End Result of Charlottesville



Well done Jason Kessler, and every White who participated. Whatever else comes of this, you have flushed out the enemy, and thereby performed a great service for your race.

The anti-White/pro-jew regime does indeed seek to replace us. The jews, who rule, have designated Whites personae non gratae. The jews cry out in pain as they condemn “white nationalism” and “white supremacy”, while their servants, who specifically praise “the jewish people” and their parasitic alien ethnostate, obsequiously echo their masters.

How? Why? Revilo Oliver was right.


Revilo P. Oliver

Late Professor of Classics at the University of Illinois at Urbana

Revilo P. Oliver, a truly great scholar of our ageThis hypothesis is open to the objection that, so far as we can tell, a distinct change has taken place in the Jews’ activity in this century and at approximately the time of the “Protocols.” Before this, the aliens seem to have been content to exploit the Aryans and, in biological terms, feed on them; the present objective is obviously extermination of our species through mongrelization and massacres, so that it would seem that the organization and domination of the Jewish colonies by the Zionists produced a change in purpose that must, to a large extent at least, have been consciously determined and planned.

This implies some measure of rule by some kind of directorate that has the ability and power to set objectives for the race. The alternative is to explain the change as a natural result of the progressive weakening of our race by less direct attacks during the past thousand years or more, comparable to the change in the activity of a wolf pack when it senses that the harried caribou are nearing exhaustion.

Whatever the explanation, the Jews’ determination to exterminate the Aryans is not unreasonable.

One may see a good analogy in the cattle that are raised in the southwestern part of the United States. For a long time, the favorite breed was the ‘Texas Long-horn,’ which was hardy, able to fight off coyotes and other predators, and to survive in the wilds until it was rounded up by the cowboys for a long drive to the market, but it was also a dangerous animal that would attack its owners when provoked. It is now virtually extinct, having been replaced on the ranches by more docile breeds, such as the ‘Black Angus,’ since the predators have been exterminated and the cattle now graze within fences or are simply fattened on corn provided for them, and the vigor of the potentially dangerous ‘Longhorn’ is no longer needed, while the more docile and sluggish animals yield more tender meat.

Early in the Twentieth Century, Aryans had, for all practical purposes, subjugated the entire world and made it everywhere both safe and convenient for the Jews, whereas events in Germany in the 1930s proved that Aryans could be dangerous to the Master Race, if they got out of control. Elimination of the species seems therefore a logical step for the self-styled ‘God-people.’

Western Civilization’s Last Stand | Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux

Until these Cucks understand that what we face in the west is a racial issue, and promote the unification of whites against the non-whites, they will fail. Any white man who understands what is occurring and is too cowardly to stand for his own people is not a man but a bitch. Fucking cowards.

The Killer Instinct– Perhaps some are indeed born with a mind suited for killing while others are acutely averse to it. Regardless and according to the laws of Nature, the latter person would seldom survive if only protected by those who would kill. In a modern world people are disconnected from the act of killing. However the average chump still indulges in a macabre orgy of media violence served up at his fingertips. All of this while ensconced within his safe space.

Alleviated from the real consequences of violence, modern lemmings have a very unrealistic perception of reality.

Killing is an essential part of our existence. Still we have chosen to hide the grim reality of it behind dark closed doors and bury it deep under layers of cognitive dissonance. The food that we eat must be slaughtered and gutted to provide us with nourishment. Even the plants which vegetarians eat thinking they are doing the earth some kind of favor fail to understand they are consuming the life force of something else in order to survive. The fruit is there and so they TAKE it.


While some might argue than simply taking the fruit is no big deal because the plant or tree survives still. Yet the tree you would also need wood for shelter and other things so that bitch gets the axe.

Lets see whats really going on:

