Kikegressman Demands Military Coup to Stop Trump Being Friends with Putin!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2018




Rep. ((((((Steve Cohen)))))) (D-TN) this week repeatedly defended his tweet that implied that America needed to have a military coup to remove President Donald Trump after his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump held a summit with Putin on Monday, in which the 45th president declined to directly chastise Putin for allegedly trying to influence the 2016 presidential election, even when asked by an Associated Press (AP) reporter to do so. President Trump blamed the Russia investigation for some of the friction between the two countries.

In response to the summit, Rep. ((((((Cohen)))))) tweeted on Monday, “Where are our military folks? The Commander in Chief is in the hands of our enemy!”

Congressman ((((((Cohen)))))) then proceeded to tweet several times suggesting that he never implied that the military needs to intervene in light of the Trump-Putin summit.

The Tennessee Democrat complained that people on Twitter are jumping to conclusions over his vague tweet on Monday.

Obviously, he was calling for a coup.

Of course he was.

Jews are freaking the hell out.

They are losing composure. 

They literally can’t even.

Similarly to the way that Breitbart literally can’t even say the J-word when THESE ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE SAYING THIS SHIT.

Not even John McCain’s Tumor has called for a military coup!

18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

This Appears to be a Threat – Are Jews a security threat to the United States?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2018

I certainly interpret that as a Jewish threat against America.

Amanda Guinzburg is an editor for the Jewish-terrorist publication The New Yorker.

Here’s her Twitter.

Jews make these kinds of threats all the time.

It seems to me that Jews, as a group, are a very serious security threat to the United States. I’m not sure how much more evidence we need. The entire coup attempt in the form of the Russian hoaxspiracy investigation is being orchestrated by Jews who are literally attempting to overthrow the government.

I think a reasonable solution would be to round-up all of the Jews in America and put them in concentration camps until we can figure out what the hell is going on with them.

Of course, I’m not a monster, so I think these camps should include soccer fields, swimming pools, brothels, orchestras, well-fitted children’s play places, and so on.

That’s only having a heart.

Nonetheless, they do need to be isolated in concentration camps until we can figure out what the hell to do with them.

I’m Already Warming Up to the FUCKING WHITE MALE Supreme Court Pick

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 10, 2018

Earlier, I was feeling bummed about the SCOTUS pick.

But the amount of hate his is getting is encouraging.

The Hill:

Democrats went on the attack Tuesday against President Trump’s new pick for the Supreme Court, but acknowledged they are unlikely to win the war.

Senate Minority Leader Charles ((((((Schumer)))))) (D-N.Y.) has focused his party’s offensive on the risks that a conservative court could pose to abortion rights and affordable health care, while other Democrats labeled Brett Kavanaugh an “extreme” pick whom Trump was motivated to nominate as protection from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) defended Kavanaugh as thoroughly qualified and deserving confirmation.
“Judge Kavanaugh possesses an impressive résumé, an outstanding legal mind and an exemplary judicial temperament,” he said.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said he expects Kavanaugh to receive a vote on the floor 65 to 70 days from now, in keeping with recent Senate precedent, and for his panel to hold confirmation hearings around Labor Day.

Democrats are calling for more time, citing the millions of documents they need to review from Kavanaugh’s time as White House staff secretary under former George W. Bush and his 12-year record on the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals.

But Grassley says he’s not going to deviate much from the timeline used for Justice Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s first nominee.

I guess Jews were going to be mad about any pick.

But they are really mad about this one.

The Times of ((((((Our Greatest Ally)))))):

Almost immediately after US President Donald Trump announced federal judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court Monday night, Jewish groups and leaders expressed anxiety for what his confirmation would mean for the future of the court and its impact on American life.

“We are concerned that Judge Kavanaugh’s judicial record does not reflect the demonstrated independence and commitment to fair treatment for all that is necessary to merit a seat on our nation’s highest court,” the Anti-Defamation League’s chief ((((((Jonathan Greenblatt)))))) said in a statement.

“Because he has written and spoken prolifically on many issues of deep concern, we believe his positions merit close scrutiny. These include his demonstrated hostility to reproductive freedom and his past support for greatly expanded and unchecked executive power.”

After having read up on both conservative and J-left reactions, I do feel much better.


Obviously, they were going to say “worst nightmare” about any pick.

But he was definitely the best pick on the short list. Even if the woman was more hardcore seeming on some things, she also had adopted niggerbabies (mentally ill), was a working woman (mentally ill), was also Catholic and had virtually no experience.

So yeah.

Just being a white male is great, and he is better than Kennedy by at least two steps which is also great.

And we’ve got more picks coming.

There is only like a 10% chance ((((((Ginsburg)))))) will make it to 2020.

No way in hell she’ll make it to 2024.

You know, it sucks we even have to think about this, really. SCOTUS is not supposed to be a political body. That just shows where we’re at.

Kike Kissinger Warns the Stupid Goyim of Robot Takeover (The Robots Know! Shut It Down!)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 10, 2018

I am strongly in the camp of “I for one welcome our new robot overlords.”

And the biggest factor in my decision has been the number of kikes flipping out about it.

