Why Doesn’t Israel Welcome Its Black Hebrews?

Diversity Macht Frei
November 1, 2017

Black Hebrew woman harassed on bus in Israel

This is an interesting variant of “We Wuz Kangz”. These American negroes claim they were the true Kangz of ancient Israel and the “white Jews” are merely impostors.

It has been nearly 50 years since the first African Hebrew Israelites (or Black Hebrews, as they are more commonly known) began settling in Israel, the land they believe to be their ancestral homeland.

Their presence was contested from the beginning. The founders of the community are non-Jewish African Americans who identify as descendants of the ancient Israelites, but not as Jews. Since they didn’t qualify for automatic citizenship under the Law of Return, they entered Israel as tourists and stayed illegally.y are still viewed by some Israelis as outsiders to be scorned. They are regularly referred to as kushim – a racial slur for black people – on the street, in the Hebrew press, and even by government representatives who clearly should know better. They have been mistaken for African asylum seekers and manhandled by the police as a result.

In the IDF, my research has shown, they have been harassed by their commanders for requesting the accommodation they are entitled to receive as members of a minority population, such as time off to observe Shabbat and holy days. And they are passed over for spots in intelligence units, sending the message that they are not to be trusted with sensitive information.

Most infuriatingly, the Israeli government has quietly tried its best to prevent them from becoming citizens.
Only a small percentage of the 3,000 or so African Hebrew Israelites living in the country have received Israeli citizenship to date. Most are permanent residents who cannot vote in national elections or receive Israeli passports, and over 100 have no legal status in the country whatsoever, including dozens of children, according to community leaders.

This is the great irony of the African Hebrew Israelites’ migration story: They left the U.S., where they were treated as second-class citizens because of the color of their skin, only to be treated as second-class citizens – and minus the citizenship – in Israel, because they are not recognized as Jews. (Given the option to convert to Judaism early on, they refused, asserting that they were the authentic descendants of the Tribe of Judah and that white Jews were imposters.)


This video tells the tragic and moving story of the “Black Hebrews”.

Israel MUST open its borders to any and all blacks who believe they may have Jewish ancestry, if they do not, they are admitting they are racists and must be forced to open their borders against he will of their people.


Mexican MAGA Hat Thief Will Be Charged with a Felony

For America it would look like this, which is why they need to leave, and we need to begin eugenics programs to repair the damage done to our race.

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2017

In most of America, if you are a heterosexual white male without a lot of money, expecting the police to protect your rights is a shot in the dark. This is why Young Republican types like the one in this video look so pathetic: he is such a gullible dork that he thinks appealing to rights that only exist on paper (muh Constitution) matters in the real world.

In this case, Matthew Vitale lucked out. The footage of the Indio student robbing him of his MAGA hat went viral, which led to a nationwide campaign to force the police in Riverside to (begrudgingly) do their job.


Late last week, a viral video surfaced of two college students facing off over a red Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” cap. In the video, Edith Macias is seen brandishing the cap of fellow student Matthew Vitale. Macias had snatched the hat off of Vitale’s head following a conference the two were attending on the University of California, Riverside campus.

Macias is seen taking the hat to the university’s student life office, demanding something be done about the hat and Vitale. “This belongs to me. I bought it and she took it from me,” Vitale can be heard saying off-camera.

“Look at the kind of s*** he’s wearing,” Macias responds. “This represents genocide of a bunch of people.”

The two then proceed to argue over issues including freedom of speech and personal property, among other topics, while the university staff attempt to quell the intense emotions of the moment. After nine minutes of discussion and arguing, the staff finally return Vitale’s hat to him and the campus police show up to deal with the situation.

Vitale’s own video didn’t show the theft happening, but a video that Macias herself uploaded following the events did reveal the incident. Vitale soon learned from campus police that the release of that video showing Macias taking the hat off of Vitale could possibly lead to felony charges, and the Republican student then decided to proceed.

A lot of the third world people transplanted into the USA in recent decades seem to think that physical force is the only way to resolve political differences.

