Are There Good Jews, Blacks … ?

Whites who say there are good Jews, Blacks, Browns, Yellows and Reds, and who believe that Awakened Whites are wrong to focus on race, fail to understand the deeper meanings of what makes a people a people and of the ways of existence itself and about our survival as Whites.

Of course there are good individuals of every race. And, by good I mean people who are nice, polite, mind their own business and mean no one any harm.  But, being “good” is not the issue.

What non-Whites can never be is White and the issue is that our survival as Whites means we must stay White in all ways and not allow any non-White genes into our personal or collective White genome. In other words, we must not let ‘genome hackers’ hack into our White genome and turn our White family genetic programs into non-White family genetic programs, which then use our own DNA to spread their DNA to compromise more Whites.

All non-Whites can hack our White genetic program.  They simply have to mate with us. This takes 23 of our White chromosomes with about 10,000 of our White genes and combines these with 23 of their non-White chromosomes and about 10,000 of their non-White genes.  And, this means any children born of such matings will not be fully White and these children are then carriers of non-Whiteness which they spread through the White gene pool when they in turn mate, which is often with Whites who now find them more attractive due to their carrying some White genes along with their non-White genes.

To be clear, because  non-Whites can mate with Whites and because they carry non-White genes and because those non-White genes automatically compromise our White genome when non-Whites mate with us they cause us harm even if they have no evil intent.  The harm they can do to us is automatic.

This sexually transmitted ‘bedroom genocide’–compromises the White genome and turns White families into non-White families.  Just as  germs or other  organisms don’t have to have evil or harmful intent towards us but can still sicken and may ultimately kill us, so is it with non-Whites who can mate with us. Down at the end of this essay I’ve included a quote that explains this in other terms.

Whites need to understand that we, as Whites, are in a struggle for our existence as Whites and that anything that decreases the amount of the White genome in existence is not good for us personally or collectively and can lead to our extinction and absorption into non-White genomes, just as surely as modern White humans absorbed the genomes of Neanderthals in Europe and caused their extinction.  In this regard, you are probably aware that almost all Whites have a small percentage of Neanderthal DNA in us.

This struggle for existence–this competition–which is a struggle to be and to be more is found throughout nature and it exists as a necessary part of evolution.  The difference between us and so-called lower life forms is that we can understand this and see how it works and we can use our conscious minds to take the right path.

In its basic form–this competition–is not difficult to understand. It is nature constantly tinkering with life to adapt it to ever changing conditions so that some form of life–and all life carries the life force within it–will not only live in the changed conditions but will thrive and replace earlier types that are not as well adapted for those conditions. This is evolution and natural selection.

This struggle has been fought since the beginning of time and by all organisms and even by so called non-living matter and even before matter came into existence by all that underpins matter in the sub-atomic realm of existence.

The struggle permeates all of existence and we often convey this in the simplest way by saying there is only one best seat in the stadium  and everyone can’t sit in it so there is a struggle for that seat.   And, following on in this metaphorical vein we can say we see  the struggle playing out in many  cases among some organisms, including humans, in ritualistic or agonistic combat rather than in actual physical fighting for that best seat.

In this case, it is the one who is able and willing to pay for that best seat in the stadium who gets it.  In our real world human struggle, however, it is a struggle to the death (often unconscious) between different races  to rise to the top  and get the best seat in existence.

In Europe, Whites won the earlier competition and  got all the  seats as nature tinkered with the earliest people who were there and caused them to adapt to a less sunny area than further south and this led to white skin that could more easily make Vitamin D in such conditions.  And, in time it led to lighter eyes and hair and various other features that we now see as common among White people.  And, the further north one goes, the more pronounced are these white features usually found.

But, evolution never stops and  we can never say that this  or that White type is the end all and be all of Whites even though we do believe there is an ideal White type which we see in the best of our kind.  However, if the so-called best of our White kind don’t make more like themselves so that they fill the planet with their kind they will be replaced by others who do.  And, this leads to the dictum that if you don’t breed or if you don’t breed pure White, you will go extinct. Nature doesn’t care if you live or die, you have to care.