Mestizo Malignancy: Here to Pimp Adults and Children

Stop being a weak cowardly cuck, these brown people are NOT us, they are NOT our people, we owe them shit, fuck em, kill them, rape their women and wipe them out!!!
A key element in the jewish strategy for destroying the White race is promoting diversity. The jews maliciously promote only one kind of diversity: the forcible invasion of White homelands by the most primitive, savage, and violent blacks and browns. Diversity, of course, is merely a step towards the talmudic goal of transforming the non-jewish peoples into uniformly miscegenated, sewage-colored slaves. Even if the rat-faced men do not succeed in using their mass media propaganda weapons (from talmudvision to the corrupt ed-jew-cational institutions) to brainwash the goyim into liaisons that are traitorous to their own races, the close proximity of mutually hostile and incompatible competing ethnic groups will inevitably lead to gruesomely brutal conflicts and heavy non-hebriac casualties. The jews relentlessly advocate dysgenics for all other races in order to eliminate any effective resistance to the jewish domination over all aspects of life. The priority target for extinction by race-mixing is the Whites; the only race who has historically ever come close to exposing and eliminating the threat posed by the disgusting, destructive jews and their genetically determined evil. The impending tragedy of a world without Whites, if the jewish plan to subsume the White race into the degenerate mass of seething brown idiocy comes to fruition, can be presaged in the Mestizo menace.

The Mestizos represent a glimpse of end-stage talmudic miscegenation insanity. The epicenter of the Mestizo tragedy is Aztexico, a country of incredible natural and historical wealth that is now a failed state by any reasonable measure. Aztexico is a country plagued by internal dissension, lawlessness, venal corruption, and vicious gangs because the racial basis for the country was irrevocably shattered by miscegenation. Every permutation of Indian, Spanish, and Black mixture serves as its own fractious identity group at odds with all the others. The consequence of having a confused mess of Mestizos, Castizos, Indios, Prietos, and Zambos together in a single political entity is not the undefinable “vibrancy” that the jews tell us is ever so important, nor is it a peaceful commingling bringing prosperity to all. The real consequence is a retrograde society full of poverty, misery, and criminality, ruled by the likes of Carlos Slim “the jew” Helu. This Aztexican disaster is now being recreated in the formerly safe White homeland of California.

Adam Rocky Trinidad pleaded guilty to pimping, pandering by procuring, possession of a firearm by a felon, and possession of ammunition by a prohibited person Thursday in a plea agreement with the Orange County District Attorney’s office.”

Your equal, says the jew. Here for a better life, and for the pimping and pandering.

We’re all equal, and all the pimps and panderers are White according to the talmudvision. The rat-faced men tell us that we need many more of these sewage-colored bipeds in the Whitest remaining areas of the USSA because they’ll save our public pensions, vote elephant party, and have family values. According to the jew, our White homelands should just prostitute themselves to the Mestizo pimps because of “muh economy.” Of course, no mention is made about who will be paying to keep “Rocky” in prison but I’m sure there’s a jew somewhere who will argue that prison spending is wonderful economic growth.

In August 2016, Trinidad drove an 18-year-old “Jane Doe” from Fresno to areas in Orange County known for human trafficking and prostitution, according to prosecutors in Southern California.  rinidad posted sexually explicit advertisements of the victim, soliciting sex, and kept part of the money she received from customers.”

Healthy societies don’t have areas that are widely known for human trafficking and prostitution. They also don’t tolerate invasion by low IQ genetic aliens. But when diversity becomes the overriding “good” for which a society strives, that society has become irrevocably suicidal and its members must tolerate some human trafficking and prostitution either through a coarsening of morals or ignorance.

A Fresno gang member is going to prison for decades for turning a high school-age runaway into a prostitute, a case that landed in court after the girl’s determined family tracked him down and called police.”

What a strange coincidence! Another Mestizo monster caught pimping and human trafficking out of Fresno. The highly militarized, but totally ineffectual police force does absolutely nothing about it until the victim’s family puts itself at risk to find this walking turd and bring it to justice. In typical jewish double-speak, diversity means eliminating Whites by replacing them with identical looking and acting violent criminals with skin the color of a bowel movement.

In June, a jury convicted [Alfredo “Blessem”] Verde of six felony counts of human trafficking of a minor for a sex act involving force, abduction of a minor for the purpose of prostitution, pandering, dissuading a witness and possession of a large capacity magazine.”

He’s here to do the jobs Americans just won’t do. Like pimping children.

Yet another in a long list of natural conservatives, here for a better life. It must have been all the racism that “Blessem” faced in the overwhelmingly Hispanic city of Fresno that made him become a violent gang member who pimps out children and intimidates witnesses. There is always some kosher externality that causes the Mestizo malfunction: racism, inequality, opportunity denied, or unfairness. Apparently the jews believe that the Mestizos lack agency and cannot have personal responsibility. But never mind that goyim, just take a few million more into your homelands.

He has shown a pattern of calculated greed by dehumanizing people,” [Judge John] Vogt said. “And then he glorifies his lifestyle in a music video as a pimp, a human trafficker and enslaver of human beings.”

