Duterte Admits ‘Fascism,’ Ends Peace Talks With Communists and Vows Crackdown on Left

Duterte Admits ‘Fascism,’ Ends Peace Talks With Communists and Vows Crackdown on Left

We are glad to see one leader stand against the evils of communism and begin to exterminate that vile anti-life group from the face of the earth. Communist, whether violent or peaceful, must be destroyed, their believers exterminated, rounded up and put in mass graves, its belief system declared illegal, and punishable by death.

As the Philippines president cancels peace talks with NPA guerrillas and vows to crack down on legal activists, we speak to BAYAN Secretary-General Renato Reyes, Jr. in this teleSUR exclusive.

 Duterte Admits

President Rodrigo Duterte has terminated peace talks with the New People’s Army (NPA), the armed wing of the underground Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), while vowing to treat combatants in East Asia’s longest-running communist insurgency as “terrorists.”

“I will follow America, since they say that I am an American boy,” Duterte said. “OK, granted, I will admit that I am a fascist. I will categorize you already as a terrorist.”

Both the CPP and the NPA have been included in the official U.S. government list of foreign terrorist organizations since 2002, shortly after then-President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo announced her own campaign to defeat them.

“We look at such threats as part of a greater plan to impose a fascist dictatorship.”

On Wednesday, the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Secretary Jesus Dureza finally announced the formal cancellation of the peace talks.

“We are hereby announcing today the cancellation of all planned meetings with the CPP/NPA/NDF in line with President Duterte’s directive that there will be no more peace talks with them,” Dureza said.

“There will be no peace negotiations anymore with the CPP/NPA/NDF until such time as the desired enabling environment conducive to a change in the government’s position becomes evident … Never before have we all reached this far in our negotiations with them,” he added.

Since 1986, Manila has been engaged in on-again, off-again peace talks with the National Democratic Front, the united front representing the communist fighters and allied social movements.

While Duterte initially championed the peace process, which hinged on the implementation of an ambitious socio-economic reform agenda known as CASER, the negotiations were derailed in May after he declared martial law in Mindanao and launched a devastating five-month siege on alleged “Islamic State-aligned” rebels in Marawi City.

Duterte has lashed out at the reds for making “unreasonable demands” while failing to unilaterally “stand down” and halt their military operations.

The president has also threatened to crack down on legal social movements and mass organizations such as Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – the New Patriotic Alliance, or BAYAN – for allegedly “conspiring” with the guerrillas.

The threat is taken seriously by the labor unions, progressive student groups, human rights watchdogs, opposition politicians and other mass organizations united with BAYAN, the alliance’s Secretary-General Renato Reyes, Jr., told teleSUR.

“(We remain) prepared and vigilant and look at such threats as part of a greater plan to impose a fascist dictatorship,” Reyes explained.

Groups such as human rights monitor KARAPATAN, farmworkers’ and peasants’ unions, and housing rights group Kadamay have all reported the arbitrary detention of several of their members in the past week alone.

BAYAN Secretary-General Renato Reyes, Jr. (C) raises his fist while speaking to a demonstration marking 45 years since Ferdinand Marcos declared martial martial law. | Photo: BAYAN

On Monday, the Communist Party issued an acerbic dismissal of Duterte’s latest threats.

Following SONA, Communists Vow to Intensify Fight Against ‘Tired US Puppet’ Duterte 

“Duterte is nothing if not consistent in his fascist rants and acts, using even the tired excuse of the progressive left ‘conspiring’ with the NPA, to constantly kowtow to the wishes of the higher echelons of the U.S.-controlled armed forces,” the CPP Information Bureau said.

“He has resorted to namecalling and threats so many times, in so many forms, that the people have grown weary of his constant harping. Emboldened by the recent Trump approval of his strongman rule, he is bent on eliminating all opposition, legal and otherwise.

“The people recognize these threats against the revolutionary and progressive movement for what they are: to eliminate the strongest and most consistent opposition to his fascist rule, silence dissent against his anti-people and pro-imperialist policies and further perpetuate himself in power through a one-man rule.”

