Pollak: CNN Wants White Children to See Race, Not to ‘Be Kind to Everyone’

AP Photo/Ric ((((((Feld)))))),File

CNN published an op-ed on Thursday that advises the parents of white children to begin educating them to notice racial differences at an early age — “constantly going out of our way to name differences” — rather than teaching them simply to “be kind to everyone.”

Parents of white children must also bring them to social spaces “where they aren’t in the overwhelming racial majority,” and teach them about “more people of color freedom fighters than the few they hear about at school” to encourage “antiracist behaviors.”

That is just some of the advice from Drake University professor Jennifer Harvey in an article titled, “Raising white kids to be racially sensitive — and proactive.” The obvious implication is that white children have a unique racist burden that others do not.

CNN often accuses President Donald Trump of racism and of dividing Americans by race, often on the basis of its own imaginings, such as the (false) claim he only refers to black people, e.g. LeBron James, as “dumb.” (Trump uses the insult without prejudice.)

Chris Cilizza, defending James, wrote: “In some ways, it doesn’t matter whether Trump is actually a racist. What matters is how his actions both provide cover for those who hold bigoted views and also serve as a sort of encouragement for these sorts of noxious views to be aired publicly.”

By that standard, CNN is guilty — not just offering a “sort of encouragement” for racism, but actively publishing racist content like Harvey’s article, which explicitly urges indoctrinating white children with left-wing racial consciousness.

Harvey also presumes that arguments like “Donald Trump is keeping us safe” have an inherently racial message that parents must counteract so that white children will properly understand that the reason people want border security has to do with “dark skin.”

So it is not just race that she wants to drum into white children’s brains, but also the idea that political differences are inherently racial in nature. There is nothing more divisive than that. It is calculated to perpetuate racial division into the next generation.

The next time CNN tries to impute racial views and racial motives to Trump and his supporters — particularly this weekend, on the anniversary of Charlottesville — remember they are guilty of exactly what they accuse the president, falsely, of doing to America.


Joel B. Pollak is Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News. He is a winner of the 2018 ((((((Robert Novak)))))) Journalism Alumni Fellowship. He is also the co-author of How Trump Won: The Inside Story of a Revolution, which is available from Regnery. Follow him on Twitter at @joelpollak.

Eric Clanton Plea Bargain Proves That We Live In A Corrupt Neo-Communist State

When you live in a society taken over by Leftists, you do not need conspiracy theories, because the real conspiracy is collusion behind the scenes by Leftists helping each other. They do each other favors, ensure that no one does any real jail time, and pass along information, out-maneuvering the well-intentioned “system.”

We can tell we live in such a society because Eric Clanton is not going to jail:

Police said, previously, that Clanton attacked at least three people with a metal U-lock during the April 15 rally in and around Civic Center Park. Court papers later revealed that Clanton struck at least seven people in the head, according to authorities. One person received a head laceration that required five staples to fix. Another was uninjured but had a piece of a helmet broken off. A third was struck across the neck and back, police wrote.

If you or I were to do the same thing, randomly, we would go to jail for at least five years and find ourselves ostracized by polite society. These are felonious acts that Clanton committed, and he could have seriously damaged someone swinging a heavy metal object at their skulls.

In fact, he attacked at least three people and, if not stopped, would have continued going to rallies and attacking more. He is a danger to society, an unhinged and dangerous person, and any sane society would get him into the system despite his “privilege” of being an affluent college professor.

Instead, he received a deal:

A former East Bay college philosophy professor who was charged with four counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon, causing great bodily injury, has taken a deal resulting in three years of probation for an attack at a Berkeley protest last year, court records reveal.

…According to Alameda County Superior Court records, Clanton entered a “no contest” plea Wednesday to one misdemeanor battery charge. The felony charges against him were dismissed, and an allegation that he had caused serious bodily injury was stricken. A misdemeanor charge that Clanton wore a mask during the commission of the crime also was dropped.

Leftists helping Leftists evade jail time is part of the game. Clanton may not get that job as a professor back, but he will surely get another from a helpful Leftist elsewhere in the system. They will justify it as “rehabilitation.”

He may not swing bike locks again, but he will go speak to Leftist gatherings. He will have new fame as the guy who beat the crap out of some Right-wingers and thumbed his nose at the system, which gave him a slap on the wrist. He will make good money giving speeches, maybe even get his own YouTube channel.

The events of the past week have shown us that we live in a society which has been taken over by neo-Communist thought. This means that no political party is involved; instead, a vast mob entrenched within the system is taking it over through collusion, working together toward their vague but shared goals.

