FBI says James Fields won’t be Charged with Domestic Terrorism over Charlottesville

In a display of decisive action and solidarity, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has announced that Charlottesville suspect James Alex Fields Jr. will not face a charge of domestic terrorism despite the media outcry and virtue signaling suggesting that his crime was an act of terrorism.

A special agent with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force said the suspect accused of killing a Charlottesville protester will not face domestic terror charges since the federal statute does not outline penalties for the crime.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has said Fields is to face one count of second-degree murder, a decision which has either side of the spectrum groaning over.

Special Agent Thomas F. O’Connor has since called on Congress to change the statute, although it’s unknown if that will happen and it’s too late for this case.

“Even though many states and localities have adopted penalties for domestic terrorism, and the U.S. Code defines the phrase ‘domestic terrorism’, there are currently no penalties attached to that definition,” O’Connor said. “And therefore ‘domestic terrorism’ is not a crime in and of itself under federal law.”

The only fatality in the case, Heather Heyer, has been a serious source of debate as of late as to what actually killed the woman ongoing through social media and video streaming chats.

Some have pointed out that in the video footage Heyer was never hit by the car, but that still doesn’t mean that Fields car wasn’t responsible for the allegations (these are the claims being made) that she died from a heart attack.

Now even if she died from a heart attack, and the vehicle didn’t touch her, the prosecution has the argument that the heart attack is a result of the vehicle’s action, which would stick.

That could likely result in a lesser charge of manslaughter as a conviction, but again that’s for the court, Fields’ attorney, and the prosecution to debate in front of a jury.

Anything else is purely speculation at this point but the videos have only increased on social media arguing both sides.

There are even the farthest out there conspiracy theories (some actually make a lot of sense honestly) to combine with the left and right spin onto the events.

Through this article, I’ll post a few different perspectives without bias to each of those, and you can determine your own views contrary from mine.

Regardless, James Fields takes full responsibility for the death, even as there’s an ongoing debate as to whether or not his vehicle hit her at all, with other reports suggesting the woman died as a result of a heart attack.

Contrary to the media attempt to smear white Nationalists and those who had a legal permit to march to begin with at the Unite The Right event, it’s clear to anyone with common sense that the Antifaschistische Aktion groups at the event had no legal documentation to attend or protest, unlike those on from the AltRight and various sects of the far right.

The event was intended to be a march to protest the cultural Marxist attempts to rewrite American history by removing historic monuments and statues across the United States, something that’s only increased since the event with little to no opposition nationwide.

The international Communist mantra in many countries has been to first subvert the ideology of a particular party then attempt to push for increased cultural Marxist indoctrination through academia and to control the media and printed press, all of which has occurred in America and has been occurring for the greater part of the past century.

Only in recent years has there become a resistance to the Communist Agenda, with traditional values under attack and a rising sense of Nationalism and courage from those willing to stand up.

Make no mistake, the actions taken by James Fields cannot be condoned in any form, and such tactics are completely counterproductive to the success of a spirited movement which has only continued to grow.

The outcry over Heather Heyer death is to be expected, albeit it appears the man responsible was not on any official logs or registrars of those who were organizing the event and some would suggest he’s a mentally unstable lone wolf figure that could have possibly became scared due to his vehicle being assaulted which resulted in him stepping on the gas or acting irrational.

It’s expected that he will undergo several psychological examinations as per the defense attorney’s requests before and possibly during his upcoming trial.

Nothing will bring back the deceased victim and any sensible leader of the far right would condone such actions as they do not benefit their interests.

Regardless if you support the organizing of the event or not, those individuals attending not only had a legal permit and Constitutional Right to do so, but have a growing concern for the war against traditional values and the oppressive force-feeding of mental illness such as degenerate brainwashing that the Marxist left wing of America has forced down the throats of everyday Americans and children.

They had a right to march, to speak, to protest, and even took additional steps under the law to receive the legal documentation to do so.

Much of the failures of the incident lay in the hands of both Governor Terry McAuliffe, former DNC Chair who had ties to top level Communist billionaire donors, who coincidentally has reported to have given the police officers in attendance at Charlottesville a stand down order to prevent them from enforcing the law as their job description is meant to do.

Other failures would be the fact that the city council was fully aware of the event and the size of the crowds in attendance and failed to unite with their Mayor and ask the Governor to bring out the National Guard for security, an intentional act some say could result in the Governor and AntiFa facing charges over.

All of the violence could have been avoided, to begin with. Everyone without a bias who looks at the events and the video evidence can see that, and without edited clips can see that those who had a legal permit to attend didn’t simply commit violence but were, in fact, defending themselves after they were attacked.

Again that boils down to the failures of the Charlottesville Police to do their jobs which forced those in attendance legally to defend themselves from the violent and radical AntiFa which continue torment communities and cities across America.

It’s a civil rights issue, and those men and women who marched had a right to do so as per the Constitution, while the AntiFa resort to violence as a response to anything they dislike.

During the event, however, before any of the official and advertised speakers ever took the stage, the tragedy unfolded in the now infamous vehicle alleged attack, which resulted in 19 injuries and potentially caused the death of Heather Heyer.

That will now be debated in a court of law as James Fields, the driver of the vehicle which drove in an erratic manner either in defense or fear or in a planned assault (the court will decide the motive) being charged with second-degree murder for the fatality that occurred.

