Permit Patty is an Example of Bubbling Racism Lying Dormant in the SWPL

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2018

So there’s this viral thing right now: “Permit Patty.”

Daily Stormer is allowed to analyze what is actually going on here.


Meet “Permit Patty,” who’s causing some uproar in San Francisco after she was caught on camera calling the cops to report a young girl selling water outside her apartment building.

In a video posted to Instagram early Saturday, a mom claims the cops were called on her 8-year-old daughter.

“An 8-year-old selling water in front of her apartment building where she’s lived her whole life is NOT a reason to call the Police,” the woman captioned the video.

She dubbed the woman Permit Patty.

In the video, the girl’s mother is seen confronting the woman on the phone.

“This woman don’t wanna let a little girl sell some water. She’s calling police on an 8-year-old little girl… you can hide all you want,” the girl’s mother says.

The woman seen on the phone then ducks and tries to get out of sight after seeing she is being recorded.

“And illegally selling water without a permit?” the woman on the phone responds.

“On my property,” the girl’s mother says.

“Its not your property,” she responds.

According to Raj, a cousin of the little girl, she said on social media it all happened right by AT&T Park.

She also thanked the family’s supporters.

“My family thanks you all for the funny comments memes & words of encouragement,” she wrote on Twitter. “My little cousin is doing okay for those who are asking and her mom is going to be pressing charges for harassment. “

Because who are these “people”?

No one in the mainstream media is going to call racism on this. Because this is exactly the type of racism they do not want – SWPLs just getting tired of black behavior.

But let’s be real here: do you think there is any chance, at all, that this white woman would have called the police on a white girl selling water?

This was an unconscious – and yet overt – act of racism. And she knew it because she was hiding. She knew she was doing something she wasn’t supposed to be doing. On an unconscious level still, but a level that is creeping ever closer to consciousness.

Permit Patty is experiencing what is commonly known as “negro fatigue.”

She is tired of black people and their annoying, inappropriate, anti-social behavior.

But she can’t admit that to anyone, least of all herself, so she takes it out by calling the police on a little niglet selling water on the street.

This is Very Good

Signs like this are fantastic.

There is a race consciousness. There was always a race consciousness. But now it is coming to the fore. It is bubbling up and about to bubble over from the unconscious to the conscious in huge numbers of white people who, for the last 50 years or so, never would have allowed such biologically-determined feelings to enter their conscious minds.

We are entering a new era, when the normie white person simply cannot take it anymore. They cannot take their comfortable white spaces being invaded by what was once a purely theoretical phenomenon, at most a mere novelty.

The Starbucks loss of customer base after the whole “negroes were loitering so now we’re becoming a homeless shelter” situation shows SWPL negro fatigue on a societal scale.

It is most assuredly happening.

Hail Permit Patty.

Welcome to Team White.

Welcome home, sister.

Wetback Invader Families will be United in a CONCENTRATION CAMP – After Parents’ Court Date!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2018

Okay so it turns out the tactical cucking of allowing some form of family reunification wasn’t even cucking it was just tactics.

Firstly, only a few of the families have been “reunified” thus far, because reunifications aren’t going to happen until after the parents go to court. Then, they’re all going to a concentration camp together to await deportation.

USA Today:

The Trump administration released a plan Saturday evening to reunify migrant children with their parents in a mass detention center near Brownsville, Texas.

The statement says that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has “dedicated the Port Isabel Service Processing Center as the primary family reunification and removal center for adults in their custody.”

A process has been established “to ensure that family members know the location of their children and have regular communication after separation to ensure that those adults” are reunited with their children before removal, the statement said.

Reunification is expected to occur after the parent has completed their court proceedings.

Also, the idea of DNA tests has been floated.

USA Today:

Genetics testing companies are offering to help reunite families separated at the border, but it’s unclear how they would get DNA kits into the hands of migrants and the testing itself could carry hefty privacy risks for migrant families.

Legal and logistical hurdles remain to reuniting these families after more than 2,300 children were separated from their families at the U.S. border under the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

Two for-profit DNA companies, which analyze customers’ DNA through saliva and provide ancestral information, say genetic testing could help reconnect parents with their children. They are offering to donate genetic testing kits and other resources.

The whole thing with the “child separations” is that these people are trafficking children, just kidnapping them or buying them or whatever, as passes across the border. Most of them are not really the parents of these children they bring.

I think the Democrats are not really aware of that, because they are promoting the DNA testing for reunifications thing themselves.

So the media is suggesting not to do it, saying that it could lead criminal family members of these migrants being arrested.

