Did Anthony Bourdain Kill Himself Because Of His Blue Pill Views On Women? Yes, But that’s Only Part of The Why.

Updated 7/13/18

By Max Roscoe

Chef and CNN Travel correspondent Anthony Bordain hung himself in his Paris hotel on June 8, 2018.  No suicide note was referenced in early reports.

My immediate reaction to hearing this news was recollecting a ROK article on Bourdain’s last wife publicly cucking himFour months later, they separated.

The Dangers of Not Taking The Red Pill

I have minimal exposure to pozzed media, and did not follow Bourdain.  I know he was passionate about food and travel, two of my interests.  He created a TV series for the Travel Channel and CNN exposing viewers to exotic foods from all over the world, shunning tourist traps and mainstream hotels in search of an authentic experience.

He was wildly successful, wealthy, and famous.  And yet he was unhappy enough to take his own life.  We may never know precisely the reasons, but I predict his suicide stems from unhappiness in his personal life.

First Marriage to a High School Girlfriend

Objectively the most feminine of his partners

Bordain married his high school girlfriend, Nancy Putkoski, and they stayed in a childless marriage for two decades before divorcing in 2005.  If I had married so young, I shudder to think of the horrible decisions I would have made, without learning the reality of women the hard way.  Some state they separated because Bourdain was not home often, working long hours first in the kitchen, and later producing his television programs around the world.

Second Marriage to Martial Arts Fighter

In 2007 Bourdain married MMA Fighter Ottavia Busia, having a daughter the same year.  This relationship was covered in two ROK articles here and here.  Busia was visibly uncommitted to her husband, as seen in numerous photographs and social media postings.  Her body language, turning away from her man, bringing the attention to herself, and posing in provocative images with other men were all warning signs, and the couple divorced in 2016, four months after the initial ROK article.

Relationship With Radical Feminist Asia Argento

Just Lovely, I’m Sure

Bordain next became involved with the train wreck known as Asia Argento, an Italian actress and feminist.  In late 2017, Argento claimed that ((((((((((((Harvey Weinstein)))))))))))) raped her in the 1990s, after which she had multiple sexual relations with him over many years.

Apologize for having oral sex with a sober adult woman who came on to you, now! You evil white male!

Argento’s Twitter feed is full of anti-slut shaming, feminism, profanity, globohomo promotion, and aggressive masculine imagery.  Last week she was spotted publicly humiliating her boyfriend Bourdain.

Toxic Feminism

The media loves to play with the invented idea of “toxic masculinity,” the idea that being masculine is so evil and destructive that it can cause toxic “death or serious debilitation.”

But how often do we see masculinity leading to death?  On the other hand, radical feminism has caused countless prominent, powerful, and wealthy men, from Robin Williams, to Freddie Prinze to likely Bordain, to end their lives.

Asia with another man just days before Bourdain’s suicide

Bourdain believed in the blue pilled myth of the gentle, sweet, kind and loyal woman.  After being publicly cucked and humiliated by his last 2 partners, did this drive him to suicide?

Bordain’s Plan For His Daughter

My sole duty as a parent and as a father, particularly raising a little girl who is going to grow up to be a young woman, is that she will never look to men for affirmation, or anyone else for affirmation
or self-worth or be physically intimidated by anyone. My daughter spinning arm bars is a thing of envy — Ronda Rousey quality

Sadly, Bordain fell for the feminist line that we should encourage women to live free and wild lives without limits.  His goal of raising his child to never by physically intimidated by anyone would be unrealistic if he were raising a son, but it’s downright absurd for a daughter.

And a woman who never looks to a man for affirmation is a woman who will be physically and emotionally alone, cold, unloved, and unlikely to listen to her natural feminine nurturing instincts.

Was This What Bourdain Had In Mind?

Ronda Rousey is not the role model for what a woman should be — particularly not a father’s goal for his daughter.  While Ronda may be the one in a million who found success in an unlikely career, why would a father yearn for a violent, aggressive, and masculine daughter?

