Lesson’s from the Obama Administration

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Lesson from the Obama Administration- Non-Whites showed their true Intentions.

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They Offer NOTHING of value to our nation and its people.

Non-Whites thought with the election of Obama they had won, they had defeated the evil racist white man, and now they were in control of America. Because non-whites always vote along racial lines against the interests of whites, they believed they were now in the majority, and it was time to turn the nation towards communism, non-white direction, and begin the genocide of the last remaining whites. Non-whites always vote for their own interest, and they assumed that whites did this as well.

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They Hate everything about our race, Nothing you say or do will change their mind.

You see dear reader, non-whites for the most part do not do research and surveys to understand our people, they don’t realize that we have a large enemy within that due too white guilt, have betrayed their own people time and again, the inner weakness of the white race that needs to be expelled, led these white traitors to be the deciding votes in election of Obama, not only once but twice. Because of this lack of understanding, our enemies assumed they had defeated us, and the campaign to complete our dispossession, confiscate our property, and exterminate our people was pushed ahead of schedule.


The enemy. Its Us or Them, Make your choice white man.

Everything is about race, who gets what, who is fucking whom, who holds power, and has all the wealth, its all race, this is what our enemies believe, and we need to fight believing in these same ideas, or we will lose. We either suppress non-whites and destroy their capacity to wage genetic war against us, or eventually they will do this too our people. Make your choice, they have shown who they are, will you be weak and allow them to win, or will we show them why we once ruled all of the earth, and do so again. Hail Victory.

“Obama’s Son” Nkosi Thadiwe Targeted Brittany Watts for Being White

“Obama’s Son” Nkosi Thadiwe Targeted Brittany Watts for Being White


Obama’s Son: Nkosi Tadiwe. Targeted three white girls for being white, reports WSBTV

Brian Nichols wanted to start a race war, believing that Black males were being unfairly incarcerated by an evil society bent on maintaining white supremacy. In actuality, it’s just Black people’s – primarily Black males’ –predilection for breaking the law that sees them incarcerated in such disproportionate numbers.

It appears that the accused killer of Brittany Watts (who also targeted two other white females) had delusions of racial grandeur similar to those of Nichols (Court records show race may be motive in shooting rampage, WSBTV. April 9, 2012):

Channel 2 Action News has learned new information about a possible motive in a deadly midtown shooting from last summer.

Police said a woman was killed and two others injured when a security guard went on a shooting rampage in a parking lot. Channel 2’s Dave Huddleston obtained the 43-page lawsuit from the case that was filed in state court April 5. The documents show that race may have played a role in the shootings.

The sound of gunfire echoed off midtown buildings July 15. When it was over, marketing executive Brittany Watts had been shot in the neck and killed. Police said the shooter, security guard Nkosi Thadiwe, took off in Watts’ car and fired a gun, randomly shooting two more – Lauren Garcia, who was paralyzed, and Tiffany Ferenczy.

Nine months after the shooting, lawsuits have been filed against the defendant, the security company he worked for, Allied Barton, and the owners of the building where the shooting took place.

They said Thandiwe demonstrated an intensely negative attitude toward another race, which was unnamed. About a month prior to the shooting, Thandiwe had an altercation with a visitor with the parking garage.

Documents state he assailed a visiting courier with racial epithets and had to be physically restrained by company personnel from striking and causing harm to visitors.

Company officials, lawyers and shooting victims declined to comment on the matter.

But attorney Musa Ghanayem, who is unaffiliated with the case, gave his legal perspective.

“I saw where there were a couple of instances prior where they have red flags come up; that Mr. Thandiwe has some issues as a security guard,” Ghanayem said.

Thadiwe is still in Fulton County jail. His defense team has asked the court for a mental evaluation. According to documents found before the shooting, there was another act of violence, Huddleston reported.

Black Rage killed Brittany Watts. No one cares nor marches with “hoodies”
For those wondering, Thadiwe is a Black man. He looks like Obama’s hypothetical son. 

Watts is dead and no one cares (save Nick Stix). The story of the murder of Brittany Watts has been buried in the Black hole that is Atlanta in much the same manner as are the continuous assaults on white Georgia Tech students by Black people.
The story of Watts being gunned down hit me hard.

And now, the second battle of Atlanta begins. This time, we wage war with a pen.

Brian Nichols hoped to start a race war, yet this was not covered by the Mainstream Media (MSM). Thadiwe targeted three white girls in Midtown (Atlanta) because of their race, and the silence of that same MSM – even the Atlanta press – while outrageous is tragically expected.

The privilege of being white indeed.

Brittany Watts will never have the chance to enjoy being a wife; a mother; a grandmother. How many other voiceless, now lifeless, citizens of Atlanta are in the same position?

She could have been any white girl who grew up in the metro Atlanta area, safe in one of the Whitopia’s that surround the Black Mecca of America. Moving to Atlanta to start her career and family, her life was taken in a moment of racial hate that doesn’t fit the politically correct narrative for a “hate crime” in Black-Run America (BRA).

Is A Race War Possible In America?

The Question on everyone’s mind, but very few have the courage to talk about.

First up the white people: what do they have to say?


The Coming Race War in America

Postby Three Times Great » Thu May 28, 2009 3:46 pm

many people give thought to the coming economic collapse; but we dont seem to think much or discuss what will happen immediately after this collapse. we know, for example, that hyperinflation will likely hit runaway exponential levels and cause a collapse of the US dollar. banks will get run on and close, there will be no businesses open, anywhere. people will be on the streets starving, unless youre lucky enough to either live in a small farming community or in areas of large urban cities which have access to government rationing services.

another side effect i predict is the resurgence of Racism, with a capital ‘R’. race hatred is being renewed today in America, from what i can see on a daily basis. i have friends who i never considered racist who talk about black people with hatred and anger; i see and hear black people on TV and the radio and in the news talking more and more openly about “fairness” and “repayment” and “equal representation”, spewing open race hatred and anti-white statements without remorse or limit (our president even made such statements of racism, if you can remember, and no one in media cared– but such words remain very inflamatory and harmful to whites nonetheless and fan the flames all the more of racial hatred). the selection of supreme court judges is just one small example of the issue. blacks (and in some cases latinos as well) are letting their anger out openly, such as forming “buy black” groups to only spend their money on black-owned businesses. pure racism. imagine a white guy doing that, he would get crucified, probably the most by other whites.

this rising tide of anger and desire for revenge on the part of blacks is leading to a reactionary tide of anti-black sentiment in whites. this is to be expected; whites have always been justified in being angry or upset about the black’s indignation and demand for “equality itself” (affirmative action, i.e. racism) as opposed to “equality of opportunity” (the US Constitution). such social facts as political correctness, the realization that only minorities can “play the race card” and that it WORKS, that somehow it preempts an entire intellectual conversation about a person’s ideology or beliefs or policies, because if you disagree with that person for any reason, “youre a racist!” well, whites are getting fed up. i can tell, from some people i know, from the general feelings and sense i get from various media sources and newspapers in print and online… its a subtle rising up, but you can feel it in the air.

blacks want revenge for slavery and for being of lower SES levels than whites, which they perceive as whites fault. whites want revenge for political correctness and for the fact that blacks DEMAND such things as affirmative action without realising that its WHITES who FREED THEM in the first place: think about it. america was the first nation to completely free its slaves, to fight a war with ITSELF, to cripple itself and its economy, to nearly be torn in half over this issue (yes i realise it was more about states right at its inception, but it morphed into slavery very fast)– and regardless, america was the first such nation to illegalize slavery, and led the world in freeing blacks all over africa and throughout the first world, such as in europe and in the european colonies around the world. WHITES DID THAT… why do blacks not thank whites, then? its because of the fact that they see themselves as perpetual victims.

blacks see themselves as victims of racism, intolerance, discrimination in housing, in hiring, in wages, in benefits, in promotions… always the victim, seemingly often without a sense of personal responsiblity over ones life and choices. now im not saying that these discriminations do not exist, of course they do. however, im saying that blacks view themselves as eternal victims, and that will never change until they have stomped whites down far below their level: until blacks run the government, make more money, are better SES, less violence, more respect, leaders of more companies, etc, they will feel like a victim just for being born.

