Diversity is Dystopia


Spread the word, make sure everyone knows where you stand.

The life cycle of a JQ awakening:

1. enjoy their humorous chutzpah
2. notice preponderance of jews in anti-white media
3. cut them slack because NAJALT and normie congeniality
4. learn that almost AJALT
5. quickly lose tolerance for their antagonistic chutzpah
6. fuck their shit up whenever possible

Google Invites the SPLC to Help Them Create Lists of Bad Goyim

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2017

When Google’s CEO Gandhi Patel told employees that they would be required to shit in the street, some were taken aback.

Steve Bannon is back with a vengeance.

May he live forever.

With DS forced onto pedoweb internet prison by the likes of Namecheap and Google, Breitbart now has an obligation to go full-Stormer.

Godspeed, Steve.

And I’m sorry if you think I went too far with Charlottesville. But you must understand, Steve. I live in Nigeria. I told these people not to bring Nazi flags. None of my guys brought those.

I am not even a Neo-Nazi White Supremacist, Steve. You understand this. It’s just a goofy meme – we owned the insult, Alinsky style. No one actually identifies that way, other than ironically, except maybe a few joke groups that are controlled by feds.

I am a normal person. My ideology would be best defined as “Futurist-Nationalist-Populist Racial-Separatist” – that is what I have tried to make the Alt-Right into, Steve.

But I live in Nigeria, Steve.


Google announced that their monopolistic search engine that controls 87 percent of page views will use its machine learning tool set to assist liberal groups in doubling down on purging conservative speech they consider hate.

TechCrunch blog reported that Google has partnered with ProPublica coalition and Pitch Interactive to create a data visualization tools that leverage the Google Cloud Natural Language API analytic algorithm to extract geographic and contextual information to provide journalists with a 50-state ‘Hate News Index.’

The Google/ProPublica coalition partners are all Center-Left Bias or Left Bias including the New York Times, BuzzFeed, Univision News, WNYC, First Draft, The Root, Meedan, New America Media, Latino USA, Ushahidi, The Advocate and 100 Days in Appalachia.

So Google is working with Jews, blacks and homosexuals to compile databases on you. Including your location.

Because white people are “hate.”

Christians are “hate.”

Everything that Jews don’t like is “hate.”

Although the coalition states they will work on civil rights issues with the highly respected University of Miami School of Communications, they also will rely on input from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation-funded and the radically Left Southern Poverty Law Center.

Google states that they launched the Documenting Hate project due to the lack of national data on “hate crimes,” which their Dictionary defines as: “a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.” But a Google search under “hate crime” produces “About 10,300,000 results.”

Yeah, and the SPLC has been doing this for years – virtually all of their claims of “hate crimes” are either hoaxes or simply rumors.

They also include in their numbers allegations (never substantiated) that people were called names – so “typically involving violence” is definitely not their definition. Most of these “hate crimes” in their “database” involve unsubstantiated claims of name-calling.

The reason they are sucking Google into this gross scheme is because most of this name-calling takes place on the internet, and the goal of the SPLC is to regulate the internet as much as they possibly can in order to protect the Jewish race from criticism.

The other races – blacks, Moslems, Mexicans – are simply used as human shields by the Jews.

This is just a nonsense project to serve as a first step of official cooperation between the SPLC and Google.

Look at it – it’s just a calendar:

They may also probably going to try to get real name information in this database, via internet sources. That is to say, this could be an SPLC-Google mass-doxing team-up, creating lists of undesirables. Or “deplorables,” as they’ve been called more recently.

The problem is: no one gives a fuck anymore.

Our backs are pushed so far against the wall that our vertebrae are cracking.

We have already won the war of ideas, and everyone with any intellectual capacity is already aware of the plight of the whites. All we have to do now is inform the masses that it is okay to stand-up and fight back. And they will.

This is a war you cannot win, Jews.

My advice: flee to Israel.

Agenda 21: The Elite Plan for Global Tyranny

If you’ve found your way to this humble outpost of truth, you might have noticed the world around you is beginning to not make any sense. Up is down, left is right, black is white. Part of the reason for the chaos is the fact George Soros and other elites are organizing camera-ready protests, then bringing two sides of extremists together to clash while pinning the blame on one side.

This agenda has been going on for years. (Ferguson, San Jose, Charlotte, et al.) So, it’s worse than what happened in Charlottesville. What’s more, almost every “news” item one sees in the mainstream media is a farce, a marvel of the Hegelian dialectic intended to accomplish goals of elites paying talking heads to read propaganda before they swoop in like vultures with “solutions.” These false flags and psyops are designed to create division and to implode the remnants of the American republic. We are entering the advanced stages of a long-term elite plan for a so-called post-democratic, post-industrial world. It is to be a world constrained by a tightly controlled, planned economy. In essence, global Communism is its aim.

The irony that the U.S. and Russia have so dramatically switched roles in the world since 1991 is all the more astounding, in that the U.S. is now making concrete steps to enforce its brand of totalitarianism on the world and Russia is making strides towards democracy, nationalism, and national identity once prized by America.

It now seems the Cold War was a fight over who would get to take over the world first, not the trite freedom vs. tyranny narrative American statesmen sold us for half a century. The U.S. used the power of the free market to take advantage of the economic weaknesses of Socialism, only to make a stunning about-face once the Soviet threat died and the world lay before the American elite as spoil.

The bleak future of American-style global Socialism (and later, Communism) is what many have dubbed The New World Order. One of the key ways global tyranny is being implemented is through Agenda 21. Not enough people know the truth of what Agenda 21 really is, adopted by the United Nations in 1992 as a “voluntary” (it’s not) agreement to create a world run by the elite in which each citizen is as interchangeable as a piston rod (to paraphrase Howard Beale) and every bit as expendable.

Most think Agenda 21 is just another crazy conspiracy theory, although in modern times, conspiracy theories are beginning to make more sense than the unending stream of lies from corporate media.

Looking back, the transition from a free society to a society run by tyrants began 100 years ago with the creation of the Federal Reserve, effectively handing over the power to create money to a private bank. As the Rothschild family knows, and Nathan Rothschild once said:

Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.


The Barbary Slave trade culminated in 1 to 1.25 million white Christians being enslaved by black Muslims between 1500-1800

Indeed, those who control the purse strings make the rules. But, the ball really got rolling on the agenda to topple American democracy and replace it with worldwide tyranny after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the institution of mass feminism, and the scapegoating of whites for the crime of slavery (which all races participated in – the first American slave owner was a black man, and there was the Barbary slave trade in which Africans enslaved millions of Europeans between 1500-1800) as an offshoot of the Civil Rights movement. It’s no coincidence all this happened in the 1960s.

The current obsession with the slavery narrative in the brainwashed world of the corporate media is intended to start small, strategic fires around the foundation of the American republic with the removal of Confederate statues, then progress into a big, roaring flame culminating in the burning of modern Rome. The slavery narrative is the perfect Trojan Horse, since the Founding Fathers were slave owners when they formed the American republic.

The slavery narrative is intended to ultimately debase and destroy the United States Constitution.

No matter how noble the aims of the authors of the founding documents were, how they inspired the world and how rare the gifts they bestowed on the masses have been in the course of human history, the lobotomized narrative is the fruit of their labor must be discarded because it is “tainted” by their participation in an economic system that dominated the entire world at the time. Slavery, as horrible as it was, and is, was the entire world’s economic system for thousands of years. (Interestingly, only 5% of the African slave trade came to the U.S. and the rest went to Latin America! Yet another fact the Anglo-American media cartel refuse to acknowledge!)

The elite intend to enslave mankind by decrying slavery. This is just how diabolical the plan the American elites have for the world really is.


One of the NWO blueprints, in which a central planning agency decides where people can and cannot live

Agenda 21

The supreme hypocrisy of media narratives is the fact talking heads condemn a world run by white men, but the New World Order will result in world run by rich white men once again – a 1% which is ostensibly the same 1% that owned slaves in the first place (99% of whites never owned slaves). If there plans are realized and the U.S. Constitution is dissolved, thus begins a downward slide into hell on earth. Here are key bullet points that are part of Agenda 21. It’s aims are anti-life and anti-humanity:

  • Ending national sovereignty
  • Constant surveillance of all activity
  • State planning of all land resources
  • Ensuring global equity (equal slavery)
  • Elites only defining the role of business and finance
  • Abolishing private property
  • Restructuring the family unit (i.e. destroying it)
  • The State raising children rather than moms and dads
  • The State choosing jobs for citizens
  • Restricting movement (Think TSA on steroids)
  • Creating “Human Settlement Zones”
  • Beginning mass resettlement and forced eviction
  • Dumbing down (even further) education
  • Mass global depopulation (killing billions)

All these goals are being worked on piecemeal, as the economy is inflated and then crashed in concentric rings with the noose slowly tightening around the West’s throat as living and working conditions worsen with each generation. The above goals are the antithesis of what America is supposed to stand for, and each legislator who has supported them in the past and supports them today are treasonous scum.


We must be this generation’s Paul Reveres, alerting the masses to the danger the American government is placing them in

We Are The Resistance

If Agenda 21 realized, we will live in a world in which the individual is finished. Man nor woman will have any control over their own lives, as electronic slavery is unleashed on the world via RFID chips. The State and the henchmen who finance it in the corporate world will have total control over the populace. Indeed, Agenda 21 realized could lead to the end of the human species itself.

