Bitch Who Told Boyfriend to Off Himself Appeals Manslaughter Conviction

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2018

That bitch who encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself and got convicted of manslaughter is demanding a retrial based on the text messages themselves.

Boston Herald:

Michelle Carter is demanding her freedom, saying she shouldn’t have been found guilty of egging on her boyfriend to commit suicide because the worst text was “cherry-picked” to doom her, according to new court documents filed yesterday.

Carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter last summer for Conrad Roy III’s July 2014 suicide in Fairhaven for texting and calling him to “get back in” his truck as it filled with deadly carbon monoxide.

Look, I hate women. I think they deserve to be beaten, raped and locked in cages.

And if you think any single bitch on the planet wouldn’t try to convince you to commit suicide and then laugh about it and feel no guilt or regret and then go to Disney World to celebrate, then I feel nothing but contempt for you, as you are a worm who knows nothing of the nature of a woman.

That having been said – I don’t really see what this bitch did wrong, let alone what she did that was illegal.

Here’s the Wikipedia information on the court proceedings and verdict:

Michelle Carter was indicted on February 4, 2015, and arraigned the following day at in New Bedford Juvenile Court on charges of involuntary manslaughter in Taunton, Massachusetts. The grand jury found enough to charge her with “wantonly and recklessly” assisting the suicide. She was 17 at the time and the court indicted her as a ‘youthful offender’ rather than a ‘juvenile’, meaning she could be sentenced as if an adult.

In May 2015, Roy’s family were upset by pictures posted on social media by Gail Carter, despite a court order, showing her daughter Michelle in a prom dress and on a trip to Orlando taking part in a DECA schools competition which included visiting Walt Disney World.

The day before trial was due to start on June 6, 2017, Carter waived her right to jury trial and therefore the case was heard by Hon. Lawrence Moniz in the Bristol County Juvenile Court of Massachusetts, in Taunton.

It is believed to be the first involuntary manslaughter trial in Massachusetts related to texting to encourage suicide though there have been a few related cases.

On June 16, 2017, Judge Lawrence Moniz of the Bristol County Juvenile Court of Massachusetts, in Taunton found Carter legally guilty of involuntary manslaughter. He stated prior to his ruling that it was Carter’s phone calls with Roy when he was in his truck gassing himself (as described by Carter’s texts to friends), rather than the preceding text messages, that caused him to go through with killing himself.

According to CNN, this decision “could set legal precedent for whether it’s a crime to tell someone to commit suicide.” Carter remained free on bail until her sentencing on August 3 when she was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for manslaughter, though she faced up to 20 years.

So yeah, I’m not any more informed by that than I was before that. And I actually followed the trial too.

I think it was probably dumb to not go to jury trial, because as far as I can tell, this judge just unilaterally decided that you can control another persons actions by sending them electronic messages.

If they would have went with some kind of “incitement to violence” charge, that would make sense. To be fair though, I still have no idea how Charles Manson was convicted of first-degree murder for murders committed by other people, and I’ve actually read books about that. So maybe I am just fundamentally incapable of understanding the American criminal justice system.

NOTE: For the record, the Wikipedia page on "Proxy Murder" contains
only two "famous cases," one of which is Manson's. In the other case,
the individual was not convicted of any murders. So I imagine this issue
is confusing for a lot of people, and I imagine there is a lot of legal
debate about the concept.

But it seems to me that according to some vague notions I have of “natural law,” encouraging someone to commit an act is fundamentally different than committing that act yourself.

Anyway, Manson arguably used drugs and other methods to mind control his cult members, so that is a different sort of case all together. But hey without going too far off course here – the members of the Manson family who actually committed the murders were also convicted of first-degree murder, negating the idea that they were mind-controlled slaves that Manson used as human weapons. So that case still confuses me.

But back to the bitch with the manslaughterous texts.

Firstly, any man who will take a woman’s advice on anything at all deserves to die. So that is all on him, in my opinion. I mean that in the metaphysical rather than the legal sense. Because as I’ve said, the legal part doesn’t make any sense to me.

But let me get to the core of my insight here: the social implications of the verdict.

On one hand, I think this verdict is a feminist verdict. It is implying that women naturally posses the power to control men’s actions. This reenforces the “girl power” narrative of women being able to level the playing field and dominate men using emotional manipulation.

However, on the other hand, it could be looked at as an anti-feminist verdict, as it is acknowledging that the female ability to emotionally manipulate men is a form of violence.