They’re correct. When multiple groups with irreconcilable desires are forced to live together, compromise becomes increasingly difficult. Demands become more radical as the demographics of one group gain ground on the other.

Edith Macias is a Mesoamerican nationalist who wants to replace white people with her own. At the same time she reserves the right to enjoy Gringo infrastructure and federal tax dollars without giving anything back. She knows on some level that her desires are irreconcilable with the interests of most Americans, but she wants it both ways, so Edith and her fellow Jew radicalized invaders in California understand that violence and intimidation is the only way to get Gringos to go along.

There’s nothing in the water that makes California so insane. California is what happens when whites dip below 50%: Jews (Silicon Valley, Hollywood, State government) at the top, corrupt and inept non-whites in the middle and whites as marginalized racial scapegoats with no rights at the bottom. 

The Young Republicans may have won a small victory here, but they won’t win the war.

The only rights you have are those you can physically defend.

Definitive Proof Heather Heyer Wasn’t Even Hit by a Car

Charlottesville Reactions: What Took Trump and Toomey So Long? | News ...

#OpNotMyBro: Definitive Proof Heather Heyer Wasn’t Even Hit by a Car

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2017

It is conclusive: Heather Heyer was not ever hit by James Fields’ Dodge, she wasn’t hit by any of the cars that the Dodge bumped into. She was standing around near the accident and got knocked over by people and then died of a heart attack.

Following Hunter Wallace’s work in reconstructing Heyer’s movements on the day of the Charlottesville event, a YouTuber was able to indentify Heather in one of the videos of the crash, and show that she basically just fell down and died because she was so fat.

You notice that the media has ceased talking about this. This is because they had access already to the fact that “blunt force trauma” was not included in the autopsy report.

The media was hoping we would never find out.

But we have found out. This entire event was a gigantic scam and a hoax. As fake as Trayvon Martin being an innocent baby, as fake as weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. A gigantic Jewish hoax.

The Face of This Hoax

The bulbous face of this hoax remains Heather Heyer’s sloppy fat lying mother Susan Bro, who continues to pretend as though “white supremacy” had something to do with her daughter’s death. However, if the dumb bitch had taken the advice of “white supremacists” like me and gone on the paleo diet, switched to vape from Newports, exercised and done intermittent fasting, there is no way she would have died from getting bumped over.

The slob Susan Bro, who looks like MODOK, is on the war path against whites.

She has created “The Heather Heyer Foundation” which appears to be a fraudulent way to illegally collect money.

You can email that foundation here, and ask for evidence that it is not just a scam:


She doesn’t put a phone number on there, but I’m sure we can find one – even though I’m not sure this foundation actually exists, they have to have some kind of a phone number if they are pretending to.

We need to continue to demand that she issue an apology to white people and specifically to James Fields, whom she has wrongly accused of murder.

James Fields will Walk

The media is silent because they know no murder charge is going to stick.

James Fields is going to go lose on reckless driving. Maybe do six months in jail. They’re going to try to drag the thing out as long as possible, so people forget about what happened.

So another thing we need to push for is a speedy trial for James Fields.

The narrative has already collapsed. This video of Heyer dying after getting knocked over by a guy moving out of the way seals the deal. There is nothing left of it.

They aren’t going to try to litigate it like they did Trayvon and Michael Brown, because whites are not as stupid as the blacks. They’re trying to drag it out a while and then quietly bury it.

But I am going to put together a fund for James Fields to do a speaking tour explaining his side of the story once he gets out, which should be within a couple of months.

All the Charlottesville conspiracy theories from Trump's Friends in ...

Need more evidence this was a hoax by the fake media masters?

Tubby SJW Heather Heyer Died of a Heart Attack

By Phillip Marlowe

Now normally I’m not one to give women a ration of crap. And I genuinely like women with a few curves. A few mind you. But the leftist media turned the tubby, practically obese Heather Heyer into a “Social Justice Warrior” (SJW) hero of the ages, for chrissakes. A ridiculous martyr figure created on the spot to make any of us pro-White activists and/or pro-Robert E. Lee protestors at Charlottesville look so evil. The PC narrative spinners love victims — made up or not. Hell, they acted like the two dead State police helicopter pilots, killed in a supposed accident after the event, was the fault of all us White “haters” on the ground. Totally insane.