Lessons From The Tragedy

First, we should realize that Bourdain was acting out of love and true desire for the happiness of his daughter when he made his misguided decisions.  In the modern world, we are bombarded with societal truths, such as…

  • Democracy is great,
  • Feminism makes women happy,
  • Gay marriage is beautiful and good,
  • We should invade the Middle East and install liberal democracies,
  • They Hate Us For Our Freedoms,
  • Men and women are paid different wages
  • Israel is our greatest ally,
  • Militias are dangerous and evil,
  • Hate speech should be outlawed,
  • Big is beautiful
  • Women And Men Are Equal
  • Changing one’s sex is a choice all children must consider
  • Lack of Affirmative Verbal Consent = Rape
  • Sex with alcohol = Rape
  • Syria used chemical weapons
  • Men meeting up to socialize = Rape Clubs

It is difficult and time consuming to research and test these hypotheses to see if they are true.  And besides, when seemingly all of one’s friends and neighbors are repeating the above mantras, surely doubting them is as wrong as considering whether the earth is really flat, right?  It’s much easier to let the media reveal the truth to us.  After all, that is their job!

A Misguided Loving Father

I don’t fault Bourdain, a busy man who married young, spent little time at home, and never learned the red pill.  Our society teaches many lies, and I believed most of them for a long time.  His wishes for his daughter come from a desire that she is happy and fulfilled.  But sadly, masculinity and unrestrained freedom do not bring women happiness.

Asia Argento tweet about university feminists mobilizing against “harassment and abuse”

We are seeing huge experiments with civilization, and so far they seem to be failing.  While it is easy to be trapped in the bubble of feminism, and believe that the world has been wrong for the entirety of history, and we are just now setting it right, if one stops to think logically, that doesn’t make any sense.

Men Can Always Start Over

I have never understood suicide.  While I have experienced depression before, I have always thought if things really got so bad that I felt like ending my life, I would just disappear overnight to a third world country and start over.  Take $5,000, and head near the equator, and forget all the stresses and personal commitments of the modern world.  I’m beginning to think it’s something I should do before depression sets in.  But regardless, men should know that suicide is never the answer.

I have seen successful, happy, alpha men fall apart, cry, and even break down in a seizure, over the intense stress and pain a woman caused them.  Lack of a good relationship is far preferable to a miserable one.  If you are experiencing severe depression, you can get out.  The US National Suicide Prevention Phone # is 1-800-273-8255.

On another note:

Of Sepulchres and Suicides


Until yesterday, this was one of those essays that looked to be permanently placed in draft-limbo. This is a fate shared by quite a few essays that I have ideas for, but cannot quite figure out how to finish or what angle to take. Despite the fact that I found the subject-matter in this essay very interesting, there simply was no angle that encapsulated what I wanted to communicate. That is, until I heard of the death by suicide of ((((((((((((Anthony Bourdain)))))))))))).

I’ve shared a little bit about my youthful culinary interests on twitter, what I didn’t share is that they were largely inspired by Mr. Bourdain’s book “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly“, to this day one of my favorite books within the genre. The book describes the journey of a young man from chucking clams in Rhode Island to the Rainbow room in Manhattan, drug use, alcohol abuse, and high gastronomy, but more than anything it was about passion. As the years passed by, my interests shifted a little, but I tried to keep up with Anthony’s work whether on the travel channel, the food network or other places. For someone who still has a passion for food, and all that surrounds it, he was the culinary ((((((((((((Christopher Hitchens)))))))))))), an irreverent, ghost-pepper in an increasingly bland world of cuisine. However, as his career progressed, it was difficult not to notice the gradual softening of his, the cursing became more rare, as did the drinking, he quit smoking and he had children.

I stopped watching TV some time ago, so it was a few years until he popped up on my radar again, this time coming across my twitter feed in a retweet after my return to the manosphere. Out of curiosity I looked him up, found that he’d gotten divorced sometime earlier and was dating an MMA star. I clicked the tweet and I noticed the unmistakable Beta tells in the pictures, the fact that his girlfriend’s instagram was filled with pictures of her with other men that were 30 years his junior, and I thought to myself “That’s going to blow up in his face, maybe we’ll get the old hard drinking, angry, ((((((((((((Anthony Bourdain)))))))))))) back. The man who banned ((((((((((((Billy Joel)))))))))))) from every restaurant kitchen he ever ran“.

