The Merciless Genocide Of The White Race

The Merciless Genocide Of The White Race

What Lies At The End Of YOUR Rainbow Peter Hain?

They spewed out their venom and hatred, demonising whites as oppressors, racists, fascists and Nazis. They screamed for equality and they promised to create a just society fit for all of its people.

They were the Marxists, the Multiculturalists and the bleeding heart Liberals who said they’d replace the evil white nation with a beautiful rainbow. Lead by their messiah Nelson Mandela and aided and abetted by, amongst others, the Marxist Peter Hain, the Rainbow Nation became reality and for South African whites it signalled the onset of a brutal genocide at the hands of white-hating blacks.

Innocent South African women and children are being subjected to the most cruel, barbaric and inhumane abuse at the hands of rabid, hate-filled savages who show them no mercy or compassion whatsoever and the world has shamefully turned its back on these white victims. They will be ignored no more.

So to all the Liberals and the Multiculturalists who created the Rainbow Nation, to those pious hypocrites who sneered at and bullied Nick Griffin on Question Time and most especially to Peter Hain, that vile supporter of ANC terrorists, take a deep breath and behold the violated innocents of South Africa:

Violated And Abused White Victims Of Black Race Hatred

To those Marxists, Liberals and Multiculturalists I say: Let the world see the inhumane reality of the monster YOU ALL created. Every self-righteous white-hating one of you has blood on your hands, especially you Peter Hain. Now people can see why you fled from the Rainbow Nation you helped to create. But know this:

Each one of those poor victims has been abused and violated IN YOUR NAME. Your hands are forever tainted with the blood of innocents, the blood of your own people who you knowingly betrayed.

One day you will answer. Shame on the lot of you.

View from the Right: Black and other nonwhite violence against whites: a grim collection

View from the Right
The passing scene and what it’s about viewed from the traditionalist politically incorrect Right.

Black and other nonwhite violence against whites: a grim collection

In recent weeks, I have posted a great many articles on the ongoing outbreaks of black on white violence in this country and elsewhere–and not just “ordinary” criminal violence, but violence of a specifically savage and threatening character. Collected in this entry will be articles about black on white violence, as well as about Hispanic (or Mestizo) on white violence, and Asian on white violence (and even nonwhite on nonwhite violence, such as the wilding of the brother of black author Carol Swain). Inseparable from the above is the white naivete and passivity in the face of these attacks–what I call the Eloi syndrome. Of course whites also kill other whites in horrific ways, as at Columbine High School. The Columbine Massacre and the Knoxville Atrocity are equally symptomatic of our liberal culture, but they are different types of phenomena, and need to be treated under different categories.

There is no pleasure in compiling this list of articles. Even to glance over the relatively small number of titles accumulated so far is a disturbing experience. But these terrible things are happening, they seem to be happening more and more frequently, and for our own safety and survival we need to know about it, instead of ignoring it and covering it up as the mainstream media with the compliance of whites have been doing for the last 40 years. Nonwhite violence against whites, whether the perpetrators explicitly express a racial motive or not, is not only a very bad thing in itself that has increased from virtually zero a half century ago to an unending, low-level intifida today, an intifada systematically ignored by mainstream media and society as a whole. It is the ultimate concretization of white America’s abandonment of its leadership position in its own land, and of its inclusion of, embrace of, and surrender to nonwhite and non-Western peoples. It is where the rubber meets the road on the path to national suicide.

Black on white savagery

Death penalty sought for black accused of murdering white co-ed [August 12, 2008]

In St. Louis, roving “wilding” gangs of up to 100 blacks attacking people at train stations [August 11, 2008]

Mob of black savages in Brooklyn beats three white men with bats when they try to rescue girl [August 11, 2008]

At least they weren’t killed [August 4: British couple tell of being attacked, the man severely beaten, the woman raped, in their Caribeean villa.]

Black savagery, white acceptance: the Biehl story [Jul 31, 2008. Kevin V. gives a detailed account of the savage murder of Amy Biehl and about how her parents later not only forgave her killers, but befriended them, had them as guests in their home, ate with them, employed them. It is the ultimate Tale of the Eloi.]

Five Dutch women raped in Kenya–I guess they hadn’t been reading VFR [Jul 31, 2008. In this entry I list 15 acts of horrifying black violence, in all but two of which the victims were white, and then I add: “These savage black attacks are in the news every week, almost every day, and the media never say, “There’s a dangerous element within the black population, and it’s especially dangerous to white people, there is a such a thing as black on white crime, therefore whites have got to take precautions when in black areas and when traveling in black countries.” These simple statements of fact are never uttered, because they would violate the liberal orthodoxy that race doesn’t matter and we can all live together as one. Instead, each incident, even when the respective races of the victims and perpetrators are mentioned, is treated as though it were isolated, having no relationship to any larger phenomenon. Since it is impossible for people who are under the influence of this liberal orthodoxy even to form the concept that blacks are particularly dangerous to whites, let alone to say it aloud, whites keep voluntarily, carelessly subjecting themselves to the black savagery.”]

Mirror reports Antigua victims were “tortured” [Jul 30, 2008]

Honeymooning British couple murdered in their hotel cabin on black Caribbean island [Jul 29, 2008. How the media made the execution-murders look like the victims’ fault, because they “confronted” the robbers in a “robbery gone wrong.” Lively discussion about how white people should not visit black countries unless they can provide for their own security or stay in five-star hotels. Summed up by me as: “Security is possible in these black-run countries, in hotels run by international corporations with their own facilities, standards, and procedures different from the usual way of doing things in that country. Alternatively, security is possible by paying sufficient money for your own armed guards.”]

Wilding in Charleston, October 1999 [July 21, 2008. White man bicycling through black neighborhood, knocked down by black mob, beaten about the head until brain damaged.]

Mob of blacks attacks police officers in London [Jul 20, 2008]

Another white family desolated [Jul 20, 2008]

At least apartheid is gone [Jun 24, 2006]

Black youth terrorizing white passengers in Portland, Oregon rail system [Jun 13, 2008. This entry segues into discussion of difference between barbarism and savagery and how Islam combines elements of both.]

The Morningside Heights atrocity, and a question for Obama [Jun 7, 2008]

Victim’s escape [What the Hamilton Height’s torturer did to his victim, and how she escaped death.]

We must face the fact of black racist violence against whites [Link to Fred Reed’s December 2007 article on the continuing reality–the systematically ignored and covered-up reality–of race-motivated black-on-white violence in America. It concerns the white woman who was set upon by a gang of black “youths” in a Baltimore bus and severely beaten about the head and face.]

What really happened in Jena [Sep 22, 2007]

Finally, a black speaks the truth about blacks [September 2005. A black female minister speaks about the savagery of much of the black population in New Orleans and the failure of the rest of the black population to do anything to stop it. The combination of black failure and black savagery–resulting, moreover, in black misery–is such a stunning indictment of black America that black and leftist opinion, including foreign opinion, is virtually compelled to blame the whole New Orleans disaster on white racism.]

What whites really don’t understand about blacks is not what they think they don’t understand [Whites’ mistake is that they think blacks are rational, and so they admit them as equal participants in discussion. Includes account of my call to Bob Grant in 1995 about whites’ cluelessness about blacks in the TV discussions following the OJ Simpson acquittal.]

America’s ongoing crimes against blacks, and what it needs to do to make up for them [Exchange with Kerry M. who lays out his case for what whites must do to make up for their oppression of blacks. “Kerry M. and millions of blacks who think the way he does believe that white America has never done anything for blacks, believe that whites are still oppressing blacks in the most horrible, conscienceless way, and that the black situation in America hasn’t improved at all; they believe that whites are guilty, deeply guilty and deeply deserving of black racial vengeance, because of this ongoing white racial oppression of blacks! … it is in white America’s vital interest to acknowledge the existence of this permanent black hatred of whites, so vastly worse than anything Jefferson imagined, and then to act accordingly. … if whites at least faced the truth about what many blacks really think about whites and what they want from whites, … then whites could start acting in a rational way for their own safety and survival against nonwhite peoples who have an unappeasable hatred of whites and seek their destruction.”]

Black couple murder pregnant white woman and cut open her body to steal her baby [In entry about a contemporary similar crime done to a black victime, commenter tells of 1995 case in which Fedell Caffey and Jacqueline Williams shot Deborah Evans, a white woman, in head and cut out her baby, also killing her two other children. Link to Time magazine article is included.]

20/20 on the Anne Pressly case [December 2008. The real lessons in the murder of Anne Pressly that ABC ignored. This entry contains links to other VFR entries on Pressly case.]

Guilty verdict in Anne Pressly murder trial [Nov. 2009. Includes account from first day of trial with description of the victim’s injuries]

Mclauchlin murderer executed [December 2008. Sixteen years after the gang rape, torture, and murder of Missi McLauchlin. The entry links 2003 AR article with full account of what happened. It was an extreme case both of white female Eloi behavior, and of race-avenging black savagery.]

Before Anne Pressly, there was Christa Worthington [Fashion writer who lived alone in house in Cape Cod raped and murdered by black man in 2002. In this long unsolved case, about which a book was written before it was solved, all of her (white) male acquaintances and relatives were suspected, until DNA showed it was the black man. Many disbelieved it.]

A black-on-white rape and murder, which a movie changed into a white-on-white murder [Marcy Conrad, raped and murdered in 1981 by 16 year old Anthony Jacques Broussard, who bragged to his high school friends about strangling her, and over a period of two days brought them to view the body in the outdoor place where he had left it. News accounts, Time magazine, even a movie made about the incident, left out the killer’s race or changed it to white.]

More on the Missouri woman who shot dead her rapist [A 57 year old Cape Girardeau woman was attacked and raped in her home by black man Ronnie W. Preyer; he told her not to tell anyone, but she did. On October 31, 2008, he broke into the house again.This time she had a shot gun and shot him dead.]

Black man comes up behind young white woman in liquor store and stabs her to death [Baltimore County, November, 2008].

The death of Hattie Carroll in reverse. [January 2009. Linda Stein, “The Realtor to the Stars,” hired Natavia Lowery as her personal assistant, not knowing about Lowery’s background of theft, and four months later, in October 2007, Lowery murdered Stein by repeatedly striking her in the face and neck with a wooden yoga stick, later telling police she did it because Steyn had repeatedly racially insulted her and mistreated her.]