That angry mob has manifested itself in private industry, where giant companies like Facebook, Apple, Reddit, Twitter, Google, Amazon, and Spotify (spot the acronym) are banning even mild conservatives with impunity. The media cheers them on, and the mob busily works behind the scenes to hide their ill deeds.

On the plus side, they have overplayed their hand by revealing the man behind the curtain, so to speak. In a society where anyone else would do hard time for what he did, Eric Clanton walked, because he is a Leftist. Google gets a pass, because they are Leftists. We live in a neo-Communist regime and it is our duty to overthrow it.


Stupid Whores Want to Spend Time Guzzling Cock Rather Than Producing Children

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2018

If there is one thing I know more than anything else, it is that Jews are evil.

The second thing I know most is that women are stupid whores.

Over a 25 year period, women in America have decided as a group that they are going to put off pregnancy in order to suck dicks, parade around like sluts, and get money through affirmative action hoax jobs to buy shitty, pointless consumer goods.

The New York Times has a shitty article up about this that I didn’t bother to read, because I already know it is shit.

But it does feature these graphs.

And those are some mind-blowing graphs – especially when you consider the fact that a huge percentage of women are waiting til their wombs dry-up on their eternal cock-quest and not even having kids at all.

Here’s the total US birth rate decline – and keep in mind, this includes a bunch of new brown immigrants who fuck like animals.

We have to do something about this.

It’s a crisis that isn’t being called a crisis.

The only thing we can do is get women back in their place, and we have to do that by disincentivizing whoring around.

Right now, there are a few legal things that could be realistically done by the Trump administration:

  • Changing public school sex-ed courses to inform women that whoring is gross
  • Eliminating no-fault divorce (or creating some new kind of marriage that is an actual contract – the existence of no-fault divorce means marriage is no longer a legal contract)
  • Offering motherhood classes in public schools, informing girls that “mother” is a valid career choice
  • Giving interest-free loans to couples who get married and have a child before 25
  • Providing tax cuts for young married couples
  • Further restricting access to abortion and other birth control

On the social level:

  • Men need to start publicly calling women whores
  • Men need to STOP thinking women are above them, and start generally treating them like shit
  • Men need to start telling women they have no purpose but to create children
  • Divorced women need to be shunned by everyone in society
  • We need more “no hymen, no diamond” memes (I don’t really think this is a valid position for most men to take, but they are great memes which make women go insane – they HATE it when it is pointed out to them that they are filthy whores)

And so on and so forth.

The social stuff can start any time. It looks like abortion restriction is going well.

I wish the Christians weren’t such PROUD LOSERS and would focus on reforming sex eduction, something which is actually possible. It is like, not even a hard thing to do, if there was a group lobbying for it. But it seems that for now, the single efficient conservative lobbying group is the NRA.

Conservatives can really accomplish absolutely nothing else.

And that makes me sick.

These wombs belong to us, not the idiot creatures that they are attached to. They were given to us by God to reproduce ourselves within. The dumb animals they are attached to were supposed to serve us, but they have gotten out of control. We always need to be looking for new ways to get these stupid animals to give us back the wombs they have stolen from us.

Patriot Prayer Rally in Portland: Antifa vs Patriotic Prayers – Flash Bangs Involved

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2018


Okay, so I Googled “flash bang.”

It’s actually just a euphemism for a stun grenade.

Which you may have heard of in…. video games.


A stun grenade, also known as a flash grenade, flashbang, thunderflash or sound bomb, is a non-lethal explosive device used to temporarily disorient an enemy’s senses. It is designed to produce a blinding flash of light of around 7 million candela (cd) and an intensely loud “bang” of greater than 170 decibels (dB). It was first used by the British Army’s SAS in the late 1970s. 

The flash momentarily activates all photoreceptor cells in the eye, blinding it for approximately five seconds. Afterwards the victim sees an afterimage that impairs his or her aim. The loud blast temporarily deafens the victim and also disturbs the fluid in the ear, causing loss of balance.

The concussive blast of the detonation can still injure, and the heat created can ignite flammable materials such as fuel. The fires that occurred during the Iranian Embassy siege in London were caused by stun grenades.

One has to wonder why the media doesn’t just say “stun grenade.”


It appears as though police have largely disbanded the bands of protesters and protestees.

Successful flash bangs are successful?


A reporter for The Oregonian/OregonLive was injured when he was struck by a projectile during rowdy protests between right-wing activists and self-described anti-fascists in Portland.