Although the judge was describing the “Blessem” Mestizo, his quote might serve as one of the most accurate descriptions of the jews ever put in print. Fortunately, Judge Vogt threw the book at “Blessem” and sentenced him to more than 20 years in prison. Of course, you’ll be footing the bill, Whitey.

The Mestizo contribution to diversity: human trafficking, child abduction, prostitution, and forcible sex acts with minors. There was a time, within living memory and before the ascendancy of the degenerate USSA, when elected leaders at the national level fought for White interests against the scourge of diversity. Although it occurred at a time when the Mestizo menace was held firmly at bay by a well secured border and a racial homogeneity exceeding 90%, a three-term US Senator once publicly warned:

Although the race problem may seem to lie dormant at times, it continually exists, lives on and on and sometimes rages with all the fury of a jungle beast.  It gnaws as the very vitals of our existence, in time it will sap our strength and destroy the greatness of our American way of life unless solved properly and permanently…If we do not adopt the policy of physical separation and set about to accomplish this objective, then by our very silence and inactivity or the sin of omission we are drifting into the other alternative, amalgamation or the mixing of the blood of the races… Segregation is only a stop gap – it has and will delay for awhile the inevitable mongrelization… Once the blood is corrupted, there is no power on earth, neither armed might, nor wealth, nor science, nor religion itself, that can restore its purity.” – US Senator Theodore Bilbo, Take Your Choice, 1947. 

The White race must remain distinct and separate from the other races. On this point there can be no half measures, exceptions, or accommodations. Without the concrete premise that the White race must exist as a unique people, the door is open for moral equivocation, for suicidal out-group altruism, for aiding and abetting the talmudic insanity promoted by the jews. We must preserve our race and have our own homelands if we are to prosper and flourish. We must stop the jewish plans to eradicate the White race.

Source articles:




NON-WHITES need to leave the west, they can go peacefully, or we can wipe them out in the coming civil war and put them in mass graves.



We have a rich heritage to not just preserve but also to live up to. Our ancestors despite many hardships not only survived but thrived in a world much harsher than ours. Their blood is our blood and we should do it proud.




United Nations Urges U.S. to Abandon First Amendment to Fight Rise of ‘Racism’


The 1st Amendment has become increasingly problematic for the ‘globalists’ of the Jew World Order.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Already we have seen many instances in the United States where the rights of White Americans to air their grievances have been thwarted, with public demonstrations shut down due to violence or threats of violence from ‘anti-fascists’. Before this, we saw the introduction of ‘free speech zones’ that were essentially corrals where protesters could demonstrate without disturbing our ‘politically correct’ overlords.

However, the big crackdown has come online, where truth-tellers have been having the greatest effect. Website domains are now getting seized, hosting contracts are being terminated, Amazon is banning a large assortment of pro-White and Revisionist books, and Google/Youtube is working with the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith to censor content hated by jews on the world’s largest internet platform.

Many people ‘on the right’ are still too deluded (smoking too much hopium) to realize that this has been the plan for the Trump administration from the beginning. Here is Donald Trump talking about closing up the internet in 2015.

We have to go see Bill Gates and a lot of different people that really understand what is happening. We have to talk to them, maybe in certain areas, closing that Internet up in some way. Some of you will say, “Oh, freedom of speech, freedom of speech.” These are foolish people. … We have got to maybe do something with the Internet because they are recruiting by the thousands.

What has Donald Trump actually done to stop the violation of our rights? He got his base excited at a rally by talking about how the leftists are destroying our heritage, then he announced that he will be initiating a new troop surge in Afghanistan. Expect even more Afghani opioids to flood into America in the coming months and years.

Trump has been a large part of the psychological operation to destabilize the United States so that it can be radically transformed. The kosher nostra, with whom Trump has been in bed his entire career, created the problem by fanning the flames of racial tension with the mass media and alternative outlets, they controlled the reaction on the left and the right, and now the draconian solutions are coming in like a freight train.

The big catalyst for shutting down the First Amendment in America was the fabricated vehicular homicide at the staged Charlottesville rally. This is largely targeted at ‘White supremacists’ (any White person who does not hate his or her heritage), but it should also be noted that some honest activists on the Left are being suppressed for speaking out against the crimes of Israel or otherwise exposing the true nature of our overlords, which should be obvious to anyone now with the ADL policing the world’s speech.