Much of the Philippines left has made no secret of their sympathy toward the NPA, which they see as the armed branch of a genuine people’s government fighting for national independence and democracy, guided by a socialist perspective. In the eyes of organizers such as Reyes, the NPA can’t be defeated unless the social roots of the armed conflict are addressed.

“Duterte’s recent threats of designating the NPA as a terrorist organization, following the U.S. line, will not accomplish anything except the intensified attacks on the people. It certainly will not stop the NPA from waging revolutionary struggle.

“The threat of a terrorist listing may also be used by Duterte to force the revolutionary forces to surrender, but that won’t likely happen. In any case, if he does push through with it, it has the effect of terminating talks.”

Trump and Duterte stand with ASEAN leaders in Manila. | Photo: Philippine Presidential Palace

As recently as Oct. 20, Duterte had hinted that he would resume the negotiations with the NDFP, telling reporters: “I have to talk to the NPA still.” Since the conclusion of the ASEAN leaders’ summit in Manila and the visit of U.S. President Donald Trump, however, Duterte assumed a far more bellicose tone that precipitated Wednesday’s cancellation of the peace process.

Filipinos Remember Martial Law Under Marcos While Resisting ‘US-Duterte Fascism’

“The timing of the threat is not surprising since Duterte and Trump reaffirmed U.S.-Philippine relations,” Reyes said. “Trump has increased military aid to the Philippines – Duterte may be thinking that U.S. support for counter-insurgency, terror listing and Martial Law are enough to defeat the revolutionary forces.

“His imagined ‘conspiracy’ between the NPA and the legal organizations under Bayan is meant to justify increased political repression in order to eliminate the most effective resistance to fascist dictatorship, human rights abuses, anti-people economic impositions and increased U.S. intervention.”

Fuck off you communist scum, prepare to die.

On Tuesday, Duterte also threatened to shut down mines that pay “revolutionary taxes” to the Maoist combatants, accusing mine operators of depositing money in bank accounts maintained by the fighters in exchange for allowing their operations to continue.

“If I go against the communists, then everybody has to reconfigure their relationship with the New People’s Army,” he said. “If you support them financially, I will close you down.”

Foreign-owned mining operations have an extensive presence throughout rural regions of the Philippines, digging for gold, nickel, copper, chromite and coal. The Mines and Geosciences Bureau say the country had an estimated US$840 billion worth of untapped mineral wealth as of 2012, making the Philippines a “prime piece of real estate” from an extractivist standpoint (to paraphrase Trump).

Members of the NPA stand at attention. | Photo: PRWC

The activities of foreign miners have resulted in militarization, land grabs and extensive environmental damage to the ancestral lands of national minorities such as the Lumad, Cordillera and Moro peoples. Indigenous peoples are among the most consistent supporters of the NPA, who are seen as defenders of their land and livelihood from the process of “imperialist plunder” facilitated by local comprador elites.

Philippine Farmworker Leader and Agrarian Reform Chief Mariano Ousted from Duterte Govt

Predictably, the country’s mining bosses have eagerly welcomed the president’s promises to wipe out the NPA and are pledging to comply with Duterte’s new directive.

“We do not condone any member supporting the New People’s Army through the payment of revolutionary taxes,” said Ronald Recidoro, executive director at the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines.

“This is clearly against the law and they really should be prosecuted if they are found to be supporting these organizations. And if closure is warranted, that is within the prerogative of the president.”

Recidero also complained that some miners had experienced their equipment being burned by the NPA because of a refusal to pay the taxes.

During his speech, Duterte further promised to build the military’s domestic counter-insurgency capabilities. “I am fighting a rebellion… I have to build a strong army,” he said, noting that the military would acquire 23 attack helicopters in the near future.

Despite the threats from Malacañang, the communists continue to project confidence in their ability to withstand the announced all-out war.

“Duterte is wrong in thinking that the revolutionary movement will just roll over and surrender in the face of his rants,” the CPP said.