The algorithms that these companies use could be an effective way to locate relatives in this situation, says Dr. Ruth Ballard, a forensics DNA expert and professor of biological science at California State University Sacramento.

Serious privacy risks come with handing over your genetic information to a company, Dr. Ballard said.

The arrest of the Golden State Killer last month showed how genetic information can be subject to police subpoena. In that case, authorities identified a suspected killer through a familial match on GEDmatch.

For migrants, this identifying information could put them or their relatives in a vulnerable position. If their genetic information is stored, it could be accessible to law enforcement agencies, including those that deal with immigration enforcement. 

“Anytime you give your DNA to a third party you’re potentially giving up a lot of information about yourself,” Dr. Ballard said. “You have to trust that the company will do what they say they’re going to do with that information.”

Sort of racist to suggest that all of these immigrants are likely related to criminals, no?

But I digress.

The zero tolerance policy is strong. Still.

The executive order Trump signed isn’t really even possible to enforce. The thing here is, there is a law saying a child migrant can only be kept in a camp for 20 days.


The fate of hundreds of undocumented children taken from parents remains unclear a day after President Donald Trump moved to roll back his policy.

He ordered on Wednesday that the children be held with their parents while they are detained on charges of crossing the border illegally.

But under US law, migrant children cannot be detained more than 20 days by immigration officials.

But the parents can and will be held indefinitely.

So after a brief reunion at the Texas Concentration Camp, the children will be placed in care homes or foster care with pedophiles while the parents will then be sent back to jail.

The whole thing is a weird joke – but the joke is not on us, but on Democrats who demanded an impossible executive order be signed, on the spics and on the spic children who are going to get quite a surprise when they get handed off to pedophiles.

It doesn’t even matter.

Once the RED WAVE passes over us in November, we are going to be able to do whatever we want with immigration.

And first on the menu is a “catch aand deport” scheme, which will allow ICE to just grab these people when they cross, put them on a bus and send them right back across the border.

Attempts to “fix” immigration before November have been shut down.

They’re all going back.

The Fatigue is Real: Car Plows Through Antwon Protesters Blocking Street

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2018

So the niggers go out and block the street because a drive-by shooter was fleeing the cops and got shot.

Then the cops refuse to remove the niggers from the road.

This is going to eventually cause people to snap.


Protesters angry over the death of an unarmed teen who was shot by police this week marched Friday for the third straight night down the streets of downtown Pittsburgh.

Four people were arrested as hundreds of demonstrators blocked streets, Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman McDonough said.

Police are looking for a black sedan that drove through the crowd late Friday, said Chris Togneri, the city spokesman. No injuries were reported, he said.

Protesters were near PNC Park, where fans were leaving a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game, when the car drove through, CNN affiliate KDKA reported.

Hundreds were blocking the road, police decide to arrest four.

At least they didn’t make it a priority to catch the guy who lost his shit and just ran the niggers right over.

The entire situation of niggers in America is reaching new levels of absolute absurdity each and every hour. are beginning to snap.

Permit Patty is an example of this inability to continue to cope with this ongoing nigger situation.

As is the refusal of people to go to Starbucks and hang out with a bunch of homeless crackhead niggers.

Just so is the event of someone crashing a car through a bunch of niggers blocking his path.

What Exactly do These Niggers Even Want?

Does anyone even know what these niggers want?

I guess they just want to be able to do drive-by shootings in peace without being molested by cops?

But then when the cops pull out of their neighborhoods and just let them kill each other, African tribe style, they whine about that.

So what the hell do they even want?

I mean if there were some kind of clear demands here, we could negotiate.

But the thing is these people are so stupid, they don’t even understand the concept of making demands and negotiating from that point.

It is pathological to engage a people protesting who do not have demands. A protest without demands is simply a riot.

Of course if you asked them what their demand is, they would say “justice for Antwon” – but that is already happening. The officer has been put on leave, the incident will be investigated. Probably, it will be determined that Antwon had been involved in a drive-by shooting, the officer had reason to believe he was armed, and acted within the appropriate bounds by shooting him when he fled.

Of Course

I support these black riots.

They ARE indeed waking people up. Just like the Starbucks crowd was woke up to what it means to share their SWPL safe space in the coffee shop with a bunch of nigger crackheads.

The working class of whites already knows the deal with black people. They have always known.

The young middle class of whites that has been educated on the internet already knows the deal with black people – we made sure of that over the last six years of meme warfare since the Trayvon incident.

Our goal is for the rest of white people to learn the deal.