White woman shows 22 year old black man her condo, and he kills her [Eugenia “Jeanne” Calle, a prominent cancer researcher in Atlanta, thought that a 22 year old black man she ran into in the lobby of her building was a legitimate person shopping for a condo. She brought him up to her apartment, and he bludgeoned her to death. February 2009.]

18 year old white girl gets into cab with black man who rapes and murders her [Posted March 2009. The death in July 2006 of Jennifer Moore of Saddle Brook, New Jersey, who went walking alone drunk in Manhattan streets in the middle of night after her friend had been taken drunk to the hospital. A black pimp picked her up, took her in a cab to his New Jersey hotel where he raped and sodomized her, then strangled her to death. The Times describes it as a “chance” event.]

Subsequent entries on Jennifer Moore murder: Reasons for the three year delay in the Draymond Coleman murder trial; and An alternative view of Weehawken

Mixed-race predator sentenced to life (14 years) for murdering white boy [In a suburban London baker’s shop in May 2008, 16 year old Jimmy Mizen was murdered by 19 year old Jake Fahri who smashed a heavy glass bakery dish into Jimmy’s face with such force it severed his jugular vein and his carotid artery and he bled to death.]

Black on trial for rape and murder of white co-ed [October 2007. University of Eastern Michigan student Orange Amir Taylor III raped and murdered Laura Dickinson in her dorm room in December 2006. The university covered up the crime, said she died of natural causes. Top officials at university were fired for the cover-up.]

Another black on white murder in London [June 2008. 16 year old Ben Kinsella, celebrating with friends in a pub at 2 a.m. after exams, was chased down by a gang of blacks and stabbed to death.]

Britain + Blacks = Ben Kinsella dead [June, 2009. Photos of Ben Kinsella and the three demi-humans who took his life. “What do I mean by the title of this entry? Do I mean that all blacks, or most blacks, or a large minority of blacks are killers? Of course not. Do I want white people to hate or even dislike blacks in general? Absolutely not. It nevertheless remains a simple fact that blacks are almost an order of magnitude more violent than other races when it comes to such crimes as murder, rape, and armed robbery. To import a black population into a previously all-white country is to consign a large number of whites in that country, year after year, generation after generation, to violent death at the hands of blacks.”

Arrest in University of North Carolina murder [Demario James Atwater has been arrested for the murder of Eve Marie Carson, student body president at U of N. Carolina, Chapel Hill.].

Death penalty sought for black accused of murdering white co-ed [August 2008. Demario James Atwater and accomplice saw University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student body president Eve Marie Carson in her house though windows working at computer; abducted her, robbed her, and shot her dead.]

19 year old British model stabbed to death [November 2008. Amy Leigh Barnes. “An almost certain consequence of the Obama presidency will be that the number of young white women who get involved sexually with black men, perhaps with thoughts in their head of producing their own little Barack Obama, will increase. So will the number of young white women who get murdered by black men.” Discussion of photo of Amy Barnes wearing bikini with blowing death’s head on the bra, joining sex and death.]

Black ex-lover of Amy Barnes charged in her murder [Ricardo Morrison.]

19 year old English actress who was murdered by her black boyfriend had lived with him for a year–guess where [In her parents’ house. Then, shortly before the murder, Amy Barnes and Ricardo Morrison moved to her grandmother’s house, where the murder took place after she broke up with him. July 2009.

Death of an Eloi [Amy Leigh Barnes’s dying telephone call played in court. Ricardo Morrison had stabbed her nine times.]

Group of blacks hold white couple prisoner in London flat, repeatedly raping woman, torturing man [June 2009. Story only reported in a couple of local papers, not in any major papers. Race of perps only identified from photos, not from text. “How many white people in the whole damned Western world will speak openly and publicly about the ongoing intifada of savage black on white racial violence? How many British and American “conservatives” will do it? How many self-described “to the right of Attila the Hun” American conservatives will do it?”]

Not wanting to seem racist, woman allows herself to be held up and raped [March 2009. A woman had just left a store in Bakersfield, California, and noticed a man lurking in the parking lot. She told detectives later she was worried because the man looked like a thug, but she didn’t want to seem racist. So, not wanting to seem racist, woman proceeded to her car, where the man held her up at gun point and threatened to kill her 11 month old daughter if she didn’t do what he told her. He had her to drive to an ATM where he stole $500 from her, then he had had her drive to a junior high school parking lot where he raped her in front of her child.]

Sack dance [March 2009. Black kills four police officers in Oakland, California. Blacks hold parties celebrating. “What is it that many black people truly desire? What gives them pleasure and fulfillment? The tearing down and destruction of white people–whether in word, as in the sermons of Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright, or in reality. When black thugs murder whites, they are satisfying the desire, inchoate or explicit, of many many blacks.”]

In Britain, the strong are as cowardly about race as the weak [June 2009. Columnist says strong men with guns, not social work, needed to stop violent crime, yet he remains silent about race. Comment at Telegraph expressing the truth is removed.]

Black-on-white serial rape and murder that has nothing to do with race [John Floyd Thomas, biggest serial killer in history of Los Angeles, is black man who exclusively killed white women, yet coverage about him says nothing about race. May 2009.]

Enough of man bites dog! It’s back to dog bites man. [Reader: “Right on the heels of the murder of black athlete Steve McNair by a ‘Caucasian’ femme fatale, which you described as a ‘man bites dog’ story, we get the news of one Mohammed H. Ali getting a new trial ordered by the awful Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in the murder of football’s Hall of Fame wide receiver Fred Biletnikoff’s daughter Tracey. It’s like the natural (dis)order of the World has been reestablished after a five day summer hiatus.” July 2009.]

Another savage attack on whites on Caribbean island paradise [British husband Peter Green left paralysed and wife Murium loses part of her jaw in machete attack on Tobago. August 2009. Discussion of how authorities seek “motive” for savage acts done for the sake of savagery.]

17 year old girl kidnapped and murdered during errand to law school in downtown Los Angeles [Lily Burk, July 2009]

The murder of Lily Burk [L.A. Times says that a “collision of two worlds may have led to girl’s death,” and that “chance brought the two together on a quiet, tree-lined street.” Editors and writers who produce such things deserve to spend eons in a very bad place.]

Housekeeping manager at luxury New York hotel stalks and slays beautiful resident [September 2009. Black manager of Jumeira Essex House in New York City enters beautiful businesswoman Andree Bejjani’s room and stabs her to death in her bed with a ten inch kitchen knife. Police and New York Post describe the crime as a “sex attack gone awry.” I write: “See, he intended to rape her, but it didn’t work out, because she resisted him, so he ‘lost it’ and killed her instead of raping her. Of course rape turning into murder is one of the most common things there is, especially when the rapist initiates the rape with a 10 inch knife in his hand. But the NYPD and the Post would have the public believe there’s no ordinary and predictable connection between rape and murder.” Preceded by essay by me on why police and reporters describe murders as “a burglary gone wrong,” and as “a random act.”]

Andree Bajjani’s fatal passivity in the jungle of a New York luxury hotel [She had expressed fears about her safety at the hotel to several people. Yet she apparently hadn’t done anything about her fears. In fact she seemed fatalistic… She didn’t even secure her door with a chain lock! … A beautiful woman, of pronounced liberal sympathies, residing in a hotel/condominium with a large nonwhite staff, at least one of whom (she knew) was preying on her, and she undertook no actions to protect herself. … She was a typical Eloi.]

Blacks and Hispanics gang-rape white girl. Race had nothing to do with it. [Between seven and ten Hispanics and blacks plus a 15 year old white boy, with about ten others looking on, gang-rape a 15 year old white girl for two and a half hours on the campus of Richmond High School in Richmond, California during a school dance. Links to earlier entries on this crime, when the race of the victim was not known for sure, are listed in this entry]

Young white man is nearly hit by car. He yells, “Watch what you’re doing.” Two blacks get out of car and stomp him almost to death. [November 2009, in Kent, Ohio. “Here’s the reality. Blacks are a danger to whites. More blacks are more ’empowered,’ more angry, more violent, and more dangerous than ever. Whites need to be aware of these facts. They need to talk about them publicly. They need to make this a public issue and push media and politicians to acknowledge it. They need to change their own behavior so as not to put themselves needlessly at risk from dangerous blacks. And they need to be prepared to defend themselves.”]
The Knoxville atrocity

Atrocity in Knoxville

Request to a reader for information on the Knoxville double murder

Racial murder and the fact-value distinction

What happened in Knoxville [This quotes a knowledgeable source in Knoxville whose statements were passed on to me via a third party.]

What happened in Knoxville, revisited [This links to Nicholas Stix’s detailed account of what happened, published last May at American Renaissance. Stix read the actual police and prosecutor’s reports filed with the court, which have not been made readily available and have never been reported in the media.]

Getting the facts about the Knoxville Atrocity to the mainstream media [summarizing the above and quoting from the Stix article.]
Black (and other nonwhite) on black violence

Black savagery, cont. [Oct 8, 2007. Black mob attacked black author Carol Swain’s brother.]

Black woman cuts open pregnant woman to take her baby [July 2008]

The repeatedly arrested violent illegal alien who was never handed over to INS [And who then executed three young black people in Newark, New Jersey.]
Nonwhite (other than black) on white violence

Minnesota whites’ reaction to second “Asian” baseball bat assault in three days [About amazing article about Eloi whites having nothing to say about being threatened by Hmong savages.]

15 year old white girl murdered by Mexican illegal aliens; and thoughts on the unprincipled exception [Girl from Texas visiting her older sister in low-rent apartment complex in Oregon; Mexican illegal alien, who had previously pled guilty to drunk driving and been released, stepped on her throat to silence her while his cousin was raping her.]

Chandra Levy, eight years dead, the latest victim of nonwhite immigration [Includes quotations from 200 Washington Post article detailing Guandique’s previous assaults on women in the same park.]

D.C. police incompetence in Chandra Levy case beyond the beyond [Investigators in Levy case didn’t look into Guandique’s previous attacks on women in the same park until 2008.]

Salvadoran illegal alien arrested in Chandra Levy murder [Including photos of suspect Ingmar Guandique and Levy with text, “When a society opens up its borders to people like this, lots of people like this end up dead,” followed by my explanation why the photos and text are not inciting hate, but about the inevitable result of mass Third-World immigration. Also includes a response to the U.S. attorney in the case who called it a “random” attack.]

