EU Votes for Memes Ban and Censorship Machines — What Now?

The European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs just voted ‘yes’ on highly controversial parts of the EU’s new Copyright Reform. The controversial articles — 11 and 13 — effectively establish link tax, censorship machines, and ban memes.

There was heavy resistance to the contested articles from internet activists, lobbyists, and members of European Parliament (MEPs), but all was for nought and the articles passed with a 13:12 and 15:10 majority.

Opposers of the link tax and censorship machines argued that it threatened the openness of the internet and made it less free. You can read TNW’s detailed dive into the viewpoints of the articles’ lovers and haters, but the opposition can be shortly summed up like this:

Article 11 (a.k.a. link tax) would force anyone using snippets of journalistic online content to get a license from the publisher first — essentially outlawing current business models of most aggregators and news apps. This can also possibly threaten the hyperlink and give power to publishers at the cost of public good.

Article 13 (a.k.a. censorship machines) will make platforms responsible for monitoring user behavior to stop copyright infringements, but basically means only huge platforms will have the resources to let users comment or share content. People opposed to the proposal worry that this could lead to broader censorship, threatening free speech via parody, satire, and even protest videos.

So is it all over?

The committee’s vote doesn’t automatically make the Copyright reform and its controversial articles law. Instead, it cements the European Parliament’s stance on the issue — which is highly influential — before entering the final stage of the legislation process.

However, there is a way to change that. Plenary is the European Parliament’s tool to bring matters out of committee and put up for a vote in the Parliament itself, i.e. have all 751 MEPs vote instead of only 25. But there needs to be enough support in Parliament for this to happen, so opposers have already started campaigning for a plenary session.

The Copyright Reform and its impact on our internet is an important issue, so hopefully it will be brought before the representatives of all European citizens.

What you can do to make that happen is to contact your MEP and make your voice heard.



Mexico: New Record! 93 Murders Per Day!

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2018

When Mexico inevitably loses the world Sportsball(tm) competition, at least they will still have something to be proud of. Even better – the Aztec people will no longer need to measure themselves according to a stupid European game about kicking a ball. Now, Mexico will be able to take pride in something truly Mexican, something even more Mexican than sleeping in the middle of the work day, or doing temporary agricultural work in the United States.

Nothing is more Mexican than industrial scale ultraviolence.

El País:

At ten days from the presidential elections in Mexico, the number of murders in the country has reached a historical 2,890 intentional homicides in May, which supposes an average of 93 murders in a day, or four victims per hour, according to data of the National System of Public Security published this Thursday.

The official data indicate that May was the month with the most homicides since 1997, the year that federal authorities began counting the data. Before now, the most violent month had been March of 2017, with 2,746 murders.

In the accumulation from January to May of 2018, 13,298 victims of intentional homicide are registered, which supposes an increase of 21% compared to the registered murders in the same period of last year. The violence has permeated equally in the distinct latitudes of the country. The states with the greatest incidence of homicides per 100,000 people are Colima, Baja California, Guerrero, Chihuahua and Guanajuato. Firearms are the principal instrument of homicide.

American firearms. Final redpill:

Mexico really needs wall with the United States.

I mean, the cartels get all their money from an open border. Drugs go north, guns come south. Drug deaths on the north side, gun deaths on the south side. It’s great for everyone, and by everyone, I mean the cartels.

Although 2017 had positioned itself to be the bloodiest year on record with 28,710 murders, the numbers from the first five months of the year indicate that Mexico could break its own annual record in violence. Francisco Rivas, general director of the National Citizen Observatory, prognosticates that the case of homicide and femicide in 2018 will culminate with an increase between 5,5% and 15% compared to the previous year.

In studying the crime statistics, the increase in femicides also becomes apparent. From January to May this year 328 murders of women have been recorded, which supposes an increase of 13% relative to the same period last year, when 288 cases were counted.

Yeah, sure, (((El País))). Tell me all about the 328 women, and not the 28,382 men.

I’m so tired of reading this paper, you have no idea. This is one of their better stories.

I’m hoping that, at some point in my lifetime, a nationalist government expropriates the building of this jew rag and puts me in charge of it, so I can put a big swastika on the front of it.

Of course, the Stormer doesn’t need physical office buildings, and that’s a waste of money in a dinosaur news model that they can’t prop up, and you really have to wonder about people who pay paywalls to “support journalism” for the WSJ or whatever. They’re supporting useless office buildings. Work from home.

But, I’ll find some real building function for the space – like a Holocaust Meme Remembrance Museum – and put a big swastika out front.

