Leftist terrorists attack trumps family. 

From: Foxnews.com

Vanessa Trump hospitalized after opening suspicious envelope

Donald Trump Jr.’s wife Vanessa Trump and two others were taken to a New York City hospital for evaluation after opening a suspicious envelope containing an unidentified substance.

Donald Trump Jr.’s wife, Vanessa Trump, was taken to the hospital Monday after receiving a letter containing white powder that was later deemed to be non-hazardous, New York City police told Fox News.

FILE - In this Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017, file photo, Donald Trump Jr., far second right, his wife Vanessa Trump, center, and their family, watch performances during the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony at the Ellipse near the White House in Washington. New York police said Donald Trump Jr.'s wife, Vanessa Trump, opened an envelope, Monday, Feb. 12, 2018, that contained white powder, felt ill and was taken to New York City hospital as a precaution. They said Vanessa Trump called 911 Monday morning after opening a letter addressed to Donald Trump Jr. at their midtown Manhattan apartment. Police said she said she was coughing and felt nauseous. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Vanessa Trump, center, was taken to a hospital in New York City Monday after opening a letter containing white powder.  (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Vanessa Trump was taken to the hospital as a precaution, police said. Two other people who were also exposed to the powder were taken to the hospital. 

Trump Jr. tweeted of the “scary situation” on Monday afternoon, and blamed the incident on people with “opposing views.”

“Thankful that Vanessa & my children are safe and unharmed after the incredibly scary situation that occurred this morning,” Trump Jr. said. “Truly disgusting that certain individuals choose to express their opposing views with such disturbing behavior.”

The U.S. Secret Service said in a statement: “The Secret Service and our law enforcement partners in New York City are investigating a suspicious package addressed to one of our protectees received today in New York, New York. This is an active investigation and we cannot comment any further.” 

Ivanka Trump, Vanessa’s sister-in-law, tweeted Monday afternoon, “No one deserves to be frightened this way. There is no excuse.”

Leftist terrorism no doubt. Anyone who gets in the way of the left and their globalist masters, (the people of the lie) find out quickly why they have been expelled from every nation they have ever parasitized from.

Trump Identifies The Actual Opposing Force To America

by Brett Stevens on February 1, 2018

In international politics, you do not have enemies so much as opposition or more gently stated, competition. This occurs because everybody wants to rule the world, mainly because only when one is on top can goals be realized; otherwise, any effort spent on reaching goals is effort taken away from necessary defense.

Diversity fails for the same reason. Every group wants its people in charge, its rules to predominate, society to be shaped after its preferences and aesthetics, and the sense of being in command of its future. It cannot do this when it shares any space with other groups, so conflicts arise. The only solution is for one group to be supreme in each area, and even then, if they are not separated by large bodies of water or mountain ranges, they tend to engage in constant jockeying for who is on top. Anyone who has seen a wolf pack, plate tectonics in action, or even streams of water acting on rock knows this: everything wants to be in the position of effortless power.

When the Soviet Union fell, the United States and Western Europe went into calm oblivion because they had eliminated the last threat that they recognized. At that point, they turned entirely toward internal disputes and ignored the possibility that someone else might be scheming to dethrone them, even though they had fought two wars against this power and suffered historical invasions by its race. They even lulled themselves to sleep on easy wealth based on its labor, and then, easy debt purchased from the people we had just finished enriching with our lust for cheap consumer goods.

Then rumors began to move like shapes in murky air. Hollywood seemed to be being bought up, bit by bit, by a new group. This same group was also investing heavily in real estate in America and Europe, especially the UK, and sending most of its students to our universities. Members of this group seemed to get caught spying and awful lot, especially around military contractors. Their companies began blocking ours overseas, and regulating our products out of existence, while making steady inroads in our market. Still we slept, in part because those in power — the Obama-Clinton gang — seem to have been receiving funds from this group. The Clintons in particular were always known to be friendly with them and even gave them military technology.

The experts tell us that we are entering a multipolar world where instead of having two big superpowers and then only one after the Soviets fizzled, there will be many powers each ruling over the areas around their continents. The Leftist narrative, always one to delight in the failure of anything good so that the failed can feel better about themselves, points out that much of this involves former “developing” nation-states like Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa rising to become new powers. What few will say is that this situation has happened before and always resolves itself the same way: some rise above the rest, and those become the new superpowers.

