Today I came across a curious study from the current issue of Nature.  It is none too pithily titled “Inbred decorated crickets exhibit higher measures of macroparasitic immunity than outbred individuals” and, as the name suggests, it is about these delicate little critters:

The jerusalem cricket

The abstract informs us that:

Inbreeding is assumed to have negative effects on fitness, including the reduced ability to withstand immune challenges. We examined the immunological consequences of inbreeding in decorated crickets, Gryllodes sigillatus, by comparing lytic activity, phenoloxidase (PO) activity, and encapsulation ability of crickets from eight inbred lines with that of crickets from the outbred founder population. Surprisingly, crickets from inbred lines had a greater encapsulation ability compared with crickets from the outbred population. We suggest that because inbred crickets have reduced reproductive effort, they may, therefore, have the option of devoting more resources to this form of immunity than outbred individuals.

But that’s not very interesting.  Something like this would be more appropriate:

Endogamy in European populations is frequently implied by hostile ethnic actors to be a producer of inbreeding depression.  Such depression might be expected to include a reduced immunological response to hostile minorities seeking control of the population’s destiny.  We compared immunological response in eight highly inter-related, monoracial populations with that in multiracial populations where exogamy is high.  Not surprisingly, members of the monoracial populations displayed greater levels of tradition, self-awareness and ethnocentrism.  We suggest that these are the immunological conditions from which said hostile minorities, in misrepresenting endogamy to their hosts, seek to free themselves.

Further, we suggest that endogamy and, therefore, relatedness should be the guiding principle of all European populations in which discussions rage over how to deal with minorities.

Alternate Rights, T-Parties, 3rd Positions and about 700 million Third Worlders in a barrio near you

Alternate Rights, T-Parties, 3rd Positions and about 700 million Third Worlders in a barrio near you

by The Narrator

This is an assessment (aka, a rant) of where America currently is, circa 2010, and where it is headed, save an asteroid strike.  Europe, you’re only a step or two behind.

The first thing to mention, of course, is that America has a black president by the name of Barack Hussein Obama. Let that sink in for a second.

That, in and of itself, is beyond any possible conception of reality most Americans could have imagined in their most grim of nightmares just twenty years ago. Twenty years! That’s 1990!

But then, just twenty years ago (1990!), America was still in the neighborhood of 70 to 75% White. Again, just twenty years ago.

Equally inconceivable to Americans back then, is the notion that everything from customer service over the phone to the directions on a can of soup would be in Spanish as well as English.

Of course some will point out that people were seeing such things in places like Los Angeles or New York and warning of the coming storm. And that’s true. But at that time the clouds on the horizon were not yet in range of 99% of Americans view (America is a big place). By the time they were, the proverbial rains we’re already pounding down.

Besides that, the fact that some were warning of the coming storm twenty years ago (and even earlier) and, well, here we are never the less.  It should give us all pause in our feverish excitement about some politician “voicing concern” or some new book explaining the direness of our plight.

On demographics, it’s truly difficult to ascertain the real situation. Officially, America is still over 60% “white” (“white” being those of European, middle-eastern and north African heritage, as per the Census definition).  Unofficially the percentages don’t match up with what you see with your own eyes. I’ve gone into this before here, so I’ll only add now that it would be perfectly understandable for a tourist to come to the conclusion that America is about 42% White and 58% non-White.  And that’s keeping in mind that in 1965 America was around 90% White, and that all of this has happened without any opposition whatsoever. Not one single leader came forward to oppose the most destructive agenda in human history. Not one!

Whatever the percentages now, it is equally astounding to realize that this was all intentionally engineered on purpose and with effort. This was no natural ebb and flow of circumstances. In short, the demographic transformation of America over the past 40 years is unprecedented in human history. And the reaction of average Americans to all of this has been grumbling acquiescence.

The next point is on the reaction of the right against this engineered destruction of America. Among those laying claim to leadership (or would-be leadership) positions, the reaction has been polite, thought out, informative, reasoned, logical, mature, fact-oriented, measured, respectful, responsible, dignified and various other adjectives denoting a lobotomized personality and generally, if not specifically, attributed to the consistently losing and marginalized side. Facts are of little value in the face of a good argument.

