Poland STRIKES BACK at the EU – GLOBOHOMO Beginning to collapse

Italy’s refusal of rescue ship leaves 629 migrants at sea and exposes growing EU fault lines

Poland might weigh up EU membership in referendum

Hungary Builds A Wall, Cuts Illegal Immigration By Over 99%

UN Reprimands Hungary For Stopping Illegal Immigration By 99%


EU threatens to impose sanctions on Poland over judicial reform

Poland Remains Defiant as EU Threatens Sanctions

Exposed and dependent: Germany desperate to avoid trade war

German investor confidence PLUMMETS to six-year low as US trade war fears SOAR
GERMAN investor confidence has sunk to a six-year low as economists fear the escalating trade war with the United States and the Italy’s plans to shake up the EU could heavily impact the economy.

Trump Tweets

Poland offers US up to $2B for permanent military base
Warsaw wants American boots on ground as protection against Russia.

Poland’s Nationalism Threatens Europe’s Values, and Cohesion


Pussy Ass Canadian Bitches Rally Round They Bitchmade Leader

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2018

What a fucking bitch. Kill yourself now please.

The bitchass Canadian government is rallying in support of their pussy-bitch fag leader after he was emotionally assaulted by the diabolical/problematic patriarchal madman and famous world peace creator Donald J. Trump of America.

Trump was responding to the fact that the petulant baby Trudeau stole billions from America, then acted like everything was cool and refused to make eye-contact with the vicious psychopath Trump during the G7, then gave a speech after Trump got on his plane to go create world peace denouncing Trump as a “big fat poopy head.”

The Canadian government released a special statement for Trudeau, a substitute drama teacher and dance maniac who is for some reason their leader, saying “hush now baby baby don’t you cry” after the vicious, psychopathic Trump agent Peter Navarro told him to rot in hell.

I’m reducing my “dozen men” estimate and now believe that the entire Canadian nation can be brought to its knees by an 8-man Ghost Recon team.

The Hill:

Canada’s House of Commons on Monday unanimously condemned President Trump and his aides on for attacks targeting the country’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Lawmakers approved a motion that rejected “disparaging ad hominem statements by U.S. officials which do a disservice to bilateral relations,” Reuters reported.

The symbolic move came after Peter Navarro, the White House National Trade Council director said there is a “special place in hell” for any leader who engages in bad faith diplomacy with Trump.

There is a special place in hell for all who oppose AMERICA.

Bitches like Trudeau and his merry band of dallying, dancing faggots have no idea the kind of hell we are preparing to bring down on them.

Trudeau my gay friend, maybe you’ve seen a little movie called “Rambo III.”

Well, imagine that times ten billion trillion.


We are going to capture your capital city – whichever one it is, I don’t know – and stage mass executions of random people while a little band you may have heard of called “SCORPION” plays in your town center.

You should surrender now, Trudeau.

That is the only sense.

Offer an unconditional surrender and offer up a cage full of 100 virgins to the world peace figure Donald J. Trump, and maybe we won’t invade and kill millions.

You don’t want the war you are calling for, Justin.

You couldn’t even begin to handle the beginning of it.

MOORE: 20 Years After ‘Sex And The City,’ The ‘Real-Life Carrie Bradshaws’ Are Wishing They Hadn’t Slept Around

By Faith Moore

Sex and the City, which premiered 20 years ago this week, changed the way women thought about sex. The assertion of the show’s main character, Carrie Bradshaw, that she will start having sex “like men” — sleeping around and feeling “nothing” afterwards — struck a chord. It was a new kind of fairy tale — a glitzy, glamorous, New York City Cinderella ditching the prince but keeping the shoes. Twenty years later, though, these “real-life” Carrie Bradshaws are single, childless, and many are starting to wonder what happened to their happy endings.

In the early 2000s, modeling themselves on Carrie Bradshaw and her friends, women in their 20s and early 30s began to have sex “like men.” One night stands and sexual exploration became the ultimate feminist statement. If men could do it, then why shouldn’t they? “There was no such thing as a bad date,” writes dating columnist Julia Allison of her time living the Sex and the City lifestyle, “only a good date or a good brunch story.”