How do we resist? We went searching for answers. Interestingly, the Jeremiah Project proposes one of the most viable short-term solutions. It offers a three-pronged course of action for those awakened men who see what’s coming. It says the awakened man must:

  1. First, he must defend himself by protest, i.e., legal action.
  2. Second, he must flee if at all possible,
  3. Third, he may use force if necessary to defend himself.

The full treatise of the plan of action to resist the NWO is available here. As TNMM has repeatedly written, we must not let ourselves be divided any longer on matters of race, gender, sexuality, and other wedge issues designed by the planners of Agenda 21 and The New World Order to keep us fighting amongst ourselves while they dissolve any remaining freedom we enjoy. From the Jeremiah Project:

We must reject the collectivist idea of “divide and conquer” and instead accept ALL men as equals. We need to consider the words of Martin Luther King and reject the racist labels put on humanity by those who want to control and dominate us. There is no black, no white, no Hispanic, or whatever when it comes to humanity. Sure, there are those ethnic differences, but those differences are only descriptors of our heritage, not differences in human value. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet and we should live our lives that demonstrate that solidarity.

We should encourage whatever talents each person has and allow them the opportunity to express those talents in a way of each person’s choosing.

The controllers of the world know that in order to dominate and control the masses, the easiest way to accomplish this goal is to keep the people divided amongst themselves. Rather than expending valuable resources to conquer a society, the controllers instead pit one another against their neighbors and let them fight amongst themselves, thus destroying their unity.

Unity is strength, always remember that. Here is more sage advice to resist the NWO as the world descends a world electronically controlled darkness, unlike any mankind has ever known:

  • Disconnect from all Establishment media and other sources of Marxist propaganda
  • Seek out like-minded men and help build each other up
  • Self-educate and think critically
  • Learn to recognize the Hegelian Dialectic: Most “problems” are created so the masters can impose preconceived solutions on the masses, stealing their liberty and autonomy
  • Learn to recognize false flags, which have been perpetrated on the public for literally thousands of years
  • Patronize small business rather than multinationals and chains
  • Get your money out of the banks – fractional reserve banking means the bank only has 10% of the sum of all customer deposits available at any one time
  • Reduce the amount of taxes you pay into the system as much as possible by any legal means necessary – this usually means learning to live on less
  • Eat non-GMO food and organics when possible

Of course, these bullet points are only a start when it comes to planning a peaceful resistance movement. The bad news is, we absolutely cannot expect our representatives to do anything except blow hot air as we’ve seen with the Establishment’s moves to maroon Trump on a political island. (Whether he is part of the ruse remains to be seen.)


Mighty Mouse and The Gobbler aren’t going to save you – Ryan and McConnell are traitors to the American people

Republicans Are Complicit

If the election of Trump has proven anything, it’s the the Republicans are malware. They refuse to move on any of his agenda items despite having an overwhelming mandate as they control more of the United States government than the party has at any time since 1929. It is obvious they are complicit in impaling the heart of the American Republic as Democrat Socialists lead the way. Laurence Vance of the Lew Rockwell blog details how bad Republicans really are:

Republicans are worse than Democrats because they use libertarian rhetoric to deceive conservatives and libertarians into thinking that they actually believe their mantra of the Constitution, limited government, federalism, fiscal conservatism, personal freedom, private property, and the free market.

Just take one issue: the war on drugs. Republicans support it lock, stock, and barrel even though it is not authorized by the Constitution, it increases the size and power of government, it violates the principle of federalism, it wastes billions of dollars a year, it negates personal freedom, it infringes upon property rights, and it is contrary to the free market.

How bad are the Republicans in Congress? The few that are good are very, very good. The many that are bad are horrid.

The only thing Americans could possibly do to drain the swamp at this point is to elect an entirely new Congress, throwing every Republican and Democrat currently in office out on their asses. That simply won’t happen. Re-election rates for incumbents are high, despite the fact their approval ratings are low. The shuck and jive still works for those holding the levers of power.


Leaving America may just buy you some time

Go Minimalist Now, Expat if Possible

The best advice for those planning for the worst is to go minimalist now if you haven’t already. Destroy your debt. Stay out of debt. Live on less. Downsize from a McMansion to a smaller home. Don’t buy new cars. Stockpile money and diversify your investments. Plan for the worst, because the current economic bubble we are in will be imploded just as all the rest were imploded since the advent of the Federal Reserve, by design.

Future articles will expound on what men can do to safeguard their own lives and those of their loved ones.

If you haven’t made strides to expat and take the fruit of your labor with you, now might be a good time to speed up that agenda. At least it will give one breathing room and a buffer zone when the inevitable conflagration begins in the United States. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be here when Martial Law is declared and mass chipping of the public begins.

Falling back at least gives men time to regroup and come up with a new plan, since we are painfully behind the 8-ball as earnest efforts to de-legitimize the U.S. government begin. As we either try to weather the storm or fall back and regroup, when making our plans we must always remember one sage piece of wisdom. As the Founding Fathers knew: Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.


Locus says, “the only solution is the complete and total end of all involvement in the UN and similar organizations, and the withdraw of all western nations from any and all involvement with non-white nations. All political elites and corporate leadership and their families must be liquidated, deportation of non-whites (especially non-white males), and anti-white populations within the west must be relocated to controlled zones for reeducation for those who can be, and termination of those who refuse to submit to white male rule.”

Re-Kindle the Soul and Spirit

I have written a long time ago about hope, but I wish to inquire into it a little bit more right now. We are currently facing two types of hope – one is the Christcuck and Right-Wing Messianic one, the other one is the European Hope to Self-determination and Sovereignty. The first hope drives its “energy” from this idea that somewhere, someway, somehow a certain individual, whether that be the “return of the Jew 2.0”, or a “selected” President, will fix everything on his own and that all we, the poor masses, have to do is simply vote for that guy when we are given the chance. We are led to believe that all we have to do is “recognize” the right candidate at the right moment and make sure that we are “aware” of him, vote for him, and let him then do everything in “our” name. Let us discuss this type of hope a little bit further.

This hope is led by Jewish agents – it was evident throughout the entire campaign of Trump and it is evident in everything happening as of lately. Every single time there will be a horrible agent of the Jews lined up with an “acceptable” agent who “seemingly” offers something that “we need” – which leads you to act out of desperation, and not out of reason, will or courage. You are then led to believe that all the obvious, outright in your face, connections to the Jews that this “acceptable” candidate has are also again – “acceptable” – or, where necessary, that they can be used to “our” advantage and that we can control this Jewish agent into doing “what we want“. When even that fails, this agent is portrayed as a cyber-dimensional chess player who will, one day, kill his own Jewish grandchildren in a newly erected anti-Jewish Temple of the World.

Long ago it was declared in a Jewish conference that Britain would not be included in the European Union. Now let that information sink in. Let us ask ourselves then : Why did they include them then in the first place? Use your mind, use your brain, please. When exactly did Brexit happen? Just before the various elections that are coming up. What was the significance of it? What was the illusion that it created? That the people could vote themselves out of a bad thing. And the gullible masses drank that poison – yet again. What is Immigration now causing all over the Western civilization? The installation of Zionist Operated Governments – you are literally voting for them and for their candidates. No matter what Trump said or has done – you remain in this false hope that somehow, someway, one day, he’ll turn out to be “our guy”. Just like you believe, 2000 years later, that the Jewish God and his supposed Jewish son Jesus are going to be “your guys“, “our guys“, one day – someway, somehow.

It is the same idiotic mindset that has been a curse among our people and I’m getting very sick of it. I am getting sick of supposed “important figures” on the supposed “pro-White” side of the movement who are traitors, agents for the Jews or simply outright retarded.

The Jews are extremist and radical people and the only answer to an extremist and radical force is another extremist and radical force. We cannot fight the Jew as long as we think that there exists some benevolent and passive way to make them co-operate with us and decide not to genocide us. What kind of a position is this? What kind of mentality is that? Does that sound like a victorious mentality? Does it sound courageous? Does it express Willpower? You are not allowed to criticize them and they use the non-White people of this world to make that happen. They use Blacks in America to promote the idea of Racism so that it can also be applied to them, the Jews as well, in a protective manner of course. They use Arabs to promote the idea of “religious phobia” so that it can also be applied to Judaism. In order to be seen as a “minority of migrants” who must not be expelled – they use Xenophobia and various Humanitarian movements which again – protect them primarily.

They do not care if someone else gets some kind of benefit for the time being. They know very well that that benefit is artificial and that it was literally granted to them by the Jews, who can always – at any given time – take it also away from them. If the Jews wanted to, they could tomorrow launch a massive anti-Black campaign on every single media outlet, portray the Blacks as the real Racists, as Violent, impulsive and impossible to control people. They would have one documentary after the other showing unstable African societies, they would show you how primitive they are when left on their own, they would tell you how horrible the cannibalism in Africa still to this day is : They can turn the feeling of the masses towards the Blacks within one single day. And they will, rest assured, they will – one day when the Blacks are not useful for them any longer. They will turn all the Race-Mixed hybrids against them and the Race-Mixed hybrids will be unleashed upon them, eradicating them once the White Race has been eradicated as well.

