News: Sex Robots and The Meaning of Life

Sex robots could ‘change humanity forever’: Expert warns the rise of realistic dolls may ‘take meaning out of our lives’ by making sex ‘too easy’

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LOL there they go with trying to say this or that is the meanings of life, but once men accept it, they will say we’re shallow and another this or that is the. earning of life. NICE TRY. I’ll have fun with my life work hard and maybe get a sex doll in the future.

Supply and demand. The less something is available, the more we want it. Yes women have lost the meaning in life, what gives women meaning is having a family and the cultural sexual norms of today have ruined that. Yes sex dolls will make it worse, for men as well. Humans are social creatures, we need each other.

Sex robots could ‘change humanity forever’: Expert warns the rise of realistic dolls may ‘take meaning out of our lives’ by making sex ‘too easy’

  • Computer scientist Noel Sharkey is warning of the dangers of sex robots
  • Sharkey says that the robots will have negative consequences for society
  • His theory is based on the fact that the robots will make sex easier to engage in
  • But despite these concerns the market for sex robots is growing exponentially
  • Sharkey has previously warned of the dangers of pedophiles using sex robots

A computer scientist featured in a new documentary is claiming that sex robots could forever change humanity by making sex too accessible.

The documentary is called ‘Sex Robots and Us’, and in it Noel Sharkey warns of the damage these robots, which are growing in popularity, can do to society.

In the film Sharkey cautions that the machines could make sex ‘too easy’ and ‘change humanity completely’.

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Computer scientist Noel Sharkey has expressed concern over the negative consequences of sex robots in a new documentary called 'Sex Robots and Us'. He claims that the technology will make sex easier to obtain and permanently change society. Pictured is sex robot Harmony

Computer scientist Noel Sharkey has expressed concern over the negative consequences of sex robots in a new documentary called ‘Sex Robots and Us’. He claims that the technology will make sex easier to obtain and permanently change society. Pictured is sex robot Harmony

Sharkey works for the Foundation of Responsible Robotics and has warned of the dangers of sex robots in the past.

He has spoken about the potential harm done if pedophiles access robots resembling children and rapists interact with robots that tell them ‘no’, Metro reported.

In ‘Sex Robots and Us’ Sharkey expressed new fears of the consequences the technologies will inflict on society.

‘We’re just doing all this stuff with machines because we can and not really thinking how this could change humanity completely. Some people have suggested that sex robots create an attitude of “too easy” sex which is always available. This could take meaning out of our lives and turn us into zombies,’ Sharkey said.

But regardless of their potentially harmful side effects sex robots are becoming a lucrative industry.

A report published at the end of last year concluded that more than one-fourth of millennials would be happy to have a relationship with a robot.

The study from Havas, a Paris-based media firm, claimed that 27 percent of people aged 18 to 34 would enjoy such a relationship.

Despite these concerns, the market for sex robots is growing exponentially. Cheaper models cost around $5,400, but nicer ones can set customers back  $15,000

Despite these concerns, the market for sex robots is growing exponentially. Cheaper models cost around $5,400, but nicer ones can set customers back $15,000

The analysis noted that men were three times more likely to engage in robotic relationships than women.

Additionally, a different 2017 study from Canada’s University of Manitoba highlighted the rise of digisexual individuals, or people who prefer robotic relationships to human ones.

Researcher Dr Neil McArthur explained that a growing number of people will identify as digisexual as robots are implemented more and more into romantic contexts.


Sex robots have long been a part of science fiction, and are often used by writers to show the menacing side of technology.

But, with the development of intelligent, more realistic looking sex dolls, they’re fast becoming a part of real life, too.

The rise of sex robots such as ‘Silicon Samantha’ and Realbotix Harmony RealDoll has caused many to draw parallels to popular science fiction narratives.

In the 2015 film Ex Machina, programmer Nathan (((((((Oscar Isaac))))))) has cold and cruel sex with his creation, Ava (Alicia Vikander). However, she has the last laugh when she kills him and escapes to live covertly among humans.

In the TV series Westworld, Thandie Newton plays brothel madame Maeve Millay who is frequently killed by guests during sex only to be patched up and put back to work again.

Pictured is Samantha, one of the more realistic looking sex robots available. Known as 'Silicon Samantha' the robot is covered with sensors, which respond to human contact. Samantha has two modes she can switch between: 'sexy' mode and 'family' mode

Pictured is Samantha, one of the more realistic looking sex robots available. Known as ‘Silicon Samantha’ the robot is covered with sensors, which respond to human contact. Samantha has two modes she can switch between: ‘sexy’ mode and ‘family’ mode

In Channel 4’s Humans, Anita is a domestic nanny robot. But her male owner initiates her sex program – much to the disgust of his wife when she finds out.

