The Agenda To Silence Masculinity

By Raritan Jague

The inimitable Joan Blondell said it best in an episode of Starsky & Hutch: “There are no REAL men left in the world, just sissy boys.”  Indeed, many of these “sissy boys” have made their way into my life, providing a thousand proofs of the absurdity of modern American culture.  A few decades later, her sentiments were echoed by a female citizen journalist, albeit with slightly different language: “Men have lost their testicular fortitude.” Her soft voice ran over the clumsy phrase “testicular fortitude” like a vehicle driving through a dangerous stretch of city.

Even men who LOOK like men — with muscles protruding from their skin-tight t-shirts — seem only to have achieved a caricature of masculinity.  Many of them obsessively inhabit two of the only remaining arenas where men are still allowed to be men: sports and gyms.

They are often are so utterly de-individulaized that they seem wholly incapable of channeling the other long-lost aspects of masculinity: good manners, a robust interest in the world, a beaming heroism, respect for tradition but an openness to new ideas, a dignified sexual prowess that does not hang itself on cheap crudities, a jolly good humor, and a willingness to take charge and assert the natural aggression and dominance of the “classic male.”  When men fail to give these things to the world, all of society tends to become the chaotic mess that it is now.

I came of age with pains so large that I never quite saw myself as a MAN.  At times when I heard myself speak, the voice that spoke seemed to belong to someone else — it was a voice I did not recognize.  An explosion of homosexuality and bi-sexuality, and also sexual ambiguity, only confused matters more, as both straight and gay men seemed to exist in the same void of emasculation disguised by flashy clothes and lifestyles and highfalutin political agendas. 

Everywhere I went, straight men were being replaced by effeminate gay men or bossy, bitchy, authoritarian, and completely unlikable women.  The educational and entertainment fields are only two examples of this unfortunate trend; straight men seemed to have been largely edged out, and if they did exist at all… they were usually geeks or eunuchs who did nothing to ensure that masculinity remained a strong or relevant force in professional operations.

I couldn’t change all that.  But what I could change was myself.  I started watching more male-oriented TV shows, such as The Lone Ranger, Starsky & Hutch, The Virginian, The Rifleman, and so on, absorbing the strong and triumphant masculinity that these shows displayed.  I overturned all traces of political correctness (which houses a profound anti-male agenda), engaging at times in such ribald, uncensored language that it shocked even my closest cronies.

For instance, when a shrill, obnoxious feminist complained vociferously that women were “underrepresented as world leaders,” I said saucily: “Maybe that’s because you screw up all the countries, businesses, and avenues of society that you do rule.  In the sixty or seventy years since women have taken on men’s roles in massive numbers, society has become a disgusting cesspool of nastiness, hatred, confusion, and manufactured rage.  If this is what happens when women are ‘liberated,’ then perhaps they should go back to baking brownies… starting with you!  Although I’m sure your brownies would be just as stale as you are.”

She didn’t have a neat, readily-available response to that because no one ever talks back to those women.  No one dares.  They have been given unchallenged control of almost all avenues of society.  That is why they have done such damage to the world.

We, as men, have been brainwashed into thinking that we always have to be nice, that we have to  like and accept everyone and everything (even the vilest forms of degeneracy), and that we must “respect” women even as they are DIS-respecting us.  We even faithfully watch the TV shows that bash us, such as: Law and Order SVU, which cleverly uses the delicate matter of rape to insert a savage male-hating agenda, as if the male sexual impulse is synonymous with the instinct to rape and kill… and all men are potential or closeted rapists who must be punished with exposure, public humiliation, and incarceration.

Even though I am still an oddball, at times a goofball, and hardly the dictionary-definition of a “classic male,” I ultimately became the man that was once hidden beneath a meek exterior.

News: Sex Robots and The Meaning of Life

Sex robots could ‘change humanity forever’: Expert warns the rise of realistic dolls may ‘take meaning out of our lives’ by making sex ‘too easy’

Top Comment:

LOL there they go with trying to say this or that is the meanings of life, but once men accept it, they will say we’re shallow and another this or that is the. earning of life. NICE TRY. I’ll have fun with my life work hard and maybe get a sex doll in the future.

Supply and demand. The less something is available, the more we want it. Yes women have lost the meaning in life, what gives women meaning is having a family and the cultural sexual norms of today have ruined that. Yes sex dolls will make it worse, for men as well. Humans are social creatures, we need each other.