This is NOT Heather Heyer in the blue top. Heather was dressed in all black and on the other side of the street. See videos below.

They purposefully let people imagine Heyer died a bloody, gruesome death at the hands of a “White supremacist” behind the wheel of that Dodge Challenger. They wanted the American people to think the poor girl was squashed like a bug.

But it has since come out she really had a heart attack and wasn’t even touched by the car itself (other leftys did land on her trying to jump out of the way). That’s bad and all, but this is a prime example how FAKE NEWS conveniently forgets to mention a few details to embellish the brainwashing. They do this all the time to fill White people with lefty crap. They know exactly the right buttons to push.

If you’re a critically thinking White person, you got to stop and think about all this lying liberal media BS. Sure, you’re a live and let live kind of guy or gal, not wanting to hurt anyone just because of the color of their skin. OK, I get that. But what if you had secret, very rich and powerful people off in the shadows someplace actively manipulating your feelings and of those around you? Don’t you get the clever trickery these media whores are up to?

I mean, the lefty PC bull crap is not really all that hidden. You can even spot it yourself if you pay attention to what they push constantly on TV. Watch CNN or HBO for 10 minutes. It’s not exactly tin foil hat conspiracy business.

The mom says she died of a heart attack in a NBC interview.

I actually know fairly well that part of the country where Heather Heyer is from. Let me tell you that had the woman died fighting in defense of the statue of Robert E. Lee or God forbid the White race, they would be saying she was inbred TRAILER TRASH quite openly on mainstream TV. For sure. They might chill on the fat descriptions, though, yet would still smirkingly show any recent fat photos so you note that to yourself. Get the hypocrite trickery out of the leftwing media?

Now the brainwashers long ago knew they had better deal with gun-toting rural Whites so they don’t present a problem for the “Agenda.” So they tailored all kinds of things to manipulate these people over the years. I’ve seen it all myself with my own two eyes. Specific, targeted social engineering of this demographic.

Not only is Danica Patrick a fairly competent driver (in the top third), but she’s also a good-looking White gal, too.

To this day they are still trying to find ways to “niggerize” NASCAR racing, yet have trouble finding any black driver worth a crap. NASCAR drivers are not only physically tough, but are situational aware, intelligent and have real backbone. Things Negroes have problems with.

But I will admit they are good at excitedly running around, back and forth with a B-ball.

You know why Danica Patrick is a reasonably successful driver? Because she’s a White gal, that’s why. But no one is going to dare say that because of all the self-elected PC police out there running amok. That’s how bad it is — us Whites aren’t allowed to take the least pride in our race before all the creeps start screaming bloody murder!

I’ve fly fished for Brookies all over that area where Heather’s parents live (Ruckersville, Virginia). And I’ve bought a few mason jars of moonshine in my time not that far away. I like the Plum over Rocket Rye, but then again I’m a “pussy flatlander”(not really — I’ve lived all over). Hell, I’ve even smoked a few big fat spleefs with the boys up in the hills. I used to go dove hunting a lot in the same area as that somewhat famous (the phony reality TV show “Moonshiners” on Discovery) Moonshiner Tim Smith is from. That’s only a little southwest of Charlottesville.

And sure, Heather’s mom was naturally upset over her chubby daughter’s untimely death (maybe not so untimely with her weight), but you could see she was soon digging all that media attention in the days that followed. She was eating it up like a hog rooting in grandma’s back garden! You see, that’s the thing with the media. They know human nature well. Everyone loves getting on TV. And I’m certain the pin-suited fat cats up in NYC were also eating it up. Yeeehaw! They love it when Whites play the part in their own destruction for free.

Anyhoo, getting back to the main dealy with my site, the filthy Jews have most definitely been brainwashing us decent White people by using our own good graces against us.

