Afghan migrant stabs 18-year-old Norwegian boy to death for no reason

An 18-year-old employee was stabbed to death while working in a Coop supermarket in Vadsø, Norway’s VG reports.

The Norwegian teen, called Håvard Pedersen, was murdered by an 17-year-old Afghan migrant. Although co-workers were on-site, they did not see what happened in those seconds – except that a boy ran out of business with a “knife-like object”.

The police and emergency services hurried to the Coop Extra Store in Vadsø. There they found the murdered Havard Pedersen. The murder weapon has not been found yet.

After a four-hour chase, the young Afghan was arrested. He is denying the crime, however, police obtained camera footage of the horrible crime. The motive is still unclear but the police no longer rule out that the murder was planned.

The Afghan, who is now being charged with murder, visited the same school of the victim, but the police know nothing about any relationship between the two.

The migrant came to Norway in 2015, has a residence permit and no family members in the country at the end of the year. He was already known for harassing girls in June.

The police told him to refrain. A work colleague of the victim posted on facebook that the local government is doing too little.

Record Number of Moslems Now Becoming Politicians in America

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2018

Why is this a thing?


There has been a surge in the number of Muslim-Americans launching their bids for national and statewide offices, analysts say, crediting the Trump administration’s policies with sparking the moment.

The primary season ahead of the November midterm elections is in full swing, and it has already broken some records. AP reported, citing Jetpac, a non-profit company assisting Muslim-American candidates, that 90 Muslim-Americans initially stood for statewide and nationwide offices in this year’s elections. The number represents a record high, never seen after the 9/11 terrorist attacks eroded the trust of Americans in their fellow citizens of Islamic faith.

Not all of them have crossed the first threshold on the way to become elected officials. Only some 50 are still standing in their respective races after primaries. In some states, like Michigan, primaries are yet to take place and may see the number of Muslim-American candidates plummeting further. Still, 50 is a huge increase from about a dozen Muslim-Americans that ran for office in 2016, the report notes.

If they all succeed, Congress may receive up to nine new Muslim members.

Among the most celebrated Muslim-American political newcomers is Abdul El-Sayed, who is running for governor of Michigan. El-Sayed became the youngest health commissioner in a major city when he was appointed as the executive director of the Detroit Health Department at the age of 30. Now 33, he’s getting huge media attention and is being dubbed “the new Obama,” (the “old” Obama is Protestant, it has to be noted) although he himself rejects the comparison.

First things first, the comments at RT have been getting steadily more red-pilled over the months.

I want to take credit for this. By my logic, because I started linking their articles, I figure some of you must have followed the links and started red-pilling in the comments section. If this is the case, that’s pretty awesome. Makes me feel proud of myself.

Second thing: how is this happening?

Has America forgotten 9/11?

I mean, it was probably the kikes who did it, but the official story is that some Moslems got into a plane and rammed it into the Twin Towers, killing thousands.

Because of their religion.

And now we’re supposed to allow Moslems to hold political power over us?

This is insane. What sane nation would allow something like this to happen? We’re behaving like a defeated power and accepting terms and conditions that traditionally nations would have to lose wars first to have imposed on them.

But wait.

This might not be such a bad thing. Clever empires usually appoint satraps from the local population to rule over their own people but to report to the central power. However, sometimes conquering powers took over a country and then used foreigners to mercilessly extract rents from the conquered population, like what the Normans did when they took over the British Isles – they imported Jews to tax the Saxons and other conquered inhabitants of the Isles.

This was a high risk and high reward strategy. On the one hand, the Jews were merciless, squeezing the locals to the last penny and unleashing all sorts of depravity on them – in that sense they were useful to the conquering powers. On the other hand, this often resulted in popular revolts, pogroms, expulsions and horrible retribution on the conquerors.

Think about the Bohdan Khmelnitsky Cossack rebellion in the Ukraine against the Poles and their kike agents looting the Ukrainian peasantry.

If you use locals though, you also run the risk of them feeling pity for their ethnic kin. Sort of like when the Romans sent Arminius to subdue his own tribe and ended up losing an entire legion in the forests of Germany.

So, if they want to start appointing smelly sandniggers to rule over us…well I think that it might be a step too far, even for complacent America. I mean think about it this way, trips to the DMV probably red-pill more people every year than the entire dissident right combined.

