It Gets Worse By The Day!

  • A Disclaimer Of Sorts

    I think it is important to state the true ideals of this blog, even though my use of the word nigger always seems to negate my intentions. Listed as a “Hate” site (subsection General Hate) for three years running in the annual “The Year In Hate” edition of the SPLC’s rag of propaganda bullshit liberal spin “The Intelligence Report”, I think I should be given the opportunity to explain the mistake they make based solely on my use of the word nigger. I do not hate niggers. I repeat. I DO NOT HATE niggers. I may get angry and slip and say I do, but I really don’t. Because hating a species for instinctual behavior is unfair. I like to use the innocent cute little squirrel as an example. The little rodent motherfuckers who get into my attic and chew the hell out of everything, shit all over the place and stink it up with their piss. I don’t hate squirrels…I just don’t want the fuckers in my attic. Their behavior is unacceptable to me. I choose not to encourage squirrels to set up their nests in my attic. I don’t hate them. I call them mother fucking rodents and other hostile names based on their behavior, but I don’t hate them. Same goes for niggers. I find them as insignificant as squirrels or any other pests of nature. I prefer not to have them near me and I find their behavior in general to be unacceptable to a civilized society. People like the SPLC choose to label me hateful when in fact, I have a great deal of sympathy for niggers. God man…I’d hate to BE one, but I can’t find it in my heart to hate them. Not simply because they are niggers. On individual levels, yes…I can hate as good as the next guy. But in general…no. Niggers can’t help being niggers. So when you censors roll in here to close me up for Hate Speech or other bullshit unfounded reasons, please consider my honest feelings. I do not encourage anyone to deliberately try to harm any niggers unless they are in your kitchen with a gun or a knife with their dick hanging out of their pants. Likewise…don’t fuck with squirrels unless they are destroying your attic. It really is a simple fundamental point of view every sane and somewhat intelligent person should be able to understand.
  • There are Niggers, but there are NO black people…

    This is just a myth created to try to explain why some niggers give the impression they are functioning normally as humans. Remember…niggers are niggers. Some have greater amounts of human DNA circulating within their composition, but they are still niggers. Given adequate time, all niggers will prove this theory. If it helps you sleep at night knowing that YOU don’t subscribe to my philosophies concerning niggers, so be it. Just heed my warnings. Keep a distance and spend limited time with them in their natural habitat. And good fucking luck!

It Gets Worse By The Day!

The elephant in the room has no clothes.  Someone had to say it.  Niggpocrisy has reached a new level of stupid today.  Never thought they could get any more stupid but then, the one thing you can always count on niggers for is to prove just how much more stupid they can get.  The En Dubba A Ceepee has made an executive decision today that the so called tea party movement in America is based primarily on racism and the total obsession white people have with denying niggers their glory every time they feel they have accomplished anything.  Niggers are calling US racists.  The same niggers who believe it was justified to drop all charges against the white hating violence advocating chimpanzee group “The New Black Panthers”.  The ones who think to be truly free in America, niggers have to kill a crakka and a crakka’s baby.  Those niggers.  Calling white people who rally against an oppressive government and a socialist takeover of their government racist simply because they managed to squeeze a nigger into the White House.  Those niggers.  The ones who think Hallmark stayed up all night trying to figure out a way to call nigger sows “black whores” in a graduation card with an outer space theme.  Those are the niggers who are calling everyone who disagrees with the policies of their president racist.  Those niggers.

Niggers are by far the most narcissistic group of subhuman organisms on the planet.  They honestly believe every single solitary moment of every day on Earth is all about race and niggers.  We should just call the Sun “the Nigger”, because in the minds of their appointed leaders, every fucking thing revolves around them.  It has become so glaringly obvious, only a moron missing all five senses could mistake it.  Niggers have proven how ridiculous their species is.  Thanks to the En Dubba A Ceepee, we can all see just how fucked up this world has become at the paws of these creatures.  Now all we need to do is revolt and clean up this horrible mess.  Any suggestions?


Surprising!  Marvelous!  Bullshit.  Get a new word Glenn Beck, because after listening to half an hour of his nigger ass kissing and whining about how racist the liberals are, I can barely stand listening to the guy anymore!  I love his ideals, principles and his knowledge of history.  I love how he tries to move people to act against the tyranny this country is engulfed in with this incompetent administration.  I admire Glenn Beck because he finds the truth and spills it on national radio and Fox TV.  But today he sat and licked the asses of niggers simply to prove he isn’t a racist.  I was disappointed.  If the guy is afraid of being called a racist, say nothing at all.  It was like listening to him tell us all, “Some of my best friends are black.”  And if I hear the word Amazing one more fucking time I’m gonna burst into ice cubes.  Why…HOW can everything be fucking amazing?  Am I the only one who gets this annoyed when people use a word to death?  Every fucking good thing Beck could come up with today wasn’t just good enough to be good…it had to be fucking amazing.  In the context of niggers, how on earth can he even say it without vomiting?  And his little lap dogs are right there behind him yelping, “yes Glenn yes…amazing!   Just absolutely amazing!”  I hate when people I like piss me off to this extent and for such a trivial reason.  Now I won’t be able to listen to him anymore without trying to count the “amazings”. Plus his insistence that he loves niggers leaves a really sour taste in my mouth too.  I couldn’t even pretend to say that for any reason…unless I totally sold myself out for the profits.   Bastard.

