no two looking alike. They wore uniforms cobbled together from Realtree and Mossy Oak hunting garb to military surplus ACU and Woodland camo — along with a crazy assortment of ball caps, helmets and hunting boots. This oddball army might not look so fashionable but could care less.

Most carried generic AR-15s strung over the back with Magpul quick release slings or just any old found piece of strapping material. Some had Remington and Winchester scoped bolt action deer rifles, camouflaged Mossberg slug guns and a few seriously bad ass hybrid assault rifles. Even a few Chinaman Norinco AK’s with those strange thumbhole stocks were to be seen. Many also had handguns at their hip or thigh, along with a nice dirk or combat hatchet. These were weapons brought from home, or scavenged off the dead in the field of battle.

Most had some kind of military combat vest with magazine pouches, but others only had roughly camo spray-painted muslin Wholefoods grocery bags hung diagonally across the shoulder. Packed aboard all manner of contrivance came extra ammo, water, dehydrated prepper food and big canvas sacks of Russian spuds garnered by colluding with evil White guy, Vladimir Putin. Thanks, Bro Man!

Fortunately, the 10,000 man First Cohort had a solid day of rest after moving up from Virginia along mountainous back roads. They marched by in good order — certainly no military academy graduates, but mostly in lock step. They were anxious to get where they were going and do what needed doing. As they stomped past the Leader in a muddy West Virginia beet field, they saluted with the right fist held downwards at a fierce angle and snapped determined faces up to look at him. They were digging it.

They would kill for him, sure. And they would die for him, too. Well, maybe not die if at all possible. The Leader did hate seeing any on the casualty lists, though it sometimes happened. Still, every single one hoped and prayed for another chance to forever shut the mouths of worthless Wakandans and their stinking traitor allies — mostly Antifa catamites and Jew commies — now lumped together and called “Soyboys” by our side. Only a smattering were left.

The Leader hardly had time to eat, let alone clean up before ordering this latest assault when he saw the enemy were in full retreat. Not since the encirclement and utter annihilation of the foolishly led Wakandan army at the Battle of Apelanta had such a fat juicy target sat waiting their fury.

Behind the grandstand, 200 watt outdoor bluetooth speakers — liberated from a fat Jew lawyer’s mansion in Charleston, South Carolina — played the song “Promontory” from the movie “Last of the Mohicans. The Leader loved that song before going into battle and had a tech guy from the ranks continuously loop a MP4 file on a spare IPOD duct-taped to one of the speakers and a Goal Zero solar panel.

Standing to the right of the Leader was his top War Dog, Bushrod (real last name redacted). He was a hulking, muscular specimen of a White guy. No one knew how old he was, where he came from, or that he was a veteran SEAL team member in the never-ending Zionist wars overseas (never remind him of that fact if you wanted to keep your head). Bushrod had piercing blue eyes, big knobby shaven noggin and the face of an angry biker ready to bust heads over a big-breasted bar bimbo.

With both of his huge hands, Bushrod grasped the bannister in front and roared at the marchers filing past — “kill them… KILL THEM ALLLLLL!”

Bushrod was certainly no sycophant of the Leader — many in the ranks had personally seen him kill dozens with one of his many black anodized Cold Steel combat hatchets, or even just bare hands in close quarter combat all across the South. He would soon be at the head of his own famed assault battalion, the “Berserkers” — greatly feared by Wakandans and Soyboys ever since the Battle of Woodstock; when his men slaughtered thousands of the panic-filled enemy in a pincer movement on the outskirts of DC — right before fellow Whites the US military came over to our side once they realized we were the true American patriots and bad asses.

As his soldiers filed past saluting him, the Leader had his right fist clenched, arm likewise held down at a sharp angle and boldly to the front. His face was sat in stone. He had fought countless battles with the comrades marching below and his face sported several ugly diagonal scars. He had also been shot at least twice and once left for dead in a necessary tactical disengagement during the early days of the war. Nothing could stop the man when it came to “making America great again.”

The Leader wore a plain, unadorned with pouches or patches, Blackhawk plate carrier vest in olive drab. At his side hung a scabbarded, bona fide Civil War Confederate cavalry sword presented to him by the Victors of DC — liberated from a museum or government archive, no doubt. His uniform was Natural Gear bow hunter camo and at the moment wore nothing on his head. His now longish, salt and pepper hair was hurriedly brushed back behind his ears and he had a beard several days old.