What the West might tell these people is that being a superpower is a kind of a trap, a slaves-and-masters paradox. When you are a superpower, you can pursue your visions of power without restriction, but at the same time, this converts you from being a country focused on its own health to a country being used as a means-to-the-end of power itself. By being masters, you become servants of power, and this leads you to treat your people, customs, values, history, and even existence as secondary to financial, political, and ideological objectives. America for example was happier before it became the guardian of the world, and Europe was glad to relinquish colonialism because of the high cost of maintaining overseas bases and the destructive social effects that it had. In the end, the lesson of power is that it is a lot like alcohol: too little is frustrating, but too much can be lethal, all ensconced within the same warm feeling of fuzzy anesthesia that makes the danger invisible until the next morning, when everything is destroyed and you have to peer through a hangover to realize the growing dread.

China finds itself in the grip of both thymos, or a desire to be recognized for excellence in a natural hierarchy, and hubris, or the compulsion to rise above its station despite the negative externalities that are generated. It has many internal instabilities that will need to be rectified before it can become a stable power, and lacks the time to fix those, so instead it will become increasingly repressive, which will backfire the same way it did for the Soviets. Speaking the Russians, they are — as they were during the Cold War — allies of the Chinese and yet always scheming against them, much as the Chinese are doing in return. The American Left is fanatical about blaming the Russians in order to take the heat off the Chinese, and Russia aims to both sabotage America/Europe and destabilize China by goading them into radicalism much as the USA used military programs like SDI to goad the Soviet Union into over-extending its unstable and incapable system.

If the Chinese stay true to form, their approach will be to do as much damage indirectly as possible, then humiliate the West in some conflict like the Vietnam war, which despite being a win — Chinese expansion stopped — was quite a PR hit for the otherwise previously undefeated West, not least of all because of the social instability it created through anti-war protests and the quivering neurotic paranoia it unleashed in our political system. If they can buy up enough of the West to influence it, spread destructive habits throughout the society, and then lure it into over-extending itself and getting clobbered in another Asian land war, then the Chinese will consider themselves to have risen above the West as a superpower, even though their own internal disorder will prevent them from being anything like the stable society needed to be powerful without consuming itself. Part of this advance manipulation has come through buying the allegiance of the Left and certain key industries so that the 1960s scenario can be replayed with every newspaper shouting the same message of pacifism, disarmament, and focus on nonsensical social issues in order to weaken the West.

Unlike the stumblingly incompetent Obama administration, Team Trump has tackled the Chinese problem head on with hard negotiation on trade while strengthening both infrastructure and industry. At the same time, Trump is now signaling that the Chinese Cold War (via /.) is entering its final stages before it potentially becomes “hot”:

“Trump national security officials are considering an unprecedented federal takeover of a portion of the nation’s mobile network to guard against China, according to sensitive documents obtained by Axios.” This is based on a PowerPoint presentation Axios has in their possession. Two options are described — a national 5G network funded and built by the Federal government, or a mix of 5G networks built by existing wireless providers. A source suggests the first option is preferred and essential to protect against competition from China and “bad actors”. The presentation suggests that a government-built network would then be leased out to carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

The PowerPoint presentation was produced by a senior National Security Council official, and argues that the move is necessary because “China has achieved a dominant position in the manufacture and operation of network infrastructure,” and “China is the dominant malicious actor in the Information Domain.”

It also suggests America could export its secure 5G technology to protect its allies, and “Eventually this effort could help inoculate developing countries against Chinese neo-colonial behavior.”

If you read between the lines, the point here is clear: China is a national security threat, they are using industry as their vanguard, and they are attempting to subvert former colonial nations so that they can spread their system and mobilize allies against us. Basically, the old Communist plan is the new Communist plan, mainly because Communist like dysentery is eternally unchanging.

And look, it gets even more explicit as Team Trump acts against Chinese embedded spyware (via /.):

Huawei devices still work on both companies’ networks, but direct sales would’ve allowed them to reach more consumers than they can through third parties. The government’s renewed concern about Chinese spying is creating a potential roadblock in the race between Verizon and AT&T to offer 5G, the next generation of super-fast mobile service. Huawei is pushing to be among the first to offer 5G-capable phone, but the device may be considered off-limits to U.S. carriers who are beginning to offer the next-generation service this year in a few cities. U.S. security agencies and some lawmakers fear that 5G phones made by companies that may have close ties to the Chinese government could pose a security risk.