I’m going to make a blanket statement to all my White brethren up in the hills: These dirty elite bastards have been laughing about you from day-one. These are the creeps really behind all the moral and social upheavals in America. All the sick BS you see on TV and the movies is due to these dirtbags. They are literally behind opening our lands to terrorist Muzzies and criminal blacks from Africa. What they have been doing is gradually turning us Whites into a pussified, spat-upon minority in our own lands, so we don’t do anything about it until it’s too late.

White people: It’s time to haul down the musket off the mantle!

Watch the video yourself:



In this cellphone video taken at Charlottesville, you can see at :22 Heather walking in front of the camera and her pigtail swinging. She only has seconds to live.

In Classical China, Western Civilization Flourished


During the era in which Chinese civilization bloomed, four thousand years ago, Caucasian people were active in the region and left their mark through a artifacts only recently uncovered which have been controversial from the outset.

These people were clearly from an ancient European type which no longer exists in that form today, but gives some historical context to the wandering life of Europeans before they settled in Europe, including the settling of lands in Asia:

In the middle of a terrifying desert north of Tibet, Chinese archaeologists have excavated an extraordinary cemetery. Its inhabitants died almost 4,000 years ago, yet their bodies have been well preserved by the dry air.

The cemetery lies in what is now China’s northwest autonomous region of Xinjiang, yet the people have European features, with brown hair and long noses. Their remains, though lying in one of the world’s largest deserts, are buried in upside-down boats. And where tombstones might stand, declaring pious hope for some god’s mercy in the afterlife, their cemetery sports instead a vigorous forest of phallic symbols, signaling an intense interest in the pleasures or utility of procreation.

…All the men who were analyzed had a Y chromosome that is now mostly found in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Siberia, but rarely in China. The mitochondrial DNA, which passes down the female line, consisted of a lineage from Siberia and two that are common in Europe.

As the debate on cultural appropriation ramps up, the presence of Europeans during the birth of Chinese civilization gives rise to the question of how much influence these quasi-nomadic people had on the development of that culture.


Da Yu, ( Chinese: “Yu the Great”) Wade-Giles romanization Ta Yü, in Chinese mythology, the Tamer of the Flood, a saviour-hero and reputed founder of China’s oldest dynasty, the Xia. One legend among many recounts Da Yu’s extraordinary birth: a man called Gun was given charge of controlling a great deluge. To dam the water, he stole from heaven what seems to have been a piece of magic soil. Angered by the theft, the Lord on High (Shangdi) issued an order for his execution. After three years Gun’s miraculously preserved body was slit open and a son brought forth. This was Da Yu who, after years of strenuous labour, provided outlets to the sea through dredging, with the aid of dragons, thus making the world suitable for human habitation.

Some of the earliest legends about Yu describe him as a dragon or as a half-dragon, half-human creature. Later myths portray him as wholly human but say that he could take the form of various creatures.


Chinese History: The White Tribes of Ancient China

An Artists impression of what this mummie possibly looked like when alive.
An Artists impression of what this mummie possibly looked like when alive.

4,000 Year Old Lost Tribe

One of the most fantastic finds in the last half of the twentieth century has to be the discovery of a Northern European tribe found in the northeast corner of Xinjiang province, near the Celestial Mountains and the Taklimakan Desert on the edge of the Gobi desert.

The story starts in 1978 when the Chinese archaeologist, Wang Binghus, started searching for ancient sites. He began by following stream beds, and asking the locals if they had ever come across any broken pots and artifacts. He eventually came across a few people who pointed out that there was a place called Qizilchoqa, or, as the local people called it, Red hill. Here he made the most amazing discovery, the first of the mummies. It had been placed in a grave on the side of the hill.

He looks like he is sleeping, but he is over 4,000 years old!
He looks like he is sleeping, but he is over 4,000 years old!