How Ecuadorian illegal alien murdered Adrienne Shelly

An Iranian immigrant who set out to murder white Americans, 1990 [Posted October 2009. “Berkeley, Calif.–A ‘deranged’ Iranian gunman with a hatred of blond Americans died in a burst of police bullets Thursday, seven hours after he stormed a bar, killed one man, wounded seven people and took 33 hostages.”]

More From the Political Cesspool Blog

Black man savagely beats two white women with baseball bat

How’s that “post-racial” thing working out in Obama’s home town of Chicago? Not very well; at least if you’re a young white woman. Blacks have been killing each other at a record clip in Chicago of late; it’s gotten so bad that one black preacher is demanding that the governor send out the National Guard to keep blacks from murdering other blacks. Well, it looks like one black man decided to heed Sista Souljah’s advice, which was that blacks should take a week off from killing each other, and kill white people instead.

Stacy Jurich, 24, and Natasha McShane, 23, were out celebrating Stacy’s glowing review she got at work. They stayed out late, but were headed home early this morning. They never made it, because an Obama supporter had other plans:

They were two young women out on the town and celebrating success.

One was 24-year-old Stacy Jurich, a recent college grad who earned a glowing work review.

The other was Natasha McShane, 23, an exchange student from Ireland attending the University of Illinois at Chicago.

At about 3:30 a.m. this morning, they were walking to Jurich’s Bucktown home from a bar in Wicker Park when the night turned ugly.

A robber attacked them with an aluminum baseball bat near railroad tracks in the 1800 block of North Damen. After the attack, the man stole their purses and ran away. Both women were beaten unconscious and taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital, where they are in the intensive care unit.

“Jesus, why would they do that? It’s crazy,” said Jurich’s stepfather, Rick Van Etten.

Her mother, Wendy Gay Van Etten, said, “She’s a wonderful girl. I wish there were more Stacys in the world and less people like the son of gun who tried to take her out.”

With tears in her eyes, she added, “Natasha got the worst of it.”

Jurich works at a Morgan Stanley Smith Barney brokerage in the western suburbs, according to her mother. She had received a good job review Tuesday and went out to celebrate with McShane.

During the attack, Jurich was struck in the back of the head and dazed, her mother said. She stumbled and the attacker went after McShane, striking her in the head two or three times. McShane crumpled to the ground unconscious in a pool of blood.

When Jurich tried to help McShane, the robber struck Jurich in the head again, her mother said. Jurich knew she needed to escape and screamed for a cabbie to stop his taxi, but the man saw the blood on her clothes and kept going. A second cabbie then stopped and called 911. That’s when Jurich passed out.

This afternoon, Jurich was lucid and able to speak to her mother, although she was having seizures. “The doctors are keeping a close watch on her,” her mother said.

Authorities said McShane was in critical condition. Her parents have been contacted in Ireland and are trying to travel to Chicago, but are concerned they will get delayed by the volcanic ash from the recent eruption in Iceland, Wendy Gay Van Etten said.

Jurich grew up in suburban Oak Forest and graduated in 2008 from North Central College in Naperville. She suffers from an autoimmune disease that sometimes makes walking difficult, but she was feeling OK recently, her mother said.

McShane is a student at University College Dublin. Since January, she’s been studying at the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs at UIC, said Bill Burton, a spokesman for the school. “Our thoughts are with the student and her family.”

The robber was black; 27 to 34; 5-foot-7 to 5-foot-9; and wore a tan or light colored hooded sweatshirt, police said.

It’s open season on white people in Obama’s “post-racial” America. But all the talking heads want to talk about is “hate speech” coming from Tea Parties.

Richard Barrett murdered

Richard Barrett, a graduate of Rutgers University and a Mississippi attorney who once argued (and won) a case before the United States Supreme Court, was found brutally murdered in his home on Thursday (April 22) morning. After being beaten, repeatedly stabbed in the neck, and set on fire, police are holding a 22 year old black male as the primary suspect in the ongoing investigation.

PEARL, Miss. – A white supremacist lawyer was stabbed and beaten to death by a black neighbor who had done yard work for him, police said Friday.

A preliminary autopsy showed Richard Barrett, 67, was stabbed multiple times in the neck and bashed in the head, Rankin County Sheriff Ronnie Pennington said. He had burns over 35 percent of his body, though investigators believe he was killed Wednesday night and his house set on fire Thursday to cover up his death.

Pennington did not disclose a motive but said neighbor Vincent McGee, 22, was charged with murder Thursday and deputies charged three other people in the case Friday.

This all seems eerily similar to the muders of Channing Christian and Christopher Newsom, a story that I appeared on CNN to discuss.

Where to start…

First of all, to continue to attack the character and reputation of a man who was so appallingly savaged shows the pure hatred of those who work for the “mainstream” media. For any faults that Barrett had, has he not suffered enough?

The first thing you read in any of the stories about Barrett’s death was that he was a “white supremacist.” That’s the opinion of the writer, of course, but readers are led to believe that the story should be about Barrett’s politics rather than the fact that he died a heinous and gruesome death at the hands of a black ex-convict that he employed to mow his lawn!

In case you were curious, the suspect, Vincent McGee, had previously served six years in state prison for assaulting a police officer.

I mean, isn’t that what liberals tell us that we are supposed to do? Aren’t we told to reach out and help the poor, misunderstood minorities who are victims of a “racist” American justice system? We should give them another chance, right? Well, this “white supremacist,” who lived in an integrated neighborhood, did just that and he was rewarded for his efforts by having to suffer a horrible death.

I wonder if Mark Potok and the other race hustlers at the Southern Poverty Law Center have black ex-cons doing their yardwork?

Could you imagine how the stories would have read had a white man so viciously murdered a black or a homosexual? I doubt the victim’s character would ever come into question, while the alleged murderer would rightly be the focal point of the articles.

The USA Today apparently thinks Barrett was a “white supremacist” because he campaigned against Communism and supported the Confederate flag.

Barrett operated the Nationalist Movement, an organization critical of racial integration and affirmative action and supportive of symbols such as the Confederate flag.

He gained national attention in the mid-1960s, appearing on numerous television and radio programs and campaigning across the country against communism and civil rights laws. He was on the 1968 presidential campaign staff of Alabama Gov. George Wallace.

As I often say, pretty much any white conservative to the right of Stalin is now considered a “white supremacist.” But that’s not the point. The fact that Richard Barrett has become the latest victim of rampant black-on-white crime is the point.

I met Richard Barrett once, back in 2003, when he invited me to give the keynote speech to his annual Spirit of America Day award ceremony. This was an annual showcase that Richard hosted that honored outstanding high school student-athletes in Mississippi. It was recognized by proclamation of the Mississippi state legislature each year.

I last spoke to Barrett a couple years ago, when I called him up after seeing him as a featured guest on the “Dr. Phil” show.

We never worked together on any projects and I suppose we would have been characterized as loose acquaintances rather than friends. In the seven years I knew him we only met once and shared, perhaps, four or five conversations. Richard Barrett did not belong to any established conservative organization and he was a polarizing figure who made enemies on both the right and left. Many of my very best friends don’t think very highly of him, for a number of reasons. And I respect that.

I can only offer my opinion of Richard Barrett based upon the limited personal contact I had with him. And after having spent a day with Richard I found him to be generally pleasant, and the families of the athletic scholars that he recognized were of the highest order.

He had his faults, or so I read, and there are many actions he took with which I wouldn’t have wanted to be associated. But nefarious or not, nobody deserves to die like he did and then have their name dragged through the mud by a bunch of self-righteous charlatans.

If nobody else will step up and say what needs to be said in the wake of his murder then I will.

He has my sympathies and I pray he can find the peace in death that was not afforded to him in life.

For more information, or for media requests, please contact:

Like night follows day

Is there anything more “un-hip” than Archie comics? Most people aren’t even aware they’re still being published. But they are. And Archie and the gang are on a mission to show that they’re not just for “squares” anymore, so they’ve begun “celebrating Diversity”. Back in February, for the first time in the history of the comic, an issue featured a cover with Archie kissing a black girl. And now, just a couple months later, they’re introducing a new guy, Kevin Keller. Veronica, the hot brunette, falls hard for Kevin, but it doesn’t work out. Because Kevin Keller is the Archie gang’s first homo character.

Aren’t Equality and Diversity just swell?

Archie comics – fun for the whole family, if they’re a family of perverts.

I know who can settle this!

Every day it gets harder to understand that whole “Judeo-Christian” values thing. The latest example comes from Pennsylvania, where Jewish state representative Babette Josephs is facing a primary challenge from a young Jewish man who’s a proud bisexual, Gregg Kravitz. The race has gotten ugly in the past few days. Rep. Josephs is accusing Kravitz of being a liar – she says he’s really straight and is only pretending to be a pervert in order to get elected! Kravitz is outraged, and continues to insist that he’s queer as a three dollar bill:

Democratic Pennsylvania state Rep. Babette Josephs accused her primary challenger Gregg Kravitz of pretending to be bisexual for political gain at a Philadelphia fundraiser last week, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

In front of a live audience, Josephs charged that Kravitz is a “trust fund baby” and has “lied about a whole bunch of things, including his sexuality.”

The Inquirer reports on Josephs’ shocking allegations:

“I outed him as a straight person,” Josephs said during a fund-raiser at the Black Sheep Pub & Restaurant, as some in the audience gasped or laughed, “and now he goes around telling people, quote, ‘I swing both ways.’ That’s quite a respectful way to talk about sexuality. This guy’s a gem.”

According to the Inquirer, Kravitz found his opponent’s accusation to be offensive and denied it had any merit.

“That kind of taunting is going to make it more difficult for closeted members of the LGBT community to be comfortable with themselves,” he told the paper.

Well, I know who can get to the bottom of this – US Senator Lindsey Graham!

William Gheen, head of the conservative, anti-”amnesty,” anti-illegal immigration group Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), spoke at a Greenville, S.C. Tea Party rally this weekend and called for Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) to “come out of that log cabin closet.”

According to Gheen, being gay is “a secret that Lindsey Graham has.”

Gheen told the crowd: “I hope this secret isn’t being used as leverage over Senator Graham, so today I think Senator Graham, you need to come forward and tell people about your alternative lifestyle and your homosexuality.”

“Barney Frank is more honest and brave than you,” Gheen continued, referring to the openly-gay Massachusetts congressman.