Alas, yesterday I saw the news coming across my twitter feed, he was found dead in his hotel, having ended his life in a case that appears related to “girl problems”. I was going to let this go, but then the inevitably “toxic masculinity” arguments came flowing out into the media “oh if only men were more like women, they wouldn’t kill themselves” and I figured, ah that is a perfect frame for that essay in my draft folder.

The big, often glossed over thing about suicide is that women attempt to kill themselves just as much or even more than men, they are just less successful at it [1]. They attempt to kill themselves so that someone will come to them and be like “Oh honey, are you OK, want to talk about it?“. Men are much better and more successful at killing themselves, because they do it because they are done talking. For women a suicide attempt is a comma in the sentence of their life, for men it’s the exclamation point at the end of it. If men were less “masculine” and more like women, we would simply see a drop in successful suicides, with an increase in suicide attempts.

Of Idealism, Meaning and Hope

Meaning has in many ways been the persuasion of the manosphere over the past year or so, however in many ways I view it as a digression rather than an explanatory variable. Some common red pill axioms is that men love idealistically, women love opportunistically, often framed as “men are the true romantics” along with the observation that a woman can never love a man the way he wants to be loved. These axioms are the antithesis to the thesis of the blue pill, that women love idealistically and are the true romantics, and once you find “the one” she will love you the way you want to be loved. This is the carrot of the blue pill illusion, that instills in a young man the hope, that once he finds his one, he will find meaning in all the suffering that preceded finding her.

This gives rise to tautologies such as “she wasn’t the one” and “the right one is out there for you“, That serve the purpose of kindling the flicker of hope within a man who has just taken a blow to his religion. Much like comet cult leaders who have just had their predictions of the end of the world objectively proven wrong, one has to re-frame the situation in order to maintain the shared delusion of the cult, “Oh the aliens just did one bang-up job of cleaning away all the advanced tech they used to build the pyramids“, “Oh the aliens that were coming to get us got delayed by a DUI checkpoint just outside the solar system and will be here in a couple of weeks when Zanu’s brother-in-law can come get the ship“, “Oh, she only fucked all your friends because she wasn’t the one“.

In many ways there are two cults within the world, the one of hyper-agency and the one of hypo-agency. In the former you are the omnipotent Zeus merely playing with the morals, in the latter you are merely the mortal being played with by the omnipotent Zeus. The reductio ad absurdum of the former is that everything your woman does, ultimately is a reaction to your action, to put it briefly “You were not alpha enough”. The same analysis of the latter, would be “There is no such thing as alpha enough”.

Therefore one could construct the following positions.

A) When you find the one, she will always view you as the ultimate alpha. Any change in her perception of you is caused by you utilizing your agency poorly.

B) There is no one, a woman’s view of you as alpha is always conditional. Any change in her perception of you is caused by a change you have no control over.

C) There are many someones, a woman’s view of you is always dynamic. Any change in her perception of you can be caused a change in you, a change in her, a change in context or in all of the above.

Number three is the position whereby one accepts one’s own agency, yet has a sensible view of it, one is neither omnipotent or impotent. Number two is the one where one refuses to accept one’s own hand in the demise, in effect viewing oneself as impotent. Number one is the position of hyper-agency, where one views oneself as omnipotent.

If you internalize the message many men are raised with, that you are always responsible not only for yourself, but for your tribe, and over things which you do not control, then everything is always your fault. Accepting that “everything is your fault” can be a good thing if you are the type of person who has an external locus of control, and always blame outside forces for your own misfortune. If you’re 50 years old and still blame your parents for things, you have to come to grips with the fact that they raised you for 18 years, you’ve had 32 years where you didn’t do shit.

However, if you are a “Good Boy“, conscientious, dutiful, dedicated, loyal, high in agreeableness, and who takes on responsibility for everything this leads down a dangerous path. If you internalize execution but externalize direction, then you blame yourself for not being able to follow a map of Canada to Las Vegas. This is the core problem of the blue pill illusion, it provides men with maps, 487 bullet point lists, logos for why the map is correct, pathos to ingrain the map in his emotional function and ethos by having it communicated to him when he is young by figures of authority. However, it places the responsibility for following the map on each individual man.

