Russia’s Next Move: How Will Putin Respond?

Roy Batty

Daily Stormer
April 14, 2018

First things first.

Russia is going to have to fight a war.

I think that this is clear at this point. The only question is to figure out what front they will fight on. It will either be the Baltics, Ukraine, Syria or maybe the Caucasus.

Worst case scenario is that Russia will have to fight on several fronts at once.

There is an upside to all of this though.

First and foremost, Russia will have to double-down on nationalism.

Contrary to popular opinion about how based Russia is, there are a lot of traitors in the government and in the media and in key positions in the economy.

This fraction of people has been in power since the nineties and the American-supported reforms under Yeltsin.

Putin has clamped down on these people piece-meal over the years. These events will accelerate his clampdown. It’s already happening. All over Russian TV there is a consensus – you’re either on team Russia or you’re an enemy. The liberals and pro-Western voices are uncharacteristically quiet.

This is good for Russia.

Not so good for the pro-Western faction.

There will probably be an accelerated purge of the 5th column elements now that it’s do or die for Russia.

Russia Will Have to Respond

This is just like a chess game, and it’s Russia’s turn to make a move.

Anatoly Karlin listed out a series of moves Russia can make in response to the attack. I agree with his analysis.

Russia can double-down in Syria and start committing more resources – this will be a direct response to the US’s and Israel’s escalation. It will be difficult because they are outgunned by the hostile Arab countries, the Americans, Israel and can’t rely on Turkey.

Russia can take off the gloves with Ukraine. The DNR and LNR are too weak to hold back Kiev on their own. Meanwhile, the Easter Ceasefire has been broken by Kiev’s renewed shelling of Donetsk’s residential neighborhoods. This means that Russia will have to intervene soon anyway or risk losing the East. The debate is whether they just plug the gap or commit to destroying the Ukrainian army and taking Kiev. This plan will be costly, and will basically set all of Europe implacably against Russia, for whatever reason. But it will also rally the nationalists behind Putin again like after Crimea.

Russia can overrun the Baltics. This is perhaps the most realistic in terms of military success, but also the most dangerous move. These are NATO countries, after all. Russia also has a casus belli ready – the mistreatment of Russians by Baltic governments. Again, this would rally Russia’s nationalist and patriots behind the president and shore up Putin’s support base.

It is a damn shame that all of this is happening, of course.

Given the success of the Alt-Right in America and the migration crisis hitting the entire White world, I honestly thought there was a chance for a better future. White people everywhere began to wake up. Most of all, I hoped that the Brother’s Wars would come to an end and that sane nationalists would take back their countries and lead to a renaissance of White civilization.

Now, it seems that we will have to fight one more White War and I don’t know what the outcome of it will be.

All I know is that Russia is cornered and will begin to lash out. We just have to see what they will do next.

Europe Worried New Syria War Could Lead to New Refugee Crisis

Andrew Anglin

Daily Stormer
April 14, 2018

Oh shit – everyone forgot about this little issue when they were scrambling to help the poor babies who got sprayed with water hoses on those YouTube videos.


The Interior Minister of France Gerard Collomb and German Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer have expressed concern that U.S. led airstrikes in Syria against the Assad regime could fuel a new wave of mass migration to Europe.

The two Interior Ministers expressed their concern Thursday during a meeting in Paris with Seehofer saying, “We both would like the conflicts to be solved diplomatically and through dialogue. A continuation of this spiral (of violence) would amplify the problem of migration,” Belgian newspaper Le Soir reports.

French Interior Minister Collomb agreed with Seehofer saying, “We see everything that could trigger conflict and we are trying to prevent it and that’s how we can ensure that there will not be more refugees tomorrow new theatres of war that would cause problems to our different countries.”

“Germany was confronted three years ago with a great migratory problem which was not without difficulties,” Collomb said and linked the 2015 migrant crisis to the rise of the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) who won seats in the federal parliament last year and now serve as the official opposition to the coalition government of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“If today 92 deputies of extreme right sit in the Bundestag it is because these issues have created a certain difficulty in German public opinion,” Collomb added.

The question here is: how could this situation not lead to another invasion?