(note: i am not racist, and i am not advocating racism. this statement is not a politically-correct disclaimer either; it is true. i have had some black friends that i liked a lot, and blacks DO have grievances against whites, just as whites have grievances against blacks. im not intending to get into a discussion about whether racism is “real” or “justified” or “wrong”, and i am certainly NOT advocating for racist acts or thoughts (however i DO advocate for the freedom to BE racist or to SPEAK racist things if youd like, as a corollary of the First Amendment, as long as you dont cause physical or property harm to another person). this discussion is only intended as a naturalistic, factual and objective analysis of what i see happening in the world today. please try to leave personal feelings of offense out of it.)

regardless, the point is that race hatred exists and it is very much alive and growing. when the economy collapses in america, which it WILL do within the next 5-10 years at the most, there will be rioting in the streets. gangs will emerge and conglomerate into large bands and rogue sectors of cities will wage turf wars against each other. military and police will only be able to do so much, and they will be out of funding as well. cut off peoples food and clean water and electricity, and see how long they remain civil. not very long.

this rising race hatred will boil to the surface, especially since it will be Obama who will be viewed by whites as having taken everything from them (and in some sense this is true, but Obama is really only a symbol, a figurehead, and not the cause itself– he is a symptom, albeit a very dangerous and malignant one). whites already feel growing resentment and outrage at Obama and how he is raping the american economy, spending trillions in his first 3 months in office, taking over entire sectors of production, socializing everything in sight and talking about socializing even more (such as nationalizing healthcare); this is something that whites are VERY angry about right now, they see this man as literally stealing their future and their childrens future, destroying their beloved country in a very real way, but they dont talk about openly, because of political correctness, and because we have been trained to “look the other way” because “tomorrow will be ok, everything always works outin the end”; we have been trained to believe that ideas like economic collapses or government socialist conspiracies are lunacy, and we should ignore them or else we are crazy. well, guess what, its here and its not crazy, and many people know it… blacks do too, some of them who are more open-minded or “conservative”.

my argument is: the collapse of the dollar, of commerce, of the rule of law, will drive people into the streets and into urban areas seeking government shelter and rationing. for a brief time until some order is restored in commerce and law, maybe 1-5 years, race hatred will reach peak levels. gangs will form along racial lines, even non-gang whites will shoot any blacks they dont know, for fear of getting mugged or attacked, and blacks will do the same to whites. there will be no political correctness or socialization or media or public embarassment or scorn to hold these attitudes and sentiments in check– this conflict could even reach the level of a Race War, where large parts of the country and large cities are geographically divided along lines where certain races live (this argument of mine applies to other minorities as well, of course, but blacks are by far the most relevant here)…

the military will try to stay out of these conflicts, because they will span armies and city-states of hundreds of thousands of people, with their own internal economies and systems of governance and leadership. likely, Obama will tighten his fist at some point, mostly on the white groups, via strong military action and possibly even nuclear retaliation if deemed necessary, and the Race War will come to a forced end; but at that point, no one can know what comes next. perhaps the racism will come full force through government, and the true plans of radical black supremacists will become reality as whites are persecuted across the country “for the sake of national security” and thrown wantonly into prison camps, as to be white will mean you are likely to be a domestic terrorist (and by then, a large part of whites probably will be “terrorists”, as will many blacks, as will in fact most people who arent sheep or who dont lay down and die properly). however, there will still be a fight to retake government at some point, and its possible that whites will take it back from Obama and his allies, but who knows?

either way, there is large-scale race rioting and violence coming soon, its just waiting for the properly dire economic circumstances to arise to be unleashed. youd better know a close friend or family member nearby who has some land and some guns, because as soon as this happens youll have the choice of either staying in your home and starving, venturing into the streets in search of government help which you will not find, or joining one of these militias (not all of which will be racial in division, but most will).

its inevitable. political correctness and overliberalism have brought race hatred to the surface, boiling just below consciousness, barely contained. turn on the TV, read a newspaper op/ed, listen to a news radio show, talk to some politically-interested and open-minded people (i.e. not drones), and you will sense it too. its in the air, and its coming. whether it will mainfest into a full-scale national Race War is uncertain, but it is certainly possible. in our pampered sheltered lives at the moment, we forget how animalistic and savage our instincts are, and these instincts divide the world into groups, including race. this is natural, and such supressed anger and rage that political correctness and liberalization have caused in both blacks and whites over the last 5 or more decades WILL erupt. think about it, and prepare yourself and your family, because if you dont you will likely become a victim in some way of this coming racial violence.

by Three Times Great» Wed Jun 03, 2009 7:25 am

of course stereotypes are never predictive of how individual members of a group will act. when they are accurate (which is some of the time, but certainly not all) they are only predictive of how a statistical sampling will act or feel. its a law of large numbers, and says nothing of individuals. however, my OP here is not based on stereotypes, it is based on natural behavior patters in all animals, combined with social pressures, oversocialization stress and psychological backfiring from operant conditioning gone too far.

the human mind is not infinitely malleable, and at heart, we are animals like any other. all life selects from its environment as a means to distinguishing known from unknown, and consequently, good from bad. its not perfect but its not intended to be perfect either, its merely a probabilistic technique to increase the changes of seeking positive stimuli and avoiding negative stimuli. humans do this too, and one of the basic grouping we make on objects is visual cues, such as race/skin color. its unavoidable that we see people as different when they APPEAR different, and it is likewise unavoidable that there will be various beliefs/feelings/implicit attitudes associated unconsciously or consciously with these categorical differentiations. its automatic. the trick is, being aware enough of how you feel and react to prevent and countermand unwanted reactions and beliefs to arise within yourself. not many people are good at this or even care, and therefore we have a lot of implicit racist beliefs that lie under the surface…. the only reason they are not typically expressed is due to social pressures such as political correctness and public image. these keep racist attitudes from being overexpressed, but they do NOTHING in terms of actually getting rid of the attitude itself– at best, they suppress it below conscious levels of awareness, where it resided anyways initially.

the problem i see is this: oversocialization and overliberalization have created so much overt pressure to conform and act in directly anti-racist ways, even whent his is counterintuitive, irrational or undesirable, such as affirmative action. at the point that this social pressure and conditioning is forcing us to act against our own good will (i.e. to act above and beyond how we would normally consciously filter and block racist beliefs/actions), it creates added stress as a reactionary pressure; we begin to blame society, political correctness, politicians, the other races themselves, etc, for this reactionary stress we feel to “overconform”. this has been building in the collective group psyches and in the unconsciousness of individuals. we also are wise to remember that the relation from black -> white and from white -> black is certainly not the same. blacks are given more justification and ability to express race hatred than whites are, for historical and psychological reasons. this creates an imbalance which shifts more of these implicitly racist beliefs that result from reactionary stress into the white psyche, as the black psyche has more of a socially-acceptable outlet for its frustrations.

over time, this discrepency grows, the gap widens. we are at the point now when we MUST act according to political correctness if we wish to avoid a great deal of negative stress and pressure from society and others (as well as direct legal and/or financial consequences), regardless of how we personally feel. on top of this, the economic situation only complicates things, particularly when we have the dominant party in charge and saliently responsible for economic problems that is the party associated with political correctness itself. also, of course, is the first black president, who is seen by whites as literally destroying this country and its free-market economic base of individuality and responsibility. no one is blaming Obama for everything, and whites know hes not the only culprit, BUT, he is the #1 target, the largest symbol and the first to assign blame to, and rightly so. this adds EVEN MORE reactionary stress on whites psyche’s, increasing the gap between implicit beliefs and explicit actions/words even further, and conversely then, increasing the gap between how whites cope and how blacks cope even more.

the catylist will be an economic collapse, one that we all feel very personally. food shortages, prices increasing every day, even many times per day, on all products. lines for gasoline and huge gas prices. routine shortages of electricity and water and utilities. rationing of certain products and medical care. etc etc. this is coming. it is inevitable given our current situation, the only question is when and how badly will it hit. and when it does, and we sink into real visible hardship and depression, implicit race hatred on both sides will A) be fueled even further as perceptions of blacks will be that whites did this, and perceptions of whites will be that Obama and democrats (the PC party) did this, and B) social pressures to conform and repress racist beliefs/actions will be severely reduced due to the temporary breakdown of social systems and networks of power and control, physically, economically and through the media. the combination of A and B will likely lead to rioting, increased inter-racial violence, militia activies in certain areas, and depending on how bad food and water shortages are, could easily spiral out of control in urban areas to lead to all-out gang warfare which drags in militias and local military as well, escalating very rapidly.

i agree that a nation-wide war of “black vs white” is very unlikely, but only because such mass organization would be difficult and counter-productive… the beliefs and hatreds will however still be unleashed in ways that we have not seen in a long time, and the psychological decompensation that occurs from whites may be tremendous, especially in certain areas of the country or from within certain demographics.

so my thesis here has nothing to do with “stereotypes”; it is a naturalistic, historical and psychological/sociological interpretation and prediction of likely scenarios and events to come, given prevailing feelings/attitudes/beliefs and the coming economic collapse of the American system. of course nothing is certain about how people will react to this collapse, and a lot depends on governments ability to mitigate violence, starvation and feelings of severe urgency and panic in the populace. but personally, i dont have much hope that this will happen, considering our government extremely poor track record with dealing with emergencies on even local levels– how do you think they would do on state or national levels, even given that a national emergency and martial law will likely be initiated?

who knows? im just saying, these things are definately worth thinking about. we are not all as utopian and loving and compassionate as we would like to think, nor are we as free from superficial bias and group-classification mentalities- we repress these natural instinctive drives because society forces us to, but when these mechanisms are released into the open, its anyone’s game…. people are only as civilized as they are able to be, given their environment. when food and water become rationed, when people begin to fear for theirs and their family’s lives and wellbeing in a very real and immediate way, anything is possible, and most of the social ordering mechanisms and conditioning will break down. we will have to wait and see how this all plays out, but its not promising, given what we know now and what we can infer is likely to happen in the future.

And Another white guy:


posted by AWD 1:34 PM
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What is astonishing about the workplace shooting that occurred in Bridgeport, Connecticut last week is how the black gunman’s actions have been seemingly excused by charges of supposed racism by his white and murdered co-workers. Mind you, none of Omar Thornton’s claims of racism have been substantiated or proven. His theft of beer from his distributor employer, however, is clearly depicted on videotape. If the alleged racism actually occurred, why didn’t Thornton complain to his labor union or Human Resources? Why didn’t he request another job assignment? Why? Because the racism didn’t occur and the charges are being used by blacks and liberals as an excuse for his acts of cold-blooded murder!

The false-belief of racism has so infected the black community that once the charge is made, all other actions following are justified. This first came to the national front in the OJ Simpson trial. White people were shocked to see blacks shouting and dancing in celebration once the verdict was read. A murderer had been set free and two innocent people were dead! Never was a murder trial more clear-cut than the Simpson trial. Yet, OJ’s lawyer managed to bring the charge of racism into the trial and everything changed. We see time and time again where blacks support criminals if the accusers are white. Violent crimes against whites go unreported. Political correctness dictates the media not report the race of blacks when they commit crimes yet white criminals have photos and descriptions plastered on the television or newspaper…as they should.