Like men do, they all attempt to follow the map to Shangri-la by whatever means they had, in many ways one cannot fault them for effort, the trouble is that the outcome didn’t follow from the input. They did everything right, and everything turned out wrong. However, this fault lies not with the individual man, but with the map they were provided.

This is where I come back to the ((((((((((((Karl Marx)))))))))))) quote that I’ve share previously on this blog:

“The foundation of irreligious criticism is: Man makes religion, religion does not make man. Religion is, indeed, the self-consciousness and self-esteem of man who has either not yet won through to himself, or has already lost himself again. But man is no abstract being squatting outside the world. Man is the world of man – state, society. This state and this society produce religion, which is an inverted consciousness of the world, because they are an inverted world. Religion is the general theory of this world, its encyclopaedic compendium, its logic in popular form, its spiritual point d’honneur, its enthusiasm, its moral sanction, its solemn complement, and its universal basis of consolation and justification. It is the fantastic realization of the human essence since the human essence has not acquired any true reality. The struggle against religion is, therefore, indirectly the struggle against that world whose spiritual aroma is religion.

Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness. To call on them to give up their illusions about their condition is to call on them to give up a condition that requires illusions. The criticism of religion is, therefore, in embryo, the criticism of that vale of tears of which religion is the halo.” ((((((((((((Karl Marx))))))))))))

What I like about this quote, is that despite my criticisms of ((((((((((((Marx))))))))))))’s economic theory as being “a great system if human nature did not exist“, I think ((((((((((((Marx)))))))))))) had a fundamentally sound understanding of human beings. If one is living in abject misery, and religion provides a justification for the misery, and imbues it with purpose, then that helps blunt the pain of the present situation through the belief in a better future. After all, what is 65 years of misery when compared to an eternity in paradise?

Meaning is the antithesis of existential nihilism, but hope is the antithesis of despair.

Summary and Conclusions

One of my regular arguments in the many discussions we’ve had on The Red Man Group when it comes to mass shooters, is that the mass shooter phenomena and the male suicide phenomena are merely two sides of the same coin, acting out vs. acting in, those who turn the gun on others, and those who turn the gun on themselves. We can discuss the “why” until we are all bored to tears, but truthfully I don’t think it has to do with meaning. In many ways I think meaning is a red herring, and the true problem is hope. These men all seemed to have an idea of what would give their life meaning, purpose and value, namely being able to fulfill the blue pill illusion. The very same illusion they had been told from childhood would give their life meaning, and to which they had been provided a map.

The men, whether they elect to act out or act in, are doing so after staring into the abyss so long that they have become trapped within it, perhaps a flicker of light may be present that can guide them out of the darkness. This flicker of light is hope and idealism. Just as ((((((((((((Marx)))))))))))) said, religion gives man a reason to continue despite present misery, based on the hope of a better future. In our long history of inflicting brutality, gruesomeness, torture and evil on our fellow man, one can often see one major difference between those who persevere and those who perish. Those who perish are either stuck in the past and incapable of adapting to their present environment or stuck in the present unable to utilize the future as a motivating factor to keep walking through hell to reach the other side. Those who persevere are adaptable enough to function within their present, but not so mired in it that they cannot see that guiding light of future promise. Once that light dies, the journey comes to its conclusion.

The common denominator in both acting out and acting in, is that these men lost hope for a better future, they projected their present state forward, for the remainder of their life, and made a decision that such a future was not worth living. They had attempted to find the meaning that they so sought following the exact map they had been provided. They often struggled for decades, slogging along on a path beset on all sides by evildoers, a path covered in thorns, vines and vicious vermin, yet they persevered, and every time they thought they had reached the promised paradise, it was shown to be nothing but a mirage.

