NYT: ((((((Soros))))))’ Nose Admits George Floods Europe With Cannibal Niggers for the Jewish Agenda

Octavio Rivera (inspired from viral original by José González)
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2018

Alex ((((((Soros)))))) shares the reason why his father is bleeding his fortune into opening up borders in the West.

New York Times:

When the caffeine finally kicked in, Alex told me that for many years, his father had not been eager to advertise his Judaism because “this was something he was almost killed for.” But he had always “identified firstly as a Jew,” and his philanthropy was ultimately an expression of his Jewish identity, in that he felt a solidarity with other minority groups and also because he recognized that a Jew could only truly be safe in a world in which all minorities were protected.

Explaining his father’s motives, he said, “The reason you fight for an open society is because that’s the only society that you can live in, as a Jew — unless you become a nationalist and only fight for your own rights in your own state.”

Right from the Nose’s mouth, folks.

Jews can’t do their parasite thing if you don’t let them in.

The chaos they enforce once they’re inside is what keeps them safe, away from public eyes.

The most ethnocentric, organized, and united tribe on Earth, the Jews, push for “multiculturalism” in the West to prevent our people from being united in thoughts and actions, as the Jews themselves are united in their own interest.

It’s that simple.

White people are one of the true minorities of the planet.

China, India, and Africa combined account for more than half of the world’s population. Without even counting sandniggers, Aztecs, and the rest of the mudmanoids of the planet.

Look for a white country on that list. Do the math.

They’re deceiving you. It’s all a lie.

You’re the true minority.

When your country is flooded with niggers, Moslems, pajeets, lettuce-shitters, Aztecs, and whatever mix of them you can imagine, pointing a finger to the jew is harder.

The Jew blends into Chaos.

He becomes just one more minority among many, goy, nothing special.

“Stop looking that way, goy. OY! Stop! OOoooOOOOOY!!!”




That’s why they push for and defend all those groups in the West.

They need their canaries in place while they ransack our coal mines.

If mudmanoids don’t have a right to enter our land, why would jews have it?

Do you see now what they don’t want you to see?

Why the fuck are they on our land?

Who invited them in? Why can’t we revoke that invitation?

“Multiculturalism” as the concept they use doesn’t even exists. Just look around you. People prefer what looks the most like them. They stick to their own.

It’s only natural, you understand this.

There’s you, there’s your family, and the next closest thing to you and your family is the rest of the people that look like you and your family.

You know this.

They want to bend your Nature, the very Nature which the Creator gifted to you and your own blood. They want to break it and turn you into a crooked echo of the divine song your ancestors have been playing since the dawn of Time itself.

Resist. Protect your own. Protect what’s yours. Survive.


You’re the Creation which carries the force of invention.

They are the forsaken, which bring about the will of the Destroyer.

They are the parasites.

They crave the blood of your people.

They crave your women.

Their purpose is to corrupt and to consume.

They lust for your corruption.

Our battle is a battle of natural forces.

Chaos, or Order.

Destruction, or Creation.

Death, or Life.

The Destroyer, or the Creator.

You have to choose.

George, his brother and his parents all survived the war. ((((((Soros)))))) says that he came out of the experience with a strong defiant streak, a contempt for tribalism and a propensity to side with the oppressed.

Judensprach. Jewspeak.

He has contempt for tribalism, but identifies himself as a Jew first and foremost, while using his fortune to fight for his tribe’s interests. Do you see the contradiction? He’s not the only one doing that. You’ll see this when talking to any Jew, or observing one for a period of time.

They can’t help it. They might not even be aware of it.

It’s their nature.

The nature of the parasite is to destroy. Multiculturalism for the goy while Israel is an ethnostate. Just look at its demographics.

Your Diversity. Our Strength.

Suddenly diversity is bad because 6 gorillions, the wall is good because oy vey, and ethnostates are okay because SHUT IT DOWN!

Where are all the “refugees” that Israel took in?


