Government Is Self-Rationalizing

by Brett Stevens on December 9, 2017

Humanity encounters crises because we are self-referential. Through our specialized jobs, but even more our tendency to socialize, we are accustomed to getting through life by convincing other people that we deserve things. This leads to a condition where we are self-rationalizing; we act based on what others will approve of, and then later explain what we get to ourselves as the best possible condition that could have been.

This presents a problem because our first step determines our last step. Once we start down a path, we begin rationalizing it within the group, and the group reinforces its dominant bias or narrative agenda, which has us going further down the path because otherwise, someone might be to blame for screwing up. And so step one leads to step two, with no chance to get off the crazy train until the crash.

Internal pressure provides the most fascinating study. In a group of people, getting anything done is a struggle, so we filter our thoughts for what we believe we can achieve. At that point, making the group happy so that it holds together becomes more important than anything else, and we contort and adjust our ideas to match what the group will approve. This filter kills any ideas of a different path before they are voiced, much like an early form of political correctness.

Human groups thus find themselves following a behavior pattern where they start out small and have focus on a goal, but if they succeed, grow large and then shift their focus toward making everyone happy. At that point, reality is ignored, and results become bad in consequence. Out of fear of instability, the group works harder to unify itself, instead of re-focusing on the goal. In this way, the most successful human endeavors become the ones most pathologically devoted to self-destruction.

Somewhere in there, the sheer frustration of working on a doomed process takes over and people become actively destructive. They know, but cannot articulate, that their time is being wasted. They resent others for being implements of doom and yet have no idea what they would do differently. Vandalism, perversion, self-destruction, and resentful passive-aggressive behavior result.

We can see this self-referential self-rationalizing mentality in democratic governments, since they are unable to recall any past programs that provide benefit to anyone, as then they will be seen as the aggressor who takes from others. This is why we have hysterical political mumbling like the budget fumble currently roiling the swamp in Washington, D.C.:

As the population ages and lawmakers grapple with the effects automation has on job displacement, more funds at the federal level are going to be an absolute necessity. It’s simply not going to be tenable to keep on raising and spending what’s raised and spent today. And other countries prove there’s plenty of room to raise more revenue without kneecapping economic growth.

The easiest thing to do first is to raise some money on the corporate side. The U.S. used to raise 4-5 percent of GDP in corporate taxes. Today, that’s down to 1.6 percent. The corporate income tax once made up about one-third of total U.S. revenue. In 2017, it won’t even make up 10 percent. (At the same time, the personal income tax has remained steady, raising 7 or 8 percent in GDP, for about 45 percent of total revenue.)

…And then there’s rates on the wealthy, which most certainly have room to go up. If it were entirely up to me, rather than hiking what is currently the 39-percent top bracket, I’d add new brackets on top so that multi-millionaires aren’t paying the same marginal rate as the upper-middle class. America’s concentration of wealth is such that there’s plenty of room to raise taxes on the rich with nary an economic blip; in fact, there’s a case that income inequality is itself a drag on growth. The top marginal rate used to be above 90 percent, and was at 50 as recently as the 80s, so going higher than today’s rate isn’t some ahistorical anomaly.

The missing portions of this article furnish the most interest: we see zero analysis of cause and effect, such as “we raised the rates this much and this was the result.” Instead there is just the notice that people got away with something similar in the past, so maybe we should assume that the demands on us are identical and adopt those same old policies.

Even more, what we witness here turns from a reasonable argument about balancing a budget into a demand to keep funding exactly what we are doing now. There is no ability to say that we should look at acts of the past as something that requires assessment, or even a consideration for how we will eventually get rid of our crippling debt, which is devaluing our currency. There is just rationalization of what we have done and a panic-stricken begging for someone to keep the money tap flowing.

How do we escape this death spiral? Until there is a reckoning, known colloquially as “hitting rock bottom,” we do not, because under democracy politicians will not remove any program that benefits someone anywhere. Instead, they will insist that our current spending is the only possible universe in which we could exist, tax until they crush the producers in the economy, and spend until the government runs into default by fully devaluing its currency. Once we assume democracy, this is the only path that it can take.

Much like any other iteration of The Human Problem, this instance shows us the codependency with power that atomized individuals possess. They demand a protector because they fear personal consequences for screwing up or misunderstanding how reality works. They seek to abolish reality by replacing it with a human simulacrum of reality, and this path too leads them away from sanity.

We could save ourselves untold years of misery, trillions of dollars, and wasted potential by admitting that we have hit rock bottom because there is no other way that we can go except forward into rationalization, and thus downward toward the abyss. For us to do that, however, we must see sacrifice as part of duty, instead of merely a duty toward our individualistic selves.

Women Should Shut the Fuck Up

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 8, 2017

I have tolerated certain females in the Alt-Right, even though I did not agree with it. It has always been the policy of this site to not allow women to contribute, and to encourage that policy for the movement generally. My reasoning has been simple: no political movement has ever involved women because politics are the realm of men and women who attempt to infiltrate male realms do so generally to seek attention (money secondarily), and they are able to maximize attention on themselves by creating conflict between men.

