Outlawing White Neighborhoods and Freedom of Association

Lana talks about the taboo subject of freedom of association and the right of exclusion as a way to avoid conflict in diverse America.

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In this March 29, 2013 photo, vacant row houses line an empty street at dusk in Baltimore. The city has lost nearly a third of its population since it peaked in the 1950s, and today an estimated 16,000 buildings are vacant or abandoned. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Social Insecurity and the Baby Doomers

TFM Show: Social Insecurity and the Baby Doomers

Someone’s going to pay for all this free healthcare.

Ronald Reagan: Social Security (October 27th 1964) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwepM…

A segment of the 5/6/17 TFM Show with Guest: Jagobah

Reagan on the Social Security system scheme and how government will just tax us more when they piss away our money from the fund. A Time for Choosing speech Oct 27, 1964 excerpt

Social Security’s $34.2 Trillion Problem

America’s most important social program may need more cash than you realize to remain solvent at current benefit levels.

Apr 23, 2018 at 8:21AM
For better or worse, Social Security is a vital program for our nation’s seniors. According to an analysis from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the mere fact that Social Security provides guaranteed monthly income to eligible retired workers ensures that more than 15 million of them remain above the federal poverty line. This results in a senior poverty rate of less than 9%. Comparatively, it would be an estimated 40.5% without Social Security.

But as you’re probably also well aware, the Social Security program is in trouble — and it seemingly gets worse with each passing year.

Casino chips and dice lying atop Social Security cards.

Image source: Getty Images.

Social Security is 16 years away from big trouble

The release of the Social Security Board of Trustees’ annual report last summer brought with it some terrifying forecasts. According to the half-dozen Trustees, Social Security is expected to begin paying out more in benefits than it’s generating in revenue by 2022. That’s only four years away. By 2034, after just 12 years of cash outflows, its roughly $3 trillion in asset reserves, which is primarily invested in special-issue bonds, is expected to be completely exhausted.

The depletion of these asset reserves is often a source of confusion among the public — especially millennials. While it sounds scary, it doesn’t mean Social Security is going bankrupt. I repeat, Social Security isn’t going bankrupt. The program’s 12.4% payroll tax on earned income between $0.01 and $128,400, as of 2018, ensures that it’ll never go bankrupt, at least as long as people keep working and the payroll tax remains Social Security’s primary source of funding.

What is an issue is the current payout schedule. If Social Security’s asset reserves are exhausted by 2034, the Board of Trustees has projected the need for an across-the-board cut in benefits of up to 23%. That’s scary considering that data from the Social Security Administration shows 62% of seniors are reliant on Social Security for at least half of their monthly income, and 34% lean on the program for essentially all of their income (90% to 100%).

This popularly referenced cut to benefits encompasses what would need to happen between 2017 and 2091 to “fix” Social Security. In other words, what measures need to be taken to ensure the solvency of the program through 2091.

Social Security cards lying atop a W2, highlighting payroll taxes paid.

Image source: Getty Images.

Of course, cutting benefits isn’t the only option over this 75-year period, known as the “long-term” estimate from the Board of Trustees. Raising revenue and eliminating the predicted $12.5 trillion cash shortfall between 2034 and 2091 would all but ensure that benefits won’t need to be cut at all.

But, whether you realize it or not, things could be much, much worse than just a $12.5 trillion cash shortfall.

America’s most important social program is facing a $34 trillion shortfall

Also included in the Board of Trustees’ 261-page report is a relatively short section on its “infinite horizon projections.” As the name implies, these are projections that encompass the very long-term — i.e., beyond 75-year — needs of Social Security. Per the report, Social Security is facing a $34.2 trillion cash shortfall for the infinite horizon.

Understandably, the further the Board of Trustees looks out into the distance, the less accurate or reliable the estimates become as the number of unforeseen variables increases. Nevertheless, a cash shortfall that’s almost triple the size of the 75-year shortfall is yet another wake-up call to lawmakers in Washington that change is needed.

As is often the case, the longer lawmakers wait to address the shortfall, the more painful the solution becomes. Back in 1983, the Reagan administration’s major overhaul of Social Security was undertaken with the program facing about a 1% actuarial deficit — i.e., the amount payroll taxes would need to rise to eliminate the program’s cash shortfall. As of 2017, the actuarial deficit for the 75-year period through 2091 stood at 2.83%, or almost three times as much as when Reagan was president. According to the infinite horizon projection, the actuarial deficit is a worrisome 4.2%.

