Greece Fights Back: Antifa Buildings Torched Amid Europe’s Largest Ever Nationalist Rally


Jack Kenrick, Squawker, 22 January 2018

Over four hundred thousand flag waving patriots joined together yesterday. In a display of purely Nationalistic based pride that seemed almost out of place in today’s modern diversity first Europe. Taking to the streets in protest of neighboring country Macedonia, a nation they feel has stolen an important part of their heritage and culture. Here below is some drone footage of the rally, which provides a proper sense of just how large this crowd truly was.

Not everyone was thrilled by the huge turnout. Including Greece’s Progressive government, who made their disapproval of the entire event quite clear before it even began. With multiple senior lawmakers today calling the event an irresponsible act, that only fanned the flames of the over 25-year-long feud with neighboring Macedonia.

The political disapproval for the rally is likely why despite a purported 68% of Greeks backing the protests overall goals, the crowd yesterday was met with an incredibly large militarized police presence. A presence that sadly and almost inevitably led to numerous reports of violence and the crowd clashing with authorities.

The Greek government even attempted to use its control of the media to limit the influence and reach of the protest. With the state controlled national broadcaster ERT, purposely not mentioning the largest demonstration in Greek history on their nightly news broadcast.

Beyond even these blatant examples of Government censorship, the real story however might just be the fact that the Greek people appear to have seemingly run out of patience for the Alt-Left extremists living among them. With witnesses claiming to have seen a handful of protesters break away from the crowd and throw a Molotov cocktail into a building widely known to be used by a local Antifa chapter operating in the city. While no damage was done to neighboring houses, nor anyone injured in the attack as the house was empty at the time. The Antifa occupied house was in fact completely destroyed in the ensuing blaze.

Government opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis called the rally a demonstration of “the indignation of Greek citizens towards a government that acts secretly and, with its acts and omissions, shows that it is incapable of serving national interests.” This declaration in support of the rally was met with an official government spokesperson quickly calling Mitsotakis “unreliable, irresponsible and populist.” Proving once again that anyone who has his own people’s interests at heart, is considered unacceptable by the Leftist ruling political class.

Despite the blow back from their own Government, the people of Greece don’t appear to be backing down. With the rally this weekend revealing just how many were still willing to take to the streets and openly display their love of country and national heritage. Some even, whether right or wrong, even dared to back up those words with actions against those who might otherwise want to quiet them. It’s uncertain for now if this violence was merely a one off or signs of continued conflict to come, but we do know for sure that the peaceful protests at least will be continuing. With another demonstration set for February 4th, this time located in the capital city of Athens itself.

The jewish Propaganda Machine

The jews have an incredibly nefarious and regimented system for saturating all forms of communication with their propaganda. For those taken unaware by the jewish lies and their White genocide agenda, the Hebraic propaganda is devastatingly effective. Combined with the jewish control of most conventional media and ed-jew-cational institutions, the poisonous rabbinical propaganda efforts produce brainwashing that the victims will reflexively cling to despite being presented with easily observable contrary evidence. The brainwashing of otherwise sane and healthy White people is relentlessly reinforced at every opportunity by the fork-tongued jews. The strategy of jewish propaganda is always the same: to promote “g*d’s chosen people” as the eternal, unimpeachable victims, to unabashedly keep the moribund and completely debunked holohoax lie viable as a tool, and to keep the White race uniformly ignorant, cowed, and shackled by undeserved guilt.

The themes are equally predictable, as one would expect from a race of con-artists who are devoid of any creative capacity outside of promoting depravity, hedonism, and misery. All the tired and clichéd jewish themes are being prepared for the unsuspecting goyim yet again in 2018: an endless supply of holohoax survivors, rootless internationalism, nihilism, dysfunctional families with the members pitted against each other, and obsessive hyper-sexualization. The only thing missing from the upcoming jewish propaganda book releases is the heavy-handed glorification of miscegenation (perhaps (((Hollywood))) will be the chosen tool for promoting race-treason and the extinction of White genetic heritage through ill-advised rutting with living fossils).