This is the same reasoning behind the decision by men, throughout the entire history of Western civilization before the last century, to prohibit women from being involved in public life.

If I had lived 100 years ago, maybe I would have been interested in the idea of liberating women just to see what would happen. I doubt it, but maybe I would have been swayed by the argument of “look, we’ve never tried this before – it could work.” However, now it has been tried, it has been the greatest disaster in all of history, and it feels to me that people who wish to see it continue must be severely psychologically damaged, benefit from it financially in some way or have malicious intent.

Unshockingly, we now have a situation where females who have been given a voice in far right internet circles are following the #metoo sisterhood, and whining about how men should be doing more for them. Of course, originally, they entered under the pretext that they were going to be “just like one of the guys.”

The purpose, of course, is to draw attention to themselves, to cause white knights to rally around, to cause men to fight over them.

Those of you in the Alt-Right playing into this are as low as any bugman VICE reporter.

You are the alt-bugman.

What Must be Done Here

If a woman says she is going to “leave the movement” because she’s not getting respect, tell her to get the fuck out.

Then ignore.


More importantly, attack the faggot males supporting them. That is why they are getting power. They are stupid, they do not have ideas, they enter male spaces only to gain attention and destroy the concept of male spaces. Then they claim you’re a wimp or a homosexual if you don’t accept it.

Well, they’re not playing that shit on me – because I have a fucking spine.

You little worms bending to this do not.

You are lower than insects.

You should not be able to look into the mirror without crying.

You are the ones that make me sick.

These whores are just whores being whores.

Against Camwhore Nationalism

Women offer nothing to the Alt-Right other than camwhoring. Because women are stupid as shit. They don’t have ideas.

They listen to men’s ideas, then repeat them on video, with varying degrees of sexiness. Mostly, this is watched by men who already believe what is on the videos, because they like to pretend the female is their girlfriend (even if they don’t consciously know they’re doing that, that is the psychological process involved – the subconscious mind doesn’t have a function to process the concept that a person on an LED screen in front of you is not actually in front of you, talking directly to you). And yes, they masturbate to these videos.

The argument is that “new people will be brought into the movement” by these whores because they will click on a video with a woman and realize how smart she is. I have repeatedly called bullshit on this. No one – not even bugmen – genuinely believe women have something important or interesting to say. Sure, it is technically possible that they click on a video and hear something cited as a fact and Google it. But 99% of the clicks on these “trad chick” videos are regular watchers who are involved in a fantasy involving the girl. That is who is watching the videos, that is who is doing the donating.

The donating – look. Men have a desire to give money to women. It is an actual biological drive.

There is a dopamine rush when you go out with a woman and she tries to pay for her coffee or drinks and you insist she puts away her wallet. This is basic primitive behavior. It’s the same dopamine rush cavemen got laying a stag at the feet of a woman.

“I have killed an animal, I will feed it to this female, she will give me access to her vagina through which I can reproduce my genes.”

This is followed by: “she is my vessel of reproduction and the keeper of those I will produce, my duty is to defend.”

It is a fundamental aspect of male identity – nigh the most fundamental, second only to his ability to be accepted and valued by the men of the tribe – to be able to provide materially for and physically protect a woman.

NOTE: In fact, a woman knows that it is
emasculating to a man to not be able to pay for her. And it is a shit
test for her to attempt to pay - she is testing you. Usually I've been
pretty good at controlling for skankism, but at least once in my life, I
went on a date with a woman who made a big thing of paying -
calculating what exactly she ate and calling the waiter over and making
him take the money. I left enough money to cover the bill and a generous
tip on the table and got up and walked out. I refused to see her again
(and believe me, she wanted to). Of course, that situation is only
possible under feminism, where the state, through welfare and
affirmative action programs, forcibly transfers male wealth to females.

Just so, it is a woman’s biological function to receive these resources. A bitch gotta eat, and she sure as fuck isn’t killing a deer herself. Just as she sure as fuck isn’t coming up with any interesting ideas today.

This camwhore situation, and the amount of money these women are making by leeching off of a political movement, as you fight to protect them, is a perversion of basic biological drives.

But I don’t blame these whores. I blame you, bro. You’re the one with the ability to rationally reflect on your biological drives and alter your behavior accordingly.


The alt-bugman response is always that I am “alienating women” and that “we need them in the movement.”

It is the worst form of snakelike Freudian horseshit to call someone who questions women’s right to influence a male space a homosexual or otherwise question their masculinity. It is horseshit because it is a lie. But if we are going to psychoanalyze people over their positions on this issue, then let me tell you something: when you say “if we don’t pander to women, we will alienate them,” you are effectively screaming “I AM A MAN-VIRGIN” to anyone who knows shit about women.