A person using binoculars to look into the horizon.

Image source: Getty Images.

Taking into account how consumers would alter their behavior as a result of payroll tax hikes, the Trustees have estimated the need for a 4.3% increase to the payroll tax ad infinitum if Social Security is to remain solvent “infinitely.” This would mean an immediate increase in the payroll tax from 12.4% to 16.7% of earned income. Keep in mind that if you work for someone else, half of your payroll tax responsibility is covered by your employer, with the remainder on your shoulders. Thus, under such a scenario, you’d see an increase in payroll tax liability to 8.35% from 6.2%. The self-employed, however, would face the full 4.3% hike to 16.7%.

For the average American family bringing home about $50,000 in income a year, we’d be talking about roughly $1,000 to $2,000 a year extra being sent to Social Security beyond what’s already being deducted.

Plenty of solutions, with no consensus

Yet here’s what’s both interesting and disappointing: There are no shortage of Social Security “fixes.” Democrats and Republicans, while sporting dozens of potential proposals, each have one core solution that resolves Social Security’s long-term cash shortfall.

Democrats have proposed raising or eliminating the maximum taxable earnings cap, which is the $128,400 limit on which Social Security’s 12.4% payroll tax is applicable. This cap allows high-income workers who earn more than $128,400 a year to escape Social Security’s payroll tax. Raising or eliminating this cap would require the rich pay more into the program, providing much-needed revenue to completely offset Social Security’s long-term cash shortfall.

Miniature figures of a donkey and an elephant on an American flag.

Image source: Getty Images.

On the other hand, Republicans would prefer gradually raising the full retirement age to between 68 and 70, up from its expected peak of 67 in 2022. Raising the full retirement age — the age where the Social Security Administration deems a retired worker eligible to receive 100% of their benefit — would help account for rising life expectancies and reduce long-term expenditures. This would be accomplished by coercing retired workers to wait longer to claim benefits or by requiring early claimants to accept a steeper reduction in their monthly payout.

Both of these solutions work, but they have absolutely no support from the opposing party. In order to fix Social Security’s $34 trillion problem, a middle ground will, at some point, need to be reached. Until then, today’s workers need to save, invest, and do whatever else they can to reduce their future reliance on Social Security.

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Brexodus Begins: Whites Fleeing UK For Eastern Europe

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2018

Remember how Brexit was totally not racist because it was all about kicking out European White immigrants to make room for more Brown immigrants from the former colonies?


The amount of eastern European migrants in UK employment has fallen by the largest year-on-year amount since records began, a new study has shown.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 2,292 million non-British EU nationals were working in the UK during the first three months of 2018, a total of 28,000 people or 1.2% fewer than the previous year.

The dip was led mainly by eastern European nationals leaving the UK to return home to countries like Poland, with Brexit and the fall in the pound cited as reasons for the drop.

So it looks like Brexit was a success.

It makes sense that they would pick Theresa May to lead the charge out of the EU and makes sure that the UK became less White. After all, when she was home secretary, she let in a record number of migrants, putting her only second to Mutti Merkel herself.

So less of this:

And more of this: 

Well done.

Apparently, xenophobia is to blame:

Last week, Tendayi Achiume, the UN’s special rapporteur on racism and xenophobia warned that the UK was experiencing a spike in hate crimes since the EU referendum in 2016 and that anti-migrant and anti-foreigner rhetoric had become “normalized” even among high-ranking civil servants.

She added that during her investigation for a UN human rights council report she found a growth in “xenophobic discourses on migration, and on foreign nationals including refugees in social and print media”.

You know, this might actually be true in a way you might not expect.

Lots of Anglos hate on Poles and Slavs in general. Some of it is justified. Lots of criminals fleeing Eastern Europe come to Londongrad to stash their ill-gotten gains.

But like, c’mon now. You’ve got bigger fish to fry at this point, no?


In general, I hate talking about Europe and trying to get all the White ethnic groups to not be at each other’s throats. They just can’t seem to do it.

And I’m all like, “can’t we all just get along?”