Eder Campuzano was bloodied Saturday afternoon but said in a Tweet published on the newspaper’s website that he was “okay” and was going to get evaluated.

Police deployed “flash bangs” and other devices to try to disperse the crowds. Authorities say demonstrators threw rocks and bottles at officers.

The rally was organized by Joey Gibson, leader of right-wing leaning group Patriot Prayer.

It has drawn hundreds of supporters and counter-protesters.


Wtf is a “flash bang”?

I’m supposing it is what it sounds like, but…


Police have deployed “flash bangs” and other devices to try to disperse crowds of right-wing activists and self-described anti-fascist counter-protesters in Portland, Oregon.

The demonstrations Saturday drew hundreds and there was a heavy police presence as similar gatherings have turned violent.

Just before 2 p.m. police ordered crowds to disperse, saying protesters had thrown rocks and bottles at officers. There were arrests, but it wasn’t immediately clear how many. There was also debris left on the street by demonstrators.

Everyone knows which side was throwing bottles at the cops.

But the cops – or as I like to call them “badge niggers” – don’t care. They will just beat the white people, because that’s what they learned to do in their training in Israel.

Original article follows. 


These goys still seem to think that they have the right to speak freely, petition a redress of their grievances.

We already learned that this is not the case, at least for us, for now.

Not in a world where a disgustingly obese, infertile slut can be scared by car crashes and die of a heart attack.

Our freedom of speech ends where a social parasite’s inability to stop stuffing her mouth with corn syrup begins.

But, these guys want to keep trying – that’s great. Let’s see them try to wave a few American flags and talk about the Constitution and Jesus, literally the most un-edgy thing imaginable, and count the seconds until the police herd them into the antifa terrorists and arrest them for defending themselves.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all this before and I know how it goes down, but I’m on the edge of my seat anyway.

I couldn’t find one thumbnail of Patriot Prayer that isn’t 56%, but don’t be fooled – these are /ourguys/.

I’m 88% certain that there are ebil huwhite aryan master race nazis in shades and three piece suits, whispering into their earpieces and coordinating everything. They have learned that it is only by fielding goblinos on the front line that they can weaponize brown privilege, which is the only plausible defense of their 1st amendment rights in the current year.

USA Today:

Counter-demonstrators are ready to confront members of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer during a “freedom march” in Portland, Oregon.

Saturday’s rally comes five weeks after members of the same group violently clashed with anti-fascist activists in downtown Portland, prompting police to declare a riot and revoke permits.

“I continue to strongly reject the idea that violence or hate speech are legitimate means to a political end,” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said ahead of Saturday’s march.

There is heavy police presence around the event, which was organized by Joey Gibson, leader of the Patriot Prayer group and a long-shot Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in the state of Washington.

Now or Never

Strike while the iron is hot.

There can be no better advertisement against Democrats, neoconservatives, and never-Trumpers than their display after the Helsinki summit. Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

The Democrats’ destruction began long before Trump. They are wholly associated with government, their answer to all problems and the source of their identity and power. Where they once had a healthy hostility towards the military and the intelligence agencies, they are now among their stoutest defenders. Their ideology, such as it is, is simply more: more government, taxes, laws, regulations, revenues, power, surveillance, wars, and programs, in short, more blob.

Democrats and government is not just a marriage of convenience. They believe, to the core of their being, in its power with a fervor and conviction that surpasses most religious faith. Denied control of the government, they are fish on the bank, deprived of their element, flopping helplessly. The cardinal sin of whatever opposition they face is never rooted in ideology, it’s rather that the opposition has the temerity to seek control of their government.

Somewhere along the line Democrats quit caring, or even asking, whether government worked. The first Mayor Richard Daley may have been a distasteful autocrat, but Chicago during his reign called itself the city that worked. Democrats have had lengthy tenures over cities that manifestly don’t work—Detroit, Baltimore, Washington, Cleveland, New Orleans, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and now Chicago—in some cases they’re crumbling. Governance has become an exercise in patronage, payola, and making excuses, the effectiveness of city-provided services not even on the list of concerns.

Obamacare has been the apotheosis of Democrat-sponsored incompetence. It’s the latest in a long string of government failures, epitomized by the huge stack of debt and unfunded promises, and disastrous military interventions. Government über alles has become an albatross for its believers, particularly the Democrats, although there are many Republican acolytes.

The age of centralization and government is passing, cause of death the centrifugal devolution of information, computing and communications power, and weaponry to individuals. Governments will mount repressive rearguard actions, but they can’t fight the central reality of our time: they have failed, massively, and are unable to contain the fallout and blowback. Globalism—more of the same, only bigger—is running into resistance that’s still gathering steam. Just wait until the world’s debt-based financial system and economy collapse.