But they push you, the Men of the West, to let go of your identity. They push us to let go of the achievements of our ancestors, to let go of what we’ve built.

Push back.

Misandry – Rising Hatred of Men and Boys on the Left in the West

Misandry Is On The Rise

I been noticing more and more microaggressions toward men, but I’ve found surprisingly little discussion of this trend. There is a word most people have never heard of: Misandry, meaning hatred of men. It corresponds to misogyny, hatred of women. By noticing microaggressions directed against men, we can uncover a lot of ‘hidden’ misandry. Here are some examples I’ve come across:

  • “Men only think with their dicks.”
  • “A man wouldn’t understand.”
  • “Men just want a hole to put it in.”
  • “Men can’t hear the word no.” (when rejected sexually)
  • “Men are obsessed with lesbian porn.”
  • “Really? You don’t like sports?”
  • “He’s, you know, ‘artistic.’”
  • “Be a man.”
  • Men are womanizers, man-whores, man-sluts”

I’ve even heard women say things like, “Balls are gross. I hate them.” If a woman overheard men talking about vaginas being dirty and disgusting, she’d surely think this was misogyny and microaggression, but why not the other way around? Many otherwise enlightened people seem to think that putting a man down by shaming him for the transgressions of a few criminal men or for his inadequate physicality is a sort of privilege or entitlement. They are not even aware of their misandry.

This Misandry is a projection of Penis Envy in the deranged feminist mind.

We can see penis envy at work in many immature cultural Marxist women, who hate men and are obsessed with gender feminism. One example is the obsession of some women to invade Men’s safe spaces.

Nothing could be a more clear demonstration of women’s penis envy than the obsession women have with invading male institutions such as the Boy Scouts.

Such invasions of safe spaces, for Men and Boys, is not only an obsession with insecure and immature women, it is also an obsession among marxist ideologies, and those who gain power from emasculating Men in a metaphorical sense, in our culture. Penis envy is still very much alive in government and in our institutions, and, saturates our misandrist education system.

Another real example of penis envy, in modern times, is the proclivity of immature and insecure women to want to castrate men. These castration fantasies by feminists are quite common, and, openly on display in our culture. We should probably have special laws to punish women who act out their insecurities and hatred of men by acting out their castration fantasies.

Castration fantasies abound in our mass media in metaphorical form. Our mass media now portrays men as weak, emasculated and incompetent to the point it has become a form of brainwashing. Such brainwashing signals to immature and insecure women that Men are easy targets for hatred.

Hate groups, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, encourage such metaphorical castration fantasies by repeating false stereotypes about Men being aggressors, and, women being helpless victims of their aggression. These types of false stereotypes, promoted by hate groups such as the ((((((((((((SPLC)))))))))))), have the effect of justifying the castration fantasies (real or metaphorical) for women who hate men.

Feminists have penis envy

I used to hear the word penis envy quite commonly when I was a kid, but I haven’t heard it in a long time. Why? Because feminists have convinced most people it’s “misogynistic”. That’s pretty fucking hilarious, considering that the entire reason feminism exists is penis envy. Ugly and/or old women who couldn’t succeed with men and were envious of men’s accomplishments decided they wanted to be just like men, since they weren’t very good at being women, and that in order to do so they’d have to demonize real men so it would be easier to take their places.

So let’s be honest. Feminists have penis envy. They hate men because we are successful, because we are masculine, because we make the vast majority of advances in science, technology, and the arts. They wish they were more like us, and they are ashamed of it. So they want to destroy men, boys, and masculinity and glorify women and femininity in an effort to make women appear superior to men, so that they need not feel ashamed of themselves.

Feminists don’t realize there’s nothing wrong with being female and making your own contributions to society without accepting unfair advantages over males. While they claim women are equal or better than men, they demand entitlements and special privileges for women, showing without a doubt that feminists actually believe women are inferior to men and need help to be “equal” to them. Now that’s some real fucking misogyny.