If the assault from traitors within the United States was not bad enough, now we have an ‘early warning’ from the The U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Anastasia Crickley, a native of Ireland who chairs the U.N. committee, said in a press release:

We are alarmed by the racist demonstrations, with overtly racist slogans, chants and salutes by white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan, promoting white supremacy and inciting racial discrimination and hatred.”

She wants to the US government to “investigate thoroughly the racial discrimination targeting, in particular, people of African descent, ethnic or ethno-religious minorities, and migrants,” and “to undertake concrete measures to address the root causes of the proliferation of such racist manifestations.”

Here comes the real kicker:

[The committee] recommends that the United States of America ensure that the rights to freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly are not exercised with the aim of destroying or denying the rights and freedoms of others, especially the right to equality and non-discrimination, and that the government of the United States of America provide the necessary guarantees so that such rights are not misused to promote racist hate speech and racist crimes.”

There is no such thing as a “hate speech” provision in the Constitution. There is only free speech; to hell with anyone who might get offended.

All the while, jewish supremacists and their ‘good goys’ are able to put out the most vile and hateful propaganda about White guilt and White privilege, even going so far as to call for the genocide of Whites. In fact, what is being done to the White population in America and around the world should be classified by the United Nations as genocide, according to their own definition, but I don’t see them issuing any warnings about it!

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.The last time the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination issued a warning to the U.S. was in 2006.

In just a few minute I can prove without a shadow of a doubt that what is taking place is White genocide, which is why no one from the media seems interested in getting my take on the problem of ‘racism’ in America.

We need to keep the focus of our efforts on exposing White genocide and prosecuting the criminal cabal. Become a White civil rights advocate, occupy the moral high ground, and get our enemies on the defensive.

Mankind Has a Common Enemy: The Global Elite and Their Media

Mankind Has a Common Enemy: The Global Elite and Their Media



The face of evil, George Soros. But he’s only one of many in the elite cabal moving to seize the reigns power from We The People

Many people are only knee-jerk responding to each shock to the body politic as it occurs, and not thinking about who is responsible for each affront to freedom unfolding in America today. The time has come for us to start putting a face on who is stirring the pot – nay, also putting the ingredients in the pot before stirring it – so the public knows who they are.

Make no mistake, if the elite and their propaganda ministry (mainstream media) suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth, abducted by aliens perhaps, we would see an almost instant end to the mainstream media agitprop and throngs of alt-left thugs inciting violence in American cities.

The American Republic is in jeopardy because of these two forces.

Carefully designed agitprop, dreamed up by the Establishment and doled out in neat little doses by the echo chamber media is damned effective when it comes to creating division and inciting violence. Here’s how the evil genius behind the toppling of American institutions one by one, as well as the carefully crafted marginalization of all things traditional, common sensical, male, and Caucasian works. It’s a six step process:

  1. An incident designed to create a “newsworthy” event is crafted to bring the most radical members of the left and right together (such as the pincer tactic which brought the alt-left and alt-right together in Charlottesville, VA – a state where Terry McAuliffe is governor)
  2. Violence inevitably ensues
  3. The right is scapegoated by the whores in the media as culpable for the violence
  4. This narrative is repeated ad-nauseum, and amplified by focusing only on extremists
  5. The shockwave the violence creates is allowed to dissipate
  6. The next attack on American history, the right, or narrative to smear white people as racists is planned out

One of the primary financial backers of the alt-left Socialist revolutionaries who brought flamethrowers to Charlottesville, burned down cities across America last summer, and will no doubt be inciting violence in the future – as documented by countless blogs and other non-Establishment outposts – is George Soros.

But he’s not the only devil. There are many others. In fact, someone has been keeping a running tally of some of the major players in the economic domination of American government and the subjugation of ordinary Americans to oligarchy. According to The Global Elite blog, here are some of those making moves to topple democracy and replace it with worldwide Communism. Not surprisingly, most are bankers.

1: Lord Jacob de Rothschild.

Image result for Lord Jacob de Rothschild

2: His son Nathaniel.

Image result for Nathaniel Rothschild

3: Baron David de Rothschild

Image result for Baron David de Rothschild

4: Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

Image result for Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

5: David Rockefeller Jr.

Image result for David Rockefeller Jr.

6: Henry Kissinger

Image result for Henry Kissinger

7:George Soros

Image result for George Soros

8: Lloyd Blankfein

Image result for Lloyd Blankfein

All these people and their families, need to be executed for their crimes.

We’ve all heard those names before.