There is a ton of video evidence that shows the AntiFa attacking Fields’ car before he drove it into the crowd, and the defense likely will pursue that angle.

The prosecution, however, will likely bring to the witness stand emotional social justice warrior witnesses to claim the act was intentional and that their lives are damaged as a result of the event.

No matter how you look at it nobody wins in this case, because of the growing divide and conquer amongst Americans who are busy fighting each other and not uniting to Make America Great Again against a common enemy, which in theory is part of the enemy’s plan.

The Nationalism which had risen has been under assault even by virtue signaling biased Senators who unanimously signed a resolution condemning one side on the events (by the way I will never vote for anyone who signed that resolution, specifically because it didn’t mention AntiFa once and there are hours of tape showing the atrocities committed by Antifa).

It’s a shameful act by the Senate, completely disgusting in every way. The same Senate can’t repeal Obamacare after promising for nearly 8 years to do so, the same Senate can’t support President Trump’s policies and border wall after he’s the entire reason they’re in control, the same Senate can’t agree to bring troops home from our 17 year long wars, the same Senate can’t figure out how to balance the budget, I mean I could go on and on, but this is about Charlottesville.

They should have held proper investigations (they didn’t even debate the matter at all, just unanimously signed a resolution Condemning one side, the legal permit holding side, all while ignoring AntiFa) before signing such a resolution and they undoubtedly should have condemned both sides for the violence committed, as in AntiFa and the Charlottesville and Virginia civil servants who failed to protect the men and women with a legal permit.

A travesty of American injustice.

It’s likely that if video evidence of those in attendance is accepted into the court that this trial will not only be considered controversial but also expose much of the Antifaschistische Aktion’s Domestic Terrorism in a court of law, as to hopefully see the Federal Bureau of Investigation do their jobs and pursue indictments against many of their crimes.

It’s also possible that the suggestions that Heather Heyer died as a result of a heart attack will bring the Medical Examiner to the witness stand, and if that’s openly decided upon as the cause; even if Field’s vehicle forced her heart attack via fear or what have you, he could face or be convicted of a reduced or lesser charge.

That’s assuming he’s decided by specialists to be competent enough to stand trial at all, which is also up for debate.

The trial will likely be the most publicized courtroom monitoring since that of the OJ Simpson trial, a magnitude of potential ramifications that can be used for decades to come on trying a suspect or building a case for the defense.

No matter what the outcome, people are certain to be angry in a further escalation of both ideological and racial tension in modern America.


It Starts with Homosexuality and Ends with Normalizing Pedophilia – EVERY TIME – WAR IS THE ONLY OPTION

A frank discussion on the way cultural Marxists have used the LGBT agenda to undermine central pillars of Western society and attack morality and values. I discuss the worrying trend of liberal media outlets increasingly pushing for the normalization of incest, bestiality and pedophilia and the use of emotional arguments to justify bizarre and perverse behavior.

Remember back in the 90’s when they started pushing for gay rights, and promised that they would never come after our kids? Well, they lied as usual, white men, you need to understand that with the left its all about destroying the white race, they want to genocide our race. EVERY effort from feminism, gay rights, illegal immigration, leftist politics, legal immigration, mass media of the jews, ALL of this is to support the effort to destroy the white race. That is why everything they do must be opposed, their supporters jailed and exiled, and their leadership executed. The Left MUST be exterminated, there is NO talking or negotiating with people who want you to die, you kill them, or they kill you. Man the fuck up and fight back!!

The Human Waste of San Francisco

In the collapsing, corpse-state of California, the most virulent pustule of rot is San Francisco. The notorious City by the Gays is a degeneracy incubator for most disturbing cultural poisons toxifying American society. What perversions that weren’t pioneered in San Francisco were carried to nightmarish extremes by the feckless, mincing residents and their cargo-cult adherence to the jewish agenda. Outside of the few gated, secured, and closely guarded enclaves for the City Sanhedrin and their good goy boy toys, packs of feral mystery meat congregate in every alley and on every street corner. The culmination of the diversity fever dreams of San Francisco: identical looking gaunt, sallow, dead-eyed, sewage colored bipeds living among heaps of wet newspaper and partially eaten food refuse. Do not be fooled by the smug, self-assuredness of San Francisco’s ruling elite, or the chatter of the useful idiots mewling about “tha Ssssity” in their lisping voices, or the ludicrous property prices. It has always been a superfund site for souls. Now “Frisco” is quickly becoming a city-sized open pit latrine.

BART’s [Bay Area Rapid Transit’s] disgusting elevators, often sprayed with urine and populated with piles of poop, are unpleasant for everyone. But for people with disabilities, who have no choice but to use them, they’re a civil rights violation, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday.”

Need public transportation? In San Francisco, there’s a crApp for that! This is the end product of the disastrous jewish century. Bipedal things that bear a faint, passing resemblance to humans, scent marking their territory. All that multi-culturalism and celebration of deviancy produced the completely predictable result of civilizational collapse. In a city full of self-proclaimed “tech innovators,” the concept of basic sanitation has been all but forgotten.

So are the transit system’s broken-down elevators and escalators, fare gates and call boxes and the lack of an adequate train-evacuation plan for people in wheelchairs.”