Feminism = penis envy.

From https://thingsarebad.blogspot.com/2011/07/feminists-have-penis-envy.html

Why I laugh every time I hear about women’s “oppression”

Man says to woman: “I just lost everything. My family, my house, my job, and now I’m headed overseas to die in war.”

Woman responds: “Quit whining you little bitch. I dressed like a hooker and got wasted last night on men’s dime. And as I left the bar without so much as a thank you, one of them had the nerve to call me a slut!”

Man responds: “Yeah, that’s terrible. Go women’s rights.”

Just remember, it’s not a zero-sum game guys! Even though men and boys are discriminated against in countless social and legal ways, and the only thing women have to complain about is being called a slut when they sleep around, because they face little to no real discrimination and have plenty of legal and social privileges without the same responsibilities as men, the appropriate response to a comment about men’s rights is:

“What about the women? This is not a zero-sum game!”

I’m kidding, of course. Women really have just about no unique sexism to complain about. And so when I see someone respond to a men’s issue with some form of “but what about the wimminz”, such as “oh, but that happens to women too (I won’t mention that it’s extremely rare in women’s case)”, or “but what about this other miniscule issue women face”, or even “but what about women in other countries”, I can’t help but laugh at the stupidity of it.

My real point is shut up about women’s issues when I’m talking about men’s. I won’t waste time on women’s issues when men have so many more serious issues that must be dealt with, anymore than I would waste time consoling the woman in the above story about being called a slut, when the man is the one who is really in need of help. Misandry is rampant in the western world, while true misogyny, true discrimination against or hatred of women, pales in comparison.

See also the following quotation at Reddit:

“Yeah, or as I mentioned in the AskFeminists circumcision thread, the response seems to be, ‘Well, of course it’s wrong that babies are being mutilated, but what do you expect us to do about it? We’re too busy debating whether Summer’s Eve’s new ad campaign objectifies women.'”


This goes back to the singular event of beta cuck men enfranchising the vote for women, lets just be real for a moment with each other, women are emotional irrational fragile creatures, they do not think logically, their feelings are their reality and they are selfish and hedonistic by nature. They as a gender must be controlled and directed, this is the only way forward and if we men of the west are unable to get control of these females, someone else will do it for us.

Its the Future

Some Women Only Marry Men They Can Cheat On

In the past I wrote about an Italian friend who taught me how to play “real-life Tinder.” One of his specialties, if you want to call it that, are Polish and Ukrainian women who are in relationships. He concluded that a Polish woman will only marry a man she knows she can cheat on, which is compatible with my own experiences in Poland. After further consideration, I started to wonder if that could be applied to all women.

In Poland, it’s common to see attractive women with “beetroots,” the local slang for a standard-issue Polish man who always happens to be far uglier than his woman. In a globalized world where a Polish woman can date any man from the world, why marry a beetroot? The answer is that Polish women are aggressive and blatant with cheating.

I’ve seen Polish women grind on other men in the club while the drunk boyfriend was nearby; I’ve heard incredible stories of Polish men allowing their girlfriends to enjoy what is essentially a single lifestyle; and I’ve been on the receiving end of many casual sex encounters from women who had Polish boyfriends. If you have a Mediterranean or African look, it’s almost a guarantee that any Polish girl you sleep with already has a boyfriend, or a man who at least considers himself the boyfriend.

Even when a Polish girl gets married, her eyes stay open for attractive men. I feel almost disturbed when one gives me long eye contact while holding hands with her man. Polish women are smart with securing their future by marrying a beta male at a relatively young age (though that is changing for the worse), but that doesn’t stop their pursuit of alpha cock on the side. This is far better than the American woman strategy of wasting prime years with alpha males to only look for a beta when it’s too late.

Not only does a Polish woman marry the beta male, but she settles on one she know will be so clueless to her true nature that she will be able to take a trip every summer to Spain or Greece with her girlfriends. Sadly, I’ve also seen other Eastern European men get cucked in this manner.

