Greece Fights Back: Antifa Buildings Torched Amid Europe’s Largest Ever Nationalist Rally


Jack Kenrick, Squawker, 22 January 2018

Over four hundred thousand flag waving patriots joined together yesterday. In a display of purely Nationalistic based pride that seemed almost out of place in today’s modern diversity first Europe. Taking to the streets in protest of neighboring country Macedonia, a nation they feel has stolen an important part of their heritage and culture. Here below is some drone footage of the rally, which provides a proper sense of just how large this crowd truly was.

Not everyone was thrilled by the huge turnout. Including Greece’s Progressive government, who made their disapproval of the entire event quite clear before it even began. With multiple senior lawmakers today calling the event an irresponsible act, that only fanned the flames of the over 25-year-long feud with neighboring Macedonia.

The political disapproval for the rally is likely why despite a purported 68% of Greeks backing the protests overall goals, the crowd yesterday was met with an incredibly large militarized police presence. A presence that sadly and almost inevitably led to numerous reports of violence and the crowd clashing with authorities.

The Greek government even attempted to use its control of the media to limit the influence and reach of the protest. With the state controlled national broadcaster ERT, purposely not mentioning the largest demonstration in Greek history on their nightly news broadcast.

Beyond even these blatant examples of Government censorship, the real story however might just be the fact that the Greek people appear to have seemingly run out of patience for the Alt-Left extremists living among them. With witnesses claiming to have seen a handful of protesters break away from the crowd and throw a Molotov cocktail into a building widely known to be used by a local Antifa chapter operating in the city. While no damage was done to neighboring houses, nor anyone injured in the attack as the house was empty at the time. The Antifa occupied house was in fact completely destroyed in the ensuing blaze.

Government opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis called the rally a demonstration of “the indignation of Greek citizens towards a government that acts secretly and, with its acts and omissions, shows that it is incapable of serving national interests.” This declaration in support of the rally was met with an official government spokesperson quickly calling Mitsotakis “unreliable, irresponsible and populist.” Proving once again that anyone who has his own people’s interests at heart, is considered unacceptable by the Leftist ruling political class.

Despite the blow back from their own Government, the people of Greece don’t appear to be backing down. With the rally this weekend revealing just how many were still willing to take to the streets and openly display their love of country and national heritage. Some even, whether right or wrong, even dared to back up those words with actions against those who might otherwise want to quiet them. It’s uncertain for now if this violence was merely a one off or signs of continued conflict to come, but we do know for sure that the peaceful protests at least will be continuing. With another demonstration set for February 4th, this time located in the capital city of Athens itself.

The Darkness

The Darkness

When people hear of darkness they usually associate it with only one thing – fear, chaos, absolute nothingness. And yes, there is such an aspect towards it, we analyzed the color „black“ before – and one can easily compare it to the void of space in the galaxy – only where there is something which isn’t black „out there“ do we find life of various kind : Planets, Suns, Star Systems – a „Light“, so to speak. The traditional understanding of darkness is not invalid, but there is more to it.

Nevertheless, we also must be able to differentiate the idea of „darkness“ from the „color“ black and the various associations with it. Darkness is not only the absence of light within the spectrum of vision, it also describes and includes the mental, spiritual and psychological states of an individual – as well as his collective.

In that sense, the European race has found itself within a dark state of existence. It is afraid of it, it has lost its perception because of it, it finds nothing to cling or hold unto within it, its spirit and willpower have been entangled within dark thoughts and patterns – and, worst of all – within that darkness, the European race has been sold a fake light which is supposed to deliver them from this state of being.

What is the ethymology of darkness?

Dark – Old English deorc “dark, obscure, gloomy; sad, cheerless; sinister, wicked,” from Proto-Germanic *derkaz (source also of Old High German tarchanjan “to hide, conceal”). “Absence of light” especially at night is the original meaning. Application to colors is 16c. Theater slang for “closed” is from 1916.

Dark – early 13c., from dark (adj.). Figurative in the dark “ignorant” first recorded 1670s.