Despite incessant nasally bleating about their victimhood and far-fetched persecution claims, the jews are so immensely over-privileged that any objective consideration of their “plight” would expose the semitic victim-posturing as laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous. The rat-faced race is an insulated leisured class in our terminally degenerate Weimerica, and many of “g*d’s chosen people” spend their seemingly endless time writing low-quality, derivative books that are testaments to the jewish incapacity for creative thinking. They lack the discernment to even plagiarize anything from outside the formulaic tales of “what I learned from a holohoax survivor, as I lived in three or more different countries.” The propaganda screed of the jews needs to be exposed for the rabidly anti-White malignancy that it is. It has no place in a healthy White homeland, and nor do its soulless, parasitic authors.

Barbara Ridley knew that her mother’s life story was compelling: She’d fled Czechoslovakia before the Nazi invasion, leaving her family and her Judaism behind, and ultimately ended up in England. While Ridley had recorded her mother’s oral history, she realized after her death in 2002 that “there were lots of gaps,” Ridley explained on her website. “I certainly didn’t understand many of the details, and my mother never discussed the emotional impact of what she went through. So I thought, well I love fiction, I’ll make up what I don’t know, I’ll write a novel.”

The story of a nation-wrecking Yenta, whose only allegiance is to her inhuman parasitic species, is “compelling” according to the jewess trying to turn fictitious stories of “sufferink” into geld. By “compelling” this duplicitous jew doesn’t mean that it’s interesting or that her tall tale has any historical significance. This piece of kosher drivel was carefully designed to be a tool of compulsion; a tool for enforcing the myth of the jewish victim. The lying jewess author didn’t understand many of the details because the whole story is a fraud, intended to perpetuate the special license and unaccountability enjoyed by the rootless, subversive jews. The classic jewish lie of the “non-jewish jew” is clearly on display. We are supposed to believe that this jewess author who was raised in jewish tradition and heritage enough to write a fantasy novel about her jewish mother’s supposed “compelling poisecution” had a non-jewish jewish mother. The jew said that it wasn’t jewish, and why would it lie to the goyim? That is, other than all the religiously sanctioned lying, stealing, and killing of the goyim found on practically every other page of the toxic talmud. I mean, it’s not like the jews have a history of dishonesty and traitorous subversion, right goyim?  Please don’t notice that the whole story being peddled by the friendly rat-faced merchant is make-believe being dressed up as a memoir, and was crafted to have the most devastating and manipulative emotional impact on its readers!

Jewish characters are scattered throughout novelist and short fiction writer Kate Braverman’s new book, “A Good Day for Seppuku,” set for publication in early February… There’s Bernie ((((((Roth)))))) and his disengaged wife, Chloe, in the throes of separating; high school teacher Barbara ((((((Stein)))))), endlessly searching for her prostitute daughter; and a host of other lost souls.”

Another jewess promoting degeneracy, inter-familial strife, irresolute deracination, and empty nihilism. Having jews infect every institution of a formerly prosperous White homeland without resistance certainly calls to mind the suicide referenced in this poisonous piece of Hebraic propaganda. The jews will go to any length, no matter how ludicrous, to convince the goyim that they are victims though in reality it is the hate-filled jewish anti-soul that is the source of all the barren bleakness of jewish-ruled communities.

Speaking in bookstores, synagogues and wellness centers, Irit Schaffer shares her message of resilience in the face of adversity – recounted in her autobiographical book, “Good Blood: A Journey of Healing.” Born in Israel and raised in Canada, Schaffer believes the lifelong lessons she learned from her Holocaust-survivor parents have given her strength and a unique perspective on the mind-body-spirit connection.”

Unless the jewish-authored “Good Blood” is about jewish ritual child murder, then rest assured that this is just another shameless, self-serving kosher connivance to fool Whites into agreeably digging their own graves. The holohoax was apparently the most easily survivable event in all history since, strictly speaking, it never happened. Since holohoax survivors are as common as mud, this jewish author wants to share its delusions that somehow a holohuckster has a unique perspective on the mind-body-spirit connection. That “connection” seems to be the concept of hereditary holohoax survivorship profiteering.

