SPLC mocks white victims of Genocide in South Africa.

SPLC mocks white victims of Genocide in South Africa.


Don’t worry, says SPLC, black people are only killing whites because they want to steal from them. It’s not hatred or genocide. The dead guy is a victim of a love crime!

SPLC posts absurd and hate filled rebuttal to the numerous protests against South African Genocide.

What did you expect from a group that equated the American Family Associated to the Ku Klux Klan and says Lord of the Rings is a racially offensive movie?

The radical left-wing SPLC denied claims by major International Human Rights organizations that whites face genocide in South Africa. The SPLC lays out it’s alternative explanation. You see blacks in South Africa only want to steal from whites and sometime kill them in the process. The SPLC suggests that the whites are not victims of hatred or genocide, but victims of robbery. Then the SPLC cites ANC propaganda that white people caused it all. The ANC is the very organization that is actively promoting and encouraging hatred against white people. This includes singing songs like “Kill the Boer (white people)” at huge ANC rallies.

This is nothing new. The SPLC has mocked and insulted white victims of racially motivated hate crimes in the United States.

The SPLC then claims that white people who are protesting the Genocide in South Africa are “neo-nazis.” To back this claim, they cite one guy in Louisiana with a website. They say he is an ex-con and a member of an obscure “neo-nazi” group that no one has ever heard off. We did some searching and can’t find any evidence that there was a protest in Louisiana, or that the guy named by the SPLC had anything to do with organizing any of the protests that occurred around the US. The SPLC then rants about two other people they say is connected to the first guy. We googled their names. One is dead and the other appears to be in prison. So obviously neither of the those two organized any protests. Nice detective work SPLC!

Look at this comment that the SPLC allowed someone to post on their website! This was in response to the SPLC mocking the victims of Genocide in South Africa. Look at the poster’s name. “Antifa” is a violent Marxist gang that has committed violent attacks on conservatives all over the world.

The protests against South African genocide are part of a worldwide effort launched in Europe. In the United States, the protests were organized primarily on facebook. We can’t find any evidence that the ex-con named by the SPLC played any significant role whatsoever. It is simply some guy with a website that redistributed information from other sources.

To show you how much integrity the SPLC has, check out this story. A while back, the Associated Press ran a fake story claiming that Rosa Parks was the victim of an attempted rape by a white employer when she was young. CofCC.org immediately debunked the story as a hoax. The SPLC posted a tirade on their website attacking CofCC.org for debunking the hoax. Yet, at the same time they admit in the condemnation that we “might” be right. Well, in short order, the Rosa Parks institute also denounced the story as a complete and utter hoax. The SPLC had claimed that CofCC.org might be right about the story being a hoax, but “the answer died with Parks in 2005.” Well, we did know. The Associated Press writer faked the evidence. Every single aspect of the story was a hoax.

The fact that the SPLC would condemn someone for exposing a very blatant, obvious, and racially incendiary hoax shows they are completely without any moral compass.

The fake Rosa Parks story:
CofCC.org exposes the story as a hoax.
SPLC attacks CofCC.org for exposing story as a hoax.
Rosa Park Institute denounces AP hoax as an even bigger hoax than originally reported by CofCC.org

Mandela health problems renew fears of mass genocide in South Africa.

A common racial abuse that blacks hurl at white people in South Africa is “wait until Mandela dies.” This stems from a common belief among black South Africans, and some American blacks, that the all out mass genocide of whites will begin when Nelson Mandela dies. Militant black South Africans believe that they have yet to experience the “Uhuru” that came to other African nations in the 1960s. This “Uhuru” was usually marked by mass murder and a catastrophic collapse of society.

Below, Khallid Muhammed describes the “Uhuru” plan for South Africa.

This is Khallid Muhammed died in 2001. He was the National Youth Minister for the Nation of Islam and the Leader of the New Black Panther Party. He was publicly supported by Al Sharpton and Sharpton paid $10,000 to cover the cost of his funeral. Major black politicians like Keith Ellison, and black celebrities like Ice Cube were vocal public supporters of Muhammed and his violent rhetoric.

Notice Muhammed spits on Nelson Mandela and considers him a weakling for not having led a mass murder of white people himself. In other parts of the video Muhammed praises the campaign of violence and murder led by Winnie Mandela and endorses the “necklacing” of blacks “snitches and sellouts.”