Ironically, this also describes the general approach of the fringe and “far-right” leaders as well.  There’s American Renaissance, from which Jared Taylor gives polite, thought out, informative, reasoned, logical, mature, fact-oriented, measured, respectful, responsible, dignified and redundant speeches to, essentially other versions of himself and a few jews. Then there is V-Dare, Stormfront, Chronicles, Taki and other assorted therapeutic sites where confused or trolling Jews and a few Whites can come to vent-via-commentary and agree that “things sure are bad”. They function as a sort of electronic Prozac.

Next up is Alternative Right, that pro-Western gathering place where you can read articles by jews, black women, Indians and Satan-worshipping homosexuals unabashedly discussing race.

Then there are Tea Party gatherings, where upper-middle class White people come together to listen to lower-class black and Hispanic speakers lecture them on the importance of denouncing racism. Oh yeah, and too much government in finances, or something.  This movement started off protesting the taxpayer funded ‘Bank Bailouts’ in late 2008. As of mid-2010 the bailouts have long since been instituted and the American government is openly and unabashedly controlling industry and manipulating markets, plunging the economy further into the abyss. And the Tea Party members are still despised and labelled racist by the establishment whose posterior they fight over for the privilege of kissing.

Or, there is the American Third Position Party, which seeks for an equal chair at the table for Whitey. A table Whitey once owned, and which was seated exclusively by Whitey. They’re centered in California, where, I’m told, nearly one-third of the 8 White people who live in that state are members or considering membership.

Their motto might as well be ‘Beggars Can’t be Choosers’.

Then there are the illegal immigration protesters. If they succeed, all 50 million illegal immigrants will have to leave America … then come right back in legally. For this group, the millions of legal immigrants and tens of thousands of refuges being dumped into the American heartland year after year is fine and dandy, even in the face of the ongoing economic downfall and thickening racial tensions.  It’s the legality of the issue that concerns them, you see. The paper work, in other words. Having the mentality of anal-retentive bureaucrats, their objections revolve around whether or not every “T” has been crossed and every “I” (and lower case “j”) has been dotted.

And yet these are the same people who mock and decry the justice system that lets a rapist or serial killer go free on a technicality involving improperly filed paperwork.

Then there is the “patriot movement” in general. These useful tools spend restless nights on self-induced nightmares about “jack-booted government thugs” kicking in their doors even as Third World gangs are slaughtering and beheading people in their streets. These are the types who go on about a New World Order and listen to Alex Jones. They actually worry that the government is busying itself trying to conquer an already defeated and powerless people whom they’ve been bullying into submission for over fifty years. This group is also about 99.99999% White, but they proudly assert that race doesn’t matter and that we’re all Americans. Theirs is the “Everybody everywhere is potentially an American” meme. They are, ironically, the most ardent foot soldiers in the cause of a One World Global Order.

It seems that what both ends of the right (far and center) has in common is their willing dependency upon a system that works to harass and ultimately destroy them. If the goals of Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, James Edwards, William Johnson, Kevin MacDonald, Peter Brimelow and the rest are achieved, then the following is your future:

It’s late summer, 2020 and you’re at home on a typical Tuesday evening and, as usual, sweating profusely in the sweltering summer heat. The fans and air-conditioners are useless because of the rolling blackouts caused by the strain of an additional 200 million people –and counting (added to America since the 1980’s) on the electrical grids. And, naturally, the flak jacket you’re compelled to wear, day and night, isn’t helping.

You consider opening a window, but it’s just too dangerous. Besides keeping the living room window closed helps muffle the noise and “music” the 40 Mexicans next door blast 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ditto the dining room window on the other side of the house. It helps to slightly muffle the BOOM, BOOM, BOOM the blacks play at their place. Besides, who wants to hear ALL of the screaming and gunshots as the two groups intermittently strive to ambush one another (across your backyard) on a daily basis?

And, as a bonus, by keeping all the windows closed you can barely hear the Muslim prayer calls five times a day. Not to mention that it keeps the smoke out. Yeah, there’s always smoke in the air.  If it isn’t from from some riot or gang fight going on somewhere, it’s Detroit everywhere and Devil’s Night every night for the local blacks arsonists.