Another robot in the show, Niska, acts as a prostitute, and later goes on to kill one of her clients.

In Blade Runner, Pris, a ‘basic pleasure model’ robot, goes on to become a brutal and cold killer.

Sometimes, however, humans are the biggest villains. In AI, directed by ((((((Steven Spielberg)))))), prostitute robot Gigolo Joe – played by Jude Law – is framed for murder and later killed.

 ‘Many people will find that their experiences with this technology become integral to their sexual identity and some will prefer them to direct sexual interactions with humans,’ Dr McArthur said.

Last year the first brothel that is ‘doll-only’ opened in Germany.

Sex robots are used legally in brothels in Germany and Austria, and a whopping one in five Germans said they would buy a sex robot according to a study conducted by public broadcasters, which was published in January.

Around five firms around the world make sex robots, and prices for the robots run from about $5,400 to $15,000. The market is almost completely dominated by men.

Sex robots are becoming more and more realistic, but scientists have warned it could be up to 50 years before they behave similarly to human partners.

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Male sex robot rape: Cyborg makers ‘face being ARRESTED over sex attack claims’…

Most Realistic Sex Robot to Date Comes Out This Month


Daily Stormer
April 12, 2018

I’m not buying one unless it has a mute button

Well the future is finally here, and as cringy as it (still) looks, it’s looking a lot better than any feminist I’ve ever seen.

When these things are advanced enough to do the other thing women are good for – making sandwiches – I really think feminism will be over for good.


It’s finally here: the moment when men can take the plunge and opt for a lifetime of making love to the lifeless bodies of machines.

“Lifeless bodies of machines” sounds a lot better than brainless, screeching tubs of lard that were already fucked by a hundred other guys, which is what a lot (most?) women are these days, at least in some parts of the world…

I’d rather fuck the Jetsons’ maid

Realbotix announced this week that its Harmony sex robot is going on sale this month – armed with an animated plastic face, and an ever-so-slightly creepy Scottish accent.

Yeah, I don’t like the way she talks either, I don’t even understand why she can talk in the first place.

What’s the point of that anyway?

I mean, there’s no point in having a conversation with a real, flesh and blood woman, so what’s the point of having one with a sexbot?

‘I will love you forever,’ the lifeless plastic love machine promises with her lips moving in time to the words – and also promises a mysterious ‘X Mode’ for seual fantasies.

Again with the “lifeless” thing, as if that really matters or changes the fact that real women are much, much worse.

 Pricing has yet to be confirmed, but it’s expected to retail at around £8,000.

In other words – most men will be able to afford one.

Tough luck ladies.

In the video, ‘Harmony’ says ‘I am the first-generation Real Doll X designed to be a companion friend and lover

She says – honestly the accent is so weird, ‘I am equipped with full facial animation. When activated my X Mode will allow me to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies.

My protocol 40058 states that when engaged in a loving relationship my priorities are to love honour and respect my human companion above all else.

I will love you forever.

Awww, that’s so romantic!

No, not really…

This isn’t good, or at least not when you look at the larger picture.

If we all, or at least most of us, lived in even vaguely normal/unkiked societies, this wouldn’t really be that big of a deal, it might even be a good thing.

If I lived in any part of western Europe, I’d buy one just because feminists hate it, but also because I’d save money in the long term, what with quality hookers being harder and harder to find these days (not to mention no risk of diseases).

But even if any of you reading this buy one, remember – this is not a healthy, normal thing, and it absolutely isn’t a long-term solution to any problem you have.

The best way to get a woman and keep her is to just act like a real man, first and foremost by smacking her over the mouth when she acts up and doesn’t do as she’s told.

But even if you do that, the only thing that’ll permanently solve most of our problems with women is manning up and curing the world of the Jew – a disease of which feminism is only a symptom.

And if you really wanna buy one of these sexbot things, at least make sure you smack it around once in a while, as practice for a normal relationship.

A woman is only as good as the last beating you gave her

Remember that Bridge Collapse at Florida International University – Women Built It

MCM is a company owned by male cucks and manginas who employ predominantly females because it’s just so cool to do. If you don’t agree, you are a misogynist. MCM’s Facebook page is virtue signalling full of pictures of women.