A common manosphere belief is that women want strong, dominant men. This is not the full truth. A woman wants to fuck strong, dominant men, preferably when she already have a stable provider, and maybe even cuck her husband with superior alpha seed, but she doesn’t necessarily want to marry the alpha. There are two reasons why: (1) a true alpha offers little long-term stability since he has so much choice in women, and (2) he can’t be controlled.

When it comes to marriage, most women will choose the rich beta provider who she can dictate terms to over the less resourceful but sexy alpha. In fact, many women specifically marry men they know are much uglier than they can get to maintain a dominant frame in the relationship where the man is more scared to lose her than the other way around.

If you don’t believe me, simply think of all the men you know who are married or in long-term relationships. Are they dominating their women? Are they upholding strict standards? Are they fielding multiple sexual offers from other women? The answer is that a man who willingly gets into a long-term monogamous relationship is opposed to being the real alpha that women get instantaneous sexual excitement for, because to voluntarily enter a relationship with a woman means to compromise and bend your masculine will for the sake of comfort, stability, love, and female happiness. You’re still a man if you get married, but you’re likely not the type of man that many women who already have beta providers would cheat on and sacrifice their relationships for.

The very word “husband” further proves the point. The images that don’t come to mind when you envision one are warrior, killer, barbarian, sexy, or famous. Instead, you may think of words like compliant, hard worker, reliable, hen-pecked, fatigued, and boring. I may very well be a husband some day, so I’m not criticizing those who are married, but the nature of marriage will stuff a man into a beta male mold that then creates desire in his wife for an alpha.

Therein lies the double-edged sword: either you started off as alpha but marriage softened you into a beta or your wife picked you out because you were beta and offered her the comfort and stability that the previous alphas in her life didn’t. If she picked you because you’re a beta, which is what happens in Poland, that means she has room for an alpha in her life, and sees you as someone who wouldn’t interfere with that plan.

Strangely enough, men who are most successful with long-term relationships are not the most alpha. Women want to feel attraction to a man but she also wants to exercise all the options that modern feminism allows her. She wants to work, party with friends in venues that serve alcohol, flirt with other men, and take girls-only vacations. She doesn’t want to be limited or controlled compared to her peer group, and the only man who won’t dare to wrangle her choices is the beta male.

I ended things with one girl because I wouldn’t tolerate behavior that other men she had known would. It’s no surprise that her next boyfriend was not only more beta than me, but more beta than her. When it comes to getting laid, being alpha is key, because it’s raw attraction that you transmutate into fast sex, but it’s not the key for relationships. This is why men who are good at casual sex often don’t get into relationships and men who are good at relationships don’t get much casual sex.

The best solution we have to this problem is to be the alpha provider, meaning that you satisfy both alpha and beta desires within a woman to ensure that a relationship is successful:

The fabled Alpha Provider is the captain of his ship and has the genuine respect and adoration of both his woman and his children. He does not tolerate foolishness in his household and is quick to punish such shenanigans. But he is equally bountiful whereas he rewards his woman for the nurturing of his brood, her sexual loyalty, and the upkeep of his domicile and property. Though it took him quite a while, his patience and red pill wisdom allowed him to successfully find a woman worthy to be his first mate.

The verdict is still out on if this can work in the real world, but it is the one that I am open to attempting. I’ll tread the middle between being an attractive, dominant man while also showing that I’m ready to provide for my family. The problem with this approach is that a woman doesn’t expect to have both the alpha and beta in one man, and they much rather compartmentalize them like Polish women do.

In the end, I rather be seen as a side dick to a girl than a stable provider because then I will experience no hidden deceit in believing she loves me while fooling around behind my back. In other words, I choose truth over love, because I know that if a woman has targeted me for marriage, it won’t necessarily be my idea of what a marriage should be.