Even so , closed windows won’t shield your view of the two dead bodies in the street out front: the result of the ongoing Somali vs. Peruvian turf war in your neighborhood. It’s all the worse that they’ve been lying there in the street for two weeks now. There’s no police, no fire department, no nothing – except for the IRS, of course!  Death and taxes, you know. And to think, you were once worried about a police state!

Following standard safety protocol, as it’s evening and nearing dark, the wife and kids are huddled together in the basement below. Sure, it’s dark and stiflingly hot down there, but they have a flashlight if they need it and a bucket if they have to go the bathroom.

As you crawl around your house (standing in a home or office just isn’t done – too many random shooters going by), clutching your trusty-rusty shotgun, you happen upon some mail that the US Armed Postal Service delivered this month (they’re back on their usual tri-monthly mail service now!). You come across a newsletter from the Joint Organizations for Keeping English, one of those conglomerations of traditionalist groups who got together in a bunker somewhere and came up with a platform to oppose the outlawing of the English language in the Peoples Republic of North America.

They inform you that, thanks to their lobbying, if you can steal some gas for your Tuk-tuk, sneak out of your favela without getting your throat cut, and find a polling station that has not yet been burnt to the ground or heavily guarded by black, Mexican, Brazilian, Arab, Hindu, Muslim, Native American, Peruvian, Somalian, Iraqi, Iranian, Pakistani, Puerto Rican, Columbian, Venezuelan, Turkish, Hmong, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai, Afghani, Chinese, Filipino, Honduran, Nicaraguan, Haitian, or Nigerian thugs, AND IF the voting material is not censored in your area or destroyed or permanently “delayed in transit”, then it is entirely possible, and not beyond the realm of possibility, that your vote may count come this fall….if there are elections this year.

I should mention that jews are not included in the above list because they do not have to control the polling stations. They control the government(s).

Of course, there are times when you have to leave the building. But you don’t just up and walk outside or around your own yard, let alone go down the street or to the market for groceries. Your brother tried that a few months back and his charred body is still hanging off the overpass downtown. Far worse happened to Aunt Jane last year and grandma and a few cousins the year before that. But, hey, that’s just life in rural, small town, Iowa. It’s the same all over. And they say the cities and large towns are worse. Much worse.

Granted, voting on whether or not English is to be legally outlawed in a nation where 65% – the official figure – don’t speak English anyway, might not be as critical an issue as, say, acquiring food and water or striving every day to keep yourself and your family from being murdered or your house from being burned to the ground, but, it’s a start, right? First steps and what not, and all that, and so forth.

And if all goes well with the mailing lists, who knows, maybe you and the two other surviving White families in your state can network, somehow, sort of. Well, probably not. But it’s a nice idea!

If the goal of an advocacy group is for Whites to have an equal seat within the same political institutions and social constructs as a few hundred million non-Whites , then I’d advise holding off on donations. You’ll need the money for survival gear. And don’t worry about old age pensions. You won’t survive.

To put it bluntly, we will not vote our way out of this mess. The system is gone. The justice system is securely in the hands of our enemies. The economy is permanently ruined, which means the physical infrastructure of the nation (extending over three million square miles) is gone as well. Take a good look around. 98% of the roads, bridges, buildings, electrical grids, railways, water systems, waster management, police departments, fire departments, hospitals and so on are in as good a condition as they’ll ever be. From here on they will degrade and deteriorate until abandoned and Nature reclaims them.

We may, however, vote ourselves out of the situation. But that depends on leaders leading and followers following. And by that I mean that advocacy and voting within America today is pointless and will not solve a thing. In fact it will make matters worse. When the Huns are already rampaging through the streets, only insane people go around carrying a ballot on fixing the potholes.

No, the ONLY option is for Whites to vote themselves out of the empire, socially, politically and economically. Whites must separate and form their own nation, because the current one has already disowned them and has fallen too far to be brought back. That is the goal, the only goal, for which any struggle must aim for.

So all of the authors, pundits, advocates and so on can go about such activities till their heart’s content, but if their agenda is to “Inform to Reform”, then they are simply wasting time and resources. And time is something we do not have. In fact we’re already out of time. The point of no return came and went about twenty-five years ago.