And these black riots help that learning process.

Which is why there are fewer of them now than there were under Obama. The monied left that funds these riots learned that they were not having a positive effect on white consciousness. Obama’s endorsement of these riots is a big part of why people voted for Trump. Lawlessness is generally unpopular with white people, it turns out.

So my whole thing is: go ahead and riot, niggers.

This one in particular is great, because the “gud boi who dindu nuffin” was literally involved in a drive-by shooting minutes before he ran from the cops!

Leftism Leads Only To Destruction

When people like myself preach against Leftism, we generally get an eye roll. How can something as small and simple as an ideology hurt us? Especially when it is such an integral part of our modern landscape? No, it cannot be, they think, and then retreat to whatever coping mechanisms and personal narratives they use to survive.

However, we should view ideology as a philosophy, or fragment thereof, and philosophy as code. Our brains are computers; we have different hardware, which means some think faster and deeper than others, but they can all run roughly the same code roughly the same way.

When you bring a crazy idea into your mind and instruct your mind that this crazy is the new normal, you are controlled. This control will lead in other directions and to places you might prefer it would not, if you could see those far down the road long-term consequences from the moment when you make the decision to let it in.

Even more importantly, a crazy idea expands to take over your entire worldview. If someone tells you that our purpose in life is to produce carbon dioxide, at first that affects your lifestyle. Then, it extends to your politics. Finally, it becomes like a religion, and dictates your social group and life direction.

It is like a training rushing by: you cannot just grab and hold one part; the train is bigger than you — simpler ideas are larger in the mind because they apply the most broadly — and faster-moving, and so it will sweep you up and take you along with it. However, you are still responsible for the results.

This may be where ideology is most deceptive. If you go along with an idea, it seems like a category separate from everything else, a nice box protected from the messiness of the world. In the end, however, what matters is how that idea turns out in reality, specifically for you. It can lead to glory, ruin, or simply entropy, mediocrity.

Few people realize how seductive Leftism is. It offers the same promise the Serpent gave in the Garden of Eden: just do this one thing, and you have the power to be on top of this natural and social order, instead of a small part of it. That addresses our sense of lacking importance, of mortality, of powerlessness, and allays existential concerns.

With Leftism, all questions are answered. You exist to promote equality. The more you do this, the better you are, and so you are important, in a sense. There will be people compelled to interact with you and help you because you are one of the good guys. You will be living the best possible life, and immortal in being part of a Movement.

Once you slip that needle in, you have gone down a dark path.

This happened to “Chloe Sagal,” a man-to-woman convert who appears to have been little more than an attention-seeker. Recently, Chloe self-immolated in a combination of desperate suicide, political protest, and affirmation of personal self-importance in a final act. She died after the attempt:

In 2013, Sagal found herself in the cross-hairs of what New York Magazine called ‘the web’s biggest community of stalkers,’ a ‘hate mob’ known as Kiwi Farms.

It was during that year that Sagal began a crowdfunding project to raise money for what she claimed was a life-saving treatment for metal poisoning.

…In what police are describing as a suicide note, Sagal says that the culmination of her life experiences necessitates that her death must be ‘political.’

‘My death cannot be silent,’ Sagal says in the note. ‘It has to be loud and political. My entire life, my experience, my education has led up to this moment. I can only expect trauma and death from my existence.’

The saga proves to be lengthy and lugubrious, but this was not Sagal’s first fraudulent act. She lived off the donations of others, making quirky games that seemed like good ideas but never really caught on, while dodging a growing list of creditors and fraud investigators.

Her path into Leftism began long ago. Finding that certain behaviors automatically provoked massive attention from a certain captive audience that would feel guilty if it did not celebrate those behaviors, he became she, and then embarked on a series of stunts to constantly draw attention to herself.

Eventually, she ran out of maneuvering room. There are only so many times that you can threaten suicide, fake a car accident, or pull off one-note media stunts. With money drying up and attention shifting elsewhere, she made one final bid for the big time.

Ironically, she remains incoherent. There is a manifesto; no one is sure what it means. Is this their obtuseness, or incoherence of the manifesto? We know she died protesting, but was it a specific issue, or, like most Leftists, simply a cry out against life itself?

Another Day, Another False Narrative

For Leftists, politics is both a social event and an economic victory. The Left specializes in coming up with someone who was injured, theoretically, by those in power, and using him as an excuse for days of riots and taking over institutions. It’s like a monkey riot, or flash mob stealing from a local 7-11.