Sky-high property taxes and billion-dollar annual budgets just aren’t enough to fund things like elevators, escalators, and sufficient restroom capacity. Hey SF: instead of giving the humanoid refuse endless free, taxpayer funded “jobs training,” why not give them actual jobs as janitors at the BART stations? All they need is the opportunity, right?

The suit claims that BART illegally discriminates against people with mobility disabilities by making it difficult, unpleasant or impossible to access the transit system.”

Complaining about raw sewage in San Francisco is like complaining that water is wet. It is the nature of the thing. I predict that a counter-suit will be launched by the San Francisco Association of Coprophages, Fecalpheliacs, and Sodomites to defend their (sub)human rights. Perhaps someone in SF can spare some of their rich allotment of sanctimony for these benighted cripples, who clearly need a good lecture about tolerance and acceptance, and how human waste is a key part of the vibrant diversity so highly valued in this cesspool.

I encounter human waste in BART elevators several times a week – so frequently that it has become a predictable part of my commute.” Smith [the plaintiff] said.”

This Smith guy is on to something! I encounter human waste all over San Francisco, and all across California! Surely my human rights are being violated as well! Oh, he’s talking about actual bodily excrement, not the two-legged variety imported from the Third World.

Even though they put new floors in and cleaned the [elevator] wells, it’s still disgusting,” he said. “It’s the odor and the new deposits of trash. They just don’t clean it enough.”

Why hold anybody to basic standards of decency? It makes much more sense to just replace the floors when there’s trash on them, instead of cleaning.

According to Adam Smith (no relation to the crippled Smith, above, suing BART) there is a great deal of ruin in a nation. There is not, however, a great deal of ruin in a culture. It is utterly destroyed simply by adding other cultures to it. Culture flees where multi-culturalism flourishes.  And all that remains is the human waste.

Quotations From: http://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Rights-group-sues-BART-over-filthy-11052756.php

Hollywood Pushing Homosexuality in the Western World

Hollywood, which is jewish owned and controlled, has been inundating the Western world with propaganda to condition us to enthusiastically embrace “gays”.

They will use every avenue to push their agenda, sexualizing our kids is another step in the extermination of our race. Do you see it now? You understand why they can’t be reasoned with, we can’t negotiate, or compromise with these people. Our only option is to wipe them out, yes, violence, total war, destroy them and their people, and rebuild our civilization, its either we fight, or we are the ones who will be wiped out.

The Importance of Morality in The Pro-White Movement


If there was one great failure of white people it was our willingness to discard the morals and ethics we once held dear so that we could succumb to our basest desires (always encouraged by the Jews of course).

One of the biggest ways the Jews have controlled us is through money. They invented usury, made sure they controlled all the banks and major companies, thereby making it extremely difficult for your average person to ever get out of debt, let alone live in the lap of luxury as the elite Jews do. They create cravings of a fabulous, glamorous life by supplying a constant stream of images in music videos, movies, and Lifestyles of The Rich & Famous type of shows to entice the goyim into thinking that money and material things equals happiness.

I have learned from my own experience it is quite difficult to undo decades of Jew programming. I grew up on shows like Sex & The City (mostly written by homosexual Jews) and I used to really believe that if I had a glamorous life filled with lots of money and material things then I would be happy. It is only now that I am older and wiser I realize that is not the case. If money and fame really is the answer to happiness, then why do so many celebrities end up in rehab or kill themselves? They have every material thing in the world they could want and yet, they are some of the most miserable people alive. This doesn’t stop most people, however, from chasing after wealth and riches and most folks would sell their own mother if the price was right.

This is the reason the pro-white movement is destined to fail if we don’t sort out the Jew bullshit that is in our minds first. Even without the interference of Jews, everyone by nature has a part of them that is greedy and selfish, but the Jews have done everything they can to entice us to worship this part of ourselves so that we will spend our lives chasing after fame and money, and many people have proven time and time that they will do anything to get it. Perhaps this is why so many shills have shown up in the WN movement. Far too many people are happy to make a few shekels while selling out their fellow white man, and to anyone who falls in this category allow me to take a moment to say… FUCK YOU!!!

The Jews want to exterminate US, US the white race which is responsible for classical music, great works of art, literature, architecture, numerous innovations in medicine and science, and much more. They want to destroy that forever. They want to wipe out 99.9% of us and the ones who do survive will be the Jews’ slaves forever to do whatever they want with. The Jews want a totalitarian government that controls everyone and everything and they inch closer to it every day. They control our food supply; almost all food companies are owned by Jews and they are cracking down harder on small farms who produce organic produce, even going so far as charging people huge fines for growing vegetables in their own backyards.

The Jews want to control our behavior by spying on everything that we do, thereby allowing them to build psychological profiles on us. The government has a database filled with files on every single one of us. Everything you have ever written online, every website you have ever visited, and every purchase you have ever made with your credit/debit card is on file. Every phone call you make is recorded as is every text message. Many new TVs have cameras in them to spy on people. We have no rights hardly as it is, and this is just the beginning. If the Jews have their way it will be much, much worse, so anyone who would help usher this in is not just a traitor to white people but a traitor to all of humanity and if some fire-and-brimstone type place does exist, I hope they go to it for eternity because it serves them right!