This is point two of the message above, reiterated. China is not just the government, but its industry. The two are one and the same as in Communism or fascism, and they are working against us much as the “deep state” Establishment spanning government, media, academia, and industry is working against us here. The point is to cut them off and also savage their economic lead, forcing them to fund their ambitions through state funds instead of American product dollars.

Right now, Trump and the Democrats are playing a long dance. They demand something; he offers a compromise; they reject it and blame him. This benefits both sides. Trump gets to keep peeling back layers of the last seventy years of Leftist insanity. The Left gets to escape being blamed for not doing what they promised their coalition.

Why are both sides okay with this? Once the Obama fog lifted, it became clear that China was moving aggressively against the West. Then China formalized that with a slow reveal of its plans for world domination that scared the heck out of the West. This meant that the West has to get out from under China’s thumb, which remains reducing our debt because China is our biggest creditor and if they stop buying our debt, they can crush us. That means they can manipulate us by regulating their buying, and sabotage our markets by simply announcing that they plan to stop buying.

Trump and the Left are seeing eye-to-eye on this, behind the scenes. America and Europe have to get free from their creditors. The only way to do this is to remove the 60% of our budget that goes to entitlement payments and get competitive again. That means making our own car parts, computers, televisions, phones, and basic life gadgets. We will have to starve the Chinese of our consumer dollars and radically cut our spending, or they will own us.

And the Russians? They continue to sabotage us with psyops that emphasize our internal division not on the basis of race, but politics:

There is a third possibility, namely that the dossier was part of a Russian espionage disinformation plot targeting both parties and America’s political process. This is what seems most likely to me, having spent much of my 30-year government career, including with the CIA, observing Soviet and then Russian intelligence operations. If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that Vladimir Putin continues in the Soviet tradition of using disinformation and espionage as foreign-policy tools.

…The pattern of such Russian operations is to sprinkle false information, designed to degrade the enemy’s social and political infrastructure, among true statements that enhance the veracity of the overall report. In 2009 the FSB wanted to soil the reputation of a U.S. diplomat responsible for reporting on human rights. So it fabricated a video, in part using real surveillance footage of the diplomat, that purported to show him with a prostitute in Moscow.

…The FSB probably believed that Mrs. Clinton would win the election, and that once the dossier became public Mr. Trump would vociferously argue that she had played dirty. Thus the dossier would have had dual benefits: The salacious portions would undermine the Republican candidate, and then his attacks would delegitimize the eventual Democratic administration. The 2017 ODNI report says that pro-Russia bloggers even prepared an election-night Twitter campaign, #DemocracyRIP, designed to question the election’s validity after a Clinton victory.

For Russia, the winning move is for both China and the US/EU to fall, which will enable Russia to occupy Europe and subjugate China. To that end, it would be best if the American society became unstable and paranoid at the same time China was emboldened by Russian support, guaranteeing war between America and China in which Europe would join. Afterwards, Russia would attack and conquer the victor, who would be almost certainly massively weakened by that great contest. That is Machiavellian realism.

In the meantime, China faces an uncertain future. Its hybrid economic system requires intense state control by a state that is notoriously slow to respond to change. Its people are mostly peasants, and its economic growth is based on a boom in consumer electronics that may not last. Even more, its quality seems to have issues as many of its products are low-quality, leading to a question of how well its own infrastructure and technology will work. The tiger may be partially a paper tiger, and that may make them as unstable as the Mongols, who were able to conquer vast swathes of territory but not administrate it.

China probably needs — in parallel to Hitler’s Germany — several generations to begin recovering from the chaos of the past three thousand years. But, like Russia, China sees the solution to internal instability in external conquest. Russia wants to own Western Europe for its wealth, forgetting that under Russian management, that will likely be paltry much as it is in Russia now despite massive reserves of natural resources. These countries need solutions that are part structural, and part eugenics, in that they are bottom-heavy with peasant laborers and short on actual visionaries.