It’s a weird case, generally. And interesting.

I’m strongly of the opinion that the manslaughter charge is insane. But it is the least interesting aspect of it.

The more interesting aspects are:

  • A woman’s ability to manipulate a man
  • The weakness of the modern man
  • The potential implications of society accepting that a woman has the ability to control a man’s actions with her words

But mainly: it shouldn’t be illegal to tell someone to kill themselves. That is going to create infinity social media lawsuits, particularly given the fact that trannies are so prone to suicide and that people who hate trannies are so prone to telling them to do it.

Plus, “you should kill yourself” is an opinion.


Soros Recommends Destroy Europe With Jewish Money

via Soros Recommends Destroy Europe With Jewish Money

((((((Soros)))))) Recommends Destroy Europe With Jewish Money


((((((George Soros)))))), the Jewish criminal schemer, will get his voice heard again when it comes to the demographic displacement and genocide of the Nordic Race in Europe, through demands to governments concerning the concocted ‘refuge crisis’. The piece entitled Europe: A Better Plan for Refugees.


The word ‘crisis’ was put into use to cover up what this is: an intrusion of stagnated worthless races and abhorrent abominations from the east and south. They swarm because the gate is open. It is no crisis, but a very dangerous turn for humanity in which races that should already be dead are instead given a new continent in which to propagate.

The disfigured Jewish mastermind, writes that instead of closing all borders and adopting a restrictive policy against ‘human’ bilge, which would surely end the ‘crisis’, yet more refugees (refuse) should be financed with debt. Europe currently has a Triple A Credit Rating with the Jew banks. Therefore Europe is in a fine position to take on some debt, ‘stimulate the economy’ and let more refugees (refuse) in. One can see how this is very good for the Jews. Our destruction is their money maker.

This is the same as the Jewish World Bank and Aid Agencies, and the Jewish imperative demand on governments to provide foreign aid with loaned money in the deliberate overpopulation of the planets most worthless.

And they feign persecution.


This was in response to an invitation for ‘open debate’ by European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans, also a Jew.

Meanwhile the Bertelsmann Group has told the EU that they must not get rid of the Schengen Agreement, which is the open borders agreement that facilitates bastards from the east to flood Nordic countries, or else it will cost Europe billions, between €47 and €140 billion of lost GDP every year. The Schengen Agreement has been since its inception stated to be by many politicians ‘non negotiable’. Yes it is correct, Europe must accept racial mixture, decomposition and dissolution so that the Jews can make money.


Many people are rightly blaming the EU for this ‘crisis’, as they are the ones who set the quotas that allowed the mass swamping in subhuman effluent ‘refugees’ to begin with and invited them by setting up processing centers in the middle east, and even paid Turkey to transport them.

((((((George Soros)))))) proclaims proudly

that there is a ‘silent majority’ that wants to preserve the European Union even if it is currently not a well-functioning institution. The leaders will listen if this silent majority makes its voice heard.

This ‘silent majority’ is of course, the Jews. How is this Jew free to give governments advice while the entire population of Europe who derived there are powerless . It should not be allowed. It is insane. He further states:

it would be irresponsible to allow the EU to disintegrate without utilizing all the resources it has at its disposal.

In other words, the EU does not work, but it has not yet completely fulfilled its role of destroying European Nation States, Cultures and Identities. It has not yet fully mixed up the races and leveled the goyim.

He writes something needs to be done about refugees not getting to the country that they want to go to.

the (current) policy … requires refugees to take up residence in countries where they don’t want to live

So they are not ‘refugees’, but targeted weapons of mass biological destruction. When referring to the shit coloured bastards that are still in the middle east he writes.

give refugees the assurance that many of them can eventually seek refuge in Europe

Brown subhumans need to know that they can get there eventually. They need to feel assured. The Jew believes the whole world should be able to come to Europe as ‘refugees’ if they so desire. They have been told to go to Europe and destroy it. He then states what the crisis actually is. The crisis is that the ‘influx’ results in ‘anti-immigrant sentiment’.


These countries that the Jew ((((((George Soros)))))) is giving the mongrels assurances to were in our Grandfathers day the Nordic Peoples home. These Nations were founded by us and are named after us. They are now Multikult killing pens where Jews force divergent races together and accuse the highest one of oppressing the lower races until everyone is equally dumb and Jews can reign over a herd animal. This is hardly desirable.

