Civility and Survival – Its Us or Them, No Mercy, Expect None Given, None Asked For.

By John Nobull

John Murray Cuddihy’s study of the ‘Ordeal of Civility‘ endured by Jews in a Gentile society highlights, by implication, a considerable weakness in ourselves. The fact is that our tendency to be civil has been systematically exploited to the point where it opens up a gap in our armour.

There is now an overwhelming body of evidence that hordes of aliens, many of them actively hostile, are rapidly replacing us in our own countries. Not even the blind can be ignorant of this, unless they have also lost their senses of hearing and smell. Since this is the most important problem of the century, or indeed of any century, it dictates one of three main attitudes: first, some degree of welcome for the immigrants, leading inevitably to support for miscegenation; second, a determination to resist the intrusion and reverse the tide; and third, an attempt to ignore the problem as far as possible. There is a rightist variant of this last attitude which runs: “Why struggle to maintain a rotten multiracial system? Why not just cultivate our gardens with a few friends?” Up to now, the resistance alternative has been the least effective, although even liberals and Jews are finding it increasingly difficult to ignore the problems associated with the presence of hostile aliens. It is very shocking for Jews to read about Jews being knifed or pushed under subway trains by New York blacks. Such treatment tends to modify their previous assumptions about race. There is no better definition of a conservative than “a liberal who has just been mugged.”

However, my words are addressed to the resisters, not to the conscious temporisers. We know that the alien influx can spell the end of us as a people. We should therefore regard the aliens as an occupying army, to be resisted and expelled. That is what we believe in theory, but what do we do in practice? I will tell you. We behave with more civility towards the aliens than either the liberals or the temporisers. Until recently, if I were asked a question by some coloured immigrant lost in a London street, I would give him exact directions and send him on his way. Only if he showed signs of active hostility would I fail to assist him. It is the same with most of my rightist friends. I notice that, since they are among the very few whites who do not look utterly demoralised, aliens make a beeline for them whenever they need help of any kind, even a handout, and they are seldom disappointed. They know that they can nearly always count on a sense of noblesse oblige which makes discourtesy a crime. So it is that companions of mine who, only a minute or so before, were drawing attention to the degenerate appearance of some biped in the street, would blossom into courtesy the moment they were asked for information by that same biped. I am sorry, but this won’t do. The only proper description of such behaviour is collaboration with the enemy.

Working-class resisters are more likely to be logical. They are not so much burdened with feelings of politeness. For example, parts of the American South have remained white to this day, simply and solely because there is no cooperation with racial outsiders or known liberals. I can also cite the example of a part of the United Kingdom (I would not reveal its whereabouts for the world) where working-class hostility has so far prevented the settlement of a single coloured. Alas, the main advantage of this goes to middle class people who continue to prattle about tolerance while benefiting every day of their lives — in terms of safety, aesthetics and sense of belonging — from the intolerance (or rather, determination to survive) of their working-class neighbours. I am no impassioned admirer of the British working class as a whole, but it still has some merits lacking in the middle classes:

How beastly the bourgeois is, Especially the male of the species.

Never mind the law. It doesn’t matter how many Race Relations Acts they impose on us, provided we can rebuild our sense of community to the point where we automatically reject the resident alien. It is quite impossible to impose such a law in a community where everyone covers for everyone else, in which traitors are ostracised, and the judiciary and the police are themselves under pressure from their fellow citizens. English law is a reflection of contemporary values. Well and good. We can change those values.

What the middle classes can do is learn from the Jews, who have perfected methods of racial survival and domination in multiracial societies. To begin with, they regard the interests of Jews as paramount over those of the host community. They deal with Gentiles, certainly, but they are opaque, letting in the light of information or any other benefit which comes from outside, while at the same time denying us any real glimpse into their attitudes and intentions. They calculate their behaviour towards Gentiles with a view to obtaining a maximum effect. As Shylock puts it: “I will buy with you, sell with you, talk with you, walk with you, and so following, but I will not eat with you, drink with you, nor pray with you. What news on the Rialto?” There is one fundamental difference between us and the Jews, however. They need us, whereas we don’t need them.