It was a simple site, rush mats were on the floor, and some of the bodies were buried in the foetal position. In effect, the mummies were not what you would call real mummies, in the sense that they were not embalmed. They had been preserved in an amazing way. They had been placed in the ground, which had been subjected to a unique weather system. Heat, aridity, and bitter winter cold, mixed with a salty soil, had preserved them better than other mummies found around the world. Even the clothing was still perfectly recognizable.

Tarim 42
Tarim 42

The bodies were excavated and taken to the museum in the city of Urumqi. There were 113 bodies taken from the site. At the time the Chinese government did not have enough funds to excavate the find. Wang eventually discovered three more burial sites.

The faces of the mummies were very well preserved, so, on closer examination, they could see that they were not Chinese. They had blonde hair, big eyes, and European noses.

At that time, Chinese tradition had always shown the fact that they believed China had developed independently from the rest of the world. Because of this, the government was reluctant to bring the finds to the public attention.

But soon they realized that the proof was irrefutable.

Tarim - map where the mummies were found
Tarim – map where the mummies were found
The tarim mummies
The tarim mummies

The most extraordinary thing about the mummies was the fact that their clothes were in such good condition. A jacket belonging to one man, over three thousand years old, still had a crimson edge. And the women had artificial extensions in their hair.

This tribe was obviously very advanced for its day. On one of the mummies, there is a scar which shows they had rudimentary operating skills. It had been sown up with horses hair.

Mummie of Tarim The beauty of loulan..
Mummie of Tarim The beauty of loulan..

When the West was eventually allowed to visit the mummies, Dr. Victor Mair, who was a Professor of Chinese at Pennsylvania University, took a tour around the museum. Imagine his surprise when he saw these amazing mummies, which had been kept in a dark room, in glass-topped boxes.

At this time, the Chinese authorities were still a bit reluctant to let anybody know about them, so it has taken quite a long time for the West to be able to study them properly.

Eventually in 1993, they were allowed back with a team of geneticists from Italy. And this is when they began to study them properly. They used the most up to date technology of the time to confirm the date of the mummies. They now believe that they are about 4,000 years old, and the youngest about 2,000. There are probably many more to be found, possibly in the same region of China, but it is also possible they could have settled anywhere in China, as long as the conditions were suitable to live in.

Is this the original Witches hat that has come down through history? Maybe genetic memory is involved!
Is this the original Witches hat that has come down through history? Maybe genetic memory is involved!
Atlantean Gardens - wording.
Atlantean Gardens – wording.

These people were from the Bronze age, they were Caucasian, and it is possible that they interacted with the indigenous people at that time. The local people probably taught them their traditions, and the Caucasians most likely introduced them to their way of life as well.

There were two cartwheels found at the burial sites, very similar to what you might find in Russia, or nearby countries. These amazing people were probably Scandinavian or German; it is amazing to think that they trekked across China all the way from Europe, 4,000 years ago, taking their traditions and language with them. How many other tribes were there? Who knows?

The Beauty of Loulan Mummie artists impression
The Beauty of Loulan Mummie artists impression

I think that one of the most fascinating things about this story is that the local people, even today, that live in the area where the bodies were found speak a language called Tocharian, the most eastern branch of Indo-European.

This language is closely related to German and Celtic. I think the other most amazing thing about these people is that they walked all the way across China, taking with them their families, and a mixture of animals, probably goats and sheep.

Feeling the cold, and the heat, catching diseases that they didn’t know anything about, unsure whether they would survive the different climate. Babies were born, people died, and all the time not knowing whether they would be safe or if the indigenous people would accept them.

Their lust for adventure and discovering new places gave them strength and determination to survive. They were amazing people, and I hope that soon we will be able to see these wonderful discoveries and learn more about these courageous human beings that came from the beginning of history.

