Delaying Chinese Dominance

The 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party is over.  It was a seminal event.  It…

  • …firmly consolidated political power in the hands of a single man, Xi (no successor was named).
  • …clearly informed the world that China was now a global superpower (and the US was its only rival).
  • …would promote a world based on ‘capitalism with Chinese characteristics’ (a capitalism in a Leninist cage) in opposition to Western Democracy.

In short, China publicly announced that it is now in a ‘cold economic war’ with the US for the future of the world.  In fact, China was so confident of its eventual victory, it clearly articulated the centerpiece of their effort to accomplish it:  one belt one road

  • It’s an investment of $8 trillion (to start!) to build a global road, rail and maritime system that connects Asia, Africa, and South America (60 countries in total) to China.
  • Transportation is a natural monopoly.  Xi is trying to build a transportation and logistics monopoly on a global scale.  It is an undertaking that isn’t only backed by Xi personally, it is now enshrined in the Communist party constitution (!).  In other words, it’s going to be built.
  • By the time the first round of investment is completed, a majority of the global economy will be connected via a Chinese owned, built and/or financed logistical system.  As the buildout continued, the US would quickly find itself disconnected from the rest of the world and on its way to becoming a second tier economy.

Unfortunately, due to a self-inflicted wound (Trump is merely a symptom), the US couldn’t be in a worse position to counter this effort.  Decades of blind adherence to economic and social neoliberalism has shattered US cohesion along all three vectors: moral, mental, and physical.   The result has been intractable economic stagnation, social turmoil, and political chaos.  Even worse is on the horizon: the US is careening towards identity authoritarianism.  In time, the US may be able to regain stability.  However, it’s unlikely the US will find a way through its internal crisis fast enough to mount a successful conventional counter to China’s grand ambition.  So what can be done, given the assumption the US will eventually recover, but not soon enough for conventional efforts?

One belt one road

Delaying China

One solution is to mount a rearguard action — a method of delaying an advancing enemy when your forces are in retreat.  An action that buys time for the US to regroup and regain cohesion.  The US faced a similar situation re; the Soviet Union in ’79 after the invasion of Afghanistan.  In that case, support for Afghan insurgents kept the Soviets occupied while the US recovered (Carter, inflation, Iran, etc.).  In this case, the rearguard action would be the disruption of China’s plans for one belt one road.  This could be done inexpensively and with very little manpower or visibility.  How?

  • Create groups that operate like global guerrillas.  Small groups that operate independently w/o oversight.  More letters of marque than special operations.
  • In the short term, disrupt the Chinese construction effort.  Double and treble construction costs by delaying timeliness and forcing increased security efforts.   Drive up the costs of financing.  Drive away subcontractors.
  • Next, force the Chinese to physically and logically protect the entire system, from roads to ports to trains, from disruption.   As my analysis of Lawrence of Arabia shows, it’s more damaging to partially disrupt a system than to completely break it.  Keep up the pressure — with the ability of systems disruption to generate a million to one return on investment, this is sustainable.


John Robb

Writing on a crisp fall day in New England

PS:  Doesn’t the US risk more from disruption than China?  No. The US doesn’t have a choice.  If it doesn’t act while this logistical monopoly is being built (when it is the most vulnerable to disruption), the US will cede global dominance to China so completely and the consequences to the US will be so negative, it may require a war to reverse.

PPS:  It also may be useful to see this as a measured response to China’s relentless attacks on mainland US computer systems over the last decade.

The Fulford File: Sudanese Refugees ARE Crime-Prone

The antidote to the various Politically Correct moral hysterias that sweep through modern society is truth. Unfortunately, the Ruling Class doesn’t often seem to get around to correcting the record, let alone repairing the damage. So has to try instead. Here’s a case study from Australia.

Martin Witkerk wrote in his review of Drew Fraser’s latest book that

Andrew (“Drew”) Fraser, long-time professor of law at Macquarie University in Australia and a too-infrequent writer for, gained public notoriety in 2005 for protesting mass immigration into Australia in a letter to his local newspaper. The scandal arose from his matter-of-fact reference to the increased crime that African immigrants could be expected to bring with them. He was immediately suspended from teaching, and a peer-reviewed academic article he had written—Rethinking the White Australia Policy—was hastily suppressed.