This is the power of the Jewish mind-manipulation, since the day of the fucking Bible. As I have said before : Forget about the content of the Bible, forget about the idea of Jesus. See before you Jews who are traveling towards Europe with a Book and who are then converting people unto their side by plain speech. Breathe in that vision. Understand it. Forget about the contents of the book. You can’t even read Hebrew nor Greek. See what has happened to our people a long time ago. The Jews turned one group of our people against the other by simply telling them shit. And they are doing that very same “magic” to this very day. Now they are using the Muslim immigration in order to force us to vote for their Kosher nationalists – it seems like the only “valid” solution – it seems like the “right thing to do“, it seems like the “lesser of two evils“.

Evil always comes with an intent. It doesn’t show up without it. It can’t develop without it. It depends on intention and intentions means that someone knowingly and willingly is committing and doing evil.

And you accept this. You willingly sign a contract with the fucking Devil. Sure, we hate Muslims, but we hate them primarily because they have fallen under the spell of a Jewish Abrahamic religion. I hate Muslims the same way I hate Christians, Marxists, Liberals – they are all under the same Jewish spell. This doesn’t mean that I wish non-Whites to live among my White European people, as that would be un-Natural, it merely means that I hate the fact that these groups of people have fallen for the same Jewish hypnosis. They are all fighting for Jewish fairy tale characters, ideas and prophets. They are driven to battle for Jewish ideals, for a Jewish end goal and they are all hellbent on living their life in a Jewish way, by Jewish customs and a Jewish designed lifestyle – a lifestyle which is total submission and enslavement. Do I hate Christians and Muslims to the point where I want to kill every single one of them on sight? No. I hate them for being stupid and gullible and for allowing themselves to become what they now are – Jewish drones and slaves. I want to fix them, to remove this Jewish virus from their mind and make them finally see the world for what it truly is. To make them see the Truth again. Alas, I also understand that many of them want to kill us, therefore a proper re-action to their action is required. Hell, Persia attacked us without Islam, and we adequately defended ourselves. I am, after all, not a fool.

Imagine if we were capable of dispelling the Jewish myth of Islam. All the people of the Middle East would return to their pre-Islamic belief system. Their lust for World conquest would cease. Their drive to kill all “non-believers” would be gone. They would become tribal and nationalistic again. They would become a problem for the Jews. The same is true for Europeans. And it shouldn’t be, it just cannot be this difficult to dispel the Jewish Bible – all one has to do is read the Old Testament – the very foundation of all Abrahamic religions and realize that in it its God proclaims that he will eradicate or enslave non-Jewish life on this Earth.

There is an old video game called Red Alert. It begins with a video scene where some scientist and agent sit in a laboratory. The scientist is working on some kind of time machine which the agent is going to use to return back in time and kill Hitler before he ever came to power. He succeeds in it and the “new” World War 2 then begins. Only this time, there is no one really there to stop the Reds from destroying Europe. In that scenario of the time, Stalin wins by conquering the entire continent and would finally end up being killed by his own second-in-command who was working for the Jews in the background. But even she is killed, primarily for speaking to you (the player) about their secret, so that literally no one remains in power but the Jewish hand itself – the so called “Brotherhood of Nod” led by the Biblical figure of “Cain”. You can’t make this shit up.

In other words – the Jew doesn’t care which “universal” and “global” idea wins – as long as he can operate it from the shadows and, once the global system is installed, neutralize its useful idiots. Do you really think the Jews imagine a future world in which transgenders are going to walk around, pretending to be 20 genders or even animals? Do you really think that they will allow “humanitarians” to remain in power, promoting peace and equality among “all” people? Do you really think that animal rights activists are going to be allowed to exist when the Jews one day re-build their Temple and re-launch their Animal and Human sacrifices to their Jewish God?

They will kill them all because they are – useful idiots. Idiots who were used to silence, shame, disrupt and even kill those who resisted the Jewish World Order, who resisted their takeover of this entire planet; idiots who were created, with full intent, in order to form a degenerate world of Chaos, in order to weaken and destroy all possible opposition so that they, the Jews, may crush this degenerate world in one go. Why is the world becoming ever more degenerate as we are ever more closer to the final steps of the Jewish agenda? Because it will make their job ever more easier. The liberal, marxist, anti-White masses are creating a Jewish Utopia and in that Utopia non-Jews are not welcome.

I know – it is difficult for the average lemming to realize that he has been used and that he is still is being used, manipulated and lied to. The fake hope, the illusion of hope, which has blinded him from the Truth is powerful. It makes him cry, it makes him laugh, it makes him even feel strong at some moments – it drives within him something which he hadn’t felt for a long time : Purpose. Alas, his only purpose is to serve the Jewish agenda, whether he is aware of it or not, whether he is willing to or not. Those who really have the will to not only overcome the Jewish brainwashing, but also to rise above it and present a threat to them : Those are dealt with directly.

All those fake leaders have therefore lost their value.

I’m talking about all those imbeciles who were cheering on for Trump, who believed in democracy, who didn’t try to warn people against all of it but instead played along – who were disregarding, outright ignoring all the Jewish information which we had on him, all the Jewish faces which surrounded him, his own Jewish family ties, his own children converting to a Jewish philosophy and even marrying Jews. His own family observing Jewish holidays – he might as well be a fucking Jew himself. I guess the lovers of Trump “finally” got the message with him saying that “We must stamp out prejudice and anti-Semitism everywhere”. People ignore the ties with Jews which Putin has, they ignore that his daughter is also married to a Jew, that he never leaves his god damn home without a group of Jews following him around. And people are now, yet again, ignoring all the Jewish faces around Le Pen – they ignore it all. And these people are highly dangerous for they are doing more damage to the White awakening than the Jews themselves are directly. They do not allow Whites to go mad and fight against the system, nor are they properly educating them on the real issues behind everything. Some even suggest that we must “lie” to our people.

They are doing the dirty work of the Jews : Misleading, Calming down, Giving false hope, Pointing to stupid ideas, Trying to make us even embrace Zionism, while other yet involve the White awakening with absolutely nonsensical topics which have nothing whatsoever to do with our struggle for the survival of our Race.

They have lost their value. No one should be listening to them anymore, not only because they were easily duped by the Jewish agenda but because they instantly abandoned their own “God Emperor” the moment after he was finally “elected” – this means that they are traitors as well, lemmings of their own, unable to lead, easily pushed around and impossible to stabilize with no proper judgment or clarity of mind. None of these “leading people” have had the guts to even admit that they were wrong, but they simply say that “Trump has been subverted“. You were subverted, you fools! They betrayed not only their own propaganda, mission and agenda – they betrayed you, their listener, their reader, as well. If a man does not have the strength to openly admit that he had been wrong, then he is a dangerous individual, driven by lust, desire and ego : And will never, ever, be a leader or spokesmen of Truth – for he doesn’t abide in Truth, he sees admitting that he was wrong as a Weakness. They still will have some “meme-influence” in the movement, but they cannot be trusted for anything more than that anymore. In other words, let them prove themselves again, let them reclaim their own Honor.

Where is the Aryan Honor in that? Where is the Courage in keeping on living in a lie? Where is the Nobility in pushing onward an agenda that leads to nowhere and nothing? Where is the Future of our People in promoting the Hatred for White women?

Tell me, what force is currently opposed to the Evil which is spreading on this planet? What group exists out there that is openly fighting against the Jews, is organized, has resources and people who keep track of real agencies of the movement? What group is undermining Jewish strategies and even has secret agents of its own which stop them at their various decisions? Is there one? Are the Chinese going to save us from Jews? Are the Africans going to? Are the Arabs, the Jewish cousins, going to stop them? Can the Christian strike down the Jews who gave him his religion? Can the Muslims, who have been kept in the middle ages with their religion and became degenerate by incest because of it, group together and resist them?

No, none of them can. Only the White Race can stop the Jewish Race. It is our Natural duty, our Existential purpose as bringers of Light and Truth to do so. You know, I mentioned several times before that the Jew regards Angels as beings “closer” to Godhood, but also looks down on them because they are able of only doing Good. The Jews, on the other hand believe that they are “liberated”, have “true power”, because they can and are willing to do both Good and Evil. Now let us analyze the White Race for a moment and see whether or not we can understand what has happened to us. Let us begin with a very common humanoid characteristic : We see in others that which we won’t admit to ourselves. In our modern day times the Jews have demonized the White Race and presented us as merciless and mindless evildoers.

The Blacks, even though they adopted Jewish languages, truly are racist in the literal sense of the word. Yet, they see Racism all around them, but not within themselves. The non-Whites will call White women whores, yet will never react towards their own. There are countless such cases and all of them were inspired, just as in the New Testament, by the Jews – the Jewish God chose the foolish to destroy the wise. The White Race knew that it was noble, that it aimed for high culture, for a clean, strong and healthy life. It was disgusted by Evil, it outright hated Evil and saw it as something abominable in every respect. Telling a pre-Christian Aryan that Africans are eating each other would have made their stomachs turn upside down; they would see an Evil that has to be eliminated. In the Vedas we read how the Aryans were fighting the Blacks in India – who knows what kind of atrocities were going on back then in that area.

Telling them that Jews are fucking 3 year-old girls because “God” told them so, would have made them launch a conquest on them as well.

Today, however, the situation is quite different. We have been guilt ridden by Christianity, we have been demonized for 2000 years through Jewish brainwashing and we have been convinced that all of these people are simply different “cultures” with different “customs” and that we should accept them as such. We were told that we are all “equal” and that was the moment when our “Good” had been infiltrated, poisoned and destroyed by the Evil which the Jews represented. It disabled us from fighting against Evil wherever we saw it. Even worse!, we do not see in our own Self the Good anymore – we believe that we are now the Evil. And we try to see the Good which we represented in every single other Race, except in our own. We try to ignore all the Evil they do and seek ever more hard to identify something good in every bad.