Now, the Latino racebaiters are getting in on the “hate whitey” action. We see illegal aliens with bullhorns telling white Americans to get out of America and go back to Europe. Bottles and projectiles are thrown at Americans holding the US flag at protests by illegal aliens from Mexico. Hispanics have gotten a taste of the taxpayer money doled out by the federal government and will not give up those spoils easily.

Last weekend, a huge brawl broke out in the Washington DC Metro. Estimates that up to 70 “young people” were involved in the fighting that left several people injured. Of course, “young people” pinpoints the guilty as black youths. Black youth violence is a growing problem in any city with a large black population. Philadelphia has seen “wildings” where black people get together and start attacking white passersby. These flash attacks occur so rapidly the police can hardly respond in a timely manner. Yet the media is silent.

What happens when blacks and Hispanic thugs decide to start attacking and killing white people en masse? I should clarify and say more than they do already? One in nine black males are in prison. Since one must basically commit multiple crimes to arrive in prison, a good number of violent criminals walk our streets before and commit multiple violent crimes before they are finally put away.

Attacks against whites are justified, even encouraged by some blacks, because of white racism. Here are some comments from an article on black webpage NewsOne about the Omar Thornton killings:

From Jaxan: It’s sad this happened, but there is some good that comes out of this. I bet people will think twice about calling someone the N word. All I gotta say now is “Remember Omar” if someone pulls that mess. You never know who is gonna snap.

From Lamonte_H: I was born during the Civil Rights era, and not much has changed after thirty years! I always thought, by the year 2010, we would be living like “Futurama”. (but, instead, we still tearing america’s draem apart, with these petty ethnic “blood fueds” known as rasism.) While other countries are gonna benefit, (good economy, medical care, etc.) we are still going BACKWARDS in time, over things we SHOULD have learned from! It’s good to see someone still pays attention 2 these matters….4 this, too, shall past.

Lamonte says things haven’t changed in thirty years. We have a black president and black attorney general, Black Congressional Caucus and black everything else. What else could Lamonte want? Answer? Everything! For nothing!

So what happens when it becomes the thing in the ghetto to gather in hordes and start killing white people? The press will explain it away because of the rage blacks face because of centuries of racism or the racism illegals face by being in our country illegally and taking our jobs. The politically correct police departments will abandon white people much as the LA police did the Koreans and whites during the Rodney King riots.

Race relations are deteriorating at a rapid pace in America. Blacks and Hispanics are more militant than ever. Criminals and thugs are worshiped in the ghettos. And whites bear all the blame in the ghetto mentality.

Where will you be when the race riots start? What will you do? Will you be prepared?

Here’s an article from News One on the Omar Thornton shootings you must read to truly understand the black community’s attitudes concerning racism. Take time to read the comments too.

Here is another article from Black Voices that shows the pervasive black mentality concerning supposed racism.

Next the black people: always want the other sides point of view.

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The Coming Race War in America
A Wake-up Call
By Carl T. RowanChapter One: America’s Violent Decline

How do you tell when a great civilization is in decline? When a great nation is on the rocks spiritually, morally, racially, and economically?

I look closely at my country, and everywhere I see signs of decadence, decay, and self-destruction.

Respect for law and order has declined drastically, except in the phony speeches of politicians.

The nation’s capital is awash with special counsel and special prosecutors, taking testimony from the President, the First Lady, key members of the cabinet and the Congress–all accused or suspected of criminal wrongdoing. The FBI is far short of being trustworthy, its agents and former agents deep in partisan politics. Local police departments reek with corruption, including condoned lawlessness by some policemen. Our prisons bulge with record numbers of young Americans, mostly the fruit flies of the drug trade, while the big bumblebees of the crime and drug syndicates peddle their wares with impunity.

Every day our newscasts begin with stories of grisly murders, sexual assaults, grotesque abuses of children, mass killings on job sites, and worse.

America is sinking in greed. Our workers fear tomorrow and their bosses grab what they can today. A corporate fatcat can get a $10 million reward for “downsizing” his firm–that is, putting thousands of employees out of work.

Public morality has probably never been lower. Lawmakers writhe and wrangle over how to deal with television programming that spews out sexual rot and gratuitous violence morning, afternoon, and night–prime time sewers. Congress makes believe that a meaningless “rating system” and a V-chip will solve the problem.

Racism has not been as virulent throughout America since the Civil War, with short fuses burning on a thousand powder kegs. We have seen our greatest law enforcement agency, the FBI, sit for weeks in a stalemate with a small Montana cult, the Freemen, whose leaders preach that the descendants of northern Europeans are “God’s chosen people,” that Jews are “the children of Satan,” and that African Americans and other people of color are by nature dumb and immoral.

We see the Freemen and other hate groups like the Aryan Nation, the skinheads, the Ku Klux Klan, and assorted militias piling up arms for what they say is a coming race war in America that will precede the return of Christ.

These are the adherents of a “Christian Identity” movement whose, followers refuse to pay governmental levies, but collect taxes themselves. They rake in millions through extortion, the widespread use of bogus checks and phony credit cards, and simple extortion.

But local law enforcers and even the FBI are afraid to tangle with them, wary since their disastrous confrontations with the David Koresh cult in Waco, Texas, and the Randy Weaver group at Ruby Ridge in Idaho.

Official, open coddling of these groups pretty much ensures that the race war these white supremacists predict will really come.

I know that these harsh judgments about America as it nears the turn of the century are not what most Americans want to hear. In the wake of the fall of the “Evil Empire” that was the old Soviet Union, with the still-limited development of China and the Third World, and the starkly limited hegemony of European and other “first world” nations, Americans prefer to boast that the United States is the last of the great powers. As proof we cite our nuclear arsenals and the fact that we have the only quick-strike forces capable of moving into Bosnia, Africa, and the Middle East, to wage war or peace, within hours of a White House go-ahead to strike. We like to boast of our economic might, even though we’ve seen a frightful decline in good, high-paying jobs. We like to think that we are the world’s cultural giant because our movies and music, our top television shows, are coveted the world over, this much to the dismay of foreign leaders who think the cultural fare that we export carries the seeds of national destruction.

So much of what Americans boast about nowadays is superficial, even delusionary. Look below the surface. I have done so and concluded that this country, for which I have fought in war and peace, is in precipitous decline. The leaders of Rome, Greece, the Third Reich, the British Empire, never saw the onset of decadence and internal rot in time; we can, and we must, if the United States is not to succumb to its internal hatreds and moral excesses, to be consumed by its own self-destruction.

Who can overlook the decline of marriage as an American institution, with Hollywood and television stars, and so many social and political leaders, abusing drugs and having sex and babies out of wedlock? Our teenagers see no stigma in this lifestyle. Licentiousness and depravity have made the United States a hollow remake of Sodom and Gomorrah, with even preachers and priests, nuns and schoolteachers, unveiled as the practitioners of child abuse, as marriage killers, and as outright murderers.

Take a look at this society’s decline in terms of organized religion. Preachers preach and rabbis teach, but fewer and fewer people listen, and those who visit churches and synagogues rarely heed what they hear. Look at what the Greeks and Romans have written that they saw too late–and what we see now, everywhere in this nation: racial and religious bigotries, blind nationalisms, and myriad other injustices tolerated and even glorified by our philosophers, politicians, Presidents, the “wise men” allowing this, the greatest of societies, to be consumed in hatred.

Look at the piling up of economic injustice and ask how long we can live in peace and prosperity.

The January 22, 1996, issue of U.S. News & World Report carried an article about how WORKERS TAKE IT ON THE CHIN which noted:


* that in 1982 dollars, U.S. workers had suffered a decline in earnings, from an average of $298 weekly in 1970 to $256 in 1994* that during the last five years “the upper class” has gained economically by 76 percent, while the middle class has risen by 6 percent, the working class by 2 percent, and the poorest class by 6 percent

* that in 1945 the top 1 percent of U.S. families held 32.4 percent of the nation’s wealth, but in 1992 that top 1 percent held 42 percent of the wealth. Here was indisputable evidence that while the privileged were assailing attempts of the New Deal and the Great Society to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor, the rich have been getting richer while the poor have lapsed into deeper poverty

A less conservative publication would have been accused of spreading “inflammatory class warfare verbiage” or “an anti-capitalist, pinko diatribe.”

What we have to recognize is that we are a society stumbling into a vast darkness, because we do not really seek answers to the issues that I have raised, issues that are of concern to all of us. Instead we look for scapegoats!

The result: in just the last decade we have seen some gruesome manifestations of racial and ethnic hatred in America–literally, murder in the streets, blood spilling everywhere. We have seen political fights in Congress over who should get the most of America’s goodies–fights that have caused shutdowns of the federal government and mind-boggling gridlock in Washington. One senses that our nation is split irrevocably and that there is no one to bring us together again.

The blame game seems to be played with every American failure.

Some U.S. auto dealers blame Japan’s supremacy in selling certain products on “unfair trading practices.” From time to time the U.S. industrialists who feel cheated, and the politicians who deplore the trade imbalance with Japan, create almost enough hysteria to foment a trade war between Washington and Tokyo.

Some American industrialists find scapegoats in the men and women of organized labor, claiming that the “exorbitant” demands of U.S. workers drive them to move plants to Taiwan, Singapore, and, yes, Mexico, where they can enjoy cheap labor. So these employers have engaged in economy-crippling wars with the organized-labor movement, which itself is struggling to emerge from a long, tragic decline.