For reasons unknown, America and Europe have decided to follow that lead by making their already slightly bottom-heavy societies really bottom-heavy through the importation of large numbers of third world laborers who will take more from the welfare benefits state than they will put into it, guaranteeing a systemic crash on economic and political levels.

Despite that, the Trump/Brexit years show us the West re-awakening to a need for a general direction other than further into the ghetto of Leftism. Instead of bowing to China, Trump has challenged China. Instead of indulging in pity politics as the Left does, he encourages growth through competition and excellence. And now, by identifying China as the force that is historically and in the present day most likely to attempt to overthrow us, he has changed the dialogue on the Western future entirely.

Twitter Is Trying To Gaslight Conservatives To Convince Them They Are Mentally Ill

Ever since the Project Veritas leaks, a lot of what happens behind the scenes at Twitter became much clearer.

Teams of SJW Janissaries—taking orders from the ((((((SPLC)))))) and ADL—work round the clock censoring conservatives.

But this is really an interesting step on their part. I didn’t think they’d be so sinister.

That’s right, Twitter has started suggesting mental-health services to people using the #secretsociety hashtag.

Back in the darker days of the Soviet Union, political dissidents were labeled mentally ill and carted off to psychiatric hospitals.

Nice to see Big Bluebird doing effectively the sanitized digital version of that. No re-education camps just yet, only little helpful hints courtesy of H1B AArav or purple-haired Jessica working in Twitter’s ThoughtCrime division.

And this isn’t really “conspiracy theory” stuff that people are tweeting about. It’s a real story and even Senators are commenting on it.

Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson told Fox News Tuesday that an “informant” confirmed the existence of an anti-Trump “secret society” within the Department of Justice and FBI.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy raised eyebrows Monday describing how FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page described a “secret society” that met off-site at the FBI.

Strzok and Page, both of whom were involved in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into election interference, are being investigated for disparaging texts exchanged about President Trump. The existence of the texts gives further evidence to Republican claims that the Muller probe is biased against Trump.

So effectively, what Twitter is doing is gaslighting anyone who strays from The Narrative or is willing to look into . . . alternative facts.

This isn’t Germany-tier “illegal opinions” type shenanigans. . .

. . , but it’s all varying shades of alarming to say the least. That being said, I don’t even know what Twitter is trying to achieve. They’re acting like gulag guards . . . without the gulag. In other words, they’re jumping the gun a bit here.

There will be an effort by MAGA conservatives and the Alt-Right to contest the Internet information commons soon.

Remember Nehlen?

He’s made it a central plank of his campaign and will shine attention on the issue.

Hopefully Trump and his people push hard on this front as well. It is the perfect issue to go to war with Silicon Valley over. And Twitter is giving our side ammunition to tear them apart with.

Gulag-style policing is hardly popular among self-identified conservatives, or even normie Americans. “Censorship” is a dirty word, even when done by private organizations.

That means its time to use the rallying cry of “free speech” as a battering ram against Twitter.

At that point, its a fifty-fifty toss-up over whether liberals will use the “muh Russiabots” or “Hate Speech is not Free Speech” argument.

Let them, I have a feeling that it will only alienate White America further.

We wuz Romanz

Diversity Macht Frei

January 6, 2018

When I first heard of the new Sky series Britannia, I had high hopes. Ancient Britain, Druids, Celts, this has to be diversity-free, right? But, no, I thought. It’s got Romans, too. They might try and work some diversity angle in through the Romans. Looking at the trailer confirmed these suspicions.

Here we see a negro Roman soldier.

Later on we see a crazy-looking Briton talking to, presumably, the same negro’s beheaded head with the slogan “Not everyone wants to be civilised.”

So it looks like the propaganda angle on this is going to be: Big-hearted “Roman” negroes try to bring civilisation to the barbarous Britons who, because of their racism and xenophobia, fail to properly appreciate it.

A Guide To Weimerica


“Weimerica,” an amalgam of Germany’s pre-Nazi era Weimar Republic, is a term you’ve probably heard in the past year if you’ve been active in the ongoing political maelstrom that is social media. Some alternatively call it “Clown World.” I prefer “Weimerica” as it more specific to what the United States has become recently and hints at a cataclysm yet to be.