Tarim mummies
Tarim mummies
European Influence on Ancient China
Few people are aware of the very strong influence of European immigrants in founding Chinese civilization. Skulls of Nordic type have been found in tombs of the first dynasty, the Shang. Words for chariot, prince, king, and horse show obvious European parallels. More detailed proof of this can be found in the archives of the forums listed at the bottom of this post.
The Tocharians were a Nordic Indo-European people who migrated from central Europe and reached Xinjiang around 3000 BC. Some of their well-preserved mummies with blond and red hair have been discovered.
Here is a quotation from INDOEUROPEAN AND THE INDOEUROPEANS, by Gamkrelidze and Ivanov, Vol. II, pages 828-829:
Tocharian migrations to the east and Indo-European loans in Chinese”
“Tocharian diverged from Proto-Indo-European fairly early, with its speakers remaining together with other dialect groupings in the original Indo-European territory.
This is the time when the isoglosses linking Tocharian with dialect areas including Anatolian, Italic, and Celtic could have arisen…However, the separation of Italic and Celtic from the protolanguage had not yet taken place when Tocharian separated from Anatolian and the Tocharians moved eastward toward central Asia. The Tocharian dialects were clearly the first eastward migratory wave, preceding even the Indo-Iranian migrations.
“In historical times, Tocharian dialects can be detected in Chinese Turkestan in the first millennium B.C. (Pulleyblank 1966). They are the source of Indo-European words in Chinese (and some other East Asian languages) such as …OChin *miet ‘honey’ (cf. Toch B mit < *miät ‘honey’), Chin quan, OChin. kiwen ‘dog’ (cf. Toch. B ku, acc. kwem ‘dog’), Chin. niu, OChin ,ngieu ‘bull’, cf. also Chin. gu bull’, OChin. ‘kuo besides Toch. A ko, acc. ki, B eu ‘cow’, Chin. zhu ‘pig’, cf. Toch. B suwo ‘pig’, swanana ‘pertaining to pig’ (cf. Karlgren 1923, 1940). It may have been the same source that gave Chinese mythology its image of sacred horses pulling the chariot of the sun (Pulleyblank 1966:31-32) and the view of the Big Dipper as a carriage.
“Not only linguistic and mythological data testify to contacts of ancient China with Indo-European-speaking tribes; so do archeological remains of chariots harnessed with horses recently found in the territory of Yin [or Shang] Dynasty China. In particular, a two-wheeled carriage of western Asian type was found in Hsiao-t’un together with the skeletons of two horses that had been harnessed to it. Also from the Yin dynasty are sacrificial pits with skeletons of horses and other sacrificial animals (see Kucera 1977:132-42, 182-85).
“Significantly, the entry of this type of chariot into Yin China took place, according to archeologists, due to contacts with powerful Central Asian populations who had chariots of the early Near Eastern type. These tribes must have had a fairly high level of socioeconomic and political development, which enabled them to bring a new type of military organization from the Near East across all Central Asia (see Kozin 1977:284-85) [more recent evidence indicates that the chariot was invented in Russia, not the Middle East. The first chariots were by the Ural mountains.]
“The early linguistic connections between Indo-European and Chinese leave no doubt that the people behind this Central Asian culture were specifically Indo-European tribes, who penetrated to eastern Central Asia from Southwest Asia in their chariots. [actually, they came from Russia, not southwest Asia] A fuller picture of the movement of these tribes awaits detailed archeological investigation of the vast and little-studied expanses of Central Asia, which formed an intermediate zone in the eastward migrations of the ancient Indo-Europeans.”
“Physical-anthropological evidence has recently come to light indicating a significant European contribution to the population that entered the Chinese province of Hansu [should be Gansu, formerly called Kansu] in Central Asia (Goxman and Resetov 1981). Migration routes for the European population have been established in the Altai Mountains and the upper Ob region (where these people could have had linguistic contacts with Uralic speakers). Archeologists trace the source of this migration to the ‘post-Mediterranean’ population of Tajikistan (Dremov 1980). Recent finds of European skulls in Bronze-Age Mongolia (Mamonova 1980) and the Tuva are (Goxman 1980, Goxman and Resetov 1981) show that the European and Asian populations were in physical proximity at that period. Physical anthropologists mention the need for reconsideration of earlier views on the physical type of the population of Central Asia and southern Siberia.”
Actually, a professor named McGovern wrote a book in 1939 called EARLY EMPIRES OF CENTRAL ASIA which uses Chinese and other sources to extensively document the major presence of blonds and redheads in central Asia and China in ancient times. Caucasoid skulls continue to be found today in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia dating to the period before the first Chinese dynasty. Caucasoid skulls dating from ancient and prehistoric times have been found in Kazakhstan and near the Tien Shan mountains too.
Nearly all ancient Chinese techonology was borrowed from Europe.