Still, it is clear that organized laborers and their pay, health care, and other demands are not the cause of the rot in industrial America. If greedy union leaders are not responsible for the disappearance of “good jobs”–of high-paying posts as computer chip makers and camera makers and even shirtmakers and shoemakers in the United States, then who is?

The political flamethrowers, such as Governor Pete Wilson of California, think they see advantage in blaming our economic decline on the great influx into the United States of “illegal aliens.” They are bent on making immigration the issue on which many politicians in California, Texas, Colorado, Florida, and other states will rise or fall in the 1996 elections and the remaining years of this century.

The one explosive issue that may trigger the actual burning of America, and certainly exacerbates the ever-widening divisions between and among its citizens, is “affirmative action.” Almost every presidential and congressional candidate now strives to convince voters that black, Hispanic, Asian, and female recipients of undeserved economic preferences are really to blame for the economic malaise that has produced so many millions of “angry white men.”

These simplistic blame games have already created a disrespect, even hatred, not only for the poor, but for government officials at all levels. They are seen as the ones who proposed, enacted, and protected the laws that supposedly have lowered the levels of life of white men. Others who think their plight is far worse than that of white men have also made the government their worst villain. The government is seen as the invader, controller, and circumscriber of the lives of everyone–the middle class that has lost ground, the underclass that never had sufficient chance.

So citizen militias, operating publicly and secretly, have sprung up across America–a fact that exploded into our consciousness with the dreadful bombing of the federal Alfred P. Murrah office building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

Some Americans prefer to think that some grotesque mental illness affecting only a handful of individuals would provoke the bombing of a huge building and the murder of 168 people–but only the next bombing will show us the level to which “the government” has become the enemy of “the people.”

Yes, I can virtually guarantee you that there will be other bombings of the magnitude of the one that occurred in Oklahoma City. That is because the forces that prompted the Oklahoma City crime have influenced hundreds of thousands of other Americans who nurse precisely the same hatreds that were unleashed in Oklahoma.

Note, for example, that the crazy defiance and the spirit of violence of the Montana Freemen did not end with their “surrender” to the FBI. They still defied the authority of the federal courts. In late June, in a Billings, Montana, courtroom, one of the Freemen, Steven Charles Hance, said to U.S. magistrate Richard Anderson, “You’re going down, son.” The Freemen had already been charged with threatening the life of another federal judge, and yet they were handled with kid gloves.

We cannot afford to ignore the fact that the Freemen are just a tiny part of a nationwide horror–the sprouting up of highly armed militias and paramilitary groups across America, all of them expressing some degree of racial paranoia and hatred. The most watched of these “patriot” right-wing groups are the Militia of Montana, the Unorganized Militia of the United States, the Michigan Militia, Police Against the New World Order, the Idaho Sovereignty Association, United Sovereigns of America, the North American Freedom Council, and the Texas Constitutional Militia. But those pressing to create a constitutional crisis by promoting a ghastly race war are going underground.

The nation was stunned late in June 1996 when federal officials announced that they had arrested ten men and two women in Phoenix on charges that they had plotted to blow up buildings that housed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Internal Revenue Service, the Secret Service, and other federal agencies. These twelve members of a group called the Viper Militia, which almost no one had heard of, had gone so far as to videotape the columns in these buildings where explosives should be put so as to most effectively cause the buildings to collapse. Their plan had been foiled through a marvelous piece of police work. An Arizona law officer infiltrated the group and in meeting after meeting listened to the militiamen boast of how they would quickly kill any infiltrator.

Police learned quickly that these twelve alienated Americans had the explosives and weapons with which to carry out what would have been a devastating act of domestic terrorism. In the home of one Viper alone, that of Gary C. Bauer, the group’s ordnance expert, federal agents found almost one-half ton of ammonium nitrate. This little Viper Militia group had stashed away in one Phoenix house half a ton of ammonium nitrate; fifty-five gallons of nitromethane; a highly toxic yellow powder explosive called picric acid; many blasting caps; and more than seventy automatic rifles. This tiny band of self-styled revolutionaries had, right in residential Phoenix, the ingredients for a bomb at least half as large as the one used to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people.

The evidence mounts that many of the eight hundred or so militia groups that have sprung up in this country are amassing even greater caches of explosives and firearms, and that the serious terrorists are operating in units of fewer than a handful of people, so as to prevent infiltration by lawmen.

Yet, FBI and other officials in Washington tell me that Americans as a whole are not yet sufficiently aware of the gravity of the situation. These “patriot” criminals are now regularly robbing banks with automatic weapons. They are planning assassinations and attacks on police and military units. They are suspected of the sabotage derailment of an Amtrak train outside Phoenix in October 1995.

Incredibly, within weeks, for most Americans it was as though the events in Phoenix never occurred. The Viper Militia had produced no bodies to bury, no loved ones to mourn, so the threat didn’t seem as real as was the Oklahoma City bombing.

It may be years before we learn how many paramilitary groups like the Vipers were driven underground by the arrests and seizures of weapons in Arizona.

But overt or covert, all these groups profess to believe that dangerous conspirators, including Jewish bankers and publishers and animal-like blacks, have usurped the U.S. Constitution, corrupted the courts and the banks, and moved to take arms away from loyal citizens. Their solution is to fight what the fringe leaders call “the System” by setting up common-law courts, robbing banks, and engaging in terrorism.

You cannot dismiss all these whites as mere “angry men” who shout a lot about their grievance but aren’t likely to become violent. They have done violence almost beyond comprehension in Oklahoma City. And “they” were clearly influenced by a weird novel, The Turner Diaries, published in 1978 under the pseudonym of Andrew Macdonald by a former physics professor named William Pierce. This uncompromising racist, Pierce, has become the prophet of a Caucasian war, and his book has become the bible of the “save the White race” movement.

In May 1996, I wrote to the National Alliance in Hillsboro, West Virginia, to purchase a copy of William Pierce’s The Turner Diaries. Along with the book I got a sheet stating:


For far too long, we of European descent have allowed clever aliens to rob us of our identity and our history and to impose on us an alien morality in which the highest virtue is to hate our own race.The time has come for a courageous rethinking of all our values–for a new morality for White people, based firmly on Nature’s laws and on the highest ideals of our Race-soul, a morality in which the first principle is the survival and advancement of our race–a principle to which all other things are subordinate.

Clearly, the lives of all those people who died in Oklahoma City were subordinate to the mad-dog, white-supremacist goals of those who are waging war to gain the power to say who can live in America. I have read the most racist of all the literature of slavery days, and of the bitter conflicts of the 1950s and 1960s, and I recall nothing as bigoted as The Turner Diaries. Almost every page reeks with talk of “depraved blacks raping white women,” “the corruption of our people by the Jewish-liberal-democratic-egalitarian plague,” details of the assassination of white editors who side with blacks; with the conclusion that “it is frighteningly clear now that there is no way to win the struggle in which we [whites] are engaged without shedding torrents–veritable rivers–of blood.”

I am aware that white people who have just begun to read this book are probably fixated on the question of when and why angry blacks will begin the race war. There is no question in my mind that the disciples of William Pierce will start the fires of what some of them refer to as “Armageddon.” Pierce wrote the “fictional” details of how to blow up the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. His scheme, right down to the use of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, was copied in the Oklahoma City tragedy. It is known that right-wing militiamen Timothy McVeigh, who was indicted on charges of carrying out that bombing, regarded The Turner Diaries as his gospel.

When Mike Wallace of CBS’s “60 Minutes” confronted Pierce in the mountains of West Virginia, he found a man who would express no sorrow about the Oklahoma City bombing, just regret about the timing of it.

“[The bombing] does not make sense under the present conditions that we have when there’s no group capable of actually taking on the federal government and defeating it,” Pierce said. “I do not believe that we are in a revolutionary phase yet. I believe that the people have a lot of waking up and understanding to do first.”

By way of “educating” the people, Pierce told Wallace that he had sympathy for the Montana Freemen and the Unabomber, favored shipping American blacks to Africa, and admired more than any man Adolf Hitler–an admiration he expressed by keeping two original copies of Mein Kampf right over his shoulder in his office.

Pierce has sold some two hundred thousand copies of The Turner Diaries since 1978. He has made a deal with publisher Lyle Stuart, a Jew, to republish the book and give it wider circulation. Stuart told Mike Wallace that he wants the world to know what Pierce stands for.

The Clinton administration’s timid handling of the Freemen emboldened not just the Freemen, but lawless militiamen everywhere. Some of the most reactionary politicians in America went to that Jordan, Montana, farmhouse to try to negotiate a peaceful end to the standoff, but came away saying that the Freemen did not want a peaceful end to the dispute. That event made it clear that if the FBI and state law enforcement units continue to be intimidated, these groups that declare themselves to be beyond the jurisdictions of the law agencies of “the System” will strike out violently, making a race war inevitable.

Are you worried yet?

Just note that amidst all the concern about The Turner Diaries, the FBI’s National Security Division was issuing a bulletin to police agencies that some militia leaders had issued directives for their “Project Worst Nightmare,” in which militia units were told to prepare to “shut federal operations down” in the event that federal forces were used to assault the Montana Freemen farmhouse. The private militias were given “targets of opportunity,” including communications facilities, senior federal law enforcement officials, and “selected news media.”

In May, the FBI made more headlines by confirming that it had learned of anonymous threats to alcoholic beverage producers and broadcasters who air alcohol commercials, federal government officials, members of the news media, and Jewish executives and physicians.