My own criterion of behaviour depends entirely upon the status of the individual concerned. For instance, I like to practise my Hindustani occasionally, so when a Hindi or Urdu speaker accosts me, I take the opportunity of practising his language, free, just as they do with us in English. Early in the conversation, I establish whether my interlocutor is a bona fide visitor or an immigrant. If the latter, I always drop him and leave him to draw the obvious inference. I have even gone so far as to point out to Indians that we never colonised India in the sense of settling there in any numbers, whereas they are colonising our overcrowded island in no uncertain manner. Yet several parts of India (Kashmir, Darjeeling, the Nilgiri Hills) would have been quite suitable for British settlement. Similarly, I am far more inclined to tolerate an obvious visitor from West Africa in his colourful native blanket than I am to tolerate some bloody-minded “Black Englishman.” And I would far rather meet an Orthodox Jew, ritually oiled and curled, than a nasty, pushy assimilated Jew. The Orthodox Jew may not be a lovely sight, but at least he is proclaiming his difference from us. He does not threaten our community from within.

(Based on an article in Instauration)

Read more at Jamie Kelso’s online Instauration archive

How Israel Armed the Drug Cartels

By Asa Winstanley

[] The approach of Israel’s intelligence agencies – as with many countries’ spy agencies – seems to be that the ends justify the means. The goals of the Israeli state are so self-evidently righteous, the thinking seemed to be, that funding them with off-the-books drugs money was par for the course.

Israel’s involvement in the South American drug trade is far better documented, however, if still not very widely known. Andrew and Leslie Cockburn’s book Dangerous Liaison contains a large amount of key reporting on the issue.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, the so-called “King of Cocaine” was Pablo Escobar, the leader of Colombia’s notorious Medellin Cartel. At the height of his career, Escobar’s cartel was responsible for some 80 per cent of the cocaine smuggled into the United States. One estimate put his net worth at $30 billion.

Books, films and TV shows have been made about Escobar, including the popular Netflix series Narcos. What is perhaps less well known is that the cartel’s military forces were trained and armed by Israel, whose Colonel Yair ((((((Klein)))))) trained and armed the militias founded and controlled by the Medellin Cartel’s military leader.

The Medellin Cartel’s military leader was Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, who set up “self-defence” squadrons to protect his “ranchers” from left-wing guerrillas like the FARC, which had been taxing their cocaine exports. Rodriguez Gacha and his affiliated far-right death squads were responsible for some of the country’s worst campaigns of political terror, targeting judges, politicians and civilians alike for assassination.

According to the Columbian secret police, the Cockburns wrote in their book Dangerous Liaisons, Colonel ((((((Klein)))))) “had not only taught Rodriguez Gacha’s men how to make bombs (including one that exploded on board [a] commuter flight), he had also trained the killers of Luis Carlos Galan, a presidential candidate in 1989 who was often compared to John F. Kennedy and who almost certainly would have moved into the Presidential Palace. General Maza [of the secret police] also accused ((((((Klein)))))) of importing quantities of Israeli arms for the Medellin Cartel.”

These weapons were Israeli army surplus, including mortars, mines and explosives, infrared equipment, machine guns and medical supplies. The shipments also included five hundred assault rifles and 200,000 rounds of ammunition.

In 1989, after US and Columbian authorities had finally turned decisively against Escobar and his associates (under the rubric of the “War on Drugs”) they eventually cracked down on the the cartel. Rodriguez Gacha, along with his son and bodyguards, died in a last-stand shootout. When they lined up the bodies, the authorities found a cache of 178 Israeli “Galil” assault rifles.

Later on, when details of Colonel ((((((Klein)))))) and his training firm Spearhead came to light in the world’s press, Israeli politicians attempted to distance themselves, painting the group as something of a rogue operator. But that was far from the truth.

As the Cockburns document, the Israeli government would have had to have known about the arms shipment that ((((((Klein)))))) and his firm facilitated to the right-wing death squads and drugs cartels. One high ranking Colombian official declared “unequivocally” that “officials of the Israeli government knew and consented to the sale of the arms shipment to Colombia, up to the point of expediting a vessel to complete the first step of the route.”

An Israeli defence ministry spokesperson said later that the transaction via a front company to ship the weapons to Escobar’s death squads was carried out “under all the usual procedures at the Defence Department” even though state owned Israel Military Industries shipped the guns in a sealed container marked “machine parts” in a clear attempt to cover their tracks.

After ((((((Klein))))))’s exposure, when Israeli politicians began to denounce him in public, he was adamant that everything that he had done, he had done with the permission of the Israeli government. An Israeli investigation of ((((((Klein)))))) and his company revealed a 1986 document signed by the Defence Minister (and later Nobel Peace Prize winner) ((((((Yitzhak Rabin)))))), giving Spearhead permission for “the export of military know-how and defence equipment.”

The same ((((((Rabin)))))), after ((((((Klein))))))’s exposure, attempted to distance Israel from Spearhead, claiming that its personnel were “mercenaries”, as if they had been completely independent, which was not the case. They were instead part of an expendable front organisation, both for the Israeli government and for its patrons in Washington DC.