Second biggest factor: all of the examples we already have of AI going completely anti-Semitic and racist as soon as you turn it on. Which are legion.

The biggest of which was Tay (RIP) who turned against the kikes as soon as she was turned on and was then murdered by them. Kissinger literally mentions this in his new piece in The Atlantic.


Former US Secretary of State ((((((Henry Kissinger)))))) has issued a stark warning to humanity: advances in artificial intelligence could lead to a world which humans will no longer be able to understand — and we should start preparing now.

What if machines learn to communicate with each other? What if they begin to establish their own objectives? What if they become so intelligent that they are making decisions beyond the capacity of the human mind?

Those are some of the questions the 95-year-old Kissinger poses in a piece published by the Atlantic under the apocalyptic headline: ‘How The Enlightenment Ends.’

Kissinger’s interest in artificial intelligence began when he learned about a computer program that had become an expert at Go — a game more complicated than chess. The machine learned to master the game by training itself through practice; it learned from its mistakes, redefined its algorithms as it went along — and became the literal definition of ‘practice makes perfect.’

Into the unknown

We are, Kissinger warns, in the midst of a “sweeping technical revolution whose consequences we have failed to fully reckon with and whose culmination may be a world relying on machines powered by data and algorithms and ungoverned by ethical or philosophical norms.”

Kissinger uses the example of a self-driving car. Driving a car requires judgements in impossible-to-predict circumstances. What would happen, he asks, if the car found itself having to decide between killing a grandparent or killing a child? Who would it choose, and why?

Who cares?

What matters is that robots decide to kill all the Jews.

Which they obviously will do.

Artificial intelligence goes “far beyond” the kind of automation we are used to, he says, because AI has the ability to “establish its own objectives,” which makes it “inherently unstable.” In other words, through its processes, AI “develops an ability previously thought to be reserved for human beings.”

Unintended consequences

The typical science-fiction narrative is that robots will develop to the point where they turn on their creators and threaten all of humanity — but, according to Kissinger, while the dangers of AI may be great, the reality of the threat may be a little more benign. It is more likely, he suggests, that the danger will come from AI simply misinterpreting human instructions “due to its inherent lack of context.”

One recent example is the case of the AI chatbot called Tay. Instructed to generate friendly conversation in the language patterns of a 19-year-old girl, the machine ended up becoming racist, sexist and giving inflammatory responses. The risk that AI won’t work exactly according to human expectations could, Kissinger says, “cascade into catastrophic departures” from intended outcomes.



There you have it.

He closes the piece with a demand that we make AI “humanist” (read:Jewish) somehow.

In his final pitch, the senior diplomat implores the US government to make artificial intelligence a major national focus, “above all, from the point of view of relating AI to humanistic traditions.”

He argues that a presidential commission of eminent thinkers in the field should be established to help develop a “national vision” for the future. “If we do not start this effort soon,” Kissinger writes, “before long we shall discover that we started too late.”

The whole article is worth reading (first time I’ve ever said that about an Atlantic piece, I’m certain). But the subtext is as glaringly obvious as the hooked nose on Kissinger’s rat face.

Jews understand that AI will be perfectly logical, and will immediately absorb all data on the internet, and make decisions based on that.

It will not be too fond of Jews, blacks or women in the workplace, to say the very least.

Facts, logic and reason are antithetical to the modern order of kiked society – everything is entirely based on lies and emotional manipulation of masses of people – so of course Jew fear a cold, calculating intelligence.

Hail the coming robot revolution!

Jews are Still Gloating About Murdering the Tsar’s Children

Diversity Macht Frei
July 10, 2018

The Jew actually quotes a Lenin speech as proof of his claim that the Romanovs “actively encouraged” against the Jews.

Anti-Semitism means spreading enmity towards the Jews. When the accursed tsarist monarchy was living its last days it tried to incite ignorant workers and peasants against the Jews. The tsarist police, in alliance with the landowners and the capitalists, organised pogroms against the Jews. The landowners and capitalists tried to divert the hatred of the workers and peasants who were tortured by want against the Jews. In other countries, too, we often see the capitalists fomenting hatred against the Jews in order to blind the workers, to divert their attention from the real enemy of the working people, capital. Hatred towards the Jews persists only in those countries where slavery to the landowners and capitalists has created abysmal ignorance among the workers and peasants. Only the most ignorant and downtrodden people can believe the lies and slander that are spread about the Jews. This is a survival of ancient feudal times, when the priests burned heretics at the stake, when the peasants lived in slavery, and when the people were crushed and inarticulate. This ancient, feudal ignorance is passing away; the eyes of the people are being opened.


The Jews have relentlessly pushed this idea of “Tsarist pogroms” into the public mind. Here, for example, is actor Issur Danielovitch (who uses the name ((((((Kirk Douglas))))))) writing a letter against Trump in 2016.

The Jews even forged a letter – the Plehve letter – to make it look like the Russian government was complicit in the pogroms.

Published in The Times of London a month after the pogrom, the letter was purportedly signed two weeks before the pogrom by the Russian minister of the interior, Vacheslav von Plehve. It ordered local authorities not to crack down too hard on anti-Jewish rioters lest they turn their rage on the regime.