You can see Fraser’s original Letter To The Editor down the right side below–he wrote

Now that a large number of Sudanese refugees have been settled in the Parramatta-Blacktown area, Anglo-Australians are once again expected to acquiesce in the steady erosion of their distinctive national identity.

Australia, it seems, can no longer remain the homeland of a particular people. Instead, it must become a colony of the Third World.

Thirty years ago, no one in the world had any difficulty identifying an Australian. Today, if the headline in the Sun (below) is to be believed, black Africans and Muslim Afghanis “are Aussies just like” the descendants of the Anglo-Celtic pioneers who settled and built this country.

Community Relations Commissioner Stepan Kerkyasharian declares that “Australians …have a responsibility” to help those on the losing side in Third World civil wars to settle here, wherever and whenever it suits governments and the ever-expanding refugee industry. He assures us that the ethnic and religious conflicts endemic to every other part of the world will be magically dissolved by the state-enforced “commonality of Australianism.”

That utopian fantasy is particularly likely to unravel as local African tribal groups grow in size and confidence. Experience practically everywhere in the world tells us that an expanding black population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems.

The fact is that ordinary Australians are being pushed down the path to national suicide by their own political, religious and economic élites. Shutting our eyes to that fact will not make it go away.

Online at Professor Fraser fights for free speech, by Andrew Guild, Ironbark Resources. Emphases added.

Needless to say, Fraser lost his job for writing that well-expressed letter to the paper–see Wikipedia or Race row professor suspended for ‘safety‘,  By Jano Gibson and Tim Dick, SMH,  July 29, 2005.

That was twelve years ago. So have the Sudanese been behaving themselves in Australia since then?

Oh boy, have they ever! And by “behaving themselves”, I mean “behaving like Sudanese refugees.”

Indeed,’s John Derbyshire noted this in August, 2016, in discussing international black riot behavior:

One blogger I follow is the one who calls himself Oz Conservative. He’s very much on my wavelength, or I’m on his.

Well, reading Oz Conservative the other day I caught a reference to the Apex gang, which I’d quite forgotten about.

Who they? They a criminal gang in Melbourne, Australia, who staged a nasty riot of their own back on March 12 this year, the so-called Moomba riot. [ Police charge 34, some with links to Apex, over Moomba riots, The Melbourne Age, April 19, 2016]

There seems not to have been any particular cause for the Moomba riot. The only thing the news reports are all agreed on is that it was nothing to do with race. Absolutely nothing, I tell you!

And Steve Sailer noted this in January, 2017: THE AGE: Sudanese in Melbourne, Australia, Are Victims of Racial Profiling (Also, They Commit 2 Orders of Magnitude More Major Crimes) .

In the story Sailer was linking to [Apex fears spark concerns about racial profiling, by Tammy Mills and Bianca Hall, January 8, 2017]. The Age wrote that a local Sudanese “community educator” had been pulled over by police wanting to see his drivers license because “We just want to make sure the car belongs to you” which he said was “pretty much an everyday experience for me.”

At the end of the Melbourne Age article is this revealing note:

Crime Statistics Agency figures obtained by the ABC show youths born in Australia commit the most home invasions, car thefts and aggravated robberies.

(That’s because Australians are in the vast majority in Australia—it’s like saying that whites commit more murders than blacks, without noting the rate).

But Sudanese youths were vastly over-represented in the 2015 data, responsible for 7.44 per cent of home invasions, 5.65 per cent of car thefts and 13.9 per cent of aggravated robberies, despite Sudanese-born citizens making up about 0.11 per cent of Victoria’s population.

Sailer was shocked that the Sudanese were committing that high a percentage of the aggravated robberies, I’ll just note that the number of car thefts justifies an police inquiry like the one the Sudanese “youth worker” quoted above objected to.

In another article, the same paper describes the Sudanese crime rate this way: New data shows African crime wave small, but rising, by Chris Johnston , April 21, 2017

“Small” because of the “0.11 per cent”— “rising” because of the “they’re Africans” factor, just as Drew Fraser predicted.

The Age is one of Australia’s left-leaning papers. The Herald Sun, which employs conservative columnist Andrew Bolt (pictured right, making two masked Antifa youths wish they’d picked someone else to assault) is not.