A better option would be as one commenter on this website which featured ((((((Soros))))))’s  detestable Jewish spiel.

1) The multitude can stay in whichever shithole they currently reside in

2) “Europe” saves 34€ billion p.a.

3) The EU falls apart

4) ((((((George Soros)))))) finally dies

Bur this will not happen. We must insist on only our own race.


tumblr_mwetc4a87t1shpxeco3_1280 - Copy

((((((George Soros)))))) is a ratlike Jew and genetic wastage and yet he can write better and more proficiently than most ‘white people’. The regressive bastardisation or dysgenic trend of the Nordic species into a mongrelised hybrid strata of idiots with white skin is obvious with Jews like ((((((Soros)))))) and the entire Jewish media today able to fool the goyim with rubbish such as ‘crisis’ and ‘refugees’. This is why it is so important to vigorously discriminate against anyone making us uncompetitive against other races, so we stay as the Nordic Race how we evolved.

This history of Jews fooling the goyim was started when Jews started off as peddlers selling Junk. Through history they peddle not just merchandise, but ideas, like ‘rights’ and ‘equality’.

It is absurdly apparent through the Jew ((((((Soros))))))’s babbling through use of extreme verbosity, he is using words completely out of context, reminiscent of a market stall trader. Jews are not intelligent, just a parasite honed through years of getting away with their crimes. They have nothing to give to humanity, they instead live parasitically and impose conditions on the organic People that demand nothing but their complete extinction. With ink stained fingers the Jew thinks he can outsmart the goyim. They assure everyone that they are actually the smartest. They pretend to and fancy themselves as smarter than the goyim.

Just like all Jewish writers most people are too unintelligent to read such things so they just assume the author must be smart because he wrote it. The Jewish policies of  ‘democracy’, ‘humanitarianism’, ‘equal rights’ and ‘equality’ are allowed to go on festering unabated defiling humanity. ((((((Soros)))))) ends his Jewish death warrant for the goyim with the characteristic Jewish ability of turning things around and shamelessly stating things to be exactly the opposite of how they are.

The refugee crisis poses an existential threat to Europe. When should the triple-A credit of the EU be mobilized if not at a moment when the European Union is in mortal danger?

Refugees are a threat to Europe. That is why we should mobilise credit and fund more of them. Then a crippled Europe can be destroyed forever.

– Aidhan

Europe in Collapse – Refugees Attack Police Officers at Migrant Center, ‘Allah hu Akbar’ Gunman Kills Two Female Police Officers and Migrants Discover New Route into Italy, 2,000 Arrive in 48 Hours

Refugees Attack Police Officers at Migrant Center in Dresden

Since the beginning of the refugee crisis Germany has received over one million asylum applications, more than any other country in the European Union. As a result of the influx, the authorities in Berlin have tightened migration controls.

Police on Monday were called by security guards in order to stop a food-related dispute between two immigrants from Georgia at a migrant center in Dresden. However, after the police arrived, a crowd of refugees attacked them, injuring two police officers and one security guard.

“As a result, about 50 residents gathered and attacked officers by throwing lit cigarettes, then kicking and beating them,” a statement from the Dresden police said, adding that one of the migrants tried to attack the officers “with an iron bar from his bed.”

Additional forces were required to stop the crowd and restore order.

This incident is yet another in a series of clashes between the police and migrants in the country. Earlier this month, the police endured an attack of 150 migrants, trying to “rescue” a 23-year-old failed Togolese asylum seeker from deportation. The authorities released the man in question at the time, however, after a subsequent operation he was again detained and then deported.

The clashes come on the heels of a scandal in Bremen in April, where a former official from the The German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and his four colleagues were accused of taking bribes in exchange for granting around 1,200 refugees asylum, although they did not meet the criteria.

‘Allah hu Akbar’ Gunman Kills Two Female Police Officers, one Bystander, in Belgium in Suspected Terror Attack

‘Allah hu Akbar’ Gunman Kills Two Female Police Officers, one Bystander, in Belgium in Suspected Terror Attack

Local media have named 36-year-old Benjamin Herman as the gunman who fatally shot three people outside a cafe and took one woman hostage at a school in Liège, Belgium, on Tuesday morning. He allegedly shouted ‘Allah hu Akbar’ before being shot dead by police.

Shots were heard in the centre of the eastern Belgian city of Liège at around 10.30 am local time when an armed man opened fire outside the Cafe des Augustins on the Rue des Augustins, killing two police officers.