We cannot coexist complacently with those whose genes can harm us and wipe us out.  Our struggle is to remain White and to evolve White to become the dominant human type.  We have reached a point in our evolution where we must take over from the blind workings of nature and consciously seek to evolve along a White trajectory.  The most basic things we can do are to avoid miscegenation and to increase the number of pure White children we have.

And, the struggle is the same for all non-Whites and their genomes. Again, nature doesn’t care who wins. It is blind. One struggles, competes and wins or one loses. It is up to us to make sure we win.

Human Civilization Depends on Us Winning.

3 Ways To Prepare For The Impending Economic Crash – Social security is welfare

Jon enjoys helping others evolve into their best selves on his blog: Masculine Development and recently launched his eBook on How to to Develop Your Masculinity.

While the media is hyping up the stock market, the real insiders know the truth: we are destined for an incredible economic collapse, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Our debt has surpassed $20 trillion dollars, our nation is in a state of incredible polarization thanks to Marxist identity politics, and our culture is a complete cesspool of degeneracy and sexual confusion.

Some have regained their hope after President Trump was elected, and while he’s certainly doing his best to circumnavigate the globalists and their plans to destroy America from within, it’s far better to be safe than sorry. I propose that every man must prepare for the worst possible scenario, which in all likelihood, could easily happen within the next 1-2 years. Here’s four ways that you can prepare for this upcoming catastrophe.

1. Invest In Alternative Assets

Very few people know this, but I assume that most red pill men are aware that the US dollar is backed by absolutely nothing—it’s literally just a cotton-paper composite. It’s not backed by silver, it’s not backed by grain or corn, and it hasn’t been backed by gold for decades. In other words, once people realize that the jig is up, they’ll scramble to get rid of their US dollars in favor of more valuable assets.

This will be a time of massive wealth transfer, but those who prepare will make out like bandits. The two assets which I urge you to invest in are physical metals and cryptocurrencies—predominantly silver and Bitcoin. Precious metals have historically grown 10x, 20x, even 100x in value when a country’s economy collapses, so investing in silver and gold now could end up making you a very wealthy man in the next few years to come.

The demand for silver has also steadily been increasing, while the production of silver has been decreasing. It’s a precious metal needed for all sorts of computer-related purposes, and when the economy crashes, not only will it be in extremely high demand due to its intrinsic value, but tech companies will be forking over money left and right to get their hands on the stuff while they still can.

As for cryptocurrencies, I advocate the purchasing of Bitcoin. While some men have expressed concerns over the “cashless society,” I’m not too worried. I advocate using silver and cash for in-person transactions, but when it comes to the internet, bitcoin is far superior to credit card—it’s anonymous, self-regulating, and can’t be taxed or controlled by a government.

We’ve already seen bitcoin grow from less than a penny to its all time high of nearly $5,000 in just a few short years—a $13 investment in Bitcoin when it first came out would now be worth over $7 million. While some have expressed concerns over its volatility, rest assured, it will change the world. Investing in Bitcoin in 2017 is essentially like investing in Google in 2004. Men, make no mistake: this will be the single greatest investment opportunity for the next 20 years, at least.

2. Prepare Yourself Physically

If Hillary had been elected, this would have been priority number one—but thanks to the efforts of the manosphere, and various alternative media outlets, President Trump was put into office. I have great confidence that he will be able to face the threats of antifa and other Soros-funded organizations, but it’s still absolutely necessary that you prepare yourself physically in the event of a crisis.

Start with the basics like Starting Strength or Stronglifts in order to build a good foundation. Beyond this, you can upgrade to my Body of an Alpha program for a discount (since you read ROK), or maybe try a variation of the PHUL workout. Dr. Layne Norton’s PHAT is also a phenomenal advanced workout routine, although it’s very rigorous and is not recommended for beginners. Another free program that you can try is the Daniel Craig Workout, which is great for beginners to intermediate level gym goers.

If you’re trying to lose weight, consider counting your calories or going into on ketosis by following the steak and eggs diet. If you’re trying to bulk up, utilize mass gainers, complex carbohydrates, and bodybuilding supplements. It’s really not that complicated, and has already been written about before.