So, let’s see how this plays out.

Usually, foreign satraps trigger intense feelings of hate and resentment in the occupied population. Perhaps instead of a doughy white face talking about the joys of multi-culti, what we really need are snarling sandniggers and blacks doing the same. Perhaps that will trigger a defense instinct before its too late.

UK: Terror Threat Reaches All-Time High as Caliphate Grows Stronger

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2018

Remember the big twist at the end of M. Night Streetshitter’s The Sixth Sense, where it is revealed that Bruce Willis’ character, Dr. Malcolm Crowe, was John McClane all along?

Most of us know at least one person who says, “yeah, I totally predicted it,” even though he clearly didn’t and is just trying to look smart.

Well, that’s how I feel about people who claim to have predicted that Britain would become an epicenter of Moslem terrorism: they’re just trying to look smart.

Because no one, anywhere, could have seen this coming.


The number of terror-related arrests in Britain has reached a record high, the Home Office has announced, in a bulletin which highlighted a “steady rise” in “the proportion of prisoners holding far-right ideologies” over recent years.

Following the Islamist attacks in London and Manchester, UK terror arrests numbered 441 in the year to April 2018, surging 17 percent from the previous 12 month period, in which 378 individuals were held.

Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, head of Counter Terrorism Policing in Britain, said officers have seen a “genuine step-change in momentum” since Britain saw nearly 40 people murdered in a series of terror attacks last year.

Counter-terror activity has increased to an “unprecedented level”, with officers having foiled an average of one terror attack a month, according to the commissioner, who said in a statement: Police, together with the security services, are determined to make the UK as hostile an environment for terrorists as possible.”

Did Neil Basu say that while laughing or something?

The British police are single-pointedly dedicated to stretching the collective anus of British people as wide as possible to accommodate the maximum number of Islamic cocks. These people are steeped so high in treason, in fact, that it wouldn’t surprise me if that was their official job description.

100% gommitted to brotecting against derrorism :DDD

Since March 2017, authorities have prevented 12 terrorist plots and an additional four “extreme right-wing attacks”, the Home Office said, stressing that “there have been steady increases in recent years in the number of terrorist prisoners across all the types of ideologies covered.

“The proportion of prisoners holding far-right ideologies has increased steadily over the past three years,” added the bulletin. Of the 228 people currently imprisoned for terrorism-related crimes, 82 percent are Islamist, 13 percent “far right”, and six percent committed offences driven by commitment to “other” ideologies including the Republican movement in Northern Ireland.

I suspect these numbers have passed through the Ministry of Truth a few times.

Actual right wing (i.e., white nationalist) terrorism basically doesn’t exist in the UK. The closest we’ve seen to it in recent years is when BASED Welshman, Darren “Paki Plower” Osborne, rammed into a bunch of hajis in London in June 2017. But even that was a “get the fuck out of my country you filthy invaders” act of self-defense rather than a calculated attempt to instill fear in the populace.

This is the face of a man who hates what his country has become.

Moreover, other acts of conquest that any sane society would regard as terrorism, such as the organized Paki rapes of tens of thousands of white schoolgirls, are not included in the statistics, while minor expressions of British nationalism, such as throwing bacon at an imam, presumably are included. (How else did they bloat that right wing percentage to 13%?)

Clearly, these are dishonest statistics tailored to deliver the following impression:

Scotland Yard highlighted the so-called diversity of suspects, emphasising that the new figures showed “a broad spectrum of people being arrested in connection with terrorism investigations in terms of age, gender and ethnicity.”

While British passport-holders made up 68 percent of suspects, Algerian, Pakistani, Iraqi, Afghan, Iranian, Somali, Turkish, Indian, and Irish were the most prominent nationalities amongst aliens arrested.

Yes goyim, anyone can be a terrorist.


There’s no consistent racial or religious trend here; the universe simply likes to possess random people – some of whom just happen to be colorful – and make them bomb things for teh lolz.

It’s a sad state of affairs, really, when even a 90-year-old Scottish pensioner could decide to drive a truck into a group of civilians while shouting, “Allahu Akbar, yer feckin’ cunts!”

Civic Nationalists Rejoice! Denmark Bans the Burka

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 1, 2018

Denmark is treading on dangerous ground here.