In fact, in the years since the show’s premiere, Sex and the City has come to be seen as not feminist enough — receiving criticism for leaving its four heroines happily paired up romantically by the series finale. In 2010, The Telegraph complained that “The happiest character, Charlotte, is by far the most conventional – rich husband, children, no job (by the end), a Park Avenue palace.” In 2017, Marie Claire called one of the show’s main characters “anti-feminist” for saying that “everyone needs a man.” If a lesson is to be learned from the show, today’s critics seem to be suggesting, it’s that it didn’t go far enough. In order to be truly feminist, it seems, women must give up romance altogether.

There’s only one problem: eventually women do want to settle down. In fact, many of the women who bought into the Sex and the City lifestyle 20 years ago are coming forward to share their regrets. Julia Allison says the show literally “ruined her life.” She says it peddled a “fear of intimacy disguised as empowerment.” Writing for The New York Post, Allison wistfully wonders what her life might have been like if she hadn’t bought into the Sex and the City philosophy. “Perhaps I’d be married with children now?”

In her memoir, Unwifeable, journalist and former dating columnist Mandy Stadtmiller describes how a decade of living the “real-life Carrie Bradshaw” lifestyle left her fearful that there “might be no one out there left for me at all.” She writes, “I told myself I was a feminist,” but, ultimately, she came to realize that happiness came, not from casual sex and no-strings-attached relationships, but from “only revealing [her heart] when someone has proven themselves worthy.”

The fact that the women of Sex and the City ultimately want to settle down is not the unrealistic lie the show sold these women. The lie is that they can settle down after spending their 20s and 30s sleeping around. At the time, it seemed like a radical act of feminism to do away with Prince Charming and focus, instead, on the dress, the shoes, and the physical attraction. After all, as novelist Keira Cass said, “Cinderella never asked for a prince, she asked for a night off and a dress.” But suddenly, with biological clocks ticking and one man after another running away from the thought of commitment, these women are beginning to wonder. Maybe Cinderella knew something they didn’t, after all.

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4 Ways To Stop A Woman From Manipulating You

There are many reasons women manipulate men. The more prevalent reasons these days are money, gifts, financial favors, etc. For example, if your woman wants a to go on a weekend getaway so she’ll let you fuck her brains out the entire week.

Another example would be if she wants a kitchen upgrade so she tells you that you can have a “man cave” and one night of anal sex with her so you’ll agree to a 5-figure mortgage refinance loan so she can get her overpriced kitchen.

Many kitchens have been negotiated with “man caves” and anal

The best example would be being on her best behavior because she wants you to propose. She sucks your dick every night, let’s you do it in the butt, cooks you meals every night, she’s kind, agreeable, feminine, etc. (Note: A woman is never more well behaved when she hears the sounds of wedding bells in the not-too-distant future)

The bottom line here is that women rarely do anything for a man just to be nice. There’s always an ulterior motive and that’s where the manipulation comes in.

Manipulation vs. Good behavior

While it’s important to know how to nip female manipulation in the bud, it’s equally important to know the difference between a woman attempting to manipulate you and a woman exhibiting good behavior.

The difference between the two is that manipulation is good behavior occurs close to the time when a woman wants something. Good behavior happens all the time.

If a woman knows she’s good to you and doing what she needs to do to hold it down with regular sex, cooking, looking good for you, representing you well in public, giving you access to her phone, staying off social media and so forth, she doesn’t feel the need to manipulate you into doing something for her. She knows she’s entitled to good treatment from you because she’s a good woman to you.

Girls who do this on the regular don’t need to manipulate their men

Women who manipulate men for gifts, trips, iPhones, etc. know they are not doing what’s necessary to be a good woman. Women who use manipulation tactics know they haven’t built up enough equity with you to simply ask you for what they want. So they dress like a slut, cook your favorite meal, or whatever it is they think they can do you manipulate you. Once they get what they want, the good behavior stops and that’s how you know it’s manipulation.

Women who are good all the time know they have the right to ask you for things and they know that in order to keep that privilege they have to continue to do what’s necessary to feel entitled to  good treatment from you.

So now that we’ve laid down the basics, let’s get to the first step on how to stop being manipulated by your woman.

Be proactive and set the tone. Setting the tone and letting your know you are not the kind of man who cannot be manipulated is absolutely paramount. Not only does this reduce the odds of her trying to pull any bullshit with you, when she actually does (and she will) she’ll be far less confident because you let her know early on that you’re not here for the games.

