DC: Women and Colored Folk Rally for Some Bullshit About Brown People at Behest of Kikes, while Kikes in Israel kill hundreds of Brown People.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 1, 2018

This woman was especially concerned with family separations. She’s pregnant with two children herself right now – in her arms.

They want the families together.

We want the families together. Or are at least neutral on that matter.

We just want them all to be outside of our country.

Firstly, let me just say the best part of this whole weird debacle was: “this is not our country.”

I could not agree more.

It is not your country.

Now gtfo.


The protest crowds started convening in Lafayette Square on Saturday morning for Washington, D.C.’s “Families Belong Together” rally.

The forecasted scorching temperatures didn’t turn away participants of the protest; they came prepared. Many of them dutifully followed the call to action to wear white — a symbol of “unity and peace” according to the event’s organizers — and they brought fans, umbrellas and coolers of ice for relief. Homemade signs were raised as shields against the beating sun and young children were slathered with sunblock and wore hats.

Among the thousands of protesters that showed up — joining national rallies happening across the country — it was the mothers and families that showed up with their young children, hoisted on shoulders and pushed in strollers, that sent a powerful message. The weeks of media coverage that highlighted the effects of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance policy,” which separated immigrants from their children upon crossing the border, had struck a very personal nerve.





The discussion is over.

Ceridwen Cherry, an ACLU attorney, and her husband David ((((((Levine)))))), from the Bloomingdale neighborhood of D.C., showed up intentionally with their young son Rhys to send a clear message. “It’s important to show the administration that families belong together,” Cherry explained. “We want to show them what a 17-month-old looks like, what it would mean for him to be apart from us.”

Well you kikes should go be together as a family in Israel, where brown babies just get their heads blown off if they approach the border – not in our country trying to shove a bunch of brown people down our throats.

You wouldn’t have to worry about family separations in Israel, where they just kill the whole family.

Seriously, I know everyone is tired of the meme: but how can Jews of all people protest the alleged abuse of brown children.

They don’t just murder babies constantly, they kidnap and torture brown children.

Everyone knows this.

How can a Jew with a straight face claim to be a moral authority on the treatment of brown children?

By the Way?

I wonder who organized this emotionally charged protest?

Okay, found their site – familiesbelongtogether.org.

Organization just sprung up to attack Trump over controlling the border.

I wonder who sprung it up?

Let’s just scroll down here…


Who is behind these four groups?

The Leadership Conference on human Rights

National Domestic Workers Alliance

Move On

And do we even have to do the ACLU?

These are all Jewish organizations that organized the event.

The protesters themselves included many Jews.

Meanwhile, in Israel…

Seriously – this is like some kind of sick joke.

JEWS lecturing people on how to treat brown people at their borders.

((((((Paul Krugman)))))) says being against immigration is the new “Blood Libel” – how’d he feel about calling “Palestinian children throwing rocks is terrorism and they have to be kidnapped, tortured and murdered to defend Israel’s border integrity” the new Blood Libel?

Who’s Behind White Genocide? The Nose Knows!

Psychopaths always attempt to project what they are onto those they are trying to victimize. Once you understand psychopathy, it all makes sense. This is why we must fight back, and eventually exterminate (((them))).


Most of our visitors already know a lot about “our greatest ally”, but still this video is a needed reminder about how our enemies control opposition.

The Conversation is OVER – We Have No Choice, We Must Exterminate the Zombie leftist.

Liberals–are not your friends. There’s no middle ground with them. Your way of life must go and they have no standards. The fact right wingers spend time pointing out leftist hypocrisy is a waste of time. Worst part, there’s a lot of “Conservatives” that tote the same Anti-White rhetoric. Seems like we’re in a situation where everybody loses at this point. But we on the right have all the guns, so all this leads to one outcome, we Must exterminate the Left, there is no other way.

Every leftist must be hunted down and shot.