The threat to kill government officials was based on cries that the Freemen standoff was a plot to attack all militias and seize their weapons. The threat to Jews involved an alleged plan to murder twelve hundred Jewish executives and physicians if Israel did not withdraw its military from Lebanon immediately.

In Georgia, just before the Olympic Games in Atlanta, federal treasury agents arrested two members of the Georgia Republic Militia on charges that they were plotting to make dozens of pipe bombs for use in a “war” against the United Nations and the “new world order.” Fears were expressed that Robert Starr, the militia commander, and William James McCranie, Jr., planned to explode devices during the Olympics. A pipe bomb was exploded, with no evidence of involvement by the Georgia Republic Militia. The FBI poured hundreds of agents into efforts to identify the perpetrator of a crime that killed one woman and injured more than a hundred people.

How far can the madness go? The incidents and developments cited above represent mostly the homegrown threats. Add in the likelihood of foreign terrorists intervening in alliance with whatever groups stand up against Pierce and his Hitlerite punks and you have the makings of a terrible conflagration–one worse than the Civil War. Worse because the 200 million handguns on America’s streets will come into play, along with the automatic guns and other weapons held by militias, weapons stolen from U.S. armories and gun stores, and sophisticated weapons provided by some foreign countries.

In April 1996, the FBI declared that Islamic radicals represent “the greatest threat coming to us domestically in the United States.”

John P. O’Neill, chief of the FBI’s counterterrorism section, said investigations of international terrorists had increased by 600 percent since the bombing of New York’s World Trade Center in February 1993. “No longer is it just the fear of being attacked by international terrorist organizations–attacks against Americans and American interests overseas,” O’Neill added. “A lot of these groups now have the capability and the support infrastructure in the United States to attack us here if they choose to…. Our largest growth area is in the anti-government movement, particularly in the area of militias…. We are seeing a threat from the international groups and the domestic groups at the same time.”

Although international Islamic terrorists and local militias all profess to hate the U.S. government, they surely will not be on the same side in an American race war. They will be killing each other, turning the United States into a killing field, with blacks, Jews, Hispanics–well, everybody–forced to become combatants or to be slaughtered.

Clearly, no one in America can gain from such a war. But how to stop it? Tragically, the hated “System,” as Pierce has labeled our federal government, must do some of what Pierce and the militiamen say they fear. Federal authorities must rein in to some degree the militia leaders who talk openly about killing federal judges and assassinating other elected officials, and who espouse murdering newspaper editors and destroying banks by writing billions of dollars worth of phony checks.

In April 1996, O’Neill warned against walking into what he called “a crescendo” of anti-government feeling fueled mostly by the Waco siege of the Branch Davidian compound and the shoot-out with the Weavers at Ruby Ridge. He said the image of a U.S. Army tank, with a white star painted on the side, moving against a civilian target, contributed to the anti-government movement “more than anything else.” That thinking virtually paralyzed the FBI, leading to a long standoff during which most of the militia leaders decided they could do almost anything they wanted to do.

The American dilemma now? If we can restrain the crazy, violent, paranoid white men, conceding the existence of millions of white people who secretly sympathize with William Pierce, we will have a chance to pacify the millions of nonwhites who are more than ready to rumble.

We have gone too long without taking “the race problem” seriously enough to put it on a war footing. But we have a little time in which to try to avert the spilling of what Pierce calls “torrents–veritable rivers–of blood.”

Before the big rumble, we are going to have a propaganda war, the guts of which are discernible in this “60 Minutes” exchange between Wallace and Pierce:


WALLACE: (Voiceover) The central message of his novel The Turner Diaries, indeed, his own abiding conviction, is that the United States is being ruined by blacks, Hispanics, Jews–just about everyone but those he calls his people, Aryan whites.The breakdown of our society, you blame, basically, mainly on blacks and Jews.

DR. PIERCE: No, not–not primarily. I–I blame it on the fact that we have …

WALLACE: Dr. Pierce …

DR. PIERCE: … allowed this society to become excessively cosmopolitan; that we have not had real white leadership in this country.

WALLACE: That’s the buzzword; that’s the code word, “cosmopolitan.”

DR. PIERCE: Mm-hmm.

WALLACE: That’s Jews and blacks, and you know it is.

DR. PIERCE: Well, if you want to put it that way, but it involves a lot of other people, too. It involves the mestizos coming across the–our southern border. And …

WALLACE: Race mixing?

DR. PIERCE: Race mixing is–is one of the things which is causing the breakdown of American society, and the alienation of the people generally.

The people who sold me the copy of The Turner Diaries, the price hiked from $5.95 to $12.95, sent me gratis a copy of a National Vanguard Books catalog that listed dozens of racially inflammatory titles, plus many U.S. Army manuals such as Boobytraps, Incendiaries, Explosives and Demolitions, Improved Munitions Handbook, and an assortment of fiction about “Race and Revolution.”

The centerpiece of this catalog is a long article headlined WHO RULES AMERICA?, with a subhead declaring that The Alien Grip on Our News and Entertainment Media Must Be Broken. Who are the “aliens” in this tirade of hatred? Michael Eisner of Walt Disney Company and Capital Cities / ABC; Gerald M. Levin of Time Warner Inc; Sumner Redstone of Viacom; David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Steven Spielberg of Dream Works; the heads of the Newhouse newspapers-books-magazines-and-cable empire, Samuel and Donald Newhouse; the publisher of the New York Times, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr.; and the publisher of the Washington Post, Donald Graham. You’ve guessed it. All of the people being assailed and threatened in this screed are Jews.

“The Jewish control of the American mass media is the single most important fact of life, not just in America, but in the whole world today,” this article screams. “There is nothing–plague, famine, economic collapse, even nuclear war–more dangerous to the future of our people.”

What are Jews doing to justify such extreme condemnation? The catalog says:


The Jew-controlled entertainment media have taken the lead in persuading a whole generation that homosexuality is a normal and acceptable way of life; that there is nothing at all wrong with White women dating or marrying Black men, or with White men marrying Asiatic women; that all races are inherently equal in ability and character–except that the character of the White race is suspect because of a history of oppressing other races; and that any effort by Whites at racial self-preservation is reprehensible.

I am sure that many Jews hate being tied to African Americans whenever the advocates of a race revolution spread their bigotry. It must be especially irritating when some African Americans like Louis Farrakhan make attacks on Jews a major thrust of their efforts to gain followers and make money. But neither Jews nor blacks can escape the fact that the white-supremacist killers wish both groups a common destiny of either expulsion from these shores or genocide.

I am one black man who wants Pierce and the militiamen to know that there will be no expulsion and no timid voluntary return to Africa.

If decent Americans become afraid to stand up to the threats and violence of the white supremacists, things will become worse very fast. Pierce and his followers will believe that they are in what he calls “a revolutionary phase” in which the federal government “can be defeated.”

The conflict that I foresee will be as crazily complex as it will be violent, cruel, and heinous. We now see the skinheads and Ku Klux Klansmen emboldened in their campaigns against blacks, Jews, Catholics. We see the Muslims at war not only against Jews, but against the Italian mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, and against America as a whole, as reflected in terrorist bombings. We hear black students talk about “the basis of truth” in a speech full of anti-Semitic invective by Nation of Islam minister Khalid Muhammad at Kean College in New Jersey. We see blacks in political struggle with Hispanics. And from Los Angeles to Detroit to New York, we see a growing underclass at war against “the establishment.”

This dreadful upsurge in hurting and hatred in America, the increase in murders that are both random and born of rage, flows in part from the denied but obvious racism and contempt for the poor that were so venomous during the Reagan years, and before that from the spineless neglect and indifference of the Nixon and Ford years. But that is history. A race war of destructive proportions that will shock the world is probable because of these facts:

While President Clinton is no closet bigot, he is not as committed to racial and social equality as were Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson. Clinton has fed the fever over welfare reform, even after discovering that “the poor must work” rhetoric was hollow, because for millions of impoverished men and women our society has no jobs, offers no training, and will not pay for day care for their children. He has gone along with the pretense that building more and more prisons at obscene costs is a solution to the crime problem. In an effort to prove that he is not “soft on crime” he has not only voiced the “rock ’em up” mentality, but led the way to designate more federal crimes as reasons to execute offenders.

During the heat of the presidential primaries, Clinton looked like a leader only because the warring Republicans looked so atrociously unpresidential. Pat Buchanan revealed himself to be shamelessly anti-Semitic, anti-black, and anti-Hispanic, thus destroying what little chance he had of winning the GOP nomination. The winner, Bob Dole, began immediately to play the race card, as have all the winning Republican candidates since Eisenhower. They bring the race war closer, but either don’t know it or don’t care.

Sophisticated hatemongers are in their heyday in the American media. The Rush Limbaughs, Howard Sterns, Pat Buchanans, and other socially and morally blind electronic pamphleteers write the nation’s bestselling books because they moderate and dominate the nation’s most-listened-to or most-watched radio and television shows.

Limbaugh and others of his ilk have manipulated public opinion in dangerous ways.

The idea is to make Limbaugh look great while making poor people look like bums, environmentalists appear to be “wackos,” and decent-minded people look like enemies of democracy.

The politicians who love Limbaugh have virtually destroyed the social safety net in America, but they still rant about “reverse discrimination” and the so-called “special privileges” given to minorities. White male paranoia has become epidemic. This despite the fact that the median net worth of black households in this country is $4,604, or just one tenth the median net worth of white families–$44,408. The comparable figure for Hispanics is $5,345.

On talk shows and elsewhere I am frequently asked why “blacks get all the college scholarships.” The General Accounting Office report that 96 percent of all the scholarship money in America goes to whites has done little to wipe out the white cries of persecution, many inspired by the likes of Limbaugh but reverberating in political campaigns across America.