Belgian prosecutors’ office spokesman Philippe Dulieu confirmed the attacker in Liege was carrying a knife and approached two police officers, stabbed them several times, disarming them, and then used their weapons in a shooting rampage.

Dulieu said that the attacker “then took their weapons. He used the weapons on the officers, who died.”

National Belgian broadcaster RTBF has named the suspect as 36-year-old Benjamin Herman who was on temporary release from prison. He was known to police for petty crime such as theft, damage to public property, and minor drug trafficking.

The broadcaster speculates that he was radicalised in prison in Lantin, where he began his sentence in 2017, but whilst being allegedly known for violence by fellow inmates, he was not known for being associated with the radical Islamist prison scene.

Belgian officials confirmed a third person, a 22-year-old man who was in his car at the time, was also killed. A member of the Anti-Banditry Squad (PAB) and another bystander were reportedly injured.

The shooter then fled and held a cleaning lady hostage in the Waha high school. Police confirmed that security services arrived on the scene and shot the suspect dead, reports HLN.

Belgian broadcaster RTBF reports claims that a terrorist motive is suspected. According to police sources who have allegedly spoken to Belgian newspaper La Libre the gunman shouted “Allah hu Akbar” before being shot dead by police.

National media outlet VTM News also claims some witnesses allegedly heard the suspect shout the Islamic war cry.

Another official from the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office, who spoke on condition of anonymity with The Associated Press, said that “there are indications it could be a terror attack”, and the case has been taken over by the office which deals with extremist attacks.

An eyewitness video appears to show evacuation of the Avroy Boulevard with the sound of gunshots in the distance and people running for safety. Later footage shows a convoy of ambulances heading towards the scene.

Liège police will hold a press conference in the coming hours.

Migrants Discover New Route into Italy, 2,000 Arrive in 48 Hours

After a period of relative calm, African migrants have begun arriving en masse into Italy once again, crossing through Tunisia now that Libya has become virtually impassable.

Over the weekend some 2,000 African migrants arrived on the Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia, many of them having departed from the North African country of Tunisia.

Over the past four years, Libya has been the prime departure point for African migrants attempting to reach Italy by sea, with more than 600,000 migrants successfully making the crossing in this period. People smugglers have taken advantage of the security vacuum created by ongoing armed conflict in Libya and the lack of a single recognized government.

Since last summer, however, migrant crossings have declined sharply after Italy struck a deal with Libya, offering to train, equip, and finance the Libyan coastguard and to work together to turn back vessels and return migrants to Libya.

The deal was endorsed by European leaders and has been credited with significantly reducing the migrants flows arriving on Italy’s southern coast.

Traffickers also struck a deal with the Tripoli government and Libya’s coastguard—backed by the European Union (EU)—began patrolling the coast and intercepting migrant boats before they could reach NGO vessels that would bring them to Europe.

This spring, Libyan coastguard vessels have intercepted a number of migrant boats, returning their passengers to Africa rather than allowing them to rendezvous with NGO ships.

In early March, one vessel carrying over 100 migrants on board made it as far as the Aquarius rescue ship some 21 miles off the Libyan coast, but was stopped before it could unload its passengers for transfer to Italy.

This past weekend, however, the same Aquarius ship, used by the NGOs Doctors without Borders and SOS Mediterranean, arrived in Catania carrying 70 migrants picked up at sea.

Pro-migration forces have also struck back at Italy’s successful efforts to curb new arrivals, filing a lawsuit in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) alleging that Italy’s collaboration with the Libyan coastguard has subjected migrants to inhumane conditions, beatings, rape, and starvation by forcing them to return to Africa.

The lawsuit was brought by the UK-based charity Global Legal Action Network and focuses attention on a November 2017 incident in which the Libyan coastguard allegedly interfered in efforts by an NGO boat to rescue 130 migrants from a sinking vessel.

As of mid-May, 25,338 migrants have entered Europe by sea in 2018, with about 41 per cent arriving in Italy and 38 per cent to Greece, with the remainder (21 percent) arriving in Spain, according to the UN Migration Agency (IOM).

During the same period last year, more than double (54,324) the number of migrants had made the crossing and about 188,000 at this time in 2016.





Doomed Germany: Pro-Merkel Protesters Outnumber Anti-Merkel Protesters 5-to-1 in Berlin

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 28, 2018

Germany is effectively a doomed nation.