The major distinction between the Red Pill and The Blue Pill Illusion begins with the first principle. The blue pill states there is a one, build yourself into a man of value for her. The red pill states, there is no one, build yourself into a man of value. Those of you who have read my essays for some time now, will perhaps have identified my cardinal principle from “Of Means and Ends”. In the blue pill frame, building yourself into a man of value is a means to an end, it is something you do for someone else. The definition of value in this context is whatever the 487 bullet point list says that it is. In the red pill frame, building yourself into a man of value is an end in itself, it means as the Heartiste maxim states “III. You shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority” [2]

This is why introspection matters, it is very easy to take direction from others, and just execute what they told you. However, in doing so you give up the directive power over your own life to someone else. You make yourself into an employee in your own life, never asking what you think is best, but relying on others to tell you. When you then come to realize that their orders, plans and ideas were wrong, you find yourself having potentially spent your whole life, running from mirage to mirage, hoping to find water, but finding only sand. If a man has found sand countless times, he may become convinced that water does not exist, if water is his reason for existing, and he is convinced that water does not exist, what reason does he have to exist?

This is why one cannot make one’s raison d’être something that can be taken away, the external trappings that come with progress in one’s mission are nice, but they can be taken away or lost, the character traits and personality you build cannot.

[1] https://afsp.org/about-suicide/suicide-statistics/

[2] https://heartiste.wordpress.com/the-sixteen-commandments-of-poon/

Dear Future Wife – MGTOW

Dear Future wife I hope you enjoy taking your fifty pound cat out for dinner dates and long walks on his leash along the sea shore when you can’t find a good man. When you ask where have all the good men gone I will smile with glee like the Cheshire cat after eating a canary. You believe that you will always have the attention of men in your life right up to the point where you enter the nursing home but they will be the wrong men. None of them will ever be enough and you will always be unsatisfied. But it doesn’t matter because even the attention from the wrong men will soon be gone.

Best comment:

Instant classic. If man are over-sexualized it’s because women denied us when we were in our early sexual prime. We had to put up with a world of shit just to get some ass. As a kid I was always capable of attracting female attention but it seemed that women never understood the concept of peace of mind and being genuine. They always wanted the upper hand and never understood that us men would go to bat for them as long as they comforted us and made our lives easier. We would have made it worth their while. But it saddens me to see that going your own way is the only logical option for the man not willing to sacrifice time and dignity to kiss a women’s ass. I’ve been going my own way since elementary when I realized that girls weren’t worth the time in effort to actually make things work, they wanted everything easy. It was like if they show you any kind of attention you were supposed to follow her around like some damn blind seeing eye dog. With male companions we never had to jump through hoops or feel awkward. We’d just meet up at the basketball court and intensely compete for who was the most dominant. Males never had to follow each other around. I’m surprised I didn’t go gay. I was always attracted to women but hated their personalities.
Needless to say, I got into watching porn early in life. Porn never made me feel bad emotionally, even though they try to shame us for watching it. Funny thing is they say that lesbian porn is at the top of women’s porn search list, which says a lot. Is it me or women are way more attracted to each other then they are men? It seems like they are a secret pussy eating cult. I will not go on any further because I may start to talk about a lot of taboo subjects and I don’t want to go there in the chat. Thanks Sandman for helping me connect the dots and realize that it was not just me dealing with these disrespectful whores who think everyday should be her birthday and Christmas.

The Feminist, Liberals And Hollywood Are All Collapsing Now

Best comments:

I feel a great disturbance in the force. It’s as though a billion Feminists realized they lost control of their man-slaves and shrieked at once, and then shrieked some more, and then shrieked some more, and then shrieked some more and I mean it’s honestly kind of impressive that they haven’t lost their voices yet, like, what the fuck, how are they still going? Do they even need to breathe? Aren’t they supposed to be ‘suddenly silenced’ or something?

They’re coming at this sex robot issue all wrong. But then again what do you expect from a bunch of cucks? It’s not like they will ever lay the blame at women’s feet. They will never ask “why would a man choose a lifeless doll over a flesh and blood woman and not the strawman “misogyny” argument”. Because then they’d have to realize how women royally fucked themselves out of the market.

Necessity is the mother of all invention. So who created the environment that made sex dolls necessary? You know the answer, cucks. Don’t worry, Muhammed will take good care of your wife. She’ll remember that “diversity is our strength” when she’s being stoned to death for being a whore.