Black judges and generals, cabinet officers and columnists, and talk-show hosts and television anchors are prominent symbols of the racial progress that has taken place in this society over the last two generations. But these symbols create a veneer that hides the truth that for the overwhelming mass of black people, Hispanics, and other nonwhites, precious little has changed during the thirty years that gave us the so-called civil rights revolution.

This harsh truth was never clearer to me than on August 27, 1993, when some seventy-five thousand people marched on Washington, D.C., to commemorate the celebrated March on Washington of 1963 when the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his great “I Have a Dream” speech.

Only the most embittered flamethrowers could argue that no racial progress had been made over those thirty years. Sane people of sufficient age remembered that in 1963 petty apartheid was still a deeply ingrained way of life in the old slave states, and Jim Crow held sway over more of the North than most Yankees would admit. Black children were getting their heads battered and bloodied simply because they tried to buy a hamburger or drink a cola in Jim Crow restaurants, or even fancy department stores. Black travelers were being humiliated on buses and trains, or when they sought shelter in “white” hotels and motels. Jim Crow was king from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Indianola, Mississippi.

That 1963 March on Washington provoked the Congress to pass the Public Accommodations Act of 1964, which erased most of the ugly racism manifested in segregated movie theaters, recreation facilities, and other public places. That law gave a measure of dignity to black people. Few Americans have tried to force blacks into the backs of buses, or deny them the right to sit among whites at theaters, in restaurants, and now even in beauty parlors and dance classes. We have had problems with Denny’s and other fast-food operations, but for the most part a black man’s dollar has come to look as green and good as that of anyone else. Stores that once refused to let black women try on dresses or other garments now spend billions of dollars a year pitching their merchandise to black women.

But those who perceive a dramatic decline in racism in the United States, or who embrace Ronald Reagan’s line that it no longer exists, will point out, accurately, that black political power was relatively inconsequential in 1963.

That 1963 march struck the consciences of millions of white Americans and enabled President Johnson to secure passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. As a result, by the time of the 1993 march, blacks from Georgia, North Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, had been elected to Congress, and some eight thousand other black elected officials were holding office.

It was notable in 1963 that no black person had ever been a member of a President’s cabinet. In 1963 there were no black syndicated newspaper columnists, no black presidents of major white universities, no black military men who even dreamed of becoming chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And no one listening to King’s dream would have stretched it to a belief that by 1993 blacks would have served as mayors of Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and other cities.

But therein lies a damning story of the indelible curse of racism. It was only when the cities were watching their tax bases erode as affluent whites and some privileged blacks fled to suburbs, urban crime rates began to soar, and the public schools were falling into disrepair that the white power structure said: “OK, let’s turn this mess over to a black mayor. And let him have a black police chief and a black superintendent of schools. Let them wrestle with this fucking problem!”

Political leaders moved deliberately to create “black majority” districts–in some cases creating district boundaries that looked absurd. Now politicians who benefited from gerrymandering for decades are screaming that gerrymandering to benefit blacks is unconstitutional. These efforts to rip away the political power blacks have obtained also carry the seeds of violent upheaval.

Then the businessmen who called the shots moved their businesses out of the cities. And Republican Presidents, seeing that our cities were populated more and more by blacks, Hispanics, immigrants legal and mostly illegal, who tended to vote for Democrats, said the big cities could “DROP DEAD!”

The Fair Housing Act of 1968 has never been much more than a joke. Big cities such as Chicago, New York, Detroit, may be more segregated in terms of housing now than was the case twenty-eight years ago.

Jim Crow is maintained as much by bankers and mortgage companies as by hood-wearing white hoodlums. In city after city investigative reporters and others have established the fact that even a black person of exceptional prestige and large financial resources has a more difficult time getting a housing loan than a white applicant with lesser qualifications. The difficulty is magnified if the black applicant is trying to integrate public housing projects in formerly white neighborhoods! In January 1996 we saw the spectacle of FBI agents and U.S. marshals accompanying four black families, including eight children, into the Vidor Village federal housing project in Vidor, Texas, an all-white suburb of Beaumont. The Department of Housing and Urban Development had taken over the project after nine previous black residents were driven out by harassment and threats of violence.

The result is that there is no sense of community that reaches across racial lines. So walls of fear, suspicion, and hatred are maintained. And that makes the unthinkable, a race war in America, possible.

The long-heralded 1954 Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education has failed in many important respects to wipe out Jim Crow in public education and to give blacks the most basic opportunities they were guaranteed forty years ago. The University of Alabama, which once was violently opposed to the admission of any black citizen, can now field a predominantly black football team, or even an all-black basketball team. Cheering fans may think for a moment that racism has vanished. But a visitor to the public schools of Birmingham, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., or Summerton, South Carolina, sees only token integration.

Now, the most pernicious discrimination in public schooling takes place in the North–in the cities such as Boston, Chicago, Detroit. White flight to suburbs, gerrymandering of school district lines, unfair distributions of everything from books, computers, and discretionary funds for teachers have poisoned such relationships as exist between black and white children.

Blacks gained dignity from the Public Accommodations Act and political power from the Voting Rights Act. But the whole truth is that there can be only limited dignity and self-respect for those who live in poverty, and there is only limited political power for Americans who have no money and can afford no lobbyists or political action committees.

The curse of racism was never more evident than in the fact that while some blacks found dignity and political clout and economic opportunity over the last thirty years, the great mass of black Americans have not. And that fact lies at the heart of the breakdown of so many American families, the rise in rage and violent criminal behavior, and the worries about personal safety that we all feel.

In July 1963 unemployment was 5.1 percent for white Americans and 10.2 percent for nonwhites; in July 1993 joblessness was 6.0 for whites and 12.9 for blacks. In 1963 unemployment for white teenagers was 16.5 percent, but 31.2 percent for nonwhites; in 1993 it was 15.6 for white teenagers, but 32.7 percent for blacks. Over all these years you could bet your life that black unemployment would at any time be at least double that for whites. That is how and why black people have become the heart of America’s permanent underclass.

In 1963, people marched on Washington in part to protest the fact that the median income of black families was only 53 percent of the median income of white families. That march provoked social legislation during LBJ’s presidency that lifted black families to the point where they had $64 for every $100 available to the white family. But then came the racist “white blacklash” that wiped out the heart of Johnson’s bid for a “Great Society.” Black family income fell, so today the normal black family has $57 for every $100 available to the normal white family. That is pitiful, tragic “progress.”

No law has provided for blacks and other minorities what ought to be the most basic of civil rights: the opportunity to work and earn a decent living. I have lived through all the promises of urban renewal, the War on Poverty, Community Action programs, Community Development corporations, Model Cities, Community Development block grants, Urban Development action grants, Enterprise Zones, and now “Empowerment Zones.” But no life-changing money went into urban ghettos or the pockets of rural poverty, because slicksters already eating at the federal gravy train found ways to siphon off, or just plain steal, the monies intended to revitalize the most depressed neighborhoods. Ronald Reagan has been out of office for years now, but prosecutors are still trying to convict and imprison all the HUD officials and their co-conspirators who looted that department of billions of dollars on Reagan’s watch.

You ask why, even with all the new evidence of bigotry, greed, exploitation of the underclass, anyone would be upset enough to start a race-class war. White Americans who have not endured the roller-coaster nightmare of political promises and burgeoning hopes, followed by dashed dreams and more of the traditional neglect, deliberate abuse, and institutionalized racism will never understand why some people stop hoping and start fighting.

From the time I was in elementary school in then Jim Crow Tennessee I have heard optimists, the self-styled keepers of “the American dream,” say: “We can never change this generation of adults, but the kids will solve the problem. They haven’t been fed racism in mother’s milk.”

We are sliding headlong into terrible racial conflict that will dwarf the Los Angeles riots precisely because the baby boomers have not grown up devoted to racial equality the way we thought or hoped they would. In fact, white youngsters–the children of the baby boomers–have swallowed more of the stereotypes that engender fear and hatred in recent years than at any time I have known. Thus, when they see that white girls are fornicating promiscuously, with larger and larger percentages getting pregnant out of wedlock, a “social scientist,” Charles Murray, and his mouthpieces can alarm the nation with warnings that white girls have begun to act like black girls.

In his State of the Union address in January 1994, President Clinton exhorted the nation to “remember that even as we say no to crime, we must give people, especially our young people, something to say yes to.” He said, “We must take the guns out of their hands and give them books.”

But white denial makes good steps difficult to achieve. There are only a few white people–the skinheads, assorted Klansmen–who will openly say they are racists. But corporate boardrooms, local governments, education districts, are full of powerful men and women who are virulent bigots but will be come stridently indignant and threaten to sue if someone calls them a racist. So racism thrives, safe behind a curtain of politically correct language. What constructive things have we actually given to the millions of underclass youth that they can say yes to? Not even books. Most readers of this book will have seen on TV numerous times the wretched public schools for blacks in which there are no encyclopedias, only a few termite-ridden books, not even a magnifying glass, let alone a modern piece of scientific equipment.

For almost seven years I have run a scholarship program for black high school seniors, and I have seen needed and deserved grants go to many hundreds of youngsters who display the learning, achievement, and personal integrity manifested by children who have been given a decent chance. But I see, with growing alarm, that millions of the children who can’t get nominated for a Project Excellence scholarship have never been given a fair shake, never been offered even a tiny stake in this society.

White Americans expect blacks to say yes when they get only the backs of white people’s hands.