7 Ways That Modern Women Use Their Bodies To Profit From Male Thirst

The traditional sexual marketplace transaction is that men trade resources with women for companionship. There always have been ways to circumvent the system. However, modern technology has created a vast new landscape in cyberspace to profit from their bodies.

1. Vlogger

If you send them donations, why not also send donations to guys too?

Today, some make a full-time living by producing videos on a wide range of subjects. Income is derived by donations and monetized revenue from the shows. This is a limited niche, of course. There’s a great deal of public attention out there, but even this is a finite resource. It takes quite a bit of it to be able to support oneself this way. Naturally, being cute helps to attract viewers. It’s basically a “something for nothing” proposition, though the least personally damaging of these new hustles.

Fairly recently, this has generated political controversy. (Do guys like ((((((Stefan Molyneux)))))) gets extra views and contributions based on their looks?) I’d prefer not getting into the tradthot debate, but this is the basic idea. Some female vloggers are making a living mainly because they’re cute, not from the ideas which they discuss but usually didn’t originate and sometimes don’t exemplify personally. Basically, they’re much like regular celebrities, though with better political messages.

2. Instagrammer

Aww, how romantic!

A reasonably cute babe can post a goofy duckface picture on social media and get dozens of “likes” from guys who barely know her but wish they did. Some of them turn it into a profession. The revenue keeps instagrammers stocked with lots of designer goodies and allows them to travel the world.

The money comes from “sponsors”. Their johns are often Arab oil barons, and they’re into pretty extreme stuff. They typically tag-team the instagrammers, and sometimes poop on these “Dubai Porta-Potties”. Tag The Sponsor revealed how this works.

Making a lewd proposition up front is pretty bad game, but trying to sweeten the deal by offering money is even more likely to get someone slapped. However, everything is different for Instagrammers. Without the slightest hesitation, they negotieate deals to rent themselves out as cum dumpsters to Arabs with too much money. That’ll give you something to think about next time you fill your gas tank.

3. Cam Girl

Not pictured – a dildo collection, and a bottle of pain reliever for carpal tunnel syndrome

For some, flicking the bean or playing with dildos isn’t just scratching an itch; it’s a “job”. This is similar to old-fashioned peep shows, but the Internet gives “live video models” a worldwide audience. They masturbate on livestream, and their fans pay them while they’re masturbating too. What a deal!

Seriously, why pay to whack off?

4. Sugar Baby

Courtesans have been around for ages. Now there are websites to facilitate this, allowing the “sugar babies” to maximize opportunities far and wide like women already do with online dating. (If only DARPA had known the interesting ways their civil defense communications network would be used!) The sugar daddies should find a real girlfriend instead of these greedy gold diggers.

5. Stripper


These gals dance on stage while the guys behind the “pervert rail” shower them with money. Further, they perform lap dances. However, the big money happens in the back room from “extras” delivered away from the eyes of any vice cops. The following quote says everything you need to know.

I’ve worked in bikini, topless, and currently nude. In my opinion it’s all basically the same. I say that because the goal is the same… aka hustle the men for as much as you can. This is especially true because no matter what your wearing the goal is to get them in a VIP room.

Proceeds are split 50/50 with management, sometimes linked with organized crime. The stripper’s half usually goes straight up her nose.

6. Porn star

This is what bad parenting does.

The difference between porn stars and hookers is only a technicality. According to American law:

  • Banging for bucks is illegal except for regulated brothels in rural Nevada.
  • Banging for bucks on camera is perfectly legal.

A court decision long ago ruled that when a camera is rolling in the room, then having sex for money is only acting. Huge difference, right? Naturally, this helped enable porn to go mainstream. It’s great money, but drug abuse and STD scares are common.

7. Prostitute

Prostitution in Amsterdam

At the very end of the continuum are hookers who don’t pretend they’re not hookers. The “oldest profession” now has websites too; one no longer needs to find them in a bad neighborhood. Some do argue that any transactional exchange of resources for companionship is itself prostitution. However, there are some key differences. For one thing, traditional relationships can lead to love and family, while the likely result of sleeping with hookers is catching herpes.