“And that’s exactly what you’ve got coming here…”

W.C. Varones tells of meeting a Cassandra.

H/t to the Prof, who blows it off.

We’ll know more in six months.

Tempus fugit.

Muir: Pattern

See the entire excellent ‘toon here; see also this related link.

Ask Max

AG has an “open question forum” going for soldier, author, and trainer Max Velocity.

Go and ask away!

Surrounded By Flattery Wherever You Go

…This post contains just a few paragraphs of commentary followed by the complete English translation of the letter from Der Gerade Weg. It’s a long letter, but I think it provides a valuable view into the perilous national situation in early 1930′s Germany. That situation involved the clear danger of a smitten and careless national press, ambivalence about public lies and a political party that, in Fr. Naab’s words, “promises all things to all men, even the most contradictory things.”

Thanks to 4GFC.

New Dawn Fades

New Dawn Fades

Gotham and the Death of the West

New Dawn Fades Image: Warner Brothers
“It’s just a movie”, we so often hear in response to any criticism of a film’s suggestive power over the mass psyche. Thus propaganda emanating from Hollywood is made to appear a harmless diversion rather than the agent of social control and transformation it actually is. When a black-clad killer stormed the theater premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado on July 20th and proceeded to rake the audience with gunfire, the exact same scenario was transpiring on-screen before them in a preview of the upcoming picture Gangster Squad. For victims of the massacre and the American public at large, reality and fantasy have been fused in an alchemical wedding; it is in this realm that phantasms and flickering simulacra deceive men and lure them to destruction. Here, too, death is master. [1]
As the final installment of the Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises is more than a movie, just as its hero Bruce Wayne sought to overcome limits imposed upon mere mortals. Director Christopher Nolan has crafted a film of grand and sinister sweep, though his cinematography provides only the backdrop to an explicit and inescapable theme: the ruin of the West, its reduction to ashes. Even standard liberal convention, special effects and pulverizing violence in the screenplay cannot conceal the apocalyptic vision that unfolds before us.
While Nolan’s story might be seen as a template for varied interpretations, certain symbols attain clear meaning within its plot. Gotham is not any imaginary city or simply a representation of New York, but the archetypal Western polis in its terminal stage of development. Modern man, with his technological wonders, his “rights”, his endless desires and entertainments, has liberated himself from all transcendent authority and stands in obedience to his passions alone. And one dream in particular never seems to leave him- the total organization of earthly happiness, an ideal justifying even the slaughter of innocents. Global civilization celebrates progress with ever-increasing fervor, seemingly oblivious to its descent into a subhuman state of anarchic savagery. As Gotham collapses, so, too does the American pluralist experiment- flimsy Enlightenment abstractions of liberty, equality and popular sovereignty are crushed by the exertion of a superior will.
The decadent polis is easy prey to oligarchs, bandits and utopian radicals. Gotham, built on lies and ruled by corrupt sociopaths, will soon be in the hands of violent psychopaths. Emerging from the underground, the ruthless mercenary Bane dons the mantle of Spartacus and carries out a revolutionary coup. In the name of “the people”, the deracinated mob, the arch-villain and his men unleash a reign of terror, replete with another storming of the Bastille and Jacobin-style tribunals presided over by the deranged Scarecrow, a latter-day De Sade. Yet amidst the chaos of proletarian dictatorship, we spot a noteworthy point of intrigue: Bane’s operation was bankrolled by none other than a capitalist. Looking to acquire the resources of the Wayne business empire, plutocratic rival Roland Daggett set the uprising in motion. Such details have their origin not in comic books, but historical context: the success of the 1917 Russian Revolution, along with the Bolsheviks’ seizure of power, was facilitated by international finance.