In addition to this, consider taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in addition to a striking art such as Muai Thai or boxing. Purchase some basic “bug out bag” materials, such as a tent, canned food, and a gun. While I do not believe that you will need to resort to physical combat, it could still easily happen. So far President Trump has been doing a good job of dealing with antifa and other far left terrorist organizations, but things could change in a heartbeat if our good old pals in the Bilderberg group decide to up their funding.

3. Network, Network, Network

There’s a reason why SJW’s and leftists tried so damn hard to shut down Roosh’s The State of Men tour—they understand that if men like us begin to network and organize, their anti-American agenda is toast. Liberals thrive by keeping conservatives apart from one another, and alienating us from other like-minded people. They understand that when they control the media, and make traditional men believe that they’re the only ones who think the way they do, it’s very difficult for them to take action.

As I’ve already discussed, however, there are far more men on our side than we believe—President Trump’s victory is evidence of this. Every single day I get emails from men all across the world, thanking me for writing what I write, and proclaiming their support for our traditionalist, masculine movement. Start going to activist organizations and expanding your social circle from there. Pro-Trump rallies, freedom of speech events, and the gym are great places to find men who you can side with.

The ROK and manosphere network is also a great one to surf through, and while it may be dangerous due to the number of SJW thought police lurking around every corner, it’ll be pretty damn hard to track you down if you use a fake name and a burner cell phone. Being a lone alpha some twenty years ago could work, but now the time has come for men to re-create their dominance hierarchies and reclaim the west.


In short, the chances of a massive economic collapse that renders our society destroyed is not extremely likely, although it’s quite plausible that it could happen within the next few years. Even if our society isn’t decimated like Venezuela or Zimbabwe, we will at least experience a massive economic crash over the next year or two. While President Trump has certainly tried his best to circumnavigate this impending doom, the globalist elites and the (((federal reserve))) are intent on destroying this country from within.

It’s incredibly important, for both you and your family’s sake, that you prepare yourself accordingly. Allocate a large portion of your investments into silver, gold, Bitcoin, and Ethereum—when the shit hits the fan, these assets will explode in value. Spend some time training, which you should already be doing. Take up classes at a local boxing gym, because even having a rudimentary knowledge of fighting will prepare you fairly well for a fight.

Lastly, start networking with other like-minded men, because they’re the ones who will truly help you out if things go south. Reach out to old friends, connect with new ones, and become active within pro-Trump circles in order to weather this upcoming storm. If you play your cards right, you could be a hell of a lot better off after it passes than before.

Nancy Pelosi Gets Shouted Down by “Dreamers” Demanding Amnesty for 11 Million Bean People

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 18, 2017

One of the things that has happened as a result of Donald Trump trying to work with some of the Democrats is that it has caused their base to go completely insane. They can’t fathom how Democrats would ever consider working with a Neo-Nazi, White supremacist like Trump.

Take in point what happened with Nancy Pelosi today. She was holding a news conference defending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program or DACA and she was met with an angry mob of anchor babies demanding amnesty for 11 million bean people.

NY Post:

Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi was shouted out of a news conference she was holding to defend the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program on Monday by a vocal group of Dreamers who blamed Democrats for being complicit with President Trump in ending the Obama-era initiative.

Pelosi, standing behind a podium decorated with a sign that said ​#protectdreamers, said, “Make America dream again. We must strike while the iron is hot and get this done in a matter of days.”

But a group of about 30 young people descended on the large room where the House minority leader stood with other local lawmakers from the San Francisco area and began chanting slogans.

“We, the undocumented youth, will not be a marketing chip for Trump,” they recited in unison. “Democrats created an out-of-control deportation machine and handed it over to Trump. We demand accountability.”

As Pelosi stood there with her staff, the crowd of protesters closed in on her, surrounding those assembled for the news conference.

The footage is pretty funny. They completely shut her news conference down and called her a liar.

The problem the Democrats are having is that their base mostly consists of radical Communists and non-Whites. These are groups of people who can’t be reasoned with. It is dragging the party more and more towards Marxism and away from the political center. It has left longtime Democrat mainstays like Pelosi in a tough spot. There is so much hatred for Trump among their base that any attempt to work with him is seen as a massive betrayal.

As you can see in the clip, they did about Pelosi actually being a big supporter of DACA. They’re angry that she’s not pushing hard enough for amnesty and even angrier that she’s been working with Trump.