One of the first steps to defeating Jewry is to purge the materialistic bullshit with which they have programmed us. We do not have to live like monks necessarily, but if one does not learn how to be genuinely happy with the basics, they will always be easily tempted to sell out if the price is right. Some things are far more important than money. We don’t need to waste our lives chasing money and material things. We don’t need to pay for cable to watch degenerate Jew filth like Game of Thrones, which appeals only to our lowest selves, and we certainly do not need to include those lacking morality in the pro-white movement just because they claim to be pro-white.

A large number of homosexuals, trannies, and other freak shows have popped up out of nowhere to join the alt-right, and some people have suggested that we align with them, and my question is, why? Honestly, why? What makes these people so inherently valuable that we need them in the movement? Are they offering money to help set up a white enclave? Are they awakening thousands to the global Jewish conspiracy?

If the answer is no, then fuck off! We have to draw a line in the sand somewhere and it does not make sense why formerly pro-traditional whites are now advocating letting in so many queers. HUH?! We must have a strong stance against such things. I don’t in any way advocate violence or hatred against homosexuals. There is no reason to attack anyone who is not being hostile or aggressive towards you, but we can’t encourage this behavior either. If we don’t draw the line in the sand, then what is the point of the movement? We might as well just start throwing our own alt-right gay pride parades with Jack Donovan on the main float.

Although the amount of homosexuals is increasing thanks to societal engineering by the Jews, they still make up a relatively small percent of the population. Most studies put the homosexual population at around 2-3%, so how is it that SO many are now involved in the alt-right movement? Most homosexuals are always leftists, very few are conservative, and I doubt even the few conservative gays would be interested in the alt-right, so how the hell is it we have this many fags hanging around and why is it a lot of these queers seem quite reluctant to name the Jew?

Hmm… it’s almost as if they have been paid by someone to infiltrate the pro-white movement and lead people astray, but who would do such a thing…




Are There Good Jews, Blacks … ?

Whites who say there are good Jews, Blacks, Browns, Yellows and Reds, and who believe that Awakened Whites are wrong to focus on race, fail to understand the deeper meanings of what makes a people a people and of the ways of existence itself and about our survival as Whites.

Of course there are good individuals of every race. And, by good I mean people who are nice, polite, mind their own business and mean no one any harm.  But, being “good” is not the issue.

What non-Whites can never be is White and the issue is that our survival as Whites means we must stay White in all ways and not allow any non-White genes into our personal or collective White genome. In other words, we must not let ‘genome hackers’ hack into our White genome and turn our White family genetic programs into non-White family genetic programs, which then use our own DNA to spread their DNA to compromise more Whites.

All non-Whites can hack our White genetic program.  They simply have to mate with us. This takes 23 of our White chromosomes with about 10,000 of our White genes and combines these with 23 of their non-White chromosomes and about 10,000 of their non-White genes.  And, this means any children born of such matings will not be fully White and these children are then carriers of non-Whiteness which they spread through the White gene pool when they in turn mate, which is often with Whites who now find them more attractive due to their carrying some White genes along with their non-White genes.

To be clear, because  non-Whites can mate with Whites and because they carry non-White genes and because those non-White genes automatically compromise our White genome when non-Whites mate with us they cause us harm even if they have no evil intent.  The harm they can do to us is automatic.

This sexually transmitted ‘bedroom genocide’–compromises the White genome and turns White families into non-White families.  Just as  germs or other  organisms don’t have to have evil or harmful intent towards us but can still sicken and may ultimately kill us, so is it with non-Whites who can mate with us. Down at the end of this essay I’ve included a quote that explains this in other terms.

Whites need to understand that we, as Whites, are in a struggle for our existence as Whites and that anything that decreases the amount of the White genome in existence is not good for us personally or collectively and can lead to our extinction and absorption into non-White genomes, just as surely as modern White humans absorbed the genomes of Neanderthals in Europe and caused their extinction.  In this regard, you are probably aware that almost all Whites have a small percentage of Neanderthal DNA in us.

This struggle for existence–this competition–which is a struggle to be and to be more is found throughout nature and it exists as a necessary part of evolution.  The difference between us and so-called lower life forms is that we can understand this and see how it works and we can use our conscious minds to take the right path.

In its basic form–this competition–is not difficult to understand. It is nature constantly tinkering with life to adapt it to ever changing conditions so that some form of life–and all life carries the life force within it–will not only live in the changed conditions but will thrive and replace earlier types that are not as well adapted for those conditions. This is evolution and natural selection.

This struggle has been fought since the beginning of time and by all organisms and even by so called non-living matter and even before matter came into existence by all that underpins matter in the sub-atomic realm of existence.

The struggle permeates all of existence and we often convey this in the simplest way by saying there is only one best seat in the stadium  and everyone can’t sit in it so there is a struggle for that seat.   And, following on in this metaphorical vein we can say we see  the struggle playing out in many  cases among some organisms, including humans, in ritualistic or agonistic combat rather than in actual physical fighting for that best seat.

In this case, it is the one who is able and willing to pay for that best seat in the stadium who gets it.  In our real world human struggle, however, it is a struggle to the death (often unconscious) between different races  to rise to the top  and get the best seat in existence.

In Europe, Whites won the earlier competition and  got all the  seats as nature tinkered with the earliest people who were there and caused them to adapt to a less sunny area than further south and this led to white skin that could more easily make Vitamin D in such conditions.  And, in time it led to lighter eyes and hair and various other features that we now see as common among White people.  And, the further north one goes, the more pronounced are these white features usually found.

