NVIDIA Releases Affordable AI Development Hardware for the Masses

Adrian Sol

Daily Stormer
December 9, 2017


The development of artificial intelligence technologies is accelerating at a breakneck speed, and NVIDIA’s latest card will only compound that.

Modern AI research and development is based on machine learning, which usually requires either specialized cards or large arrays of powerful video cards. Either would cost many thousands of dollars, placing this somewhat out of the hands of ordinary people.

However, NVIDIA just released a new version of their specialized AI hardware that is a fraction of the price while offering comparable speeds. This means that anyone sufficiently motivated can now not only work on AI code from their home, but actually develop working AI systems for a reasonable time and cost.


Out of nowhere, NVIDIA has revealed the NVIDIA Titan V today at the 2017 Neural Information Processing Systems conference, with CEO Jen-Hsun Huang flashing out the card on stage. A mere 7 months after Volta was announced with the Tesla V100 accelerator and the GV100 GPU inside it, NVIDIA continues its breakneck pace by releasing the GV100-powered Titan V, available for sale today. Aimed at a decidedly more compute-oriented market than ever before, the 815 mm2 behemoth die that is GV100 is now available to the broader public.

Sure. But can it run Crysis tho?

For the spec sheet we’ve gone ahead and lined it up against NVIDA’s other Pascal cards, and for good reason. While the Titan series of cards may have started life as a prosumer card in 2013, since then NVIDIA’s GPU designs have become increasingly divergent between compute and graphics. And even though the previous Titan Xp was based on the more graphics-focused GP102 GPU, the card itself was primarily (but not solely) pitched as an entry-level compute card, for customers who needed a (relatively) cheap way to do FP32 compute and neural network inferencing in workstations and small clusters.

The Titan V, by extension, sees the Titan lineup finally switch loyalties and start using NVIDIA’s high-end compute-focused GPUs, in this case the Volta architecture based V100. The end result is that rather than being NVIDIA’s top prosumer card, the Titan V is decidedly more focused on compute, particularly due to the combination of the price tag and the unique feature set that comes from using the GV100 GPU. Which isn’t to say that you can’t do graphics on the card – this is still very much a video card, outputs and all – but NVIDIA is first and foremost promoting it as a workstation-level AI compute card, and by extension focusing on the GV100 GPU’s unique tensor cores and the massive neural networking performance advantages they offer over earlier NVIDIA cards.

The AI revolution is coming.

At just $3000, middle class White people can afford to buy this card and start creating some interesting applications. This could be the start of something huge – until now, applications of AI technology has been restricted to companies and other organizations with a profit motive, or organizations with a leftist ideological bent.

Think of the potential. The “make-up remover” app is only the beginning.

Automated trolling systems. Jew facial recognition more accurate than any Nazi. Chatbots that redpill people. An app that outs homos, or detects undercover trannies.

Once high-agency goys get their hands on this tech and start working those neurons, there’s nothing that can’t be done.

Minecraft Creator “Notch” Tweets “It’s Okay to be White”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2017

Daaaaam son.

Notch, being the creator of the game “Minecraft,” is already the patron saint of all autists worldwide. In other words, he was already someone special to the Alt-Right.

But he just kicked things up a notch (heh).

Considering that the sales of Minecraft have given him enough “fuck you” money to last him several life times (he’s worth well over a billion dollars), he’s definitely in a position where he can say politically incorrect things without suffering any meaningful repercussions.

But his tweeting of “it’s okay to be White” sure did kick up a shitstorm, huh? But perhaps just as interesting than the original tweet is the stuff he said in the rest of the thread.

This guy is a /pol/ack?


It was already known that Notch was a chan guy for a long time, but he just confirmed that he was a regular on /pol/.

Not only that, but he casually announced he was making “Minecraft 2.”


From now on, Minecraft, as a franchise, will always be associated with the pro-White movement. Let that sink in for a moment. If he does end up making Minecraft 2, he’ll have first announced it in a thread he started defending the White race.

This is the best timeline possible.

Hail Mein Kraft!

Needless to say, anti-White human refuse isn’t too happy with this.

The Root:

Markus “Notch” Persson, the creator of the game “Minecraft,” appeared to have a white privilege meltdown on Twitter early Thursday regarding his belief that it is “ok to be white” and white privilege, as he says, is a “made up metric.”

It started with a single tweet early Thursday morning. “It’s ok to be white,” Persson, who tweets under the handle @notch, wrote.

The noble hero charges at the enemy.

As of the time of this writing, Persson has not tweeted anything further from his account.

Looking through his past tweets, it appears he either still does or has in the past frequented the 4chan message boards, which makes his particular brand of racism and shock-value tweeting completely unsurprising.

Still, most people with successful companies and brands at least try to hide their shit a little bit.

Guess we canceling “Minecraft” now, right?

No, Shanequa, we’re not cancelling “Minecraft.”

We’re cancelling niggers.

Minecraft 2 will be all about building cathedrals from the bones of Jews and minorities, in super HD graphics and probably with VR support as well. The original Minecraft sold over 120 million copies, so you can be sure that an entire generation of kids are going to spend their leisure time stacking blocks of Jewish bones sky-high for the next decade or so.

Alternatively, I could do with a merchant camp management simulator.

As of now, I’m officially adding Notch to “team Sweden” along with PewDiePie for their role in red-pilling kids and autists. These two need to team up and craft a video game + “let’s play” series so tight that it successfully cleanses Sweden (and Europe) of the Moslem hordes.

This may be the ultimate dream-team.

TDS226: A Faggot For Girls

Fash the Nation 98: Singer’s Subversives

Fash the Nation 98: Singer’s Subversives

Full of turkey and free of POC, Eric Striker co-hosts this Thanksgiving edition of Fash the Nation with Jazzhands McFeels, covering the latest happenings in Washington and beyond. In the second hour, Striker tells the story of how he became a fellow /our guy/, afterward delving into the financial and subversive political structure of the establishment GOP. It’s all ahead on Fash the Nation!

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01:25:00 Europa Report
01:35:00 The Red-Pilling of Eric Striker
02:00:00 ((((((Paul Singer))))))’s Subversives
02:48:00 Word-of-the-Day

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Victor Davis Hanson; Explains why California is Failing Despite Silicon Valley and all it’s Wealth

The left coast is so leftist is because they have the luxury of not having to suffer the cost and consequences of their idiotic agendas they want to impose on everyone else. They have the luxury of indulging in “muh feels” and virtue signaling, while the rest of us suffer. There is only one way to stop these marxists, we burn and raze these communities to the ground, and slaughter everyone. Victor Davis Hanson talks about assimilation, but history shows us that only ethnic groups part of the same race can assimilate with one another, niggers and indians have been here far longer than beaners, and they still have not assimilated. They ALL need to leave, civil war is coming, fight of die. Blood and Soil. Race matters, its real, the natural order will always win.