“He is wrong in thinking that the progressive movement will be cowed with his threats of a crackdown and mass arrests. The democratic mass movement will continue to strengthen itself by organizing, propaganda and militant mobilizations, while the revolutionary forces will continue advancing the people’s war comprehensively to achieve genuine democracy and national sovereignty.”

Likewise, Reyes is sure that Duterte’s attacks on the Philippines left are doomed to backfire. “Duterte’s pronouncements will only fan the flames of struggle – he would be the best argument on why revolutionary struggle is needed.

“Marcos in 1972 attempted to do the same, but his dictatorship was eventually overthrown and the mass movement grew. Any attempt to impose a dictatorship now will be met with fierce resistance by the people.”

ALL communist of every brand, leftist, progressive, whatever name they call themselves, MUST be exterminated from the earth.

It Was A Nightmare To Work In A 90% Female Workplace

by William Adams

William Adams is a European explorer and straightforward intellectual. Rooted in the West, he temporarily leaves home for more exotic excursions. Focuses primarily on Western and East Asian culture, and global economics.

Two years ago in Sweden I had a one-year contract at a 90% female environment, a college workplace dedicated to subjects such as beauty and fashion, where I observed many patterns regarding sex differences.

Before I continue, it is pertinent to add that there is significant variation among women. Even in schools with somewhat lower average grades and test scores, some girls are intelligent, diligent, talented, and showcase agreeable behavior. Some are even relatively competent, easy to work with, and not overly sensitive. With that said, this was a predominantly negative experience for a variety of reasons.

Widespread neuroticism

A constant problem was crying, yelling, and being absent as a consequence of depression and various psychosocial health issues. After a while all I could do is sigh.

Far-reaching coddle

Another troubling component was the never-ending coddle of female students, mainly from the female co-workers. The underlying pedagogic idea is that a safe and pleasant environment will create happy and motivated individuals. Girls need special treatment in order to fully thrive, some suggest.

Although it is indeed true that more authoritarian manners may severely backfire, coddling girls leads to a vicious cycle. If no one draws the line, it will constantly be moved, at the expense of self-discipline and responsibility.

If the principle and teachers take ridiculous claims seriously, mainly from manipulative, histrionic or neurotic girls who are the least likely to make substantial assertions on just about anything, the organization puts itself in a tenuous position.

Additionally, the entire concept of treating people, soon to be adults, as borderline retarded kids appears to be pure nonsense that only further accelerates social decline.

Backstabbing and herd mentality

If only one percent of the females decide that they will not accept that you yelled at them once when they were acting moronic during class, or they have identified “offensive” thoughts about Oriental women on your personal blog, many of their female friends will follow suit and band together. They’ll quickly flock around the female staff, the principle in particular, and even involve parents, with the aim to restore their notion of justice.

Such obstacles can be solved in the end, often through strategic diplomacy and benevolent manipulation, but they will nevertheless create stress and unease.

Male workers hunker down or quit

Two consequences of a female-dominated workplace, where masculinity has to be severely curtailed, are that males hunker down or quit. I saw a gradual decline of the percentage of male workers within the small span of just a year.

When you are not allowed to be yourself, sometimes not even in the slightest, you have to dwell inside a shell. Although it would be quite pathetic to complain about such conditions, a majorly masculine man simply wants to spend time in an environment which does not decrease his overall well-being.

The secondary becomes the primary

Instead of focusing on results, skills, and enabling students and teachers to work undisturbed, silly campaigns became the major focus. For example, for one week everyone had to say “Hello” to just all of whom they happened to meet. Even the students with the weakest intellectual faculties considered this idea, which unsurprisingly a female co-worker came up with, as peculiarly inane and stupid.

Females are generally more emotional and gregarious, whereas men are more rational and assertive. When the female elements become the dominant forces, the environment will change accordlingly.

In summary

To work in such a female-dominated environment may likely have a negative impact on a man’s well-being and is not to be recommended. The quality of work may also decline because of females’ penchant for emotional and interpersonal nonsense. A more balanced demography or a male-dominated environment are obviously preferred.

For more of William Adams’ material, check out his website Syncretic Politics.