We’ll probably see more clips like this over the next year or so leading into the 2018 mid-term election. The Democrat base is completely unhinged.

News: Male Authority and Traditionalism (TFM 42O)

Without male authority, Traditionalism is slavery.

A segment of the 9/13/2017 episode of TFM 42O.

Do families drive men to suicide? A study from Kerala says yes…

Do families drive men to suicide? A study from Kerala says yes
A study conducted in Kerala found that 75 percent of men who take their own lives belong to the marriage rates of divorce, and the lack of mens rights in family courts.
When you take away the compensation that men received in families and relationships, because they fought and sacrificed for the family and the nation, their authority over their marriages and families, you leave no benefit for men in marriages and relationships, then you divorce rape the man over hot coals, leaving them with even less than nothing, you turn them into slaves, and they kill themselves.

If Trump Gives Amnesty to DACA Babies, Turning His Base Against Him will be Simple

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 14, 2017

Donald Trump in Chicago

So, weird happenings with DACA.

Last night, the Democrats announced that they had struck a deal to keep the bloodsucking DACA babies.


Then this morning Trump announced that wasn’t true.

Then he went on to praise the bloodsucking DACA babies and say we all really want them here anyway.

The good and bad news here – sort of maybe – is that this will be the end of the Trump Presidency.

His entire base will revolt against him. The whole thing will collapse.

The good part of that is that it would be a clean break – no more questions about where anyone stands. Trump is clearly being blackmailed and threatened and manipulated and whatever else – but that ultimately makes no difference when it comes to the facts of reality, which is that either he does what he said he was going to do or he does not.

The bad part, of course, is that we actually believed Trump was going to do at least some of what he said – amnesty negates everything, because these people are going to vote anti-white and we will never have a country again. At least not without bloodshed.

If the DACA bloodsuckers get amnesty, there will be no more claims of 4D chess.

Because we all know that DACA amnesty is just the first step in a larger amnesty program, which will reshape the face of America completely.

However, another good part is that it would cause the Alt-Right to explode in popularity. We would be the only game in town.

The Alt-Lite media has tied itself directly to Trump to such an extent that they have no identity independent of him. This is why Alex Jones has been reduced to claiming that Trump is being secretly drugged without his knowledge (but Jones knows about it).

So it’s a very weird moment right now.

I’m not sure what will happen next, but either way, it will probably be weird.

I can’t imagine that Trump was “testing the waters” – he already knew what these waters were.

If DACA stays, the show is over. In a whole bunch of different ways.

But then: a new show will begin.

The momentum is all there.

Baltimore: National Anthem Composer Francis Scott Key Monument Defaced

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 14, 2017


America’s national anthem is racist because anything relating to White people is racist and must be shut down!

Many of us were saying early on that these attacks against Confederate monuments in Southern states would lead to attacks on anything related to White historical figures. Even Donald Trump said that this was a likely scenario right after the Battle of Charlottesville. We are now seeing it start to happen.

Earlier this week, a group of domestic terrorists from anti-fascist and Black Lives Matter groups placed a tarp over a Thomas Jefferson statue. Jefferson one of the founding fathers of the United States was called a “racist rapist” by the anti-White mob.

In addition to the Jefferson statue incident, a monument dedicated to Francis Scott Key was vandalized.

Baltimore Sun:

Mayor Catherine Pugh says she has no plans to remove the Francis Scott Key monument in Bolton Hill that was vandalized before dawn Wednesday and has directed art preservation experts to determine the cost of cleaning it.

Exactly 203 years after the Maryland attorney wrote the poem that would later become the national anthem, the city awoke to find the words “Racist Anthem” spray-painted on the Eutaw Place monument and red paint splashed on it.

The third stanza of Key’s poem includes a reference accusing the British of encouraging American slaves to join the fight against their masters.

City officials said they know of no way to prevent future vandalism, short of catching the person or people responsible. Police don’t have any suspects or surveillance footage of the incident.

“Ultimately, it’s going to come down to them being caught and charged,” police spokesman T.J. Smith said.