Jews Bombing Damascus International Airport!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2018

“Jews bombing Syria” isn’t really even news anymore. It’s like we need a special vertical for it, like we have for black crime. Because it’s become just an everyday thing. Instead of “Race War” it can be “Jew Bombings.”

But bombing an international airport?

This is insane.


Two missiles have reportedly landed in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency.

It was not immediately clear if the missiles were intercepted or if they hit their intended target. There were also no immediate reports of any damage or casualties. Besides pinning the blame on Israel, Syrian state TV provided no further details on the alleged strike that took place on Monday night.

Damascus has repeatedly accused Israel of de-facto helping the terrorists and boosting their morale every time they lose ground to the Syrian government forces. Meanwhile, Israel, which rarely admits to its operations in Syria, maintains its right to intervene whenever it deems it necessary to thwart Iran’s growing influence and prevent the potential transfer of weapons to Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Just on Sunday, the Israeli Defense Forces launched a US Patriot missile at a drone allegedly coming towards the Israeli border from Syria. A pro-Damascus commander, however, said the unmanned aerial vehicle that was engaged in operations in southern Syria never intended to cross into Israel and managed to retreat without being hit.

Israel has intensified its bombing of military infrastructure in Syria over the last couple of months, arguing that the Iranian presence in the Arab Republic jeopardizes its own national security. In April, Israeli F-15 fighters reportedly targeted Syria’s T-4 airbase in Homs province, while last month the IAF fired missiles at Iranian targets near Damascus. While the IDF does not comment on every engagement on its neighbor’s territory, previously acknowledged targets by Israel in Syria included weapons storage facilities, logistics sites, and intelligence centers, which Tel Aviv believes are used by Iran and its Hezbollah allies on the ground.

You’ve got like, Russians flying in for vacation at this airport.

There are hot beach vacation spots in Syria, you know. Jet skis, bitches in bikinis, the whole bit.

Not to mention you’ve got businessmen, diplomats, whoever flying in to Damascus International.

There’s all kinds of people going there now, because the war is over and there is all kinds of business to do and money to be made in a country recovering from a war.

No one bombs a fucking international airport. Because you don’t know who you’re going to kill. You could end up killing anyone.

Seriously – no one does this.

Israel is effectively trying to continue the war state in Syria with random bombings now that their ISIS has been defeated.

Just doing air terrorism instead of ground terrorism. It’s a stopgap until they can get a new terrorist army together, I guess. Or try to get Trump to invade because of some kind of ULTRA GAS BABY MEME. Or maybe they don’t even have a plan.

These Jews man.

Can you even believe that anti-Semites hate them for literally no reason?

I just can’t figure why these anti-Semites hate them for no reason when there are all of these legitimate reasons to hate them.

Mexico: New Record! 93 Murders Per Day!

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2018

When Mexico inevitably loses the world Sportsball(tm) competition, at least they will still have something to be proud of. Even better – the Aztec people will no longer need to measure themselves according to a stupid European game about kicking a ball. Now, Mexico will be able to take pride in something truly Mexican, something even more Mexican than sleeping in the middle of the work day, or doing temporary agricultural work in the United States.

Nothing is more Mexican than industrial scale ultraviolence.

El País:

At ten days from the presidential elections in Mexico, the number of murders in the country has reached a historical 2,890 intentional homicides in May, which supposes an average of 93 murders in a day, or four victims per hour, according to data of the National System of Public Security published this Thursday.

The official data indicate that May was the month with the most homicides since 1997, the year that federal authorities began counting the data. Before now, the most violent month had been March of 2017, with 2,746 murders.

In the accumulation from January to May of 2018, 13,298 victims of intentional homicide are registered, which supposes an increase of 21% compared to the registered murders in the same period of last year. The violence has permeated equally in the distinct latitudes of the country. The states with the greatest incidence of homicides per 100,000 people are Colima, Baja California, Guerrero, Chihuahua and Guanajuato. Firearms are the principal instrument of homicide.

American firearms. Final redpill:

Mexico really needs wall with the United States.