-Ness – word-forming element denoting action, quality, or state, attached to an adjective or past participle to form an abstract noun, from Old English -nes(s), from Proto-Germanic *in-assu- (cognates: Old Saxon -nissi, Middle Dutch -nisse, Dutch -nis, Old High German -nissa, German -nis, Gothic -inassus), from *-in-, noun stem, + *-assu-, abstract noun suffix, probably from the same root as Latin -tudo (see -tude).

We can therefore sum it up as such: A dark person is someone who is gloomy, sad, cheerless, sinister and wicked; A dark character and a dark environment are particularly specified by the absence of light; A dark person is an ignorant person; Darkness is the state, action and quality of being dark – this can be applied to the individual, the collective, and the metaphysical.

We also notice that it is applied to colors.

The entire rest of this world is almost completely black-eyed and black-haired, and has various shades of skin color which finally reach black as well. The more percentage of black is included in this combination – the lesser advanced the collective and the more primitive they are when left on their own. In its metaphysical sense we can see here that the idea of “darkness” applies to the color.

As we researched this planet we realized that those very dark collective groups hadn’t even developed the basics of knowledge – fire, the wheel, a written language, etc. They were, so to speak, sitting in the dark, which of course, also reflected upon their minds – their abilities to reason, think, understand and know.

Horrible things are practiced among such collectives ranging from cannibalism to pedophilia of various kinds – the idea of light and sacredness doesn’t seem to be something they grasp or are willing to think of. One can hardly imagine a benevolent God in an entirely dark form, let alone an angel – one can hardly believe that there might exist a “heaven” somewhere which was created by such a collective consciousness.

Our Sun is giving Light to the darkness of our Galaxy – as long as it persists, so does Life as we know it. The moment it gives up, everything will be consumed by darkness.

The closer it is to the source of light darkness may assume some of its characteristics – but its main natural aim is to eventually consume it. One who does not realize this, or is not willing to understand this, risks the destruction of the very source of light. For it does not matter how much the light tries to educate the darkness – once it is gone – it will return to its original state of being. There is no real heritage to be preserved in such a case.

For darkness everything that the light has left behind becomes idolatry. Sculptures which mean nothing anymore; images which seem alien and strange; buildings which seem to have fallen down from the heavens or risen up from the earth – everything becomes an empty shell without a spirit – it remains touchable, visible, but it has no meaning for there is nothing or no one left to describe it, to preserve it, to give purpose to it.

Some may go as far as to say that life is to be found exclusively in light, whereas it lacks entirely in darkness. There is metaphysical truth within such a statement and we can identify it in one particular behavior: Darkness is vile and outright evil towards Nature and living creatures within it.

Do remember – darkness, on the metaphysical sense – exists on various levels and even planes as we have said: The soul, spirit, mind, body, thoughts, wisdom, morality, etc.

One particularly “dark” element upon this planet is the Jewish War Diary called the Bible. To be exact, all of the Abrahamic religions are dark, as they create spiritual and mental darkness within individual people and groups. The only real analysis one should have to do about them is which one of them is the worst – that is to say – which one of them creates the most darkness within humanoids.

The more Abrahamic followers there are on this planet: The more wicked and insane it has become. It is fitting that its God Yahweh is called the “Lord of Armies, the God of War” whose army represent the Jewish people with whom he will destroy non-Jewish people, nations and kingdoms. Alas, the average Abrahamic follower of non-Jewish descent never reads those chapters and verses.

For those followers have fallen into the Jewish abyss within which the Bible is being sold as the “Light” – the same way you have to enter a shadow institution called Freemasonry based upon secrecy in order to receive “light” within it by swearing upon the Bible or any other Yahweh-related book – pretending that this Jewish God somehow represents the “same unifying entity” upon this planet, pretending that the Abrahamic religions are somehow “touched by the Creator”, benevolent and good. Whatever good there may have existed within it, has been ruined by the Semitic overlay.

It is all darkness folks, and it’s bad for you.

But, let us talk about the other applications of darkness – the conscious and unconscious one – the one which talks primarily about the mental state of the individual. Assume you don’t know something. As long as you don’t know, during this process of acquiring knowledge, you are in the “dark”. But, you have to know that you are in it, in order to get out of it. Only then will you find the brightest of light – the black sun – as some may call it.