What a sick country

This is such a disgusting story in so many ways, and it’s emblematic of so many things that are wrong in this country. Out in San Francisco, three black guys are suing the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance. It seems that after their team, D2, came in second in the “Gay Softball World Series”, another team complained that there were too many non-homos on the team. So these three were called into a meeting and grilled about how much of a pervert they were, exactly. The NAGAAA decided they weren’t gay enough, and revoked the team’s 2nd place finish and trophy, as each team is allowed a maximum of two non-perverts.

All Steven Apilado, LaRon Charles and Jon Russ wanted to do was to win the championship game at the Gay Softball World Series for their amateur San Francisco team.

Instead, they were marched one by one into a conference room at the tournament in suburban Seattle and asked about their “private sexual attractions and desires,” and their team was stripped of its second-place finish after the men were determined to be “non-gay,” they said in a lawsuit accusing a national gay sports organization of discrimination.

The suit, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Seattle, pits the National Center for Lesbian Rights, a San Francisco group backing the men, against the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance, which prides itself on barring discrimination based on sexual orientation.

At issue is whether the gay sports alliance violated Washington state’s public accommodations laws by enforcing a rule limiting to two the number of heterosexuals who can play on a team.

Apilado, Charles and Russ were members of D2, a team that was part of the San Francisco Gay Softball League. The squad made it to the championship game at the August 2008 tournament in Kent, Wash.

But another team, the Atlanta Mudcats, which had lost to D2 in a semifinal game, complained that the San Francisco team had too many straights.

D2 ultimately lost the championship to a team from Los Angeles. Afterward, Apilado, Charles and Russ were called separately into a conference room in front of 25 people for a hearing to determine whether they were heterosexual or gay, the suit said.

They were asked “very intrusive, sexual questions,” including what their sexual interests and preferences were, Suzanne Thomas, a Seattle attorney for the plaintiffs, said Wednesday.

Charles, who was D2’s manager, asked whether he could say he was bisexual and was told, “This is the Gay World Series, not the Bisexual World Series,” the suit said.

According to Charles’ Facebook profile, he is married to a woman.

In a statement, Charles said, “When you play softball, you never expect for anyone to corner you and ask you personal questions about who you are and what you do. It was emotional for me as a coach to go in there and not only get grilled, but watch my team be put in this situation.”

The alliance ultimately determined that the three men were “non-gay” and that D2 had broken the rules. The alliance placed the San Francisco Gay Softball League on probation, “with the consequence that if a San Francisco team is found to have too many ‘non-gay’ players on its roster again,” the league will be expelled, the suit said.

What a sick country.

Why do normal people despise liberals?

Ever wondered about that? Well, read this column and wonder no more. It’s by Linda Campbell, a writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The title is “A Fort Worth boy, almost a man, whose future was stolen at lunchtime”, but don’t be fooled by that. Let me give some background. A week or so a go, Eric Forrester, a 17 year old white teenager, a real All-American kid, was murdered in his own home by two black thugs. Eric lived in a very nice part of Fort Worth, and he had come home during school lunch time to have lunch with his older sister. When they walked in their house, they discovered two blacks were inside robbing the place. His sister managed to escape, but the black thugs shot Eric, and he died a few days later. The killing stunned the school, as he was very popular. He played cello and violin, and was on the swim team. But now he’s just another white kid full of promise gunned down by worthless ghetto trash.

Judging by the title of Linda Campbell’s column, you’d think she was writing a tribute to Eric Forrester. But that wasn’t the point of her column at all. Sure, she started off that way, but that was simply a jumping off point, an excuse to lecture evil white people on their horrible racist ways. It seems that the story about Eric’s murder generated a whole bunch of comments, and a lot of them weren’t politically correct, which upset Linda Campbell to no end. Murder is one thing, but saying rude things about black thugs and killers is beyond the pale.

For a high school senior, “living dangerously” should mean breaking curfew, pushing boundaries or taking risks that, while not necessarily smart, yield life lessons but don’t hurt anyone.

It shouldn’t mean going home for lunch during the school day only to get attacked by fools who want your stuff but end up stealing your future.

That seems to be what happened to 17-year-old Eric Forrester this week.

The Southwest High School student was shot to death in his house. Police say it appears that he and his sister interrupted a pair of burglars.

How do you understand such mindless violence?

You can’t understand or justify it.

You can’t understand it any more than you can offer sufficient words of consolation to his parents, whose planning for what comes after graduation has been interrupted by unspeakable sorrow.

You can’t understand what makes people callous enough to think nothing of invading someone’s sanctuary to take what doesn’t belong to them — or merciless enough to think nothing of snuffing out the promise of a young life.

That doesn’t stop some people from thinking they’ve got it figured out.

On Tuesday, I decided to read the online comments below the Star-Telegram’s story about the shooting.

I couldn’t imagine the horror of what happened. My 17-year-olds occasionally go home for lunch; I worry about the traffic, not the specter of intruders. I hoped to find compassion and support for a grieving family in the Web site postings.

There was some of that. But, this being the Internet, there was also more than enough hateful name-calling and careless broadbrushing about race and crime statistics.

See what I mean? This column was never intended as a tribute to Eric Forrester. He was just a convenient hobby horse Linda Campbell could jump on in order to attack all those evil, hateful racists out there. You know, those hideous, hate filled white people. The only people who actually read the newspaper in any substantial numbers, by the way. Newspapers are on the verge of extinction, but they never stop attacking the only folks who bother to buy their product, white people.

Black thugs raping, robbing and murdering America’s best and brightest, well, that’s a shame, but it’s nothing compared to white people pointing it out and complaining about it. Murder is bad, but this “hate” is far worse, and has got to stop.

There was hypocrisy, as when “ladybug” wrote: “My prayers are going out for this young man and those who love him. When they find these evil ones, and they will, I sincerely hope there is a tall tree and a short rope handy!”

Hypocrisy?! Apparently Linda Campbell thinks Christians are hypocrites if they think murderers of innocent people should be put to death, while praying for the family of the victims. We’re all equal in liberals’ eyes, so real Christians should view murder victims and their families no differently than they view the murderers. And then Campbell resorts to flat out lying. It seems that some of the comments pointed out that this is one of the nicest areas of Fort Worth, and that not long ago something like this would have been unthinkable in this part of town. But a few years ago, “compassionate conservative” George Bush’s HUD ordered the downtown federal housing projects demolished, and relocated the ghetto trash all over Fort Worth. Many of them ended up in an apartment complex near the murdered kid’s house. Linda Campbell doesn’t like facts; so she just makes up her own:

And there was scapegoating, as when “EDW” wrote: “Spreading the underclass around our once fair town is no different than spreading AIDS to one innocent, unsuspecting person after another. And no, [not] every occupant of these Section 8 housing units is to blame — but many are and I, for one, [am] sick and tired of wondering what might happen to my house and the loved ones that I leave behind when I go to work. The so-called ‘leaders’ of Fort Worth need to work to reduce the numbers of those that ‘need’ public assistance and sacrifice, instead of coddling them with our resources!”


It’s unfair to generalize that parts of the city are deteriorating because of government-subsidized housing or that low-income neighbors often are bad ones. But it’s never good for a city when residents see things that convince them that their neighborhoods are being overrun by thugs, drug dealers and violent gangs.

Unfair to generalize? Something tells me that Linda Campbell has no problem “generalizing” about Tea Party protestors, FOX News viewers, and conservatives in general. But they’re white – that’s OK. It’s only “unfair” to generalize when you’re talking about blacks and other non-whites. Of course, this is no generalization at all. It’s common sense, backed up by the facts. Federal housing projects have always had a lot of criminals living in them, and when you spread them out all over the city, they don’t suddenly stop committing crimes. Even the liberal Atlantic Monthly ran a huge piece about how crime was spreading all over Memphis after the feds demolished the Memphis projects and gave the black families Section 8 vouchers to live wherever they want. The two professors who did the research the article is based on are liberals who are embarrassed at their findings, but admit that there’s no getting around the facts. But facts about black crime are “unfair generalizations” in the world of liberal “journalists.”

Linda Campbell should be ashamed of herself for twisting the death of a murdered teenager to her own political purposes. Her column wasn’t a tribute at all, and she knows it. She just latched on to poor Eric Forrester in order to lecture her newspapers readers about their “racism” and “hate.” Any normal person would be sickened after reading this article. I guarantee you that some people have already canceled their subscriptions in response, and will continue to do so as the paper continues to print more garbage like this. And the paper will keep publishing “soul searching” articles about why newspapers no longer appeal to people.

The good news is that newspapers won’t be around much longer. They’re relentlessly attacking and condemning the only group who buys newspapers, white people. Constantly telling your customer base that they’re evil and despicable isn’t a winning business plan for the long run. The Star-Telegram is already in dire financial straits, but obviously they’d rather go out of business than stop demonizing their readers.

Good riddance.

I guess she forgot to write notes on her hand

Our next president? I don’t think so. And I certainly hope not. Sarah Palin gave a speech in Canada a couple nights ago, and tickets cost $200 each. For their $200, this is the kind of gibberish Palin gave the crowd.

I’m wanting to, though, kind of shift away from the political. I’m just getting off the trough from doing a lot of Tea Parties across the US, man those are a blast. They’re rowdy and they’re wild and it’s just another melting pot, there’s just diversity there and all walks of life and all forms of partisanship and non partisanship just wanting good things to happen in this part of the world. It’s been a blast. The shift from the political, so now that I have that shift from the political but still have that desire to talk about the economy and talk about energy and resources and national security and all those things. I was telling Todd, okay, this is like [inaudible] on the vice presidential campaign trail, where you never really knew what you were getting into when you get into that line before you were interviewed. Obviously, sometimes I never knew what I was getting into in an interview. Obviously!

Yes, that’s an actual passage from her speech. The rest of it wasn’t any better. She bragged in her speech that she was going to be answering questions later, but all questions had to be written down and approved by a moderator. You can easily imagine what kind of softball questions got approved.

Palin has to speak gibberish, because she wants to keep the big bucks rolling in. She can’t get specific because she hasn’t got any solutions at all for the many crises facing America; in fact, politicians like her are a big part of the problem. Her only discernible “message” seems to be that huge deficits are going to bankrupt America, so let’s cut taxes and spend a couple trillion dollars on a war with Iran. Which is insane. But she’s not Obama, so the Tea Party types love her, and are making her rich, and will continue to do so as long as she keeps badmouthing Obama. It doesn’t matter that if she were in office she would be just about as bad as he is; she’s a Republican and a “conservative”, so it’s OK.