But, those men are only the top of the food chain. The Global Elite blog goes into much more detail about the real power structure in the world, and it names names. These people are our common enemy. Strip them of their fortunes, and the power of their megaphone by boycotting mainstream media, and these people have no power to oppress mankind and shape us into human machines powering their bottom line. They will have no power to further divide and conquer us.

They will have no power to turn this planet into the living embodiment of Orwell’s Animal Farm. Let’s start by refusing to listen to mainstream media except as a tactic to know what moves the elite are intending to make on us. Once their narratives no longer carry any weight, we will have won a major battle as the resistance to coming global tyranny.

The Mask Comes off- NeoCons are Anti-white

Image result for neocon = anti white

Karl Rove shows us that the neo-cons are in fact anti-white. Thank you for clearing that up.

Best Comment:    Karl Rove is an anti-white jew. Fox news serves the interests of the neo-con elites who are jewish and control the power system within the Republican Party. Zionism is by its very nature anti-white, just like communism, just like BLM, just like La Raza, its all about taking from whites and promoting white genocide.

Other Facts:

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Image result for neocon = anti white

Bill Kristol (Jew)

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Fox News is the same as CNN, one is just more blatantly anti-white

Image result for neocon = anti white

by Phil Giraldi who is a former CIA Case Officer and Army Intelligence Officer:

The hatred of Trump runs so deep that a leading neocon Bill Kristol actually tweeted that he would prefer a country run by bureaucrats and special interests rather than the current constitutional arrangement. The neocon vendetta was as well neatly summed up in two recent articles by Max Boot. The first is entitled “Trump knows the Feds are closing in on him” and the second is “WikiLeaks has joined the Trump Administration.”In the former piece Boot asserts that “Trump’s recent tweets aren’t just conspiratorial gibberish—they’re the erratic ravings of a guilty conscience” and in the latter, that “The anti-American WikiLeaks has become the preferred intelligence service for a conspiracy-addled White House.”

Neocons, Israel, and Iraq

Interestingly, I have never heard the “Jewish bankers” theory or disparagement of Jewish “politics” from the many responsible critics who have been dismayed by the aberrant U.S. foreign policy that has evolved since 2001. I don’t know how much money Goldman Sachs has made since the World Trade Center went down and that is not really the issue, nor is the fact that Jews overwhelmingly vote Democratic, which is a party that I don’t particularly like. Williamson dodges the increasingly held view that America slid into the abyss when Washington declared war on the entire world and invaded Iraq based on a tissue of lies, in large part to benefit Israel, which is what matters and why the enabling role of the neocons is important.

And one might reasonably argue that U.S. policy since that time has nearly always deferred to Israeli interests, most recently declaring its prime mission at the U.N. to be protecting Israel, then acting on that premise by forcing the resignation of a senior official who had prepared a report critical of Israel’s “apartheid” regime. I recognize that relatively few American Jews are neocons and that many American Jews are in the forefront in resistance to Israel’s inhumane policies, but the reality is that nearly all neocons are Jewish. And they are in your face every time you turn on the television or pick up a newspaper. Abrasive and abusive Professor Alan Dershowitz recently proclaimed that Jews should never apologize for Jewish power, saying that it is deserved and granted by God, but I for one think it is past time for a little pushback from the rest of us to make Washington protect American interests instead of those of Israel.

The neocon cult has been behind the promotion of Israel as well as the serial foreign policy misadventures since 2001. Do the names Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz, Abrams, Edelman, Ledeen, Senor, Libby and Nuland in and around the government as well as a host of others in think tanks and lobbies like AIPAC, AEI, WINEP, PNAC, FPI, FDD, JINSA and Hudson ring a bell? And do the loud voices in the media to include Judith Miller, Robert Kaplan, Charles Krauthammer, Jennifer Rubin, Fred Hiatt, Bret Stephens, Bill Kristol, the Kagans and the Podhoretzes, as well as the entire Washington Post and Wall Street Journal editorial pages, suggest any connivance?

They are all Jews and many are connected in terms of their careers, which were heavily networked from the inside to advance them up the ladder, often to include moving between government and lucrative think tank and academic positions. They mostly self-identify as neoconservatives and all share some significant traits, notably extreme dedication to Israel and embrace of the doctrine that the U.S. should not be shy about using military force, so it is interesting to learn from Williamson that they really do not constitute a cohesive group with shared values and interests as well as excellent access to the media and the levers of power. When did you last see an “expert” on the Middle East on television who was not Jewish?