The Democrats have hitched their wagon to a falling star. When facts are uncongenial, take refuge in fantasy. Democrats embrace the whimsical notion that Hillary Clinton deserved to win the 2016 election. She had to cheat to beat ((((((Bernie Sanders)))))), a socialist who would further yoke the party to the falling star. It’s charitable to call her record undistinguished. If she weren’t Bill Clinton’s wife she’d have no record at all. She had trouble citing accomplishments or detailing a program. Her campaign was inept, crowned by the “deplorables” insult that cost her the election.

The Democrats’ academic branch office and intellectual vanguard has gone farthest off the deep end. Socialists in training demand free (to them) higher education, and free (to them) housing and medical care plus a guaranteed income once they’re out of school. Who pays for all this in a country carrying $200 trillion plus in debt and unfunded obligations? Not their problem—they issue demands, not solutions.

From once illustrious institutions has come an exciting panoply of newly discovered gender variations—with matching pronouns—and sexual deviancies. No minority group claiming victimhood and mouthing the required pieties is too small for the solicitous concern of campus social justice warriors. Anyone who questions socialism, identity politics, or mandated tolerance is met with an intolerant storm of vitriol that increasingly transmutes into violence.

The left’s signature issues resonate with perhaps 30 percent of the electorate. Russiagate gets a rise out of even less. Yet these burning issues are the horses the Democrat will ride come November.

Some are inclined to write off the Trump-Russia collusion story as yet another fantasy, irrelevant to most Americans, but it’s much more than that. That it’s pure concoction finds ultimate confirmation in one simple fact: its proponents have not offered a scintilla of actual proof.

We’ve had assessments, assertions, maybes, might haves, could haves, and “informed” speculation; a remote “hack” that couldn’t be a remote hack, but rather an onsite download because of the high transmission speed; a Democratic-funded dossier used as the basis of a FISA court surveillance request and its subsequent renewals; indictments against potential defendants who will never be tried; banner headlines for and endless media trumpeting of inconsequential developments, and prosecutions and plea bargains that have nothing to do with the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia.

They’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this gargoyle, but the kitchen sink for which reasonable people keep looking is any hard evidence from those who bear the burden of proof that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. As SLL has said from the beginning, the story is pathetically flimsy, a sign of its purveyors’ weakness, not strength. It’s driven not by Russophobia, but prosecution-phobia. Washington broke into insane hysteria the night of November 6, 2016 not because Donald Trump said he’d seek better relations with Russia, but because of his catchphrase: “Drain the Swamp!”

Trump knows or suspects where some of the bodies are buried, and the powers that be fear he’ll go after them for everything from garden-variety graft, bribery, theft, and influence peddling to crimes as sordid as child molestation and murder.

Plot Holes,” SLL, 2/26/17

Corruption and criminality have been a way of life in Washington for decades. Trump is clearly a threat.

This, not the fear that Trump will revise US policy towards Russia, is behind the Deep State’s cold sweat, motivating its hysterical—comical if wasn’t so serious—campaign to depose him. This is the first time it has faced an unfriendly in the White House, with presidential powers to investigate, expose, prosecute, scandalize, and ruin.

Plot Holes

Trump has driven his opposition batshit crazy. Drowning in their own fetid fantasies and irretrievable irrelevance, he’s got an opportunity to throw them anchors. It’s the perfect time to go on the offensive.

If the economy and stock market hold up, if the US doesn’t invade anybody, and if no nuclear bombs drop between now and November, the Democratic blue wave will be just another one of their fantasies. The election may well amount to an endorsement of Trump. However, nothing is set in stone and if the blue wave does materialize, Trump guarantees himself two years of headaches and obstruction, at best, and impeachment—if rabid Democrats get their way—at worse. Forget about any prosecution of the Deep State and the clowns who have led its inept coup, it could be Trump wearing the new black.

Taking Rand Paul’s suggestion and revoking the security clearances for some of those clowns—John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Susan Rice, ((((((Michael Hayden)))))), and Andrew McCabe—would be a powerful first step. It signals that something more serious—indictment and prosecution—may be on the way. He would be moving against enemies who have so overplayed their weak hand they’ve actually increased his support. Although there would be plenty of flack, especially from the captured media, the majority of Americans would applaud the move.

It would send another, subtextual message as well. It turns the treason calumny against those who have so irresponsibly used it.