Today’s riot will come to you courtesy of Antwon Rose II, who was shot by police after fleeing from a car that was pulled over after participating in a drive-by shooting. However, the media as usual presents that backward in order to promote its message of Christ-like innocent minorities terrorized by white strength and power.

Even the most Regime-friendly media admits the facts if you read between the lies, but first you must see The Narrative that we are expected to confirm in order to make Leftists feel good about themselves:

A video that recorded the fatal shooting on Tuesday night and was posted on Facebook shows two people running from police vehicles as three shots are fired. One of the people, later identified as Antwon, appears to fall to the ground.

The authorities confirmed on Thursday that Antwon was struck three times but did not specify where.

“Why are they shooting?” the woman recording the video says. “All they did was run and they’re shooting at them!”

Quick, haul out the innocent high school photo. Then run the facts: shot in the back, all they did was run, he was a passenger in the car doing nothing but minding his own business, the driver was released without charge. After quickly glossing over the technical stuff, we get to what The New York Times does so well — swelling emotion:

Those who knew Antwon described him as bright, lively and funny. He was a senior at Woodland Hills High School who was expected to graduate at the end of the year, the superintendent, Al Johnson, said in an interview on Wednesday.

“He was an excellent student,” Mr. Johnson said, adding that Antwon was taking Advanced Placement classes.

Kim Ransom, the owner of the Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club, where Antwon worked for about a year, recalled the sweltering day in 2015 that he interviewed to work at the club as an instructor.

“He brought his typed-up résumé and he was wearing a full three-piece suit with his shiny shoes and he was sweating profusely,” she said.

An angel ascends to heaven, wearing a three-piece suit and trying to just Do The Right thing as suburban white moms and scrawny curly-haired young men in offices see it. Then read more deeply into the boring part we just glossed over, as they knew we would:

The teenager, Antwon Rose II, 17, was a passenger in a car that had been pulled over because it matched the description of a vehicle that had fled an earlier shooting in which a 22-year-old man was wounded, the Allegheny County Police Department said in a statement.

The Allegheny County Police Department, which is investigating the encounter, said that two firearms were found on the floor of the car.

On Thursday, Mike Manko, a spokesman for the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office, confirmed reports that Antwon, while unarmed, had an empty clip of a handgun in his pants pocket at the time he was shot.

…Investigators said a gunman in a passing vehicle had fired nine .40-caliber rounds at the 22-year-old, who returned fire.

The 911 callers described a vehicle they saw fleeing the scene, the police said, and Officer Rosfeld saw a similar vehicle — a silver Chevrolet Cruze that appeared to have ballistics damage to its rear window.

If the driver was released, this means the police had no reason to believe that he was aware of what his passengers intended before it happened. Kids cruising around, and then one sees a target and rolls down the window… In fact, if the driver was released, he is probably cooperating with police.

Not only that, but they identified the car by make, model, and the fact that its rear window was shot out by the return fire from the victim.

Antwon Rose II was no angel. Like ((((((Michael Brown)))))), Trayvon Martin, and Philandro Castile, he was engaged in risky behavior and lost the running-from-the-cops lottery. The Left wants to ignore that fact because the Left hates accountability for the consequences of our choices, and loves a racial revenge fantasy.

Their goal, as usual, is extortion. After a few days of protests that turn into riots that turn into looting, media blitzes that have every white person weeping in their soy lattes because they did not bother to read the glossover details, and European commentators sagely nodding their heads at the savage Americans, people will open their wallets and pay to make the problem go away. That is the middle class way.

We can stop this one in its tracks and burn down their favorite method of gaining power. Simply say, “The kid who did that drive-by and got caught? Yep, not getting involved in that.” Instead of presuming innocence based on the emotional content, let us just preserve all the facts, and realize that most likely, Antwon Rose II was the architect of his own doom.

It Is Logical, Not Evil,To Be Anti-Immigrant

I’ve just heard something about Barack Obama’s Presidency that actually makes me give the guy a pat on the back instead of a kick in the ass. You see he deported more immigrants back out of Amerika than any other US President. How is it that he got away with this? We all know, Van Jones was good enough to explain this to us with regards to the British Petroleum Oil Well Explosion. So what do we call Barack !WHOSANE! Obama’s cruel, brutal, baby-crushing, marrow-sucking program of soulless deportation? I’d call it a pretty decent start. Pre-MAGA, if you will.

But JPW! Doesn’t that make you a pissing dickhead? “Sure!” I’d reply. “It makes the bladder gladder! Dicks get pussy. Whinging Liberal numbfvcks typically don’t.”