It is not an accident that it is usually said that those who have passed many trials during their life also turned out to be great and solid characters – challenges make us grow, make us strong and make us search deeper into our own being. Nowadays there are no challenges – Jews have turned our societies into comfort zones with various social justice groups which are triggered by the existence of one another. However, for those of us who are aware, we see one big challenge – that of saving the European race from extinction.

Many of you already know by now that the awakening to not only White genocide, but also the Jewish problem, leads you to a very dark state of being – everything, and I mean really everything – becomes fucked up. You finally see again, but all you see is death, chaos and destruction. You’d like to go mad and destroy this prison you find yourself in, but for the time being, you cannot do so and it is eating you from the inside out.

However, I want you to ease yourself with the following words: You know that you are in the dark and therefore you are capable of grasping the light as well.

This light which you are able to grasp is a magnificent one, a crucial one, one that will develop you to the most enlightened cores of Aryanism again – for you know, you understand, and most important of all – you are willing to become an Aryan again. You are willing to train, learn, research, progress, go deep within yourself no matter what it takes – in order to become strong, wise and knowledgeable enough to not only survive, not only struggle, but win against this infected and infested system which has been forcefully installed within our homelands.

In the case of knowledge most people have trouble with the first and primal step: The beginning – the very decision to acquire knowledge. It may sound ridiculous, but this is where most people get stuck. They are so afraid of the “dark” that they do not wish to allow themselves to be labelled as “being in the dark” about something. Thus, the parent pushes his child into the sea in order for the child to learn how to swim; he sits him on the bicycle and lets him go.

Within the darkness one has to find the light – this is simply the metaphorical process of acquiring knowledge. Once this light has been acquired, one can always return to the formerly known “darkness” and illuminate it with one’s own Self. If a field of knowledge has developed itself during time you will again enter a field of darkness if you have the courage to go into it – because your “light” of knowledge is not strong enough anymore for the newly developed darkness.

There is of course a burden which one has to carry while acquiring knowledge, that is to say “light”. The more you know, the more you understand – and the wiser you therefore become – the more processes of good and evil you had to analyze. In other words – you have seen, witnessed, processed, understood and are aware of more evil than other people are. In our modern day times and in our struggle for survival, this is equivalent to all the true knowledge you have on White genocide. The shadow is “darker” because you see more details within it.

The rest of the people don’t believe you – for they lack the “light” to see. They can’t see, nor do they understand the evil which you talk about: It doesn’t exist in their mental capacity, it doesn’t register within their mind. The only way to be extremely good, is to know an extreme amount of evil. The only way to become strong is to push yourself to your limits, to exhaust yourself many times over.

To have a strong will, one must know his weaknesses, one must know what can crumble your will. It is through the absolute and constant development of the Self that one reaches an absolutely constant state of excellence and being. The Jewish system therefore promotes an early death within our people: Our people die at a very early age and are kept alive only to be used as slaves.

The problem arises when the individual doesn’t perceive his own shadow. This is particularly possible when the individual did not develop it on its own, but has been indoctrinated into an artificial shadow by the Jewish system – all the transgenders, feminists, marxist lunatics and similar characters – are shadow projections which have been implanted into them and it is difficult to explain to these people that an alien entity lives within their mental, psychological and spiritual being.

The anti-virus won’t help in such a state of existence: Only by explaining to that person what he truly is, what he can become, what he is being denied of – can the individual truly awake from the induced prison. In case of White genocide and White traitors wanting to exterminate their own kind, it is fitting to explain to them that the only way to save the world from slavery, usury, pedophilia, sickness, death, destruction; that the only way to save the animal life, nature, earth itself – is to preserve the Aryan European who cares for all those things.

We must therefore show that our mission is not merely “selfish” in terms of fighting for our survival, but that we care about freedom, love, nature, animals, the planet; that we wish to develop a healthy medical system, a healthy family life in which both the male and female have fulfilling roles, a non-usury system, etc. – we must win them over by showing them what we, the awakened ones, and they, the lost Europeans, truly are.