People from Syria – and Afghanistan, Pakistan, all of Africa, etc. – are always looking for a reason to come to Europe, and the leadership of Europe is always looking for a reason to bring them in.

Of course, Trump has signaled a 2015-tier new wave of millions of brown people flooding the continent.

Which is going to make it that much harder for them to fight WWIII against Russia – because for one thing, the people of these countries are going to be asking what the hell they are fighting for.

For Moslems? For a future Islamic caliphate?

Russians know what they’re fighting for.

Furthermore, when there is chaos in these countries, and food rationing, these Moslems are going to be causing a lot more problems than they’re already causing.

They came to Europe to be KINGS, living in mansions and driving race cars.

They’re not going to be happy living on bread and water. And their numbers are going to be high enough that they will be able to seize control of large parts of European cities.

Whatever the details, there is going to be an extreme state of domestic turmoil in Europe as things kick off over the next year.

That will be good for Russia.

Last thing (in this article – I’m sure there are a whole lot of other things worth saying): the anti-migrant parties that are gaining power and influence because of this invasion are also going to be the parties that will collaborate with Russia.

That is just the fact: being a patriot in the West right now means being on the side of Russia in a war.

Because no Russia ever flooded me with brown people.

Or taught my 5-year-old about becoming a tranny.

Emergency UN Security Council Meeting…

Andrew Anglin

Daily Stormer
April 14, 2018

The UN Security Council is meeting right now.

I would really be surprised at all if Nikki Haley comes out and finally admits she’s a tranny to distract from how fucking stupid this whole shit is.

I mean, that would make a lot of sense, right?

If Trump was doing a “Wag the Dog” situation to distract from his sex scandals that are being unveiled after the raid on his lawyer, then Haley can do a “Dog the Wag” move to distract from how fucking insane it was to bomb Syria over a chemical attack that the head of the Pentagon admitted he can’t even confirm happened (before explaining he’d seen posts about it on social media that seemed credible).


Russia has called an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council over the strikes that the US, UK, and France carried out in Syria on Saturday, calling the attack “blatant disregard of international law.”

By acting without any mandate from the UN Security Council, the US and its allies violated the norms and principles of international law, as well as undermining the authority of the UNSC, Russian Envoy to the UN Vasily Nebenzia said, denouncing the strikes against Syria as “an aggression against a sovereign state.”

Nebenzia also called the attack “hooliganism.” He said that the two research facilities that were targeted in the strike had been inspected by the OPCW, which didn’t find any traces of chemical weapons.


Hooliganism is the perfect word.


Though almost sort of too cool sounding for the kike-tool Boomer Trump.

For some reason that Rancid song just came on my YouTube playlist (I think it’s because I was listening to Blink 182 when I was having a mini MILLENNIAL BASH at my room).

But I guess that isn’t really very cool, is it?

Not anywhere near as cool as Blink 182. Doesn’t deserve to be on the same playlist.

Just like Donald “OY VEY MY CHEMICAL BABIES, GOYIM” Trump doesn’t deserve to be on the same playlist as VLADIMIR PUTIN – DEFENDER OF CHRISTENDOM.

Just like a year ago, the US used a staged a chemical attack against civilians as a pretext for its strikes, Nebenzia said, adding that Russian military experts found no trace of any chemical agent at the scene of the alleged attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma. “In a sign of cynical disdain,” a group of Western countries decided to take military action without waiting for a group of OPCW experts to present the results of an investigation into the incident, according to Nebenzia.

Russia did “everything possible” to convince the US and its allies to refrain from their military plans, which could destabilize, not only Syria, but the whole Middle East. However, Washington, London, and Paris “preferred to disregard appeals to common sense,” he added.

Yeah, they’re done pulling punches and just calling a false flag a false flag – literally blaming the US directly.

There is one punch they pull though.

The turd in the punch bowl.

That said…

Russia was doing this UN meeting because they’re trying to do this whole “see we’re a normal reasonable democracy, just like the kind you say you are” thing.

So now that this is ending in a few hours…

The retaliation is coming.

Please, please, please let it be a nuke on Tel Aviv.

Russia Tells UK to Present Evidence for Their Theories or Stfu

Andrew Anglin

Daily Stormer
March 19, 2018

We already have a year and a half devoted to finding the evidence for the Russian hacking conspiracy.

