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Trump Points Out That Virtually All Crime in Britain is Committed by or Because of Nonwhites

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 21, 2017

On Friday, Trump tweeted that as immigration rises in Britain, so does crime.

The actual statistic is that crime is rising 13% annually on Cuck Island.

Of course, not all crime is committed by nonwhites. No one makes that claim.

However, virtually all crime can be attributed to the collapse of our Western societies that is largely due to mass immigration.

Firstly, you have the issue of economic troubles caused by immigration. The reason these people come to our countries in the first place – other than to rape our women – is that we have more money than their countries. Therefore, either by defaulting to public funds (welfare) or by taking jobs from locals, they are taking money out of the economy.

They also are generally unhealthy, and put a massive burden on the healthcare system, which increases taxes.

As such, white people are more likely to turn to drugs or other forms of crime due to what the immigrants do to the economy.

Moreover, we know from studies that so-called “diversity” causes social trust to dissolve. The more “multicultural” a society is, the more alienated each individual is. Low-trust societies are directly associated with higher crime rates.

Robert Putnam’s research showed that in multicultural societies, people not only withdraw from persons of other cultures, but withdraw from members of their own culture as well, due to generally collapsing social bonds.

If white people feel alienated from each other, they are more likely to commit crimes against one another.

So, although it is true that local Britons are committing increased crime (not most of that 13%, but presumably some of it), it is still the nonwhite immigration which can and should be held responsible for that shift.

The people “fact checking” Trump on this are wrong.

Obviously, nothing is absolute – there are always going to be white people committing crimes. However, given that we are moving into the future, and all that this should imply, the number should, all things being equal, be declining. Not increasing by an absurd 13% a year.

How the Jews Ruined Halloween

Daily Stormer
October 21, 2017

I’ve always loved Halloween. When I was a kid, it was my favorite holiday of the year. The opportunity to dress up like your favorite superhero or scary monster, and go out trick-or-treating with the other kids was something we all looked forward to way in advance of October 31st.

It was the 1970’s, and although the country had been force-integrated by the courts, there had not yet been time for actual neighborhoods and large sections of towns to become “diverse.” There was still high trust, and everybody knew everybody else. It was safe enough that if you  were eleven or twelve years old, your parents didn’t mind letting you go out yourself.

Cute kid dressed as Your Friendly Neighborhood Azzmador

There were already urban myths being reported in the media advising parents not to let their kids keep anything but prepackaged candies, due to the rumor that some fiend somewhere had poisoned homemade treats, and for parents to closely inspect said candy for signs of needles, as there was also a rumor that someone, somewhere, had given out candy filled with needles and/or razor blades. I’m told that by the mid-eighties this rumor had morphed into them being AIDS needles.

But it was still a safe environment,  and when my sister and I would come home with candy apples and popcorn balls, my mother would ask who gave them to us and we’d say “Mrs. Jones over on Alamo Drive,” and Mom would say, “okay, well she’s a nice lady, you  can keep them.”

She did examine the candy as suggested by the local news, and not one needle or razor was ever found.

By the early 1980’s I was too old to  go trick or treating anymore, but I still had a couple of years where I got to escort my sister and her friends as they went door to door, and that was just as enjoyable, in a different way.

Then I grew up, and moved to DFW for work. Living in highly diverse apartment complexes, I never saw anyone trick-or-treating, and being a busy and self-absorbed young adult, I really didn’t think about it.

Fast forward to The Current Year™️, and we have this sorry tale:

CBS Boston:

WALPOLE (CBS) – The decorations are out and Halloween is two weeks away but there’s controversy at Boyden Elementary School in Walpole. The school will not be having its annual Halloween costume parade this year.

“I think it’s a lot of political correctness,” a Walpole woman said. “I think it’s a shame because Halloween is the funnest day of the year next to Christmas for children.”

In a message to parents the school principal says, “…the costume parade is out of our ordinary routine and can be difficult for many students. Also, the parade is not inclusive of all the students and it is our goal each and every day to ensure all student’s individual differences are respected.”

On Friday the school will have a Halloween party after school hours, but the school says Halloween itself will be “Black and Orange” spirit day.

Parents WBZ-TV spoke with are not happy about the decision to cancel the parade.

“We have grand-kids going to Boyden School. Wonderful school,” a grandmother of a student said. “The Halloween party should happen on Friday cause all the kids are excited.”

“Put a costume on. Parade down the street. Let them have their little time,” a Walpole man said. “Why do you have to turn it into something political?”

Everything is political in The Current Year™️. Our public education institutions have run amok with this PC garbage because they have been run by Cultural Marxist filth who view the schools as indoctrination laboratories where they work their dirty business on our kids for generations.