Here are some official statistics from the Australian Government

Persons born in Sudan had the highest imprisonment rate (701.6 prisoners per 100,000 adult population born in Sudan), followed by persons born in Samoa (432.4 prisoners per 100,000 adult population born in Samoa). The number of Sudanese-born and Samoan-born prisoners was 131 and 100 respectively. (Table 21)

COUNTRY OF BIRTH, 4517.0 – Prisoners in Australia, 2014, Australian Bureau of Statistics, June 30, 2014

By the way, if the Australian Bureau of Statistics is talking about 131 prisoners equalling 701.6 per 100, 000, that means that they think there are only about 18,670 Sudanese living in Australia (a country of 24 million) which is  about right.

Remember that these are penitentiary-type prisoners, and imagine a town of that size that had 131 young men in the Big House.

Not every Sudanese committing a serious crime is counted in this statistic, of course. This guy had eight restraining orders, a six-month suspended sentence, before serving six actual months in jail for assault on a pregnant woman:

A REFUGEE who embarked on a seven-year crime wave and earned eight Apprehended Violence Orders [=restraining orders] for his violent behaviour has failed in his ­attempt to stay in Australia.

The 24-year-old father-of-three began his criminality within two years of being granted asylum in Australia with his family at age 12.

But last week he pleaded not to send him back to Sudan where he “may be killed” because he was “actually a nice guy”.

However, the “significant” and “unrelenting” offending over seven years was enough for the Administration ­Appeals Tribunal to rule in favour of deporting the man, despite noting he would be separated from his young children.

The Tribunal heard “NHHV” had spent time in camps in both Sudan and Egypt before arriving in Australia with his mother and siblings on a humanitarian visa. The family settled in Orange in central western NSW.

The Tribunal heard he began “serious offending” as a juvenile. In 2012 he received a six-month suspended sentence after allegedly punching his mother — a claim they both denied, despite police notes suggesting otherwise.

It was also revealed NHHV’s mother had been back to Sudan three times, where she had stayed for up to six months despite her son’s claims it was dangerous.

In 2016, NHHV was sentenced to six months for assaulting his pregnant ex-partner.

Sudanese refugee who went on a crime wave and has eight AVO’s, loses appeal to stay in Australia, by Linda Silmalis, The Sunday Telegraph, July 8, 2017

His three children are staying in Australia.

Finally, there’s this:

Authorities were warned in 2007 but chose instead to shoot the messenger.

The Howard government Immigration Minister, Kevin Andrews, publicly warned that youth crime rates among the Melbourne South Sudanese youth community was growing.  Mr. Andrews said at the time that he intended to cut back on taking in so-called refugees from South Sudan because they were not settling in and adjusting into the Australia way of life and crime rates among Sudanese was too high.

Instead of listening to the message the media chose to scream abuse and the ethnic lobby groups, along with politicians and the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Right Commission branded Mr. Andrews a racist.

Kevin Andrews was right and a decade on we now see Sudanese youth crime figures in Victoria that are staggering. In 2016 in the Greater Dandenong region there were 14,000 home invasions, carjackings, property theft, property damage and armed assaults recorded in the year to March. In 2015 there were 11,000 such crimes recorded. It is said that the figures for Latrobe were even higher and the crime spree continues to gain momentum in the first month of this year.

Now, at the beginning of 2017 the Sudanese youth crime spree is in full swing and the best that the leaderless Victoria government and the Victorian Police Command can come up with is a promise to employ 3000 more police and introduce new laws. In the meantime, crime is increasing and has long since turned to violence involving guns and other weapons while the Police Command and the government carry on with their PC approach and their reluctance to mouth the words black or Sudanese.

Police chief Graham Ashton admits that his officers on the ground are, “arresting the same young people again and again and again.”  If that is not an admission of failure then I don’t know what is (it also raises the question as to the judiciary’s part in this dangerous shemozzle). [More]

Sudanese crime is out of control, by Jack Cade, Australian Morning Mail, January 21, 2017

Former Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews certainly deserves an apology. But so, as I pointed out earlier, does former university professor Drew Fraser. And reinstatement.

EXPOSED: The Alt-Right has Appropriated NATO Psy-War Tactics to Brainwash the Masses

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2017

A study has finally exposed the darkest secret of the Alt-Right: NATO psychological warfare tactics being used to make people think mass nonwhite immigration is lowering their quality of life and that different racial groups have different levels of intelligence and behavior patterns.

This is the big one, folks.

The big reveal.


Far right groups under the banner of the so-called ‘alt right’ are using psychological warfare techniques learnt from leaked NATO and British intelligence documents to spread white supremacism across the world, according to a new report.