MCM built the bridge at the Florida International University that recently collapsed. The reports talk about six people dead. Guess which gender will be cleaning the mess up?

An article in the FIU paper says a female engineer was on the project and she feels we need more female engineers because they add an artistic touch.


No words…….

Feminists Are Hysterical About Rape Because No Man Wants To Rape Them

We must ask ourselves why there is so much hysteria about rape when we live in countries, and have a culture, in which a woman’s chances of being raped stand at around 0.0060% (Australian statistics). I believe this goes deeper than just the blatant attack on men we are experiencing.

The reason these types are adamant about manufacturing stories about sexual assault and rape is because they are trying to prove they are desirable. It plays to their ego to think that there might be some testosterone-fuelled barbarian out there who would find her suitable enough for a forced session. These women want to punish men not because of a fear of being attacked, but due to a bitterness of not being approached, considered, acknowledged, and on the more extreme scale, and finally… not being a target for forced sex.

There are not many explanations that can justify the absurd irrationality of the #metoo, pussy-hat-wearing, women of the West. Any introspective types out there know that when we are confronted with something that unsettles us—that we are irrationally afraid of—we must look inward, and we must look for the truth, the foundation of that fear, however uncomfortable that may be.

I have a young sister who is in high-school and I often read her homework and/or assignments when I see her. For some reason our education systems have decided that it’s a good idea to present inflated sexual-assault figures to our young girls as truth and base a curriculum around it. I’m sure this would have to do with ensuring they are fearful and mis-trusting of men as they grow up—high-school discos are about to become a lot more awkward. The lies and fears start early.

You’re a descendant of rapists

Let’s rewind to the days of Vikings, global conquests, and crusades, where raping and pillaging were common. When these Vikings or raiders would invade, they would indiscriminately rape the women. Now, as brutal and as terrifying as it was, this helped these women indirectly fulfill their biological imperative—which is to pass on the strongest genes possible to her offspring. These genes were forced upon them by the, proven, bigger, stronger, smarter men who likely just decimated the local men of breeding age.

The women were either taken and absorbed into the tribes of the invaders where they likely had long and successful—biologically speaking—breeding lives, or they were left to the aftermath of invasion and the harsh realities of potentially raising a child with little-to-no family-support and collapsed social structures.

Fast forward back to today, these feminists and fat women (undesirables) would have been the equivalent of the low-born and peasant women of yester-year. But those ancient women would have still had exposure to top-tier men—the best genetics–whether it was consensual or not (not).

Today’s undesirables don’t have that “option,” if we can call it that. Do you think the likes of Chris Hemsworth or Brad Pitt are lining up to fuck a woman like ((((((Lena Dunham))))))? Never in a million years. Top-tier-women of today are the only women who get exposure to the top-tier-men. Fatties and feminists cannot fulfill their biological imperatives directly (seducing a top-tier man) or indirectly (being raped by an aggressive, dominant man).

Today’s sexual marketplace is discriminate against the laziness and repulsiveness of fat women and feminists whereas the sexual marketplace of the invading hordes was indiscriminate, driven only by raging emotions and carnal urges.

Desperate for the attention of a man with options.

Acknowledging and internalising this information is no doubt far divorced from the emotional maturity of the modern feminist. But if we could boil down feminism to its few driving forces, one would surely be sexual frustration. Feminists despise the male-feminist, soy-boy-cucks who orbit them! The proof is in the lack of sexual success these men experience. So how do women find access to top-tier men?

The undesirables wish we could rewind to a time where men may have seen them as an object to be plundered but that day has long passed. I implore you all, when faced with the irrational ramblings of these undesirables, to be kind and reassuring. Look the in the eye and say, “Don’t worry, no man will ever want to rape you”.

Women need to leave feminism behind to embrace the lives that will lead them to the men they want, and therefore, the lives they want. What other call to arms can there be!? Stay in the rot, be bitter and miserable, take to the streets to march and scream, remain ignorant to the biological truths tugging at your sub-conscious, or, take responsibility for your life and build yourselves into the type of women that would command the respect of a good man.

Make Having Children Socially Desirable Again

by Frank Hilliard

(Traduit en français)


White genocide is predicted by practically everyone based on the fact that Western women have essentially given up on having babies. Fertility rates in Europe are catastrophic, well below the 2.1 children per female needed to maintain the population. Germany, for example, is projected to drop in population from 80 million today to 68 million in 2060.

