2010 Is Just Deck Chair Politics on the USS Titanic

2010 Is Just Deck Chair Politics on the USS Titanic

October 25, 2010

by Ron Holland

“Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.”
~ H.L. Mencken

The political consensus is following the 2010 election, the Tea Partiers and the GOP establishment will breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate their victory and our two-party monopoly system of government will continue as before. A GOP House majority will checkmate Obama and the Democrats in the Senate and political stalemate will result. Many conservatives and a few Washington pseudo-libertarians will claim stalemate is better than a Democrat landslide but they will be wrong.

Like the Titanic, the Washington/Wall Street ship of state hit a Federal Reserve created iceberg under the command of George W. Bush with the recession/depression. Again, like recent evidence suggests, the original Titanic hit the iceberg and sank so fast because of a steering mistake turning the ship in the wrong direction which could have been avoided.

In a similar fashion, both Obama and Bush, following the self-serving orders of Bernanke and Wall Street steered the nation directly into the current depression and coming national debt and dollar collapse by following Keynesian economic principles instead of letting the market quickly resolve the crisis.

Everything you read or see on the establishment propaganda news outlets is just a rearranging of the deck chairs on the Titanic as the ship of state is certainly sinking. The goal of productive American citizens should be to get as far away from the ship of state as possible to avoid the downward pull a sinking vessel exerts on everything in the water as it goes under.

The Establishment Political Consensus Is Dead Wrong

America today is a one-party state much like the Soviet Union, China or Nazi Germany and both nominal political parties are just façades presented to the public to create the illusion of competition and choice. The establishment leadership in both the GOP and the Democrats represent the goals of the same special interests.

Our ability to “throw the bums out” every two or four years is just a release valve built into the political system which guarantees the continued elite control of our political process. Although there are some patriots in national politics in both parties, they never are allowed to take control of either party or the closed political system.

Before the summer of 2011 is over, the Tea Party supporters will already be angry and disappointed as the GOP elites will maintain the status quo and there will only be empty rhetoric rather than political action to control spending, curtail the deficits and limit government. When the coming debt and dollar crisis takes hold, I guarantee the GOP will have an action plan supported by the Democrats which will pass with bilateral support to solve the economic crisis. The solution will be the theft of your private wealth and promised benefits all done in the public interest to save America.

Why Only Nixon Could Go To China

And only the Republicans will be able to steal most of your wealth and get away with it with the acquiescence of the Democrats. Only older readers will remember the above political metaphor as it suggests additional legitimacy for politicians making “tough decisions” can result when strong supporters of a political viewpoint suddenly change their views and direction always in the public interest for a crisis etc. In other words, only Nixon, perceived as a rightwing conservative could have opened the door to China in 1972 as a liberal Democrat would have been criticized, attacked and thwarted by the opposition GOP.

What Asset Will Be lost Or Auctioned?

As America goes under, here are 9 assets and guarantees likely to be stolen by the politicians and then auctioned off to buy more time for the Washington elites of both political parties. Do not believe anything anyone from the establishment tells you as it is always false information.

Social Security Theft – As we see today in France, Social Security retirement ages will be further extended into the future. Wealthy Americans will be “means tested” and entirely forfeit their benefits and Washington will eventually end cost-of-living adjustments for all but the poorest Social Security recipients.

Solution: If you are eligible for SS benefits start taking them as soon as possible even at the lower rate and age currently age 62.

Rising Income & Estate Taxes – This is already a done deal by the Democrats and there will be some minor temporary pushback by the GOP but nothing of substance.

Solution: You might get one more year of the Bush tax cuts so throw all income possible into 2011.

National Health Care Expands – Again, some minor changes by the GOP and Blue Dog Democrats but it will never be overturned and in a few years this travesty will be just as supported by the Republicans as they now support Social Security, the Department of Education and the Patriot Act today. There is no solution.

The Risk of Private Gold Confiscation Will Go Up – When the dollar and Treasury market crashes, Washington will enact legislation against gold investors to curtail your profits, add a confiscatory non-productive asset tax or confiscate your gold with some type of fiat currency exchange. In any case, they plan to end up with your gold as this will be the basis of a restored dollar.

Solution: Move most of your gold offshore in a legal and reportable manner but outside the threat of closed or paralyzed banks, US investment firms and desperate politicians.

Home Values Will Continue To Fall – The long-term effects of the Fed and Wall Street bank created boom and subsequent real estate bust along with the foreclosure crisis now beginning will likely continue to weigh heavily on home prices.