Different ethnic groups, one race, all living in harmony.

Psh, no.

Some dude from Belgium will start telling me about how much they hate the other people who look identical to them, but that speak French in another part of their country. And then you’ve got the North Italians who hate the South Italians. The Catalonians who think they’re better than the rest of Spain. The Ukrainians who hate the Russians and the Poles who hate the Ukrainians and the Germans and everyone except Italy hating Russia, and the Austrians being jealous of the Germany and on and on it goes.

It’s all so tiresome.

There’s never any end to it.

But when you bring up the Pakis and niggers… well, then it’s all about sharing common values with these people. Judge individually. Respect their culture and learn from it. Multiculturalism makes us stronger.


Fuckin’ Europeans I swear.

Bugmen and Female Journalists Covering Alt-Right Getting “Digital PTSD”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2018

I’m sure it’s real – in your mind.

Wow, we got a real scoop here guys.

It turns out that when these filthy journalists investigate White nationalists with the purpose of destroying their lives forever, the true victims aren’t the people getting doxed and defamed. The true victims are actually the journalists themselves, because – and get this – they’re getting some totally-not-made-up thing called “digital PTSD.”

You see, mere exposure to racism or intolerance or whatever is shattering their fragile minds, which will presumably require years of counselling – at their employer’s expense, of course.

So if you ever feel down, just remind yourself that your very existence is enough to do permanent psychological damage to these faggots.

The Outline:

Journalists covering the alt-right are experiencing the debilitating effects of online harassment and violent imagery.

The 21st century bugman is paid to dox alt-righters, but all he really wants is to go home and play with his Switch.

Last year, the most dangerous place to be a journalist in America was at a protest. According to a March report released by U.S. Press Freedom Tracker, protests were home to 29 arrests and 31 known physical attacks on journalists in 2017 alone. Other attacks on press freedom included having equipment seized and searched by law enforcement, or being denied access to traditionally open government events.

Yeah, I’m sure covering BLM and antifa protests is pretty dangerous. These people are nuts.

I’ve never heard of right-wingers attacking journalists, though. I guess it’s still our fault somehow these people are getting attacked.

Research reported by the Dart Center has shown that between 80 and 100 percent of journalists experience work-related trauma at some point in their career, and between 4 and 59 percent suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. According to the study, journalists exposed to “events involving death, violence, and human suffering” while covering war or natural disasters are especially at risk of trauma, though not all journalists who witness tragic events will experience PTSD.

These faggots have literally the easiest, least stressful job in the world – by a long shot.

“Oh, no, I have one week to write an article, such stress, I’m going to kill myself.”

If they’re getting PTSD writing shitty posts at a desk in an air-conditioned downtown office, I wonder how they’d handle being police officers in a Black neighborhood? Or, you know, fighting on a battlefield, like people who have real PTSD have?

Anyway, here follows a bunch of accounts from whining journalists describing how contact with White nationalism obliterated their psyches.

I was diagnosed with PTSD two days after I got back from Virginia. In the weeks and months that followed, I experienced flashbacks, nightmares, insomnia, dissociation, chronic body pain, and severe depression and anxiety — symptoms that interfered with my work reporting on fascists, but that were triggered by it, too. Every time I looked up photos of protesters clashing with neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, or videos of the car attack, it was like I was back on that street corner. Even while reporting this story, I’ve had flashbacks to it, though they’re more manageable now.

In a 2015 study by the British Psychological Society, 22 percent of individuals — though not journalists specifically — who repeatedly looked at violent videos or photos on social media scored high on clinical measures of PTSD. Not surprisingly, many of the journalists I spoke to for this story who have covered far-right extremism said they found it hard to return to normal life after covering these groups and digitally monitoring their activity.

Man, good thing they renamed “shell-shock” to PTSD, otherwise all these women and pansies would feel pretty embarrassed claiming to have the same syndrome as soldiers who saw their friends get blown to bits over and over again.

Hey, don’t complain. It could be worse. You could be a journalist covering the Alt-Right.

Over the course of the day, Al-Sibai said she followed the violent events on Facebook and Twitter, compulsively checking for updates “pretty much every 20 minutes.” Over the next week, she was doing what she described as “round the clock coverage” of the fallout. Al-Sibai said that being exposed to the neo-Nazis’ hateful speech took a toll, especially as an Arab-American woman with a Muslim upbringing. “These White Supremacists are so over the top about Jews and Muslims,” she said.