Love Diversity? Better get used to socialism

You can have Diversity, or you can have free enterprise. But you can’t have both. In Cincinnati, black “civil rights” groups are protesting Kroger’s decision to shut down a grocery store in a black area, because the store lost over a million dollars last year. Kroger’s decision is perfectly rational; no company can stay in business for long if it keeps outlets open that are bleeding cash. Company officials have explained this to the “civil rights” group, but to no avail. They’re still raising hell about Kroger shutting the store down.

And when I say that black groups are protesting the decision, don’t get the wrong idea. They’re not just asking the company to reconsider, or simply pleading with them to give the store just another year to turn around before pulling the plug. No; they’re saying Kroger has no right to shut the store down. A local supermarket is now a “civil right”, and Kroger should provide one to black people no matter how much it costs the company. By shutting it down, they’re threatening the health of black people, which is a violation of their civil rights:

Kroger’s decision to close its Roselawn store could hurt residents’ health over the long haul, some community activists argue.

Those activists, including the Center for Closing the Health Gap and the Southern Christian Leadership Council Fred Shuttlesworth Chapter, are organizing an April 29 community meeting about the store closing and the issue of “food deserts” in Cincinnati. The meeting will start at 6 p.m. with a tentative location of Woodward High Career Technical High School, 7005 Reading Road, Roselawn.

Kroger announced Friday that the Hillcrest Shopping Center store will close Sunday, leaving Roselawn without a supermarket. Company officials blamed a loss of more than $1 million last year at that store, and an eroding customer base.

But Dwight Tillery, CEO of the Center for Closing the Health Gap in Avondale, said profit shouldn’t be the only issue when basic services are at stake.

“What we’re looking at here is a pattern of major grocers are abandoning the inner city neighborhoods which happen to be primarily minority people and poor people and elderly people,” Tillery said. “This has to be more than, ‘We’re not meeting our bottom line,’ because food, like water, is essential to the health and wellbeing of our residents. You’re losing something that is very critical to people’s survival.”

There are no chain supermarkets at all in the entire city limits of Detroit, and most black areas of America have very few. There are lot of reasons for that, none of which have anything do do with “racism.” Theft, by both customers and employees, destroys the razor thin profit margins which grocery stores operate on. Robberies do the same thing. High crime in the area makes people reluctant to venture out at all. And for all the talk about the need for healthy fruits and vegetables in the inner city, that’s not what most of the people there are spending their money on.

But none of that matters to black “civil rights” groups. Local supermarkets are a right, not a privilege, and so there’s a lot more involved than just “the bottom line.” It doesn’t matter if the local supermarket loses $10 million a year; they have a moral obligation to stay open to serve non-whites.

And don’t think this is just a few “crazy hot heads” among the “civil rights” crowd. It’s not. It’s how the vast majority of blacks (and a large majority of Hispanics) think, which is why they vote 9-1 in favor of the big government candidates. There’s a reason you don’t see many black and brown people at the Tea Party protests. It’s not because of “racism”; Tea Partiers are desperately trying to attract blacks and Mexicans, to no avail. It’s because non-whites like big government. They think it’s society’s obligation to provide for them. And if a company is losing a million bucks a year in a black area, that’s just too bad, because access to a local supermarket is now a “civil right.”

Get used to it, folks. Because, even though right now it’s just talk, it won’t stay that way. Each passing year brings new frontiers in “civil rights”, and this is going to be one of the big ones in the near future. Just as Al Sharpton and “conservative” Newt Gingrich are calling the test scores gap between blacks and whites “the civil rights issue of the 21st century”, which would have sounded crazy just a few years ago. And I guarantee you that in the not too distant future you’re going to see lawsuits challenging the right of companies to close stores, or not open them, in the inner cities.

And if, as virtually everyone agrees, the government has the authority to force a mom & pop restaurant in the backwoods of Mississippi to serve blacks whether they want to or not, on what basis can we insist it doesn’t have the authority to force Kroger to maintain stores in black communities?

Just as a company is now presumed guilty of “racial discrimination” if the percentage of non-whites they hire is lower than the percentage living in the local area, supermarkets and other big retailers are going to start facing the same legal scrutiny. Hucksters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will team up with lawyers like Cass Sunstein, Lawrence Tribe and Alan Dershowitz to start suing these companies for “corporate racism”, based on the fact that the percentage of their outlets in black areas are nowhere near the black percentage of the country’s population. And as America gets increasingly Diverse, and so do our judges and juries, they are going to win.

Just wait and see.

Psst…Tea Parties – you’re not fooling anybody

A black writer from the New York Times went to an April 15th Tea Party Rally outside Dallas to see for himself what it was like. He chose this one because the Dallas area Tea Party group has been one of the most vocal in claiming that their rallies are “racially diverse” and that the media is lying about them. White conservatives have learned to hate being white, and have themselves come to regard any organization that’s majority white as evil and disgusting, including their own. So they make up outrageous fantasies about what a Rainbow Nation the Tea Party movement is. But it’s all a lie. Lately they’ve been bragging that one poll found that Tea Parties are “only” 79% white, which is nonsense. They’re about 99% white, and everyone knows it. 99% white, that is, in the audience. On the podiums, they’ve rounded up every token they can find to speak:

I had specifically come to this rally because it was supposed to be especially diverse. And, on the stage at least, it was. The speakers included a black doctor who bashed Democrats for crying racism, a Hispanic immigrant who said that she had never received a single government entitlement and a Vietnamese immigrant who said that the Tea Party leader was God. It felt like a bizarre spoof of a 1980s Benetton ad.

The juxtaposition was striking: an abundance of diversity on the stage and a dearth of it in the crowd, with the exception of a few minorities like the young black man who carried a sign that read “Quit calling me a racist.”

They saved the best for last, however: Alfonzo “Zo” Rachel. According to his Web site, Zo, who is black and performs skits as “Zo-bama,” allowed drugs to cost him “his graduation.” Before ripping into the president for unconstitutional behavior, he cautioned, “I don’t have the education that our president has, so if I misinterpret some things in the founding documents I kind of have an excuse.” That was the understatement of the evening.

I found the imagery surreal and a bit sad: the minorities trying desperately to prove that they were “one of the good ones”; the organizers trying desperately to resolve any racial guilt among the crowd. The message was clear: How could we be intolerant if these multicolored faces feel the same way we do?

It was a farce. This Tea Party wanted to project a mainstream image of a group that is anything but. A New York Times/CBS News poll released on Wednesday found that only 1 percent of Tea Party supporters are black and only 1 percent are Hispanic. It’s almost all white.

Do you ever see the NAACP bragging that they’re not a black organization? How about the Urban League? No, these groups are proud of standing up for their people. The same goes for Mexicans and La Raza. Do AIPAC and the ADL pack their podiums with Muslims and Hindus when they get together? No, they don’t.

So why do white people do it? It’s not attracting blacks and Mexicans, and stuffing the podium full of minorities turns off a lot of white people who are sick of racial pandering. And it’s not fooling anybody, as the NYT writer makes clear. So why do they do it? Because they think if they round up enough tokens, the liberals, the non-whites and the media will stop calling them racists. Well, it’s never going to work. Here’s a little news flash for the Tea Party folks – when these people talk about “racists”, they mean white people. Period. And no matter how much you pander, they just keep calling you racist. Haven’t you noticed by now?

Hell, even some of the black people you’ve let speak at your rallies are now denouncing you as a racist movement!

It’s about time to get a clue, folks.

Update: As usual, conservatives haven’t learned a thing, and are still desperately trying to “prove” that the Tea Party movement is not a white movement. Here’s a video where one of these brain dead Rainbow Tea Party types went to the big April 15 rally in DC to capture the grand Diversity of the movement on film. He wanted to once and for all shut up those lyin’ liberals who keep insisting that there are hardly any non-whites at Tea Party rallies. Out of the estimated 8000 protesters, he managed to find a total of 6 non-whites. One of whom said he wasn’t affiliated with the Tea Party, and another who gave a long discourse to the effect that he’s proud to be an Uncle Tom, because “if you read the book, Uncle Tom was a hero.”

It’s open season on white people

This past Saturday, there was a protest against immigration in Los Angeles by about 40 National Socialist members and supporters. Hundreds of counter demonstrators showed up, and five people were arrested for throwing eggs and rocks.

But two men were severely beaten by separate mobs, and not a single person was arrested for those brutal attacks:

While some counter-protesters said they had heard about the event through social media such as Twitter and had come to urge peace in the face of the group’s hateful message, others had clearly come for a fight. At least five of them were arrested by the end of the demonstration for throwing eggs and rocks.

Before members of the white supremacist group had arrived, a bare-chested middle-aged man with Nazi insignias tattooed on his chest and back walked into a crowd of hundreds of counter-protesters gathered near 1st and Spring streets.

Surrounded, the man mockingly bobbed his head to the rhythm of demonstrators chanting “Nazi scum.” About a dozen protesters suddenly began pelting the man with punches and kicks. He fell and was struck on the back with the wooden handle of a protester’s sign, which snapped in two. Police eventually reached the man and pulled him from the melee, as blood poured from the back of his neck.

Another man was rushed by a mob on Spring Street. He was punched in the face and kicked for about 20 seconds before police made it to the scene. After that beating was broken up, the man began running south on Spring Street, only to be chased down by a protester and slugged in the face. He collapsed and his face slammed to the curb as protesters began pummeling him again.

The bloodied man was then escorted away by police. Both victims were treated and released, police said.

His sign, unclear in its intended meaning, read “Christianity=Paganism=Heathen$” with an arrow pointing at a swastika.

“Gosh, I think he just didn’t have a clear message. I don’t even think he was a Nazi,” said one man, looking at the broken pieces of the sign left behind.

Now, many mainstream conservatives will read this and shrug their shoulders, writing it off as no big deal, because they think Nazis should be beaten up. Well, no, they shouldn’t. ALL Americans have the right to peaceably assemble, and the right to free speech, and that includes Nazis, holocaust deniers, racists, etc.

Besides, one of the guys apparently wasn’t even a Nazi. But he was a white man in the vicinity of a protest against immigration, who wasn’t clearly opposing them, so he was assumed to be a “racist”, and was beaten senseless.

Two men beaten senseless by angry mobs for their beliefs, and not a single person arrested.

That should shock all of us.