I did a lot of research trying to find out who precisely it was who was not being included, which kids this was allegedly protecting from being ostracized, and I came up with a big zero. Why am I not surprised?

This was covered by countless local news outlets and not one “journalist” thought to ask that question?

I could only come up with a couple of answers myself.

  1. Most likely, Muslims. They hate everything Western, and seem to have a religious rule against anything fun, and these shitlibs pander to their every whim, often without even being asked.
  2. Welfare blacks. I’m sure many single mammies are too busy getting they hair did and banging every Tyrone and Jamal in da hood to worry about sheeit like getting their kids a Halloween costume, so it could be that too.

It could be something else as well. The country is so dysfunctional with multiculturalism at this point, that for all I know it could offend Samoans, or atheists, or Hottentot tribesmen. And we all must bow to anything not straight, White, Christian, or male.

But this is just a nail in the coffin really. About 12 years ago, when I moved back to East Texas, I began decorating the yard early in October every year. Ghosts, lights, the whole nine yards. I even made real jack o’ lanterns. I really enjoyed it, and I looked  forward to seeing the parents bring their little ones in their costumes and giving out candy.

The first year, 2005, I had maybe half a dozen people come. I still remember a young family who brought their little toddler, and they had her dressed up as a little angel. It was very cute, and made the whole thing worthwhile.

As the years passed less and less kids came by. The last few years no White children at all.

Mexicans have begun moving into our neighborhood and so we would get a few of those.

Last year, I decorated again, bought plenty of candy, and had a P.A. outside playing spooky music.

Not one person came.

This year, I decided not to bother. It’s very depressing on many levels.

I hate that the generations that followed me have not had the pleasure of a Halloween night out trick-or-treating, which was one of the most fun and wholesome things a kid could do. And I hate that they won’t have the fond memories of having done so.

But most of all, I hate the Jews  for this. It is their program of forcing diversity on us by any means necessary that is the obvious culprit at the bottom of this.

I hope I live to see the day when we have restored our nation and stopped these kikes.

Then we can decorate our yards with ornamental gas chambers and ovens,  and the scariest costume available will be the Happy Merchant.

We are Trapped in a Blue Whale Game Controlled by a Hostile Elite

Diversity Macht Frei
October 20, 2017

A few days ago Roger Cohen had a typically Semitic column published in the New York Times, full of classic Semitic tropes.

This is a time of growing fears, in Europe and the United States. Ghosts have stirred. Humanity never quite grows out of the buffoon’s attractions: the scapegoats he offers; the fast money; the rush of violence; the throb of nation and flag; the adrenaline of the mob; the glorious future that will, he insists, avenge past humiliations.

The Enlightenment was not the end of the story. Nor was 1989, that giddy moment for the liberal democratic idea, deemed self-evidently all conquering. An autocratic, nativist, xenophobic, nationalist reaction is now in full swing on both sides of the Atlantic — as the election in Austria demonstrates again. It demands resolute vigilance. It also demands that we listen, try to understand and resist fracture.

I posted a comment which was rejected by the NYT censors.

Your sneering at the patriotism of the goyim is really a kind of intellectual genocide. You deny people the right to their own identity, insisting that the wish for a normal human existence, living among your own people, with your own culture, in your own land, is some kind of pathology. You are a nomad who barely even attempts to conceal his contempt for the settled peoples of the world. You demand that we all become nomads like you, that our countries should be no more than hotels, mere temporary residences of convenience. Well, we don’t want to be nomads like you.

Your no-borders ideology, if consistently applied, would result in the obliteration of all the world’s peoples, the erasure of their distinctiveness, to be replaced by a global mish-mash population devoid of any character of its own. You present this as if it was some noble aspiration, but it isn’t. Like the Blue Whale game in Russia, in which warped minds try and persuade teenagers to commit suicide, it is simply a sinister demand for self-obliteration.

This metaphor of the Blue Whale game, which only occurred to me while I was making this comment, seems to me a good way of describing what is happening to us. For those not familiar with it, here is an explanatory video.

We are trapped in a blue whale game controlled by a hostile, alien elite trying to convince us to embrace our own extinction. The only way to win is to stop playing.

DHS Chief: Tech Firms Must Act Quicker To Remove Extremist Propaganda

By Aaron Kesel

The acting U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke has called on Silicon Valley to remove extremist content, Reuters reported.

The United States and Britain are set to push social media firms to deal with the problem at a G7 meeting of interior ministers this week, Duke told reporters in London where she had been meeting British Home Secretary (interior minister), Amber Rudd.