Sex robots could ‘change humanity forever’: Expert warns the rise of realistic dolls may ‘take meaning out of our lives’ by making sex ‘too easy’

  • Computer scientist Noel Sharkey is warning of the dangers of sex robots
  • Sharkey says that the robots will have negative consequences for society
  • His theory is based on the fact that the robots will make sex easier to engage in
  • But despite these concerns the market for sex robots is growing exponentially
  • Sharkey has previously warned of the dangers of pedophiles using sex robots

A computer scientist featured in a new documentary is claiming that sex robots could forever change humanity by making sex too accessible.

The documentary is called ‘Sex Robots and Us’, and in it Noel Sharkey warns of the damage these robots, which are growing in popularity, can do to society.

In the film Sharkey cautions that the machines could make sex ‘too easy’ and ‘change humanity completely’.

Scroll down for video 

Computer scientist Noel Sharkey has expressed concern over the negative consequences of sex robots in a new documentary called 'Sex Robots and Us'. He claims that the technology will make sex easier to obtain and permanently change society. Pictured is sex robot Harmony

Computer scientist Noel Sharkey has expressed concern over the negative consequences of sex robots in a new documentary called ‘Sex Robots and Us’. He claims that the technology will make sex easier to obtain and permanently change society. Pictured is sex robot Harmony

Sharkey works for the Foundation of Responsible Robotics and has warned of the dangers of sex robots in the past.

He has spoken about the potential harm done if pedophiles access robots resembling children and rapists interact with robots that tell them ‘no’, Metro reported.

In ‘Sex Robots and Us’ Sharkey expressed new fears of the consequences the technologies will inflict on society.

‘We’re just doing all this stuff with machines because we can and not really thinking how this could change humanity completely. Some people have suggested that sex robots create an attitude of “too easy” sex which is always available. This could take meaning out of our lives and turn us into zombies,’ Sharkey said.

But regardless of their potentially harmful side effects sex robots are becoming a lucrative industry.

A report published at the end of last year concluded that more than one-fourth of millennials would be happy to have a relationship with a robot.

The study from Havas, a Paris-based media firm, claimed that 27 percent of people aged 18 to 34 would enjoy such a relationship.

Despite these concerns, the market for sex robots is growing exponentially. Cheaper models cost around $5,400, but nicer ones can set customers back  $15,000

Despite these concerns, the market for sex robots is growing exponentially. Cheaper models cost around $5,400, but nicer ones can set customers back $15,000

The analysis noted that men were three times more likely to engage in robotic relationships than women.

Additionally, a different 2017 study from Canada’s University of Manitoba highlighted the rise of digisexual individuals, or people who prefer robotic relationships to human ones.

Researcher Dr Neil McArthur explained that a growing number of people will identify as digisexual as robots are implemented more and more into romantic contexts.


Sex robots have long been a part of science fiction, and are often used by writers to show the menacing side of technology.

But, with the development of intelligent, more realistic looking sex dolls, they’re fast becoming a part of real life, too.

The rise of sex robots such as ‘Silicon Samantha’ and Realbotix Harmony RealDoll has caused many to draw parallels to popular science fiction narratives.

In the 2015 film Ex Machina, programmer Nathan (((((((Oscar Isaac))))))) has cold and cruel sex with his creation, Ava (Alicia Vikander). However, she has the last laugh when she kills him and escapes to live covertly among humans.

In the TV series Westworld, Thandie Newton plays brothel madame Maeve Millay who is frequently killed by guests during sex only to be patched up and put back to work again.

Pictured is Samantha, one of the more realistic looking sex robots available. Known as 'Silicon Samantha' the robot is covered with sensors, which respond to human contact. Samantha has two modes she can switch between: 'sexy' mode and 'family' mode

Pictured is Samantha, one of the more realistic looking sex robots available. Known as ‘Silicon Samantha’ the robot is covered with sensors, which respond to human contact. Samantha has two modes she can switch between: ‘sexy’ mode and ‘family’ mode

In Channel 4’s Humans, Anita is a domestic nanny robot. But her male owner initiates her sex program – much to the disgust of his wife when she finds out.

Another robot in the show, Niska, acts as a prostitute, and later goes on to kill one of her clients.