The director of this civil organization explains that the increase in murders in the whole of the country is the result of the lack of measures since three years ago, when the increase in murders began. “There is a series of illegal businesses which continue to prosper, a lack of meaningful action and an important absence of the State. A crime which is not punished is a crime which is given permission to grow.”

Before the upcoming elections, Rivas has cautioned that the next president will have to prioritize measures to contain the violence, to stop the ascent of these bloody statistics. None the less, he indicates a lack of clarity in the propositions of the candidates. “We do not see, at least in the leading candidate [Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador] clarity in a security proposal, his is a supremely naive and contradictory proposal which does not make one think that the security conditions will improve.”

Mexico is really showing us what the Triumph of the Will is all about.

Breaking records, just to prove they can be broken.

Congratulations, Mexico.

You won it, and you deserved it.


Trump Gives a Shoutout to the Anglin Plan: NO DEALS on Immigration! Wait for November, Get Everything We Want!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2018

This is what I’ve been saying ever since these “competing bills” were introduced.

Trump has been playing games with these people, going back and forth on whether or not he would support the bills, now he’s just come out with the hard, obvious fact: there is no longer any real question about what is going to happen in November. Short of some catastrophic and unforeseeable event, we are going to win very, very hard in the midterms.

So what can possibly be the point of doing this whole immigration jerkoff right now?

We’ve silenced the “OMG BUT WHAT ABOUT THE RETARDED BABIES IN ROOMS???” bullshit with the executive order – which was perhaps at worst a “tactical cucking” – and now we’ve got a minute to chill. We are holding it down on the border, arresting everyone and prosecuting them.

Trying to get wall funding and all of the rest of it with the current Congress is futile. And cucking on anything, when the Red Wave is coming, is just stupid.

Trump obviously reads DS religiously, and knows the deal.

There is no point in engaging in this retarded fuckaround. The normies don’t really understand what is going on, and any “immigration reform” sounds like a cuck. So what Republicans should be saying is “we’re waiting until after the elections to do this, so we can get everything we want with ease.”

The problem of course is that a lot of GOP cucks want to cuck on immigration, because that is what their donors have paid them to do. So they are purposefully trying to thwart the 2018 elections by cucking on purpose to please their money masters.

BUT – that can be cut-off by Trump just coming out and saying “yeah, you know what, I’m not signing anything immigration related right now. We’re waiting until after November to make any moves at all.”

And this Tweet is the first indication that that’s where he’s going.

These are the games he plays. He did the whole “I’ll sign it, sure – but what is it?” bit. After the “I’m not really going to sign anything, I don’t think, but maybe” bit.

Now it’s time to come out hard and just say “yeah, you know what, no deals – we’re going to win in November, then we’re going to do everything I want to do.”

I guess he can play with them for a little bit longer. They’re not going to deliver a bill any time soon anyway. So whatever. Who cares?

But in the end, when the time is right, he needs to just say “yeah, let’s just wait.”

He also Tweeted these this morning, along the same lines.

Yeah, the cuck bill might be possible, but we are winning – compromising is for losers.

By all metrics, we are going to sweep the entire place in November. Trump is campaigning hard. Two out of three tweets is an endorsement, and he is touring, doing rallies.

The economy is fantastic.

And that is the bottom line, for everyone other than the most committed extremists and Jews.

Hail the RED WAVE!



Germany: Even After Your Sister has Been Raped and Murdered, The Brainwashing Persists

Diversity Macht Frei
June 22, 2018

Student Sophia L. has been missing for several days after hitching a lift with a Moroccan truck driver. She had been involved in left-wing politics and in 2014 stood as a candidate for the city council in Bamberg, where she studied. Her campaign then called for Bamberg to become “bunter” [more colourful]. “Bunt” is the German equivalent of “diverse”, the officially-approved euphemism for the encroachment of brown people on the ancestral living spaces of white people.

A body has now been found at a garage in Spain. The Moroccan truck driver, who surely raped and murdered her, has been arrested. Comments about the case have been circulating on German social media all week.

Her friends and family members obviously share the same deeply-imprinted left-wing mindset as Sophia. Her brother seems more concerned about her case being used as ammunition by racists than about the actual murder of his sister.

“Unfortunately, lurid articles are still circulating on the internet and Sophia’s case is being used to create a mood against immigration policy, against foreigners and an open society. These media sentiments and the many self-righteous comments can hardly be surpassed in abomination,” a group of friends wrote on social media.

Her brother, who first reported her missing, wrote in a public letter: “Sophia would under no circumstances want racist agitation to take place at her expense, as has already happened in some cases.”