Solution: Wait to buy any property you need at a lower price and walk away from properties outside your residence now sinking further underwater.

Confiscation of Large Retirement Fund Accounts – The long-term confiscation and control idea is to eventually force all retirement benefits under the new automatic/mandatory IRA program where everything will be combined with and managed like your Social Security benefits. Wealthy and productive Americans will find their retirement benefits used to support the trillions in underfunded union, state and local government employee plans.

Solution: When possible, move your substantial retirement assets legally offshore to escape a future liquidity crisis when the theft will occur and drawdown your balances by taking withdrawals as soon as you can without an early retirement penalty.

A National Sales or VAT Tax – This will be a quick revenue generator for the Feds but will probably start out somewhere between 2%–5% and rising quickly after that to confiscatory levels. Americans in low tax brackets may initially be exempted from this tax.

Solution: Make any major purchases sooner rather than later.

An End to the Home Interest Deduction – Again, this will be a quick revenue generator for the Feds but will put additional downward pressure on home prices. There is no solution but never buy anything tangible or even an investment for tax benefits. as tax preferences always change and never in your favor.

An Organized Collapse of the Dollar – The Feds fully hope to get some control over the outstanding national debt externally and internally over transfer payments by depreciating the dollar. How they hope to accomplish this without creating a run and collapse of the dollar and Treasury debt is beyond me but this is their intention.

Solution: Diversify your wealth internationally outside the US in banks and annuities, equities, bonds and real estate not denominated in dollars. Buy gold bullion, quality gold mining and national resource stocks outside the US.

The Bottom Line

It really doesn’t matter where you sit on the deck of the Titanic, you have to get off the boat quickly in a lifeboat of your own design. The call for “women and children first” and “there are plenty of lifeboats for everyone” will just be misinformation to enable the leaders of Wall Street, Washington and the Fed to hide their identities, assets and involvement in creating the crisis.

I can’t wait to see Bernanke, Bush and Obama in a lifeboat disguised and dressed in womens clothing along with most of Congress and the Wall Street insiders. May the sharks not be too hungry and the water not too cold so they will suffer longer. Or as Jimmy Buffet put it so well: You got fins to the left, fins to the right and you’re the only bait in town.

Ron Holland is a contributing editor to the Swiss Mountain Vision Newsletter and Freedom Matters published by Appenzeller Business Press.

Copyright © 2010 by LewRockwell.com.

The Last Bastion of Freedom – The Internet

Coming Revolution:

The Last Bastion of Freedom – The Internet


Figuring things out for yourself is practically the only freedom anyone really has nowadays. Use that freedom. – Starship Troopers

Newsone.com is one of the finest Web sites on the Internet, a portal into a world that few could imagine exists. Those who erroneously label SBPDL a “hate” site do so because we publish “hate facts” yet Newsone.com – which utilizes the moniker For Black America – might be the ultimate purveyor of hate facts.

Constantly publicizing stories that only add fuel to the fire burning secretly in every non-Black person’s mind, Newsone.com only enhances unflattering stereotypes with tales of Black people engaging in regrettably stereotypically behavior.

We have stated that Black people love to be Black, and no Web site provides more validity to this claim then Newsone.com.

Publishing a story today on ‘Google Instant’ and how this new service of Google doesn’t censor searches involving Black people engaging in stereotypical behavior (thus confirming the notion that the entire world can see), Newsone bemoans the lack of analytical compassion on the part of a program that assumes what you are thinking:

Have you ever tried to type “why do black people…” You should try it now, because you won’t be stopped by Google Instant. In fact, you will be prompted with lovely and harmless phrases such as:

-why do black people have big lips
-why do black people like watermelon
-why do black people say aks
-why do black men like white women
-why do black people have nappy hair

And the results that come up for plain “why do black people have” offer up strains of racism that must rival what comes up for “white power.” My favorite: A Yahoo Answers post titled, “Why do black people have a tendency to be violent, racist and unintelligent when it comes to everything?” Good question. So glad Google Instant makes it faster than ever to find the results!

The article points out that search terms that might lead a person to a “hate” Web site are blacklisted, joining the illustrious ranks of pornography in popularity or notoriety (depending on which way you look at it).

It’s funny when you think about it: people in not only America, but the world over are searching for ideas and terms on the Internet that in the real world they would never dare say aloud. Instead, the World Wide Web delivers people the ability to figure things out for themselves, unfiltered and objectively (when one looks at a random search engine return).