But, evolution never stops and  we can never say that this  or that White type is the end all and be all of Whites even though we do believe there is an ideal White type which we see in the best of our kind.  However, if the so-called best of our White kind don’t make more like themselves so that they fill the planet with their kind they will be replaced by others who do.  And, this leads to the dictum that if you don’t breed or if you don’t breed pure White, you will go extinct. Nature doesn’t care if you live or die, you have to care.

We cannot coexist complacently with those whose genes can harm us and wipe us out.  Our struggle is to remain White and to evolve White to become the dominant human type.  We have reached a point in our evolution where we must take over from the blind workings of nature and consciously seek to evolve along a White trajectory.  The most basic things we can do are to avoid miscegenation and to increase the number of pure White children we have.

And, the struggle is the same for all non-Whites and their genomes. Again, nature doesn’t care who wins. It is blind. One struggles, competes and wins or one loses. It is up to us to make sure we win.


Human Civilization Depends on Us Winning.

No Place in America or the Rest of the World for White Haters and Their Evil Ideology

The White-haters and anti-White bigots with their toxic and hateful ideology, that they hide behind terms such as anti-racism, anti-fascism, anti-White supremacy, anti-Neo-Nazi, have to be seen for what they are and what they want to do.

The haters of Whites are not just removing statutes of Confederate leaders, per se. These statutes represent all Whites. They are removing statutes, paintings, street names, college names and more of Whites.

They are symbolically erasing Whites from existence.  These symbolic erasures of Whites should be seen as trial balloons or early steps to the actual physical erasure of living White people. And, in colleges all across the land some of these anti-White bigots are teaching students to hate Whites.  You’ve seen the many news articles about this.  These people are evil and they are genocidal.

These bigoted and hateful anti-Whites include many neurotic self-hating Whites who are caught up in the evil anti-White ideology and who are able to psychologically  justify their  self hate  as hatred of  the socially acceptable boogey men who they call racists, etc.  In this way, they lie to themselves as they dehumanize ordinary Whites who express any healthy sense of self and group esteem.

What happened in Charlottesville is not difficult to understand and those who hate Whites and Whiteness are trying to hide the reality.

Here’s what Charlottesville was about.  A group of people wanted to hold a peaceful and legal rally. Under the law it doesn’t matter who they were or what they legally wanted to say. They had a Constitutional right to do so. And, they also had a legal permit to do so. They wanted to use their First Amendment rights of free speech to express their views.  All peaceful and legal.

Then, another group, with no permit, tried to keep them from exercising their free speech rights. And, the government that is supposed to protect the Constitutional right of free speech stood down and let those with no permit attack those with a permit. That’s it.  That’s all that Charlottesville was about. Evil triumphed in Charlottesville as the haters of Whites did keep peaceful people from using their first amendment rights.  It was a very sad day for those who support the Constitution and freedom.

Sadly, as we have seen so many times in history, the haters are trying to once again destroy peaceful people who just want to believe as they want to believe and live their lives in peace and happiness.

The modern evil-doers caught up in a mob frenzy against Whites who want to live peacefully and believe as they want, are no different than the past evil-doers who killed “Witches,” and various people who didn’t agree with various religious or social beliefs in their day.

You know about the hate aimed at Galileo and the persecution he faced as those all around him attacked him for his Copernican belief that the earth was not the center of the universe.  “How dare he believe such a thing?”  And, one imagines that the haters of his day, used their versions of terms such as “racist,” to describe and attack him.  But, today, we are much more enlightened, aren’t we?  Nope.  We are not. Just look at how the haters of Whites are trying to destroy us as a people.  We are the modern Galileos.

When you were in school and you read about the horrors of the past; about people being burned at the stake for not believing in certain religious creeds and about the Salem Witch Trials, you probably wondered how people could have been so ignorant to go along with such things.  Well, look around yourself. The same evil hatred thing is happening today. It is exactly the same thing.

Small minded bigots never change, they just change their targets.  The persecutors of Galileo are still with us. The killers of innocent people as Witches in Salem are still with us.  They have just changed their targets.

Even with our wonderful First Amendment, we have evil-doers today who try to subvert it as they attack others.   These evil-doers will say they are for free speech, but they side step the issue by calling speech they don’t like  “hate speech.”  And, they do this word shuffle about many other things.  They simply define what is good and just as something else and they then rely on a compliant media to repeat their evil lies to whip up the mob.

But there is more to the evil anti-White ideology.  There really is an attempt to kill off all Whites. It is genocide of Whites that they are playing at.  And, it is taking many forms. The removal of statutes and street names are just part of the bigger picture. There are calls for Whites to not have White babies.  There are moves to try to increase miscegenation by Whites.  And, it goes on and on. Whatever can remove Whites from existence is being tried.

Everyone should ask this question:  Is it okay for Whites to survive?  Isn’t the moral answer one that says that it is certainly okay for Whites to survive?  And, if it is okay for Whites to survive, what does “survive,” really mean?  Doesn’t it mean that Whites have a right to survive as Whites? That is, to be who and what we are by birth?  To try to be all that we can be?  To live in a society where we don’t have to fear being attacked in cities that we largely built?  To be treated fairly in school admissions and job placements? To be a free people not afraid to speak our minds? To be able to associate with or not associate with anyone we ourselves choose?