What is needed from leaders is not slick looking websites, officially recognized third parties or more books. What is needed is, in the words of Yeats, “passionate intensity”. Something which, right now, is completely absent. We need leaders to get up on soapboxes and engage in passionate rhetoric. We need them fighting mad and we need them to work their listeners up into a frenzy, not throw a bucket of cold water on them. We need them to call on their followers to grab their torches and pitchforks, not scorn them into putting them away.  Since the 1960’s there have been moments when Whites were ready to take to the streets in righteous indignation and yet, every time, our Wormtongue-like “leaders” have counseled calm and “rational” behavior (read, apathy) lest our adversaries on the left label us bigoted and reactionary. And civilization has free fallen into chaos and savagery as a result of heeding such advice.

A war of annihilation is currently ongoing against us. We are not only being physically assaulted, even the very notion of our existence and our history is being attacked and swept away as well. Simply begging for scraps, via application, in our own house is contemptible and will only bring on another lashing from our usurpers.

Yes, we need thinkers to steer the ship. But we first need to get the thing in the water and moving! We need leaders upfront who are belligerent, bullying, aggressive and assertive and, above all, unapologetic. They should never let phrases such as, “this isn’t about hate,” or “we just want a fair deal like everyone else,” pass their lips. They need to address us, not talk over us and to our enemies in search of approval from them. We need leaders who will spark a fire of indignation in us and send a chill of terror down the spines of our adversaries. We need leaders who will call on us to take to the streets, shut down the cities, close the interstates, storm the capitals and pull our money from the banks.

On that last one, I’d venture that if, say, 25 to 30% of White taxpayers would remove their money from the banks and take it permanently out of circulation (ensuring that that share stayed out of circulation), the Beast would be slain, almost literally, overnight. America is teetering on the brink right now. A well placed nudge would push it on over.

The welfare state, and all that it subsidizes, would be inevitably wiped out. Everything from lobbyist groups and activist organizations such as the ADL and NAACP to strong-arm enforcement alphabet agencies, would be, for all intents and purposes, gone. The congress and the courts could pass affirmative action, anti-discrimination or whatever legislation they wanted all day long and it wouldn’t matter. They would have no money, and thus no power or ability to enforce any of it. They’d be ignored and unacknowledged as they quickly withered on the vine. The current system/regime would be dead. The center would not hold. The UN, the EU, the IMF, all of it, would soon follow, because they are all creations and dependencies of the post-1945 American Empire.

We would then have a fighting chance, and a chance to reclaim our own civilization.

Could something worse follow the current system? No. The current system and where it is rapidly headed is as bad as it gets. When you assess our situation as it currently is, it is clear that one way or another, we will live or we will die by the motto ‘All Or Nothing’.

The Molding of Minds

Dedicated to: The Activists

Shortly after my own political awakening I began to wonder, like so many others before me, why have nationalist ideas failed so completely to penetrate the mainstream of Western society.  If you think about it no other political message can rival the potency of ideas and aesthetics that an authentic patriotic nationalism can bring to the table.  If you need to be reminded of this just reflect for a moment on the natural appeal behind the following questions:

Do you want to restore the dignity and integrity of our culture?
Do you want to heal the social fabric and return a level of trust to our society that your grandparents once enjoyed?
Do you want to be able to live in communities made by and for your own without the hassle that comes with pricing out the unwanted in far flung exurbs?
Do you want to continue having your heritage demonized to your face and those of your children and their children in an unending bonfire of shame?
Do you want life?

There are powerful ideas embedded within these questions, and in uncertain times their power only grows.  The libertarians have their abstractions, the liberal-socialists have their bribes, the conservatives have their symbols, but we offer everything.  Never forget that.

Nevertheless, things are what they are, but it certainly hasn’t been for a lack of effort.  The past generation and a half in the United States has seen many talented activist-missionaries who endeavored to get the word out about what was at stake and the promise of what could be, some of these attempts were quite creative.  Yet their message continued to fall on deaf ears, the very people who stood to benefit from it the most rejected it in no uncertain terms.  And though some things are changing for the better, by and large they continue to reject it.  Why?