How many women do more than just lay there during sex? Men are already used to that. It’s not like we have to become accustomed to it. Most women are heartless, unfeeling, uncaring bitches. Men are already used to that. It’s not like we have to become accustomed to it. How many women get their panties all in a knot wedged up their open trench pussies over having to contribute to the house hold chores and flatly refuse to lift a finger? Men are already used to that. It’s not like we have to become accustomed to it. How many women are useless parasites in the relationship and don’t contribute anything to either the relationship or the house hold? Men are already used to that. It’s not like we have to become accustomed to it. Sex dolls don’t whine, bitch, moan, throw temper tantrums and divorce rape you. I fail to see the draw back to a sex doll.

Never forget feminist apologist females need the implied threat of an entire army to get ONE man to submit to her worldview. Any ideology that requires him to fund a gun that’s pointed toward him is to be rejected by default.

My Thoughts on the Happenings

America is white supremacy, cause America is a white nation, always was, and will be again soon.

Diversity creates Adversity. The liberal establishment is in collapse: hate-obsessing on something that contradicts their own self-reverential worldview, condemning them to perpetual distraction. The result is the inevitable crashing and burning. liberals have been driving drunk while texting for generations. Swerving into the wrong lane over and over, until reality finally catches up to them and they crashed into oncoming traffic head on, those in the drivers seat are killed instantly as the vehicle is crushed, and those in the back are dazed and confused, wondering what happened. The few survivors crawl out of the clown car screaming at the innocent people they’ve harmed. After all, it’s never their fault, you see, it’s everyone else’s for daring to get in their way.

Lots of drama and moral preening, then collapse when details and commitment matter, when the wall of reality and the natural order finally sets in and the party is over. The ultimate example of distracted Democrats’ fixation on completely the wrong thing leading to the disaster that is the left today is the debacle of the Hillary Clinton race for the presidency.

Perhaps they were relying on the stupidity of the American voter, their words not mine, but that was the wrong equation. In the various autopsies of that miserable campaign, Clinton s failure comes down to fixation on herself and entitlement. The presumption was the election was hers, which is typical in self-entitled feminist in America and most women in general.

Overconfident and sure of her strategy, she took her base for granted and waltzing to the inauguration, falling down a few times in her drunkenness, never noticing the ten flights of stairs just in front of her. For the entire campaign season, she was told there was only one name on the card in the winner’s envelope, and it was hers. Until it wasn’t. Just like all other leftist, they think they know everything, until they don’t.

Its us or them, everyone see’s what is coming.

The left have no idea what is coming for them. Ken Roth, the director of Human Rights Watch, made the point a bit more bluntly in a foreword to the rights group’s own annual World Report, titled “Demagogues Threaten Human Rights.”

“Certain politicians are flourishing and even gaining power by portraying rights as protecting only the terrorist suspect or the asylum seeker at the expense of the safety, economic welfare, and cultural preferences of the presumed majority,” wrote Roth. “They scapegoat refugees, immigrant communities, and minorities. Truth is a frequent casualty. Nativism, xenophobia, racism, and Islamophobia are on the rise.”

“The rising tide of populism in the name of a perceived majority has paralleled a new infatuation with strongman rule that was apparent particularly prominently during the US presidential election campaign,” wrote Roth. “If all that matters are the declared interests of the majority, the thinking seems to go, why not embrace the autocrat who shows no qualms about asserting his ‘majoritarian’ vision—self-serving as it may be—and subjugating those who disagree.”

What these leftist fail to understand, is that a nation is its people and the sacred bond to the soil, the land in which that nation sits, the resources, cities and infrastructure which allow a people to grow and prosper. And when outside groups invades that sacred territory, steal the birthright of its inhabitants, destroy its cities and demand to be placated, feed, housed, all at the expense of the traditional majority, you cannot expect any other result, other than ethnic nationalism. The idea that whites would not awaken to the threat from non-whites, trace back the cause of this threat, the policies and laws enacted by the enemy within, and then become angry and take back what is rightfully theirs by birth alone, which is not only natural but in alignment with human history, too think otherwise, is insanity, delusional, totally out of step with observable reality.