So how do you set the tone and let your woman know you’re not who gets tripped up by mind games? Let’s take a look at four examples and how to properly respond:

Call bullshit on her sob stories


Her: “My ex boyfriend was horrible! He was an abusive alcoholic who gambled away our money while he fucked hookers and snorted cocaine while he simultaneously beat and raped me every night!”

You: :::roll your eyes and chuckle::: “Oh stop…if he was so bad why’d you stay with him for 3 years? We both know you weren’t the perfect girlfriend either. And don’t talk about your ex around me. Save that shit for your friends.”

Cry me a river….

This accomplishes two things. First, it shows her you’re not gonna buy the bullshit stories about her ex like all her other boyfriends did which means she won’t try to bad mouth him again and second, it stops her from talking about her ex around you.

Don’t take everything at face value

When she makes a statement you find questionable, quiz her on it. Ask her questions. Ask for details. That tells her in no uncertain terms that you won’t believe just anything she says. She knows that if she tells you something it has to be true, and she has to be able to back it up lest you question her on the details.

If you don’t ask questions about shit you have questions about, this WILL come back to bite you because if you start and you didn’t do it in the beginning, she won’t answer your questions when you try to. Be skeptical of everything she tells you that doesn’t make sense or sounds strange or suspicious.

Tell her about your ex’s unsuccessful manipulation attempts

It’s inevitable that your girl is going to ask you “So why did you and your girlfriend break up?” Rather than going into some long diatribe about what really happened say this:

“We broke up because she wanted to manipulate me and she couldn’t.”

If she asks “How did she try?”

Dismissively say: “You know how women are.”

This tells her that you know a woman’s nature and that you know that she knows what women do to manipulate men. 

This makes her far less likely to try any bullshit with you later on because she knows you’re wise to how women really are and what they do.

Point out examples when you’re out in public together

Example 1: If you see a woman being overly affectionate to her man in public, say “She must want something.”

Example 2: If you see a man buying something expensive for a woman, say “She must have let him go back door last night.”

Example 3: If you see a marriage proposal in public say “Welp! I guess he’s not having sex anymore!”

Example 4: If you see a woman crying in public, roll your eyes and say “Oh please…”

Example 5: If you see a woman throwing a fit or bitching about something say “That chick needs a stiff drink, a stiff dick, and a nap”

At some point your woman will inevitably challenge your pithy Red Pill arrows with what she’ll rationalize as “the voice of common sense.”

Challenge to example 1: “Well how do YOU know she wants something?! She might just be in love him!”

You say: “You don’t believe that.”

Challenge to example 2: “That’s not what it looks like to me!”

You say: “Of  course YOU don’t” (then laugh)

When she’s heard enough of these she’ll finally say, “God you’re so jaded!”

You respond with: “You call it jaded, I call it experience.”

Taking these steps at the beginning of a relationship will drastically reduce the odds of her attempting to manipulate you, but keep in mind that nothing will completely eliminate it because this is just how females operate. She’s going to try at some point. Count on it.

However, taking the measures above lets her know that you’re not the typical guy who gives into her emotional shenanigans or believes everything she says. And when you make that clear to her both directly and indirectly, she will have more respect for you than she’s had for any man in quite a while.

Part Two will cover some of the ways women try to manipulate men and how to handle it directly so as to squash it like a bug…

…but if you don’t want to wait for the article, click here to watch or listenAnd watch Donovan Sharpe drop Red Pill truth on TSR: Live weekday afternoons at 1pmE/10amP 

From http://www.returnofkings.com/178235/4-ways-to-stop-a-woman-from-manipulating-you

Road to War: Trump Berates Trudeau for Burning the White House in 1814

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2018

This is an extremely encouraging sign that Trump is open to our trade war with Canada becoming a military incursion and annexation of that frozen wasteland.


President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a testy phone call on May 25 over new tariffs imposed by the Trump administration targeting steel and aluminum imports coming from Canada, including one moment during the conversation in which Trump made an erroneous historical reference, sources familiar with the discussion told CNN.

According to the sources, Trudeau pressed Trump on how he could justify the tariffs as a “national security” issue. In response, Trump quipped to Trudeau, “Didn’t you guys burn down the White House?” referring to the War of 1812.

The absurd fake news media is claiming that this is some sort of idiot statement because:

“Canada didn’t do it, haha Trump, Canada was still a British colony in 1814, haha, so that means the British did it and Canada couldn’t have done it because it was just a colony then, hahaha, gotcha Trump.”

This is the type of shit these people do.