Time to End Birthright Citizenship – But it will NOT be enough.

Time to End Birthright Citizenship

Donald Trump took a lot of heat when he announced his candidacy for President, stating that he would build a border fence from San Diego to Brownsville and make Mexico pay for it, all to keep Mexico’s “unwanted” and “undesirables” from flooding the United States. In August 2015, on the campaign trail, he shed light on a flawed interpretation of the U.S. Constitution that has caused much of the problem of illegal immigration.

That misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment, written to guarantee the citizenship rights of freed slaves after the Civil War, has morphed the amendment into a guarantee of birthright citizenship. Merely being born on American soil is said to make you a U.S. citizen. Sneak past the U.S. Border Patrol, have your baby, and you not only have a U.S. citizen but what is called an “anchor baby” allowing you to stay and bring others in under the banner of family reunification.

During the campaign, Trump correctly called the flawed concept of birthright citizenship the “biggest magnet” for illegal immigration. He would end it, and as for family reunification, Trump is all for it, just saying it should happen on the other side of the U.S.-Mexico border. As the New York Post reported:

Trump described his expanded vision of how to secure American borders during a wide-ranging interview Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” and in a position paper he later released, saying that he would push to end the constitutionally protected citizenship rights of children of any family living illegally inside the US.

“They have to go,” Trump said. “What they’re doing, they’re having a baby. And then all of a sudden, nobody knows… the baby’s here.”

Birthright citizenship is the exception and not the rule worldwide. Even our European brethren, as fond as they are of refugees and open borders, do not embrace it. As Liz Peek writes on FoxNews.com, birthright citizenship is indeed a big magnet for illegal immigration:

The United States is one of only two developed countries in the world that still bestows citizenship on every person born on our nation’s soil. Having a child become a U.S. citizen is the greatest reward possible for someone who enters the country illegally. Such status is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in free education and benefits, not to mention the incalculable value of our country’s security and freedoms. Historically, there was bipartisan enthusiasm for dumping this program; even Democrat Harry Reid had proposed its termination.

The costs of birthright citizenship are staggering, especially when you consider the costs of what is called “chain migration. Once of age, the baby born here can sponsor others. It has even given rise to what is called “birth tourism” where pregnant women are brought to the United States, ostensibly as tourists, to give birth here and have their child dubbed an American citizen by birth As Ian Tuttle writes in National Review:

Peter and Ellie Yang,” the subjects of Benjamin Carlson’s fascinating new Rolling Stone essay, “Welcome to Maternity Hotel California,” paid $35,000 to have their second child in the United States. In 2012 Chinese state media reported 10,000 “tourist births” by Chinese couples in the United States; other estimates skew as high as 60,000

The cost of this is not negligible. Inflation-adjusted figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture projected that a child born in 2013 would cost his parents $304,480 from birth to his eighteenth birthday. Given that illegal-alien households are normally low-income households (three out of five illegal aliens and their U.S.-born children live at or near the poverty line), one would expect that a significant portion of that cost will fall on the government…

There are long-term costs, too. U.S.-born children of illegal aliens can sponsor the immigration of family members once they come of age. At 18, an “anchor baby” can sponsor an overseas spouse and unmarried children of his own; at 21, he can sponsor parents and siblings…

Trump said he would end birthright citizenship and critics have said that the task, even if justified, is well nigh impossible, requiring amending the U.S. Constitution. In reality, it may not require altering the 14th Amendment — only correctly interpreting it — perhaps through clarifying legislation.

The Fourteenth Amendment, passed, on July 3, 1866, reads, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” This was done, again, to guarantee the citizenship rights of freed slaves, not illegal aliens. The 1857 Dred Scott decision held that no black, not even a freed black, could be considered a citizen.

In testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in October, 2008, John C. Eastman, a law professor at Chapman University and a fellow at the Claremont Institute, argued that illegal aliens are still foreign nationals and are not subject to U.S. jurisdiction, except for purposes of deportation, and therefore their children born on American soil should not be automatically considered U.S. citizens.

During debate on the Fourteenth Amendment, Sen. Jacob Merritt Howard of Michigan added jurisdiction language specifically to avoid accident of birth being the sole criteria for citizenship. And if citizenship was determined just by place of birth, why did it take an act of Congress in 1922 to give American Indians birthright citizenship, if they already had citizenship by birthright under the14th Amendment?

Rep. John Bingham of Ohio, who is regarded as the father of the 14th Amendment, said it meant that “every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your constitution itself. A natural born citizen…”

Rep. Nathan Deal of Georgia sought to clarify the situation through HR. 698 the Citizenship Reform Act of 2005, which would have amended the Immigration and Nationality Act to deny automatic citizenship to children born of the United States of parents who are not U.S. citizens or are not permanent resident aliens.

HR. 698 declared: “It is the purpose of this Act to deny automatic citizenship at birth to children born in the United States to parents who are not citizens or permanent resident aliens.” The bill undertook to clarify “subject to the jurisdiction of the United States” to the meaning originally intended by Congress in the14th Amendment.

The current interpretation of birthright citizenship may in fact have been a huge mistake and given the burden illegal aliens have imposed on our welfare, educational, and health care systems as well as through increased crime on our legal system, a very costly one.