I guess we can go ahead and spend another year and a half looking for evidence for the Russian poisoning conspiracy before we decide to just give up and admit that Russia is being consistently scapegoated by hoaxes.


The UK will either back up its claims of Moscow’s involvement in the poisoning of ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, or it will have to apologize, the Kremlin spokesman has said.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said on Monday that Russia is wrong to deny responsibility for the nerve agent poisoning of Skripal. “The Russian denial is increasingly absurd,” Johnson told reporters in Brussels. “This is a classic Russian strategy… they’re not fooling anybody anymore,” he added.

It could be you who isn’t fooling anyone anymore, friend.

Anyone who blames Russia for anything without any kind of evidence has about as much credibility as David Hogg at this point.

Peskov pulled no punches in fighting back, accusing the UK of “incomprehensible, unreasonable slander” against Moscow.

“Sooner or later, it will have to account for these baseless allegations, either by backing them up with evidence or by offering its apologies,”the Russian president’s spokesman said.

Last Monday, British Prime Minister Theresa May confronted Moscow with an ultimatum to reveal the details of the alleged Skripal plot. After her demand was rejected, the UK announced sanctions on Moscow, which included expelling 23 diplomats, limiting diplomatic ties and freezing Russian state assets in the UK.

In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that 23 UK diplomats must leave Russia and that the British Council will be shut in retaliation for “provocative actions and groundless accusations” over the poisoning of Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

Obviously Russia isn’t doing anything.

But even if they were – what motivation do the people of the West have to resist them?

What are we fighting for?

Mass brown immigration and man-on-man anal sex being taught to 5-year-olds? Are we fighting for tranny bathrooms? No-fault divorce?

Certainly, no one can at this point claim we’re fighting for freedom. And all of the rest of the identifying elements of our society appeal only to minority groups.

I just can’t see the point.

New Global world order

The Post American Vision

We can all say with absolute certainty that economic collapse is certain, all indicators point towards collapse, without any doubt, and more then likely this event will occur in the next few years or sooner. I’d like to speculate on the world that will unfold in the years post an economic collapse of the American nation, and its effect globally.

Let’s get started, the American homeland will suffer through a depression never before seen in the industrialized, starvation, crime, governments at all levels will have either collapsed, or in the process of collapse. Major cities will erupt into urban warfare zones, as police struggle to maintain law and order. The economy will have all but destabilized, and unemployment will skyrocket to 50-65% range. Crime will be rampant, and armed civilian check points common.  Most communities will be segregated along ethnic border lines, and inter ethnic violence growing exponentially. Governments will be forced to cut entitlement spending, and resulting civilian ethnic warfare will bring the nation to a standstill. Mexico’s civil war will bleed into the american southwest, we expect most Mexicans to return home during this time period due to lack of opportunities and unavailable employment in the united states. Cities will continue to separate themselves by race, and states will also separate themselves based on core identity. The federal reserve will be declared insolvent, and the federal government ineffective, federal armed forces will mobilize to protect cities wherein they reside, and major bases will become safe zones, but otherwise the army will lack the manpower to enforce law and order on Americas 315 million people, they will play a wait and see campaign, combined with support missions for overseas units.

States with standing guard units will abolish the federal power structure within their respected states, and move to secure there own interests. High population states like new York and California will collapse into violence, while states like Oklahoma and north Dakota will unify under the banner of freedom from federal tyranny. Effectively the federal government will have collapsed at this point, military commanders overseas will attempt to redeploy to the homeland to support efforts to stabilize major cities, although this will prove ineffective in the end. A reorganization of the government, a constitutional convention, and a rebuilding effort will be undertaken by the surviving population. We expect tens of millions of deaths, possibly a hundred million if the collapse lasts more then a year, either way the nation will be changed forever, new ideas, an emphasis on the community an one’s own ethnic kin will become common place.

Its during this time a second war with Mexico will be fought, primarily a war of occupation that will evolve into a war of ethnic cleansing as new the American government seizes power, and total extent of Mexico’s complacency in Americas fall from power is revealed to the remaining American population. Conflict will last no more then a couple weeks as Mexico’s government will have already fallen from internal threats. The new ideology of America will determine the fate of central america, including Mexico’s fate, but occupation and annexation is certain for the territories to the south, it remains to be seen the fate of its population.

