Google Caught Recording Your Private Conversations


Renegade Editor’s Note: I have been looking around for some for alternative video hosting sites, given Google/Youtube partnering up with ADL and shutting down all truth-telling, and heard some things about D Tube, which is where I saw this video. Unfortunately they do not have an easy way to embed their videos, so I just put the whole webpage in an iframe for you.

If this is what is openly being done, just imagine what they are doing without the public’s knowledge.

The DANGEROUS ESCALATION of Online Censorship

Trump Must Regulate these Large online corporations.

American Militant Manifesto:

Big business is and always has been a cesspool of liberalism. There exists and always has existed a revolving door between Wall Street and Washington. Governmental agencies and big businesses are simply permutations of the same phenomenon—a single ruling class permeates both offices. During the late nineteenth century—what Mark Twain called the “Gilded Age”—this alliance between the two towers of Washington and Wall Street collaborated to keep the borders of the United States forced wide open against the wishes of the American people. In order to satiate the appetite of big business for an incessant supply of cheap labor with which to underbid American workers, the United States government continued to maintain open borders and a lax, liberal immigration policy despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans were wholly opposed to such policies. It was a situation that closely resembled the dire situation of the contemporary United States: a liberal coalition of corporate and governmental elites keep the borders pried wide open against the wishes of the American heartland hero.
Capitalism should not be abandoned by We the People; however, capitalism that harms our people and our nation should be regarded for what it really is: treason. Indeed, all forms of unbridled individualism that harm the American cultural entity amount to a traitorous liberalism and nothing more.
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