Most outright hookers have two things in common. First, they come from highly dysfunctional backgrounds. Second, they’re addicted to hard drugs, usually crack. Smoking Satan’s boogers is one of the most corrosive things there is to the human soul, even worse than banging strangers for money. In times past, prostitution resulted from extreme poverty; now it’s for dope.

What kind of women sell their bodies?

Is the deal ioo good to be true?

I’ve dated three especially entrepreneurial sorts, not as a customer, though admittedly my wisdom was questionable. I’ve known several others socially. They can be personally charming, though they’re pretty flaky and have chaotic personal lives. Some say they’re lazy and greedy, and I can’t argue with that.

The money can well exceed that of a normal job, and the social penalty for selling one’s body isn’t what it used to be. The temptation is understandable, but it’s still a bad decision. One of my friends insisted that she had no well-paying alternatives to being a porn star. All I can say is that careers aren’t built overnight, and her drug habit wasn’t helping her finances.

Actions have consequences

Exit strategy? What’s that?

Obviously, the long-term viability is pretty limited. These hustles are dependent on looks, so after hitting The Wall, the party’s over. Then they’ll have to find real jobs. On the cusp of middle age, they’ll enter the workforce without experience or real employment history.

Can they become housewives? Presently, there’s no shortage of guys willing to close the deal on heavily shopworn merchandise. However, a woman who wasted her early life doing this must choose someone who isn’t too picky because he has few options himself. She might even have to settle for a guy who is neither rich nor handsome—horrors! Further, time is running out to have children.

Also, how many of them have great financial expertise? Quite often, they blow much of their money on dope. They might’ve gone into these “professions” because they were desperate for cash, and they’ll leave them just as broke. Further, they generally won’t have Social Security credits, 401K savings, IRAs, or stock portfolios. That means eventually they get the bargain basement nursing home, perhaps with nobody visiting them.

Other than that, pursuing prostitution (“soft” or otherwise) causes grief and psychological damage. Exploiting the sexual marketplace like this is no different from any other “get rich quick” scam. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. In a healthy society, most would’ve made better choices. If they didn’t make these mistakes, they could’ve been great girlfriends, wives, mothers, or even merely productive workers.

Men can stop this by not paying for it. Don’t support degeneracy.

UK: “They May Be Terrorists, But They’re Our Terrorists”

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 24, 2018

There are some more Jihadis coming to the UK in the near future.


The UK is to offer asylum to members of western-backed White Helmets group, that operates in Jihadists-held areas in Syria. The move has prompted dire warnings about who exactly Britain might be admitting.

Some 98 White Helmets members were rescued by the Israel Defense Forces on Saturday night, as part of an evacuation mission that saw a total of 422 people collected from Syria and transferred across Northern Israel and into Jordan at three points, the Guardian reports.

The paper claims that the UK is prepared to offer asylum to up to 500 White Helmets members or relatives of the group, officially known as the Syria Civil Defence. The proposed resettlement of members of the group has divided opinion.

I’ll say.

Look, the White Helmets were just terrorist intelligence agency actors staging fake atrocities to blame on Assad.

Everyone knows it, but no one says it.

Except this Craig Murray guy:

Former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan-turned blogger Craig Murray has not been so glowing about the prospect of White Helmets members being granted resettlement in Britain.

He told his social media followers: “They may be jihadists but they are our jihadists.” Fascinating that the ‘White Helmets’ are being brought straight to the UK with families when the Afghan and Iraqi military interpreters were not. The British government does not do this from humanity or obligation.” 

Yeah, because all those Afghanis were moved to my neck of the woods in the US.

Seriously, America has been letting in Afghans since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. I understand what this guy is saying and the strategy he’s pursuing…but careful what you ask for mate, careful what you ask for.