In a study by the the Institute of Strategic Dialogue—titled ‘The Fringe Insurgency’—((((((Julia Ebner)))))) and Jacob Davey argue that activists are “weaponising internet culture” to spread their ideology online and subvert democracies.

After spending several weeks undercover on online alt-right forums, the authors identified the tactics that users adopted to radicalize people online and mobilize support for the far-right groups, targeting anxieties over immigration, terrorism, and race.

They used “crowd-funding platforms, custom-made social media platforms and even the use of leaked military and intelligence resources from [U.K. intelligence agency] GCHQ and NATO to run campaigns against their own governments,” the report said. 

In August, radical right-wing groups gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia, for their largest show of strength in decades, while in European far-right organizations have used crowd-funding platforms to raise money for boats to patrol European waters and intercept refugees.

The extreme right also had an influence the German federal election, which saw a huge spike in suport for the extreme party Alliance for Germany (AfD).

The actual translation of “Alternative für Deutschland” is “Alternative for Germany.”

But hey – I don’t expect every random blogger to know the German language. A mistake like that shouldn’t discredit this totally real information.

In large-scale and well-organized online campaigns, U.S. and European extremists have worked together: “Their strategic, tactical and operational convergence has allowed the extreme right to translate large-scale online mobilisation into real-world impact,” write the authors.

The report exposes how the U.S. ‘alt-right,’ responsible for trolling campaigns in support of President Donald Trump during the 2016 election, shared tips and tactics with European extremists—techniques gleaned from military psychological operations—to disrupt the democratic process.

Ahead of the AfD success in the German federal election—in which it secured 26 percent of the vote and marked the first time that far-right party has won seats in the German parliament since the Second World War—U.S. ‘alt-right’ activists spreads tips on messaging board 4chan.

Instructions from the U.S. elections on how to obfuscate and manipulate the media space were recycled and adopted to a German audience: this included memetic warfare albums such as ‘normie memes’, and psychological operations resources, such as a ‘step by step how to manipulate narratives’ that links to GCHQ online deception and disruption playbooks,” according to the authors.

The authors warn that the tactics used by the far-right are “more reminiscent of state-led psychological operations than that of terrorist groups” and urge policy makers, technology companies, practitioners and activists to adopt counter-strategies that match the sophistication of the far-right.

In February, civil rights nonprofit the Southern Poverty Law Center warned of the growth of extreme right-wing groups on the internet, which organize “troll storms” of abuse towards political opponents, and spread racist memes to mobilize support.

“It’s clear that more and more of these people are operating only on the internet, except when the moment comes to start shooting,” said ((((((SPLC)))))) expert ((((((Mark Potok)))))).

And the blog regains credibility after having translated the German word “alternative” as “alliance” by citing the authoritative expert ((((((Mark Potok)))))).

I was listening to TDS last night and found them to be claiming that these researchers are exaggerating the idea that the Alt-Right learned its tactics from NATO handbooks.


I learned everything I know about memes from NATO handbooks.

Before I ever made my first Pepe, I studied in-depth the entire catalog of military literature of psychological warfare, so that I could use it to manipulate the minds of young people and make them believe that Jews are over-represented in media and academia, that the Holocaust never happened and that George Zimmerman did nothing wrong.

Without these NATO techniques, I would be nothing.

Srsly Tho

This is some kooky stuff right here.

But let me explain to you how this actually happened.

In part, it is what Mike Enoch said on TDS – that we hit on the same tactics as them through trial and error.

In particular, /pol/ has been a mass platform for trying and erroring all sorts of things for years. I have also used this website – which will celebrate its five year anniversary in July – to test out all sorts of psychological techniques on all sorts of people. I have done this both by doing it myself, as well as giving general instructions to others to rustle people and watched what happened.

Furthermore, the fundamentals of trolling – and yes, it is psychological warfare – were developed on 4chan (mainly /b/) in the 00s when people like weev were active in apolitical (or at least less politicized) trolling. “Lulz,” as the kids call it, is simply a type of malicious humor that comes mainly from causing people emotional distress on the internet.

Combined with the ability to transfer information through memes, you have a situation where you can force people to look at you, then influence their thinking directly using compressed information transfers. The informational packets within memes effectively created new neural pathways.