We survived the indoctrination, we survived the shock therapy – we need to understand what it took to wake up from it, what it took to see clearly again, and we have to apply this same healing process unto our people. I take time to sit in this darkness of mine, I allow myself to look back and experience things again – I see the exhaustion, I feel the anger, I breathe the uncertainty – I see the anxiety, I feel the emotion of helplessness, I breathe in the misery: And I see my own development out of it.

Beware though! Be careful, lest you fall into the pit of the abyss while doing so – one can be overwhelmed with the recollection of the past in such cases and consumed by it: You may have acquired the light, but it can drop, and in many cases, people forget to “carry it with them”. Only by having both a light and dark side are you going to be complete, only by having a conscious and unconscious will you be fulfilled.

But, herein lies the mystery – people rarely know they have both of those and as long as they don’t know – they are subject to them; they will be ruined and misled by the unconscious and the conscious. Only when the individual has both of them under control, will he experience life at its fullest potential. One could label this a little bit differently: Only when you reach a level where you can trust your unconscious and direct your conscious – will you find equilibrium.

You drive your car every day – on routes which you have used many times by now – you aren’t entirely awake and aware: Your unconscious has taken over.

Unconscious can finally become the zipped and collective knowledge of a certain field – I believe I gave this example already: An experienced mountain climber, if he slips, will have strongly developed reflexes which the unconscious will immediately activate in order to save him; an inexperienced mountain climber will attempt to find a logical move within the small amount of time he has and fail to do so. The observer will call it luck or lack of luck.

It is the lack of knowledge and the lack of drive towards light which has led our Jewish run societies to their degenerate states of being. The Olympic games, our Gods, Monuments, Idols, Sculptures, Heroes, Leaders, Legends, etc. – all of those were designed to give fire and light to the next generation of Europeans. With all of them being denied in the name of the Jewish God Yahweh, the spirit, fire and soul of our people are being extinguished. With no one there to show them their inner light, they remain ever locked in the darkness, believing that the artificial light which the Jews are selling them is the real light which will help them.

Alas, it goes even further than that, doesn’t it? The Jews have convinced them that they, the Jews, are the “light of this world”, a people “chosen” by their Desert War God Yahweh to rule this world in his name, to conquer it in his name, to enslave the rest of the world for his name. And that, my friends, is a highly dangerous state of existence that we find ourselves in.

Oh, and haven’t you witnessed that fear? The atmosphere in the area smells of it when you explain to lemmings what is going on – their eyes widen, their faces go pale – anger rises within them, they become aggressive, but not to resist you, but to resist the light which is trying to destroy the darkness within them. Do not hesitate to show them the light – look at it this way – every time you give them information, you plant a seed.

And those seeds will eventually grow. No tree can grow without its roots. The tree is visible in the light, while the root remains invisible in the dark. But, you need both in order to be able to stand firm in the light. They have to witness the evil of this world in order to embrace the good within themselves again.

There is a theory and within it is described the mystery of evil – for it is said that it can only act in the light. Therefore, its main objective is to remain hidden in broad daylight. It presents itself as a benevolent being. It must manipulate, indoctrinate, control and destroy anyone and anything that is capable of seeing and recognizing it for what it is – evil. The Christian order of “resist no evil” thus requires of the individual absolute ignorance and arrogance of knowledge.

For only someone who doesn’t know evil is truly incapable of resisting evil.

Our people today, on large, do not see, know or understand evil – even worse! – they are being manipulated to join with evil itself into degenerating everything further into darkness. Even when evil attempts to operate “from the shadows”, it does so by using puppets in broad daylight.

The first step, however, is secrecy. Thus, evil “hides” in an artificial construct of light – an artificial society – a society which prevents natural behavior of any kind and attempts to mind manipulate its surrounding. For an enemy encountered in darkness, without any established system, will only receive the natural force which he deserves. People are blinded by everything the Jewish system has established, up to the point where they cannot and will not accept any evidence which even the Jews themselves accidentally (or on purpose even) present. If there is no system, or if the individual refuses it, he can easier see the Jew for who he is.