There is no internal force in this country that can stop its destruction.

The situation speaks to the nigh absolute ability of Jews to manipulate the psyche of white people and turn them against themselves.


Supporters of the nationalist Alternative for Germany party marched through central Berlin to protest against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government Sunday, and were kept away from a raft of counter-demonstrations by a heavy police presence.

Police said over 5,000 people turned out for the demonstration organized by the anti-migration Alternative for Germany, known by its German acronym AfD. A variety of counter-protests against the far right attracted well over 25,000 people in total, they said.

The AfD event opened with German flags, placards such as “No Islam in Germany” and chants of “Merkel must go” outside Berlin’s central train station. The party’s supporters then marched to the landmark Brandenburg Gate. Opponents chanted “Nazis out” from the other side of the monument.

“Nazism” is the original sin of the German race.

Adolf Hitler is the Serpent in the Garden of Eden who offered the German people the a metaphysical understanding of the role of the Aryan race in the universe.

Human beings are a religious animal. Religion is fundamental to our existence as a species.

For some reason (there is a reason, of course, it’s just complicated), white people came up with the idea of being born in “sin” and needing to redeem themselves.

Obviously, there was a psychological desire for this idea in the collective consciousness of Europeans, or it would never have been in our religion.

What the Jews did was flip this into being born white as the original “sin nature” of man. In Germany, this is most powerful, because their ancestors allegedly gassed six million Jews in homicidal fake shower rooms and proceeded to turn them into furniture and cleaning products.

The Holocaust narrative is absurd, of course. Grossly nonsensical and idiotic. But it does not matter, because it is a religious doctrine.

So in the mind of the average German, everything they do in the name of fighting Nazism – in their own minds fighting evil, the devil, sin – is morally good, true and pure.

And this religious fervor outweighs any other concern, including the instinct toward self-preservation.

Some of the counter-protesters took to rafts on the Spree river, within sight of the train station. Groups organizing protests against AfD included artists and a coalition of Berlin music clubs hoping to “blow away” the party with loud techno beats.

About 2,000 police officers were in place to prevent trouble, including reinforcements from other parts of Germany. The march concluded without significant trouble.

Prominent AfD lawmaker Beatrix von Storch told Sunday’s demonstrators that “the vital question for us is: freedom or Islamization?”

Among the protesters was Silke Langmacker, an accountant, who carried a sign reading “Taxpayers First.”

“We are here to stop the uncontrolled influx into the German welfare system,” she said. “The refugees must return to Syria and rebuild their country there.”

In this psycho-religious paradigm the Jews have created for the Germans (and all other European peoples to degrees of lesser extent), Islamization or a general browning-out of our own selves is comparable to reaching a type of Heaven or Nirvana. A completely brown earth replaces the idea of God’s Eternal Kingdom on Earth.

And so Merkel has become a type of Christ figure, sacrificing the life of Germany itself for the redemption of the world.

The Jews truly are an incredible people.

They managed to take all of the elements of Christianity – the religion that our biology independently drove us to, a system designed to preserve the European race – and systematically replace them with opposite but equal elements and create a system designed to destroy the European race.

And they made such quick time!

It has not even been a century since the end of World War II and the birthing of this new religion, and yet here we are, demanding our own extermination and replacement.

But if all is reversed in this Jewish reality, who then is playing the role of the Satan, for surely he is in fact the savior…?


But I have seen he whom they call Satan.


Whether Russia is actually any kind of savior is immaterial to the new Jewish cosmology. It was necessary for them to have a character to play the role of the Satan. And so Russia was plugged in, because they are the last remnant of the old European, Christian order.

The Last Great White Nation.

When 43% of Americans Can’t Pay for Food and Rent, We Can Safely Say the Economic Collapse Is HERE

By Daisy Luther

You know all those reports about how lots of Americans can’t afford a $1000 surprise expense like a medical bill or a car repair? Well, forget additional expenses. It turns out that nearly half of the families in America are struggling to pay for food and rent. And that means that the economic collapse isn’t just “coming.” It’s HERE.

United Way has done a study on a group of Americans they call ALICE: Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. The study found that this group does not make the money needed “to survive in the modern economy.”

ALICE is your child care worker, your parent on Social Security, the cashier at your supermarket, the gas attendant, the salesperson at your big box store, your waitress, a home health aide, an office clerk.