British Canadians, from Canada, which was at the time a British colony, did in fact burn the White House.

And we have yet to take revenge on them for this.

Hopefully, the lunatic Mad Dog Mattis can put his “I’ll fucking kill everyone” skills to work on planning a war against Canada, and cancel the one he’s planning with Russia.

We need to act quickly.

Justin Trudeau is a maniacal and deranged lunatic, hellbent on destruction.

We cannot simply wait around and let them plan another White House burning.

We must take swift action and launch a full invasion of Canada in order to quell the terrorist forces which are gathering there under the leadership of Justin Trudeau.

The Moslems, you see, believe that he is their prophesied savior.

They are willing to follow him to hell and back.

Dutch Schoolgirls Sex Trafficked by the Thousands by Moslems? Imagine Moy Shawk.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 24, 2018

White women may no longer make good wives and mothers. But they do make good sex slaves for entrepreneurial Islamic New Dutchmen.

You see, the thing about this is…

The thing that you really need to understand is…

If we talk about the fact that Moslems are sex trafficking underage white girls by the thousands, give it too much media attention, it will make people racist against Moslems because it will make them think that Moslems are sex trafficking underage white girls by the thousands.

And you know what the real problem here is, don’t you?

It’s education.

If I wouldn’t have had my 9th grade 3 times weekly class on why it is bad to sex traffic underage girls, I have no doubt that I myself would be running a sex trafficking gang, giving drugs to little girls, then gang-raping them, then pimping them out while keeping them drugged-up and threatening to kill them if they told anyone what was going on.

In Moslem countries, they don’t have these classes because of the Crusades and colonialism destroying their education systems.

So what do you expect is going to happen?


Every year more than one thousand underage Dutch girls are groomed and then blackmailed into sex slavery by young pimps with migrant backgrounds, an investigation has revealed.

With gifts, drink, and drugs, so-called ‘loverboys’ will seduce a girl into agreeing to become his sex partner before taking pictures or video footage of the encounter which will then be used as leverage to force her into prostitution, Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reports.

“These men are mostly Moroccans, Turks, Caribbeans, and Roma. The lion’s share of them have a migrant background,” said Gideon van Aartsen from Watch Nederland, an initiative which coordinates with the nation’s police on efforts to fight child sexual exploitation (CSE).

“Lion’s share.”

Implying there are white Dutchmen doing this, lol.

They don’t do it because they have the education. 

They’ve taken the requisite and required “Why You Shouldn’t Sex Traffic Little Girls” class in school.

He told the newspaper that selling sex with schoolgirls is a “lucrative trade” that can earn “up to 800 euros a day on a girl” for ‘loverboys’, most of whom are part of larger networks that are also involved in trafficking illegal drugs and weapons.

Annually around 1,400 Dutch minors fall victim to ‘loverboys’ — a term used in the country to refer to young men who lure underage teens into relationships then force them into the sex industry — according to police human trafficking experts Marijke van Overveld and Esmee Huijps.

They said that with the advent of video smartphones it is no longer necessary for the men to have to convince victims that they’re in a relationship as used to be the case when grooming girls into sexual slavery.

“The seduction process takes only between a week and a fortnight now, when it used to take months,” said Huijps, explaining that girls are told they must either agree to work as a prostitute or else footage of them having sex will be uploaded to social media.

“Once they have a compromising video of you, that is enough for blackmail. Especially for young girls, whose parents do not know anything.”

Lamenting the cruelty and abuse to which trafficked girls are subjected, van Aartsen told Algemeen Dagblad: “These girls, who are just minors, are given orders like ‘make sure you bring three [female] friends, and I’ll let you get away with f***ing five men fewer each day.’”

Well, I guess the Crusaders who destroyed their countries must have spared their business schools for some reason…

So-called loverboys have also been known to make their victims roll a die, and then force her to see that many customers before the end of the day, he added.

As is the case with many victims of the predominantly Muslim grooming gangs who prey on underage girls in towns including Rotherham and Oxford across the UK, girls who fall victim to ‘loverboys’ in the Netherlands are “largely, but not always, vulnerable women from a lower social class and who have an unstable home life”, according to the report.

It’s a real shame that due to the Crusades and so on, some Dutch girls are experiencing these things.

The good news is, a lot of Dutch girls’ lives have been greatly improved by the mass transfer of third world populations into their countries.

For instance, they are no longer required to date feminine Dutch men.