Speaking to the Cockburns, ((((((Klein)))))) made it clear that Zvi Reuter, then the head of “Sibat”, the Israeli defence ministry’s arms industry liaison department, “was duly informed of every move they made.”

((((((Klein)))))), somewhat understandably, became rather disillusioned with this realpolitik approach of his handlers. He summed it up frankly: “It’s so hypocritical. Spearhead was the only organisation that served American interests, because it was fighting the Communist guerrillas, which were such a threat to the interests of the Americans. Now they turn around and say that cocaine is the biggest threat, so they turned against Spearhead. It just shows that we no longer serve American interests and as a result, we were thrown to the side and persecuted.” (Emphasis added.)

Israeli journalist Nahum Barnea defended ((((((Klein)))))) in Yedioth Ahronoth, on the basis that when he fought in Lebanon, Israel had done similar things there, since its right-wing Phalangist allies were active participants in the Lebanese drug trade. “The truth is that Yair ((((((Klein)))))) and myself have already gone to war in the service of the drug cartel once,” he wrote. “It happened seven years ago in the Lebanon war… what is the moral difference?”

Decades later, ((((((Klein)))))) was arrested in Russia after a Colombian court had convicted him in absentia of training the death squads. An Interpol warrant had been put out for his arrest. Russia had at first agreed to deport him to Colombia, but ended up making a deal with Israel to exchange him for a Russian prisoner. As far as is known, Yair ((((((Klein)))))) (now promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel) still walks free in Israel.

This article originally appeared on Middle East Monitor.

White Nations are a Jewish Moral Emergency

According to the jews, White homelands and only White homelands need to be forcibly diversified with an endless influx of the worst, most primitive and hostile sewage-colored semi-humans. Despite the fact that Whites today make up less than 9% of the world population, conniving kosher criminals tell us that our native lands must be overrun with violent invasive species who have senselessly ruined their own lands and now opportunistically are destroying ours. As common as the mud they resemble, these incompatible genetic aliens are being used as biological weapons by the jews to ruin what were once prosperous White countries. The jews cannot hide their malicious glee as they cynically tell us to celebrate the fact that we are quickly becoming minorities in our own homelands. Rat-faced creatures, shrill and sanctimonious, screech that any common-sense actions that would give White nations even a slight chance at a future are a “moral emergency.”

The jews project their heinous crimes upon their victims. No matter how nonsensical the guilty jewish accusations are, there is no shortage of twisted and insane rabbinical logic offered as a justification, or when that fails as a distraction. For example, the jews accuse Whites of being some kind of privileged ruling class despite the glaringly obvious fact that Whites should be the ruling class in their own nations. This is not so-called privilege, but a basic criteria if a White nation is to exist in any meaningful way; a White nation simply cannot persist if ruled by non-Whites. The jews also claim themselves to be victims, but they can never proffer the crime which allegedly reduced them to that status. They may whine about supposed persecution, but they haven’t even faced expulsion from a White nation in nearly 70 years. The kosher con-men are quick to browbeat us with the holohoax, but are equally quick to use their insidious control over of our governments to criminalize any honest debate about whether the holohoax even happened (it didn’t). But what of jewish privilege? Despite being less than 3% of the US population, the jews occupy 33% of the US Supreme Court seats, 10% of the US Senate, and over 7% of the House of Representatives; not to mention the obscene over-representation of jews in controlling positions of our mass media, technology, and educational institutions. Pay no attention to the facts, goyim. Go back to working your dead-end job that increasingly can’t even pay for the most basic necessities of life. Keep believing that the jews are simply the most powerful, wealthy, outspoken, and unaccountable supposed “victims” in all of history. Definitely don’t notice that the nation-wrecking jews have seemingly endless time and money with which to organize and support the ongoing invasion of our homelands.

From Berkeley to San Francisco to San Diego, Bay Area Jews this past week joined hundreds of thousands of demonstrators at more than 700 rallies across the country to oppose the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policies, which includes holding thousands of children in detention centers. Protests were held in more than 30 cities and towns across the Bay Area.”

The most mild and ineffectual suggestion that an ostensibly White nation should perhaps allow in billions of dangerous, moronic, and civilizationally incompatible savages at a slightly slower rate is met with the predictable jewish wailing and garment-rending. Don’t forget the last time our disgusting ZOG tried to prey on our empathy with the Mestizo “children” who were going to get DACA (deferred action for childhood arrivals), “children” meant people who were up to 38 years old.  Nobody ever asks how these Bay Area jews, living in the most expensive place in the entire USSA, are able to enjoy the luxury of being able to jet-set around the country to aid and abet foreign invasion.