And you all know that. It’s your life. You know what’s going on in it. Maybe you’re not literally a virgin – maybe you’ve had one or two girlfriends, maybe you’ve gotten lucky on a drunk bitch a few times, but you are not Chad. If you were Chad, you would know that the interest of women has a direct inverse correlation to your interest in them.

There is also a conflation by Alt-Right feminists between camwhores and women who support the movement – the term “women in the movement” applies to both. Obviously, maximizing the number of women who support the movement should be a goal. Not a top goal – that is, not a goal that we sacrifice other more pressing priorities for – but something we should be aware of. Clearly, the easiest way to do this is by having the men in the Alt-Right have girlfriends and wives. Unless the bitch is a filthy godless whore and the man a complete cuck and their relationship on the highway to collapse, women will take on the political beliefs of a permanent partner. To that point, if we were extremely concerned about “women in the movement,” we would be doing two things:

  • Helping guys already in the movement get girlfriends and wives
  • Directing messaging more toward men who already have girlfriends and wives (we have more single men than partnered men in the movement)

But the assumption is always “single female supporters,” which demonstrates how fucking dishonest the alt-bugmen are. Just as dishonest as any other form of male feminist pervert. They are trying to use the movement as a singles club, rather than an engine of political revolution. Of course, if you could pin down a male Alt-Right feminist – protip: you can’t, because they are slimy, gelatinous creatures – they would claim that “it can be both” – I am saying no, it can’t be both, and if you can’t already meet women, you aren’t going to be able to meet women in our political movement.

But okay.


Let’s talk about single women.

This website, The Daily Stormer, where my official position on women is “they deserve to be locked in cages,” has more single young female readers than any other Alt-Right site. That is an empirical fact.

This is because women are drawn to political ideologies that don’t pander to them for the same reasons they are drawn to individual men who don’t pander to them:

  • They are interested in gaining acceptance from men who don’t immediately offer it
  • Not acting as though you need women is a sign you have something to offer women
  • A lack of pandering is a sign of strength, meaning that you would be able to provide good genes and physical resources
  • Women in their sexual prime – white women in particular – tend to have a sexual fixation with men who either are or are perceived as dangerous and potentially violent, rather than kind and caring

If you don’t already know all that, you are not doing well with women in your personal life, and what you are trying to do by promoting them in the Alt-Right is trying to increase your chances of getting laid by applying your failed personal seduction strategy to a political movement.

And it is fucking pathetic.

I see this shit on social media, and this is what it looks like to me:

That is you, alt-bugman.

You are something which is fundamentally repulsive on a visceral level to emotionally developed, self-respecting adult males.

Leftism and the Single Skank: A Hard Wall of Material Resource Reality

As long as the political left has the ability to use force to take the resources of men and hand them over to women, single women are overwhelmingly going to support the political left.

That’s a hard fact.

There is a small amount of wiggle room, of course. But the only appeal you are going to be able to muster is a sex appeal. Not an offer of something. The left already offers everything.

And no – “we’ll give you a male provider so you can settle down and have children” is not an offer. Women already have the option of doing that. All young women in modern society have the option of finding a male of average sexual market value with enough money to pay for them to have children if they were to make a decision to do that. Instead, they chase Chad cock and claim that “men don’t want to commit” – speaking of the high value men who will fuck them one night and then not return their texts. Because they all think they deserve the highest value man available, that he should commit to them, and anything less is not enough.

However, if I’m playing the game and answering the “single female appeal” question: by taking a masculine approach to our political movement, we’re going to maximize the number of women who want to support it – and that appeal INCREASES if we are actively trolling and silencing camwhores who are attempting to infiltrate us to get attention and money, as it is a demonstration of principled masculine strength.

I am right about this and if you disagree with me you are wrong.


The alt-bugmen pushing “women in the movement” have never and will never respond to any of the points I just made, regardless of the fact that I’ve been making the same points for years. They will just keep screaming that I’m “alienating women,” and then question my masculinity. Because they are maggots who do not want to engage in the masculine activity of using logic to come to reasoned conclusions.

When “you’re just a loser who can’t get laid” doesn’t work, they pivot (note: this is a real tweet from an alt-bugman trying to attack me as a #WeakWhiteMan for refusing to embrace female empowerment). 


And look. I’m not trying to shit on betas. I am trying to protect you, as my brothers, just as much as I’m trying to protect this movement.

You had single mothers or weak beta fathers, and you need to recover.

That’s what I’m here to help you with, bro.

You’re not doing yourself any favors by going to bat for these whores.

And it isn’t going to get you laid.

“Pity fucks” by women – which is the only thing you could possibly be going for as a white knight – are largely a myth. They are usually mislabeled “drunk accidental fucks” (which are now being widely mislabeled as “rape,” btw – so be careful out there, white knights).

And I’ll end with this: if you are a beta white knight – and if you are pushing this “women in the movement” horseshit and are older than 14, you are – you need to deal with your testosterone levels.