Lost Argentinian Submarine has 44 People on Board, But Judenpress Only Cares About Female Officer

Men Don’t Matter in the world today, we built everything, but our lives don’t mean shit to our governments or the media.

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 20, 2017

Even though November 19th was supposedly “International Men’s Day,” the only name of the 44 trapped crewmen trapped on board the Argentinian submarine the media is releasing is that of the vessel’s only female officer: Eliana Krawczyk.

Women don’t belong in the military. Women should not be put in charge of other people’s lives, or heavy machinery. Krawczyk is the first woman in Latin America to be put in such a position, which makes sense since (what’s left of) Argentina is a Western country with a large Jewish population rapidly exterminating and replacing its whites.

The military of Argentina – once the gatekeeper against corruption and a check on Jewish power – is one of the major institutions where Argentine whites have become a minority in younger generations.

Even if competence wasn’t a factor, putting a female (no matter what she looks like) in a small ship with dozens of men is a recipe for morale problems, in-fighting, etc. We all know she is fucking one or multiple crew men during voyages.

This is a distraction, the battlefield is man’s sacred space.

But even in situations like this, the media promotes its feminist ideology.


Among the 44 crew members is Eliana Krawczyk, the first female submarine officer in Argentina.



La jeune femme de 35 ans fait partie des 44 sous-mariniers présents à bord de l’Ara San Juan, le bâtiment porté disparu depuis mercredi.

La réception de quelques signaux satellitaires a ravivé l’espoir de retrouver l’Ara San Juan, le sous-marin dont l’armée argentine est sans nouvelles depuis mercredi. Mais les 44 sous-mariniers restent pour l’heure introuvables. Parmi eux, Eliana Maria Krawczyk, 35 ans, devenue en 2012 la première femme d’Argentine officier de sous-marin et peut-être, selon sa déclaration lors d’une interview, la première d’Amérique latine.


Primera Edicion:

El submarino ARA San Juan perdió todo tipo de comunicación con tierra hace más de 48 horas. Entre sus tripulantes se encuentra Eliana María Krawczyk, la obereña que es pionera en la Armada Argentina por ser la primera mujer submarinista en obtener un cargo de alto rango.

Ahora su familia espera con ansias que la misión de rescate del navío sea exitosa y que las 44 personas a bordo estén a salvo. Hasta el cierre de la edición continuaba la intensa búsqueda en la zona de Puerto Madryn, Chubut.

What about the 43 young men on the submarine, do they have families that miss them or did they pop out of the dirt like a potato?

German, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, etc press are all profiling this woman and giving her plight special attention. Almost 0 acknowledgement is given to the rest of the crew.

Seeing the situation of this ship, there is a good chance they will die. And nobody will know who they are outside of this one woman.

But that’s not smart of the ideologues in my opinion. What if they can’t find them in time and it turns out the submarine malfunctioned thanks to an error by the “first female officer”?

I won’t be a speculative jerk, but whether that is true or not, let’s not pretend women taking roles like this in the military are anything more than a novelty put out there for propaganda reasons.

Eliana Krawczyk judging from her photos online, skipped on her maternal rite to have children to do this bullshit. If she doesn’t have health-related infertility, where is the honor in that?

That’s why they’re celebrating her.

California ZOG

How is it that jews persist in White societies? How is it that the jews maintain their positions of power, while wielding those positions to such deleterious effects on Whites in their own communities? Replete with drastic biological differences including readily observable distinct phenotypical traits and foreign genetics, the jews could easily be classified as a separate species from Whites. If taxonomic standards were applied consistently across the various classes of animals, Whites, jews, and the other races of man would clearly be separate species. Aside from their alien genetics, the jews are culturally unassimilable because they have their own distinct culture, which they protect with an unwavering jewish racial supremacism. They cannot tolerate the achievements of the White race and White civilization, which by their mere existence expose the degenerate jewish culture, miscegenated genetic inheritance, and the idiotic evil of their death-cult religion. It is out of hatred and envy, documented for all to see in the repellant talmud, that the jews actively work to undermine White societies and destroy the White race. Given that the jews are a dangerous and ultimately fatal parasite to White existence, it took centuries of infiltration, subversion, and indoctrination to enstupidate White societies into permitting the pernicious presence of jews, and to have them sink low enough to celebrate a thoroughly judaized culture. The current disastrously kosher state of affairs is only sustainable through an obscene act of doublethink: the jews are simultaneously the most downtrodden, persecuted, disenfranchised victims, while also occupying positions of the most extraordinary financial, political, and social power.