In the weeks that followed, she reported symptoms of post-traumatic stress, such as dissociation, flashbacks to prior trauma, and recurring nightmares. “When I was on the clock, I don’t even think I could identify [the triggers],” she recalled. “It was very much a blur. I’m missing some of that time.”

Poor dear.

“You dig through [Discord logs] for hours and hours and spend a lot of time seeing what they say, and watching them formulate plans, and the weird, sick jokes they make online,” said freelance journalist Elizabeth King. “Seeing them in real life or knowing you will because you cover them, it’s super jarring.”

While reading up on the alt-right for an upcoming book about fascism and free speech, [Peter] Moskowitz remembered coming across some particularly violent and triggering conversations online. “I was trying to do research on how the alt-right was trying to frame Charlottesville and was seeing pictures of Heather Heyer’s body and people making fun of her weight,” Moskowitz said. “To see what was so traumatic for me be turned into a joke and a fat-shaming session was like ‘Wow, really no one cares.’”

Yeah, your stupid narrative would have completely collapsed if we’d been allowed to inform the public that the landwhale died of a heart attack because of her obscene weight, and not because of any contact with that Dodge Challenger of fate.

Also, if people had simply been allowed to know how fat she is, there would have been little sympathy – and you all knew it. Otherwise, why would you have used an old picture, instead of the most recent ones?

Any normal American, upon seeing this, would go like “dat fat hoe wasn’t long for this world, anyway.” Also, what kind of White person smokes Newports? Wew.

Sadly, the culture of the industry hasn’t caught up with the need for trauma awareness. As journalist Mac McClelland told the Huffington Post, talking to her colleagues about her own PTSD would leave her feeling like others thought she was “weak and vulnerable.”

To minimize harm to reporters, editors and journalists alike need to acknowledge the risks that come with reporting specific stories, and create more space for discussing them.

In other words, they want attention, sympathy and probably money. All for sitting their asses on a desk all day writing low-quality, wildly inaccurate posts on their mainstream media blogs.

The front line forces of the enemy are so fragile that mere contact with us and our culture is enough to completely blow their mind. This is the level of human material we’re dealing with here.

Austrian Identitarians Charged Criminally for Being Against White Genocide

Andrew Anglin

Daily Stormer
May 15, 2018

Some 250 members of the far-right Identitarian movement attend a “memorial train” on the occasion of the Battle of Kahlenberg in 1683, when a Polish relief army repulsed the Turks, in Vienna

This is all spiraling out of control so fast.

Isn’t it, Jews?

The Local:

Austrian prosecutors announced criminal charges Monday against 17 members of the far-right “Identitarian Movement” (IBÖ) connected to several of the group’s activities in recent years.

The state prosecutor in the city of Graz said 10 prominent members of the group and seven other “active sympathisers” were being charged with various counts of hate speech, criminal association, damage to property and coercion.

The charges follow raids last month at the houses of several members of the group, including one of its leaders Martin Sellner.

You remember Sellner.

Brittany Pettibone’s bf.

He was recently banned from the UK, and is one of the top guys organizing the identitarian movement across Europe.

Great guy. He’s only 29.

The group has staged several stunts in recent years to publicise what prosectors called its “xenophobic ideology”.

One such event cited by prosecutors was an incident in March 2017 where members gained access to the roof of the Turkish embassy and hung a banner from it bearing the slogan: “Erdogan, take your Turks back home”.

Another example from June 2016 is mentioned in which members stormed the stage during a talk on refugee policy at Klagenfurt University and unrolled banners reading “Stop Immigration” and “Integration is a lie”.

What is happening cannot be stopped with laws.

The only way the situation of white revolt can be changed is by altering the conditions which created the white revolt.

If the conditions are not changed, then prosecuting and imprisoning people for resisting forced diversity is like trying to put out a house fire with a squirt gun.

A squirt gun filled with gasoline.

Because really, this stuff always backfires. It just proves the point: we are being oppressed. The people flooding our countries to live on welfare, steal our women, rob and attack us on the streets, shoot us and blow us up are not the “victims.”

We are the victims.