But, still, conservatives won’t pay this story much attention. Search the conservative blogs; good luck, you won’t find much outrage about this story. That’s because conservatives don’t understand that they’re next. To non-whites and liberals, words like “Nazi” and “racist” simply mean conservative white people. They weren’t beating the crap out of those guys for the uniforms they were wearing, or for the tattoos they had. They were beating the crap out of them because they had the gall to speak out against immigration. They were white people who had the guts to publicly oppose the non-white/Jewish/homosexual agenda.

Jared Taylor and AmRen aren’t Nazis, but that didn’t stop left wing terrorists from shutting down their conference in February. I’m not a Nazi, but that didn’t stop left wing terrorists from wrecking the EURO Conference I organized in November 2008. And just as with the vicious beatings in Los Angeles, no conservatives spoke up for our 1st Amendment rights. Rush Limbaugh can’t buy an NFL team, and it’s all conservatives can talk about for weeks. But traditionalist conservatives having their constitutional rights trampled in Memphis and DC, and the blogs don’t even mention it.

One of these days conservatives will learn. It’s traditionalists and Nazis today; it’s them tomorrow. Because they’re just as white as we are. But by then it will be too late.

“Rape all the white whore bitches and burn all their children”

“Rape all the white whore bitches and burn all their children”

Hades in South Africa. There is a genocide taking place there that the leftist media (all big media) and the international community (notoriously left) ignores. Their silence is affirmation, it sanctions the evil. Most decent people are perplexed by the uneven humanity/inhumanity of our leftist moral ‘superiors‘. I am not. They unremittingly vilify the Jewish people and Israel, the most benevolent government and army, but pay scant attention to jihad and the Islamic culture of honor killings, clitorectomies, child slavery, forced marriage, child marriage, etc. Why?

Because the leftists are bigots and racists, that’s why. Because as morally superior as they think they are, they think nothing of the perpetrators — “they’re animals, whaddaya expect?” That is the subliminal message. That is their prejudice. The soft bigotry of low expectations.

The genocide of white  South Africans? Yawn. “Whaddaya expect?”

More cries for help from the darkside — an Atlas commenter from South Africa (I will not name):

I am a married white south african woman with two young children.

I have not raised my kids to be racist.  They dont think there is a difference between black, white, indian etc.  …except maybe that we are different colours…..but when it comes to play time for them, another kid is just another kid to play with.

Trust me if it were that easy to leave, we would already be gone!

Just tell us where to go……..

Some of the ex-pats are having to come back here due to loosing their jobs overseas with the recession.

Lets just hope someone can stabalise our country before things boil over.

Have you searched facebook “Julius Malema”  I see they have closed down his account, but a new one has already opened with over 2000 fans already.

The remarks there were really horrible.

They have threatened to “Rape all the white whore bitches and burn all their children”

….makes me sleep with one eye open.

I’m just grateful to see that some people are finally seeing what is really happening here, maybe if enough realise what is going on they can come to our aid.

White’s last stand in Africa, is America Next?

More From Council of Conservative Citizens

White’s last stand in Africa, is America Next?

Gov. Bill Richardson promises to use National Guard to secure border.

From Canadian Free Press

Gov. Richardson said: I want residents in Southern New Mexico to know we are taking this border violence very seriously by adding the National Guard presence along with state, local and federal law enforcement patrols along the border.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has deployed Texas Military Force helicopters to the border, but he has not deployed the Texas National Guard to the border. While the helicopter deployment is a welcome development, it is clearly not enough to help secure the border in a meaningful way.

These actions by Gov. Richardson and Perry are long overdue in the battle to stop the illegal entry of all immigrants that break the law. How many people have died before Robert Krentz because of the effects of simply not enforcing our own immigration laws? How many more have to die because as a nation we simply are not demanding our national and state governments to protect us from all enemies foreign or domestic?

The family of slain Arizona rancher Robert Krentz released a statement, and for the first time, officially alleged that he was murdered by an illegal alien, although the statement does not go into details of their allegation. In the statement, the family calls for increased manpower and resources on the border.


New illegal aliens from Haiti flooding US after Obama’s backdoor Haitian Amnesty.

Recently Obama has granted a “temporary” open door policy for illegal aliens from Haiti and Liberia. Obama ordered a moratorium on the enforcement of immigration law against these to groups of people. Obama says only illegal aliens already here will benefit, not new illegals. However, we can all see this as an obvious lie.

Haitian illegal aliens who have already been convicted of  crimes committed in the United States were even released from detention centers back into the population of Florida.

Now, just as CofCC predicted, Haitians are doing anything to get to the US. They know that once here, Democrats will let them stay forever.


Now the U.S. Border Patrol says that since January, they’ve caught 114 Haitians for allegedly entering Vermont illegally from Canada. Officials say most of those caught were already ex-patriots living in Canada, and that they may have been trying to take advantage of a temporary ban on deportations that the U.S. enacted following the earthquake. The ban only applies to Haitians who were already living here.

The U.S. Attorney for Vermont says he is NOT treating the cases differently than other cases involving illegal aliens.

Does anyone really think that Haitians “will not be treated differently” in light of Obama’s backdoor amnesty?


Former British Parliament Member Enoch Powel: “Rivers of Blood.”

Enoch Powell predicted all of the problems brought on by 3rd world immigration.


Welcome to the “Rainbow Nation,” the rape and murder capital of the world.

It is hard to say what the real murder rate in South Africa is. The ANC hides a lot of the crime. Police departments barely investigate much of the crime and keep poor records. However, international watchdog groups widely believe that South Africa is the most violent “non-war zone” in the world.

Rape is a recreational activity in South Africa. The current president, Jacob Zuma was put on trial for rape a year before becoming president. A mob led by the ANC Youth League and the South African Communist Party Youth League massed outside the courthouse. They threatened to publicly lynch the panel of three judges. The judges released Zuma and a Dutch charity smuggled the female victim out of the country to save her life from the mobs. A year later Zuma was elected president of the country.

From Wikipedia…

According to a survey for the period 1998–2000 compiled by the United Nations, South Africa was ranked first for rapes per capita.[8] One in three of the 4,000 women questioned by the Community of Information, Empowerment and Transparency said they had been raped in the past year.[9] More than 25 per cent of South African men questioned in a survey published by the Medical Research Council (MRC) in June 2009 admitted to raping someone; of those, nearly half said they had raped more than one person.[10][11] Three out of four who admitted rape attacked for the first time during their teens.[10]

South Africa has some of the highest incidences of child and baby rape in the world.[12]

South Africa, more violent than Iraq or Afghanistan.

Selling out white people.

Former GOP presidential candidate Sam Brownback is an outspoken proponent of open 3rd world immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens. While campaigning for president he boasted to crowds that he was fighting abortion in China, by having adopted a female Chinese baby. He encouraged his supporters to join him in adopting Chinese babies.

However, his eagerness to bring millions into the US ends with white people. When a CofCC national board member asked San Brownback if he would support granting political asylum to white South Africans, Brownback said “no.” Brownback complained that white South Africans “might bring racist attitudes to the US.”

Brownback is what you could call a professional “self-hating white man.” He is a fanatical believer in multi-culturalism, which is nothing short of a religious cult in the United States. He is willing to flood the US with unlimited third world immigrants, but refuses the same courtesy to members of his own race who are suffering in South Africa.

It is this religious cult that elected Barack Obama and is currently driving public policy in the United States. One need only to look at cities like Detroit, East St. Louis, New Orleans, and Miami to see the end result. This religious cult is rapidly transforming America into the next “Rainbow Nation.”


UK Daily Mail runs article on campaign of terror against whites in Zimbabwe.

From UK Daily Mail

As Zimbabwe descended into chaos, white farmers were under siege, losing their homes, their livelihoods – and even their lives.

Now, a new book paints a haunting picture of one family’s terrifying isolation – and their courage in the face of Mugabe’s thugs.

In the first part of our serialisation, DOUGLAS ROGERS told how his elderly parents watched in horror as neighbouring farms were looted by machete-wielding mobs.

Today, he tells of the day the nightmare reached their own front gate . . .

Read Story.

South Africa: Police Use Barbed Wire to Separate Whites and Blacks

South Africa: Police Use Barbed Wire to Separate Whites and Blacks

More news stories on South Africa

Sebastien Berger, London Telegraph, April 6, 2010

Racial tensions flared as police were forced to use barbed wire to separate a crowd of hundreds of blacks and whites outside the court where the two alleged killers of the South African far-Right leader Eugene Terreblanche appeared for the first time.

Echoing the divisions of apartheid, whites were singing parts of the national anthem that are in Afrikaans and that date to the apartheid era, while blacks retaliated with the new version containing Zulu choruses.

Police, armed with rifles and riot shields, rushed in to separate the two groups when a middle-aged white woman sprayed an energy drink on the black group, sparking a scuffle and prompting an officer to call for help. The two groups were contained using barbed wire.

Jacob Zuma, the president, has appealed for calm, with the ruling African National Congress calling on all leaders to avoid inflammatory statements.

Mr Terreblanche’s murder, by two workers who have allegedly confessed to the killing over a wage dispute, has stirred up simmering racial tensions in the country, as it prepares to host the World Cup.

Supporters of Mr Terreblanche, 69, who was once convicted of beating a black farm worker so badly the man was left brain damaged, and his Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging movement, better known as the AWB, had described his death as a “declaration of war”.

However, Pieter Steyn, the movement’s provincial leader, apologised for the woman’s actions and said the AWB renounced violence. “We have spoken to everyone and told them to be calm”, he said.

The two men, one aged 28 and the other 15, who have not been named, face charges of murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, attempted robbery with aggravating circumstances, and crimen injuria, a South African offence meaning to “injure the dignity” of another person.

Prosecutors said the last accusation related to the act of Mr Terreblanche’s trousers being pulled down after the assault.

The two were not asked to plead and were remanded in custody for seven days for further investigations. According to police they admitted killing Mr Terreblanche, at his farm after a dispute over their wages.

Zola Majavu, who represents the juvenile, said that claims of a confession were “absolute nonsense. He has not confessed and he will not confess”.

But as one of the accused was brought out of the colonnaded courthouse in Ventersdorp, deep in the Afrikaner heartland of the former Transvaal republic, scores of black youths erupted into whistles, cheers and ululations.

One woman described the accused as “heroes”, adding: “We are going to stand by them all the way.”

Jerry Mooltsho, 20, a student said: “They have shown their anger towards the regime. Terreblanche deserves his death. He actually beat many people. I don’t have any sympathy.”

Mr Terreblanche’s death came just days after the ANC Youth League leader, Julius Malema had taken to singing a song whose lyrics include “Shoot the Boer”—Afrikaans for “farmer”, and by implication, a reference to whites.