This imperial policy of mucking around in some Third World country and then fucking the country back into the stone age and then inviting the people whose country you’ve fucked up to live in some housing developments in your country is a bad idea. Really. Just a terrible idea.

understand why, in theory, you would not want to leave your allies hanging…but the US has basically lost every single war it has engaged in and as a result has had to take these people who would be hanged as traitors if they were left behind back to the US.

The US/UK/France should seriously consider not losing all these colonial/third world wars.

Unless, of course, bleeding these countries dry and then flooding them with migrants was part of the plan. Because, frankly, this seems to be a solid theory at this point. I mean, it’s just a never-ending pattern. Meddle/support shitty terrorists/rebels/banana dictator somewhere, have them lose and then take the refugees like a tool.

Naturally, the UK is going to put these White Helmets in a White neighborhood, let them rape some girls and arrests any locals who protest and then when another Middle East war is brewing, they’ll send them over to cause trouble.

Solid plan.

1 AR, 3 Ways: How to Optimize Your Rifle for CQB, Hunting and Training

Swapping out uppers means you can use your AR for three kinds of engagements. It’s just a matter of planning and finding the right gear.

If you want to get full use of an AR-style rifle, engaging it with different uppers is so natural. While you could buy a dedicated rifle and use it for one special purpose, AR users can swap out a tactical carbine upper with a big-bore-caliber upper suitable for hog hunting. Think about it. By removing just two parts—the takedown pin and the pivot pin—you can completely transform an AR into another rifle. It was built to be modular and adaptable.

The M16 entered service with the United States military in 1962 and has become one of our country’s longest-serving battle rifles. Over the decades, the AR platform has evolved with each successive model number, with each offering improvements over the previous model. Today, civilian variants of the M16 rifle and M4 Carbine can be found in deer camps, in homes for personal defense and on rifle ranges competing in various matches.

Tactical AR Add-Ons

ar rifle gl-mag buttstock
An innovative add-on, the adjustable GL-MAG buttstock from FAB Defense is designed to hold a spare AR magazine.

The trick with swapping uppers on an AR is the caliber. A caliber is made to do a specific job, but sometimes it needs to perform multiple jobs. Caliber diameters may change according to the scenario, but the length of the cartridge must be able to work within the dimensions of the magazine well on the AR’s lower receiver. That means the overall cartridge length is 2.25 inches no matter the bullet diameter.

A lower receiver that is compatible with various uppers should also be as adaptable as the uppers. First, consider the stock.

A sturdy, adjustable stock that won’t snag on anything is key. The ability to adjust the stock’s length of pull makes a gun “user-friendly” for different-sized shooters. When your significant other pulls the AR to her shoulder, for example, you want to make sure it fits her petite size. Also, when you are training in warm weather and wearing a T-shirt, you might fully extend the stock. While hunting in cold weather, you might collapse the stock a couple of notches to accommodate a thick coat.

The quick adjustability of the stock is a great feature and benefit of the AR platform. Companies like Magpul, Hogue, Vltor, FAB Defense and others offer stocks with multiple adjustment positions. Some, like the Magpul ACS, also have small compartments to store optic batteries, and others have built-in magazine carriers like the FAB Defense GL-MAG stock.

ar rifle bravo company grip
Bravo Company’s Gunfighter pistol grips have internal storage compartments as well as high beavertails for better ergonomics.

Next, consider the trigger. The two-stage, mil-spec triggers are fine and perform without question, but a crisp trigger can instantly help make you a better shooter. The Geissele SSA-E trigger has a reduced first-stage take-up and a crisp second-stage pull. Timney triggers are also famous for being smooth and crisp with light pull weights.

The third item to address is the grip. The standard A2-style grip works well, but there are better, more comfortable options, like the BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 grip from Bravo Company USA. This grip has a reduced angle for improved ergonomics and better trigger control. It is also wide and has an extended forward tang that closes the gap between the triggerguard and pistol grip, and the backstrap has its own high-rise beavertail. Another model, the TangoDown Flip Grip, can be adjusted for a 24-degree rake or positioned vertically.