Once the enemy were routed, it would be easy to chase them all the way back to Chicago — laughingly called Chimpchago by the men — now political headquarters for lefty traitors east of the Missip. Intel had it Obama himself was desperately trying to cobble together some semblance of an army out of surly Gangsta Wakandans from the Southside — now sick and tired of war after so many cuz lay rotting in massed heaps further south and all the fast food chicken restaurants remaining unopened.

We all sincerely hoped Obama — now out openly gay after Michelle committed suicide when CIA medical documents found in Langley proved “it” indeed had a shriveled donglet — would be successful at rustling up another Gangsta army. Nothing like picking off hip-hopping Hottentots furiously waving around Glocks and AKs. The men hadn’t had that kind of shooting fun since Apelanta.

Hanratty’s 10th New York, fresh from securing the Northern front and comprised mostly of Irish and Italians full of piss and vinegar, came down to take part in all the hijinks. They quickly cleared Pittsburgh with help from local militias. At one point, things did get a bit out-of-control with blood lust, I must admit. Hundreds of panicking Wakandans drowned trying to cross the Monongahela and Ohio rivers in wildly nigger-rigged watercraft, capsizing midstream from massive overloading. Against orders, a few of the men climbed up to the rooftops of buildings and took potshots at them as they flailed away in the current.

Video from drones now showed they were shivering in muddy, barely fortified encampments just outside the looted and mostly burned down Wheeling, West Virginia. These bozos always crap up their own beds.

The Leader was sorely tempted to order Gatling gun strafing and bomb attacks from the squadron of A-10 “Warthogs” newly put at his disposal (how he loved seeing those babies in action). But he demurred to save munitions for use against the Wakandan redoubts of Columbus. That would be a target-rich environment and further instill panic with any potential Chimpchago forces led out by Obongo or some other Soyboy pretend general.

The Leader would launch rocket attacks and mortars using homegrown phosphorus shells to initiate the assault. This always freaked out Wakandans and allowed our men to get close enough to infiltrate outer defenses. Then it was a simple matter of gunning them down as they ran screaming every which way to save their worthless hides.

The poor jiggaboos always lost their shit.

At a certain point, the Leader would order his signature “Dagger” ground assault — the now famous military tactic where Bushrod’s entire Berserker battalion was unleashed at a frantic run, wildly screaming the new Rebel Yell and making a beeline for the headquarters area of the enemy with no concern over anything left or right. Other units moved down the flanks, picking off Soyboys and Wakandans who dared show their fat faces as they went. The Leader stood nearby at the head of the reserves — ready and eager to respond to unforeseen threats from any direction. One can hope, can’t they?

As usual, the cowardly Wakandans folded quickly. After only a couple hours or so, those not laying dead and wounded, came out crying out “Massa, Massa, we bez yo slaves agin!” A handful did escape to the west during the night. No matter: We would deal with those sorry bastards soon enough.

Now it was just a matter of securing and frisking each sobbing SOB; then photographed using digital cameras, biometric software and high tech-looking roll-down backgrounds. During interrogation procedures, we slapped a few around a bit, entered name and ID specifics into the master database and took DNA swabs, should they be recaptured latter (not really since we didn’t yet have time and resources).

The two cent cost of a little cotton swab and officially printed DNA plastic baggies worked wonders on the idiot Wakandans. They innately feared computerized White man trickery and readily cooperated so they could get back to shucking and jiving on the streets back home ASAP.

We also handed them with great fanfare laminated lifetime discount KFC cards, totally bogus BTW — yet another cheap trick to gain accurate ID info. The database program even dropped in their biometric face shot automatically!

We explained in no uncertain terms that if they were ever captured again taking up arms against our forces or harmed a hair on the head of any White non-combatant anywhere on the planet, they would be subject to immediate hanging on the spot.

Then they would be transported or forced marched to re-education camps as close to where they were originally from. AI biometric programs did help in later battles where a few captured were found fighting again — but for the last time, I assure you. To drive the point home, rows of such types hung dead near where our people processed the newly captured. Sometimes, we merely strung up a few enemy corpses from the battle, or those who gave us just a little too much smart mouth during interrogations.