If the reader of this article happens to be a not yet fully racially aware White person, I want you to take a good look of yourself in a mirror. I want you to ask yourself what you really desire and strive for. You wish to see a healthy natural world around you – you do not wish to destroy Mother Nature. You wish to see animals protected, helped and preserved. You wish to develop clean, safe and easily producible energy, water, food. You wish for your Society to be peaceful, safe and calm and you feel deep down inside of you that there really isn’t any need for crime anymore, that we really should be living a harmonious life. You wish to help others and, more often than not, are willing to bend over backwards to see that happen. You are the only one who truly cares for freedom and you are worried about all the Evil which you see around you. You objectively and intuitively feel and understand beauty.

That, my friend, is because you are a White Aryan European; that is your Nature. And all your wishes can only come true in a White European Aryan society. You can pretend to be a benevolent Elephant in a society of Crocodiles – you will never be at home there. But, I and many others, do understand that you have the need to help others. And we did so, a long time ago, in a cycle before this one. We, White Aryans, went around the globe and uplifted all other Races, as they deserved it, as we saw them being capable of, if they were worthy of it – we gave them civilization of a certain level and degree, left behind Pyramids where we mummified our skeletons writing down our historical tracks with our very blood, bone and genetics. We are, in a sense, angels of this planet. Only this time, in this cycle, we were poisoned by Jewish mental manipulation and we allowed these Devils to tag along with us and poison the entire world. That was our mistake. Our mistake was to fall for Jewish tricks. It was our Ancestors who fought Evil in all our legends and stories.


What you saw on these images is what we are fighting for. The beauty, the living mind, body and soul of the Aryan White European. Not Jewish Christianity or any other Jewish ideology. Imagine, for a moment, that our cycle required of us to go to other planets. Imagine that there exists a planet of Africans and a planet of Asians, for example. We would have brought alongside us Jews this time and both of those planets would have been enslaved by them, with the Jews making us look as the enemies and the natives killing us in return – the very same thing is happening now on Earth. It is our divine purpose to recognize Evil and stop it – we cannot change that Nature. It is our divine purpose to do Good. But, we have been manipulated into believing that we are not Good anymore. We have also been manipulated into believing that Good cannot and must not answer Evil with a Force – that such a thing would be “Evil” itself. How can eradicating Evil be Evil?

The Jew fears only one thing : Direct confrontation, which is primarily based upon physical confrontation. And he has managed to disable it against him, including mental, verbal, political and religious confrontation. The only way for Evil to win on this planet was to disable the Good counterpart. And they achieved that, up to the point where our own White European Aryan troops have been turned against us, hating us, hating what they are – or – what they have become. Sometimes when I look into the eyes of these degenerate Whites who have fallen from their Grace and Nobility, I can feel, I can sense, I can hear a soul screaming for help – I can feel them begging for someone to show them the right way again, to show them what they truly are and were, to re-awaken in them the Angelic being which they truly are and represent.

And that awakening is what the Jew is trying to stop, by any means necessary. The body itself, or as it is commonly and fashionably called nowadays, “skin color“, is not the most important factor in this story – it does play a crucial role as well on a metaphysical level – but the true danger and enemy of the Jew is the White Aryan Soul and Spirit. This Soul and Spirit must be destroyed in order for them to achieve total victory. The soul, nourished and cherished by the White female and the Spirit Willed into Action by the White male – is the only resistance which the Jew faces on this planet. And this, finally, is the true European hope that remains for us, the second one that was mentioned at the very beginning of this article – the hope that the Aryan Race might re-awaken again and fight for its self-determination, fight for what is Good, fight against Evil and feel no shame, no guilt, nothing. To see in itself the beauty, honor, courage, nobility, light, which it represents. To see once again, and to love once again. Our hope. Our future. Our destiny.

Civil War is Unavoidable- it will be left vs right and it will be racial in nature.

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Something That Will Work

This would almost call for a “mass” movement but here again we must carefully watch our definitions and understanding. By “masses” we need at most only a few hundred thousand more-or-less hardcore people committed to revolution and, to get and keep this discussion down-to- earth, we have been on the verge of going after these few hundred thousand twice before in the history of the Movement in the United States. Not only in theory but in actuality as newspaper headlines and membership rosters showed. First in 1966 and again in 1973. As strange as it may sound, the opportunities of 1966 were lost well before Commander Rockwell was assassinated. And certainly there was no such single incident in 1973 [comparable to assassination of the leader] that could be easily blamed for the downward trend that next set in. In both instances the revolutionary political groundwork had not been tended to in advance of the laborious and painstaking street work which was eventually– and all too fleetingly– crowned with the reward of some significant numerical clout. I’m sure also that had the pitfalls of having no solid chain-of-command reinforced and ready for the sudden challenge of hard success somehow been accidentally avoided, then still the moment would have been lost due to a lack of greater direction– a revolutionary plan– when suddenly called for. And such a thing can rarely be supplied by accident.
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There was a time when all of this could have been avoided if we listen to men like Commander Rockwell
Getting into the rut of rolling with the blows is dangerous because it gets habit-forming and it numbs the senses and imagination. We have to know exactly what we’d do with a real political machine if we had one right now, for if we were handed one– or the means of getting one and did not know precisely what to do with it, we’d quickly blow it. In 1966 Commander Rockwell was unable to EXPLOIT the God-given opportunity that presented itself in Chicago that summer and fall. He always considered and referred to himself as being the spearhead of the Right Wing and when the historic moment arrived during the time of the Black riots in major cities, when Commander Rockwell was doing his best spearheading activities, he was LET DOWN AND BETRAYED by his own side. They failed to act in support even when, as the Commander himself pointed out, they stood to gain more from his efforts than he did because in the main, those people recruited by an intensive, unified Right Wing drive would naturally gravitate toward the “softer”, “easier” names and approaches like the NSRP [National States’ Rights Party] and various Mans. The Commander said all along that he only wanted and would only get what any true spearhead outfit must have: FIGHTING MEN! The apex moment of the 1960’s was thus lost. In 1973, through constant activity nationwide and through some admirable policies of professionalism, the Movement stood ready to break into what Commander Rockwell would have called “Phase Three”, or the phase of mass action.
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Dr. Pierce Saw what was coming, and understood that the people would not rise up until they had no other choice, they will want to because their own survival would be at risk.
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We then had more leaders than had been on the scene in 1966. Rather than wait for a moment to come, we made our own. Not only that but we also chose the place: Cleveland. Over one hundred uniformed, helmeted Troopers marched down the middle of Euclid Avenue that Labor Day and formed-up in a public square for a rally. And though the opposition was there- from the System and from the Reds- we were too strong. Had that sort of show of strength and discipline been maintained and repeated in various other cities it most likely would have, first, broken the “spell” of thousands who were hovering on the brink of committing openly and, second, prompted panic reactions on the part of every aspect of our racial Enemy thus providing obvious and inescapable openings for further and greater EXPLOITATION. What set in next, both in 1966 and 1973, is what we must now learn to recognize and make our new effort far less vulnerable– if not altogether immune– to. There seemed to be no absolute commitment to REVOLUTION.
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No one seemed to know what the goal really was. The prevailing leadership at both times used the term “White Revolution” copiously in their propaganda but they thought only in terms of a revolutionary ideal or of a revolutionary social change far down the road somewhere. They did not fully subscribe to TOTAL REVOLUTION NOW! And not only the men at the very top. The one-man show has proved it can’t get to first base. To be legitimate, a revolutionary political movement must have at least about a dozen or more leading, prominent figures. No one among the cadres being built at those times (with the single outstanding exception of Joseph Tommasi) was thinking purely revolutionary. Everyone had their own ideas, and were bent on doing their own trip.
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When the “fun” stopped, when the “thrill” wore off, when the self-gratification halted, they split. Also because they had their own conceptions, most of the rules of good common sense got walked all over- primarily during and after 1973- resulting in petty bureaucracy followed closely by alienation and the effective destruction of the one party. Had everyone concerned been completely committed to REVOLUTION OVER THE SYSTEM then it would have been a much easier task to sublimate the personal feelings and weaknesses which destroyed their efforts ultimately. The most incompatible of personalities can work together effectively for revolution but hardly for a damned thing else. The most limited and klutzy individual can understand the common sacred drive to SMASH THE SYSTEM. Everyone can find his or her proper place in the WAR AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT.
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The Communists have proven this in a dozen historic cases, all of them recent. Once we get our fallible and undependable selves sublimated to REVOLUTION then the rest should come easy when compared to the endless, nowhere drag of past years. Once accomplished, then all the “right” and the high ideals will have some meaning and can be put to some use. Instead of the current hindrance, they will have become the “end” that justifies whatever “means” may be necessary. Quote For the Movement over the past twenty years there has always been the option of take it or leave it. If you got mad or discouraged you could always pickup your marbles and go home. Indeed this has been the case for all White America. And when given a choice, human nature inevitably takes the course of least resistance. The diabolic nature of the Big Brother System in power today may be largely responsible for breeding a race of docile “consumers” who roll over like a spaniel when kicked and otherwise outraged, but for us that is no reason, no excuse, for revolutionary inaction. It CAN be done! They say a coward will allow himself to be bullied and backed up as long as there is room left for him to back up.
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All of White America has been behaving like a damned coward in the face of arrogant Blacks and traitors in government dismantling the once-great United States of America. Before it is too late, let’s see to it that the big coward at last gets backed into a corner so that he is going to have to come out fighting!
Its coming, and it will be bloody.
America is headed towards a race war, white nationalist confront black nationalist.
It’s a crying shame and disgrace that every incident that’s happened so far with only one or two exceptions, which even comes close to being revolutionary, has either happened as an accident or as the result of Red agitation. The riots recently in the South are excellent examples. We may thank our lucky stars that the Jews have whipped the Blacks into such a volatile state that they’ll go off at the drop of a hat. Some news accounts did mention roving pick-up trucks of Whites shooting Blacks at random in places where order had broken down. But the object is not to kill Blacks… it is to FAN THE FLAMES!
If we can’t get the Whites off their asses to retake control of their destiny then we can at least put them in a position where they will have to fight for their miserable lives!
And with a general conflagration going on that will involve police and armed forces, we can, if we are slick about it, assume the guiding position amidst the disorder and coordinate it into what it must become: a revolution to smash the System! The way things are so delicately arranged in this country today, incidents like the one in Miami and elsewhere can be expected to blow up anytime, anywhere. They said some White cops in Miami beat a Black to death and because these cops got off the charge, the Blacks of Miami went wild. If the Movement had been organized and on the ball, those flames would still be burning. How about six such “Miami’s” at once across the country? Or a DOZEN? Enough to pin down all the System’s troops to allow us to go after Big Brother himself! If, as Rockwell said, your uniform in the coming war is the color of your skin, then what, I ask, shall be your insignia of rank?
We must view and realize that ALL OF WHITE AMERICA is our army. The leaders, the officers in this army, are those who take action and who strike like lightning. We are the cause, they are the effect.