The NAACP looks for nefarious white people at Tea Party rallies without realizing that the Internet is the tool of Black Run America’s (BRA) demise. And worse, Web sites like Newsone.com and AOL Black Voices publish stories that only augment those cyber-warriors with more information to spread among friends through list serves, blogs, E-mails and forums.

While putting the SBPDL book together and receiving many E-mails from people excited about having a print edition of this site so they can disseminate it among friends, SBPDL realized something important: Courage will always be the only ally one needs when espousing an idea that runs counter to the prevailing orthodoxy of the day.

Contrary to what we have been taught regarding a post-racial society, Mein Obama is presiding over a polarization of the races unlike any previously recorded in Pre-Obama American history.

Funny, if you had been on the Internet that fracture would have been obvious. Especially if you viewed the message boards of stories from across the nation posted on mainstream news sites:

Although you rarely hear racial insults on Main Street these days, there’s a place where unashamed bigotry is all too easy to find: tossed off in the comments sections of some of the Internet’s most popular websites, today’s virtual Main Street.

Internet anonymity has removed one of the strongest barriers to the type of language that can ruin reputations and end careers.

Do these comments reflect a reversal of racial progress? Is that progress an illusion while racism thrives underground? What kind of harm are these statements doing? Could there be any value in such venting? And what, if anything, should a free society do about it?

“We’ve seen comments that people would not make in the public square or any type of civic discussion, maybe even within their own families,” said Dennis Ryerson, editor of The Indianapolis Star. “There is no question in my mind that the process, because it’s largely anonymous, enables people who would never speak up on Main Street to communicate their thoughts.”

At the newspaper’s website, moderators delete individual racist comments that are brought to their attention, and will take down a whole thread if such comments persist. On some stories that are expected to provoke racism, the entire comments section is disabled beforehand, a practice shared by a growing number of newspapers.

On a single day recently, racially offensive online remarks were not hard to find:

In a comment on a Yahoo News story about a black civil rights era photographer revealed to be an FBI informant, someone called blacks farm animals who “were not and are not wanted in this society.”

Another commenter wrote, “We all know who MADE America what it is today, and we also know which group is receiving hefty tax dollar pay outs… so until the tables turn the only thing you should be saying is ‘thank you’ to all the hard working (whites) who gave you the life you now take for granted.”

BlackVoices.com story about two black sisters jailed 20 years for an $11 robbery, someone used several crude epithets to suggest that the judge was a white racist.

A USAToday.com story about demographic changes in the nation’s kindergartens turned into open season on Latinos. “Go to any ER, school, jail and see first hand what race is over consuming precious US resources?” one comment said. Another complained in ugly terms about Latino birthrates.

Some believe such comments indicate that racism has not declined as much as people may think. Joe Feagin, a sociologist at Texas A&M University, said a study he conducted of 626 white college students at 28 institutions revealed thousands of examples of racism in “backstage,” all-white settings.

Those who despair over the direction the United States moves in need only consult the Internet to see which way the prevailing winds truly blow. Without compunction, Black Web sites promote stories that would make even the most hardened white racists blush.

The Internet is a place people are figuring out truths on their own, exercising freedom in a way that undermines BRA’s authority completely.

Disingenuous White Liberal’s (DWLs) can only look on with horror at the freedom the Internet provides, as they rest comfortably in their white enclaves they have created that separate them from their Black playthings over whom they so love to dote. As long as they remain  in classrooms for observations, that is.

Freedom to make up your own mind… it’s becoming increasingly clear that the majority of people have decided that stereotypes of Black people are best left to discuss over the Internet or in private conversations where lowering their voices and furtive glances are unnecessary.

Censorship is the only way to counter this freedom, but the problem to this is obvious: a majority of people know the ideas behind Black Run America are fallacious; and currently, they only have the Internet as a medium to investigate, discuss, and speak these truths.

What happens if you take that away? You have a majority of people who have already made their minds up but are denied the one medium they used to vent frustrations that have been building for generations.

The Currency War Endgame…

The Currency War Endgame…


… will be international gold confiscation, suggests Jim Rickards and Max Keiser.

Jonathan Bowden on Radical Traditionalism


“New-Right London” is proving itself to be one of the most important gatherings for Western rightists in the world. Case in point — Jonathan Bowden’s recent lecture on Baron Julius Evola.

The remaining videos can be watched on New-Right London’s YouTube Channel.

Worth revisiting is Christian Kopff’s essay on Evola, which was one of the first things AltRight published.