Having made his pithy comments and dismissed neoconservatism-phobes as bigots, Williamson then wanders off subject into the Deep State, which, like neoconism apparently is some kind of urban legend being propagated by the poorly informed, whom these days he identifies as Trump supporters. He argues that the entities that are frequently cited as the Deep State, including the neocons, actually have quite divergent interests and it is unlikely that those interests should become “identical or aligned” to enable running of the country in an essentially clandestine fashion.

It is perhaps inevitable that Williamson is confused as he does not recognize how the American Deep State differs from that in most other countries – it is perhaps better described as the Establishment. Unlike in places like Turkey, it operates largely out in the open and ostensibly legally along a New York-Washington axis that constantly revitalizes itself through the revolving door allowing the entry of politicians and high government officials who create and enforce the legislation that benefits Deep State interests. Its components do indeed have different motives, but they come together in preserving the status quo, which benefits all parties, while little dissent comes from the Fourth Estate as the process plays out, since much of the media and many of the proliferating Washington think tanks that provide Deep State “intellectual” credibility are also part of the same malignancy. And yes, quite a bit of today’s Establishment is Jewish, most particularly financial and legal services, the think tanks, and academia. Many of them support or are part of the neocon persuasion and frequently also of the Israel Lobby.

The existence of a Deep State means that many issues that impact on the citizenry never are discussed as part of the political process, leading to jokes that the United States has only one political party with two wings. Issues like the relationship with Israel, though hotly debated by some of the public, are never really debated and are dealt with by consensus crafted by the politicians and the media. Significant policies like those relating to war and peace, healthcare and immigration were rarely seriously challenged prior to Trump because there is a broad agreement regarding what the Establishment will allow to take place. That is how the Deep State operates.

Neocons part of Deep State

When it comes to foreign and national security policy the neocons are most definitely an integral part of the Deep State, using money and access to politicians to influence what is taking place without anyone seriously challenging their role. They are an essential cog in a system that is completely corrupt: it exists to sell out the public interest, and includes both major political parties as well as government officials. And it is so successful because it wins no matter who is in power, by creating bipartisan-supported money pits within the system. Monetizing the completely unnecessary and hideously expensive global war on terror benefits the senior government officials, beltway industries, and financial services that feed off it. Because it is essential to keep the money flowing, the Deep State persists in promoting policies that enrich its constituencies but otherwise make no sense, to include funding the unending and unwinnable wars currently enjoying marquee status in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and the gift of $38 billion to Israel.

Max Boot spews the kind of bile that is commonly seen or heard when the neocons zero in on their enemies. The National Review meanwhile provides cover for Max and others by suggesting that only anti-Semites or the demented could possibly have it in for neoconservatives or be wary of zany concepts like a Deep State. Together they generate the fog that makes it impossible to challenge certain aspects of the status quo. Maybe, just maybe, what Donald Trump has been saying about his predecessor’s Deep State inspired machinations are true. And just possibly there is a largely Jewish cabal within that Deep State, call it what you will, that works very hard behind the scenes to favor Israel while also pushing for a state of perpetual war, from which it benefits personally. I know that thinking that we Americans are on the receiving end of a vast and very effective conspiracy makes many uneasy, but history has taught us that sometimes our worst nightmares are actually true.


Image result for neocon jews

You get it yet? (((They))) hate you white man and (((they))) want you and your race dead.




“And that’s exactly what you’ve got coming here…”

W.C. Varones tells of meeting a Cassandra.

H/t to the Prof, who blows it off.

We’ll know more in six months.

Tempus fugit.

Muir: Pattern

See the entire excellent ‘toon here; see also this related link.

Ask Max

AG has an “open question forum” going for soldier, author, and trainer Max Velocity.

Go and ask away!

Surrounded By Flattery Wherever You Go

…This post contains just a few paragraphs of commentary followed by the complete English translation of the letter from Der Gerade Weg. It’s a long letter, but I think it provides a valuable view into the perilous national situation in early 1930′s Germany. That situation involved the clear danger of a smitten and careless national press, ambivalence about public lies and a political party that, in Fr. Naab’s words, “promises all things to all men, even the most contradictory things.”

Thanks to 4GFC.