Why the Right Should NOT Unite

“Racism is evil — and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”

President Donald Trump, 14 August 2017

“America must always reject racial bigotry, anti-Semitism, and hatred in all forms.”

George H.W. and W. Bush, 16 August 20171

Fifty percent of U.S. marriages end in divorce. This proves some people definitely should NOT unite. Maybe they should remain just friends or share a dance together and go their separate ways. I believe what is true for individuals can also be true for organized groups. Hence, the title of this article.

In the case of organizations, they can easily be infiltrated by COINTELPRO types or convenient stooges. The finger has already been pointed at Charlottesville organizer Jason Kessler. Keep in mind that the storyi should be fully examined as it was sourced from the SPLC—I’m pointing this out to show that such a thing is easily possible. Also consider allegations now surfacing that a key KKK participant who applied for the rally permit in July–”Chris Baker”–was actually an FBI informant who had previously stabbed another Klan member.ii In light of the predictable witch-hunt outcome of the Charlottesville rally (in which the herded “united rightists” were attacked and then portrayed as the aggressors) I have no doubt that at least a few of the organizers were witting or unwitting accomplices.

Mike King of the Tomato Bubble blog asks some rather pointed questions in this regard about the allegedly Bush-friendly chief organizer and “united right’s” new media-appointed leader, Richard Spencer:

How did “Richard Spencer” suddenly emerge as our leader…what has this Spencer character ever achieved? Why, over the course of the past year, has he, relative to other true conservative nationalists, been showered with such media publicity? …Spencer, an effeminate-sounding atheist, does not tolerate “anti-gay” views at his events, and his pedigree seems more establishmentarian than rebel — having graduated from St. Mark’s elite prep school in Dallas, Texas before moving on to Duke University. His election night rallying cry of “Hail Trump” and occasional use of German terms stink of contrived imposterism.”iii

I myself view with trepidation another Charlottesville player–Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin–after his shameless pandering for Donald Trump and the cartoon character “Pepe” during the 2016 election. Much like that 1979 Doobie Bros. tune “What A Fool Believes”–”the wise man reasons away but the fool believes until he sees”–Trump has rewarded Anglin’s (and Spencer’s “Heil Trump”) followers with the footnoted statement about all the whites he hates, especially white nationalists, white supremacists and neo-Nazis:2 To top it off, Trump looks to be readying for more war and abandonment of most of his faux populist campaign promises.

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Anglin also previously was mixed up with Spencer in the abortive “neo-Nazi” march in Montana that, while it never actually took place, encouraged Jewish activists to move to that state (a small piece of white America that is still mostly intact) and proceed to agitate the population and activate hostile police and government officials. Sorry, Andrew, I have nothing against hearing the views of Hitler or National Socialists, but Americans have been brainwashed for decades on the subject. You do realize that many ordinary Americans whose support you hope to receive (?) are terrified by things like swastikas and skinheads? These are the “facts on the ground” that are self evident. Public acceptance will never be won in this way as long as people are not in the streets starving or being herded and whipped in work gang–Rockwell and the ANP tried it for years without success.

Perhaps I’m being a little harsh with Andrew. His Montana “Nazi” non-march did win over one important group: The Jewish Defense League (JDL.)3 It’s worth noting that many extremist Jews consider Anglin’s beloved President Trump to be either the Jewish Messiah or the equivalent of John the Baptist, paving the way for the Jewish “Mosiach” whom Medieval woodcuts portray with armfuls of dead whites.iv And, despite problems with GoDaddy, I can still get to Daily Stormer and Mr. Anglin has certainly not been threatened by the JDL.v

As for the actual provocateur in Charlottesville, we are now hearing reports that the car he drove was not his, he had no driver’s license, he was in an adult guardianship, that he was given the car by the FBI who groomed him, that he had been repeatedly institutionalized (hence his records were sealed under HIPAA, which is likely as you are hearing little or nothing about him.) How could Mr. Trump—apparently ready to launch a massive Afghan incursion (on behalf of Eretz Israel and the Bush opium trade) despite his campaigning like Roosevelt and Wilson before him on a peace platform–be unaware of this? Answer: He can’t be.vi

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So how to deal with questionable organizers, government provocateurs, and incompetents while providing a platform for the white nationalist and related communities? In the present situation NOT by “uniting the right.” Charlottesville showed this strategy was an abject failure that may one day be compared to the infamous “Children’s Crusade” of the Middle Ages. (Actually two crusades, one from France and one from Germany. The Pope told the German children to go home, and some managed to return. The unfortunate French children that managed to board ships to the Mid East “somehow” found themselves captured by Arab slavers and their (((bankers))).vii

For legal reasons alone “uniting the right “ as things stand after Charlottesville is a prescription for destroying the right. What’s needed instead is a position paper that can be voluntarily subscribed to by groups and be the basis for joint rallies or protests. Ideally, this would be prepared by an independent party and circulated to interested groups for suggested changes until a workable platform is achieved. This platform might include support of free expression, an end to cultural genocide directed at whites, an end to racist “affirmative action” quotas, an end to forced nonwhite immigration and welfare for illegal immigrants, an end to treasonous offshoring of industrial capacity and technologies, an end of promotion and support for genocidal LGBT and “family planning” abortion mills, etc., etc. As a former PR man and journalist, I’d lead off such a document with the phrase “TAKE THE SHACKLES OFF THE WHITE MAN…If we take the shackles off things will correct themselves and all humans will be better off than they are today.” THAT is the so-called “white supremacy”–one that will benefit all mankind–most feared by the “Judeocracy.” In other words, “Join us in resisting tyranny.”

Using this alternative approach to unifying, one or more groups can be “taken out” by the media or law enforcement without bringing down the whole lot. (The technique of “compartmentalization” has been time tested by groups such as the Jesuits and Illuminati…so we know they work.)

Some may say such a document is impossible because no one would agree. So, how can some say we can “unite the right”? If it’s possible to “unite the right” we can also come up with a common platform most can support. This way, if one group is composed of infiltrators, these can be disavowed as all the groups are independent. Especially if they violate the official ground rules agreed by all. We can say, “We all support this platform but we are not connected.” (To be really safe, I’d create a limited-liability corporate organizing entity to handle major rallies. Nevada offers closely-held corporations that can be set up for a few hundred dollars, don’t require annual meetings or reams of paperwork, and only require one corporate officer and shareholder—so much the better if that officer is a pauper or otherwise “judgment proof.”)

There’s a very practical reason for doing things this way. ALL the groups involved in Charlottesville-type rallies if they are asserting they are “united” are also jointly and severally liable for civil damages (and even criminal sanctions) arising from the actions of any group’s members. Does anyone remember what happened to the former Aryan Nations? Hint: they were sued into oblivion.viii By uniting with questionable groups—even only one such group that is functioning in a stooge capacity—groups (potentially YOU) allied with the “TORTFEASOR” (provocateur) can face Joint and Several Liability if you are successfully tried civilly. That means if the stooge group or any other group involved cannot pay their share of damages YOU potentially could pay the whole judgment. (True, you’d have the right to recover damages, but most likely from a facade. Even worse, “ALT RIGHT” (I hate that term) defendants suing one another would likely destroy any cohesiveness in the unified group and hold the organization’s beliefs up to ridicule.)ix

An added “benefit” of being aligned with a stooge or COINTELPRO-type group would come if the current furor leads to U.S. passage of a new type of “hate” law—one already advocated in 2004 by G.W. Bush and the former U.N. head Kofi Annan.