A human being’s thoughts and emotions exist in a mushy organ that functions on chemicals, and different chemicals being input into this organ produce different thoughts and emotions. That is the entire “bugman” concept – they are pudgy, low-muscle mass wormlike “men,” and this is directly correlated to their worldview.

The basic rule is that fat on your body lowers testosterone levels and muscle on your body increases it. You don’t have to be huge super-muscleman, but getting lean and fit – which is easiest through strength training, and through removing processed foods (especially grains, including beer) from your diet – will make your thoughts and feelings make a lot more sense.

You won’t just get rid of this “need women in the movement” bugman horseshit, but you’ll do better with women in your personal life. You’ll also do better professionally, creatively and just do better at life generally.

A political movement is made up of individuals, and just as I want our political movement to succeed, I want all of you to succeed as individuals. Everything I write here I write with that in mind.

You’re all my brothers, regardless of whether or not you’ve got a bad case of the thirst.

And if you’re thirsty, I know this article was tough. But it is tough love.

We’re all in this together.

Hail Victory.

When a Porn Star Kills Herself Because She is Attacked for Refusing to Fuck Homosexuals

Andrew Anglin

Daily Stormer
December 8, 2017

It’s right-wing Christmas all December long, folks.

We’ve got kikes resigning from everything including the government for groping women, we’ve got enterprising camwhores trying to hijack our movement getting brutalized, we’ve got intifadas, we’ve got a major power move for government-enforced free speech on the internet, we’ve got the Identity Europa banner – we’ve got everything.

This August Ames story is a particularly juicy bit of delicious VICTORY.

This bitch hanged herself ostensibly because she was being bullied by homosexuals and their female allies for refusing to have sex with a “male actor” who had had sex with men in other porno movies.

Following the suicide, some of the homosexuals who bullied her have deleted their Tweets and/or made their accounts private – but others are doubling down, saying that they’re glad she’s dead but wish they could have had time to “educate her.”

Here’s the Tweet that started the drama back on Sunday.

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that the reason “August Ames” (born Mercedes Grabowski – don’t know if Jewish – looking at her face I would assume so, but this is one story where it doesn’t really matter at all), a 23-year-old pornstar from Canada, didn’t want to do porno with homosexuals (or men who had sex with other men on film for money but were actually homosexual – that isn’t clear) is that so-called “gay sex” is associated with with significantly higher levels of sexual transmitted diseases than heterosexual sex.

From the nature of the Tweet, it appears that this is a known issue that pornographic “actresses” have – she both gives a heads up to the woman who is replacing her and condemns the industry agents in a way that suggests they knew they were supposed to warn her about this and did not.

A female porn actress replied to her early on.

And she was understanding and apologetic.

And though there were a few people who were like “well, she shouldn’t be forced to have sex with people she doesn’t want to have sex with…

…a barrage of hatred against her ensued.

There were many “fuck you” tweets, tweets telling her to “get educated,” calling her a homophobe and so on.

“Bisexual” pornstar “Sir Jaxton Wheeler,” along with a horde of anonymous and otherwise non-celebrity homosexuals and other liberals, explicitly called for her to kill herself.

She posted several tweets defending herself…

…including one saying that avoiding sex with men who have sex with other men is a standard industry practice.

Along with retweets of confirmations that she should not be forced to have sex with men she doesn’t want to have sex with.

Her last tweet before tying the noose was simply “fuck y’all.”

And just like that, she was gone.

After the death announcement – by her husband – many fled and hid in CYA mode, but Sir Jaxton Wheeler said he didn’t regret contributing to driving her toward suicide.

He has since made his account private.

Female pornstar Silvia Saige said she had “no guilt whatsoever” for attacking her, and after her death, simply wishes she would have had more time to educate her.

It’s hard to say who is the good guy and who is the bad guy in all of this.

But I can tell you who the victim is: Shane O Mac.

Unpacking This

Generally, no one has any idea how to respond to this.

According to the progressive liberal ideology:

  • Porn is good
  • Homosexuality is good
  • Homosexuals have a right to spread diseases
  • Women have a right to have sex or not have sex with anyone they want
  • Questioning homosexuals about anything is bad
  • Bullying is bad
  • Questioning the behavior of women, especially as it relates to their sexual behavior, is bad
  • Sluts killing themselves is bad

So it’s a real mess for the mainstream to try to unpack what’s gone down here.

There is no workable narrative beyond “we should all try to be more sensitive.”

Of course, I have the exact opposite views of every one listed on that list I just made, so my response to all of this is very simple:

None of any of this stuff the Jews shove down our throats is workable.

It is all simply designed to destroy.

And now, it is beginning to destroy itself. Everywhere you look, this is happening. All of these crazy hookers calling out these Jews and forcing them to resign is the civilization-altering example, but this August Ames situation is the same concept.

A Dead Hooker? 

Obviously, she didn’t kill herself just because of the bullying. Women who do porn very often have very serious mental problems.

I am a defender of prostitution as a necessary social institution which allows young men, poor men, widowers, etc. to have their sexual needs met without marriage and prevents both male self-debasement in the form of masturbation and a promiscuous “casual sex” culture from developing.