“There has been a shift and for us somewhat with the Charlottesville incident,” she said. “There are a lot of social pressures and they want do business so they really have to balance between keeping their user agreements and giving law enforcement what they need.”

But that’s not all; the Trump administration is also trying to go after encryption technology.

“We would like to have the ability to get encrypted data with the right legal processes,” Duke said.

It’s an argument that has persisted since the Obama administration – should the government have backdoor access to encrypted chat apps despite being in a violation of civil liberties?

Duke said there’s been a change in the behavior of tech companies since a rally organized by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August turned deadly when a counter-protester was killed after a man drove his car into the crowd deliberately killing a woman Heather Heyer.[Renegade Editor: “White supremacist” is a label used by anti-Whites. The whole Charlottesville event was filled with obvious controlled opposition, and the car attack was obviously staged.]

“The fact they are meeting with us at G7 is a positive sign. I think they’re seeing the evidence of it being real and not just hyperbole,” Duke said.

Now the tech companies themselves are going to be meeting with G7 leaders to handle this problem of “extremist content.” But does that define just ISIS videos, or is the definition broader? She actually answered that question, and so has Google and its subsidiary YouTube who have begun a crackdown on content on the video platform and search engine.

“The number of foreign fighters we have returning is declining,” she said. “The number of home-grown violent extremists, most of them inspired by terrorist organizations, is increasing.”

Notice how she didn’t state ISIS, she said the broad definition “terrorist organizations.”

Google and YouTube have even begun targeting “conspiracy theories” and websites spreading “conspiracy theory as factual information without basis.”

Obama’s DHS didn’t hesitate to call those who believe in conspiracy theories potential right-wing terrorists, stating the following points might make someone a terrorist in a study by the University of Maryland, which was funded in part by the Department of Homeland Security.

  • Americans who “are fiercely nationalistic, as opposed to universal and international in orientation”
  • Americans considering themselves “anti-global”
  • Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”
  • Americans who are “reverent of individual liberty (especially their right to own guns and be free of taxes)”
  • Americans exhibiting a belief in “conspiracy theories that involve grave threat to national sovereignty and/or personal liberty and a belief that one’s personal and/or national way of life is under attack”

Specifically listing Americans who love liberty as terrorists, noting two subgroups of “right-wing extremism” were identified as “gun rights” and “tax protest,” according to PJ Media.

After all, according to U.K. think tank Demos, literature from more than 50 extremist groups includes “conspiracy theories.”

So how will Trump’s administration compare to his predecessor? It has almost been a year since President Donald Trump took office and we seem to be losing more and more of our rights day by day. I guess in the eyes of the DHS I am a terrorist and so are you if you just read this article.

Aaron Kesel writes for Activist Post and is Director of Content for Coinivore. Follow Aaron at Twitter andSteemit.

This article is Creative Commons and can be republished in full with attribution. Like Activist Post onFacebook, subscribe on YouTube, follow on Twitter and at Steemit.

Image Credit: Anthony Freda Art (modified)

Can The Alt Right Perfect “Scientific Government”?

Understanding risk in the context of organizations involves breaking down a relatively simple definition into its multiple implications:

Business risk is the possibility a company will have lower than anticipated profits or experience a loss rather than taking a profit.

This identifies two areas of concern, first inefficiency and second, failure of productivity. Governments and civilizations, like business, belong to the category of organizations and are subject to risk, including the ultimate risk, which is that disorganization or lack of productivity will cause a collapse as seen in the Soviet Union or Venezuela.

Using the book <em</em as input, we can see how to apply risk to American civilization instead of the current government, as it is normally viewed by voters.

In our modern world, we do not refer to nations or civilizations as organic things, but as products of the state, and so when we think of risk, we worry about our government shutting down, spending too much, not taxing enough or being unable to achieve internal compromises and becoming locked up.

The Alt Right, being of a variety of conservative that occurred before the neoconservative and classical liberal forms that were adopted because of their compatibility with Leftism in the era after the French Revolution, views risk different because we see a different target: Western Civilization, or the organic and naturalistic collaboration of Western peoples.

For the crime of looking at civilization instead of the state, we are dubbed “white supremacists” and “bigots,” but in reality, we are looking at the organization which creates and empowers the state. In theory, the state is the caretaker of civilization, but once it becomes powerful enough, it simply replaces civilization with itself through ideology, usually of egalitarianism.

According to the book, risk applies only to objectives, and when civilization does not have an objective, no risk management applies to the typical threats apparently only perceived by the Alt Right. For that reason, an Alt Right view will take the opposite viewpoint: that risks lead to objectives, and not vice-versa.