ALICE cannot always pay the bills, has little or nothing in savings, and is forced to make tough choices such as deciding between quality child care or paying the rent. One unexpected car repair or medical bill can push these financially strapped families over the edge.

ALICE is a hardworking member of the community who is employed yet does not earn enough to afford the basic necessities of life.

ALICE earns above the federal poverty level but does not earn enough to afford a bare-bones household budget of housing, child care, food, transportation, and healthcare. (source)

Between families living below the poverty line due to unemployment or disability and ALICEs, the study discovered that 43% of Americans were struggling to cover basic necessities like rent and food.

Where are families struggling the most?

Some states have more families living in ALICE levels than others. The 3 states with the most families barely surviving paycheck to paycheck are California, New Mexico, and Hawaii. Each of these states saw 49% of families struggling. North Dakota had the lowest ALICE percentage with 32%. You can check how your state fares right here. Despite the lowest unemployment rate since 2000, families all over the country are barely getting by.

The media page of the ALICE website is jammed with headlines that are all too familiar for many Americans:

  • Report: Michigan makes little progress in lifting working poor to financial stability
  • After a decade of tax cuts — Ohioans in financial hardship
  • Louisiana families work hard, but still can’t cover necessities
  • 44 percent of Florida households, mostly working poor, struggling to meet basic needs
  • Third of New Jersey households can’t afford basic necessities
  • 42 percent of Wisconsin households struggle to pay bills

And on and on and on…

The economic collapse of America is here.

While many families are still doing okay, the specter of poverty looms over many of us. Many of us know that we’re one personal financial catastrophe away from disaster. I wrote recently about my own family’s struggle with a large medical bill.

Obviously, I’m not telling you about our financial saga to make myself look bad. I’m telling you because I want you to know that no matter how much you try to do everything right, financial problems can happen to anyone, at any time. Whether you have $100 in the bank or $100,000 in the bank, something can happen that wipes out your emergency fund just like it did mine.

This doesn’t mean that you failed financially – it means that circumstances can affect you, just like they do everyone else, no matter how careful you are.

Before my daughter’s illness, I was doing everything “right.”

– I had enough money in my emergency fund to carry me through 3 lean months
– I had numerous credit cards with zero balances
– My only debt was my car
– My kids are going to school without student loans
– I opted out of health insurance because it was more financially practical to pay cash (and I still agree with that decision)

Everything was great.

Until it wasn’t. (source)

This is a story that probably rings true to more and more familiar to a growing number of families every week.

While my income hasn’t dropped – it’s grown – I am still struggling to pay off those bills and recover. I’ve taken on a significant amount of extra work to get things back under control, and still, I worry it won’t be enough.

Sound familiar?

If it does, it’s because – and of this, I am quite certain – the long-heralded economic collapse of America is upon us. When hard-working families who should be “middle class” can barely afford to eat and keep a roof over their heads, things are only going to devolve further.

Look at other examples of economic collapse

This is just the beginning of a looming collapse in America.

Remember back when Greece began to collapse? It was the same thing – no one could afford the basics and things went downhill pretty quickly from there. It really hit the papers when a strict austerity program was instituted and culminated when a “bank holiday” shut down the financial system for an entire week.

There are similar stories in the UK (where the taxpayers can still fund a 45 million dollar wedding but poor families can’t afford to eat every day), Argentina, and Cyprus.

Jose wrote for us about the warning signs that the collapse of Venezuela was approaching and they’re eerily familiar. Food rationing began, the cost of medical care became prohibitive, the health insurance system began to fail, and people began to make difficult choices about rent versus food.

I don’t know how it could be any more clear than the fact that nearly half of the American population is also making that decision each month.

What’s the answer?

While the United Way hopes to boost the minimum wage, I don’t feel that is the answer because it will drive businesses to let employees go when they can’t afford to pay them. We have seen this happen in fast food establishments in which humans are on their way to being replaced by self-service kiosks and burger-flipping robots.

I believe the only answer is to begin to produce more than we consume. Currently, Americans are like a horde of locusts, working at jobs that produce nothing, but consuming rabidly the imports that feed us, clothe us, and entertain us. We’re looking at economic tariffs on imports that may increase their price up to 40% and our own exports will be subject to tariffs in return.

If you find yourself in a tough spot, these tips from The Cheapskate’s Guide to the Galaxy may help.