Once Sweden finds out that Swedish women are banned from visiting Copenhagen while dressed in their favorite garb, there’s gonna be trucks of peace friggin’ everywhere.


The traditional Islamic burqa and niqab veils have been banned in Denmark after a majority vote in the country’s parliament.

In a 75-30 vote with 74 absentees on Thursday, Danish lawmakers approved the law. The Danish government says it is not aimed at any religions and does not ban headscarves, turbans or the traditional Jewish skull cap, AP reports.

During the weeks-long parliamentary procedure of the bill, the government removed a provision allowing prison sentences as potential punishment for breaking the new law. Financial penalties will instead be enforced against those who infringe on the new legislation.

Those found violating it will receive a 1,000 Krone (£119/$166) fine which could increase to as much as £900/$1,257 for repeat offenders. Anyone forcing a person to wear garments covering the face by using force or threats can be fined or face up to two years in prison.

Unlike the Austrian burqa ban, which prohibits all facial coverings including Halloween costumes, the Danish ban will have a limited number of exceptions including those using scarves to protect their faces from cold and people dressed up in costume.

So, Denmark has joined the small but growing list of European countries – Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany – that banned the burka and, in consequence, transformed into multicultural utopias free from bombings, machete attacks and nationwide rape gangs.

Oh wait, no, those countries have gotten even worse since their burka bans. :DD

Probably because they’re still infested with Moslems. :DDDD

Could there be a greater act of political masturbation than a burka ban?

The pattern is always the same:

  • Politicians let Moslems live in European countries because it’s sad that they’re brown
  • Moslems start hajiing up the place because they’re aware that they’re members of an invading tribe
  • Politicians attempt to “integrate” the Moslems by banning something that native Europeans find weird and alienating
  • Progression of the caliphate continues unabated because the root problem persists

Obviously, I don’t want Moslems in Europe. I believe that these inbred, camel-faced monsters should be forced to leave the continent with nothing but the towels on their heads, and the ones that refuse to leave should be executed on the spot by terrifying-looking supersoldiers that resemble the Ultramarines from Warhammer 40k.

Since that’s not a viable option right now, though, I want kebabesses in Europe to keep wearing their ninja suits precisely because they discourage “integration” (which is, and always has been, a codeword for miscegenation).

Let us pause for a moment and reflect upon how much we hate Albania.

So fuck these burka bans and other McLaws that only civic nationalists would be dumb enough to celebrate. If you’re not going to exterminate or at least expel the hajis from your nation, then don’t bother doing anything at all.

Stop wasting our time.

Dispatches From Occupied France: The Hajis are Using AK’s Now

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 26, 2018

One gets the feeling that things are escalating.


Two men in their thirties were killed near a football stadium in Marseille at around 1am on Saturday, according to La Provence. The victims reportedly died at the scene after being shot with a Kalashnikov. It is the second such incident this week. On Monday, Kalashnikov-wielding gunmen opened fire in another part of the city, injuring one person. 

That’s all the news has to report.

I’m sure in this case, we’ll find out more info in the coming days.

But there might come a point when the information just stops. We’ll know people are being shot and killed by AK’s in cities and that the police/military isn’t doing anything about it, but the news won’t be reporting on it anymore.

Or if they will be reporting on it – it’ll just be quick news bulletins: “AK Attack in Marseilles, Two Dead” and that’s all.

Saying any more would reveal too much. Like that there’s straight up a Moslem terror group trying to take over the city – and succeeding.

I’d say we’ve got about 5 years left before the takeover kicks off in earnest. And then maybe 15 years from that, a native resistance might emerge.

But whatever, that’s all speculation. For now, all we know is that Moslems have AKs in Marseilles and they’re getting some target practice in.

Europe will become an Islamic Caliphate

Another Day in your Average German City 2050 AD

If you are trying to gaslight or brainwash the citizens of a country into accepting, at least outwardly, a lie about the nature of their reality, a great way to do it is to lie about the nature of the country in which they reside.

Think about it.