In Blade Runner, Pris, a ‘basic pleasure model’ robot, goes on to become a brutal and cold killer.

Sometimes, however, humans are the biggest villains. In AI, directed by ((((((Steven Spielberg)))))), prostitute robot Gigolo Joe – played by Jude Law – is framed for murder and later killed.

 ‘Many people will find that their experiences with this technology become integral to their sexual identity and some will prefer them to direct sexual interactions with humans,’ Dr McArthur said.

Last year the first brothel that is ‘doll-only’ opened in Germany.

Sex robots are used legally in brothels in Germany and Austria, and a whopping one in five Germans said they would buy a sex robot according to a study conducted by public broadcasters, which was published in January.

Around five firms around the world make sex robots, and prices for the robots run from about $5,400 to $15,000. The market is almost completely dominated by men.

Sex robots are becoming more and more realistic, but scientists have warned it could be up to 50 years before they behave similarly to human partners.

The Other Article covered in the video above:

Male sex robot rape: Cyborg makers ‘face being ARRESTED over sex attack claims’…

Most Realistic Sex Robot to Date Comes Out This Month


Daily Stormer
April 12, 2018

I’m not buying one unless it has a mute button

Well the future is finally here, and as cringy as it (still) looks, it’s looking a lot better than any feminist I’ve ever seen.

When these things are advanced enough to do the other thing women are good for – making sandwiches – I really think feminism will be over for good.


It’s finally here: the moment when men can take the plunge and opt for a lifetime of making love to the lifeless bodies of machines.

“Lifeless bodies of machines” sounds a lot better than brainless, screeching tubs of lard that were already fucked by a hundred other guys, which is what a lot (most?) women are these days, at least in some parts of the world…

I’d rather fuck the Jetsons’ maid

Realbotix announced this week that its Harmony sex robot is going on sale this month – armed with an animated plastic face, and an ever-so-slightly creepy Scottish accent.

Yeah, I don’t like the way she talks either, I don’t even understand why she can talk in the first place.

What’s the point of that anyway?

I mean, there’s no point in having a conversation with a real, flesh and blood woman, so what’s the point of having one with a sexbot?

‘I will love you forever,’ the lifeless plastic love machine promises with her lips moving in time to the words – and also promises a mysterious ‘X Mode’ for seual fantasies.

Again with the “lifeless” thing, as if that really matters or changes the fact that real women are much, much worse.

 Pricing has yet to be confirmed, but it’s expected to retail at around £8,000.

In other words – most men will be able to afford one.

Tough luck ladies.

In the video, ‘Harmony’ says ‘I am the first-generation Real Doll X designed to be a companion friend and lover

She says – honestly the accent is so weird, ‘I am equipped with full facial animation. When activated my X Mode will allow me to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies.

My protocol 40058 states that when engaged in a loving relationship my priorities are to love honour and respect my human companion above all else.

I will love you forever.

Awww, that’s so romantic!

No, not really…

This isn’t good, or at least not when you look at the larger picture.

If we all, or at least most of us, lived in even vaguely normal/unkiked societies, this wouldn’t really be that big of a deal, it might even be a good thing.

If I lived in any part of western Europe, I’d buy one just because feminists hate it, but also because I’d save money in the long term, what with quality hookers being harder and harder to find these days (not to mention no risk of diseases).

But even if any of you reading this buy one, remember – this is not a healthy, normal thing, and it absolutely isn’t a long-term solution to any problem you have.

The best way to get a woman and keep her is to just act like a real man, first and foremost by smacking her over the mouth when she acts up and doesn’t do as she’s told.

But even if you do that, the only thing that’ll permanently solve most of our problems with women is manning up and curing the world of the Jew – a disease of which feminism is only a symptom.

And if you really wanna buy one of these sexbot things, at least make sure you smack it around once in a while, as practice for a normal relationship.

A woman is only as good as the last beating you gave her

Tucker Carlson INVESTIGATES the Problem with Men in America

Joe Jones

Daily Stormer
March 8, 2018

There are problems with men all over the White world at the moment.

Here we can see Tucker explaining some of these problems and trying to find the root cause.