It’s important that the so-called “Alt Right” understand that Sec. 7(a) of Basic Israeli Law defines Israel as the “State of the Jewish People worldwide…” Sec. 13(b)(2) of the Israeli Penal Code claims jurisdiction over offenses. committed against Jews anywhere in the world.x The right “hate” law would give Israeli courts jurisdiction over “thought criminals” and critics of Israel outside that country! All defendants in the above scenario could wind up like John Demjanjuk!

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Many bloggers are downplaying the importance of the current mad rush to destroy longstanding cultural monuments in the “Messianic year” of 2017, such as those commemorating the dead of the American Civil War. They say whites and blacks are simply being played off against one another. I believe they are dead wrong, at least to the meaning of this destruction. The rallying cry at Charlottesville “We will not be replaced” was certainly appropriate except that the white man already has been replaced with robots, China, India and hordes of aliens. It is only his mass murder, total enslavement and final racial destruction that awaits. A massive ramp-up of war is now in store with Americans being asked by Mr. Trump to “trust me.” That should take care of some of us…

Of course destroying these monuments is a clear violation of the Genocide Convention.xi The U.N. would claim this is incorrect as whites are not “indigenous.” I beg to differ. There is considerable evidence that whites were present in the Americas prior to 9,000 B.C. (BCE) such as the Kennewick man in Washington that appears to be Caucasian.xii No assertion is made that today’s Indians developed in North America. In fact, an Indian tribe has demanded return of the Kennewick bones to prevent DNA testing that one has to assume would conclusively prove the remains were from a WHITE American, circa 9000 B.C. Rather, like the Europeans, the Indians also migrated to North America. So why should they alone (and not Caucasians) be singled out for protection from cultural genocide?

Sadly, cultural genocide usually precedes violent genocide. The concept of Year Zeroxiii has its origins in the Cambodian genocide based on the Year 1 of the earlier (((French Revolution)))xiv in which the French head choppers (recently praised by Trump on Bastille Day—that was no accident I think) determined all the old history and culture would be wiped out and a new calendar started with Year 1. This involved killing something like 5-million French, many of Celtic origin, and desecrating Christian churches. Some churches were renamed “Temples of Reason” and, like today’s Femen and Pussy Riot (also no accident), prostitutes were put on the altars of these new temples.

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Indigenous peoples have the collective and individual right not to be subjected to ethnocide and cultural genocide, including prevention of and redress for:
(a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;
(b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;
(c) Any form of population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights;
(d) Any form of assimilation or integration by other cultures or ways of life imposed on them by legislative, administrative or other measures;
(e) Any form of propaganda directed against them.

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly during its 62nd session at UN Headquarters in New York City on 13 September 2007, but only mentions “genocide, or any other act of violence” in Article 7 (the only reference to genocide in the document). The concept of “ethnocide” and “cultural genocide” was removed in the version adopted by the General Assembly, but the sub-points noted above from the draft were retained (with slightly expanded wording) in Article 8 that speaks to “the right not to be subject to forced assimilation.”



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Image result for WHITE genocide

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by  Axe of Perun


It is the year 2067. You are among the last surviving pure-blooded White Europeans on this planet. Your bones have gone weak, your body is old, your willpower has lost its identity. Every day feels like a nightmare; it feels like being spawned into Hell and having to suffer there eternally. Alas, you ease your mind by knowing that eventually you will die – but it gives you little rest as it is a selfish thought worth nothing. You were not strong enough to stop the extinction of your Race. You were not strong enough to prevent the annihilation of everything Just and Pure. You acted far too late. There were far too few of you. You didn’t listen on time, you thought that the system would „crash on its own“, you believed that everyone would „love one another“ if you just showed them that you are willing to love everyone else more than your own people – you thought that showing them that you can become a „martyr“ for „humanity“, that you are willing to sacrifice your own – that they would become „enlightened“ by it.

You worked against the Laws of Nature and were rewarded with what you deserved – death. Death of everything that your people had achieved through the ages. All of your history has been rewritten, replaced, destroyed, crumbled, crushed and removed. Caesar is now a Negro. Shakespeare a Pakistani. Great buildings which still stand against the odds of times were also now „officially“ built by races which never even developed agriculture or developed the concept of the Wheel. They live in a fake pride, they live an illusion – but, for their own gullible and naive minds – that is enough. Faced with the consequences of not standing up for your own people you now realize, at the brink of death, that you are indeed different. That facts do matter. That truth matters. That development cannot exist without the gradual growth of knowledge through understanding. That knowledge and understanding cannot be applied without wisdom.

Chaos, death and decay surround you. A world devoid of wisdom has been installed. People are enslaved. Women are ranked lower than animals. Children are shaped into mindless drones. The Jew is the only King of this World of Misery. The „Messiah“ has finally arrived – the hell he announced is finally here. Rarely did anyone take the time to read Jewish scriptures which represented the blueprint of the Jewish goal for this planet. And, to make it worse, among those who did read them – rarely did any of them truly understand and comprehend them. They ignored them. They did not acknowledge the Evil within them.

The average person has lost knowledge of anything that was common in the era before the Jew World Order. The Jews alone control the means of artificial food and water production. Having your own garden was not allowed anymore at a certain point in time. Today it means little to nothing whether or not you may have it – people do not know how to use it anyways. People are clustered into big cities just like the Jews did to the Egyptians in their Old Testament story. For there too, Jews controlled not only the Pharaoh, but also every important aspect of government and the priesthood. Food and the means of production of food were taken away from the average Egyptian and would then be granted to them by the Jew with additional taxes to be payed for it.

The Egyptian documents tell us of a period of Death and Decay which was whispering throughout their land. The Egyptian language was nowhere to be heard, the true Egyptians almost went extinct. Those who had no idea of how to do anything, now become owners of things – stolen and taken away from the Egyptians. Since there was no „mass media“ back in those days, people did not have the chance to see and know the gradual destruction that was coming. When one realized what was about to happen to a certain region – it was already too late. One has to wonder why the modern day European, who was capable of seeing this destruction walking towards him – remained ignorant and arrogant towards it.

The Jews changed Egyptian history as well, deleted the Egyptians from the face of the Earth. Just like they did with the Babylonians, Sumerians, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, etc. The Virus was never stopped, the Invasion of Bacteria which the Virus allowed was never prevented. The Virus created a self-defending mechanism within the Organism which did not allow the Organism’s immune system to target it – the idea of „Anti-Semitism“ would just be one such example which would have been applied by the Jews throughout history.

It is 7 am and you leave your „Aryan Reservation“ to take a walk in what was formerly your average European town. Black and Brown faces everywhere you look around yourself, pretending to have achieved something in their life by wearing uniforms and outfits. Electricity within the city is failing, the internet is loosing its connectivity, the roads are crumbling, buildings are collapsing – yet, the invaders seem content with everything as Chaos makes them feel like at home. A law has been installed which does not allow any White couples to exist anymore – Racism, after all – has to be eliminated from the Earth and, as it was commonly known already back in the 2010’s, the only being that can be Racist is the White European. He could have been born two seconds ago – his very birth was regarded as a Sin.

If you didn’t understand this : The birth of White Children is now forbidden by Law. Those who remain have become sex-slaves to Jews and Muslims who see in them purity, which their own people with incest through the ages, have long forgotten about. Walking down the street and seeing a „married couple“ of a Jew with a young White European girl is not an uncommon sight. As you try to find peace of mind in a nearby park you are quickly reminded that even there Nature has been perverted – the Greens and Liberals, alongside their Jewish Masters, have managed to make it a Law that having sex anywhere is allowed.

A White woman is being raped by two Muslim Negroes in the park while race-mixed children on the other edge of it are playing in the sand. Since it is a White woman, it is not regarded as Rape at this point in time anymore. It is basically „just judgment“ to rape a White woman anywhere and everywhere. Even the last feminists among them realized what they have caused far too late. Other couples are also walking around naked, sexing each other all day long, without any other purpose to exist. Drugs are a common good now and one cannot take a walk without seeing around each corner sluts, prostitutes, transgender freaks – child prostitution is basically deemed a worthy career – both for the pimp and the child.

It doesn’t surprise you to see a random person pulling behind him a dead corpse which he is going to fuck in the park among all the rest of the freaks as well – after all – Necrophilia has been defined by Law as merely another expression of Love. Seeing an adult man knocking up a young girl at a bus station is also nothing extraordinairy – Pedophilia, if you didn’t know by now – is also simpy a different expression of Love. For those of a more „delicate“ manner, Sex Robots are available at a very cheap price. You finally stop at a Big TV screen to listen to the daily News. A White Blonde woman, one of the last remaining ones on Earth, introduces herself to the show with the same statement every single day :

Good morning Humans of the European Union. My name is Freya and I was born Racist. My very birth is a Criminal act, my existence a Sin. I beg for your forgiveness and I have vowed to do whatever is in my power during my lifetime to atone for the Sin of my life. I am married to a Negro and have brought into this world two mixed-race children and hope that they too will reproduce with someone who is not White at all in order to finally destroy any lineage that might remain. I am humbled that you have not simply killed me in order to destroy the sickness which I represent and thank you for it. And here come the News today – The nuclear reactor breaches in Francistan have reached an extreme level of danger, however local authorities tell us that a team of well trained Africans and Indians is working on repairing and fixing it. The current President of France, Frank Cohen, said that there exists no reason to worry and that such a thing will not destroy the beautiful Europe which we have all struggled to build, create and maintain.