When the Soviet Union captured Eastern Germany from the Naional Socialists, and continued to occupy it and turned it into a vassal state, they didn’t call it the German Socialist Republic, they labelled it the German Democratic Republic.  Similarly, Soviet occupied Poland became the People’s Republic of Poland.  (At least the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics had at least some honesty attached to its name.)  Sometimes, Communist regimes liked to combine the two euphemisms into “People’s Republics,” to hide the fact that they were or still are Communist totalitarian dictatorships, in much the same way that our weak political leadership has combined two adjectives to create the euphemism “violent extremism,” in order to hide the Islamic and terrorist nature of Islamic terrorism.

imageEurope appears demographically finished, and we will most likely see the political systems of individual countries, and possibly the entire EU, become Islamic in nature, within the next couple of decades.  As such, Europe will become a Caliphate, or some European countries will become Islamic Republics.  But they won’t be called that.  Belgium won’t be called the Islamic Republic of Belgium, it will be called Belgium.  Germany won’t be called the Islamic Caliphate of Germany, it will be called Germany.  The European Union won’t become Eurabia, they will simply call it Europe.

The left currently dominates the discourse on the Middle East Migrant Crisis.  They have been able to label the Middle East Migrant Crisis the European Migrant Crisis.  They have been able to attach the label of “refugee” to people who refuse refuge in multiple safe countries but want to go to Germany.  They are very quickly applying the label of ‘white supremacist’ to anyone who dares to identify themselves as European, or of a European nationality, based on their ethnicity, rather than their location.  They are experts at changing the meaning of something in order to achieve their political ends.

And those at the forefront of the Islamic political movement are nothing if not masters of this leftist tactic of controlling the discourse.  They encourage more “dialogue” whenever an Islamic terrorist attack occurs, speak of “extremisms” in explaining why Islamic terrorist attacks occur, and promote “tolerance” in resolving the issue.

Likewise, when an Islamic political party comes to power in Europe, and indeed it will, it may not even explicitly identify as Islamic in nature.  It will not make radical changes overnight, but assure everybody that nothing has changed.  Incremental tightening of the screws will be accompanied by occassional violent outbursts, whether they are of the Krystalnacht or Night of the Long Knives variety, followed by long lectures on the importance of tolerance and diversity.

The European will become the new Jew.

My advice to Europeans?  You have two options: fight tooth and nail for your cultural and political rights, or get out while you still can.

Germany will become Islamic State, says Merkel

Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germans have failed to grasp how Muslim immigration has transformed their country and will have to come to terms with more mosques than churches throughout the countryside, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung daily.

“Our country is going to carry on changing, and integration is also a task for the society taking up the task of dealing with immigrants,” Ms. Merkel told the daily newspaper. “For years we’ve been deceiving ourselves about this. Mosques, for example, are going to be a more prominent part of our cities than they were before.”

Germany, with a population of 4-5 million Muslims, has been divided in recent weeks by a debate over remarks by the Bundesbank’s Thilo Sarrazin, who argued Turkish and Arab immigrants were failing to integrate and were swamping Germany with a higher birth rate.
The Chancellor’s remarks represent the first official acknowledgement that Germany, like other European countries, is destined to become a stronghold of Islam. She has admitted that the country will soon become a stronghold.
In France, 30% of children age 20 years and below are Muslims. The ratio in Paris and Marseille has soared to 45%. In southern France, there are more mosques than churches.

In Belgium, 50% of the newborns are Muslims and reportedly its Islamic population hovers around 25%. A similar statistic holds true for The Netherlands. It’s the same story in Russia where one in five inhabitants is a Muslim.

Muammar Gaddafi once stated: “There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without sword, without gun, without conquest. We don’t need terrorists; we don’t need homicide bombers. The 50 plus million Muslims (in Europe) will turn it into the Muslim Continent within a few decades.”   The numbers support him.

The European Caliphate

A refugee from the Muslim world sees it taking shape.For more than 30 years, Bat Ye’or, a refugee from Egypt, has been writing about dhimmis  — Christians and Jews living under oppression in Muslim lands. Now, she has a new book, Europe, Globalization, and the Coming Universal Caliphate, that looks at Muslims living in lands that once were Christian but today call themselves multicultural. She predicts Europe will not remain multicultural for long. She is convinced that Europe, sooner rather than later, will be dominated by Islamic extremists and transformed into “Eurabia” — a term first used in the mid-1970s by a French publication pressing for common European-Arab policies.