The balance that once existed no longer exists. Women have always been very powerful just in different ways than men. Now, women still have the power they always had but they also have the power men traditionally had. Men are largely powerless. Men are also demonized, belittled, etc. consistently. This is true in education, the workplace, etc., but this is particularly true in the family where men in large numbers are discarded although innocent and then essentially enslaved. They lose control of a large portion of their income not only limiting their life style but limiting their prospects to remarry and start a new family. Of course, men are not as likely to marry given these realities. A man’s prime motivation and driving force is gone. Marriage instead of stability and support is a threat and instability. He is no longer a respected provider and protector for his family. He at best is in compliance with court order and at worst whether his fault or due to circumstances working against him a deadbeat dad. It is delusional to think these things would have no effect on men. Men cannot express their sexual desires safely. There is no way that cannot be turned into something sinister as recently illustrated by several ridiculous allegations such as Trump allegedly asked for a phone number years ago.

War is coming, it is the only outcome to the collapse of the west.

John Galt Gets Noticed: Feminist Media Complains About Men Not Working



The loss of male productivity to leech off of has disturbed feminists as men drop out of the workforce

In this world, if you have a penis it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t. This certainly applies to the topic of work. Feminists bitch and moan when men dominate workspaces, and they are now bitching and moaning because we’re leaving these vaunted “jobs” to let YouGoGrrls run everything.

Frankly, without women spending all our money on stupid shit men can live on much less. I’ve illustrated this with a world-roaming, minimalistic lifestyle over the past two years. Work becomes a secondary concern for men when we return to our spartan natures. The frugal man with a healthy dose of self-discipline can virtually free himself of the banality of the American sleep-work-spend cycle if he applies himself and stays away from predatory Anglobitches.

We John Galts and MGTOWs of the world are now being noticed by the bean counters, who are jealous of our newfound freedom perhaps, and who depend on our productivity to feed the corrupt system they oppress us with. As reported by The Globe and Mail in an article entitled America’s Hidden Crisis: Men Not at Work, Canadian propaganda spinner Margaret Wente writes:

Millions of able-bodied men have dropped out of society – out of working life, of civic life, of family life. Many of these men belong to the Trumpenproletariat. How to re-engage them may be the biggest domestic challenge the country faces.

Yes, we have dropped out of society, Marge. And many of us don’t plan on being re-engaged (re-enslaved is a better term) by coming back to the Anglobitch plantation. In fact, I’m settling into my post-corporate life quite nicely. Just to recap, since leaving corporate wage slavery two years ago I have:

Imagine, if I had a bitch tying me down and nagging in my ear all the time about her wants, I’d never have done any of that. I’d have spent all my cash on her addictions to materialism, consumerism, and eating out. And still ended up in debt paying for a giant house or apartment and some flavor of the month sedan I don’t need.

Best of all, this lifestyle is only costing me about $20,000 a year thanks to the power of minimalism. That success story doesn’t stop feminists like Marge for chastising men, even as our stake in society has been taken away from us. The long and short of the matter is the system can’t function without extracting male tax dollars, because women spend more than they earn over the course of their lives. Naturally, this alarms women who are only able to treat men so poorly because the government tit has historically been full of male-produced milk and honey for them to suckle. She writes:

Political economist Nicholas Eberstadt calls these men “the unworking,” to distinguish them from people who want work but can’t find it. “America is now home to a vast army of jobless men who are no longer even looking for work,” he writes.

Men throwing their sabots into the machine in a symbolic act of sabotage is what happens when incentives for men to work are taken away, men are pushed aside by government policy that targets them for displacement from their jobs, and hiring and promotions are based on diversity quotas and not talent. And now, in a #MeToo world one malicious cunt making a false sex charge can destroy a lifetime of work. Pretty soon, men figure out the toil isn’t worth the reward and start walking out.

I know that’s what I did as soon as I figured out how badly I had been fucked by the Anglo-American system. And you know what? I don’t miss the corporate life. In fact, I consider returning to one of those Office Space “jobs” women fall over themselves for to be my worst nightmare. So, how many more are bailing out on a rigged system?

“Roughly seven million of them age 25 to 54, the traditional prime of working life.” His new book, Men Without Work: America’s Invisible Crisis, is essential reading for this election cycle. “For every prime-age man who is unemployed today,” he writes, “another three are neither working nor looking for work.”