Whoring is rightly called “the oldest profession” and if it is removed from society, society stops functioning.

And part of that dynamic is that there are women who are “born whores,” who just like money and sex with strangers. In traditional Western society, these women either worked directly for a religious institution (pre-Christian) and then became priestesses of some sort when they got too old or worked for a privately-owned brothel before entering the church as nuns when they got too old. These would have been usually low-IQ women from the lower classes of society.

They would have been working in a protected environment having normal sex with normal men.

With the modern pornography industry, everything is different other than “sex for money.”

Firstly, unlike prostitution, pornography is evil – and not an evil of the “necessary” type. It is a disease which has infected and broken down people’s brains and their ability to relate to one another. Masturbating to imagery of people having sex with one another is the ultimate form of human debasement.

The women involved are not putting their deviant biological drives to the best use of the community but instead destroying the community, working for Jews and engaging in bizarre, deviant sexual behaviors.

Furthermore, they are not generally from poverty-tier society.

August Ames, for example…


Ames was born in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, but she was raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado during her teenage years In her early years, she worked as a nanny, animal-assisted aide and horseback trainer.

There is a big difference between being a hooker hidden away in a temple or brothel and being publicly blasted everywhere on the planet on computer screens. If a woman wants to be a private hooker she still can be and make as much or more money as in the pr0n industry. Porno women generally have serious daddy issues, and enter the industry because they want to self-destruct and publicly humiliate their fathers.

So the basic Jewish assessment that “pornography is good” is wrong on every single level. It destroys the people who watch it, it is staffed by people who are damaged and drives them over the edge.

No, I’m not going to take the “true conservative” view that porno is “EXPLOITING INNOCENT PRINCESSES,” nor am I going to pretend like I care that this bitch is dead. However, I think it is important to acknowledge both that women do porn generally because of psychological problems and that it is a filthy industry that does use them up.

Faggots vs Women and the Totem Pole of the Oppressed

The fact that this bitch was asking for it doesn’t mean that the faggots and faggot-defenders didn’t push her over the edge.

The level of responsibility for her death that you can put on these bulliers isn’t measurable, but it is possible that she wouldn’t have died if she hadn’t been harassed. Certainly she wouldn’t have died at this date.

So again we have this totem pole of oppression making itself a problem for the Jewish system.

In a system based on nature, the most capable are at the top of the tiered system of power, respect and resource allocation – those who have some great amount of some combination of physical strength, intelligence, charisma, emotional detachment and other competence-markers rule by default. The lowest in society are those with the least ability. Everyone fits into that somewhere.

Sure, historically, this worked better at times than at other times. Nepotism, botched succession and other forms of corruption can allow less competent people to have more power than they deserve. But a hierarchical society has an ideal form that the people can strive for.

The ideological conflicts which arose during the enlightenment and the industrial revolution which followed were based on trying to remove old and new forms of corruption and restructure the hierarchical system in a way which functioned better.

Enter the Jews. 

The ostensible concept of ((((((Marxism)))))) was to remove the hierarchy in response to conflicts about how to restructure it. This is the equivalent of deciding that the best response to a stubbed toe is to amputate your leg at the knee with a rusty chainsaw. If we follow through with that metaphor, after cutting off your leg at the knee, you’re going to do one of three things:

  1. Bleed to death
  2. Die of infection
  3. Put a tourniquet on it, keep it clean and live the rest of your life with one leg

Stalin was able to pull-off number three in Russia after seizing power from the Jews.

After the debacle that was Eastern European communism, no one was going to go along with the economic parts of it again. You just weren’t going to get anyone to do that. It is an objective fact that millions of people starve to death or are randomly killed by death squads with an unclear agenda if your nation goes full-communism.

At this point, anyone with an IQ over 95 and older than 19 that is arguing for actual communism – always with the “communism has never actually been tried” meme – is a Jew trying to kill millions of people.

Obviously, communist and socialist economic concepts are still pushed nonstop in the West – while being grotesquely coupled with the nightmare Marxist vision of out-of-control capitalism (which incidentally is also entirely organized by Jews). But no serious people are arguing for full-communism.

However, this Jewish idea of removal of the hierarchy has been fully accepted as a goal for the Western social hierarchy.

You can’t actually make everyone equal in competency, so the goal is to make people equal in the social hierarchy. To do this, you have to push down the highest group – which will always be healthy white men – while propping up the various bottom groups: brown people, women, sexual degenerates and the mentally ill.

So the hierarchy becomes inverted, with the least capable people claiming that they are oppressed because otherwise they would have more power than they do. Because the entire concept is a hoax, these groups will necessarily come into conflict as they climb on top of each other to fill the power vacuum that was created by dictating that all power be taken away from white men.

And the system has no ability to explain that, let alone deal with it.

So you have Swedish antifa attacking homosexuals for attempting to have a parade through a Moslem neighborhood.