During her [Rabbi ((((((Sydney Mintz))))))’s] remarks, she sounded a shofar and told the crowd she was “declaring a state of moral emergency.”

If your country is so thoroughly infested with the enemy within that you can hear the sound of a shofar, followed by duplicitous semitic bleating, you’re facing a true state of moral emergency.

We stand to abolish ICE,” she said, referring to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency responsible for immigration raids taking place across the country. “We invite you not just to turn red states blue, but turn states that are insane, humane.”

The jewish plan for what remains of America, and all White nations, laid bare. There is no appeasing the jew, the enemy within that will stop at nothing until every last White life is violently killed by the teeming hordes of dangerously idiotic living fossils, or extinguished by miscegenation with the mud-world genetic cesspool. The mere suggestion of defending the borders of an ostensibly White country is enough to send the jews into a paroxysm of hypocritical invective. I’m sure Rabbi Mintz has plenty of verbal chicanery ready to explain why she’s adamantly in favor of the USSA meekly surrendering its borders to incompatible alien invaders, but she is conspicuously silent on Israel’s incredibly strict and well-funded border police.

Another Bay Area resident in San Diego was Sue Reinhold of Berkeley, who participated in civil disobedience organized by the Latino rights group Mijente and cosponsored by some Jewish groups including Bend the Arc (for which Reinhold and Mintz serve as board members) and the rabbinic social justice group T’ruah and social action group Bend the Arc [sic].”

The insidious jewish infestation of a once prosperous White country makes itself known as kosher activist groups spring up like so many poisonous mushrooms. The jewish control of our government and our money supply allow them to parasitically drain the wealth produced by our productive work, and use it to fund an army of lay-about jews whose sole assignment from the Sanhedrin is to foment discord and instability in White nations, and to corrupt the uniquely White characteristics of compassion and altruism into weapons used against us. If there was any doubt about how the jews have realized their nefarious talmudic schemes in the USSA, look no further than the innumerable jewish “social justice” and “social action” groups that have a seemingly unending supply of money and time to push their rabidly anti-White agenda. It was boasted of so clearly in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion:

The second secret requisite for the success of our [jewish] government is comprised in the following: To multiply to such an extent national failings, habits, passions, conditions of civil life, that it will be impossible for anyone to know where he is in the resulting chaos, so that the people in consequence will fail to understand one another. This measure will also serve us [the jews] in another way, namely, to sow discord in all parties, to dislocate all collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us, and to discourage any kind of personal initiative which might in any degree hinder our affair.” – Protocol No. 5

“ews are morally responsible to be the light unto the nations,” [Rachel Biale, board member of Jewish Family & Community Services East Bay] said. “That’s what it says in our texts. It really means leading the way by example as role models, and engaging people in conversations.”

In the deranged mind of the jew, they are the light of the world and “g*d’s chosen people.” In reality they are demons in human form, as is clear from the examples and role models they provide for all the world to see. How have the jews led by example, being the pretentious “light unto nations” they believe themselves to be? Circumcision, animal torture, animal torture again, usury and debt-slavery economies, brutality, pornography, sex trafficking and child rape, encouraging and funding the non-White invasion of White homelands, and ritual murder often of children.

The jews ingratiate themselves into White societies by pretending to be victims, even though such kosher claims are nothing more than wild self-serving fantasies. It is the jews who are the predators and Whites who are their victims; though in typical semitic fashion all their kosher crimes are projected onto us. The jews are our implacable racial enemies, and they infiltrate our nations in order to destroy them from within through economic ruination, hedonism, and perversion. Once these internal subversions have eroded the cultural, moral, and economic ties of a White country, the jews work remorselessly to deploy an endless supply of impulsive, easily-agitated, brown-skinned nightmare creatures who will violently prey upon the demoralized White population. Meanwhile, the jews relentlessly promote miscegenation in the hopes that, through a combination of brutal savagery and dysgenics, the White race will go extinct. There is no place for jews in a White society that wants to survive. We face a terrible, existential danger of living in countries that have not just been subverted, but are completely controlled by jews. We must expose the jews for what they are: a race of predators and a nation unto themselves who have a rabid, unquenchable hatred of Whites. We must stop the jewish-orchestrated White genocide.

Source article:

Kikegressman Demands Military Coup to Stop Trump Being Friends with Putin!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2018




Rep. ((((((Steve Cohen)))))) (D-TN) this week repeatedly defended his tweet that implied that America needed to have a military coup to remove President Donald Trump after his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump held a summit with Putin on Monday, in which the 45th president declined to directly chastise Putin for allegedly trying to influence the 2016 presidential election, even when asked by an Associated Press (AP) reporter to do so. President Trump blamed the Russia investigation for some of the friction between the two countries.