(the answer below the fold)


Raised high its head with stately branches crowned

Raised high its head with stately branches crowned

by Cladrastis

Prometheus awoke from a terrible dream one night – a dream of a war in heaven. In his vision, the gods were defeated, their powers taken from them, and their palaces and gardens destroyed. The gods themselves had fallen from heaven and many among them had perished in the conflagration. In desperation, Prometheus did something that no one had ever dared before; he stole from the mind of the sleeping Deus a flame that had been jealously guarded for aeons. Fleeing heaven with the speed of a sparrow hawk, Prometheus held the sunburst tight against his breast; as he flew through the blackness of space holding the flame next to him, he was transformed by it. From his flesh, fiery feathers sprouted, and his arms transmuted into wings; as the sun was bright, his eyes became dark. With each beat of his wings, the light bearer’s appearance became more outrageous, more avian, and more intensely colored, until erupting in one last explosion of activity, the fire consumed him. He crashed into earth as a fireball and was discovered crumpled on the ground by a man and woman. With his final agonizing breath, Prometheus called to the man, saying, “feed me dear human, that I may bestow upon you the divine wind of the gods.” So the man tossed some grain and meat into the fire, and placed upon it incense woods. As the man did so, a jeweled egg rose from the undying ashes of the fallen angel’s body.

After some time had passed, and the man and woman gazed intently at the egg incubating in the embers, the shell cracked and a hatchling struggled to free itself; in its beak it held an emerald seed. Thanking the man for his kindness, the Firebird gave him the seed and told the man to plant it in a green hill-country. The resurrected bird said to the man and woman, “I have betrayed the gods and cannot return to them. I foresaw their end and your beginning; allow my spirit to dwell with you, and I will bestow upon you many more gifts than I have given you this day.” To this the man assented, and the Firebird turned himself into a flaming “crown of thorns” and alighted on the man’s head. The Firebird said “I will be with you always, and though the gods may beset you with many hardships, you will overcome them.” As he spoke these words, Prometheus dissolved into the man’s brow. From that day forward, man was lord over the Earth.

The man and the woman wandered into the East until they found a verdant hill-country gushing with springs; the land was pleasing to the eye and fragrant, so they planted the emerald seed in the ground in the hope that it would germinate there. Before long, a shoot sprouted in the soil, and it raised high its stately crown into a tree’s canopy. The tree had never before graced the earth, and it gladly spread its branches across the land. Soon the mighty tree flowered and after shedding its last fading blossom, set fruit. As it did so, a garden grew up around it, and the man and woman felt happy and blessed. Fruit from the tree fell to the ground, and wild beasts came and consumed it; in so doing, they became tame, and the man and the woman looked after them. Then the man and woman themselves ate from the tree; afterward, they wed, and for the first time, they saw the world as it truly is – the garden of delight.

The gods, seeing how prosperous the man and his wife had become grew angry and jealous. Holding counsel with his wisest lords, Sovereign Deus determined that man must be wholly destroyed, lest he challenge the gods themselves. Thus the Craftsman of heaven was charged with fashioning an ornate golden box out of precious stones, and he placed upon it the seal of Deus as well as the terrible visage of a hundred-headed dragon.

One day the woman was walking amongst the beasts in the garden when she stumbled upon the elaborate box, which had been placed there by the Messenger. The dragon on the box called to the woman, saying, “open me human child, and I shall make you the fairest creature in all the world,” and this was true, for the gods do not lie, though they relish in deceit. The woman seized the box, and lifting its lid, discovered within its depths a rotten fruit from the great tree; burrowing in the fruit was a tiny worm, though she did not see it. The fruit smelled terrible – like rotten flesh and burning hair – and fearing that she had been deceived by the outward appearance of the strange box, the woman tossed it aside.

She returned to her husband and he declared, “though fair you were when last you left me, fairest of all creatures have you become; you are wholly changed, and it is to my liking.” Gazing at herself in one of the many crystal pools in the garden, the man’s wife saw that her hair was as sunny as flax and her eyes as cool and clear as the daylit sky. She was indeed the fairest creature ever to grace the earth.

The man pressed the woman for an explanation, and she told him of the box and the dragon. Seeking a transformation of his own, the man ventured off to search for the box, but he could not find it. Meanwhile, the worm had inched its way inconspicuously to the tree at the center of the garden, and when it got there, it too began to eat the good fruit. The worm grew quickly, and as it grew it climbed into the tree and hid itself in the branches. Indeed, so clever was the gods’ artifice that the growing worm took on the appearance of a branch and sucked life from the tree like a mistletoe.