A cornerstone in the perpetuation of a Zionist occupied government (ZOG), is a subversion of the laws that ostensibly govern a society. The jewish corruption of governments and laws is amply described in Protocol No. 5:

We shall create an intensified centralization of government in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community.  We shall regulate mechanically all the actions of the political life of our subjects by new laws.  These laws will withdraw one by one all the indulgences and liberties which have been permitted by the goyim, and our kingdom will be distinguished by a despotism of such magnificent proportions as to be at any moment and in every place in a position to wipe out any goyim who opposes us by deed or word.”

In the California failed state, a once-great White homeland that is now ruled by a ZOG, the implementation of Protocol No. 5 has proceeded at a terrifying pace. From removing the “indulgence” of freedom of assembly with draconian desegregation and anti-diversity diversity laws, to criminalizing the “liberty” of free speech with perverse “hate speech” and “hate crime” laws, the California ZOG has achieved the kosher despotism sought by the evil jews. One need only look at a recent history of California’s demographics to see proof of the ZOG using its power to wipe out the Whites: the goyim who opposed the rat-faced men by deed and word. Recently, the jews of Kabbalafornia celebrated another expansion of the ZOG’s power through the enactment of yet more laws that will accelerate the destruction of the remaining Whites.

Since March, JCRC [Jewish Community Relations Council] has worked with community members, advocates and policymakers to advance bills addressing the concerns of our community. Below is a list of bills, budget items, and resolutions which we supported during the legislative session… JCRC will continue to advocate, often in coalition with other communities, for a just society and for security for all minority groups”

Always on the lookout for the best interests of the unclean meat, the rootless traveling merchant has an amazing deal for you! As experts in telling others what is The Right Thing To DoTM, the jews have organized thousands of “community relations” organizations across the USSA to ensure a never ending expansion of laws favorable to the parasite and fatal to the host. Of course, all these organizations are tax-exempt and “charitable” because these are g*d’s chosen people, and the rules only apply to the goyim.

AB 291 provides a set of legal protections for tenants against unscrupulous landlords who might otherwise try to use immigration status as a way of intimidating tenants who have exercised, or who are about to exercise, their housing rights.”

This horrific law will be used to criminalize the mere existence of rental property, and will inevitably be selectively enforced against Whites. Under this jewish-orchestrated usurpation of the law, you can now face the full brunt of state power if you refuse to rent property to illegal foreign invaders. Thanks to jewish conniving from the JCRC, California landlords now have the choice of violating federal immigration laws by renting to illegals, and violating AB 291 by refusing to rent to illegals. Combine this new, unavoidable violation of contradictory laws with the federal and state civil asset forfeiture laws, and we can look forward to a wave of people being dispossessed of their property for the benefit of greedy ZOG operatives and their jewish handlers. There never was a clearer example of the old witticism: with the jews, you lose!

AB 450 enacts a set of restrictions on California employers to ensure that the assistance they give to federal immigration enforcement activity in the workplace goes no further than what is required by law and that workers have sufficient notice and opportunity to correct any inaccuracies in their employment eligibility records before employers take adverse action against them in connection with immigration enforcement audits.”

The jews have been busy ensuring that their bipedal biological weapons are immune from repercussions. This is another example of the jewish strategy of using the natural propensity of Whites to abide by laws, to force them into untenable situations and eventually punish them with an abusive, out of control police state. California employers have to cooperate with federal immigration authorities and their enforcement operations on pain of obstruction of justice charges, but if they cooperate too much California will now brand them as criminals. How much is too much cooperation? Only the jews behind the curtains can say for certain, but be assured that if you’re a White employer being overly cooperative with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, you’ll probably be prosecuted for a hate crime under AB 450.