This “guide” to Weimerica was written on the fly in-between back-to-back New England snowstorms, originally for an audience of one person. The genesis of this guide was the impending first-time visit to the US of a friend of mine from Lebanon. I wrote it not to show how bad things are, but instead to show how ugly things are. Not to frighten, but to inform on the many unpleasant realities that are all too quickly (and conveniently) forgotten about on a day-to-day basis. How indifference is the order of day despite the ever-tightening noose around the necks of most people.

So what is Weimerica, you ask? Read on and find out.

The New Normal

What is Weimerica?

Weimerica is….

…homicides being up 20% from 2014 (equivalent in raw numbers to more than the September 11th attacks).

…the 17,250 confirmed homicides of 2016 being more than any other year since 1997 (when there were 18,208).

…66,324 drug overdose deaths in a 12-month period (the Vietnam War saw 47,434 hostile deaths over 15+ years).

…44,193 suicides in 2015, with suicides being at 30-year highs in 2016, and suicide being one of the top ten causes of death in Weimerica.

…23,000,000,000 views on Pornhub in 2016 (729 per second every single day non-stop for the whole year) with there being only 7,466,964,000 people on Earth.

…70% of Weimerica being on prescription medication with 20% being on more than five medications at once (and life expectancy still dropping).

…real income showing little to no gains for decades on end.

…being worse off financially than your parents.

…a decrease in the average household income in New Jersey from 2005 to 2015.

…everything being fleetingly temporary, you won’t have that long lasting job, house, car, marriage, etc., like your parents and grandparents did.

…nearly half of all pregnancies being unintended.

…Weimerica is a colossal, dystopian shopping mall filled with 325 million atomized, rootless individuals with no common culture, cause, language, religion or background, united only by their shared consumerism (“Did you see the Giants game last night?” “Oh my Gawd, Stranger Thingssss!”).

The Motto for Weimerica:NO LIVES MATTER

A seven-time convicted felon and five-time deportee fatally shoots an innocent passerby in the back with a stolen 40-caliber Glock handgun on a public pier? Acquitted.

A crying father begging for his life shot to death crawling on his hands and knees towards a SWAT team aiming AR-15s and screaming at him? Acquitted.

A bride-to-be gunned down in front of her house in her pajamas when a police officer sitting in his squad car suddenly draws and fires pointblank into her face? No charges.

22,000 attend a country music festival surrounded by high walls and patrolled by security guards and police officers in the most heavily surveilled city in the Western hemisphere? Gunned down by the score with total impunity in the biggest mass shooting of all time.

926,190 abortions in 2014, with an estimated 98.3% being elective (meaning unrelated to rape/incest and medical complications).

Everything Is Fake

Zillow.com and other real estate websites photoshop clouds, grass, and trees around properties and present them in a way that makes them appear much larger and more modern than they actually are.

These two pictures are of the same person:

Real Life

Social Media

Wall Street rating agencies graded $400 billion worth of subprime mortgage bonds without knowing what was in them, giving many of them the highest “AAA” rating (effectively making them rating agencies in name only).

The 5-star Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas employed an unregistered, unlicensed illegal immigrant as a security guard.

Love To Hate

Everything being either “awesome,” “insanely good,” or “the best ______ ever,” or “shit,” “shitty,” or “the worst _______ ever,” with little to no middle ground and/or reasoned opinions. For example, the discrepancy in reviews for The Last Jedi and nearly every one of the 100+ reviews I read for the Ford Fusion being either “BEST CAR EVER” or “Should be recalled, WORST CAR EVER.”

Every piece of media being heavily and ridiculously scrutinized down to the last detail for any inane reason to hate it. For instance, one of the top comments on a YouTube video for “Shout” by the Isley Brothers accused the video’s author of not including enough black people dancing in his/her photo montage and further asserting that this lack of inclusion was deliberate.

Hating something because it is successful/popular just to go against the grain. For instance, actual “professional” reviews of Dunkirk being “Yeah, yeah, it was great, but why weren’t women the main characters?” and “Yeah, it’s good, but Christopher Nolan and his Nolaniods….”

The hate-watching of TV shows (Keeping up with the Kardashians, Jersey Shore, etc.) propelling them to ultimate success.

Insane Anti-Social Atrocities Are The New Norm

4 out of the 5 worst mass shootings in Weimerican history took place in the past five years.