The whole system worked beautifully!

NEXT: The liberation of Wakandan-held Columbus and the resulting I-70 “Highway of Death.”

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California Shows Us Where The Leftist Arc Ends

by Brett Stevens on February 20, 2018

You can prove to yourself that history is cyclic. Watch what happens to your favorite restaurant. It starts out as a fragmentary idea, then figures out the details, then tries to maximize its position, then… becomes a lot less good. Corners have been cut, or the atmosphere is dead. So you move on.

The “moving on” is the far side of a cycle which is composed of two arcs, a life-arc and a death-arc. The life-arc is the lifespan of any individual thing, and the death-arc is the process that creates a need for it to come around again. It takes a decade for most to realize that a favorite restaurant has become mediocre and overpriced.

Events in life are cyclic, but the human mind thinks in terms of a perpetual present instant only. This “absolute” mindset confuses the solidity of our thoughts with the process of reality, which demands that we look at events from start to finish as an arc, sort of like our own life cycle.

When we understand that we are looking at a process, and not a static thing like an object, we realize that attempting to design for the end of the cycle produces entropy. Instead, we need to design for the middle, which means a deliberate imperfection. This means “Wild West” and not “Utopia.”

Indeed, throughout human history, any time we have tried to perfect nature or design a perfect human system, we have made it worse. Any time we have tried to control a situation, rather than allowing the best to rise and worst to fall, we have self-destructed. Utopia is not just fanciful illusion, but a fatal mistake!

When historians look back on 2016, they will see many arcs ending. The growth arc, the humanism arc, the constitutionalism arc, and their originating germ, the Leftist arc, are all ending. They are ending because they ran their course and people saw that the state that these ideas produced was in fact horrible and quasi-Soviet, so those paths have been debunked and abandoned.

The Leftist arc ended because instead of bringing peace and prosperity, it brought poverty, internal conflict, and militarism of the “war without end” variety. In other words, even mild Leftism — classical liberalism, constitutionalism, and an entitlements state — quickly went to the same state that the Soviet Union and Napoleonic France reached. To people who want to thrive and achieve sanity, this is total failure.

Leftism represents many things, but its real innovation was to use centralization to enforce individualism by binding together individualists into a kind of gang, club, fad, cult, or mob that then demanded that all realists cease pointing out that the world beyond humans existed too. They wanted a world comprised only of human desires, where everyone and everything else was designed to be convenient for the individualists.

As the Leftist arc ends, we are seeing how many of their policies and arguments are simply rationalizations for the idea of continuing unfettered individualism. These things are ending in vast disaster. California, as the state with the most Leftist policies, will lead the way in showing us the long-term consequences of 1930s and 1960s ideas.

Among other things, California shows us that Leftism leads to social breakdown:

The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit surveyed 153 blocks of downtown San Francisco in search of trash, needles, and feces. The investigation revealed trash littered across every block. The survey also found 41 blocks dotted with needles and 96 blocks sullied with piles of feces.

…The Investigate Unit spent three days assessing conditions on the streets of downtown San Francisco and discovered trash on each of the 153 blocks surveyed. While some streets were littered with items as small as a candy wrapper, the vast majority of trash found included large heaps of garbage, food, and discarded junk. The investigation also found 100 drug needles and more than 300 piles of feces throughout downtown.

The 2016-2017 budget for San Francisco Public Works includes $60.1 million for “Street Environmental Services.” The budget has nearly doubled over the past five years. Originally, that money, was intended to clean streets, not sidewalks. According to city ordinances, sidewalks are the responsibility of property owners. However, due to the severity of the contamination in San Francisco, Public Works has inherited the problem of washing sidewalks. Nuru estimates that half of his street cleaning budget – about $30 million – goes towards cleaning up feces and needles from homeless encampments and sidewalks.

So this is how Leftism ends — a giant industry that does nothing of practical value, neurotics and perverts floating around, a vast third-world mixed-race underclass, and piles of feces everywhere with bonus syringes — despite the best Utopian intentions and egalitarian notions of the Californians. It is their epitaph: They Meant Well.