I mean, the cartels get all their money from an open border. Drugs go north, guns come south. Drug deaths on the north side, gun deaths on the south side. It’s great for everyone, and by everyone, I mean the cartels.

Although 2017 had positioned itself to be the bloodiest year on record with 28,710 murders, the numbers from the first five months of the year indicate that Mexico could break its own annual record in violence. Francisco Rivas, general director of the National Citizen Observatory, prognosticates that the case of homicide and femicide in 2018 will culminate with an increase between 5,5% and 15% compared to the previous year.

In studying the crime statistics, the increase in femicides also becomes apparent. From January to May this year 328 murders of women have been recorded, which supposes an increase of 13% relative to the same period last year, when 288 cases were counted.

Yeah, sure, (((El País))). Tell me all about the 328 women, and not the 28,382 men.

I’m so tired of reading this paper, you have no idea. This is one of their better stories.

I’m hoping that, at some point in my lifetime, a nationalist government expropriates the building of this jew rag and puts me in charge of it, so I can put a big swastika on the front of it.

Of course, the Stormer doesn’t need physical office buildings, and that’s a waste of money in a dinosaur news model that they can’t prop up, and you really have to wonder about people who pay paywalls to “support journalism” for the WSJ or whatever. They’re supporting useless office buildings. Work from home.

But, I’ll find some real building function for the space – like a Holocaust Meme Remembrance Museum – and put a big swastika out front.

The director of this civil organization explains that the increase in murders in the whole of the country is the result of the lack of measures since three years ago, when the increase in murders began. “There is a series of illegal businesses which continue to prosper, a lack of meaningful action and an important absence of the State. A crime which is not punished is a crime which is given permission to grow.”

Before the upcoming elections, Rivas has cautioned that the next president will have to prioritize measures to contain the violence, to stop the ascent of these bloody statistics. None the less, he indicates a lack of clarity in the propositions of the candidates. “We do not see, at least in the leading candidate [Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador] clarity in a security proposal, his is a supremely naive and contradictory proposal which does not make one think that the security conditions will improve.”

Mexico is really showing us what the Triumph of the Will is all about.

Breaking records, just to prove they can be broken.

Congratulations, Mexico.

You won it, and you deserved it.


EU Idiots Decide to Start a Meme War…WE SHALL GIVE IT TO THEM!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 21, 2018

The meme wars haven’t ended.

They’ve just begun.


Memes banned. Remixes outlawed. Parody videos removed. Critics say this would be the outcome of the EU adopting two controversial copyright rules that were just approved in committee.

Critics are unhappy with Articles 11 and 13 of the EU Copyright Directive, which were cleared by the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament on Wednesday and now face a floor vote scheduled sometime in July.

Dubbed the “link tax” by critics, Article 11 would require online platforms to pay for links to news and other content they refer to. While proponents said it was intended to make Google and Facebook share the profit they make with news organizations that are struggling in the modern market, critics have pointed out it could penalize linking to content for the purpose of criticism or commentary. It was narrowly approved by the committee, with 13 votes in favor and 12 votes against.

Banning memes would be the logical step if they were trying to prevent some internet-based uprising through samizdat, meme magic and relentless mockery.

So perhaps this really is their plan.

On the other hand, we’re dealing with Euro-Boomers here and in true boomer fashion, they probably just want to ban something they don’t understand. The real story here is that someone trying to take away the one PURE form of entertainment that I have left.

My memes have history. My memes have character. They define me and my generation.

These dastardly Euro-Boomers and kikes just can’t fucking rest until everything is shit. Everything they touch is ruined.

But not this time.

We need the vets to come out of retirement.

These bastards aren’t going to take our memes away.

There is already resistance brewing.

But we should come to grips with a possible new reality. Soon there will be no more memes. Reality will have to become the realization of our memes if they are to live on.

No more memeing RWDS…only being RWDS.

That’s what these bugman bureacrats will force us to do eventually.

Just like Gamergate radicalized an entire generation of young gamers…so too will Memegate radicalize yet more meme-addicted youngsters.