Immigrants can enrich a nation. But there is a difference between immigrants and colonists. The former are eager to learn the ways of their adopted home, to integrate and perhaps assimilate — which does not require relinquishing their heritage or forgetting their roots. Colonists, by contrast, bring their culture with them and live under their own laws. Their loyalties lie elsewhere.

Ye’or contends that a concerted effort is being made not only to ensure that Muslim immigrants in Europe remain squarely in the second category, but also that they become the means to transform Europe politically, culturally, and religiously. Leading this effort is the Organization of the Islamic Conference, established in 1969, which, a few months ago, no doubt on the advice of a highly compensated public-relations professional, renamed itself the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

The OIC represents 56 countries plus the Palestinian Authority. It claims also to represent Muslim immigrants — the “Diaspora” — in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. It is pan-Islamic: It seeks to unify and lead the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims. In a manual first published in 2001, “Strategy of Islamic Cultural Action in the West,” the IOC asserts that “Muslim immigrant communities in Europe are part of the Islamic nation.” It goes on to recommend, Ye’or notes, “a series of steps to prevent the integration and assimilation of Muslims into European culture.”

The IOC, she argues, is nothing less than a “would-be, universal caliphate.” It might look different from the caliphates of the Ottomans, Fatimids, and Abbasids. It might resemble, instead, a thoroughly modern trans-national bureaucracy. But, already, the OIC exercises significant power through the United Nations, and through the European Union, which has been eager to accommodate the OIC while simultaneously endowing the U.N. with increasing authority for global governance. Among the other organizations that Ye’or says are doing the OIC’s bidding are the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations, the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, and the European Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation (PAEAC).

In the eyes of OIC officials, no problem in the contemporary world is more urgent than “Islamophobia,” which it calls “a crime against humanity” that the U.N. and the EU must officially outlaw. Even discussing why so much terrorism is carried out in the name of Islam is to be forbidden. The OIC insists, too, that international bodies ban “defamation of religion,” by which it means criticism of anything Islamic. Defamation of Judaism, Christianity, Bahai, Hinduism, and even heterodox Muslim sects such as the Ahmadiyya is common within the borders of many OIC countries, a fact the OIC refuses to acknowledge.

Though funding for terrorist groups flows generously from individuals in oil-rich OIC countries, the organization itself is not a supporter of terrorism. Neither, however, is it an opponent. Violence directed against those it views as enemies of Islam is defined as “resistance” — even when civilians, including women and children, are the intended victims.

While the OIC expresses concern for the rights of Muslim immigrants in the West, the egregious mistreatment of foreign workers in the Gulf countries (and other Muslim countries as well) is not something OIC officials deign to discuss. Nor has the OIC ever condemned the genocide of the black Muslims of Darfur or the genocidal intentions toward Israelis openly expressed by Hamas, Hezbollah, and the rulers of Iran.

European diplomats might at least insist that the OIC accept the principle of reciprocity. If there is to be a “dialogue of civilizations,” shouldn’t both sides get to air their grievances?  Shouldn’t Europeans work to end the persecution of religious and ethnic minorities in OIC countries and to grant foreign workers in Muslim countries basic rights and a path to citizenship? If the Saudis want to fund and control tens of thousands of mosques around the world, is it too much to ask that they permit people of other faiths to at least worship on their soil? Evidently it is, and Ye’or offers this explanation: Committed to a multicultural, multiethnic, multireligious, and multilateral ideology that rejects patriotism and even national identity and cultural pride, afflicted by guilt over their imperial and colonial past — and ignorant about more than a thousand years of Islamic imperialism and colonialism — Europeans have become dhimmis in their own lands; inferiors who accept their status and submit. The OIC, by contrast, rejects multiculturalism, openly professing the superiority of the Islamic faith, civilization, and laws.

The caliphate,” Bat Ye’or concludes, is “alive and growing within Europe. . . .  It has advanced through the denial of dangers and the obfuscating of history. It has moved forward on gilded carpets in the corridors of dialogue, the network of the Alliances and partnerships, in the corruption of its leaders, intellectuals and NGOs, particularly at the United Nations.”

If you think that’s alarmist, if you think the OIC sincerely seeks cooperation with the West or that Europeans know where lines must be drawn and have the courage to draw them, read her book. Or just wait a few years.

— Clifford D. May is president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a policy institute focusing on national security and foreign policy.