Another comment from her “friends”:

“Whatever has happened to Sophia, it is definitely not the result of the apparent difference in cultures”

It’s a sign of how powerful the conditioning is that even after your sister has been raped and murdered by Diversity, you still feel the need to defend it. Europeans have been brainwashed into a suicidal spirit of self-abnegation. And we all know who did the brainwashing.

That said, the toll of rapes, murders and assaults committed by asylum seekers does seem to be reaching the German consciousness, creating a sense almost of siege. A recent spread in the country’s most popular newspaper, Bild, was very powerful, referencing rapefugee crimes around the country.

Murderers, rapists, drug dealers – No one will tell us whether they are still here

Old School Chimpout: Pittsburgh Gud Boi Drive-By Shooter Mourned with Freeway Blockage

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2018

Now that there is one gud boi. Looks like he’s in a school in that picture. He was turning his life around.

The thing I’ve learned about gud bois is that they didn’t never ain’t not did nothing.

Nonetheless, white police murder them.

The only conclusion anyone can really come to is that there is a defect in the white biology that drives them to violently murder to death those with a certain tone of skin. They do it because of hatred, which exists for literally no reason.

What are these colored people – forgive, me, these people of color – to do?

Other than riot and block traffic?

They don’t have the institutional power needed to do anything else.

They have to take to the streets if they want justice.

New York Times:

The fatal shooting this week by an East Pittsburgh, Pa., police officer of an unarmed teenager who was attempting to flee prompted more protests on Thursday and calls for answers from law enforcement officials.

The teenager, Antwon Rose II, 17, was a passenger in a car that had been pulled over because it matched the description of a vehicle that had fled an earlier shooting in which a 22-year-old man was wounded, the Allegheny County Police Department said in a statement.

So he was involved in a drive-by shooting.

Does that mean he deserves to die?

No doubt he fled because he just assumed that the racist cops would just shoot him right there in the car.

A video that recorded the fatal shooting on Tuesday night and was posted on Facebook shows two people running from police vehicles as three shots are fired. One of the people, later identified as Antwon, appears to fall to the ground.

Killed dead just like that.

All he did was run from cops after a drive-by.

And let me just ask you something: have you ever in your life heard of a white teenager getting shot in the back by police who he was running from after doing a drive-by?

The authorities confirmed on Thursday that Antwon was struck three times but did not specify where.

“Why are they shooting?” the woman recording the video says. “All they did was run and they’re shooting at them!”

The Allegheny County Police Department, which is investigating the encounter, said that two firearms were found on the floor of the car. When asked if the 17-year-old was found with a weapon on him, Coleman McDonough, the department’s superintendent, said he was not.

See that.

He didn’t even have the gun he used for the drive-by.

He left it in the car.

And he still deserved to die? Simply because he is African American?

On Thursday, Mike Manko, a spokesman for the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office, confirmed reports that Antwon, while unarmed, had an empty clip of a handgun in his pants pocket at the time he was shot.

Yeah and what’s he going to do with an empty clip?

Throw it at the cops?

Come on.

This is skin-hate, period.

No child deserve to die for fleeing the scene of an arrest after committing a drive-by shooting.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Wednesday quoted Mayor Louis Payne of East Pittsburgh — a borough in Allegheny County — as saying that the officer who shot Antwon was hired in mid-May and had been formally sworn in hours before the shooting. Mr. Payne told Action News 4 on Thursday that he believed the shooting was the first time in at least 20 years that an East Pittsburgh officer had opened fire.

In a statements on Thursday, the authorities identified the East Pittsburgh officer who fired as Michael H. Rosfeld.

So wait is he Jewish?

That would certainly complicated things. He could have shot because he was having flashbacks of the Holocaust.

He doesn’t look Jewish though.

On Wednesday evening, dozens of people gathered outside the East Pittsburgh Police Department to protest the black teenager’s death. “No justice, no peace!” they chanted. Some carried signs that said, “Justice4Antwon” and “#BlackLivesMatter.” Then on Thursday, hundreds of people rallied outside of the Allegheny County Courthouse; later Thursday evening, protesters poured onto Interstate 376, blocking it.

Those who knew Antwon described him as bright, lively and funny. He was a senior at Woodland Hills High School who was expected to graduate at the end of the year, the superintendent, Al Johnson, said in an interview on Wednesday.

“He was an excellent student,” Mr. Johnson said, adding that Antwon was taking Advanced Placement classes.


Gud boi, going to school.

Who doesn’t get caught up in a drive-by in their youth?