There may be hope of correctly interpreting the 14th Amendment through a court case as President Trump reshapes the courts, particularly the Supreme Court, with justices of a more “originalist” bent. As noted, the misinterpretation could be corrected through clarifying legislation. We can correct it judicially or legislatively and we should. Donald Trump was right — becoming a U.S. citizen should require more than your mother successfully sneaking past the U.S. Border Patrol.

We End Birthright Citizenship, but will that be enough? NO

It’s time to end ”diversity” in once mainly European inhabited countries, for it has become lethal for ”Western civilisation” and its founding ethnic group…

Whites Shouldn’t Be Forced To Live Among Non-Whites!

By H. Millard:

Black & WhiteI’m an individual human being. I am also a White human being.  I was born the same way as all other human beings.  No other human beings have any more rights than I have.  As long as I don’t harm others, no other human beings have the right to tell me how to live, who to associate with, what to think, what to believe, what I can and cannot read or do, what I can say or not say. They are not superior in rights to me.  This is what it means to be a free human being.  Anything less than this is not freedom, it is oppression, tyranny and slavery.

It is obscene that we White people have to put up with non-White crime and social problems. And, even more, it is absurd that all humans are lumped together as though we are all the same.  We are not all the same. We look different externally, and we have different DNA codes internally.  We are different peoples.  The human races are groups within the human species that have started to branch off and to become separate species if certain conditions are met.  And, this is as it should be.  This is the way of existence. We should not be forced to blend together, but should be allowed to evolve as we determine is best for each of us individually and as groups of like individuals.  Blending all human races together will not improve the species, it will force it down to the lowest common denominator.

Racial integration is a failure. Racial diversity is a failure.  Multiculturalism is a failure. These only bring non-White crime, social problems and miscegenation to once safe and, yes, pure White communities.  And, Whites are not only victimized physically by these failed social experiments, but we are also victimized by being made to pay for services and benefits for people unlike us. To be racially sensitive and not “racist” we Whites are expected to just accept being made into second class citizens and give up college seats and job opportunities and promotions to less qualified non-Whites.  We are expected to bend over backwards to understand and be sensitive to the needs of people unlike us.  This is stupid.  We Whites shouldn’t waste one second of our time or burn one calorie in such efforts.  There is no profit in this for us. Non-Whites are not our kind.  They are not our people.  We owe them nothing, other than leaving them alone to their own separate destinies.

As it is now, we Whites must pay for the welfare and medical care and housing and much more for non-Whites and we must hire more police and pay for them to keep non-Whites from attacking and murdering us since we have been forced to accept them into our communities.  The ant and the grasshopper fable comes to mind, but tenfold, as we, the industrious White ants have been forced to accept the non-White grasshoppers into our ant communities as equals.  The result is harmful to us. Even if some groups of non-Whites aren’t a direct problem, they are still not our kind and don’t belong in our communities.

Notting Hill 2Whites  should only have to put up with the crime and social problems of our own people.  We, as White individuals, have a natural right, just by having been born, to be as we are born to be, and to pursue happiness as we define it, and to choose to mix or not mix with any other humans as we alone decide is in our best interest, and to be the free human beings that nature has made us to be. And, this right that we have as White individuals extends to those who are most like us–other Whites.  Yes, we Whites are different from other kinds of humans as they are different from us. There is not a one size fits all human being.

The laws that we Whites have written over the years  are based on the innate outward manifestations and expressions of the White genetic code that makes us the people that we are.  They pretty much work for us, as a separate people living among our own kind, but they fail to work in racially blended societies.  We Whites, for example, can expect certain levels of violent crime from our own people and our laws are written to protect us from these crimes of our own kind.  However, the crime levels of some other types of humans–Blacks and Browns, in particular– are naturally far higher  from our own levels, and our laws do not protect us fully from these higher levels of violent crime brought into our White communities by non-Whites.  The laws that most of us Whites naturally obey, but which the non-Whites don’t, often work to actually put us in more danger.

Our laws, our constitution, our mores and ways were designed for us, by us and they’re about us–and they do not always fit with other peoples.  Why? Because, they are different from the ground on up, and trying to force them to be like us oppresses both them and us  and it stunts our own development and robs us of our human sovereignty and right to be as we want to be and of the right to pursue happiness as we choose and the right to be around those we want to be around and not be around those we don’t want to be around

Now, even many of the weakest seed Whites in society acknowledge that we humans come in different flavors.  After all, even they have eyes to see, so they’re pretty much forced to admit differences.  So far, so good.  Then, common sense falls apart, because many of them then try to deny that there are internal differences also.  And, as they do that, some among them also try to deny the significance of the external differences and they foolishly try to deny that violent crime levels and social dysfunction levels are color coded. Some of these weak seed Whites suffer from cognitive dissonance and jump through hoops trying to reconcile the high Black violent crime rate with their false belief that Blacks are the same as Whites except for different paint jobs.  One can almost imagine some of the weak seed Whites having smoke coming from their ears as they say “Will not compute, will not compute,” as they try to reconcile the facts of the real world with their ingrained false views, as though they’re robots in a cheap science fiction movie.

Let’s be very clear about this. Non-Whites are not Whites.  They look different because they are different.  They have different internal codes than Whites just as they have different external appearances.  This is true no matter what some dimwitted  weak seed politicians and elites try to tell us and force on us.