In response to the summit, Rep. ((((((Cohen)))))) tweeted on Monday, “Where are our military folks? The Commander in Chief is in the hands of our enemy!”

Congressman ((((((Cohen)))))) then proceeded to tweet several times suggesting that he never implied that the military needs to intervene in light of the Trump-Putin summit.

The Tennessee Democrat complained that people on Twitter are jumping to conclusions over his vague tweet on Monday.

Obviously, he was calling for a coup.

Of course he was.

Jews are freaking the hell out.

They are losing composure. 

They literally can’t even.

Similarly to the way that Breitbart literally can’t even say the J-word when THESE ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE SAYING THIS SHIT.

Not even John McCain’s Tumor has called for a military coup!

18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

This Appears to be a Threat – Are Jews a security threat to the United States?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2018

I certainly interpret that as a Jewish threat against America.

Amanda Guinzburg is an editor for the Jewish-terrorist publication The New Yorker.

Here’s her Twitter.

Jews make these kinds of threats all the time.

It seems to me that Jews, as a group, are a very serious security threat to the United States. I’m not sure how much more evidence we need. The entire coup attempt in the form of the Russian hoaxspiracy investigation is being orchestrated by Jews who are literally attempting to overthrow the government.

I think a reasonable solution would be to round-up all of the Jews in America and put them in concentration camps until we can figure out what the hell is going on with them.

Of course, I’m not a monster, so I think these camps should include soccer fields, swimming pools, brothels, orchestras, well-fitted children’s play places, and so on.

That’s only having a heart.

Nonetheless, they do need to be isolated in concentration camps until we can figure out what the hell to do with them.

I’m Already Warming Up to the FUCKING WHITE MALE Supreme Court Pick

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 10, 2018

Earlier, I was feeling bummed about the SCOTUS pick.

But the amount of hate his is getting is encouraging.

The Hill:

Democrats went on the attack Tuesday against President Trump’s new pick for the Supreme Court, but acknowledged they are unlikely to win the war.

Senate Minority Leader Charles ((((((Schumer)))))) (D-N.Y.) has focused his party’s offensive on the risks that a conservative court could pose to abortion rights and affordable health care, while other Democrats labeled Brett Kavanaugh an “extreme” pick whom Trump was motivated to nominate as protection from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) defended Kavanaugh as thoroughly qualified and deserving confirmation.
“Judge Kavanaugh possesses an impressive résumé, an outstanding legal mind and an exemplary judicial temperament,” he said.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said he expects Kavanaugh to receive a vote on the floor 65 to 70 days from now, in keeping with recent Senate precedent, and for his panel to hold confirmation hearings around Labor Day.

Democrats are calling for more time, citing the millions of documents they need to review from Kavanaugh’s time as White House staff secretary under former George W. Bush and his 12-year record on the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals.

But Grassley says he’s not going to deviate much from the timeline used for Justice Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s first nominee.

I guess Jews were going to be mad about any pick.

But they are really mad about this one.

The Times of ((((((Our Greatest Ally)))))):

Almost immediately after US President Donald Trump announced federal judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court Monday night, Jewish groups and leaders expressed anxiety for what his confirmation would mean for the future of the court and its impact on American life.

“We are concerned that Judge Kavanaugh’s judicial record does not reflect the demonstrated independence and commitment to fair treatment for all that is necessary to merit a seat on our nation’s highest court,” the Anti-Defamation League’s chief ((((((Jonathan Greenblatt)))))) said in a statement.

“Because he has written and spoken prolifically on many issues of deep concern, we believe his positions merit close scrutiny. These include his demonstrated hostility to reproductive freedom and his past support for greatly expanded and unchecked executive power.”

After having read up on both conservative and J-left reactions, I do feel much better.


Obviously, they were going to say “worst nightmare” about any pick.

But he was definitely the best pick on the short list. Even if the woman was more hardcore seeming on some things, she also had adopted niggerbabies (mentally ill), was a working woman (mentally ill), was also Catholic and had virtually no experience.

So yeah.

Just being a white male is great, and he is better than Kennedy by at least two steps which is also great.

And we’ve got more picks coming.

There is only like a 10% chance ((((((Ginsburg)))))) will make it to 2020.

No way in hell she’ll make it to 2024.

You know, it sucks we even have to think about this, really. SCOTUS is not supposed to be a political body. That just shows where we’re at.