The grip angle is important depending on your shooting position. The Stark AR-15 Sling Grip features an ambidextrous sling mount for a single-point sling. Of course, as with all your tactical equipment, try out various designs and use what feels best. Investing in a stock, grip, and trigger eases upper transitions and makes a more adaptable AR.

Close-Quarters Battle

ar rifle wilson combat trim handguards
Wilson Combat’s TRIM handguards are easy to customize because they’re drilled and tapped on the sides and bottom for the easy addition of Picatinny rails.

For personal defense, a civilian version of the M4 Carbine is a good choice. Uppers equipped with red-dot or reflex sights are excellent setups for home defense and training. In a pinch, plain iron sights also work just as fine. The 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington is an excellent self-defense round. And when things go bump in the night, reaching for an AR with a 16-inch barrel and a 30-round magazine can be comforting.

A fine example of a defensive AR carbine is Wilson Combat’s Recon Tactical. Wilson Combat goes to great lengths to ensure its rifles perform every time, no matter what the conditions are. In fact, Wilson Combat manufactures uppers in a variety of calibers to meet every operator’s needs. The Recon Tactical lower is an excellent foundation for an AR. It starts with a rubber Ergo pistol grip, a Rogers Super-Stoc and Wilson Combat’s own Tactical Trigger Unit, which is a single-stage trigger with a 4-pound pull—a weight that works well with or without gloves.

The Recon Tactical also has a 16-inch, match-grade barrel. The muzzle is threaded and comes equipped with an Accu-Tac flash suppressor. With the stock fully collapsed, the 16-inch barrel does not pose a liability when maneuvering down hallways, entering rooms with narrow doors or easing around a corner. In this defense/training mode, the carbine is very practical.

The handguard on the Recon Tactical is a Wilson Combat TRIM, and as the name implies, it’s narrow in hand. The top of the upper is all rail, too, and that’s where a reflex sight can be added for this defensive setup.

On The Hunt

ar rifle 6.8 SPC upper
Consider getting a 6.8 SPC upper, as this chambering is more powerful than the 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington, yet it’ll still work with a 5.56mm-sized lower receiver and magazines.An AR-15 with a 7.62×39 has even more stopping power at a far better price per round, whether a man or a deer, its not getting up after the first shot.

A second dedicated upper transforms the AR from a home-defense weapon to a deer rifle. In the same way that military rifles of the past, like the Springfield Trapdoor from the late 1880s and the bolt-action Springfield M1903 from the early 20th century, were used by civilians for hunting, so too is the AR.

An upper chambered for the 6.8 SPC is a good choice for deer. The round was developed to improve the lack of knockdown power experienced with the the 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington. It fits within the envelope of the typcial AR lower and kills deer. Wilson Combat offers a complete upper assembly in 6.8 SPC with a 16-inch, fluted barrel that has a 1-in-11-inch twist rate. This twist rate works well with bullet weights in the 110-grain range. A 6.8 SPC cartridge with a 110-grain bullet has a speed of about 2,500 feet per second and muzzle energy of 1,525 foot-pounds. Mount a scope and your second upper is ready for deer.

Load a third upper for bear or pigs—big, wild pigs. The Wilson Combat complete upper in .458 SOCOM is a thumper, pushing a 250-grain bullet at about 2,150 fps with muzzle energy of 3,478 foot-pounds. That’s plenty of power to drop a pig like a sack of grain. The .458 SOCOM cartridge will work in a 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington magazine, too, though the total capacity will be less since the .458 SOCOM cartridges are fat compared to the slender 5.56mm/.223 rounds.

With these examples in mind, it’s clear that swapping out uppers means you can dedicate an upper for a specific role and use your AR for three kinds of engagements. It’s just a matter of planning and finding the right gear.