In other words, civilization has an inherent objective, which is to survive in a Darwinian sense, which at some point requires encoding its values and culture into DNA so they can be passed on without relying on political constructs like the state and social constructs like equality, rights, liberty and freedoms.

Using the ISO 31000 standard, risk is defined as the “effect of uncertainty on objectives,” resulting in the management imperative to “coordinate activities to direct and control an organization with regard to risk.” The White House has no risk management for its “America First” goal because its authorization extends only to setting up a sub-organization to address risk as defined in ANSI/ASSE Z690.2-2011 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines.

In other words, governments cannot address civilizational risk, but can only look after themselves, and only indirectly. This requires us to re-interpret risk as applicable to civilization itself instead of the institutions of those civilizations. This becomes complex because risk involves both threats and opportunities. For example:

The approval of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was intended to infuse the US economy with desperately needed funds. The risks associated with issuing multi-million-dollar grants and contracts as required by ARRA in such a short period of time were great: however, the opportunity to stimulate the economy and make economic gains was projected to outweigh the risks.

This means that a standard threat-versus-opportunity guideline does not exist because most people think only in terms of threats. The eventual outcome of “predicted” threat and opportunity scenarios are never confirmed after the fact meaning that lessons are never learnt and mistakes repeated over multiple administrations, as is obvious from the way risk management in American government is structured.

But at least the Government Accounting Office (GAO) has a “High Risk List” including solutions used. It address solely the government: “The US federal government is the world’s largest and most complex organizational entity, with about $3.5 trillion in outlays in fiscal year 2012.” These risks are:

  1. Limiting federal government’s fiscal by better managing climate control risks.

  2. Mitigating gaps in weather satellite data

  3. Strategic human capital management

  4. Managing federal real property

  5. National flood insurance program

  6. Improving and modernizing federal disability programs

  7. Pension benefit guaranty corporation insurance program

  8. NASA acquisition management

  9. Protecting health through enhanced oversight of medical products

  10. Protecting the federal government’s information systems and the national cyber critical infrastructures

  11. Revamping federal oversight of flood safety

  12. Restructuring the US postal services to achieve sustainable financial viability

The above risks are defined as “important” which translates to sustained manpower and budget allocations. But in the aftermath of flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, the Manhattan Institute found that instead of mitigating the effect of flooding, that the US Government makes matters worse by tempting people into Hurricane’s paths.

Identifying “all” risks to “America First” — itself a proxy for protecting our civilization, as opposed to setting global standards to protect the world economy — is obviously not possible because it would require inputs from all managers in the American government. Identifying a risk also requires an important methodology of detection, verification and scope before manpower is allowed to define and spend resources on it.

Various sources of risk are possible, but these fail to include threats to civilization. The RIMS (Recent Risk Events) for 2013 is an example of the variety of risk, as follows:

  1. Horse meat discovered in UK beef

  2. New rule strengthens mine safety

  3. Brazil nightclub fire kills 242

  4. The cruise from carnival

  5. Meteor explodes over Russia

  6. Sinkhole swallows Florida man

  7. Data breach exposes 50 million accounts

  8. New avian flu threatens humans

  9. Massive explosion levels fertilizer plant

  10. Bangladesh building collapse kills 1100

  11. Tornadoes tear through Midwest

  12. Vermont fights patent trolls

  13. Washington bridge collapses

If you are not concerned about the risks above, you should be, because of what is missing. For example:

  • Globalism is not a risk

  • Migration is not a risk

  • Economic collapse is not a risk

  • Political succession is not a risk

  • Diversity is not a risk

  • World wars are not a risk

  • Private censorship is not a risk

These omissions present the Alt Right with an opportunity to demonstrate its rightful leadership by addressing risks that affect civilization, even if they do not affect institutions like the American government or clusters of institutions such as those which administrate the world economy.

What the Alt Right can bring to our consideration of risk is the understanding that politics is actually about life or death challenges; the government and its institutions are supposed to serve the people, which does not necessarily mean doing what they want, but in protecting them from that which can destroy them while enhancing that which brings quality of life.

This will force a move away from decadently setting “political goals” based on utopian visions of ideology, and instead toward consideration real risks. For the past two centuries we have focused on symbolic correctness, whether economic or social, and ignored consequences of our actions to the organic entity of civilization.

As the age of ideology fades, and is replaced by consciousness of the need for civilization above the desires of the individual, attention focuses on actual risks instead of what we might call political risks, or things which would displace our rulers or destabilize their institutions.

Luckily for the Alt Right, average people understand risk because they are accustomed to balancing threats and opportunities in their own lives and for the sake of their families. Through bypassing the entire world of political risk, and focusing on actual risk, the Alt Right can address the actual concerns of people instead of these utopian notions.