On the Western front of our great Union new problems arise as the spread of Islam has taken its level to a new extreme. Around the remaining working infrastructure of the Internet images and videos are shared of people being beheaded for refusing to submit to God and White women are being killed by being cut through with pillars of sharp wood. The European Minister of Foreign Affairs, Isaiah Goldenberg, told us that modern day technology is capable of creating almost perfect fake reproductions and that one should not fall so easily for such nonsense. It is hate which fills the hearts and minds of these people who are driven by Evil to spread such fake news. It is the year 2067 and it seems that we still have not achieved the goal of abolishing hate among the humans of this fine Union.

Mad! The World has gone utterly mad! As if all that the Jews have done to our great Nation and People hasn’t been enough! As if the murder of 200.000 Romans by Jews in the most disgusting and dishonorable way imaginable in Cyrene wasn’t enough – as if the murder of another 240.000 Romans in Cyprus wouldn’t make us hate this Nation of Deceivers and Liars forever – No! – now our people are bowing down to their religion, claiming the truth of „the one and only God“ to be found in it!

Despicable, pathetic, arrogant, foolish, naive and wicked have our men and women become. Jews are behind the downfall of our people, Jews are behind the massive influx of dark skinned people into the heart of our homelands, Jews control the Senate and hold the power behind all the money. And yet, when I bring about the evidence to our elders, to our senators, to our generals – they all turn a blind eye to it – for they too, have become corrupted, deceived, lured in by desire, wealth and pleasure. The superstition of Christianity is spreading across the land – this slave mentality of the mind is showing its influence in every aspect of our society :

Generals are abandoning their posts and uniforms. Senators are preaching equality with everyone and everything. Rome has become the bitch mother of everything that walks on two legs. Man are cutting off their testicles because some Jew in some book told them so. Women do not wish to have children because some Jew told them that such a thing is glorious in the eyes of their God. And what do the Jews continue to do? Preach for more wars, for more power, for more bloodshed – send out the last remaining troops of Rome to die in needless battles while replacing them with mongrels who will rape their women back at home. Madness! This is madness! The Christian converts and Jews are preaching tolerance, apathy and the outright death of everything that we stood for as a people and a nation.

There is no Nation but the Kingdom of God!, they say. There is no home or city, but Jerusalem!, they say. They won’t stand up for their own people, for their own selves anymore – they only stand for a dead Jewish prophet named Jesus. As this disease of the mind spreads, so does death and destruction. Temples to our Gods and Ancestors are being destroyed. Monuments are taken down and crumbled into pieces. Libraries are burned to ashes. All of our history is being erased and no one moves a finger. The rulers of the Nation have betrayed us, their allegiance stands with the Devil who has crawled into their minds and hearts. Rome is not their Home anymore! It is the Jewish God who controls them! The same entity which proclaimed in their „holy book“ that he creates Evil!

And Evil there is – everywhere around us! What shall remain of us, of our glory, of our pride, of our people –  once everything that we were is replaced? When the next generation won’t know its history, its heroes, the struggle it went through in order to be free? Nothing will remain of us – our Women are intermixing with strangers and foreigners as their own culture is being replaced – the Jews are indoctrinating them to do so. After all, we are Devils, sons of „Demons“, our Gods were „Demons“, so the only way for our Women to atone for their „Sins“ of being with us is to mix and create mongrels.

We did not stand strong against this mental virus. We laughed at it. We thought of it as nothing. We saw no direct threat nor danger in it. It wasn’t an army standing in front of our city walls. It wasn’t a raiding party. It wasn’t a physical manifestation. It was a mental virus, a parasite of the body, soul and spirit. It was an enemy unlike any other we have met before. It was an enemy which turned our own people against us – and we didn’t see an enemy in the eyes of our own people until it was too late. They did not react and act as traitors at first, but they – slowly, but surely – created an environment in which we couldn’t exist anymore. While financing the Christians, the Jews also financed traitors among our leaders to turn a blind eye to the infestation of our Nation. Monuments and Temples destroyed – nobody cared. Libraries burned down and our great ancestors replaced – nobody cared. We should have been more sharp, we should have had more willpower to fight against the two most dangerous enemies of our lifetime – the Jews and the Traitors among our own. This age of decadence will be the doom of us all and by Jupiter – we will loose the protection and guidance of our Gods by abandoning everything Sane, Natural and Divine which we had stood for for centuries and ages!

(Side note : Christianity was such a management for the lesser Jews)

It is the year 2017. The European Nations are experiencing another wave of Semitism being applied to their Societies. Just as the Christians, Muslims and Jews were destroying their sculptures, monuments, libraries, temples, cities and homes – so are the „new age“ Semitic ideologies doing the same thing once more. Rest assured, for the old age Semitic ideologies of Christianity, Judaism and Islam are still at work very hard, doing whatever they can to achieve their old age Jewish goal : The extermination of everything European. Destroying European temples and replacing them with Judeo-Christian churches is the same as putting Black African faces on European Paper money.

They exterminated our ancient Aryan Egyptian brothers and sisters. Erased almost all traces of our existence in the Middle East, China, India, Northern and Southern America. Our history is being rewritten as we speak, every European Nation is declared as a „Nation of Immigrants“, without any ethnic people and racial existence. Jews own and control our banks, media, religious and spiritual life, the television, the newspapers, the internet, the porn industry, the GMO food production, every government, all parties of the political spectrum – they created Democracy, Cultural Marxism, Feminism, Liberalism, Bolshevism, Communism, Masonry, Christianity, Islam, Judaism – they promote Transgenderism, Pedophilia, Necrophilia, Bestiality, Race-mixing, Diversity, Multi-Culturalism – BUT! – remember one thing:

It is never the Jews. It just cannot be their fault. It is purely a coincidence that there is a Jew behind any and all things Evil within our Nations. It is also a coincidence that Jews were kicked out of other Host Nations over 300 times and that there are historical records describing their work of the Devil throughout the ages. All of those must have simply been random anti-Semites who had nothing better to do in their lives but make up shit about the Jews. Assuming anything else, assuming that writings on Jews from a period of 3000 years are true, would simply be anti-Semitic.

It is the year 2017. Anarchists are spreading among us just as they did in the age of Jesus and Christianity. Selling all your possessions, living on a supposed social welfare of the Kingdom of God is the dream of an illusionairy utopia of converted idiots. Think not of yesterday, nor of tomorrow! Just as the first Christian Church Fathers preached, so it is preached today : Borders and Nations simply do not exist and it is a Sin to claim to have a Kingdom when only one Kingdom can and may exist, namely the one of the Jewish God Yahweh.

Liberals, Universalists are spreading among us as it was designed by the Jews who created Christianity. All are equal and one in the Jew Jesus – there is no difference between races, creeds and colors. All you need is „faith“ and somehow you override every Law of Nature. The world has gone utterly mad and insane. Just as the early Christians destroyed everything European, so did the Bolsheviks and the Communists. So are the modern day Christians, Communists, Liberals, Anti-Fa idiots, Masons and all the other various Jewish controlled slaves and drones doing one thing together : Exterminating the European Race.

And here we are again, for the XYth time in history – witnessing yet another Jewish murder of the Aryan Race – the collective genocide of our very existence. And, yet again, all we are doing is crying about it, watching it go on, hoping that they will someway, somehow fail at it on their own. The „system will crash on its own!“, some say – as if the „system“ is killing us and not Organized Jewry. A „Messiah“ will appear and handle everything for us – we merely have to survive until that day!, other idiots claim, not realizing that the very concept of the „Messiah“ comes from the Jews and defines a Jew who will become King of the New World Order once he finally established it for the Jews.

Nothing will work anymore but the awakening of all our people. This final awakening cannot be a partial awakening to just and only „current“ events and norms. It must be a collective and entirely comprehensive awakening to the entire history, biology, spirituality and evil of the Jew. No longer can we continue to exist and resist the Jew while remaining Christians. No longer can we continue to exist and resist the Jew while having Communists, Bolsheviks, Liberals, Anti-Fa’s, Egaliterians, Universalists, etc. – among our ranks. Every such weak link will be our death in the final battle against the force of Evil upon this planet, the Jew. The Jew has destroyed the Immune system of the Racial Organism of the European People. The Jew has destroyed the Immune system of every National Organism in which the European People found a habitat to live in. He then, as a Virus, allows bacteria of any and all kind to penetrate these organism until we are finally so sick that we simply fall and die. As the Jew Jesus said : You can steal from a Strong Man’s House only when you strangle him and disable him.

And disabled have we become! We are not allowed to speak out, to speak the Truth, to act in Justice and in our own Interests. 2000 years ago you were labelled as a Sinner for having been born – today you are a Sinner for having been born a White European. The same story, with slightly different labels. The same mental virus, the same Christianity which simply a different touch. Christianity was never meant to be a “permanent” thing. It was merely a Jewish tool used to destroy the European. It was never meant to keep the European alive by becoming an artificial add-on and part of it. Christianity is merely the tool, the agent, the middle-man which is used to lead to the Death and Destruction of a people. Christianity is the illusionairy present which erases the past of the People and gives them no Future.