We are the people who are having our homes take from us by an invading army.

The idiotic idea of the Jew/antifa ruling establishment is that if they can silence dissidents, then the ideas will not be spread. That they can contain it, like a fire. But the fire is starting in the minds of individuals. No one who has not already had uncomfortable experiences comes to the far right, pro-white movement simply because they stumbled across the ideas and content. They already have had these experiences, and when they find the movement they find that others are confirming their own existing feelings and experiences.

The outlawing of ideas is a desperate, last-gasp effort by the establishment to maintain control.

The same with releasing an army of brainwashed drug-addict thugs to attack us on the street in the form of these “antifa” groups.

And ultimately, this desperation on the part of the machine feeds the fire.

Because the suppression proves the point.

It makes people angry and it strengthens resolve.

The Whole World Saw It, Jews

Andrew Anglin

Daily Stormer
May 15, 2018

Israel murdering sixty Palestinian protesters yesterday is the best thing that’s happened in months.

Maybe all year.

The Jews, you see, have this secret protection in the form of their stupid hoax about six million of them being gassed with insecticide in fake shower rooms and turned into lampshades. They have used this idiotic lie to greatest imaginable effect for seven decades, using it to justify literally anything they do, and to deflect criticism not only of Jews as a group but of individual Jews.

But as one Jew famously squawked: the times, they are a changin’.

And a hard rain is gonna fall.

On the Jews.

Time itself is wearing out the value of the Holocaust, and their dirty deeds are now ever more public, due to the way modern media works. The images juxtaposing Jews celebrating as Palestinians were slaughtered like pigs by their terrorist army are powerful.

Everyone is pissed off.

Leaders across the entire world, including many European countries, are summoning ambassadors. The media is struggling to downplay the issue.

But on social media and in the minds of the people… the Jews are now viewed as monstrous.

And that is what really matters: hearts and minds of the masses.

And though the media will try to bury this story, it is a big story, and it is a story that will be in people’s minds, resonating for some time.

It was a jarring thing, what happened yesterday.

You need to be talking to your normie acquaintances about this.

Discussion A

With the shitlibby ones, who maybe you’re not really close with, who don’t know your power level. Talk about how awful the slaughter was, and how shocking it is that something like this is allowed to happen in the modern era, and for Israel to suffer no consequences. Talk about how insane it is that universities are outlawing BDS, while Israel is committing atrocities worse than any other country on earth. And here’s the key: say Israel the first few times, and then just start saying “the Jews” in reference to Israel. If they protest or squirm at hearing “the Jews,” say “oh well I just mean, Israel is the Jewish state.”

We need to associate the actions of Israel with Jews as a racial group in people’s minds. That is very important.

Discussion B

With the normiecon acquaintances, focus on the idea that Israel is allowed to defend their border, and we’re not. Talk about how we should be sending our military to the border. Then, slyly, drop in the “interesting fact” that it seems to be mostly Jewish groups opposing our border security. Mention ((((((Chuck Schumer)))))) – all normiecons know him and hate him – being an Israel-supporting Jew who is for some reason totally opposed to building a wall or enforcing our immigration laws. Talk about how it seems like Jews have different policies for themselves than for us, and say: “I just don’t think it’s fair.”

Fairness is a big thing for normiecons.

They love Israel, whatever, okay – I think even they were probably a little bit bothered by the idea of just opening fire on crowds of civilians, but maybe they believe “they were all terrorists.” Whatever. What we want to do to normiecons is get them thinking about the Jewish role in America.


The events of yesterday are highly exploitable, and exploit them we must.

The mask is officially off.

The whole situation is volatile.

No one knows what’s going on anymore, and Israel has no idea the effect that the decision to murder all of these people is going to have on their nation’s standing around the world. We want it to have the worst effect possible, but we also want to focus on connecting Israeli Jewry to international Jewry.

The Jews are trying to start a world war, they are trying to get support for it, and they do this right in the middle of it – it’s perfect.

Our goal is singular: to drum up hatred of the Jews in as many of the 7 billion people on this planet as we can. Leftist anti-Semitism is good for this agenda. Colored anti-Semitism is good for this agenda. We talk about skanks and faggots and all the other minorities, but the head of the anti-white dragon is the Jew.

And he is our target.