Opposition parties have called for called for action and highlighted the fact that more than 3,000 white farmers are estimated to have been murdered since the end of apartheid in 1994.

The AWB wants a separate territory for whites in South Africa and Jan van Wyngaardt, a farmer from Brits, said of Mr Terreblanche: “I don’t believe there’s any racism in his heart, he just fought for his own nation and to get them a piece of land.

“Don’t underestimate us. We were a handful against the Zulus. If you put the white man in a box there’s going to be trouble.”

Original article

(Posted on April 6, 2010)


1 — citizenX wrote at 6:43 PM on April 6: I predict the racial tinderbox that is SA will erupt into a bloody clash…whites have been pushed off their land and abused long enough. If they don’t act now and defend themselves with whatever means necessary, their country will turn into a Zimbabwe real fast under black rule…stand firm, beleaguered whites!
2 — white is right, black is whack wrote at 7:16 PM on April 6: Whites in SA…LEAVE, LEAVE, LEAVE!!!! I don’t understand why you are staying there. It makes no sense! I say this with compassion and sympathy for my fellow European descendants. Why stay in a country where they are not are race, our culture, and with a race that hates us and will displace us?
3 — Question Diversity wrote at 7:18 PM on April 6: Perhaps this is more appropriate for one of AR’s stories about the Terre’blanche murder from yesterday, but one of the things about the media narrative of his murder that bothers me is relying too much on the “Kill the Boer” hate music as an explanation for the murder. Are we to think that no blacks would ever kill any whites in South Africa without inflammatory lyrics? I think it’s another media excuse to blame black crime and black racial jealousy on some externality.

My take is that Terre’blanche’s murder and “Kill the Boer” are both “children” (so to speak) of the same “parent,” that being anti-white jealousy among blacks.

I can also halfway buy that a wage dispute was the main motive for the murder. The blacks involved were 21 and 15. It’s not like no black men in the United States haven’t mowed each other down over money.
4 — Anonymous wrote at 7:26 PM on April 6: Countries have set aside all kinds of land for disparaged groups, hey look at all the land the Indians have in the US. Time for Africa to ante up land for the whiteman. The African government has got to know if a race war starts, the whites will win. Do the simple and righteous thing, give them their own land and rule.
5 — fred wrote at 8:12 PM on April 6: But as one of the accused was brought out of the colonnaded courthouse in Ventersdorp, deep in the Afrikaner heartland of the former Transvaal republic, scores of black youths erupted into whistles, cheers and ululations.

One woman described the accused as “heroes”, adding: “We are going to stand by them all the way.”

Reminds me of the OJ trial.
6 — Paul wrote at 8:35 PM on April 6: Don’t you love this ‘wage dispute’ that turns up in every single newspaper that prints versions of this storiy. This has been manufactured from scratch. And even if it wasn’t is that some sort of excuse? My boss didn’t give me all my pay last week either, I didn’t hack him to death.

Business Week Confirms: 2010 World Cup in South Africa is in Big Trouble

We take no pride in our conclusions being validated by real-world events. Yes, so a lily-white Duke basketball team won the 2010 NCAA Championship. So what?

But South Africa descending into chaos that rivals Zimbabwe? How could we honestly make that prediction?

For those paying attention the recent assassination of Eugene Terre’Blanche, a leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement, seems to throw fuel onto the smoldering fire that threatens to erupt into a conflagration and consume that piteous nation already inundated in murder, muggings and criminality, not to mention rapes.

Oh, and a tiny sports event called the World Cup is less than 70 days from starting in that crime-plagued nation. Let it be stated: SBPDL was the first site on the Internet to connect the dots that disclose the coming sports apocalypse known as the World Cup.

South Africa is woefully unprepared to deal with the influx of potentially hundreds of thousands of tourists who desire a safe-viewing of the World Cup. We have stated safety is an issue the South African government can’t guarantee to visitors, and we even speculated what the death of South African patriarch Nelson Mandela could mean to the sporting event.

Now, with tensions between white South Africans (10 percent of the nation) and Black South Africans (88 percent of the nation and unquestioned rulers of the nation) reaching critical mass, it appears the arrival of 500,000 – 1 million soccer fans could serve merely as collateral damage in an undeclared genocide against the vanishing minority:

Death has stalked South Africa’s white farmers for years. The number murdered since the end of apartheid in 1994 has passed 3,000.

In neighbouring Zimbabwe, a campaign of intimidation that began in 2000 has driven more than 4,000 commercial farmers off their land, but has left fewer than two dozen dead.

The vulnerability felt by South Africa’s 40,000 remaining white farmers intensified earlier this month when Julius Malema, head of the African National Congress’s (ANC’s) youth league, opened a public rally by singing Dubula Ibhunu, or Shoot the Boer, an apartheid-era anthem, that was banned by the high court last week.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like believes the World Cup must be postponed or removed from South Africa, if to maintain the delicate perception that Black people can successfully run a nation.

Perhaps it is fitting that Clint Eastwood’s Invictus came out over Christmas, because the Gods whom the new rulers of South Africa pray too failed to deliver peace, stability and a waning crime rate in a country desperate for hope as they prepare to host the world’s biggest sporting event.

Invictus is pure fiction masquerading as fact, all the while wrapped in the comforting blanket of sport. Yes, sports do have the mesmerising ability to manufacture a false state of happiness, tolerance and national pride. Invictus – both the book and movie – inadequately depict the real South Africa, one that major publications are beginning to report on, including Bloomberg Business Week. The April 12 issue has an article titled “The World Cup: No Winner in South Africa”, that alludes to the financial shortfall the nation is poised to suffer:

South Africa has spent $4.6 billion to host the soccer World Cup, including building and refurbishing 10 world-class stadiums. All it needs now is fans—lots of them.

The government had expected the world’s most-watched sporting event to attract 450,000 international spectators, helping to create jobs for the one in four South Africans now out of work. But as the June 11 kickoff date nears, officials have had to scale back their expectations. The visitor estimate has been cut to 350,000—a number that may still prove overly optimistic, considering only about 100,000 international air tickets had been sold as of early March. Similarly, the tournament’s projected contribution to gross domestic product has been halved, to half a percentage point. “When the World Cup was awarded to us in 2004, the economic situation was completely different,” Sports Minister Makhenkesi Stofile told reporters in Pretoria on Mar. 19. “We have to revisit those projections and be realistic.”

A low turnout would be a blow to the government’s efforts to bolster South Africa’s economy, which is emerging from its first recession in 17 years. It would also be an embarrassment for President Jacob Zuma and Sepp Blatter, head of the sport’s governing body, the International Federation of Football Assn. (FIFA), both of whom gave repeated assurances that holding the event in Africa for the first time would be a success.

The numbers so far don’t look good. MATCH Services, a Swiss company that FIFA contracted to supply ticketing and accommodation services, has relinquished booking rights for more than 450,000 room nights. Sales of corporate hospitality packages are 50% below target, with sponsors and partners returning thousands of tickets for premium seats, according to FIFA.

Some fans of the “beautiful game” are balking at the cost of long-haul flights and peak-price accommodations. “The whole trip for a couple of weeks would have ended up setting us back more than three grand each,” says David McNally, an accountant from Swindon in southern England who hoped to make the journey with a group of friends. “That’s just too much.” Surprisingly, outside of South Africans, Americans have purchased the most World Cup tickets—107,576 at last count—a testament to the sport’s growing popularity stateside. To stoke U.S. interest, FIFA pressured Emirates airlines, a World Cup sponsor, to slash the price of its New York-Johannesburg round-trip flights to $2,000, from $3,000.

Even under the best of circumstances, South Africa would be hard pressed to replicate the success of the 2006 World Cup in Germany. That event drew about 2 million visitors, earning the tourism industry close to $400 million in revenue and generating $2.7 billion in retail sales, according to government figures. “Any European World Cup has the benefit of having approximately half of the participating teams being within driving distance of the hosts,” says MATCH Chairman Jaime Byrom.

The Sports Economist – an excellent blog detailing sports from a business perspective – recently discussed the poor allocation of dwindling resources in South Africa to build stadiums for the World Cup that threaten to be host to near empty crowds once the games commence.

Slow ticket sales translate to even slower sales of food and beverages, car rentals and hotel accommodations. The economy of South Africa was poised to see huge quarterly gains once the World Cup started, but projections for poor attendance threaten those delusions of financial grandeur.

A recent book entitled Development and Dreams: The Urban Legacy of the 2010 Football World Cup hoped to convince the world of how the games in South Africa could propitiously improve the perceptions of Africa in the eyes of investors and venture capitalists looking for new untapped markets and resources:

The FIFA World Cup is the world’s largest sporting and media event. FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) has more member nations than both the International Olympic Committee and the United Nations.

The 2006 Football World Cup ‘had a total cumulative television audience of 26.29 billion’ viewers and the 2010 mega football event is assured of an even greater number of television viewers, not including the increasing use of other media such as the internet and mobile telephones (FIFA 2007). World Cups are extraordinarily profitable for FIFA through the sale of television rights and through its ongoing corporate partners and events-based sponsors. By 2008, these had already ensured that the 2010 World Cup will be 25 per cent more profitable than the 2006 Football World Cup.’

However, this collection of essays offers a fantastical overview of a South African World Cup that doesn’t correlate to reality.

Sports brought about integration in America. Were it not for Black athletes and the struggles they overcame on the road to full public acceptance and eventual hero-worship status, it is difficult to envision the era of Mein Obama ever occurring or for that matter, the story of Invictus ever having a chance to be written.

Again, sports and sports created the world we live in currently. Black Run America (BRA) is fueled by the exploits of basketball, football, track, boxing and baseball stars who defiantly
removed notions of white supremacy as these Black athletes set new standards that continue to shape perceptions of sports to this day.

Why does Duke have white players, people sarcastically ask? It is so well ingrained that Black athletes are superior to white athletes in sports that the mere appearance of a team with white players conjures up questions of favoritism and racism.

The book Taboo by Jon Entine makes that point. People are so fearful of bringing up race when it pertains to sport that a strictly enforced code of silence has been mandated in an all-out effort to keep unpleasant realities from ever being broached in public discourse.

Blacks do dominate certain sports, but the reasons for this unilateral domination are to remain the fodder for locker rooms and private conversation. Daring to discuss such objectionable matters might lead people to see similar parallels in American cities that are under constant duress and counties that struggle to stay afloat under the charge of Black people.