White Family - LargeWe Whites are a White people inside and outside and we have a God (or nature, if you prefer) given right  to our freedom as the sovereign individuals that we are.  We are no one’s slaves.  No human or group of humans have the right to keep us from being ourselves and living our lives as we want among our own kind. We are living, breathing human beings with every right to be as we were born to be and with every right to associate with or not associate with others as we alone choose.  No one has a right to herd us together with other types of humans if we don’t want to be so herded or so lumped.  They are not our kind, and intelligent, conscious Whites are aware of this fact.  We have the right to be free from non-White violent crime, non-White social problems and free from non-Whites altogether.  Let them have their ways, and we’ll have ours.  Don’t try to lump us together under some artificial national label.  The most authentic label that we have is the one we were born with:  White people.  We are our genes and our genes are us.

No one has the right to have us sacrifice our safety, our pursuit of happiness and our very existence in order to please people unlike us.  We do not have to please them at all.  We also do not have to support them, or take a back seat so they can have the front seat, or give up our dreams of college and better jobs because they are admitted or promoted based on their dark skin color.  We do not need to sacrifice ourselves, our children, our jobs our future, at all.  We have a right to be and to be more and we need to assert these rights in every way big and small or we’re going to continue to be victimized and picked off one by one.

Non-Whites are not our responsibility. We owe them absolutely nothing. Again, they are not our kind.  They are a burden to us.  We do not have to carry such a burden.  We have enough burdens of our own to carry.

We Whites have a right to self-identification, self-determination, self-destiny and a whole lot of other  positive “self” combinations.

We can’t continue trying to fit non-Whites into a White society.  They don’t fit into ours and we don’t fit into theirs.  We know who we are and many of us want to stay with  our own kind.

Diversity 3We have a right to  be White, to think White, to stay White, to evolve White.  And, we don’t need anyone’s permission to be as we were born to be.


‘Faces of Ancient Europe’ Blocked in Europe for No Apparent Reason — Unless European Cultural Pride is Now ‘Offensive’ and ‘Hateful’

Renegade Editor’s Note: I noticed something similar with this Youtube channel, as some of their great sculpture slideshows have been put behind the Youtube censorship wall, which means I cannot embed them here on the Tribune. I guess “hate speech” now includes “hate visuals”, which is pretty much anything that can be construed as glorifying European culture. Statues of White people are supposed be torn down, not seen in a positive light!

By Thomas Müller

The Internet Watch Foundation’s (IWF) original charter was to monitor and block child sexual abuse material online. This was driven by direct requests made by individual customers. IWF is a QUANGO, or a quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation. As such, it performs governmental functions, often in receipt of funding or other support from government.

In recent years, IWF and similar entities extended their sway to include so-called racist materials and have passed on URLs to social media providers like YouTube and Facebook. Included among flagged content is a category defined as “hateful.” Of late, the Orwellian term “offensive” has cropped up as well. Many countries in Europe use IWF blacklists to block YouTube videos.

But apparently “offensive” doesn’t include XXXtension’s viral white-child hanging video. Try your luck at reporting this one to IWF. We have. The New Nationalist (TNN) is now challenging IWF’s charter. It has become more lax on child abuse and morphed into an Orwellian tool.

In recent months, TNN noted European YouTube content has become more and more restrictive with country blocks a common occurrence. Additionally, when an IP address in Europe switches to VPN and directs to the U.S., one can expect to experience buffering issues and often are never able to view the content. So far, most European blocks are viewable from non-VPN directed U.S. IP addresses — but we are watching. However, the method in the U.S. is now to put whole sites into the memory hole.

A prima facie example of how extreme this witch hunt for “hateful and offensive” content reporting has become: One of our favorite YouTube channels, the fabulous “Faces of Ancient Europe,” is country blocked in Europe. As of this writng you will see this on their one month and older videos.  It has a modest following of 8,157 subscribers. TNN has used some of its content in our Video Spotlight widget in the right column of the home page. The name is a misnomer, because this is an amazing collection of pre-modern European art, architecture, culture, mythology and history. Most of this is outside of the Kosher-approved inversion art Matrix.

The site is definitely pro-European pride, but there is no narrative in the videos. If you examine the hundreds of videos Faces has online, you will see only two illustrative of “National Socialist” art. There are also a few German sculptors from the pre-WWII era who are blacklisted because they failed to resist. But mostly, the site has scores of European artists whose primary offense is simply nationalism. There is one Europa heritage video TNN would characterize as tame.

It is not the Internet provider doing this, as this site is fully viewable at VidMe, which is one of the new generations of video sharing services that has emerged to counteract You Tube censorship.

While we call out IWF as an example of a censorship organization, it should be noted that we are not saying it is directly responsible for the European block of “Faces of Ancient Europe.” There are new QUANGOs sprouting up. We don’t know on whose blacklist Faces appears — and that’s another important point: There’s no accountability- the Memory Hole perps can hide under rocks and out of sight.

TNN’s takeway: Faces is blocked simply because it doesn’t follow the multicultural narrative, and because it effectively promotes traditional Europeanism. Thus, this site and the artists highlighted are being cast into the Memory Hole.

This article originally appeared on The New Nationalist and was republished here with permission.