The jewish parasites maintain their power in White societies through their relentless efforts to disingenuously call their luxurious and privileged lifestyles victimhood. The holohoax fraud and the mendacious claims to have survived it are the preposterous grounds for exempting “g*d’s chosen people” from any criticism of their innumerable crimes. The fantasies of persecution are the idiotic and baseless justification for jewish rootlessness, conniving, and treachery. The consequence of allowing the jews to be the world’s most powerful victims, is that their victims are blamed for the exploitation, degeneracy, and decline perpetrated upon them by the jews. By the twisted rabbinical logic of the jews, it is the fault of the Whites for allowing jewish pornography, jewish usury, jewish equalitarian lies, and the jewish promotion of miscegenation to take place in White societies; but the omission of duty that the jews use to assign White culpability for our racial decline cannot be resolved by actually naming the jews behind it. The jews can and will cry out ever so accusingly as they strike down healthy White communities and individuals, as the endless amounts of nauseating kosher propaganda illustrate. We must expose the jewish lies that protect the nation-wrecking parasites, while at the same time convince Whites to apathetically accept their racial eradication so long in the planning by our jewish racial enemies. We must reawaken our people’s pride in the long and extraordinary history of the White race, and the glory of White accomplishments, to counter the degrading, degenerate jewish drivel that is poisoning our people. We must re-establish our White homelands free from jewish influence; it is the only way to stop White genocide.

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2013 Found Footage: French Cops Light Irate Negro ON FIRE!

Andrew Anglin

I haven’t seen a nigger get lit up like that since South Africa!


Bodycam footage of an altercation between an already injured man and French police captures the moment the suspect burst into flames after being simultaneously tear gassed and tasered. The video has been making rounds online.

The shocking video was captured by the bodycam of one of the officers involved in the incident, which dates back to July 2013, but has surfaced on social media only this week.

The video shows a shirtless and visibly agitated man with one of his arms covered in blood moving towards officers while insisting he had done nothing wrong. Although the man does not appear to be overtly aggressive, he repeatedly taunts the officers and refuses to obey when told to stop and put the hands behind his back.

“Did I attack you!? Get your hands off me! Don’t touch me! No, no, don’t touch me. Motherf**er, are you gonna arrest me!?” the man is heard saying.

Police initially try to calm the man down, with one of the officers saying: “You don’t need to be scared … Call an ambulance, he cannot stay like that.”

However, as the man begins hurling insults at the officers, goading them to use a taser, their patience apparently wears thin. “We’re gonna bring him in for contempt of cop!” says an officer, as the situation escalates quickly.

Shortly afterwards, one of the officers strikes the man’s legs several times with a baton, while two others fire tear gas and a stun gun at the same time. The combination causes the man to burst into flames.

The officers then pin the man to the ground in an attempt to put out the fire. The audio record indicates the incident was a freak accident, not a deliberate action by police, as one of the officers can be heard shouting: “Who gassed him?!” before asking the suspect whether he is alright. The suspect replies: “I’m gonna die.”

It is unclear what preceded the standoff and no information on the suspect has been made available. An internal investigation was conducted but did not resulted in any charges being filed or punishments for the officers involved, French media reports.

While the video of the incident suggests the man was in a lot of pain during the confrontation, police spokesman told LCI news he did not sustain any serious injuries.

If the nog didn’t want to get lit-up, he shouldn’t have been acting like such a dumb nigger.

Why do these people always have to do this macho thing with police? They all do this, and then they whine about getting shot or, in this case, lit-up.

And they are going to whine.

They are already on a rampage in France over this H&M t-shirt, and after this they will probably riot.

Yes, it’s five years old, but blacks cannot process time.

I support black riots. They are universally positive, in that they demonstrate the nature of black people. They can say all of this stuff about how they commit crimes and are poor because white people were mean to them, but an actual riot is something that no white person can really grasp when they see it on TV, because a white person has no real reference point for it. Yes, whites have rioted before, but it is always directed. The mindless tantrum-type riot is uniquely a brown person activity, and it is disgusting to whites.