And you have homosexuals bullying a pornstar to death for refusing to have sex with one of their people.

We know that white women are less oppressed than brown men, and thus they are effectively allowed to be raped by them – but what about white women and white non-tranny homosexuals?

Who is more oppressed there?

No one knows.

And You Could Go On

You could derive more lessons from the death of August Ames.

Some of the obvious bits that we do all the time – “why are homosexuals allowed to bully a woman to death on Twitter but we’re not allowed to post frog cartoons?”

And some more esoteric ones. I could do 5,000 words on Shane O Mac’s obituary tweet for his favorite pornstar.

That is why the event is so great.

The Matrix analogy of the Jewish system is real, and this is a glitch in the Matrix. And people have to pause at this. Because it doesn’t make sense, based on what they have been told about the way the universe works. It’s the equivalent of seeing a man jump up and start flying – “but wait, reality doesn’t allow this – what is going on with reality? Is it broken?”

And every time something like this takes place, more people move closer to questioning the entire system.

We have already won the war of ideas. This is now a brutal power struggle for hearts and minds of young white men – between us and the Jews – as we attempt to reach critical mass and they attempt to collapse the whole structure in on us.

This is our war.

We were born into it and born to fight it.

And it is winnable.

I promise you that.

Embrace it.

You don’t have any choice but to embrace it or to become a casualty of it.

Running away just means getting shot in the back and dying as a coward.

Hail Victory. 

Who Cares What Women Think?

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2017

I hate drama, but here is an ideological question.

Many voices are piping up complaining that nationalist men are too “misogynistic.” This comes from the “conservative” consultant urge inside many that actually believe we “need more women.”

Revolutions don’t have diversity quotas. Gavin McInnes types aggressively recruit “hot right-wing women” because like a strip club owner, he wants to part a fool from his money. What we are doing is very different.

As a heavily persecuted anti-establishment movement, we need more men. Especially men with nothing and nobody to lose. They’re out there in droves (especially under 30) and we need to reach them. In this time and for this action, only a culture of hyper-masculinity for its own sake can save the West.

You Want to be the J-Left?

The real reason the J-left finds itself dedicating resources to bullshit like “fat positivity” and feminism (in a time where women are making more money than men) is because it defers to women. This has a retarding effect, as childless women are selfish, conformist and infantile. The leftist worldview is articulated through Harry Potter and mocked by the world.

Most men under the rule of the J-left are bullied into becoming soyboys or fags because women in charge of grown-up world create suffocating, unforgiving and petty environments. Men who raise the red flags of Hot Topic Bolshevism – like Dick Sucking Assholes (DSA) – live lives of thankless misery. They attack Nazis with shields in the street and get smashed, and all their women do is call them cuckbois while secretly masturbating to the victorious Fascists. If they don’t opt for the tranny surgery, they are on the perpetual defensive simply for “toxic masculinity,” then under attack again for not being masculine enough.

Even men as high profile as ((((((Bernie Sanders)))))), who was one of two men speaking at a women’s conference, was subjected to mass attack from hate-filled cat-ladies.

The second the state and money power stops protecting the J-left, they will be in for a world of hurt.

This is why the Judenpress is taking up the Trad Thot cause.

Let history’s soon-to-be-losers be led around by women. We conquer them, as their subconscious demands.

What Do Women Know?

Women don’t know much about the big world, i.e. politics. This is true even if they have a general understanding of what’s going on. What we are doing is war by another means.

Many of us have lost relationships, passed on job prospects, are constantly risking harm, death or imprisonment, and are forced by the oppressor to feel like we are alone against all. Emotionally and psychologically, this requires toughness a few stops away from sitting in a freezing trench with artillery blowing up around you.

Are women really willing to do that? Even most men aren’t.

Female advice on most things is either bad or naive. If you listen to women on how to get women, you’ll never get laid again.

Southern white knight culture is a big motivator in men who believe the Alt-Right is “misogynistic.” That is understandable, and I’m sure women are friendlier and more normal in the country than in the big cities where men live under the warm breath of cunt HR managers and play STD roulette with careerist whores.

But let’s not forget that it’s the Bible Belt that blows the rest of America away with its divorce rate. They’re clearly getting something wrong.

Keep Women in the Little World!

Most men get enough of women and the feminine pole in every aspect of their lives. At their jobs, at school, on TV, even on social media – women are the system’s middle managers and are in your face 24/7.

There are many groups and consumer trends fighting for the coveted “female demographic.” Creating a culture where male bonding is prioritized (even if it is offensive to women) would give us a monopoly. Whatever you think of Roosh, the reason he got so much shit from Jews a few years ago is because he tried to create such a culture using his meetup groups. This is how revolutions begin.

Once upon a time it was woman who was our escape. The warmth of the stove, the joy of laughing children, and the love of an adoring and loyal wife. The softness of a woman’s body is in and of itself a beautiful thing.