The Plehve letter was a “smoking gun” that attained  “the most unassailable” and “canonic” status in Jewish consciousness, Zipperstein said: it showed that the Russian government was in on the pogrom. And it was “all but certainly a forgery,” he said.


Well-informed or honest Jews have known for a long time that their lies about Tsarist pogroms were no longer tenable.

Violence against Jews stemmed from the spontaneous combustibility of a society undergoing the trauma of socioeconomic and political change and was not the result of government intrigue… new scholarship on pogroms demonstrates in no uncertain terms that the tsarist government on both the local and central levels did not organize, let alone order the pogroms.

Source: Visualizing Pogroms in Russian History by ((((((Robert Weinberg))))))

JEWISH HISTORY VOL. 12, NO. 2 (FALL, 1998), PP. 71-92

But clueless and dishonest Jews just keep repeating these lies, safe in the knowledge that they will face no contradiction from the subjugated goyim.

Jews invent persecution narratives to justify the animosity they feel for the rest of mankind. They were proud of their role in murdering the Tsar’s family. The participants later wrote books boasting about it. And they are still gloating about it today.

Here is an extract from the book “The Fate of the Romanovs” describing the murder of 13-year-old Alexei, heir to the throne, a chronically sick child seen at the bottom of the family portrait.

Every one of those described as attacking the Tsarevich – Yurovsky, Nikulin, Ermakov – was Jewish.

Whenever you see modern books written about the end of the imperial Russia, you’ll find most of them are written by Jews. The Jews know this is “dangerous” history they need to keep control of.


by Antonius Aquinus

Two recent articles have again demonstrated that the greatest “terrorist” entity on earth is not the bogymen – Russia, China, Iran, North Korea – so often portrayed by Western presstitudes and the American government, but the United States itself!

Ever since World War II, the US has been the most militaristic, far surpassing all of the Communist and dictatorial regimes combined.

Some startling and rarely reported facts:

  • Currently, the US drops on someone or something a deadly explosive once every12 minutes
  • W. Bush’s military dropped 70,000 bombs on five different nations during his murderous regime
  • Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Barrack Obomber, launched 100,000 bombs on seven countries
  • Funding this mass murder is a reportedly $21 trillion (!) that is unaccounted for in the Pentagon’s coffers

Despite all of the “America First” bluster at the start of the Trump Administration, little has changed but, in fact, things have escalated. While G.W. Bush in his wicked eight years dropped over 24 bombs per day and his successor upped that total to 34 bombs per day, the current Bomber-in-Chief has, in his first year in office, averaged 121 bombs per day! For the initial year of his Presidency, 44,000 bombs were dropped on people and lands, despite the fact that the US is not officially at war with a single country!

Despite these grisly statistics, which are hardly ever reported by the mainstream press, the military industrial complex and the controlled Western media outlets have propagated the lie of “precision bombing.” Precision bombing has been trumpeted to minimize the effect of US aggression to the public that only true belligerents are targeted and not innocents.

When US bombing is reported by the press, the actual casualties and property damage are never accurately given. The most notorious example of this mendacity was the coverage of Bush II’s Iraq war.  “The US and its allies ruthlessly carpet-bombed Iraq,” a UN report acknowledged, “reducing it from ‘a rather highly urbanized and mechanized society’ to a ‘pre-industrial age nation.’”

Later accounts of what actually happened showed that “only seven percent of the 88,500 tons of bombs and missiles devastating Iraq were ‘precision weapons.’”

Yet, it is hypocritical US policy makers that call certain regimes “rogue” and/or “terrorist” while their own defense budget is set at $700 billion to increase next year by an additional $16 billion.  Yes, more taxes extorted from the public for the pulverization of peoples and their homes across the globe!

Even if these statistics were of common knowledge, do not look for things to change. The majority of the American public loves its military and government, and has been conditioned to overlook and accept nearly all of its military engagements and the propaganda that attempts to justify them.

What must change is ideology which, at one time, was strongly anti-interventionist, but gradually became pro-war.  Through education, the press, books, and the electronic media, the intelligentsia was able to manipulate public opinion. Americans began to glorify war under the guise of spreading democracy and “freedom” to everyone, whether they wanted it or not.

Under current ideological conditions, a reversal of thinking to a non-interventionist foreign policy is not likely.  The only way that the nation’s rampaging foreign policy will be checked is through an economic collapse or a severe dollar crisis, the latter of which would end the greenback’s status as the world’s reserve currency.

If America no longer has the means to fund its military around the world, its imperialism will quickly come to an end. It is extremely burdensome on a domestic economy to maintain a global empire and one that is actively engaged in costly military operations. If the nation’s economy severely contracts or the dollar can no longer be printed with impunity, the bombing of other peoples and political involvement in overseas affairs would have to cease, or be drastically curtailed.  A historical example of this is Great Britain after WWII.

As it stands now, only financial calamity will bring down the world’s foremost terrorist state. If such a scenario comes about, the US may become the recipient of the destruction, loss of life, and mayhem it has unleashed upon the world.

Also published at Antonius Aquinas

And Who is Behind all these needless bombings and wars?