But then, as I listened to Hannity later in the same day I realized…he too thinks every damn thing is amazing.  It’s out of control now I guess.  So I watched a crow picking at a discarded bag of McDonald’s crap laying in a parking lot.  I was waiting for someone and it was 97 ° outside with humidity levels up around the perspiration seepage of a silver back NBA player in double overtime.  It was hot out.  I wondered if the crow was the least bit concerned with his cholesterol.  He was eating a greasy french fry off sweltering pavement.  Do crows have issues with arterial blockages?  They should if they’re going to be eating crap like McDonald’s french fries.  And what about diabetes?  Potatoes and other carbs can lead to raised sugar.  Do crows get that too?  I know my cat is diabetic so why not a stupid ass crow?  Fucking thing eats garbage. I suppose as birds go, the crow is their nigger.  He was “lovin’ it”!  As all this was happening a big black wasp landed on my windshield.  It just sat there baking in the AlGore sun, tip toeing around slowly.  I leaned up to get a close look.  Nigger birds, then nigger bugs…what a day.  Mean looking little prick I thought.  And I think the little turd was looking back at me.  We made eye contact and I think I read its little mind just then.  It said, “If I were six feet tall, you’d be fucked.”  I had to agree.  Imagine if wasps were our size?  Jesus man, that would be …fucking amazing!

The White House

Sometimes my thoughts wander to things like what the White House might look like when this nightmare is over.  It is common knowledge we only see what the doting press want us to see, and when DC niggers walk by a mess like the White House might be in, they see nothing out of the ordinary.  It is the inside I am more concerned with however.

I’ve been inside homes abandoned by niggers after only living in them briefly.  I have seen the damage a pack of wild apes can inflict upon brand new furnishings and decor.  How will these chimps differ?  Are their Affirmative Action law degrees going to guarantee their children aren’t spray painting the walls?  Is inherent destruction and an irresponsible nature of typical behavior going to be overtaken by a new found  desire to give a shit about a place they will be moving from in a specific time frame?  Get real, as the bruthas themselves often say.  You can take the niggers out of Chicago but you can’t take the niggers out of niggers.  I suspect there is an amplified staff devoted to cleaning up after these slobs.  You’d almost have to expect it, given typical nigger lifestyles.  How many times have we seen “the underprivileged” given brand new digs only to be in a shambles within months?  They expect the maintenance to come with everything they are handed, so throwing away trash and wiping up spilled grape soda, or even flushing toilets is beyond their scope of responsibility.  So what does that mean for our precious old White House?  Either they have a staff struggling to keep up with the filthy nature of niggers living in subsidized housing, or the place is being turned into a mini Detroit while the Gulf of Mexico fills with sludge and goo balls.  Whatever the case, we can be sure of one thing.  YT will be cleaning up the mess and baboons will never be held accountable.  Because let’s face it.  What did we expect?

Left Wing Extremists

I don’t suppose they will be called Left Wing Extremists since they will be driving into our heads the need for their total control of our lives.  There will be some sort of kind and gentle name for the fuckers who will be busting down our doors to take our guns and reeducate our children. Something green I suppose too.  Like The Environmental Protection Agency, or some ridiculous shit like that.  You know, to protect us from our freedoms and our inability to choose for ourselves.   And no doubt all this stupid shit will be staffed by niggers.  What else would willingly steal the rights of law abiding citizens but a bunch of impressionable functionally illiterate apes?  People won’t just lay down and destroy their own like this, so these LWEs need niggers.  They need stupid organisms to carry out their ultimate goals.  And as they continue to drive the myth that niggers are viable members of our society, we forget they are the biggest racists on the face of the Earth.  They view civilization through the eyes of predatory beasts locked behind cages looking out at us with no idea how reality functions.  Niggers believe the rest of society is strictly out to get them and that we hide the truth from them.  Niggers have no concept of earning a living or making financial gains through investment.  Niggers see the results of wealth and believe it magically appears in the dark of night by fairies and pixies and sparkling wands!  They now want their share.  Their nigger president has promised he will give it to them too and by this big deception, he will entice them to join the movement to push us aside and take what they believe is theirs.  They want the free rides humans have been on for all of existence.  It is the niggers turn now.  LWEs will be the only ones to gain from all of this however because quite simply, they hate niggers even more than the law abiding Right!  Once they utilize the niggers to accomplish their agenda, the niggers will be cast aside as usual and returned to their natural habitat…the slums and ghettos they create from everything given to them for free.  And the natural instinct of the general nigger population always proves too powerfully lazy to fight it. Unless the niggers hands are held every step of their lives, they always revert back to nothingness.  This is what makes them such effective tools for the agendas of Left Wing Extremists.

Finally Figured It Out.

Thank goodness we have niggers to explain everything to us all, especially why we hate them so much.  Here I was thinking it was because I detest dark brown skin and swollen lips, flat wide noses and woolen pelts. Turns out I had it all wrong.  Turns out, according to just about every nigger that has ever tried to comment on this blog and other places of nigger bashing, it’s strictly a sexual jealousy.  A fixation on their genitals that I just can’t get past.  A rage that all my white women want niggers and their enormous deformities.  Has nothing to do with their violent nature or their animalistic savage instincts.  It’s their cocks.  Who the fuck could have known?  All this time, while being thoroughly disgusted with the ease with which niggers destroy human life, my biggest problem with them was their cocks.  I’m going to really have to examine this deeper.  See exactly why huge purple engorged shafts of pulsating animal flesh force me to have such a disdain for niggers.  It is an intriguing theory.  I sure am glad we have niggers around to explain all this to us.  Stupid YT.