This also means that you have to watch at things the way they are – not as they are presented to you – take this example for it: Advertisements. Products are always brought to you in special “light”, yet in reality, in “darkness”, when you use them, touch them, observe them, they are utterly bad.

Aristotle reminds us here that the system will attempt to demoralizes us at every step along the way. They will make it seem hopeless, they will tell you that it is over, that you have lost, that you can’t go on: They will do everything they can to prevent you from seeing the light. They will offer you ways of releasing the tensions, of making you feel as if “we are winning” in order for you to never fully grasp into the darkness and reach for the true light.

They will offer you a red pill and use you to re-build their matrix system. Don’t look for false hope leaders, become one yourself. Don’t allow yourself to become entertained by Jewish led oppositions – become your own enlightenment. Don’t allow yourself to give up, or believe in a Jewish messiah who will save you – save your own Self, save your own people. Nothing in this world happens without you becoming involved in it – you won’t escape the darkness or find the light within it – by waiting for someone else to show up.

You must do it. You must conquer your own Self. You must embrace the Darkness and win over the Fear which it projects. You must see, know and understand Evil in order to Resist it – only then are you also capable of bringing about solutions for it. Until then, you will not see it, you won’t recognize it and you won’t have the willpower to go against it. Don’t allow the Jewish indoctrinated projection of your “self” to conquer your Self. Don’t allow the Jewish system to indoctrinate your body, your unconscious and conscious to work against you. They will attempt to do so by manipulating your emotions, guilt, conscience, by giving you belief and sin. Resist. At any cost. By any means necessary.

The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself. To be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile
– Plato –

Radical Agenda S03E001 – Reintroduction

Christopher Cantwell

December 19, 2017

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve been through a lot together. Blood, sweat, and tears, literally. Freedom, incarceration, but usually somewhere in between. There have been times when I thought I couldn’t go on, and for those of you who’ve been around awhile, I’m sure there were times you thought I should give up. I suspect you’ll agree with me that it is a very good thing I did not do so.

For now, I plan to resume regular production of the Radical Agenda on its prior schedule of Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 5-7pm Eastern. You can watch live on or you can listen live at I’ve been banned from iTunes and a lot of other platforms, but you can still listen to the podcast here or using the Podcast Addict app for Android.

For those of you who are joining us for the first time, I should probably fill you in on what exactly it is that we’re doing here. This is an entertainment program. In fact, Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer has called this the most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right. It is largely based on true stories, because I’m a political junky and this is what I fill my head with all day long, but it is not the primary purpose of the show to educate the audience. Rather, I hope in each episode to make listeners want to laugh, cry, and commit murder all within the same two hour segment. I am purposely creating an emotional roller coaster, and my primary demographic is white males.

This is not to say that I am a simple clown or actor, just about every fact stated on the show is true. But for example, when I said Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore molested me when I was a teenage girl back in the 70s, this was what we in the business refer to as a joke. Most of the time, you will have a far more difficult time determining where the humor stops and reality begins, and that is done intentionally. I’m fucking with you on purpose, and I expect you to pay me for the service at

But let’s be a bit more explicit. I am a racist, and this is a racist podcast, but what does that even mean these days? According to Democrats, cutting taxes is racist, saying “All Lives Matter” is racist, even treating people the same regardless of race, is racist. So I don’t find this word particularly valuable in the common parlance.

I am a race realist, which is to say, I do not suffer from egalitarian delusions about race. It means I believe in science. Human beings are animals not so different from any other. We are biological organisms who inherit features of our existence from the DNA of our parents, and since different groups of human beings evolved for generations in differing climatic conditions sharing different gene pools, it should come as no surprise to anyone that there are differences between racial groups. Those differences depend largely on the requirements for survival in the environment in which we evolved.

For example, Europeans like me evolved in a place where we had to contend with winters. The only way for us to survive before all the wonders of modern technology, was to think ahead, develop agriculture, and refrain from eating our seed crop in times of scarcity. Intelligence and deferral of gratification was necessary for our survival. People who did not develop these traits did not survive to leave progeny, and we are what was left over after the dummies and high time preference savages amongst us died off.