Rethinking Colonialism

Rethinking Colonialism

Moving beyond a narrow victimology

Rethinking Colonialism Colonialism: time to re-examine the clichés

The subject of European Colonialism is arguably one of the most important historical topics in the modern world, because it is heavily intertwined with contemporary issues of morality, globalism, indigenism, religion, economics, ethics, etc. Whatever your opinions may be about it, European Colonialism is clearly one of the most important epochs in human history and still very relevant.

European Civilization and its subsequent colonization of practically the entire world have laid the foundations of Modernity. So broadly speaking, Colonialism and Modernity are interrelated, and the latter may be considered as a continuation of the former. And though this assertion may be refutable on an intellectual level, it remains incontrovertible on an emotional level, particularly for those who harbor feelings of victimhood. People throughout the world are now plugged into the global economy, the global village, and the globalist project, whether they want to be or not. And this condition has its precursors in European Colonialism.

Because of this situation, it is therefore reasonable to assert that a rethinking of the era of European Colonialism will – to some extent – lead to a rethinking of Modernity. In this regard, I would like to point to an interesting observation made by Eric Hoffer with regards to the legacy of European Colonialism:

“The discontent generated in backward countries by their contact with Western civilization is not primarily resentment against exploitation by domineering foreigners. It is rather the result of a crumbling or weakening tribal solidarity and communal life.

The ideal of self-advancement which the civilizing West offers backwards populations brings with it the plague of individual frustration. All the advantages brought by the West are ineffectual substitutes for the sheltering and soothing anonymity of a communal existence. Even when the Westernized native attains personal success – becomes rich, or masters a respected profession – he is not happy. He feels naked and orphaned. The nationalist movements in colonial countries are partly a striving after group existence and an escape from Western individualism.”

The True Believer, p.42

This alternative narrative to Western Colonialism is very original in that it does not portray this period in history exclusively as a period of evil and oppression, but more generally, as a period of social and cultural upheaval. It presents a narrative where Western Colonialism did not destroy traditional non-white cultures, but rather, it made the latter obsolete and unstable by simply existing.

From when Europeans, with superior technology and the means to circumnavigate the globe, explored and colonized most of the world, the worldview of many non-white cultures, with few exceptions, became obsolete. Their cosmologies, their technologies, their socio-economic systems had become, generally speaking, outdated. Something stronger and more sophisticated had come along to show them that there are bigger fish in the pond.

However, the obsolescence of traditional forms of non-White culture did not end with Colonialism. It was simply the beginning, and now, it continues with Modernity. Colonialism – as the primary vehicle of spreading Western culture throughout the world – has rendered many human social systems obsolete, setting into motion what we now know as the Clash of Civilizations.

However, it is Modernity which has dealt the killing blow. Where vestiges of local and ethnic identity existed and resisted the hard power of Colonialism, the soft power of Modernity now seeks to homogenize all national and ethnic identities by sublimating them in an egalitarian and Universalist system.

Therefore, if we are to move beyond the dangers of Modernity and “Post-modernity,” it is crucial to reevaluate the era of European Colonialism, and to examine it beyond the narrow confines of contemporary discourse.

It needs to be said that the victim morality which underpins most discourses on European Colonialism creates a very one-sided perspective on the issue. It’s true that European Colonialism has brought social upheavals, genocide, and exploitation to the rest of the world, but it also brought development, science, technology, medicine, etc.

Also, the narrative that Colonialism is responsible for the poverty of the Third World is also wearing increasingly thin, not only because of changing global power structures, but also because of the existence of prosperous ex-colonies. Despite the pervasive existence of exploitation in many European colonies, the truth is that the colonial system also brought trade and industry. Hong Kong, Singapore and Macao, for example, are very wealthy places despite their colonial heritage. Moreover, the Panama and Suez canals – both of which are important contributors to the Panamanian and Egyptian Economies respectively – can also be considered, broadly speaking, as products of Colonialism.

So, in any analysis of Colonialism, it is important to approach the issue beyond the confines of Liberal morality. To do so will allow us to view the period of European Colonialism from a practical and more balanced perspective. This is necessary in light of the complex changes that have been brought about as a result of European Colonialism, and subsequently, Modernity. Without an objective approach to the analysis of European Colonialism, the lessons of the past will be obscured by the moralistic posturing and skewed victimology of the present.

However, this brings up an important question. If we are not to look at Colonialism as a moral issue between oppressed peoples and oppressive nations, then how should we look at it?