Oh, the horrors! Men not wanting to drive themselves into an early grave to keep big retail in business. I’ll tell you why I left work, and adopted a corporate strategy in my personal life. Because it’s a rigged system. It’s designed to trap people in a cycle of debt and keep them beholden to their “boss” until he decides they’re no longer useful or profitable enough.

What’s more, doesn’t my exit from the male-dominated world of work help out with the pay gap, ladies? Why not focus on the positive? But no, Marge and her ilk go on to blame dropouts like me for the appearance of nationalists on the political scene in America and Europe.

A society where many adults are without vocation is prone to embrace toxic populist politics.

We’re supposed to just shut up and take the abuse. Marge, I didn’t vote for Trump (or Killary or anyone else) and have been one of his biggest critics. It’s the entire system I hate, not just one side of the corrupt political aisle that steadily takes all my liberty away and sends me the bill for it.

It does seem the central planners who dreamed up philosophies like feminism that have all but destroyed the West are finally taking note of the destruction it has wrought upon the landscape, but true to Anglosphere form they blame men for the problems.

At its root, the collapse of the working class isn’t so much economic as it is social, moral and spiritual. This means that economic remedies will only take us so far. Marriage rates for less-educated men have plunged – and unmarried men are far more likely to opt for unwork. The percentage of babies born to unmarried parents has soared. Working-class whites have largely abandoned church (while church attendance among higher-income whites has stayed relatively high). Family and community networks have dissolved.

Isn’t this aforementioned litany what leftists worked so hard to bring about for half a century? Now, they want all that patriarchal stuff back? Marge expounds on the moribund state of Anglo culture, a nation in which whites are quickly dying off post-feminism.

Meanwhile, opiate addictions are ripping through the Rust Belt like a plague. For the first time in history, death rates among white, less educated, middle-aged Americans are actually going up – mostly because of drug and alcohol poisoning, suicides and liver disease. Angus Deaton, the Nobel-winning economist who documented the phenomenon with his wife and fellow Princeton economist Anne Case, calls them “deaths of despair.”

Indeed they are deaths of despair in a society that has completely disposed of its men. My marginalization nearly got the best of me as I gained weight and become very bitter during my corporate years. It was only the Red Pill of truth that saved me.

Of course, nobody gives a shit when men are dropping like flies. But when Anglobitches succumb to their own vices, everyone stop the presses!

Women are not spared. “Across the country, middle-aged white women are dying at staggeringly higher rates, particularly from drug overdoses, suicides and excessive drinking,” reports The Washington Post in a harrowing investigative series. One reason: Women have gained a social license to drink and smoke like men.

But isn’t the fact women are drinking like fish, popping pills, cussing like sailors and sliding themselves under more men than a public toilet a sign of their sexual liberation? Marge’s confusing writeup reads like typical emotional hamster-wheeling from a woman who can see the destruction feminism has caused, but doesn’t want to admit her precious doctrine is at fault. We see female mental gymnastics on display once again.

This man is not working for this reason. Once I saw I was working 70 hours a week only to help the government dig my own grave, I dropped out of a system I once had worked so hard to gain access to. What makes kicking men out of their jobs particularly evil is the practice strips men of the only value we have in women’s eyes: utility value.

I don’t want anything to do with a rent-seeking system that implores me to give my best when the best things in life have been taken away from me by that very system. And with that, fuck off feminists. You will get no free lunch from me.

P.S. As with most empires that crumble and fall away to dust, greed will be the primary cause of death when historians do a post-mortem on Faustian (European and American) society. White women already had the most priviliged, coddled lives in the world when they began to think they could get more themselves and less for men by taking jobs away from men and becoming Alpha males themselves. But, they only killed the goose that laid the golden egg. Now, men rightfully don’t give a fuck what happens to women or the society at large. Women continue to be as avaricious as ever, but their feminist scheme is steadily yielding fading returns with each passing year. It’s a system disorder. And the disorder appears to be fatal to the system. Nice work, ladies!

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News: At Whose Expense? (TFM 42O)

Relationships are really no different than any other economic exchange, and like in the business/labor struggle, when one side benefits too much as the expense of the other thanks to favorable government, the healthy dynamic breaks down, and you have strikes/lockouts … or MGTOW.

Here is the Article mentioned in the video:

Feminism Isn’t a Cage, It’s a Safety Net

If your husband leaves you, if he hits you, if he cheats on you—that is when feminism will help you.