Blacks evolved in Africa, where food drops from trees and scurries past one’s feet. They hunted and gathered, instead of raising crops, because that was what best suited their survival in that environment. Intelligence did not have nearly as large a role to play, and so it should come as no surprise that blacks on average have lower IQs than do whites. Nor should it surprise us that they are more prone to violence.

If all you value is intelligence, then you might be thinking I am saying that whites are the master race, but this would not explain my anti-Semitism. Moreover, malaria resistance proved more important than intelligence in Africa, so in a battle between a 140 IQ and a mosquito bite, the mosquito bite won. Not very masterful, if you ask me.

Jews on average have higher IQs than whites. This is due to their religion, which is to the best of my knowledge the earliest known human eugenics program. You might notice that Jews do a great deal of complaining about racism in Europe and the United States, which is funny to me because they literally made race a religion. They rarely race mix, they select for intelligence, and so when they occasionally do marry a gentile, it is usually with gentile elites, such as the marriage between Ivanka Trump and ((((((Jared Kushner)))))).

Yet, they seem hell bent on pushing race mixing on everyone else. You see this in movies and advertisements all of the time. It appears in Jewish run media in far greater frequency than in the real world, and I believe this is done purposely to reduce the racial integrity of their greatest resource competitors, like your humble correspondent here. By purposely I should clarify, I do not mean the legal definition of intent. It is rather that the behavior serves a purpose. What I am discussing here is a theory of evolutionary psychology, rather than a planned conspiracy.

Now, since this is an entertainment program, I cannot constantly go into these detailed explanations of things. It makes more sense sometimes to simply say “Niggers steal because they are dumb” or “Gas the kikes, race war now”. These are rhetorical mechanisms to deliver messages, also known as memes.

Another thing you need to understand is how we discuss violence.

I talk about government compulsion as violence, as should be understood by any libertarian. Taxes are not the same thing as payments to your insurance company. What separates the two is coercion. There is a threat of violence if you don’t pay, and society becomes so used to this they don’t even think about it. Maybe you think that’s a good idea, or maybe you think it is terrible, but I’m not going to spend a great deal of time reminding you that when I talk about using force, I’m often talking about the government forcing people to do things.

Simultaneously, I don’t think democratic elections are the best way of determining who gets to call themselves the government. If democratic institutions cannot maintain the sort of ordered liberty characteristic of Western Civilization, then non-democratic ones ought to fill that void. I’m not a big fan of “revolutions” because I think of them as leftist uprisings, but, for example, I would not be offended if the next Democrat who got elected president was forcibly deposed by the military. If Donald Trump decided to dissolve Congress, and call off all future elections, that would be about as constitutional as a carry permit, but in whatever conflict ensued, I would likely support the president. If New Hampshire’s legislature decided to secede from the union, and the United States decided to remind us of Lincoln’s policy on that sort of thing, I’d side with New Hampshire. Ultimately, I think the whole apparatus of the State ought to be privatized and we could deal with all questions of authority by property titles. Until that happens though, I like to remind the audience from time to time that power is not always so clearly defined as most are led to believe.

You’ll hear us say things like “physically remove Democrats” which is a literary reference to Hans Hoppe’s Democracy The God That Failed, and generally the reference is to deportation by a qualified authority, unless the context indicates otherwise. Gas chambers, ovens, wood chippers, and helicopters it should be obvious are fantasy violence memes.

The only private sector violence you’ll hear me seriously advocating on this program is force used in defense of person and justly acquired property. Though I think self defense precedes States, rendering duty to retreat laws and the like illegitimate, my advice is always to know what the law is and obey it to the extent possible. Under the best of circumstances, you can still be prosecuted for defending yourself, and most violent situations are far from ideal. Right now I’m facing 40 years in prison for allegedly pepper spraying two rioters who just attacked the guy next to me and were about to attack me next, and I’ve got the whole damn thing on video. If you hurt someone and are prosecuted, it might not be nearly as clear, there might not be such clear evidence, and you could end up in prison even if everything you did was 100% legal, as is the case with your humble correspondent right now.