The worst mass shooting in US history (600+ gunned down) disappears from the news and thus collective consciousness in the space of a week.

The Sutherland Springs massacre (which featured babies being executed at pointblank range by rifle fire) disappears from the headlines within a day or two. This shooting would have ranked as the worst in Weimerican history as recently as 2007.

The mass shooting body count record for Weimerica was broken in 2017 a mere 15 months after the now-second worst mass shooting in Weimerican history occurred.

The firearms technology used in recent mass shootings has been around for decades, and gun laws as a whole have never been stricter and mental health resources have never been more available (remember 70% of the population is on prescription medication), so why is this happening now?

War Is The Default State

After 16+ years in Afghanistan and 14+ years in Iraq (and 6,935 total US deaths), war is the default state of Weimerica and no longer afforded special or notable status (in contrast, the major combat phase of the generation-defining Vietnam War was seven years).

0.4% of the population is active-duty military, meaning ~95% of the population most likely is not emotionally invested and/or cares minimally about whatever combat is/was taking place (or will take place).

Fuck me in the butt!!!

The Everyday Absurdisms Of Weimerica

Prescription medication used to combat anxiety, depression, and suicidal/homicidal thoughts and actions causes anxiety, depression, and suicidal/homicidal thoughts and actions as a side effect.

A Rutgers University professor lamenting the Sandy Hook massacre so much that he made a YouTube video about it, but still believing in infanticide up to one year of age.

New Jersey has the highest paid police officers in the nation with an average salary of $100,000/year, but also has three cities in the top ten for “worst homicide rate” and those officers still have the right to shoot you to death if you don’t follow their conflicting orders to the letter while having a gun pointed at your head.

Parents working and saving money for twenty years to send their kids to college only for them to return home after graduation hating them, their country, and themselves in addition to being tens of thousands in debt.

One-fourth of graduates leaving college with a four year degree in hand are no better off than if they did not go to college at all from a wage perspective.

The maintenance staff at a college making more than most of the graduates of that college because they are unionized.

Consensual sex (“fuck me in the butt!!!”) being redefined as “rape” with such concepts as “enthusiastic consent” (Yes.=Rape, YES!=not rape), “continuing consent” (“ask every ten minutes if it’s okay to keep going”), and “affirmative consent” (“Can I hold your hand? Stroke your thigh? Whisper into your ear?”).

The wife of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle saying she married him because “he was a nice guy.”

“I do not care, I am a millionaire, I do not give AF.”

Some Classic Weimerican Quotes

I was naked underneath my clothes.” ~A woman explaining her #metoo moment.

CRAWL TOWARDS ME! IF YOU FALL, YOU BETTER FALL ON YOUR FACE!” ~A police officer’s reasonable and coherent order that must be obeyed upon penalty of death.

He was turning his life around!” ~The classic family/friend lament of a dead victim/perpetrator with a less than stellar background.

He changed into something he wasn’t.” ~The pathetic attempt of a high school chum of a mass shooter to cover up for the fact that he somehow missed what a psycho his friend was.

Russian interference!” ~A viable excuse for anything and everything.

The hoes are laughin’? YEP!” ~An exchange between a confused TV doctor and a 14-year-old aspiring female rap artist.

He was COMPED!” ~The humblebrag of the coked up brother of a mass shooter/pasty.

Stay in the car.”~A plea to do nothing and ignore the situation, whatever it may be.

When Did America Become Weimerica?

No firm answer, I first noticed it in the spring of 2009 when there was a constant stream of family murder-suicides and mass shootings, some of them recession related. Afghanistan also escalated that year (with death tolls doubling for both Britain and the US from the year prior) under the election promise of “I’ll get us out of Afghanistan, take that to the bank!”

Things really picked up steam in 2012 when large public mass shootings began occurring with increasing regularity, labor force participation hit a three decade low (meaning there was no economic recovery), and drug overdose deaths had already jumped 211% (in the Northeast) in comparison with 2010.


Did The Baby Boomers Really Lose California?

California is lost because of the judges. Your state is next.