But isn’t it E-vil to be anti-immigrant? Doesn’t the chained ghost of ((((((Emma Lazarus)))))) weeps tear of lamentation over your callous, hard-assed nationalism? OK, let the bitch go for a whinge. Here’s why.

((((((Emma Lazarus)))))) didn’t pay taxes to support AFDC or SNAP. ((((((Emma Lazarus))))))’ daughter didn’t get the train pulled on her 12-Year-Old ass by an “Asian” Grooming Gang in Rotherham, England. ((((((Emma Lazarus)))))) wasn’t fired and replaced by somebody willing to do her job at half the minimum wage. She wasn’t informed by a sitting US President that this person who had just replaced her was doing a job she wasn’t willing to do. She never had a 24-year-old son skulking in her basement shit-posting to 8-Chan because he couldn’t legally find a job in the corrupted labor market.

((((((Emma Lazarus)))))) never spent 3:45 in an emergency room hurting and waiting for doctors and nurses to finish patching up some MS-13 thug who had no intention whatsoever of meeting any co-pay or deductible. She never paid more for her treatments or pharmacueticals to take up the slack for illegal aliens who used up these resources with no intention whatsoever to meet the deductibles or co-pays. ((((((Emma Lazarus)))))) didn’t have any .9mm bullets lodged in her house frame from having MS-13 thugs popping caps across the street at their trap house. None of ((((((Emma Lazarus))))))’ relatives spent years waiting to get through the INS bureaucracy while a bunch of people with no intention of playing by these rules jumped the line ahead of her family and took resources that her people could have used. Emma can take her precious New Collossus and go masturbate on it like it’s a sex toy.

Simone56 tells her own fans what happens to a group of women when a new race of immigrants floods across the border. About the only item she left off her rant was to tell Dear Emma to go indulge in auto-eroticism.

And then there are the societal impacts of immigration: A nation that succeeds is a nation that forms itself as much as possible into a coherent tribe. Bringing in large populations who are not invested in the good of the order is not going to be good for that order. A lack of skin in the game incentivizes destructive modes of behavior. Parasitism on the part of the newcomers, cynicism on the part of those being bitten by the mosquitoes, and a profound disrespect and contempt for the law by everyone involved in the sickening cycle are the only logical outcomes one can expect.

So why does this take place? Victor Davis Hanson explains how people make money off of our destruction as a society.

He also offers us a three step plan.

  1. Build The Wall: Make it physically challenging and expensive to rapidly move large groups of people into the country.
  2. Fine The Domestic Parasites: Aggressively prosecute, fine and punish any domestic industries that deliberately bring in large blocs of illegal aliens to perform cheap labor.
  3. Require American Citizenship or A Limited and Rare Temporary Visa To Work a Legitimate Full Time Job: Cut people who are not willing to work and live here permanently off from the benefits of our society.

I add step four as a necessary remediant:

  1. Skin In The Game Laws:: These laws are deliberately designed to make America a less welcoming nation to people who refuse to assimilate and join the tribe, so to speak.
    1. All legal and governmental transactions and paperwork occur in English and only in English. There is no prensa uno para Espanol por favor (or Vietnamese, Urdu, Tagalog, and Gaelic).
    2. All public secondary education will take place in English only, using English language texts, audio-visuals and signage. ESL is now a personal problem, not an excuse for a taxpayer-funded entitlement program. No public school may legally enroll a child who is not the documented dependent of a documented US citizen or Temporary Visa-Holder.
    3. All international transfers of American currency can only be executed by documented US Citizens from accounts owned by documented US citizens located in American Headquarted banks to recipients who can be validly documented to be legal citizens of other nations.
    4. All hospitals and medical centers are legally obligated not to treat non-paying patients who cannot furnish proof of valid US citizenship. All health-care related business will take place in English only.
    5. US jails and detention centers will deport all identified non-citizens back to their nations of origin rather than feeding and housing them at Federal or local government expense.
    6. The total number of people who will be permitted to seek citizenship in the US is limited by conditions in the US Labor Market and requires demonstrated proficiency in passing a citizenship exam that is given in English only.

We face a crisis of survival here. Immigration destroys nations. It is already destroying ours, and neither party has taken it seriously since “Operation Wetback” in the 1950s. This is not fair to us or the immigrants, who are coming here believing that they can get away with it despite the risks of the passage itself.

Now that we have seen how insincere our politicians are and how the number of people wanting to pour into our nation is so large that it will obliterate us, it is time to act. Good actions are clear, strong, and reflect our needs before those of anyone else. To fix immigration, stop it from happening.