So now the national anthem itself and the man who wrote it are racist. What is not racist at this point? They’re attacking any and all White male historical figures who played crucial roles in creating what the United States is today. It couldn’t be any more obvious that their goal is to erase White history. It doesn’t matter that the United States was founded by Whites and for Whites. Their view is that anything relating to White people is racist and that alone is justification for shutting it down.

They will not succeed with this insanity. It was one thing to attack Confederate monuments but attacking the Founding Fathers and the man who wrote the national anthem is beyond the pale. It is only going to further radicalize White people to the point where they will join us.

They’re  going way too far with this and it will be their eventual undoing. Calling every White person who ever lived a racist, White supremacist, Nazi person is not a good political strategy but I hope they keep doing it. It is becoming a great recruiting tool for our movement!

Definitive Proof Heather Heyer Wasn’t Even Hit by a Car

Charlottesville Reactions: What Took Trump and Toomey So Long? | News ...

#OpNotMyBro: Definitive Proof Heather Heyer Wasn’t Even Hit by a Car

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2017

It is conclusive: Heather Heyer was not ever hit by James Fields’ Dodge, she wasn’t hit by any of the cars that the Dodge bumped into. She was standing around near the accident and got knocked over by people and then died of a heart attack.

Following Hunter Wallace’s work in reconstructing Heyer’s movements on the day of the Charlottesville event, a YouTuber was able to indentify Heather in one of the videos of the crash, and show that she basically just fell down and died because she was so fat.

You notice that the media has ceased talking about this. This is because they had access already to the fact that “blunt force trauma” was not included in the autopsy report.

The media was hoping we would never find out.

But we have found out. This entire event was a gigantic scam and a hoax. As fake as Trayvon Martin being an innocent baby, as fake as weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. A gigantic Jewish hoax.

The Face of This Hoax

The bulbous face of this hoax remains Heather Heyer’s sloppy fat lying mother Susan Bro, who continues to pretend as though “white supremacy” had something to do with her daughter’s death. However, if the dumb bitch had taken the advice of “white supremacists” like me and gone on the paleo diet, switched to vape from Newports, exercised and done intermittent fasting, there is no way she would have died from getting bumped over.

The slob Susan Bro, who looks like MODOK, is on the war path against whites.

She has created “The Heather Heyer Foundation” which appears to be a fraudulent way to illegally collect money.

You can email that foundation here, and ask for evidence that it is not just a scam:

She doesn’t put a phone number on there, but I’m sure we can find one – even though I’m not sure this foundation actually exists, they have to have some kind of a phone number if they are pretending to.

We need to continue to demand that she issue an apology to white people and specifically to James Fields, whom she has wrongly accused of murder.

James Fields will Walk

The media is silent because they know no murder charge is going to stick.

James Fields is going to go lose on reckless driving. Maybe do six months in jail. They’re going to try to drag the thing out as long as possible, so people forget about what happened.

So another thing we need to push for is a speedy trial for James Fields.

The narrative has already collapsed. This video of Heyer dying after getting knocked over by a guy moving out of the way seals the deal. There is nothing left of it.

They aren’t going to try to litigate it like they did Trayvon and Michael Brown, because whites are not as stupid as the blacks. They’re trying to drag it out a while and then quietly bury it.

But I am going to put together a fund for James Fields to do a speaking tour explaining his side of the story once he gets out, which should be within a couple of months.

All the Charlottesville conspiracy theories from Trump's Friends in ...

Need more evidence this was a hoax by the fake media masters?

Tubby SJW Heather Heyer Died of a Heart Attack

By Phillip Marlowe

Now normally I’m not one to give women a ration of crap. And I genuinely like women with a few curves. A few mind you. But the leftist media turned the tubby, practically obese Heather Heyer into a “Social Justice Warrior” (SJW) hero of the ages, for chrissakes. A ridiculous martyr figure created on the spot to make any of us pro-White activists and/or pro-Robert E. Lee protestors at Charlottesville look so evil. The PC narrative spinners love victims — made up or not. Hell, they acted like the two dead State police helicopter pilots, killed in a supposed accident after the event, was the fault of all us White “haters” on the ground. Totally insane.

This is NOT Heather Heyer in the blue top. Heather was dressed in all black and on the other side of the street. See videos below.

They purposefully let people imagine Heyer died a bloody, gruesome death at the hands of a “White supremacist” behind the wheel of that Dodge Challenger. They wanted the American people to think the poor girl was squashed like a bug.