Inter nation conflict and civil unrest will be occurring in every european nation as nationalists and socialists battle over control of europe.  Two camps will eventual remain, the islamist’s transplants and the pro-european nationalists, but a war between britain and france is highly likely.  Russia will likely be battling its own internal islamic threats as well as its nationalist elements, destabilization and reorganization will likely occur. Eastern europe will also be involved in internal conflicts ranging from civil unrest to full rebellion as we have seen recently in greece.  

Most of South america will formally unite under the banner of socialism, and a new socialist union of states will be formed, eventually American nationalists will also engage in warfare with these nations , a gorilla war and puppet government campaign will result as US interest will become the priority, and allowing a new enemy state to develops in our hemisphere would not be tolerated. Occupation and ethnic cleansing is expected.

The main war for this global conflict will be in asia. We know china is preparing to challenge America militarily, so conflict with china is also certain, but not likely until no other choice is available, and they are militarily ready to challenge our armed forces, and supporting allies in the region. Such a scenario is likely to occur only after America has been weakened militarily through massive budget cuts, overly extended campaigns across the globe, and economic collapse. This scenario has a high degree of certainty that it will be fulfilled within the next 10 years. The conflict will involve japan, south korea, Taiwan, india, most south east asian nations, all in an alliance with the United States.  China will be allied with pakistan, north korea, and various islamic nations in opposition against allied forces.  This conflict will be the second time, nuclear weapons are used against civilian populations, india, pakistan, china mainland, will be hit the hardest with causalities in the hundreds of millions. Mainland japan, and US also should expect losses in the tens of millions, this depends on the effectiveness of missile defense systems, and if china is capable of deploying nuclear subs within reach of the US mainland.  This war will involve all sides deploying ground troops mainly in asia/india, and various islands in south china sea, ground troops on allied sides should expect use of advanced robotic systems to support human soldiers. UAV, robotic ground units, stationary robotic suppression systems, and other technologies should be expected in wide use during such a war. Heavy fighting within urban areas, and gorilla warfare in surrounding combat zones of conflict, china should also expect internal threats in addition to external.

In the initial stages of the war we can expect south korea to be overrun by the north, Taiwan to fall within a matter of days, and japan to lose partial control over some of its islands. We also expect crimes against humanity during this war. Americas ability to engage in this war initially will be limited to naval air power and its various bases in asia, although china will target these location in a first strike nuclear exchange resulting in heavy loss by the United States. As the war unfolds, indias ability to fight a war on 3 fronts will be challenged, as pakistan forces launch attacks from the west, china attacks from the north, indian enemies to the east, and internal threats destabilize the nations major cities along ethnic-religious lines. India will suffer massive losses also in the hundreds of millions. It is also certain nuclear detonations will destroy most of India’s cities.

Japan will also suffer initial losses but American bases should minimize these losses. Taiwan will also suffer major losses, and will primarily be fighting for its independence from china’s occupation forces, same goes for south korea, all sides will be involved in a gorilla warfare campaign throughout asia. 

This global war will peak with Russia entering on the side of America along with Iran and most of Europe. The global conflict will involve fronts, in south america, asia, europe and the middle east. We expect islamist nation to declare war on israel, and america to support israel economically, but not with military forces. War in europe will involve either the united states at war with Brittan or France. Most major cities around the world will be destroyed during world war 3. The planets human population will be depleted to just over 4 billion, starvation will become common place, and all nations will be unable to assist in the rebuilding of anything other then their own nations, so most nations will remain in a state of ruin for decades to come.

We expect the world will reorganize with a new euro-centric alliance between America, Europe, and Russia. Much of the globe will return to a pre industrialized state. Trade, technology, information, will be restricted, to the new global super power, “northern alliance.” A Euro-American-Russo alliance. Other than japan and small parts of asia, most of the planet will be unable to rebuild.  In a world destabilized by diversity, free trade globalism, and entitlement spendings, no such place will exist for them post collapse. Tribalism will be the new law of the land, the UN will have been found useless, liberalism ignorant of the reality of human differences, a new order for the ages will have been founded.