When you have an internet with this many people on it, testing out stimulus-response is not particularly difficult. In fact, it happens automatically, you just have to be smart enough to catalog valuable stimulus-response protocols in your mind (hint: you don’t really have to be that smart to do that).

As far as formalized technique goes, I have continually promoted ((((((Saul Alinsky))))))’s Rules for Radicals (which is much more useful than any NATO guidebook). And presumably, people who write NATO guidebooks on psychological warfare have also studied that and studied the behavior of people who have studied that.

But saying “these guys are using Jewish cultural revolution techniques from the 1960s” is far less sexy than claiming we are using NATO psychological warfare guidebooks.

With regards to the NATO psychological warfare guidebooks that are circulating in these spheres that are referenced in the study: I only saw these in 2015, when Alt-Right trolling and meming had already developed into a pretty clear system. I then went on to read quite a bit of military literature about using the internet and electronic communications generally in psy-war, and found that their systems – at least as recorded in these texts – are much less developed than our own.

Presumably, the reason for that is that we are devoted to this, doing it ourselves, and that gives us more drive to understand it. We are also constantly processing feedback from our systems and updating them – often in real time – to make them more effective.

Using Meme Warfare Against Us

The study suggests that our methods need to be countered – apparently by military intelligence.

To that I say: good luck.

There isn’t any way to do that.

Meme warfare is an undermining of existing abstractions within the public mind by directly attacking the weak points with the energy of the victim itself. And this only involves words and images on the internet.

This is guerrilla psychological warfare.

That is why they tried to kick The Daily Stormer off the internet, why they are locking down Twitter and other social media platforms – we have been very successful with meme warfare, and that is the “counter” strategy.

Ultimately, this is a counter-revolution to the Jewish revolution against us. We are still living in the aftermath of the 1960s revolutionary movements, under a revolutionary government. That’s the importance of ((((((Alinsky)))))) – the Alt-Right is simply the first counter-revolutionary movement to adopt the techniques of the revolutionaries.

Our job is actually a lot easier than the Jews’ job in the 60s, because unlike people of the 60s, modern youth were raised to believe nothing is sacred, whereas the Jews had to directly undermine sacred, ancient institutions and cultural norms.

And it’s good it’s easier. Because we don’t have trillions of dollars to fund this operation, given that we didn’t take over the banking industry or any other industry before launching this counter-revolution (please do donate to us). We also don’t have control of the mass media in the way that 60s Jews did. So ultimately, our job is at least as hard, but the actual psych-war itself is fought on much more fertile ground.

However, They Can Totally Screw Us

The fact that they can’t use meme warfare against us doesn’t mean they can’t screw us, mind you.

Indeed, they can totally screw us. Because now, we are off the internet, in the real world, where they can use tried and true human intelligence, disruption and entrapment techniques to crush the movement completely.

I am sounding the alarm on everyone in this movement: all of these existing IRL groups are set up, to a virtually incomprehensible degree, to be setup by the feds and RICO’d. And that is going to happen if something doesn’t change. There is nothing stopping it, because no one wants to listen to me. I live in Nigeria, and so I can’t talk to them in real life, which creates a communication problem, and whenever I just publish the problems here on the site people just attack me as “infighting” (even though I am very careful not to call anyone out and certainly not to attack anyone in the movement), apparently hearing absolutely nothing I am saying.

Through the internet, we have created a movement involving tens of thousands of people using the most advanced psychological warfare techniques ever developed, and now the people leading the IRL movement are going to have the whole thing taken down by cops using the same primitive methods they use on 80 IQ Moslems. The level of frustration I have over this is indescribable. But hey – don’t let it get you down. The meme warfare will continue either way. And I am going to attempt, as I have said, to lay some groundwork for a more workable IRL movement.

California: 44% Speak Language Other Than English at Home

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2017

This is what “replacement” looks like.

CNS News:

In California–which with a July 2016 population of 39,250,017 is the nation’s most populous state–44.6 percent of the people five years of age and older do not speak English at home, according to data released this week by the Census Bureau.

At the same time, according to the Census Bureau, 18.6 percent of California residents 5 and older do not speak English “very well.”

That ranks California No.1 among the states for the percentage of people in both of these categories.

Nationwide, 21.6 percent speak a language other than English at home and 8.6 percent speak English less than very well.

Texas ranked second for the percentage of residents five and older who do not speak English at home (35.6 percent). New Mexico ranked third (34.5 percent); New Jersey ranked fourth (31.7 percent) and New York ranked fifth (31.0 percent).