But it has since come out she really had a heart attack and wasn’t even touched by the car itself (other leftys did land on her trying to jump out of the way). That’s bad and all, but this is a prime example how FAKE NEWS conveniently forgets to mention a few details to embellish the brainwashing. They do this all the time to fill White people with lefty crap. They know exactly the right buttons to push.

If you’re a critically thinking White person, you got to stop and think about all this lying liberal media BS. Sure, you’re a live and let live kind of guy or gal, not wanting to hurt anyone just because of the color of their skin. OK, I get that. But what if you had secret, very rich and powerful people off in the shadows someplace actively manipulating your feelings and of those around you? Don’t you get the clever trickery these media whores are up to?

I mean, the lefty PC bull crap is not really all that hidden. You can even spot it yourself if you pay attention to what they push constantly on TV. Watch CNN or HBO for 10 minutes. It’s not exactly tin foil hat conspiracy business.

The mom says she died of a heart attack in a NBC interview.

I actually know fairly well that part of the country where Heather Heyer is from. Let me tell you that had the woman died fighting in defense of the statue of Robert E. Lee or God forbid the White race, they would be saying she was inbred TRAILER TRASH quite openly on mainstream TV. For sure. They might chill on the fat descriptions, though, yet would still smirkingly show any recent fat photos so you note that to yourself. Get the hypocrite trickery out of the leftwing media?

Now the brainwashers long ago knew they had better deal with gun-toting rural Whites so they don’t present a problem for the “Agenda.” So they tailored all kinds of things to manipulate these people over the years. I’ve seen it all myself with my own two eyes. Specific, targeted social engineering of this demographic.

Not only is Danica Patrick a fairly competent driver (in the top third), but she’s also a good-looking White gal, too.

To this day they are still trying to find ways to “niggerize” NASCAR racing, yet have trouble finding any black driver worth a crap. NASCAR drivers are not only physically tough, but are situational aware, intelligent and have real backbone. Things Negroes have problems with.

But I will admit they are good at excitedly running around, back and forth with a B-ball.

You know why Danica Patrick is a reasonably successful driver? Because she’s a White gal, that’s why. But no one is going to dare say that because of all the self-elected PC police out there running amok. That’s how bad it is — us Whites aren’t allowed to take the least pride in our race before all the creeps start screaming bloody murder!

I’ve fly fished for Brookies all over that area where Heather’s parents live (Ruckersville, Virginia). And I’ve bought a few mason jars of moonshine in my time not that far away. I like the Plum over Rocket Rye, but then again I’m a “pussy flatlander”(not really — I’ve lived all over). Hell, I’ve even smoked a few big fat spleefs with the boys up in the hills. I used to go dove hunting a lot in the same area as that somewhat famous (the phony reality TV show “Moonshiners” on Discovery) Moonshiner Tim Smith is from. That’s only a little southwest of Charlottesville.

And sure, Heather’s mom was naturally upset over her chubby daughter’s untimely death (maybe not so untimely with her weight), but you could see she was soon digging all that media attention in the days that followed. She was eating it up like a hog rooting in grandma’s back garden! You see, that’s the thing with the media. They know human nature well. Everyone loves getting on TV. And I’m certain the pin-suited fat cats up in NYC were also eating it up. Yeeehaw! They love it when Whites play the part in their own destruction for free.

Anyhoo, getting back to the main dealy with my site, the filthy Jews have most definitely been brainwashing us decent White people by using our own good graces against us.

I’m going to make a blanket statement to all my White brethren up in the hills: These dirty elite bastards have been laughing about you from day-one. These are the creeps really behind all the moral and social upheavals in America. All the sick BS you see on TV and the movies is due to these dirtbags. They are literally behind opening our lands to terrorist Muzzies and criminal blacks from Africa. What they have been doing is gradually turning us Whites into a pussified, spat-upon minority in our own lands, so we don’t do anything about it until it’s too late.

White people: It’s time to haul down the musket off the mantle!

Watch the video yourself:


In this cellphone video taken at Charlottesville, you can see at :22 Heather walking in front of the camera and her pigtail swinging. She only has seconds to live.