The traffic stop on Tuesday that led to the deadly shooting occurred after multiple 911 calls earlier in the night reported a shooting in North Braddock, Pa., that had wounded a 22-year-old man in the abdomen, the police said. He was treated at a trauma center and later released.

Investigators said a gunman in a passing vehicle had fired nine .40-caliber rounds at the 22-year-old, who returned fire.

The 911 callers described a vehicle they saw fleeing the scene, the police said, and Officer Rosfeld saw a similar vehicle — a silver Chevrolet Cruze that appeared to have ballistics damage to its rear window.

“I’m very confident that that was the vehicle involved in the shooting,” Superintendent McDonough said.

Officer Rosfeld stopped the car at 8:40 p.m. and took the driver into custody, the authorities said.

“While he was putting the driver into handcuffs, two other occupants ran from the car,” the Allegheny County police said. Officer Rosfeld started shooting, striking the 17-year-old, department officials said.

The 17-year-old was taken to U.P.M.C. McKeesport hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 9:19 p.m., Superintendent McDonough said.

Officer Rosfeld has been placed on administrative leave, officials added.

In statement on Thursday, officials from the borough of East Pittsburgh said they were “profoundly saddened by the death of Antwon Rose” and offered sympathy and condolences to his family.

“We have confidence in the Allegheny County Police and District Attorney’s Office and we will be transparent with any and all information that they need during the investigation,” the statement said.

It’s just so sad.

A young black child can’t even do a drive-by shooting without getting murdered to death by racist cops in Donald Trump’s America.

It’s time to dump Drumpf, and bring back black African rule of America, so these kids can have justice once again.

Very Little Media Coverage

Other than the NYT, the national news is not touching the story of these black riots.

Obviously, the white controlled media doesn’t want the nation to know the blacks are standing up for themselves, by rioting and blocking traffic as they demand justice for this drive-by shooter.

They were doing the “hands up – don’t shoot” motion at the protests because maybe while Anton was fleeing from the car after committing the drive-by, he had his hands up and was begging the white police not to murder him.

Absolutely shameful.

How absolutely dare you?

Battle for the Med! Italy Moves to Seize “Dutch” Taxi Vessels Ferrying Hundreds of Coons to Europe

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2018

Those dastardly Dutch are at it again.


Italy says it will seize two migrant rescue ships in the Mediterranean, citing doubts over their legal status.

Italian authorities said the Lifeline and Seefuchs, operated by the German migrant rescue group Mission Lifeline, were “illegally” flying the Dutch flag.

A false flag?

The Lifeline is carrying 226 migrants rescued off the coast of Libya, Mission Lifeline said.

Separately, the UN refugee agency has reported that 220 migrants drowned in the same area in recent days.

It called for “urgent action” from EU countries. 

Let me tell you a lil’ something about urgent action:

Here’s what the Italians had to say:

Italy’s new right-wing government has taken a harder stance on rescue ships bringing large numbers of migrants to Italy, which is often the nearest port for those rescued off coast of Libya.

Italy’s Infrastructure Minister Danilo Toninelli said the ship had broken the law by taking the migrants, even though the Libyan coastguard had already intervened to rescue them.

He said Italy would seize both the Lifeline and the Seefuchs to determine their legal status, and said Italy would “once again save the migrants”.

Clearly, the Dutch are back at their old schemes and tricks again. They’re acting like pirates again, ferrying blacks and Moslems and Moslem blacks into Europe.

Only, this time the Italians are not having it.

Lads, we’re looking at a looming naval battle the likes of which we haven’t seen since Lepanto coming to the Mediterranean.

Just like it was five hundred years ago, so it is now, Moslem pirate ships are plowing the waters of the Mediterranean, landing on Europe’s shores and plundering the locals.

We need a coalition of the willing to throw back these Nigger-Moslem vessels.

So far, Italy stands alone.

Spain has capitulated and Greece is being crushed under the Merkel yoke. The Latin powers who have held the line for centuries against the heathen hordes need reinforcements.

Soon, we’re going to need to deploy the Stormer Frat Bro Yacht Divisions to help out.

Every frat in America will be mobilized, every Sperry store will be stripped down for equipment and every single fridge raided for enough Bud Light to last the voyage over and the victory celebrations for when the battle is won.

I want every single yacht bro ready to go.

Time to get prepping. I want those ships battle-ready by the end of this summer. I’m talking a machine gun where the satellite dish is now and some armor on the hull.

Time is ticking. You have all summer to get ready. Get the charts and the snacks ready.

We have to be ready to cross the Atlantic to help the Guidos at a moment’s notice.