States Ranked by the U.S. Census Bureau by the Percentage of People 5 and Older Who Speak a Language Other Than English at Home:

West Virginia had the smallest percentage of residents (2.5 percent) who spoke a language other than English at home. Montana had the second smallest (3.7 percent); Mississippi had the third smallest (3.8 percent); Alabama, the fourth (5.1 percent); and North Dakota the fifth (5.2 percent).

The Census Bureau asks about the language people speak in their homes and how well they speak English in its American Community Survey. The numbers released this week were for the 2016 survey.

The core premise of “multiculturalism” is a lie. By the very definition of “culture,” it must be a system shared by a population that lives among itself.

If you have multiple cultures in one location, you have a natural clash between the populations adhering to the different cultures. Members of each culture will attempt to separate and/or overtake the competing cultures.

Relatively small or tiny populations of a foreign culture living within another culture do not do this, generally. A small population of members of another culture will either adapt to the dominant culture or build a small subculture for themselves that does not attempt to attack and override the dominant culture.

This is, very simply, because a small number of people do not have what is necessary to form a society. Therefore, they will necessarily be dependent on the larger dominant culture and population, and being dependent, will not develop hostility towards it and will follow its customs.

I have lived in Asia with small communities of white guys, so I know what both sides of this look like. When you are with other white people, you have your culture together, but when you are out in the general society, you conform to the standards of the culture you are among.

We have always had small populations of foreigners in America. I remember the random Mexican or Asian family growing up as a kid. No one ever viewed them as a threat. They were simply a curiosity.

And there is the trick that has been played on us.

We were told that more of these people in our countries would just be more of that – more local curiosities, who lived in a bubble and didn’t harm anyone, didn’t disrupt the social order.

However, when a critical mass is reached, the alien culture has the ability to form a parallel society. And then you have conflict, necessarily, as multiple societies cannot peacefully exist on top of one another.

The globalist plan is to destroy all culture, to turn each individual into an atomized consumer without any roots at all, without any ties to anything other than himself. Meanwhile, the Jewish plan is simply to exterminate white people. If we keep our current course, the latter plan will probably succeed while the former will not.

You cannot destroy all cultures because brown cultures are strong enough to hold themselves together. They are much stronger than white cultures. This is due to various factors, but a key factor is the ability of the Jews to undermine male-female relations within white cultures, something that hasn’t been successful in brown cultures. Sure, you can increase divorce and abortion rates, but you’re never going to convince large numbers of brown women to give up all of the privileges that go along with being a woman in order to embrace “liberation.”

Generally, the fact that brown people are less complicated makes it more difficult to trick them into abandoning the natural order. Obviously, you could not program monkeys or dogs to abandon their biologically determined gender roles. Less intelligent people are also naturally more social due to the lack of any introspection.

So, what we are looking at is not a world of atomized individuals, but instead a conquest and displacement of whites by brown people.

California will become a Mexican/Latino state, while the nations of Europe will become Moslem. The other minorities in these areas will be forced to adapt to those new dominant cultures.

Locus note:

When one looks at societies throughout history that have gone on to be great nations, societies that grew and developed and went on to change the world, those societies have always been held together by common bonds and have moved in unison and worked like a natural colony. Whether one looks at ancient Rome, the Japanese Empire or the British Empire, when the people of these nations worked together as one cohesive group, they reached for the skies and changed the world leaving behind legacies that are still marveled at today. Hierarchies will always exist in these great civilizations – but the important factor for success is that those at the top are moving in the same direction as those at the bottom and both wish to advance society for the good of the group.
Those at the top develop, invent, inspire and lead. Those at the bottom work, go to battle and build. But the pyramid, the simplest form of any hierarchy, moves as one in the desired direction. Equality is not the basis of a smooth-running and well functioning society. In any successful society there is always a division of labor and the existence of structural hierarchies, just as there is in the natural world. However in a good and strong society, those at the top and those at the bottom have equal respect for each other and realize that they both depend on each other – so they move in unison as a well-oiled machine. In human terms and in relation to the superego, those in the hierarchy who abuse those beneath them are defectives as they have not learned a social conscience.
Equally, those in the hierarchy who wish for an easy life and don’t want to put any effort in and don’t want to do their duty are equally defective, as they have not developed an ideal self and are not striving to better themselves. Bearing this in mind, it is quite clear that when society breaks down due to greed, selfishness, a lack of morality, laziness and the drive for individual gain – all of which are pursued at the expense of the wider good – it is due to a defective superego in the individual and a breakdown of the wider community consciousness. The individuals who are failing the group are giving in to their id; they are putting their own pleasure principle above the wider societal morals and good of the group, which means ultimately that they have a weak superego. As individuals pursue their own agendas this of course represents a weakening of the societal superego as those who make up that society no longer share the same values.