  1. Audit your situation. See where all your money is going, see how much debt you’re in, and see what the most immediate ramifications will be.
  2. Take care of the most important things first. In most situations, keeping your home paid for (rent or mortgage), paying utilities, and making your auto and insurance payments should come first. Take care of the things that will have the most immediate ramifications first.
  3. You may have to make some late payments on less vital things. If so, communicate with those to whom you owe money and try to make arrangements. This may affect your credit, but by communicating with them, you can keep damage to a minimum.
  4. Cut your expenses. When you audit your situation, you may find some places that you can slash your regular expenses. Don’t hesitate to reduce services that are unnecessary or to whittle down your monthly obligations. (More ideas here)
  5. Put a little money back into your emergency fund as soon as possible. This may sound counterintuitive but having a bit of money for minor emergencies means that you won’t need to rely on credit cards for these things, putting you even further in the hole.
  6. Pay off your debts. Use the snowball method to attack your debts. Start paying these off AFTER you pay for the things I recommended in step 2.
  7. Use the things you have on hand. Delay a trip to the store for as long as possible by planning a menu using the food in your pantry and freezer. (Think about the stockpile challenge we did and use those strategies. Get some ideas for meals from your stockpile in this article) Use the shampoo, soap, and personal hygiene products that you have already instead of buying new products.
  8. Raise extra money. This may come from selling things you don’t need, taking on some extra work, or by creating a product or service to sell. However you do this, use the extra revenue wisely to get out of debt and to rebuild your emergency fund. There are more ideas for making money quickly in this issue.

And to harden yourself against the collapse that will only get worse, make these changes to help your family survive.

What can you store?” is not the right question to ask.

“What can you make?” – that’s the right question.

Your focus has to be on long-term sustainability, frugality, and self-reliance.  Don’t get me wrong – a stockpile is sensible and an essential course of action. It should definitely be part of your preparedness plan.

However, you need to also be ready for the time when the supplies in your well-stocked pantry are no longer available.  You need to be able to meet as many of your own needs as possible or you’ll end up being one of those people wearing dirty clothes because you can’t find laundry soap or going hungry because you can’t find any food at the stores – or can’t afford it if you can find it. You need to be ready for the end of a consumer-driven lifestyle, because quite frankly, there may soon come a day when there are no consumer goods to be had. Here are some ways to work on your

Here are some ways to work on your self-reliance:

It’s only by reducing your need for the things sold in stores that you can exempt yourself from the chaos and desperation that will erupt when everyone realizes that an economic collapse has occurred.

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Homosexuality as a Weapon

Renegade Editor’s Note: Almost 40 years ago, the good professor saw this trend figured out. Just imagine if he could see the current level of degeneracy. Also, male homosexuality should be opposed for its physical and psychological destructiveness, especially since it is being promoted to young children as a healthy alternative lifestyle.

By Revilo P. Oliver (1979)

HOMOSEXUALITY is being intensively promoted by the Jews as one phase of their campaign to liquidate our race, which they evidently regard as unreliable livestock. And no one is offering any rational opposition to what is becoming a homosexual epidemic.

Anita Bryant and David Noebel are probably sincere (I am acquainted with the latter, and I feel certain that he is; I have not met the former, but see no reason to doubt her sincerity), but their efforts are necessarily ineffectual and for that reason are mildly encouraged by the Jews, who give them some publicity in their press as typical opponents of “sexual freedom.” Both base part of their opposition on the Christian superstition (i.e., the Jews’ greatest hoax) and tell people that sexual perversion is wrong ’cause Jesus says “naughty, naughty” — an argument which merely excites laughter in persons who are rational and have a modicum of education.

The argument is self-defeating for several reasons. To begin with, it is not true. The recent recovery by Professor Mortimer Smith of part of the homosexual episode that was deleted from the gospel of “Mark” (the one that was included in the “New Testament” when it was thrown together in the Fourth Century by the sect that became “orthodox”) shows that the Christian sects which overtly practiced homosexuality had good authority for it in the then-current tales about Jesus. And, of course, the Christian holy men have in all ages been the foremost practitioners of male homosexuality, and are notoriously so today, probably because the salvation-business attracts males who are insufficiently masculine.

There are undoubtedly two causes of homosexuality, biological degeneracy and induced perversion, and the great difficulty is in determining the relative importance of the two causes, since we know so little about the inheritance of mental characteristics that the biological cause is certain only when accompanied by anatomical abnormality. Induced perversion is our principal concern, since it is the only one that we can try to check at present. Here there is a further division, for we must distinguish between exclusive homosexuality (or virtually exclusive, since some perverts marry and beget children, presumably as protective covering) and “bisexuality,” which is so much in fashion now.