That night, the man and the woman fell asleep under the tree, and a vision came to them. The garden was dying, and they saw man and beast alike in golden chains. In the center of the garden where the tree grew, now fat and overgrown, a hundred-headed dragon covered in glittering scales of diamond, silver, and gold had coiled its vast body about the tree’s trunk. Venom dripped from the dragon’s lips and squalor covered the once-beautiful hill-country. The dragon said to the sorrowful people in the vision, “I am Ladon! Deus chose me, and me alone, to rule over the garden and all who walk within it. Crown me as your king; bow down and worship me, lest I destroy you completely.” The women cried and the men gnashed their teeth, and when all seemed hopeless, a living beast walked into the garden. The beast had the ivory head of a serpent, the crimson body of a lion, and the verdigris talons and wings of an eagle. The beast was, at once, awesome, terrifying and beautiful to behold. The living beast roared, hissed, and cried aloud at the dragon, and the sound it made was like pealing thunder and crackling electricity. “Adversary,” whispered the dragon, “you have come to challenge me again. You may be wise, strong, and proud, but you have failed before and you will fail again this day.” With that, the beast leapt at the dragon, and as he did so, a third eye on the serpent’s head opened; it was black like obsidian and radiated prismatic light. In the serpent’s eye Ladon saw his own reflection, and for a moment he faltered.

Then the man and woman awoke from their sleep. Slinking in the branches overhead, was the sly and intelligent worm; he had watched with pleasure as the man and woman tossed and turned in the night. On his back a silver scale glistened in the moonlight.

The Liberal Project Bumps into an Ecological Wall

The Liberal Project Bumps into an Ecological Wall (Part I)

One of the hallmarks of the ongoing Liberal catastrophe that we’re all experiencing is its inability to respect the natural boundaries and barriers of human existence.  For example, we all know that by flooding our society with alien peoples and thereby ignoring the natural boundaries of identity that we are consigned to live in societies that have less trust and an ever dissolving social fabric.  Moreover, we also know that by violating these boundaries of identity that we can expect the Liberal system to experience convulsions of anger, however incoherent, from the body of our own people as they slowly become aware of the dissolution that’s been planned for them.

And just as the battle intensifies between the Liberal system and our people’s incoherent desire for life, ecological walls begin to loom over the horizon.  From America’s paper of record just a few weeks ago: Arid Australia Sips Seawater, but at a Cost

Take a moment to read the article.

If I may briefly summarize the situation, the Liberal system has planned for Australia to become an overpopulated stew of various peoples that will require more fresh water than what the arid continent can supply in the long-term.  The system’s solution to Australia’s next water crisis is not to plan for a sustainable society that aims to bring population levels in line with what the land can support but instead build more expensive desalination plants and pass off the costs (some of them unintended) to the natives.

As you might imagine, some are starting to suspect that mindlessly growing Australia through an endless wave of immigration (sound familiar) might not be such a good idea after all.  From the NYT article:

But desalination is also drawing fierce criticism and civic protests. Many homeowners, angry about rising water bills, and environmentalists, wary of the plants’ effect on the climate, call the projects energy-hungry white elephants. Stricter conservation measures, like mandating more efficient washing machines, would easily wring more water from existing supplies, critics say.

Desalination has also helped dampen the enthusiasm for a “big Australia,” the previous, immigration-friendly government’s projection that the country’s population will rise to 36 million in 2050, from 22 million now.

“Big waste of money,” said Helen Meyer, 65, a retired midwife in Tugun, the town where the northeastern state of Queensland opened a $1 billion desalination plant last year. “It cost a lot of money to build, and it uses a lot of power. Australia is a dry country. I think we just have enough water for 22 million people. What are we going to do when we’re up to 36 million?”

That’s what I call game, set, and match for the natural order of life on this planet.

The Liberal system and the ideology that fuels it is so far removed from the natural order of things that it will come crashing down this century.  Even if the natural life affirming instincts of our people fail (and I think they largely have) ecological walls will start to loom large this century for which there is no answer other than what the Liberal system refuses to do.  To wit, how can a Liberal economic system built around the concept of endless growth answer the limits of nature?  It can’t.