SB 31 prohibits the state from cooperating with any religion-based registry or watch list.  This bill, an urgency measure, prohibits public agencies and public employees from sharing specified information with federal authorities for the purpose of compiling a registry or database of individuals based on religion, national origin, or ethnicity, or otherwise assisting or participating in the creation, implementation, or enforcement of such a registry or database.”

More jewish disingenuousness in service of protecting their sewage-colored primitives being used to overwhelm White homelands and eradicate Whites through violence and miscegenation. Initially described as intended to prevent “religion-based watch lists,” a quick perusal of the semitic fine print reveals that SB 31 also prevents any consideration of national origin or ethnicity when enforcing laws. This awful law, in the best case scenario, will prevent state and local law enforcement from protecting society from crimes perpetrated by any and all hostile foreigners, whether they be immigrants, colonists, or armed invaders. Good luck getting any accurate crime statistics once the jews succeed in removing any information about national origin or ethnicity from police reports through the threat of prosecution under SB 31.

SB 54 prohibits state and local law enforcement agencies and school police and security departments from using resources to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes.”

The disastrous jewish march through the institutions continues with a nonsensical new law that prevents any investigation or enforcement of immigration violations; essentially a law that criminalizes enforcing laws. SB 54 is perhaps the most pernicious of these terrible Kabbalafornian laws, in that it advances Protocol No. 5 more than the others. By preventing any state or local immigration enforcement, the jews are attempting to force the “intensified centralization of government.” For without state-level support for the enforcement of immigration laws, the federal government will have to grossly expand its police presence in the state, with immigration enforcement as the pretext for doing so.

Legal Services for Immigrants: The budget which passed included $30 million for the next three years in order to augment existing funding, bringing the total to $45 million…Non-Profit Security Grants: The California Non-profit Security Grant was funded for $2 million dollars in the 2017-18 state budget.”

No kosher agenda is complete without some mention of the shekels. Predictably, the jews want the remaining Whites to pay for their own annihilation. So alien invaders, brought here by jews to destroy White homelands, will be given $45 million worth of lawyers to litigiously prey upon the native population. No need to provide legal services for the native Whites, but the jews have endless amounts of your money to spend for the benefit of the Mestizo and Moose-limb monsters who are here to savagely destroy the remaining vestiges of White civilization. And just to make sure the jewish organizations like the JCRC are well protected, Kabbalafornia is now providing publicly funded security for them!

The state of California is a walking corpse. All its utility and vitality as a homeland for the White people who created it has been defiled and consumed by the jewish parasites and the opportunistic, brown welfare colonists in their service who are here to scavenge the carrion. It exists as a sickening laboratory, in which jews experiment with the promotion of the darkest, unimaginable perversions and the most unnatural, soulless forms of diversity and miscegenation. It exists to debase Whites morally, to reverse any civilizational or genetic advances hard won by Whites, and ultimately to devolve Whites into the seething, moronic mass of brown slaves promised by the detestable talmud. The jewish parasite colonies have burrowed deeply into the body politic of this once-great White homeland, and now use its resources to fund and protect the bipedal biological weapons the jews use to ensure that no safe White homelands remain. The jews hide behind altruistic-sounding organizations in the shallowest of attempts to disguise their evil. We must stand firm and unmoved by the duplicitous jewish bleatings of “humanity” and “compassion” as they commit genocide against us. We must not allow jews to dictate the laws which govern our society. We must stop White genocide.

Source article: https://jcrc.org/news-events/blog/jcrc-legislative-wrap-up-2017



Jews Can’t Handle the Truth

The jews have a stranglehold on many of the institutions that control American culture, but their grip is not unbreakable. Just like their financial (((Ponzi))) schemes, a stiff breeze of fresh air can topple the fetid jewish domination of the media and education. The genetically instilled arrogance of the jews prevents them from maintaining subtlety and restraint once they have, in their minds, solidified their parasitic control of certain sectors of a host society. They perpetuate and promote the most perverse acts of degeneracy, and encourage others to do likewise, while they feel secure in their positions as professors and producers. Any truths that penetrate the kosher academic echo chambers are met with hysterical jewish wailing and garment rending, followed quickly by mention of the holohoax, the 6 gazillion, electric belts, and bedroom furniture. Unfailingly, some shabboz goy is trotted out by his Hebraic handlers to publicly self-flagellate, tell “fellow Whites” how bad they are, and perhaps mention the evil “not-sees.”