But the fact of the matter is that if you are a Millennial or Gen Z, there’s a good chance you will never have that no matter what you do. The overwhelming majority of women are broken and lost. They only love themselves, their money and their dog, and maybe if you hit on them the right way, you – for about 10 minutes. Probably 10 minutes after the last guy.

But don’t take the black pill and wait for sex robots. Instead, continue to court women (as sexual and romantic affection with women is key to a man’s psychological health) but always keep the futility of this in a society that incentivizes bad female behavior. Use it as fuel for the fight.

We have inherited a chaotic world. It’s up to our generation to restore everything (including women) back to order.

You can’t convince a kid not to eat ice cream for dinner or stay up late every night by letting him make the rules. Women that can’t handle the heavy-handed, vulgar, banter driven – yes, masculine – culture of the Alt-Right should be shown the door, not placated.

Learn To Think Like A Conqueror and everything is a Soft Target.

Excerpt by from:

The entire purpose for a man on this earth is to SUCCEED.  To win at all costs and leave everyone else in the dust.  Life on this earth is a survival of the fittest.  This planet is nothing but a brutal proving grounds and a blood soaked battlefield.  The Conqueror is the man who takes and doesn’t ask permission.  He is the man with an unstoppable drive and fearless soul.  Who will not hesitate to take ruthless action to achieve his goals. 

The modern male having been raised and trained like a house dog since birth must tear away the bonds which restrain him.  He must rip apart the shackles which hinder his ability to succeed.  This means completely abandoning the mindset of the modern moron.  Every step you take and every move you make must bring you closer to winning.  Remember this, no one gives a furry rat fuck about a man who isn’t winning.

The Conqueror is not here to make friends and play nice.

He is here to TAKE OVER.

Learning to think like a Conqueror is key for the modern male.  First he must recognize that anyone or anything which would argue against this mindset is a ploy to weaken him.  This is a call to all men.  The Conqueror reaches out from the mists of the past and his triumphant glories echo still.  He stands proud etched in stone across the nations of this earth.  Remembered forever as a beacon of light and inspiration.

There is no room for weakness, we do not surrender land, cities, states, nothing to the enemy, we take what is ours, we fight back by whatever means necessary to win, and take what is ours.

Struggle is part of life, where there is a will to do what must be done, a way will be found to make it so. We come from thinkers, explorers, and conqueror’s, we must use all of these traits and find away to break free from our enslavement and create a new path. The old world is dying, time is short, we either begin now, and bring it all down, or we face extinction.

To a Drone — everything is a Soft Target.


There seem to be a lot of reports, opinions and conversations with regards to “Soft Targets.” Incidents like this force us as a nation to reevaluate how we protect ourselves in our daily lives.

These incidents help us to understand that when it comes to Unmanned Systems (Drones) — everything is a Soft Target.

FBI Director Christopher Wray warned Congress that terrorist groups may soon have the capacity to carry out drone attacks against the United States and described the threat as imminent.

 “I think we do know that terrorist organizations have an interest in using drones. We’ve seen that overseas already with some growing frequency. And I think the expectation is that it’s coming here imminently. I think they are relatively easy to acquire, relatively easy to operate, and quite difficult to disrupt and monitor.”

I have been saying the threat was growing for more than six years. And during the past six years I have self-taught myself to build, program and use various types of unmanned systems Land, Sea and Air. And I can launch a series of attacks on a target that would be completely undetectable, unstoppable and untraceable.

When it comes to Unmanned Systems they can be adapted to almost any mission profile — good or bad. Unmanned systems can provide mobility, enhance security but can also be used or hijacked to carry out terrorist or criminal activities.

Defense against rogue or even simply unauthorized drones is a very difficult problem. The real problem is a more deliberate and planned high altitude high speed attack intended to deliver a dangerous payload. As I always say; “If you can see the Drone then it is already too late.”

Remember – in order to have effective security you need to Deter, Detect, Delay and then Respond. So how can you deter a drone? Well it seems that many local governments are trying to enact laws that will deter the use of drones within certain city limits. That is a tool that could provide some deterrence.

The City of Newton, Massachusetts, like many state and local governments, thought it could regulate drone flights in the airspace within and over its city limits. Newton passed a law in December to ban unmanned aircraft flights below 400 feet. A federal judge in Massachusetts ruled that the City of Newton was wrong: According to the judge, Newton does not have that authority because the federal government has primary authority.

Judge Young stated, “Congress has given the FAA the responsibility of regulating the use of airspace for aircraft navigation and to protect individuals and property on the ground and has specifically directed the FAA to integrate drones into the national airspace.”So basically, federal law over rules local law. As a result, this ruling has now taken the wind out of the sails for several other cities that have been awaiting this decision before going forward with their own further restrictive local laws. And, of course, it is important to note that people who are intent on causing harm are not deterred by laws. The harm they intend to cause is in and of itself illegal.