In my opinion, the politics of the revolutionary Right must capitalize on this fundamental failure and present a vision of a sustainable Western society that is in harmony with itself and the world around it.  As the ongoing crises of resource scarcity continue to rock the politics of the 21st century I think you can expect the wind to be at our backs with such a vision.


After reading Dan’s comment I was moved to write the following:

The environmentalist movement is deeply right-wing in at least two ways.  It is to the Right both philosophically and aesthetically, we can see the former in its goal to preserve the natural world, which comes out of a conservative instinct, and the latter in its anti-humanistic and pessimistic tendencies.  In my opinion it is an accident of history that the Left adopted environmentalist sensibilities as a quazi-cynical maneuver to attack polluting corporations (and by extension the capitalist system) while conveniently ignoring the fact that the worst environmental atrocities were committed by state governments (i.e. USSR and China).

Furthermore, the Left’s decision to accept the moral authority of environmentalist thinking makes it a fabulous Trojan Horse for the discrediting of the Liberal vision amongst elites without even having to mention cultural matters.  For example, anytime a Leftist tells you that we should restrict our carbon output and reduce the energy demands of our society to a sustainable level you should never fail to tell them that having a policy of zero net-migration would go along way towards achieving this goal.  To wit, you cannot bring Third World peoples to Western society without also increasing their rate of consumption.

There are powerful ideological tools here that we haven’t even begun to use and the best part is that the Left has no prefabricated response to any of it.  I’ve been called “Racist!” on a number of occasions but never when making this kind of argument.

Posted by Notus Wind

A letter to Europeans and those of the European Diaspora; in other words, a letter to all white people.

Dear White Man,

We regret to inform you that your kind has been slated for termination. We, the various Third World majorities of Africa, Asia, India, South America, and the Middle East assert that your long history of success at building civilizations, developing new technologies, creating stable governments, fostering good will, feeding much of the world, and increasing peace and prosperity even amongst the riotous hordes of our own homelands, has made us envious and resentful of you. We, who make up 92% of the global population, feel that we can no longer accept the great disparity between your success and our abject failure. The solution to this inequality should be obvious to all concerned.

We are planning to invade your ancestral homelands, little by little, and to facilitate this, we have the full cooperation of your controlled media and government, academia, and law enforcement organizations. While we, personally, do not control any of these entities ourselves, we are profiting endlessly from the crypto-Marxist system put in place many decades ago by an ethnic fifth column which operates with complete impunity at all levels of your political, academic, and media culture. Their interference in the natural development of your constitutional republics has been indispensable to our efforts to wrest from you the control of everything that you’ve struggled to build and maintain over the last century. Indeed, were it not for them, none of our present plans would have even been possible.

By carefully controlling and managing the schools, universities, media, and press, this out group has managed to convince the great bulk of your racial kinsmen that not only is resistance futile, but that it is immoral, barbaric, depraved, and unworthy of a thinking individual. By promoting the stereotype of a racist redneck resistance, they have made the idea of a struggle for White Identity a veritable sin in the minds of nearly every White person. In short: they have convinced European-derived peoples that a prolonged suicide is preferable to the unmitigated evil of racism.

Vergil, Mozart, Shakespeare, and all other bourgeois manifestations of your high culture will be vanquished forever. All of your legends and heroes will be spat upon, purged, and finally forgotten. Your cultural folkways will be transgressions; your identity will become a crime.

We come for your JOBS, your MONEY, your WOMEN, and eventually your LIVES. It will not be much longer now.  What is yours will be ours.


All Non-Whites

Death Panels: gateway to freedom and equality

Death Panels: gateway to freedom and equality

by The Narrator

Everyone I know is fuming over the “unconstitutional” health-care bill that was “un-democratically” shoved down our throats. I have to keep explaining to such people that compared to legislation passed in the 1960’s Obamacare is a minor triviality.

It’s amazing (yet sadly not unexpected) that so many seem to gloss over the rather draconian and spirit-crushing bits of legislation commonly refereed to as “civil rights”. Many seem to prefer to ignore or forget that among the “civil rights” accomplishments have been: legalizing abortion, promoting homosexuality, exalting feminism, attacking and attempting to destroy the family, de-constructing communities, rewriting history, and other equally civilization-crushing acts.