Forbidden history: the struggle for truth in history

by Larrysmusings

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One myth of our times is that official history is – or even can be – objective and true.  Inconvenient facts are routinely suppressed, trivialized or ignored in official histories.  So much of what passes for “history” is propaganda, even crude propaganda.  The late Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes told his students and readers of the need for bringing history into accord with the facts.  That is the purpose of true historical revisionism: to make historiography objective, factual and true.  We must critically examine what currently is claimed as history to verify its veracity or lack thereof.

In this essay, we offer a number of links to well researched and thought provoking articles on some hot button historical issues.  The reader can choose what to read and what not to read.  As well, each individual will have to decide for him or herself what is the truth.  A discussion about whether humans can recognize truth is a matter for the philosopher (and perhaps for the behavioral social scientist) and not the historian.  We merely present the links and encourage the reader to read them.




Reader discretion is advised for these linked articles.  Your long-held beliefs and assumptions may be seriously challenged, and that may be disturbing for you.

Prior to the outbreak of World War II, no less a thinker than Bertrand Russell felt the Germans ought to be left to chart their own course.

A first person account of life in Hitler’s Germany by a German citizen.

Powerful interests were working against Hitler and the German people as early as March, 1933.

World Jewish Congress Declared War on Germany

Outrages committed against ethnic German civilians prior to, during, and after the war are ignored or trivialized by mainstream or official history.  James Bacque wrote 2 good books on these crimes:  Crimes and Mercies, and Other Losses (which treats the Allied program of starvation of surrendered German POWs in 1945 and 1946).  Here we offer a link to a short item about murders of ethnic Germans in Poland in 1939 prior to and after 1 September.

For some readers, this next post will be a shock.  Jews committed crimes, terrible murderous crimes.  Those who know of the ((((((Bela Kun)))))) regime in Hungary in 1919 and the many horrific crimes of the Bolsheviks in Russia will not be surprised by this next link.  It is not very surprising that the peoples of the Baltic states looked upon the invading Germans in 1941 as their liberators.

Warning: there are very graphic black and white images of murder victims in this lengthy article.

The Allied war crime atrocity of Dresden is discussed in this next link.  Ironically, those who sat in judgment at Nuremberg were themselves guilty of heinous war crimes (as defined by the Allied indictments at Nuremberg).  Also, A. C. Grayling wrote a good book some years back, Among the Dead Cities, that treats the Allied terror bombing campaign against Germany and Japan.

The Dresden Holocaust – The Impartial Truth

The human side of Wehrmacht soldiers is shown here:

Love is..

The following 3 links are to articles on the holocaust.  It is currently illegal to question the official holocaust story in many European countries.  Several months back (on this blog) we questioned why questioning the official story is tabu.  Free and open inquiry in pursuit of the truth ought not be banned.  (And, please do not bother me with the bogus assertion that pursuing open inquiry as to the truth or lack thereof of the official holocaust story makes one by default an “anti-Semite”.)

This next article proposes the reasons for the invention and the propagation throughout the world of the official holocaust story.

This final linked article (of extreme length) addresses the long standing motif of Jewish persecution (going back centuries).

Jerusalem, Israel- April 14, 2007: Young people gathering with flags of Israel at Jaffa Street in the center of Jerusalem to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day.

Guillaume Faye Is One Of Few Right-Wing Writers Worth Reading

Although there exist several interesting writers who are linked to the right – Oswald Spengler, Vilfredo Pareto, Carl Schmitt, and Julius Evola to name a few – many of them lived many decades ago. Their contemporaries are mainly academic types and some of them not even particularly right-wing.

One exception, though, is the French New Right (Nouvelle Droite) thinker, Guillaume Faye, known for his writings that have been translated into English as Archeofuturism, Why We Fight, and The Convergence Of Catastrophes, with help of the transnational publishing house Arktos Media. Also his latest book, A Global Coup (2017), which concerns the relationships between Europe and America, is sound.