Simultaneously, white athletes who do excel at certain sports perceived to be reserved for the continued Black hegemony are given the Toby Gerhart or the Duke basketball treatment.

This world is in a precarious position. Sports have for a long maintained the delicate equilibrium keeping the world aligned and running some smoothly. As stated, were it not for sports, peaceful integration would never have occurred in the United States or in South Africa.

Sports created positive images of Black people that were non-threatening and thus, white people found commonality.

Now, the biggest event on Earth – The World Cup – threatens to show that a post-racial world as envisioned by Disingenuous White Liberals for South Africa (and by extension the United States) is better kept in the safe confines of dreams.

SBPDL again stresses that the importance of canceling the 2010 World Cup. A recent article illustrates why this must occur:

In the “New South Africa”, there is apparently a renewed appreciation for the old slogan “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer”, chanted at political rallies and funerals during “The Struggle” (against apartheid).

Peter Mokaba, a youth leader in the ruling African National Congress party, is credited with originating the catch phrase. Mokaba went on to become a parliamentarian and a deputy minister in the Mandela cabinet.

By the time he expired in 2002 at the age of forty three (rumor has it of AIDS), Mokaba had revived the riff, using it liberally, in defiance of laws against incitement to commit murder. Given the mesmerizing, often murderous, power of the chant—any chant—in African life, many blame Mokaba for the current homicidal onslaught against the country’s white farmers

Peter Mokaba’s funeral in 2002 was attended by the current South African president Jacob Zuma and his two predecessors, Thabo MbekiNelson Mandela . At the sight of the coffined Mokaba, the crowd roared, “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer!” Witnesses will not say whether “Madiba” (Nelson Mandela) partook. and

But to dispel any doubts about the esteem in which Mokaba is still held despite his savage slogan: the ANC has named a soccer stadium, built for the upcoming soccer World Cup, after this son of the “New South Africa”.

Peter Mokabe Stadium will seat 46,000 fans, and will be named for a man who admonished his fellow countrymen to eradicate white people.

The delicate balance sports have created for Black Run America (BRA) to exist sits precariously right now atop the ruins of financial markets and evaporating pension plans. Now, South Africa prepares to be ripped apart by the murder of a revolutionary who only wanted a homeland for his people to live free from odious stench of crime that permeates the air ubiquitously across that nation.

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned by the Apartheid government for more than a score of years, yet was never in danger of suffering the fate of Eugene Terre’Blanche.

Now, the fate of Terre’Blanche appears the fate of all white people in South Africa. If Mandela dies before the World Cup, all bets are off.

For the sake of Black Run America (BRA) and the current state of the world, cancel the 2010 World Cup.

If not, the world that we currently live in thanks to the magic of sports will evaporate, not with a whimper, but a resounding bang.

T.S. Elliot will be proven wrong. Baseball, college football, college basketball, professional football and the Olympics offer a concise lesson in the reality of Human Biodiversity (HBD), as much as the failures of Detroit, Newark, Jefferson County and yes, South Africa continually do as well.

The destruction of Train Stations erected during the era of segregation in America point the startling reality of HBD.

And yes, if the South Africa 2010 World Cup happens, a whole new generation of Europeans and white Americans (who are continually beaten over the head for the crimes of their ancestors) will see the fate that awaits them as the vicariously live through the suffering Afrikaners:

“There is no reason why these things, as tragic as they are, should affect the safety of fans or players at the World Cup,” said Lawrence Schlemmer, vice president of the South African Institute of Race Relations, on Monday. On the surface, Mr. Schlemmer is right. There is no reason why the murder last weekend in South Africa of white supremacist leader Eugene Terreblanche, allegedly by two young black men who worked on his farm, should have any effect on the upcoming FIFA World Cup, the first on African soil.

Unfortunately, he’s simply responding to the fears sparked by comments like these:

“We’re going to warn those nations, ‘You are sending your soccer teams to a land of murder,” said Andre Visagie, General Secretary of the AWB, the political party Terreblanche helped establish, first to defend apartheid and then to create a whites-only homeland within South Africa. “Don’t do that if you don’t have sufficient protection for them, Visagie added.” After calling the killing a “declaration of war” by blacks against whites in the country, the AWB has since toned down its rhetoric and joined with the government in calling for calm.

People ask why SBPDL talks about sports so much and we respond unequivocally that without sports the world we know would not exist.

This is not a mere Hate Fact being reported. This is truth. If the World Cup is not canceled or moved from South Africa, we at SBPDL believe this world changes forever. After all, who ever thought Tiger Woods could fall from grace?

A chilling video on what South Africa can expect in the World Cup is to be found here.

Locust: this blood sacrifice in South Africa, will awaken the white mans soul world wide, it will mark the birth of White Nationalism, and beginnings of what is to come, the Awakening is near. Those whites still left in SA, you know what, you did this to yourselves, your parents destroyed that nation, now we will watch it burn, as for the conservative media in the west, you ignored this at your own peril, you don’t want white nationalism, I’m very sorry you can’t ignore us for much longer.

“Kill The F—–g Whites” In South Africa—Courtesy of FaceBook

“Kill The F—–g Whites” In South Africa—Courtesy of FaceBook

By Ilana Mercer

In the “New South Africa”, there is apparently a renewed appreciation for the old slogan “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer”, chanted at political rallies and funerals during “The Struggle” (against apartheid).

Peter Mokaba, a youth leader in the ruling African National Congress party, is credited with originating the catch phrase. Mokaba went on to become a parliamentarian and a deputy minister in the Mandela cabinet.

By the time he expired in 2002 at the age of forty three (rumor has it of AIDS), Mokaba had revived the riff, using it liberally, in defiance of laws against incitement to commit murder. Given the mesmerizing, often murderous, power of the chant—any chant—in African life, many blame Mokaba for the current homicidal onslaught against the country’s white farmers.

Mokaba’s legacy lives on. Late in February of 2010, a senior member of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC)—a competing socialist, racialist political party whose motto is “Africa for the Africans”—set-up a page on the social networking site Facebook. For all to see were comments such as the following, written by one Ahmed El Saud:

“Kill the f—–g whites now!!! If you afraid for [sic] them, lets [sic] do it for you. In return, you can pay us after the job has been done… text us … We are not afraid for [sic] the whites like your own people… its disgrace [sic] … he ask you and you dont [sic] want to… we will do it Mandela! [Sic]”. [Kill whites’ Facebook page not ours – PAC, By Cedric Mboyisa, The [Johannesburg] Citizen, February 25, 2010]

[VDARE.COM note: expletives deleted because our readers have quite enough trouble with workplace censorware as it is.]

Other messages matched the savagery of El Saud’s sentences, if not their syntax. One boasted of “an army of 3000 people ready to kill white people within a day if it were called upon to do so.”

Western Cape PAC chairman Anwar Adams, the responsible functionary, refused to remove the page. Needless to say, his sinecure has not been affected.

The African National Congress (ANC) took a pixilated page out of the PAC’s Facebook. Days later, this post appeared on a Facebook page under the name of ANC Youth League president Julius Malema:

“‘You f—–g white pigs. Malema is our leader. He will kill [President Jacob] Zuma within the next six weeks.

“‘Look ahead, my fellow black people. We will then take our land, and every trespasser, namely white whores, we will rape them and rape them till the last breath is out.

” ‘White kids will be burned, especially those in Pretoria and Vrystaat. Men will be tortured while I take a video clip and spread it on YouTube,” read one post.

It continued: ‘Its [sic] true what Malema said, silently we shall kill them … Police will stand together … our leader will lead us to take our land over. Mandela will smile again.

” ‘White naaiers, we coming for you! Households will be broken into and families will be slaughtered.” [Emphasis added—IM]

[Savagery posted on Facebook, By Cedric Mboyisa, The Citizen, March 21, 2010

Was the murderer of seventeen-year-old Anika Smit, also in March of 2010, a Facebook friend of Malema? When Johan Smit bid his bonny daughter goodbye, before leaving the home they shared in north Pretoria, he did not imagine he’d never again see her alive. Naked and mutilated is how this father found his only child on returning that day from work. Anika’s throat had been slashed sixteen times and her hands hacked off. She had been raped. [Murdered girl’s hands cut off, By Hilda Fourie, Beeld, March 12, 2010]

In Malema’s defense, the ANC claimed he was not responsible for the Facebook page. The youth leader might be hard to track down in cyberspace, but Malema performed in person at the University of Johannesburg, stomping about with a group of students and singing, in Zulu, “Shoot the Boers, they are rapists.” ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe spun Malema’s live performance by choosing to dismiss the power of “Kill the Boer.”

Mantashe said the song was only a means of ensuring South African history was remembered and not meant as an incitement to violence against whites—who make up about a tenth of South Africa’s 50 million population.” [South Africa’s ANC defends ‘Kill the Boer’ song, By Peroshni Govender, Reuters, Mar 30, 2010.]

No one who remembers the role of Radio Rwanda (first) and Radio-Télévision Libre des Milles Collines (RTLM), next, in galvanizing the Hutu to exterminate the Tutsi “inyenzi” (“cockroaches”) can shrug off what is underway in South Africa.

Many South African blacks have a pathological preoccupation with variants of “Kill the Boer; kill the farmer.” In its hypnotic hold on the popular imagination, the mantra resembles the “‘Kill them before they kill you” slogan that helped excite Hutus to massacre half a million of their Tutsi neighbors.

In Rwanda, it was the old media that transmitted older hatreds; in Mandela’s South Africa the new media is doing the same.

Is Facebook the face of incitement to genocide in South Africa?

Peter Mokaba’s funeral in 2002 was attended by the current South African president Jacob Zuma and his two predecessors, Thabo Mbeki and Nelson Mandela . At the sight of the coffined Mokaba, the crowd roared, “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer!” Witnesses will not say whether “Madiba” (Nelson Mandela) partook.

But to dispel any doubts about the esteem in which Mokaba is still held despite his savage slogan: the ANC has named a soccer stadium, built for the upcoming soccer World Cup, after this son of the “New South Africa”.

Ilana Mercer (email her) is a weekly columnist for, a fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies, and the author of Broad Sides: One Woman’s Clash With a Corrupt Culture, the Foreword to which was written by Peter Brimelow. Her website is; her blog Exclusive to VDARE.COM, this column is adapted from Ilana’s upcoming book, Into The Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa. It is still looking for a publisher.