Only an outright fool cannot see the same pattern repeating itself in our day and age. Only an outright ignorant imbecile cannot see the same Jewish forces behind our current downfall. The Jews are  grouping against us the most disgusting, vile, idiotic and outright evil people – they are shape-shifting our own children and people into transgender idiots, faggots, lesbians, feminists, communists and all the other machinations which they managed to come up with. Just like in the old days of Christianity : „God“ chose the lowly, stupid, weak to destroy the noble, strong and willpowered. The same agenda. The same blueprint. The same Jewish fingerprint. Will we watch our own annihilation and extermination as many of our Ancestors seem to have done before? Will we wait until it is too late to retaliate and defend ourselves? Will we wait until each one of us remaining sane Europeans is surrounded by 10 traitors and enemies? Will we wait until the Jews have brain-washed and indoctrinated every newborn White child? Will we wait until there is nothing just, pure, sane, beautiful and reasonable among us left to fight and die for? Will we allow the Jews to keep distracting us and leading controlled oppositions until our people are so confused that they won’t see the real Truth anymore?

Will we keep on pointing out the Jewish machinations instead of the Jews who are behind them all?

When will it truly be enough? When will the old Aryan say : NO MORE! NO MORE LIES! NO MORE DECEPTION! NO MORE BROTHER WARS! NO MORE DEGENERATION! But, the Jew has known one single strategical Truth to win against a people : Take control of their Food production and you control the people. The average person depends on food which he can only acquire through money which he can only gain if he becomes a slave to the Jewish controlled society. It is this perpetual cycle of death, decay, stress and mental weakness which disables us from becoming truly free. Will hunger wake us up? Will the smell of death and blood enrage us? I’m sure of only one thing : It must be sudden. The awakening must be sudden and cannot be gradual anymore. A shock, a thunderbolt, is our only solution.

Let us bring about this thunderbolt among our people. Let us channel it through their veins. Let us bring about a collective Willpower in their eyes. Let us give them strength, purpose and a true sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. Let us show them that there still exist out there White European Aryans who love them unconditionally for what and who they are. We see beauty in them. We see our Kin in them. We see Divinity in them. We feel safe among them. We do not regard their life as Sin, but as a Blessing. Let us show them the Light that they represent. Let them know they are Loved. Let us empower them by this realization. Europa! Arise! The time has come!

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Let me make this clear, the leftist cultural Marxist, who are mostly Jews did this to Europe. These policies of diversity and multiculturalism will destroy any hope that Europe can be saved via the political system, THE ONLY SOLUTION IS WAR, JUST LIKE IN AMERICA, ITS GOING TO BE WAR. There is NO political solution to what is destroying the west, we must fight, it is our duty, and our right do defend our people and civilization from ALL enemies foreign and domestic, and these enemies must be shown NO mercy, neither they nor their families, the weed must be pulled from the root. We white men need to get ready, we are going to have to go ALL 1488 and exterminate those who seek our destruction. I don’t give a shit what anyone else says, either get on our side, get the fuck out of the way, or die. See you on the battle field.

They Are Afraid: The Establishment Hits Out With New Bans On Alternative Right, Billy Roper and VDARE


As of this morning, Alternative Right has been removed, presumably by its corporate overlords at Google-Alphabet. Simultaneously, Billy Roper has had his accounts removed at Reddit and Twitter, all on the “interpretive logic” of violating the terms of service or content policy (1990s term: acceptable use policy).

In fact, this is part of a wider pattern of mainstream media — including social media, which has now bought into the industry — censorship of Right-wing and white-wing thinkers since what I have called the Alt Right’s victory at Charlottesville. I call this a victory because it forced the Left to admit solidarity with Antifa, and despite media wailing about neo-Nazis and “car terrorism,” this is media hype and will be dead in two weeks, while the message the Alt Right sent will remain: you will not erase us; we have a right to a history, culture, heritage, values, symbols and most of all, to act in self-interest for our self-determination as well. And we owe you nothing.

For the Left, Civil Rights is yet another gambit designed to achieve “equality,” which means caste revolt, so that the lower classes (proles) prevail over anyone who knows better (natural leaders of intelligence above 125 IQ points) with the aid of the middle classes (115-120ish). This inverts society, so that whatever is dumb and popular with the proles wins out over everything else, and while people are chasing these trends, civilization decays, as happened between the French Revolution in 1789 and the defeat of National Socialism in 1945. Since that time, we have been children of the grave, knowing that we are living in a moribund ruin but unable to stop it because, hey, it’s popular.

At Charlottesville, Civil Rights lost its veneer of being “good.” It used to be assumed that class warfare and racial equality were always good, but now, we see people protesting these things because they are doing the exact opposite of what they are intended to do, but since it is happening to white people — a majority who must be overthrown for equality to happen — no one has paid much attention. Until now, that is. And now, the Civil Rights and Equality Agenda (CREA) is being seen for what it is: warfare against those who built this society so that those who could not build it can take it over, like a cuckoo laying her egg in the nest of another type of bird. These are parasites, whether they mean to be or not, and whether they are good or not, and Western Civilization is destroyed but wants to rise again, and for it to do that, it must get rid of both these parasites and its own endogenous screwups and predators.

The Left is in full-panic over Charlottesville because they know that while they can spin the “car terrorism” meme for some time, only the media indoctrinated will believe it once they see the video of Antifa attacking the car before the incident, and when the indictment comes out, it is going to be revealed that this was not a deliberate attack, but an attempt to escape by someone who was not mentally all there. At that point, the Left knows that people will shift their views to be against the Left and its defense of parasitism. People have put up with it for decades, but now they see that it is a path to USSR-style doom, and they want out. That is what scares the Left, and is why they are deleting accounts.

President Trump out-maneuvered the press by blaming both sides, which meant that he blamed Antifa as well, which ruined the press narrative that peaceful Leftist protestors had been “attacked” by the Alt Right, and validated what the videos showed, which was police officers corralling the Alt Right into the waiting Antifa, who then attacked. So, from the average American view, we have the fact that the Alt Right tolerated some neo-Nazis the same way they tolerated Alt Lite, libertarian, Proud Boys, etc. among them, but on the other side, we have the Left showing up with bats, bottles of urine, bricks and pepper spray to attack the Alt Right. That makes the Alt-Right possibly not all good, but the Left is looking increasingly all-bad.

This resonates with everyday white Americans who are tired of double standards and a one-sided Establishment narrative to the point that they are willing to excuse the Alt Right for being the underdog in this fight, but oppose the Establishment for its decades of hypocrisy:

But the president’s words sat just fine with LaMothe. “I think when he called for the unity of the country, that should have been what was pounded on,” LaMothe said in between taking a drag on his cigarette. By pounded on, LaMothe meant respected. He loves Trump and says the president never gets a fair shake from the media.

He says he hates the idea of neo-Nazis and recalls when growing up, he had friends who were black. But now he thinks the white guys he saw on his TV marching in Charlottesville have some reasonable arguments.

“This is a different white supremacy movement than before, because I don’t think whites are saying, ‘Well, we’re better.’ They’re saying why can’t we be treated all as equal?”

LaMothe thinks affirmative action programs should be scrapped. He also thinks neo-Nazis who sparked mayhem in Charlottesville are no worse than a lot of activist groups on the left. “I didn’t hear anything from Barack Obama about Black Lives Matter and that was another hate group,” he says.

In the meantime, after seeing the same masked rioters destroy the streets of Hamburg during the G20 conference, burn and vandalize London in 2011, and savage Portland and Berkeley — looking more like the LA Riots of 1992 than the peaceful anarchist gathering the Left claimed it was — people are having a different view of Antifa, which is more fair and realistic than the sunny gloss offered by the mainstream media:

After left-wing protesters marched through downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota in response to last weekend’s demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, they hoisted the flag of the violent left-wing group “Antifa,” raising it in front of the county’s government center.

…Antifa, meaning “anti-fascist,” has been responsible for several destructive riots and protests, including one in February where members of the group set fires, threw fireworks, attacked the crowd, and damaged property in order to stop Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at the University of California, Berkeley.

Antifa also vandalized stores, broke windows and rioted during President Donald Trump’s inauguration, before being met with armed law enforcement officers.

Even more, it is clear to people out there who is winning. You do not have the world’s largest corporations, governments, and media establishment uniting to declare a group terrorist, drop it from industry standard services and censor it unless that tiny group is not just threatening them directly, but threatening to win popular appeal from those who are sick of these parasites using us and doing nothing for us. We can live without Google, Paypal, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and the Left. We cannot live without our people, and we are being taxed to death to pay for others who now we see intend to destroy us.

They do not, as they claimed for all those years, just want to coexist with us and be treated fairly. They want to dominate us, take over our countries, destroy us genetically — some call this genocide — and do it by treating us unfairly all while claiming that they are the victim. Diversity is dead. Equality is dead. The remaining mentally alert people in America and Europe have realized that there is a new “one drop” rule: one drop of equality, socialism, diversity or pluralism means that your civilization collapses. It takes two centuries, in which time all sorts of predatory people will profit from you, but it is your death warrant. We want off the death train to nowheresville.

For the last seventy years, they have pushed diversity on us as the right thing to do; the way to avoid Nazis and the KKK; the way to finally have good “race relations”; and more recently, a way of paying for the huge pensions and benefits gap created when the more-numerous Baby Boomers are replaced by the less-numerous Gen X and Millennials. Now people have seen through the lies, and the Establishment is in full panic, so they are censoring us. While they do that, they reveal their fundamental intention toward unfairness and inequality, and since they have shown us their moral emptiness, we no longer trust them, and we are fighting to escape their clutches.