You take away security clearances from people who pose a security threat. These conspirators are part of a cabal trying to remove the legitimately elected president of the United States. They are using their Russiagate concoction to oppose at every turn any attempt by Trump to improve relations with the one country on the planet that has as many nuclear weapons as the US. This dangerous, arrogant, and corrupt cabal represents a grave threat to what remains of the rule of law, the institution of the presidency, and the life of every American.

They must be stopped. It’s time for Trump to stop them.

Now or Never, by Robert Gore

VAMPIRE THOTS: Study Finds Men Get Their Life Force (氣) Sucked Out of Them by Evil THOTs After Doing Sex

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2018



Study Finds:

Having sex may feel like a badge of honor for many men, but for others, it’s an act that, once finished, brings about intense feelings of sadness. In a new study, researchers for the first time ever have identified that women aren’t the only ones who can suffer from this emotional tidal wave in the bedroom, better known as postcoital dysphoria, or PCD.

PCD occurs when a person has, for all intents and purposes, enjoyable consensual sex with a partner, but is met with “inexplicable feelings of tearfulness, sadness, or irritability” afterwards.

Many of you reading this are on your teens and twenties, and most likely think of sex as something great and probably the ultimate pleasure.

How can these men that have achieved the highest of honors, the honor of entering some random sterile whore’s cavern, be so ungrateful and allow themselves to feel that way?

How is this possible?

Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology say PCD had only previously been recognized in women, but after a survey of 1,208 men from numerous countries — including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia — it’s clear that the condition is more common among males than one might expect. In fact, four in 10 participants recalled suffering from PCD symptoms at some point in their lives.

“Forty-one percent of the participants reported experiencing PCD in their lifetime with 20 percent reporting they had experienced it in the previous four weeks,” says co-author Joel Maczkowiack, a masters student at the university’s school of psychology, in a release.


Women are not really women anymore. It’s true.

Think about what women are.

Think about what women are supposed to be.

They’re born with the best equipment available for the production of babies. Everything needed to grow and feed a baby is in their bodies.

They’re walking baby factories.

Yes, that’s what women are. Baby-making machines that can be trained by men to perform other trivial tasks such as preparing food following recipes made by men, keeping your house made by men and your clothes designed by men clean, and giving you massages following techniques invented by men whenever you feel like getting one.

What do modern women do? Nothing close to what actual women do.

They’re not women. They’re not even girls.

They’re whores.

The Jews ruined our women. We let it happen.

As many as 4 percent of the individuals, who voluntarily participated in the online questionnaire via postings on social media and psychological research websites, said they battle PCD symptoms regularly. Men acknowledged that statements such as “I don’t want to be touched and want to be left alone,” or “I feel unsatisfied, annoyed and very fidgety. All I really want is to leave and distract myself from everything I participated in,” applied to them when thinking about times they’d made love. Others described feeling “emotionless and empty” even though the sex was otherwise satisfactory.

Of course they don’t want to be touched by those filthy whores that have taken more dicks in than there are fingers in your family.

Of course they want to be left alone.

Of course they’re unsatisfied, annoyed, and very fidgety.

Of course they’ll want to distract themselves and forget what they just did.

You have evolution to thank for that. Evolution has always had your back, fam.

Just look in the mirror.


In the past, the best way to ensure that you were not getting some disgusting STD that would kill you was to make sure the woman you were having sex with was a virgin. Successful men, that is, those who didn’t die from nasty STDs, remained alive long enough to reproduce and thus this characteristic was incorporated.

That disgust you feel when you look at a filthy whore – That’s your ancestors having your back.

They’re screaming at you. They’re telling you, man. You just have to listen.

They’re telling you to stop wasting your divine energy on these lesser beings.

They’re telling you their wickedness is beneath you.

They’re trying their best to let you know that you’re the prize, not them.

You’re the one that creates.

You’re the one that produces.

You’re the one that exerts his will unto the world.

Women can be fun, maybe. You can have fun doing the sex thing with them. That’s okay. Just don’t let that turn into the focus of your energy. Don’t let it become your purpose because everything inside you is telling you it isn’t enough. It won’t fulfill your spirit.

You need a true purpose.

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

Your true purpose needs you.

“What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission alloted it by the creator of the universe. Every thought and every idea, every doctrine and all knowledge, must serve this purpose. And everything must be examined from this point of view and used or rejected according to its utility.”

You’re the one that transforms reality.

Editor's Note: This article does not
respresent the views of the Daily Stormer or its publishers, who believe
you should do cocaine, fuck hookers and then beat them up before
escaping in an Uber with an account you registered with a fake name.