However, while everyone agrees population collapse is in our future, no one agrees on what’s causing the problem. Slate writer Jessica Grose quotes Wall Street Journal writer Manuela Mesco as suggesting the reason, in the case of Italian women, is that:

they’re spending more time getting educated, there aren’t enough jobs to go around, there’s a lack of day care options, and they are living with their parents well into adulthood.

There’s an assumption there that women need to get a university education, need to get a job, and need day care. Hold that thought.

A study by two academics, Matthias Doepke, Professor of Economics at Northwestern University and Fabian Kindermann, Assistant Professor at the University of Bonn, suggests the childcare workload is the issue:

We argue that disagreement (ed: over having children) is a consequence of an uneven distribution of the burden of childcare, coupled with a limited ability of spouses to make binding commitments. For example, if the woman anticipates that she would have to do most of the childrearing work, she will realize that this would impede her ability to pursue an independent career. As a consequence, if she had the child, her outside options would worsen and she would lose bargaining power within the marriage. The end result is that she may disagree with having a/another baby, even if the man would like to have one.

Here we see the same assumptions cropping up. It’s taken as given the woman is going to have a career; the issue for her is whether she will get help from her husband, or from a child care worker, in raising an additional child. There’s no suggestion the woman could consider raising the child as a career. Let’s have another look at Germany.

Spiegel Online questioned Karsten Hank, a demographic expert and sociologist at the University of Mannheim:

A well-known statistic that often gets bandied about in Germany is that 40-45 percent of women with university degrees are childless. I’m pretty sure most of these women planned to have children, but then didn’t, either because of their career or their advanced age when they started trying to get pregnant, Hank said. As a rule, university cities and urban centers have lower fertility rates than rural areas without higher education options. The closest Hank can come to a miracle formula for fertility is: don’t get an education, marry early and live on a farm. Hardly a tempting life plan.

Well, hardly tempting for Spiegel Online, but obviously a satisfying option for rural women in Germany (and elsewhere).

And so, here, we have three observers trying to solve a puzzle of why women are stressed and overworked when they try to manage two lifestyles who don’t ask the obvious question, why try? Why, exactly, are women struggling through university, the business world, the corporate ladder, the rush hour; why are they trying so desperately to beat men instead of letting men do the struggling while they bring up baby? Where, exactly, did they get the idea the work world was fun?

Oxydol - New Radiant Whiteness

This brings me back to the Oxydol advertisement at the top of the post. Young people today, even adults, don’t realize how ubiquitous soap commercials were on television, in magazines and newspapers back in the 1950’s. Oxydol, Cheer, Duz, Tide, Fab, Lux and many other brands inundated viewers and readers daily. It is obvious now, looking back at the copywriting, that impressing your husband, and your neighbours, on the quality of your washing had a very high social value for women in 1955. And I think that’s the key: social status.

Women are more social than men. They network more and have more friends than men. And within those networks they, naturally, seek acceptance, even praise. We’ve seen this in social media a lot, but it exists in society outside modern communication networks as well. In any group setting, women will exchange talking points that help them climb the social acceptance ladder. In the 1950s keeping a tidy house, having a family and hanging out a sparkling white wash was the way the game was played. In the 2000s it’s a university degree, a career and, bizarrely, getting tattoos.

Or to put that more simply, women aren’t having children because it no longer earns social brownie points in Western society to do so. Governments can hand out incentives, build day-care facilities, beg women to get pregnant; none of it will work. If it doesn’t advance a woman’s social standing, the wombs of the nation are going to stay empty.

Of course, this suggests a solution, doesn’t it?

It suggests that high status individuals in government, business and the media should start having large families and should parade them through the tabloids like the beautiful people they are. Of course, this would require them to be nationalists and unfortunately, most of them are globalists. What to do?

I would suggest we, the Alt-Right, should appeal to those prominent and wealthy conservatives on our side to start the ball rolling: have kids, make a great show of it, normalize large families. Where fashion leader lead, women will follow, whatever the cost. Status, after all, is everything.

News: At Whose Expense? (TFM 42O)

Relationships are really no different than any other economic exchange, and like in the business/labor struggle, when one side benefits too much as the expense of the other thanks to favorable government, the healthy dynamic breaks down, and you have strikes/lockouts … or MGTOW.

Here is the Article mentioned in the video:

Feminism Isn’t a Cage, It’s a Safety Net

If your husband leaves you, if he hits you, if he cheats on you—that is when feminism will help you.