Do they expect black youth who are desperate for ways to make an honest dollar to say yes to 40 percent or higher unemployment?

Do they expect proud and angry young black men to say yes to a Congress that allocates billions for new prisons but refuses to fund “dead-end” public service jobs? A “dead-end” job is a blessing for all of us compared with the dead people we keep counting in our pockets of unemployment.

We are at the brink of tragic racial strife because young black men have, in shameful numbers, been given prison cells to bolster the pretense that the bureaucrats are making progress in “the war against drugs.” Bureaucrats fired the first salvos in the race war when they let the white kingpins of the drug trade, corrupt cops and sheriffs, and rich drug-buying actors, publishers, athletes, lawyers, and stockbrokers skate free.

For a generation we have seen a law enforcement version of genocide: our failed drug war has incarcerated, or destroyed the reputations of, a fourth of the young black men in this country.

And now we hear a Democratic President, Bill Clinton, endorse “boot camps” for first-time violators of the law. And Newt Gingrich urging a “wartime” stance in which the federal government builds detention camps.

Welcome to the old South Africa and Nazi Germany!

There is a limit to how much oppression black Americans will take, no matter how much comfortable African Americans such as Carl Rowan tell them that they can never match the firepower of national guardsmen, or the troops that would surely be deployed to put down a black rebellion. Surely the Mayan Indians in Mexico’s southern state of Chiapas knew that their Zapatista National Liberation Army was no match for the military power that Mexico’s corrupt then-president Carlos Salinas de Gortari could throw against them. But rage and desperation provoked the Indians to seize San Cristobal de las Casas and other towns and villages, to take over a radio station, bust open a prison, take many hostages, and make it clear that life in Mexico could never be the same. They wouldn’t take it anymore.

If Gingrich and others think 33 million black people will accept his “stockades” in dumb docility, they had better ponder these facts:


* In every war, in every crisis, no group of Americans has been more loyal than African Americans. But the African American potential for destruction is incalculable should even a thousand desperately angry blacks become allies of the foreign terrorists who wish to do great harm to this country. The gates to the new concentration camps will swing shut much too late to stop those who think it is time for rebellion.* There are now five million or more Muslims living in the United States, a million in deeply troubled California alone, and close to a million in New York. Some 42 percent of the Muslim residents are United States-born African Americans. We would be fools to assume that they will listen only to moderate black pacifists. Louis Farrakhan was surely referring to them when he said in Iran that “God will give the Muslims the honor of destroying America.”

Let me reiterate that black involvement in a race war will largely be reactive–a response to deliberate provocations by the soul brothers of William Pierce and the other white supremacists, but also to those “law and order” Americans whose abuses of the criminal justice system drive blacks to say, “We’ve had enough!” It will be for the most part a black-versus-white war, because the rapidly growing Latin American population has not yet quite learned that the paranoiacs who spew forth rhetoric about killing to save the white race have no more respect for brown people than they do for black people. But Hispanics are sure to learn a lot faster than most Americans think. That is why from the White House to Capitol Hill to the largest and smallest city halls in America, there should be no priority greater than making the moves of justice that will prevent a race war.

You are saying, perhaps, that there can’t possibly be provocations that are serious enough to provoke a race war. Then you have no idea of what goes on in America every day. Consider, for example:

Two Days in December

It was December 6, 1995, a routine night at Fort Bragg, near the Fayetteville, North Carolina, home of the fabled 82nd Airborne Division of the U.S. Army. Many of the fifteen thousand members of this elite unit just sat around drinking beer–not yet sobered by the prospect of having to do duty in Bosnia or any other trouble spot.

One small gathering of drinkers included Private James N. Burmeister II, twenty, of Thompson, Pennsylvania, Private Malcolm Wright, twenty-one, of Lexington, Kentucky, and Specialist Randy Lee Meadows, Jr., twenty-one, of Mulkeytown, Illinois–all Caucasians. With each beer, Burmeister spoke with more agitation about wanting to earn his “spider web tattoo”–a symbol that he had committed a murder “for the cause.” The “cause,” later testimony showed, was white supremacy and the right-wing political agenda.

According to police and court records, Burmeister and Wright set out that December night, with Meadows driving, to find some black people to harass. They came upon a black man, Michael James, thirty-six, and a black woman, Jackie Burden, twenty-seven. After racial insults were hurled, one of the military men shot the two blacks to death.

Police arrested Burmeister and Wright on charges of first degree murder. They charged Meadows with two counts of conspiracy to commit murder.

When police searched Burmeister’s rented room, they realized that these were not random, drunken killings. They found a Nazi flag, white-supremacist literature, pamphlets on Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, and a videotape of the movie Natural Born Killers. Among the hate literature was a clandestine newsletter published at Fort Bragg called The Resister. A group called “Special Forces Underground” was publishing this newsletter, which in recent issues had railed against the United Nations, opposed United States policy in Haiti, and declared support for “individual rights, strict constitutionalism, limited government, isolationism, laissez-faire capitalism and republicanism.” Police also found a 9mm Ruger that they said was used to execute Mr. James and Ms. Burden.

When Burmeister, Wright, and Meadows admitted that they were skinheads–a neo-Nazi white-supremacy group that in recent years has become increasingly violent across most of the nation–military authorities at Fort Bragg and in Washington were aghast. Could a brutal, racist, revolutionary group have invaded the army and its celebrated “special forces” in such a frightening way? They must have remembered the two army men who had become buddies at Fort Riley, Kansas, and had been accused of bombing a federal building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. And just two months earlier, at Fort Bragg, a sergeant had been charged with a predawn sniper attack on soldiers who were warming up for a morning run. He had killed one member of the 82nd Airborne and wounded eighteen others.

Here were killings far more disturbing than any number of hate-inspired assaults by whites on blacks, Jews, Asians, and homosexuals. Here was a possible cancer within America’s most vital military forces, an affliction of right-wing hatred that would leave everyone, including the President, vulnerable to wanton murder.

Naturally, neither Pentagon nor White House officials wanted to portray the problem as a national security threat. On December 12, Secretary of the Army Togo D. West, Jr., announced a worldwide investigation of the presence of political extremists in army ranks, and a determination to oust from the military the hate groups that seemed to be gaining influence in American life. But West’s announcement was shrouded in a maze of military mumbo jumbo and political caveats about what the country could do or should do about, or to, haters in military uniforms.

The Pentagon said army regulations prohibit soldiers from active participation in groups that espouse supremacist causes, attempt to create illegal discrimination based on race, creed, religion, or sex, or that advocate the use of violence. The Pentagon said soldiers are discouraged, but not prohibited, from merely being members of hate groups, receiving mail from them, or attending their meetings while off duty.

Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth McGraw, spokesman for the Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, told the media that the extremists who published The Resister and opposed U.S. policies were not in violation of any regulations.

Was anything being said, or planned, that would deter those ready to kill to earn a tattoo? Or even those military men who printed in The Resister things that went to the heart of the army’s ability to fulfill a mission? Such as:

“The U.S. military has become a slave service for the wealth redistribution schemes of internationalists and gangs of weeping do-gooder mystics. One need simply note the circling of media carrion eaters to predict in which third world toilet these altruists will flush hundreds of millions of U.S. tax dollars and the lives of U.S. servicemen. Peacekeeping is a monumental fraud.”

Secretary West said that he believes the extremists of Christian militia mentality or other haters “are not a sizable proportion of our Army.” But the question arises, “How large, how well-organized, do these groups have to be if they have access to army training, army weapons, army secrets?”

Burmeister was not the only unheeded symptom of racial troubles in the military. Race riots had occurred in Korea years before. The navy had had hate-based eruptions on some ships. White members of hate groups on army bases in Germany wrote racial slurs on the cars of black soldiers. Skinhead groups in Colorado armed themselves with guns stolen by sympathizers on military bases.

Sad to say, the upsurge of violent racism in armed groups in America involves more than the United States Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. It now includes every police force in any city and county in America. the National Guard, federal agencies, and even some private “protective” groups.


On that December day in 1995 when Secretary West declared his intention to ferret out the haters in the army, I reacted with pessimism. I explained why with these words:


Do you remember that half a year ago we were shocked by revelations about an orgy of racism by law enforcement officers at a “Good Ol’ Boys Roundup” in Tennessee? White officials and ordinary agents of the FBI, the Secret Service, the Customs Service, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the U.S. Marshals Service, the Internal Revenue Service, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Bureau of Prisons, and even the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police would gather in Ocoee, Tenn., hiding behind a “Nigger Check Point,” to get drunk and vent their racism. Employees of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had begun this event, called “sickening” by President Clinton, in 1985.ATF Director John W. Magaw and the heads of the other law enforcement agencies promised investigations in July. Even though there are videotapes of some of their employees attending those “roundups of hatred,” we haven’t seen a single report of any punishment being meted out to anyone.

It’s time we faced the fact that some people–white, black, brown, or whatever–have violent, authoritarian personalities. The only places where they can legally get a gun, bayonet, or baton and occasionally use them to maim or kill is in a law enforcement agency or the military. We know about the crisis they have brought to the policing of America’s cities. We are learning, much too late, of the frightening problems these authoritarians, especially those driven by hate, are bringing to our legitimate military–and to the “militias” that are springing up.

© 1996 CTR ProductionsLittle, Brown

Finally A Conservative Republican:
August 19, 2010

Race War A’Comin’?