Traitors only deserve death.

It will not be a peacefully transition, and the more the leftist, and their pets resist, the more hell there will be to pay.

The fraying of the liberal order will have real geopolitical effects. “The next five years will see rising tensions within and between countries,” predicts the National Intelligence Council, a unit of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence — that is, an American government agency. Of course, parasites do not like the host resisting its parasitism, that is to be expected. We on the right, embrace this struggle, this will be the final war for humanity, and we shall lay claim to all that is, and lay waste to those who sought our extermination.

The study paints a dark picture of future wars:

“Warring will be less and less confined to the battlefield, and more aimed at disrupting societies. … Noncombatants will be increasingly targeted, sometimes to pit ethnic, religious, and political groups against one another to disrupt societal cooperation and coexistence within states. Such strategies suggest a trend toward increasingly costly, but less decisive conflicts.”

I believe it will be far worse than anything the leftist mind can imagine.

The left believed that they could create vast zone of peace and prosperity and it would spread, and any lingering political disagreements would be easily addressed within the framework of a liberal order. They ignored the peoples need for identity, culture and heritage.

We are all witnessing the fall of the west, the disintegration of its societies and social fabric, the rise in ethnic warfare, and when some groups in these liberal societies were in fact harmed by these developments, a degree of backlash is not only inevitable, but should have been expected. It didn’t help that elites in many liberal countries made some critical blunders, including the creation of the euro, the invasion of Iraq, the misguided attempt to nation-build in Afghanistan, and the 2008 financial crisis. Combined with the generations long anti-white policies, flooding white nations and only white nations with non-whites, then forcing integration while at the same time attacking white populations through the media and education system, it was only a matter of time, somethings got to give. These and other mistakes helped undermine the legitimacy of the post-Cold War order, opening the door to illiberal forces, and left white segments of societies around the world, open to our message, to the truth of the cultural Marxist ideology, and those that work towards white genocide.

Real America is awake, and it wants its nation back.

As events in Iraq, Afghanistan, and several other places demonstrate, writing a constitution, forming political parties, and holding “free and fair” elections won’t produce a genuinely liberal nation unless individuals and groups in society also embrace the key liberal i.e. WHITE norms as well. This sort of cultural and normative commitment cannot be developed overnight or injected from outside, and certainly not with drones, special forces, and other instruments of violence. Liberalism, ONLY works in an all white nation, a homogeneous nation, with a common heritage, in which the traditional stock traversed the age of enlightenment by their own doing, and not be force.

It is also abundantly clear that post-Cold War liberals underestimated the role of nationalism and other forms of local identity, including sectarianism, ethnicity, tribal bonds. In their effort to strip whites of their national identity, and deny us a right to exist, they left the only choice open to whites in a world that hates them, ethnic nationalism, white identity, racial rights.

Deep down, I think this explains why so many people in the United States and in Europe are desperate to keep Uncle Sam fully engaged in Europe. It’s not so much the fear of a declining but assertive Russia; it’s their fear of Europe itself. Liberals and Marxist want Europe to remain peaceful, tolerant, democratic and embedded within the EU framework, deep down, they don’t trust the Europeans to manage this situation, and they fear it will all go south if the “American pacifier” is removed. For all of liberalism’s supposed virtues, at the end of the day its defenders cannot shake the suspicion that its European version is so delicate that it requires indefinite American support, and in this the left is deadly right, all that stands in the way of a new white nationalistic fever to sweep across our ancient homeland, is the removal of America from the worlds stage, and a return to the natural order is all but guaranteed.

The United States does not have infinite resources, wealth or manpower and we no longer have a limitless willingness to subsidize other wealthy states’ defenses, we are in a state of decline, thanks to diversity and multiculturalism, thanks to the jews and the ethnic tension which is growing daily, America will take a step back, put America first, defend its founding stock, and replenish the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants, Marxist, parasites, and patriots.


The End Of Women Has Arrived

The End Of Women Has Arrived

MGTOW understand the true nature of feminism, and for this reason, MGTOW are men going their own way. #MGTOW


The Uber For Men Has Arrived – https://pinkapp.io/