I’m not going to explain this crap every time I need to come up with a joke in a fraction of a second to keep this audience entertained. Doing so just makes this job way too difficult, and I already have to go to extraordinary lengths just to keep my website running and the money flowing. I am very much enjoying watching the internal meltdown of the left as they come to terms with the contradictions of their ideology. The same Jew filth who broke down all legal barriers to pornography using the first amendment as their battering ram, are now peddling to the public that they have a civic duty to assault me and perjure themselves in court to prevent me from talking about politics they disagree with.

I would rather spend the rest of my life cagefighting niggers and living off ramen noodles in prison, than back down to that kind of dishonesty and intimidation. You fucked with the wrong bull, and I’m going to shove this microphone right up your collective kike asses until somebody kills me.

424-3-GO-NAZI or Radical Agenda on Skype if you would like to be on the pogrom. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5-7pm Eastern time.


VeGAINator: FBI Hate Crimes Towards Whites Americans is Rising – I Wonder Why



Victor Davis Hanson; Explains why California is Failing Despite Silicon Valley and all it’s Wealth

The left coast is so leftist is because they have the luxury of not having to suffer the cost and consequences of their idiotic agendas they want to impose on everyone else. They have the luxury of indulging in “muh feels” and virtue signaling, while the rest of us suffer. There is only one way to stop these marxists, we burn and raze these communities to the ground, and slaughter everyone. Victor Davis Hanson talks about assimilation, but history shows us that only ethnic groups part of the same race can assimilate with one another, niggers and indians have been here far longer than beaners, and they still have not assimilated. They ALL need to leave, civil war is coming, fight of die. Blood and Soil. Race matters, its real, the natural order will always win.

US to Stop Funding UN Humanitarian Efforts, Will Directly Help Christians Instead

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2017

Under the guise of “peace” and “humanitarianism,” global institutions have been set up all over the place. But not only have these institutions been utterly ineffective both in preventing conflicts and in helping those in need, they’ve instead been used to relentlessly push for a globalist agenda undermining the sovereignty of all nations.

Intelligent people have long figured out that the U.N. and related institutions are nothing more than Jew scams.

The time is long overdue to stop funding these horrible money sink-holes.


Vice President Mike Pence told Christian leaders from the Middle East gathered in the nation’s capital for the annual In Defense of Christians summit on Wednesday that President Donald Trump has directed the U.S. State Department to stop relying on the United Nations to provide humanitarian aid to persecuted religious minorities in the region.

“My friends, those days are over,” Pence said, adding that the Obama administration paid more than one billion dollars for humanitarian aid, with the majority of the funding funneled through the U.N.

One billion dollars.

Imagine what could have been done for our people with that money. That money has been utterly wasted, not even really helping the people it was supposed to, instead fueling the corrupt Jew globalist bureaucracy.

“Yet the United Nations has too often failed to help the most vulnerable communities, especially religious minorities,” Pence said. “The result has been that countless people continue to suffer and struggle needlessly.”

Mmmh… I can taste those globalist tears.

Pence called it a “sad reality” that the main U.N. presence in terror-ridden places like Syria and Iraq is their flag posted on abandoned buildings in places where persecuted Christians are not even present.

“And while faith-based groups with proven track records and deep roots in these communities are more than willing to assist, the United Nations too often denies their funding requests,” Pence said.

“Our fellow Christians and all who are persecuted in the Middle East should not have to rely on multinational institutions when America can help them directly,” Pence said, announcing Trump’s order to the State Department to “stop funding ineffective relief efforts at the United Nations.”

If you want a glimpse as to what the U.N. does in the third world, just watch this documentary:

These UN bureaucrats are just giving out scraps, while enjoying $1USD negro prostitutes on the regular. We’re literally blowing billions of dollars on these kikes for no meaningful reason.

I mean, ideally we wouldn’t be spending any money at all on foreign aid to third-world nations, unless we get something in return. But at least managing these funds ourselves is definitely a small step in the right direction.