In the California failed state, there are faint but pleasant signs that the jewish control of people’s minds is starting to slip. At the jewish stronghold of UC Berkeley, an army of semitic professors specializing in thought control, a powerful and politically connected administration headed by the odious Janet Napolitano, and a budget in the tens of billions of dollars could not prevent the exposure of the hypocritical, violent, alien, and inhuman jews. Given the disastrous demographic situation of California in general and Berkeley in particular, it is overly optimistic to automatically assume that it was Whites speaking out publicly against jewish lies. But even if it was a Palestinian, the fact that this vehemently anti-jewish statement was widely circulated throughout the city of Berkeley and at a college campus with over 35,000 students is a welcome sign of resistance to jewish domination.

An editorial cartoon that appeared last week in the UC Berkeley student newspaper is drawing harsh criticism for what some consider its anti-Semitic depiction of pro-Israel law professor ((((((Alan Dershowitz)))))).”

Anti-semitic, of course, means any disagreement with any kind of reprehensible act or other misbehavior committed by a jew. Criticism, no matter how mild, no matter how truthful, of g*d’s chosen people is an unforgivable thougtcrime.

UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ…called the cartoon “offensive, appalling and deeply disappointing.””

The Chancellor momentarily removes her snout from the public trough to abase herself and protect her overpaid sinecure. A slab-faced careerist bureaucrat whose only expertise is in feigning outrage sputters impotently on command, like a trained circus animal, for her jewish handlers. We are told that a legitimate and poignant criticism of (((((((((Dershowitz))))))))) for his self-interested glorification of Israel while willfully ignoring that country’s horrific Palestinian body count is offensive. In the clown world of UC Berkeley, any statement that is less than obsequious towards the jews is appalling.

[The cartoon] depicts a grinning ((((((Dershowitz)))))) with his head poking through a cardboard cutout bearing an Israeli flag and the silhouettes of happy children…Behind the sign, ((((((Dershowitz)))))), whose body mutates garishly, steps on a Palestinian with one foot, while holding up in one hand an Israeli soldier shooting an unarmed man.”

The cartoon’s artistic merits fall somewhat short of Julius Streicher’s standards, but the message is nevertheless clear. The jews, personified by outspoken zionist shill (((((((((Dershowitz))))))))), put forward a smiling countenance that is as disingenuous as the fantasy, utopian promises they make in their propaganda. The cartoon aptly captures how the kosher lies are paper-thin, how Israel is a false state built on falsehood and deception, and how that deception serves to hide the murderous atrocities perpetrated by the “light of the world” against their victims. At the center of it all is an inhuman creature, monstrous and malformed, straight out of a nightmare: the unmasked jew.

[UC Berkeley Chancellor Christ wrote of the cartoon]: “Are you aware that its anti-Semitic imagery connects directly to the centuries-old ‘blood libel’ that falsely accused the Jews of engaging in ritual murder?”

Now THAT is a cartoon about jewish ritual murder!

Upon being confronted with the unvarnished truth, the kosher puppet-chancellor panics and hilariously takes her affectations of outrage too far. A crudely drawn cartoon is now “blood libel.” Isn’t it odd how outcry over a cartoon ostensibly about the IDF shooting unarmed Palestinian noncombatants prompted the jewish tool to bleat out a defense of the jewish practice of ritual murder? It makes one wonder what other unmentioned horrors are being committed by the jews when no one but the jewish-run media is watching.

We cannot build a campus community where everyone feels safe, respected and welcome if hatred and the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes become an acceptable part of our discourse.”

Please ignore all those jewish stereotypes! Just quit thinking, and be “inclusive!”