And these were done under the notion of “equality”. And to bring about “equality” our society had to destroy, in theory and in fact, freedom of association.

Since the “civil rights” legislation went into effect, Americans have been told (under threat of government force) who they must live among, who they can do business with, who they can vacation with, who their children must attend school with, and in what company they can congregate. All done to criminalize discrimination. Yet the most fundamental freedom that can be had (either collectively or individually) is the right to discriminate. Take away that right and freedom is instantly dead.

And the critical aspect of this is that prejudices and the discriminations they encourage are generally based on collective historical experience. They are an expression of a society’s hard fought for wisdom, enduring and solidifying down through countless ages of toil and struggle. They are not mere attitudes, but rather moral and social guidelines that define and defend a people.


A World Split Apart

In the late Spring of 1978 Alexander Solzhenitsyn gave this brilliant and insightful address, appropriately entitled ‘A World Split Apart’, to the graduating class of Harvard University in Massachusetts.  In it he questions the wisdom of ‘the convergence’ of Capitalism and Marxism to form what today is known as Multi-Culturalism…

Anguish about our divided world gave birth to the theory of convergence between leading Western countries and the Soviet Union. It is a soothing theory which overlooks the fact that these worlds are not at all developing into similarity; neither one can be transformed into the other without the use of violence. Besides, convergence inevitably means acceptance of the other side’s defects, too, and this is hardly desirable.

Text of Address by

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

at Harvard Class Day Afternoon Exercises,

Thursday, June 8, 1978

A. Solzhenitsyn

I am sincerely happy to be here with you on this occasion and to become personally acquainted with this old and most prestigious University. My congratulations and very best wishes to all of today’s graduates.

Harvard’s motto is “Veritas.” Many of you have already found out and others will find out in the course of their lives that truth eludes us if we do not concentrate with total attention on its pursuit. And even while it eludes us, the illusion still lingers of knowing it and leads to many misunderstandings. Also, truth is seldom pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. There is some bitterness in my speech today, too. But I want to stress that it comes not from an adversary but from a friend.

Three years ago in the United States I said certain things which at that time appeared unacceptable. Today, however, many people agree with what I then said …


by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The split in today’s world is perceptible even to a hasty glance. Any of our contemporaries readily identifies two world powers, each of them already capable of entirely destroying the other. However, understanding of the split often is limited to this political conception, to the illusion that danger may be abolished through successful diplomatic negotiations or by achieving a balance of armed forces. The truth is that the split is a much profounder and a more alienating one, that the rifts are more than one can see at first glance. This deep manifold split bears the danger of manifold disaster for all of us, in accordance with the ancient truth that a Kingdom—in this case, our Earth—divided against itself cannot stand.

Contemporary Worlds

There is the concept of the Third World: thus, we already have three worlds. Undoubtedly, however, the number is even greater; we are just too far away to see. Any ancient deeply rooted autonomous culture, especially if it is spread on a wide part of the earth’s surface, constitutes an autonomous world, full of riddles and surprises to Western thinking. As a minimum, we must include in this category China, India, the Muslim world and Africa, if indeed we accept the approximation of viewing the latter two as compact units. For one thousand years Russia has belonged to such a category, although Western thinking systematically committed the mistake of denying its autonomous character and therefore never understood it, just as today the West does not understand Russia in communist captivity. It may be that in the past years Japan has increasingly become a distant part of the West, I am no judge here; but as to Israel, for instance, it seems to me that it stands apart from the Western world in that its state system is fundamentally linked to religion.

How short a time ago, relatively, the small new European world was easily seizing colonies everywhere, not only without anticipating any real resistance, but also usually despising any possible values in the conquered peoples’ approach to life. On the face of it, it was an overwhelming success, there were no geographic frontiers to it. Western society expanded in a triumph of human independence and power. And all of a sudden in the twentieth century came the discovery of its fragility and friability. We now see that the conquests proved to be short lived and precarious, and this in turn points to defects in the Western view of the world which led to these conquests. Relations with the former colonial world now have turned into their opposite and the Western