Bane’s true mission is neither enrichment nor insurrection; he has been tasked with eliminating Gotham entirely. Behind the machinations of capital and spasms of “people power” stands the League of Shadows, the secret society that has sentenced the city to death. Charged with this assignment, Bane acts not only as Gotham’s executioner, but as the good doctor who assists in its suicide. As Plato saw tyranny to be the logical culmination of democracy, so Bane proclaims revolution as “a new era in Western civilization”, knowing full well he is accelerating its self-destruction. An image of the nihilist, postmodern West, Gotham is a land seemingly beyond redemption, and it is no more than Bruce Wayne’s noblesse oblige to its inhabitants that brings him to their defense. Beyond this intimation of moral scruple, the duel between Batman and Bane is purely a brutal combat between opposing wills, the protector and the predator. The new era has dawned, and its supermen are wrathful beasts.
Even if Gotham City were delivered from criminal gangs and external threats, it would still implode from despair. Contemporary society is relentless in pursuit of material gain and sensory pleasure, for it seeks to obliterate any trace of the eternal, raising a tower in defiance of the heaven it denies. Warriors, poets, artists and ascetics who knew Truth in the heavenly kingdom and struggled for it were but fools and psychotherapy cases- they were hung up about a lack of sex or didn’t have television to occupy their time, you see. Today’s hedonist consumers frantically proclaim themselves so much happier in self-worship. Yet everywhere the modern spirit dominates, we witness the wreckage of our vain endeavors in the race toward annihilation; suicide and madness are rational responses to a pointless existence. The early 20th-century expert on conspiracies and subversion Nesta Webster warned of a future imperial system single-mindedly committed to the death of the soul:
Now that civilization is world-wide the dream of a return to nature and the joys of savagery conjured up by Rousseau and Weishaupt can never be realized. Yet if civilization in a material sense cannot be destroyed, it is nonetheless possible to take the soul out of it, to reduce it to a dead and heartless machine without human feelings or divine aspirations. The Bolsheviks continue to exist amidst telephones, electric light, and other amenities of modern life, but they have almost killed the soul of Russia. In this sense then civilization may pass away, not as the civilizations of the ancient world passed away, leaving only desert sands and crumbling ruins behind them, but vanishing imperceptibly from beneath the outward structure of our existing institutions. Here is the final goal of the world revolution.
Christopher Nolan made The Dark Knight Rises both ominous and captivating, but there is no catharsis to complete the work. Its continuous foreboding reflects our own subconscious anticipation of the next great war, the next market crash, the next cataclysm and the end of all things. And what is Gotham but the depraved and dying polis, corrupted spiritually through transgression? The city nonetheless still awaits its redeemer. Having rejected salvation in Christ, Western man has murdered God in his heart, replacing the divine image with that of the beast[2]. He seeks an earthly kingdom and joyfully will welcome superman, the new god who is Antichrist. No political movements or military actions in themselves could stave off this day, but only a counter-revolution of love and repentance.

[1] Gangster Squad was promptly pulled by studio chiefs and a more appropriate trailer rolled out. Django Unchained, a sure Quentin Tarantino masterpiece set for Christmas, features Jamie Foxx as an escaped African slave-turned-bounty hunter in the antebellum South. When asked how he feels about his new profession, Django replies, “Kill white folks and they pay you for it? What’s not to like?” Needless to say, this elicited a laugh-track response from many in the audience. And why should anyone be concerned over such incitement to murder? After all, it’s just a movie.
[2] 19th-century Russian thinker Ivan Aksakov gave a brilliant summation of the prideful self-will so characteristic of our age:
Progress that denies God and Christ ultimately becomes regression; civilization ends in savagery; liberty in despotism and slavery. Casting from himself God’s image, man will inevitably strip away, as he already is doing, his human image to manifest that of the beast.