Deterrence is not working well so how about Detection? Successfully detecting a rogue drone early enough to intercept and neutralize the drone that is on a deliberate mission in any scenario is tough. Detecting is one part of the process, but you can always build a “stealth” drone. That means early Detection can be challenging. It is easy to detect most of the consumer based drones based on their RF signatures (control channel and/or video).

There are a wide variety of detection methods. For example:

Radar, sound, cameras, signal detection, etc.… however, remember that although some of these work in certain circumstances they do not work in all circumstances. In addition to that there are also ways of defeating these methods. So, if it works nine out of ten times then most of us would say that is still not good enough. As an example, one simple way to avoid potential sound detection is to switch from composite rotors to a wood rotors. That will provide at least a 30% reduction in noise. Where this is a will, there is usually a way.

So now that’s two elements of effective security that do not work. What about Delay?

Unless you cover your entire area with a protective netting or a physical shield then there really is no delay possible except for its integration with the next stage in the equation, which is Response.

To have an effective decision to intercept must be made in the next few seconds – faster than humans are likely able to do it. This means you must have serious analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and decision support software deployed. Then, there must be specific countermeasure arrays every few city blocks to be enable a response that is fast enough.

These countermeasures could be various jamming devices intended to interfere with the drone’s uplink or GPS signals. It could also be directed energy weapons (RF cannons, lasers, artillery), or some sort of interceptor drone intended to try and capture the rogue intact. There must be a very fast network and this must include some type of interconnected ground equipment to accomplish this.

And that’s to manage a single threatening Drone. What about multiple drones all preprogramed with different missions? Prior to 9/11 the al Qaeda hijackers did their homework on the security checkpoints at Boston’s Logan Airport months before the attacks. There are indications that they are doing the same thing regarding drone countermeasures.

Any major attack would likely include pre-operational surveillance. This means the bad actors would identify what protective systems are in place and that would help them to determine how to defeat the countermeasures in place.

Current laws are taking the power out of the hand of the people that are charged with protecting us. We are wide open and there is nothing being done to effectively protect us. I am very familiar with all current countermeasures on the market and a few that are currently under development. At this time, they all have gaps that can be identified and then exploited.

I recently posted a video of a racing drone flying at 179 MPH that’s 261 feet per second! That’s faster than any human can react. “It’s hard enough to react to someone running at you. Magnify that to 178 MPH and forget it. Okay some people will say that is just a very fast toy… guess what – all of these are “toys.”  The important take away as that these so-called toys are being modified to do terrible things. Imagine a swarm of “toys” flying at 179 MPH. They could create a lot of devastation.

What this means is that if you Detect the systems at the ten mile mark you have three and a half minutes +- to respond. And don’t forget even if you cut the command and control the system still has kinetic energy. The potential momentum will carry the system further depending on the altitude. So the system may not hit its intended target but it will hit something.

We need to re-evaluate our laws, rules and regulations. We need to hit the pause button. We have to stop trying to create ad hoc rules based on poor information and lack of education. This one is going to bite us hard if we do not take preventive actions soon.

All of these measures to counter drone warfare, can also be circumvented if you put your mind to it, there is a way.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) laid out a new national framework on Monday designed to improve security around public spaces, particularly in the areas located outside of security screening.

The recommendations for local governments and transportation systems come in direct response to growing concern over so-called soft targets in the wake of deadly airport attacks in Brussels and Istanbul last year.

Those incidents “highlight the evolving tactics and techniques that adversaries use to attack civilian targets in public areas,” the TSA said.

Representatives from the industry, government and academic institutions worked over the last six months to evaluate security measure gaps in the current system and come up with ideas to help improve security.

“The group … worked together to devise a framework that deters terrorist attacks and creates a system that quickly and effectively responds to attacks in the public area to minimize loss of life and disruption of transportation,” the TSA said in a press release.

The framework is divided into three sections: information sharing, attack prevention and public protection.

The working group emphasized that “time is precious” when it comes to mass casualty incidents, with officials only having about 10 minutes to effectively communicate information and formulate a strategy.

The document recommends that transportation system owners proactively cultivate relationships with local and federal law enforcement, develop a communications strategy to enhance the flow of information and expand threat awareness education like the “See Something Say Something” campaign and the “This is My Airport” training program.

The bureaucracy cannot stop what needs to be done, let them form these meetings, and slogans, this system must be brought down, this is the only way to save the white race.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Civic Nationalism Is Not Strong Enough To Defend The West

Lately, many have come out against the failed concept of “civic” nationalism. Lana agrees and talks about real nationalism.

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Best comment:

“weakness is not the answer, great empires can be brought down by applying force to soft targets. Stop thinking in terms of surrendering land and cities to the enemy. We fight back, laws means nothing, use drones, technology and destabilize the system by attack soft targets which will cause damage to the system and destabilize the whole, and bring it all down. water, food, electricity, transportation, all are vulnerable and easily disrupted. California is a giant box of kindling waiting to be burned to the ground, i am sure other states are the same, we fight back, we take it all down, and we form a new government.”

The man is crazy, and blatantly rebellious, this just might be the answer.