For example, according to reports that I see no reason to doubt, one of the largest fraternities on the campus of the local university, which, perhaps significantly, is the one that particularly tries to enlist White athletes, has a homosexual orgy as its ceremony of initiation into the fraternity to make certain that all the members enjoy such fun, but they also bring in “co-eds” frequently for general copulation, which all the members are said to enjoy also. The phenomenal vogue of “bisexuality” in our time is almost certainly a matter of fashion, i.e., induced by current education, but it also makes it difficult to distinguish between the two types who practice homosexuality.

As you probably know, pornography is one of the most lucrative businesses in the United States as well as a principal weapon of Jewish subversion. Recent trends in that field include: (1) The major pornographic periodicals (of which there are ten, all with paid circulations of from 2,000,000 to 7,000,000, which are for sale on all newsstands) are still heterosexual in their photography, showing attractive females and copulation between male and female, with occasional copulation between females, but never between males. A major part of these journals, however, consists of articles that are not illustrated, comprising both letters from readers who have new ideas about copulation or advice from experts on that subject. These now show a marked increase in emphasis on “bisexuality.” (2) Pornographic periodicals for homosexuals are still a specialized field, and the magazines devoted to it have comparatively small circulations (all under 1,000,000, and all but one under 500,000), and are usually sold only in the pornographic stores, not generally on the newsstands.) (3) The same division of fields is found in the motion picture films which are sold for private viewing. The major business is heterosexual. The significant trend in the past two years has been an ever-increasing emphasis on copulation between White women and Congoid males, with copulation between White males and Mongolian females a secondary trend. (4) Films showing males copulating with males have thus far been a specialized business, i.e., are produced by different firms and advertised to different mailing lists. Very recently, however, two of the principal major distributors, who heretofore confined their business to heterosexual films, have begun to offer “bisexual” films and one even offers homosexual films. It will be interesting to see whether these firms find the homosexual element “good business.”

The Kinsey reports make the claim that 37% of the male population has had some homosexual adventures. I can express no opinion concerning the reports’ reliability, but I observe that the scientific method requires that findings that are to be generally accepted must be subject to independent verification, i.e., the experiment can be duplicated by other investigators with the same results.

This is not true of the Kinsey reports, which, by the way, were financed by one of the Rockefeller foundations. The reports purport to be conclusions drawn from the interrogation of persons (not classified by race or social status and selected by procedures not clearly defined) whose answers were recorded in a code known only to the investigators on cards that are kept secret with a provision for their immediate destruction, should anyone obtain from a court an order for inspection of the data. In these circumstances, it is possible that the data were partly or entirely fabricated by Kinsey and/or his assistants. One cannot accuse them of fraud, but neither can one absolve them of suspicion of it.

The Kinsey report has been attacked by many psychiatrists, who are usually polite enough to profess belief in Kinsey’s good faith. I note, for example, that his “37%” conclusion is dismissed as ”fantastic” by Drs. Edmund Bergler and William S. Kroger in their book, Kinsey’s Myth of Female Sexuality (New York, 1954), p. 185, where they also comment that the effect of his erroneous report (in which they earlier identify twelve methodological errors that “eliminated the last possibility of arriving at even approximately correct results”) would be to increase the practice of male homosexuality by convincing the young that it is common and therefore presumably normal. That, undoubtedly, has been the effect.

In fact, if Kinsey had been hired to destroy what was left of sexual morality in this country, he would have manufactured his ostensibly objective report as the most efficacious means of doing so.

However that may be, I believe the only effective opposition to homosexuality must be based on racial grounds, i.e., on considerations that will be disregarded so long as the Jews control the mentality of our hapless race.

At that point, of course, the problem of homosexuality becomes merged with that of the general prostitution of American females. Our public schools try to get children to start copulating as early as possible (that was one of the stated objectives in the “consolidation” of schools, requiring the hauling of children long distances and away from the communities in which their parents reside, while the unstated objective was preparation for “integration” to force White children into the most degrading association with sub-humans). Most schools in which the children are puberate now have special classes to teach copulation, and “health programs” which supply contraceptives to the females so that they will have no hesitation about copulating with any male. No stable family can be founded on a marriage between a man and an unpaid whore for whom he cannot have the slightest respect.