By John Dale Dunn MD JD

I was stunned a few weeks ago when a black professional colleague told me there were all-black cruises that featured speakers such as Louis Farrakhan. Mr. Farrakhan is a Muslim black nationalist, formerly a security officer, now successor to Elijah Mohammed of the Nation of Islam. He is a racist, an anti-Semite, and an anti American to the core.    
Prosperous American blacks pay good money to go on a cruise with a racist like Louis Farrakhan? Mr. Farrakhan is more hateful than other race agitators, hustlers, and shakedown artists like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. He is in concert with the Congressional Black Caucus, who slavishly support communist regimes like Cuba and anti-American projects, who are angry at Whitey, but claim to be the conscience of the Congress. I couldn’t help but think, What would be the public outcry if there were all-white cruises with David Duke, or the formation of a Congressional White Caucus? But blacks can’t be racist in the new order of things, can they?
Speaking of racism and accusations of racism, most properly raised Americans are committed to civil rights for all and elimination of discrimination, so what is this constant badgering about race directed at whites and led by the president? Keep rubbing the race sore — to promote what? Stir blacks and whites to violence?     
Unjust accusations of racism should not be used just to gain a political advantage. Such accusations are despicable and ultimately tragic, but they are particularly dangerous when approved or permitted  implicitly by the President of the United States. There is an army of talking heads who, with tacit approval of the White House, accuse Tea Party people of racism. If the president is leading this cabal that uses calumny and scurrilous accusations of racism directed at any white person who opposes the president’s policies, what is the remedy?
Can a president foment conflict among the people and be president for all Americans? Can the president be a race-baiter? How much of society has to be destroyed before a president is admonished to stop his destructive conduct? Will Obama incite blacks to riot or force whites to defend themselves against violent attack for his perverse political purposes? Obama has no sense or judgment, runs his mouth, and has the bad habits of a community agitator.
Racial politics has poisoned this society and the affairs of this nation. President Obama was fraudulently presented as a race-uniter and elected by white people, but he couldn’t put down the race issue as a weapon, and he can’t control or redirect his belligerent and bellicose posturing. His agitation is destructive, hateful, and malignant. Is he intent on destroying America? The president eschews the standards of conduct of MLK, Booker T. Washington, and George Washington Carver, who will not be forgotten when Obama is gone, we hope.   
The media insist that opposition to the leftist political plans is racist, so debate on political issues is stifled and unhealthy. In black-on-white situations, the news always skips to racism and excuses the black parties. Blacks are blameless, victims of racism. A black guy fired because he was caught on camera stealing shoots and kills all his coworkers, and the report is that he was the victim of white racism. Washington Post headline: “Beer warehouse shooter long complained of racism.” He is excused by the Post? Post blames dead whiteys?    
Even comedians say that the race card is maxed out. The plaintive call is raised for another  “dialogue on race.” Thomas Sowell discusses the race bean-counter grievance gambit. David Horowitz, red diaper baby icon of the leftist intelligentsia as a young writer and editor of Ramparts, in his autobiography Radical Son, wrote at length about race as a cudgel for Marxist/socialist attacks on America. Lloyd Marcus, an articulate and energetic opponent of mindless race-baiting, puts it well when he says the stakes are far too high to allow the race card to trump “logic, reason, and common sense.” Victor Davis Hanson asks the question “Everyone a Bigot?” and demonstrates that citizens are now condemned as homophobes for voting to preserve monogamous heterosexual marriage, called racist for insisting on border security, and scorned as intolerant Islamophobes for opposing the victory, thumb-in-your-eye mosque on sacred ground in Manhattan.
Criticism of the president is racist? To criticize him for breaking promises, heavy-handedness, appointment of unaccountable czars, promoting bad economic plans, staggering debt, and a bad health care bill is racist? When normal political discourse is stifled by accusations of racism and bigotry, what should the citizens do? Does the constitution allow a despot to force his will on a populace because he claims or gets others to claim his opponents are racist? 
The president is working a crude insider reparations program in administration policy and law-making — for example, in the health care bill, or even administrative matters like the GM dealership closings, race and preferences have been in play. Obama is serious about redistribution by racial favors and quotas, and the legislation supported by his administration always provides preference and sets aside boilerplate that plays to the set asides and preferences bias. Obama and his administration are not post-racial at all.
Now America is gasping for air with the Obama socialist boot on its neck. Tea Party people have to push ahead and must not be hesitant or afraid. They must stop murmuring about being nice and avoiding being called racists and pull the frightened Republican poobahs along.
The Marxists/socialists would be happy if they could spit racist into the hole when they throw the last spadeful of dirt on the Tea Party and conservative remains.
This is the last quarter of the contest — the last chance to fight back!
John Dale Dunn, M.D., J.D. is an emergency physician in Brownwood, Texas.
on “Race War A’Comin’?
Locust says: by all accounts, I’d say yes, one is coming, and its going to be big!

Obama quietly preparing military for “civil unrest.”

Obama quietly preparing military for “civil unrest.”

Obama wants 20,000 US troops to police US streets.

Stepping up on you…

A couple of items from Kerodin at III Percent Patriots:

SWAT is coming for your milk
(No. Seriously! This is becoming a regular habit for the food thugs – Curtis).

Bill reports that in Texas LEO is taking pictures during traffic stops…

And a couple of items courtesy Raiders News Network:

Facial recognition identifies your social security number

Mobile biometrics to hit US streets

Food, Control And The Growing Police State

In Secret, Senate Panel May Re-Up Vast Surveillance Dragnet

A Mind-Blowing Look At Today’s Mind-Controlled, Mind-Reading Technologies

And a reader sent this one in the comments: Fast-flying stun-gunning robocopter

Seriously folks, this crap is just getting out of hand. Lets take a look at technology. Instead of doing something good with it … they are using it against us … for our … safety.

And what business is it of the government if I/you buy or sell raw milk, cheese, back yard eggs and etc.?

If you have not seen the movie Minority Report, I encourage you to … because with today’s technology, that IS where we are going. And your government is, for the most part, subsidizing this research in technology. Just browse around the DARPA website.

And it is even going as far as messing around with your DNA. See the link to Raiders News Network above.

Obama Wins the Budget Battle

Obama Wins the Budget Battle



 Sheila Jackson-Lee might be the dumbest person in congress. She might even be the dumbest person outside congress. If there were ever a global championship for idiots, the country could send her there. And leave her there; because unlike Lassie, she wouldn’t be able find her way back on her own.

When Enron wanted someone to use as a puppet, they picked Sheila Jackson-Lee. They wanted a woman who didn’t have a mind of her own. Enron executives described her as “agreeable”, which was a polite way of saying, “dumber than a bunch of rocks caught in the hubcaps of a slow bus going the wrong way on a one way street in the middle of a flood.”

That’s from my Front Page Magazine article, Sheila Jackson Lee: Racist and Moron. That was the polite title. Unfortunately congressional Republicans aren’t exactly outscoring her right now.

The amount of friendly fire by a circular firing squad is what you would expect after losing an election. And the blogs that specialize in shouting, “Fight, Fight” and then standing by and racking up hit counts by pushing more fights aren’t exactly helping.

After spending two months kicking around Newt Gingrich, the GOP 2011 has mishandled the budget standoff while learning no lessons from his tenure. Obama’s goals were fairly simple and so far he’s achieved most of them.

1. Pin the blame for the impasse on Republicans

2. Divide the Republican leadership from the grass roots

3. Force through a “compromise” budget that gives him everything he wants and leaves the other side with nothing of substance that he can’t bypass.

The media covered the first part, with the aid of a GOP in communication breakdown mode. The GOP is now deep in circular firing squad mode which covers the second part. And the third is likely still to come.

A budget battle against a media entrenched Oval Office occupant, with only the House, but not the Senate was always a dicey proposition. It would take a strong negotiator with a powerful public presence to hold up the GOP side.

The goal on the Democratic side isn’t to pass a budget, but to create a crisis, pin the blame on the GOP, and particularly the Tea Party, wait for the opposition to fracture, and collect the winnings of a frantic compromise budget. And here we are.

Obama’s plan was to leave the mess in the House, have the Senate veto anything sent up, and give regular press conferences warning of imminent disaster. And it’s worked out fairly well. It’s irresponsible and there are Democrats in the know who are disgusted by it. But the same holds true for his entire tenure. It looks increasingly like he was able to bluff the Republican party, then divide and conquer.

This won’t destroy the Tea Party or give Obama a second term. But it sets a dangerous precedent in an election year. If the Republican party can be outmaneuvered on this, how good does the election really look?

Boehner is not the problem, but he is “a” problem. He seems to have been chosen for his inoffensive qualities. No one wanted a repeat of Gingrich vs Clinton. Fair enough. But there were better choices. The Republican party has no public face, and while that avoids the danger of being Gingriched, it lets the media put its own face on the party. With no real response.

The GOP does need a public face. A great communicator who’s telegenic and articulate, charming and able to be on every news program at the same time. Those aren’t impossible requirements. But in a party that puts forward the likes of Boehner, Pawlenty, Paul Ryan and wonders why they won’t connect, that is a challenge. More of one than it should be.

The larger problem though is strategic. Going into the budget fight, the only ammunition on the GOP side was an expectation that the Democrats would want to work toward a deal. And that was a mistaken assumption. The Dems had nothing to gain from a deal, and everything to lose.

The Democratic party lost badly in 2010. Obama’s polling is equally disastrous. Even if the left wing gang that controls the party now was interested in being good citizens, their only shot is to sabotage the GOP. And that’s what they’re doing. They’re not prepared to take real damage to do it, but they were betting that the Republican party wouldn’t either. Because the GOP is rising, and when you’re rising, then you have more to lose.

The challenge here wasn’t impossible, but it wasn’t easy either. And the Republican party blew it. But losing a battle is also valuable. It’s a wake up call before losing the war.