My answer to that is to look at Colonialism as a perennial pattern of human behavior that will continue to exist in human affairs but constantly take on different forms. This view is inherently conservative in that it assumes that conflict, conquest and expulsion of populations will not be done away with at the Liberal “end of history” but will continue in ways that will defy the definitions set by the prevailing zeitgeist.

However, this pessimism is tangential. What really matters is that this new perspective will give all people a more realistic perspective on Colonialism, and to perceive it as something that is not uniquely European, but instead, a behavior pattern that is shared by all humanity, thus removing it from the persistent narrative of good (darkie) vs. evil (whitey), which I have already mentioned above. It will also allow us to examine Colonialism in its various forms, and not just the ones perpetrated by Europeans. Of course, such a new perspective can have a considerable effect on the zeitgeist, and will force a lot of people to recognize that despite the promises of our age, the dangers of our past are still here, lurking in new forms and preying upon those who have the hubris to think that they have overcome the burdens of the past.

It is necessary to point out also that the modern definition of Colonialism is ultimately related to Western identity. For the rest of the world, the White man is the colonizer even when he is not colonizing anything. The modern system of economics and politics, although not always imposed upon the Non-white masses of the world, is copied as a matter of economic, social and technological necessity.

In former colonized nations, Non-whites may have expelled the White man, but he also kept the White man’s stuff, along with the White man’s system of economics, politics, morality, and in many cases, religion. The same thing is happening now with Modernity. Non-white societies that are “empowered” or “developed” are defined as such when they attain a certain level of success and prestige within the norms of Modernity. As such, among the problems of Modernity is the uniformity of values that it imposes upon a complex multiplicity. This imposition – like Colonialism prior to it – leads to an alienation that is not yet fully felt among many developing countries.

To put this into context, it is important to compare European Colonialism with other forms of Colonialism perpetrated by other racial groups. Historically speaking, the Turks, the Japanese, the Mongols, the Arabs and various Malay groups have at some point in history engaged in what can broadly be considered as Colonialism. Even today, we can argue that non-whites still engage in Colonialism. Two very obvious examples include the Chinese colonization of Tibet, and of course, mass non-white immigration into White/Western Nations.

And yet, all the various colonial expansions of Non-white groups and populations are conveniently ignored by the moral narrative. Even Genghiz Khan, whose Mongol hordes caused untold destruction and death, has been historicized into a footnote of history. He even has an airport named after him.

Of course, the reason why such colonial expansions by Non-white groups are ignored is that their legacies have largely been historicized. Despite Genghis Khan’s vast empire, the Mongol people of today play a very minor role in the world stage. Not so with the ‘White Devils.’

European Colonialism – on one level – was the expression of European culture on a global scale. And to attack European Colonialism in this context is to inevitably attack European culture as a whole. The changes wrought by European civilization upon the entire world are still very relevant today, even if most of the world takes such changes for granted and sees them as inevitable. In this context, Colonialism ceases to be an act perpetrated by certain European nations on Non-white groups or nations. Instead, on a subliminal level, it becomes a world-changing process that has culminated in what is now Modernity, one that dilutes meanings and boundaries between peoples and cultures.

Modernity is similar to Colonialism in that it imposes a set of Western and Liberal norms and morality upon Non-white societies. The complication however is that many Non-whites do not actually want to get rid of globalism and Modernity. Many Non-white groups – considering their desire to mimic Western technological and socio-economic systems – only want to get rid of those aspects of Modernity which don’t serve their interests, which is another manifestation of the “Go Home Yankee But Take Me With You” Syndrome, which I spoke about in a past article. The result is a desire by Non-whites to recreate Modernity in their image, which needless to say, creates a set of very complex problems.

It is therefore important to understand mass immigration in this context. On a macro level, the breaking apart of traditional Non-white social systems has also broken down resistance to Modernity and systems based on the Western Liberal paradigm. Therefore, Non-whites are forced to either mimic Western style societies (e.g. Japan and China), immigrate to them or more commonly a little bit of both. What such responses amount to is the attempt to de-westernize Modernity, and the continued erosion of traditional forms of Non-white culture in favor of the creation of a modern world where Non-whites are in charge.

This pattern was very similar to what has happened in colonial countries all over the world. When the colonial powers became weak, those who were colonized seized control of the system of the colonizers. This trend is folly however, because Modernity is antithetical to any meaningful form of identity, and ultimately it will destroy those who are trying to control it. The answer to the alienation of Modernity and universal egalitarianism is not to change or take control of it, but to ignore it, and to return to the traditions which are the root of all differentiation.