Submitted by Melinda Santa Cruz

In 1994, California voters approved Proposition 187, a ballot measure that would have denied social services and education to illegal aliens. Voters thought that they were finally getting rid of them by self- deportation. After all, they could no longer work at the Department of Public Welfare unless they spoke English and Spanish and this seemed like a plausible way to get them off the dole.

The proposition included the following key elements:

  1. All law enforcement agents who suspect that a person who has been arrested is in violation of immigration laws must investigate the detainee’s immigration status, and if they find evidence of illegality they must report it to the attorney general of California and to the federal Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). They must also notify the detainee of his or her apparent status as an alien.
  2. Local governments are prohibited from preventing or limiting the fulfillment of this requirement.
  3. If government agents suspect anyone applying for benefits of being illegal immigrants, the agents must report their suspicions in writing to the appropriate enforcement authorities.
  4. A person shall not receive any public social service from a publicly funded health care facility until he or she meets the requirements above.
  5. A person shall not receive any health care services from a publicly funded health care facility until he or she meets the requirements above.
  6. A public elementary or secondary school shall not admit or permit the attendance of any child until he or she meets the requirements above.
  7. By 1996, each school district shall verify the legal status of each child enrolled within the district and the legal status of each parent or guardian or each child.
  8. A child who is in violation of the requirements above shall not continue to attend the school 90 days from the date of notice to the attorney general and INS.
  9. The attorney general must keep records on all such cases and make them available to any other government entity that wishes to inspect them.
  10. The manufacture, distribution, sale, or use of false citizenship or residency documents is a state felony punishable by imprisonment or fine.

Pete Wilson was elected governor. He ran on an anti-illegal immigration platform so voters thought the deal was done. We were going to take back our state.

According to Ann Coulter, approximately sixty million illegal aliens are now in the country. More of them live in California than in any other state. A few years ago, Governor Jerry Brown brokered a deal with Senate President Kevin de Leon to grant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, Medicaid was given to illegal children and the Dreamers, and Senator Ricardo Lara(D-Bell Gardens) has promised to implement single-payer healthcare so that all illegal aliens can receive it.


How did California go from Proposition 187 to where it is today?

Well, President Trump has said it is the fault of California voters, and because of the candidate that we vote for. Nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t believe that even legal Hispanics would vote to support illegal aliens. I believe that illegal aliens have been allowed to vote under Governor Brown’s “Motor Voter Law.”

According to an immigrant from Peru, she applied for a driver’s license and was asked if she wanted to automatically be registered to vote.

“Can I do that?” she asked.

“Do you want to vote or not?” the clerk asked.

The lady, who was a registered nurse, said okay and was recently deported to Peru for voting illegally. She left her grown daughter and a grandbaby behind.

The government of Clown World only goes easy on hardened criminals, like the one who returned to America again and again and then shot Kate Steinle. The message sent is that it is perfectly acceptable to kill a white American, but somehow we are supposed to believe that the government cares about voter fraud?

If so, why has the federal government not launched an investigation for voter fraud in California? If this doesn’t suggest that three million illegal aliens voted for Hillary, what does?

And whatever happened Prop. 187? It was ruled unconstitutional by a Jimmy Carter appointee, Judge Mariana Pfaelzer of the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. This is the same court that declared that President Trump’s travel ban was unconstitutional, although in November, the US Supreme Court allowed it to take effect.

Why wasn’t Proposition 187 ever sent to the Supreme Court?

On June 23, 2014, twenty years after voters passed Proposition 187, Senator Kevin de Leon, the son of an illegal immigrant, declared it a racist proposition. Along with several Asian and Hispanic lawmakers – all Democrats – he passed Senate Bill 396 to erase the offensive language from California’s education, health, and welfare code. They held a ceremony on that day and declared it “World Unity Day.” The purpose was to celebrate diversity and to promote a united future in a country that none of their ancestors fought for or even founded.

De Leon has led at least two delegations to meetings of the United Nations and has worked closely with his pal, Tom Steyer, the Trump hater, on green energy projects. De Leon is currently trying to unseat Senator Diane ((((((Feinstein)))))) because his term as senate president is almost over. Steyer claims that he very well may run for governor of California in 2018.

Those of you who blame conservative baby boomers for the Steinle verdict need to seriously get real. California is being used as a UN experiment and its power is out of the hands of its citizens. It’s always been this way. You will understand when they come for your state next.