(((We))) cannot feel safe, respected, and welcome to work for the destruction of the White race, advance the invasion of White homelands by the darker and more primitive hominid species, promote homosexuality among children, commit massive financial frauds, and ritually murder non-jewish children if the unclean meat hate (((us))) and tell the truth about (((us))).

Imagine if a comparably anti-black or anti-woman or anti-gay cartoon was ever published in the Berkeley student newspaper,” [((((((Dershowitz))))))] said. “Again it reflects for me the incredible double standard in tolerance that people have toward anti-Semitism.”

The only type of discriminatory propaganda that we don’t have to imagine is the anti-White kind. The rest, like (((((((((Dershowitz))))))))) says, is imaginary. The (((media))) is completely saturated with baseless White vilification. The true double standard is that advocating the hatred, belittlement, and genocide of Whites is publicly celebrated, while the anti-White vitriol of the jews is unmentionable, on pain of ostracism and economic destitution in Weimerica and prison in Jewrope.

The long jewish march through the institutions has become a death march for Whites. It is our duty to speak out against the conniving, corrupting jews, and struggle tirelessly to restore our White homelands to health, morality, and prosperity. The degenerate jewish power can only survive if its victims are brainwashed into complacence; thus the obsessive promotion of hedonism, self-destructive behavior, and equalitarianism by the rat-faced men. When confronted with the truth, declared boldly and without equivocation or shame, the jew can only squirm in discomfort and hysterically shriek meaningless ad hominem invective. The “light of the world” cannot tolerate the cleansing light of truth. Truth is the antiparasitic that cures an infestation of jews. We must use the truth about the jewish orchestration of White genocide to remove them from our homelands. Only when we no longer have the rootless traveling merchant among us, the purveyor of degeneracy and perversion and miscegenation, will we be able to stop White genocide.

Source article: https://www.jweekly.com/2017/10/25/uc-berkeley-chancellor-rebukes-student-paper-anti-semitic-cartoon/

Why Doesn’t Israel Welcome Its Black Hebrews?

Diversity Macht Frei
November 1, 2017

Black Hebrew woman harassed on bus in Israel

This is an interesting variant of “We Wuz Kangz”. These American negroes claim they were the true Kangz of ancient Israel and the “white Jews” are merely impostors.

It has been nearly 50 years since the first African Hebrew Israelites (or Black Hebrews, as they are more commonly known) began settling in Israel, the land they believe to be their ancestral homeland.

Their presence was contested from the beginning. The founders of the community are non-Jewish African Americans who identify as descendants of the ancient Israelites, but not as Jews. Since they didn’t qualify for automatic citizenship under the Law of Return, they entered Israel as tourists and stayed illegally.y are still viewed by some Israelis as outsiders to be scorned. They are regularly referred to as kushim – a racial slur for black people – on the street, in the Hebrew press, and even by government representatives who clearly should know better. They have been mistaken for African asylum seekers and manhandled by the police as a result.

In the IDF, my research has shown, they have been harassed by their commanders for requesting the accommodation they are entitled to receive as members of a minority population, such as time off to observe Shabbat and holy days. And they are passed over for spots in intelligence units, sending the message that they are not to be trusted with sensitive information.

Most infuriatingly, the Israeli government has quietly tried its best to prevent them from becoming citizens.
Only a small percentage of the 3,000 or so African Hebrew Israelites living in the country have received Israeli citizenship to date. Most are permanent residents who cannot vote in national elections or receive Israeli passports, and over 100 have no legal status in the country whatsoever, including dozens of children, according to community leaders.

This is the great irony of the African Hebrew Israelites’ migration story: They left the U.S., where they were treated as second-class citizens because of the color of their skin, only to be treated as second-class citizens – and minus the citizenship – in Israel, because they are not recognized as Jews. (Given the option to convert to Judaism early on, they refused, asserting that they were the authentic descendants of the Tribe of Judah and that white Jews were imposters.)


This video tells the tragic and moving story of the “Black Hebrews”.

Israel MUST open its borders to any and all blacks who believe they may have Jewish ancestry, if they do not, they are admitting they are racists and must be forced to open their borders against he will of their people.