There are a number of points to criticize Faye for, such as his penchant for biological engineering and that he somewhat misguidedly bases his argument on Samuel Huntington’s book The Clash Of Civilizations. Yet the strengths are predominant.

I consider Why We Fight to be his most important book. It was originally written in 2001 and show how correct Faye was and that his ideas largely overlap neomasculinity and a general masculine thought program. Since the book is largely structured as a dictionary which discusses multiple keywords, I have selected some of them and quoted Faye. All of them are relevant to a broad male audience.

1. Aesthetics

Contemporary egalitarian ideology abhors and implicitly domonises aesthetics. (…) With the plastic arts, architecture, cinema, literature, theatre, even fashion, the ugly, the unachieved, the unformed, the most far-fetched nonsense, the shady and the watered down are now preferred to the aesthetic, which is made synonymous with a menacing ‘order’. Since the mid-Twentieth century, contemporary arts, encouraged by the dominant ideology, have rejected any notion of aesthetics. Instead of harmony, the power of forms, the exaltation and elevation of sensation of beauty – notions of abstract ‘conceptual art’ are preferred, which becomes a pretext for degeneracy, wilful ugliness, and subsidied incompetence.

2. Consumerism

Consumerism is a form of slavery, to which the mass men of our civilisation have succumbed, these mass men who are neither citizens, nor actors, nor responsible individuals, but rather passive domesticated beings.

3. Devirilisation

The declining values of courage and virility for the sake of feminist, xenophile, homophile, and humanitarian values. (…) In no case the notion of ‘virility’ ought to be confused with ‘machismo’ or with the stupid demand for some sort of ‘masculine social privilege’.

4. Discipline

Discipline is the basis of all education and every civilisation. Permissive ‘pedagogical’ theories cannot but lead to the failure to transmit knowledge, as is so evident today.

5. Domestication

Its symptoms are innumerable: susceptibility to ideological conditioning, dependence on consumerist ways of life, loss of independent judgment in respect to propaganda and culpability, the banishment of all spirituality (replaced by the media gnosis) etc.

6. Elite

Contemporary elites are ‘recruited’ according to criteria that have nothing to do with excellence or character. These criteria are now nepotism, connection, membership in a lobby, a clique, a mafia, a clan (sociological or ethnic); or else the ability to make money.

7. Homophilia

After having long sought recognition as a marginal social element, the homosexual lobby now demands a sort of superiority, with heterosexuality treated as something inferior or mutilated. First equal rights, then privileges.

8. Human rights

As a synthesis of Eighteenth-century political philosophy (often badly understood), human rights is the inescapable horizon of the dominant ideology. (…) Profoundly hypocritical, human rights ideology accomodates every form of social misery and justifies every form of oppression. It functions as a veritable secular religion. The ‘human’ in human rights is nothing but an abstraction, a consumer-client, an atom. (…) ‘Humans’ (already a vague notion) possess no fixed or universal rights, only those bequethed by their civilisation, their tradition.

9. Neo-primitivism

The signs of this new primitivism are multiple: the rise of illiteracy in the schools, the explosion of drug use, the Afro-Americanisation of popular music, the collapse of social codes, the decline of general culture, knowledge, and historical memory among the young, dissolution of contemporary art into a brutal, vacuous nihilism, the mass coarsening and deculturation fostered by audio/visual media (the ‘cathodic religion’), the increase of criminality and uncivil behavior, the decline of civic duty, the accelerated crumbling of social norms and collective disciplines, the deterioration of the language, etc.

10. Populism

This presently pejorative word must be made positive. The prevailing version to populism actually expresses a covert contempt for authentic democracy. Like its corollary anti-demagoguery, anti-populism is a semantic ruse of politicians and bourgeois intellectuals – to deflect the people’s will, especially that of the modest social strata, reputedly dangerous, because they are the most nationalist.

11. Presentism

Presentism fosters contempt for the survival of one’s people. It’s a consequence of a narcissistic individualism and the bourgeois spirit. (…) Presentism is the infantile demand for everything right now…

In closing

As has been demonstrated above, Faye is a straightforward writer who points out important aspects of our present Western societies and how we can try to fix some of them. While many of his works are worth reading in full, these eleven aspects point out some of the core ideas which are particularly important.

For more of William Adams’ material, check out his website Syncretic politics.