The Leftist idea centers on egalitarianism, or the notion that everyone is equal or should be. This means that if something goes wrong for someone, it was not their fault, because whatever choice they want to make is equal to any other, lest we start ranking people by their choices and thus make them unequal.

For Leftists, homeless people are not the result of their own choices, but of misfortunes, and so the solution is to throw money at the problem and assume that homeless people are 100% as logical, functional, and dedicated as suburban people. This leads to a paradox where we must “explain away” the behavior of the homeless.

That mentality allows us only one course of action: the rest of us fund more money for the homeless to make them equal, because otherwise we have to admit that equality — and thus, we — have failed. This is why California spending on the homeless increases as do numbers of the homeless:

Los Angeles County’s homeless population is increasing faster than the supply of new housing, even with the addition of thousands of beds in the last two years and millions of dollars beginning to flow in from two ballot measures targeting the crisis, according to a long-awaited report by the region’s homelessness agency.

…The original analysis was prepared to quantify the difference between the housing and services existing at the time and what would be needed to get all the chronically homeless off the streets and quickly restore housing for those falling into homelessness.

The report became the basis for both Proposition HHH, the homeless housing bond approved by Los Angeles city voters in 2016, and the countywide Measure H sales tax for homeless services approved last year.

As we say around here a lot, “What you tolerate, you get more of.” This is the case with homelessness, and the perpetual Leftist solution amounts to subsidizing it, which increases rather than decreases the problem. It provides a cash-based incentive to be homeless.

In San Francisco, the usual homeless problem accelerates because of rising housing prices, but there is no legal way to remove these people, so they stay around because they are tolerated. Then people want to subsidize them. Soon the city is taken over by the homeless, which damages and penalizes those who work for a living.

Just like everything else in the West, this question has become toxic because we have inverted the dialogue by refusing to consider how equality leads us toward doom. In our zeal to eliminate risk, and make ourselves good, we have perpetuated and exacerbated a longstanding problem with no end in sight.

Futility loops like this have created an exodus from Leftism as people realize that this ideology did not simply go too far; it was always paradoxical and incoherent, and when it goes far enough, it is already too far. California just shows us concrete examples of this failure, with mounds of feces on top of them.

Leftist terrorists attack trumps family. 


Vanessa Trump hospitalized after opening suspicious envelope

Donald Trump Jr.’s wife Vanessa Trump and two others were taken to a New York City hospital for evaluation after opening a suspicious envelope containing an unidentified substance.

Donald Trump Jr.’s wife, Vanessa Trump, was taken to the hospital Monday after receiving a letter containing white powder that was later deemed to be non-hazardous, New York City police told Fox News.

FILE - In this Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017, file photo, Donald Trump Jr., far second right, his wife Vanessa Trump, center, and their family, watch performances during the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony at the Ellipse near the White House in Washington. New York police said Donald Trump Jr.'s wife, Vanessa Trump, opened an envelope, Monday, Feb. 12, 2018, that contained white powder, felt ill and was taken to New York City hospital as a precaution. They said Vanessa Trump called 911 Monday morning after opening a letter addressed to Donald Trump Jr. at their midtown Manhattan apartment. Police said she said she was coughing and felt nauseous. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Vanessa Trump, center, was taken to a hospital in New York City Monday after opening a letter containing white powder.  (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Vanessa Trump was taken to the hospital as a precaution, police said. Two other people who were also exposed to the powder were taken to the hospital. 

Trump Jr. tweeted of the “scary situation” on Monday afternoon, and blamed the incident on people with “opposing views.”

“Thankful that Vanessa & my children are safe and unharmed after the incredibly scary situation that occurred this morning,” Trump Jr. said. “Truly disgusting that certain individuals choose to express their opposing views with such disturbing behavior.”

The U.S. Secret Service said in a statement: “The Secret Service and our law enforcement partners in New York City are investigating a suspicious package addressed to one of our protectees received today in New York, New York. This is an active investigation and we cannot comment any further.” 

Ivanka Trump, Vanessa’s sister-in-law, tweeted Monday afternoon, “No one deserves to be frightened this way. There is no excuse.”

Leftist terrorism no doubt. Anyone who gets in the way of the left and their globalist masters, (the people of the lie) find out quickly why they have been expelled from every nation they have ever parasitized from.