Winnie Mandela’s horrific campaign of necklacing. She was found guilty of being an accomplish in the murder of a 14-year-old black boy. She was ordered to pay a fine. In 1998, the South African government declared that she “politically and morally accountable for the gross violations of human rights.” Nothing happened to her. In fact, she ran for parliament and won. She was convicted of election fraud in 2003, but allowed to run for re-election anyway. She still holds her seat in parliament.

“With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country” – Winnie Mandela 1986.




In a generation from now, when your kids ask why America had to fall, show them your multicultural crayons.

Islam, Immigration and other Recipes for Ragnarök

Big Mother

Islam, Immigration and other Recipes for Ragnarök

Worthless subhuman scum. That is not how I’m going to describe the three Pakistani Muslims convicted of the brutal and sadistic murder of the White teenager Kriss Donald, because it’s a self-indulgent, unthinking response, explaining nothing and solving nothing. For Kriss Donald’s friends and relations it would be understandable and natural, but the rest of us should remember a very old saying: “There but for the grace of God go I.” The killers were the product of their genes, their culture and their unnatural environment. We need to understand how those things caused Kriss Donald’s death and then direct our anger where it belongs: at the politicians, academics and journalists who have created the insane multi-racial slay-ride and concealed its ongoing consequences for Whites, and who are still trying to pretend that it will not end in disaster. So the first factor we need to look at is…

Non-white criminality

All ethnic groups carry the potential for barbarism but in some it comes out much more easily than in others. Kriss Donald’s death was not lightning from a clear blue sky: it fitted a clear pattern of extreme non-white brutality against both Whites and their own kind:

The Pakistani Muslim killers of Kriss Donald -- LR: Zeeshan Shahid, Faisal Mushtaq, Imran Shahid Kriss Donald Left: Three big brave brown gangstas
Right: The White fifteen-year-old they burned alive

During an ordeal which lasted more than four hours, [Kriss Donald] was driven 200 miles from Pollokshields, to the Parkhead area, to Dundee and then back to Glasgow. He was then driven up a dark lane to a lonely spot near the Clyde Walkway, where he was killed in a “gruesome and callous execution”. In a horrific account of his final moments, the jury was told Kriss was stabbed 13 times in a frenzied attack which severed one of his ribs, three arteries, one of his lungs, his liver and kidney. He was then doused in petrol, set alight and left to die. Evidence suggests Kriss made his way down towards the Clyde and tried to extinguish the flames by rolling around in a muddy hollow near the cycle path where he was discovered. (The Scotsman, 18th November 2004)

The gang of five blacks and one Albanian Muslim who murdered Mary-Ann Leneghan Mary-Ann Leneghan Left: Five big brave black gangstas + one Albanian Muslim
Right: The White sixteen-year-old they raped and butchered

Six men have been convicted of murdering 16-year-old Mary-Ann Leneghan, who was abducted, raped and killed in Reading. All six have also been convicted of the kidnap and attempted murder of her 18-year-old friend – who miraculously survived the horrific ordeal and gave evidence against the gang. Entering Reading Crown Court eight months later to face the accused, the teenager, now aged 19, looked defiant. The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was given the choice of sitting behind a screen while giving evidence but declined. Despite having to put up with seeing the men – now sitting surrounded by guards in the dock – sniggering and making faces, she carried on calmly describing the torture she and her friend had endured.

As well as being hit, punched and stabbed, the two friends were made to strip naked, had boiling water thrown over them and were made to smoke heroin and crack cocaine. She remembered seeing Mary-Ann in a corner of the room being stabbed in the stomach, with the men surrounding her and laughing. Their tormentors then decided to move on to the final steps of their plan and the girls were driven to Prospect Park. They were ordered to kneel “side-by-side” and told to put pillow cases over their heads. She described how Mary-Ann was stabbed all over her body by 19-year-old Michael Johnson as she lay curled up in a ball. She said he flew into a rage because Mary-Ann would not sit up so that he could slit her throat. “They said something about wanting her to die slowly,” she explained. Preparing to die, Mary-Ann’s friend knew her last memory would be seeing her friend “butchered” in front of her. A gun was then put to her head, and she was asked “Are you ready to die?” before it was fired. (“Girl cheated death to convict killers”, BBC News, 20th March 2006)

A British court handed a [Pakistani] man eight life sentences on Wednesday and jailed two others for 18 years each for an arson attack on a home that killed three generations of a family from Pakistan. Five young sisters along with their mother, uncle and grandmother died when a blaze caused by a grudge fire-bomb attack swept through their house in Huddersfield, northern England. Judge Andrew Smith said that other members of the Chisti family saw and heard their loved ones suffering in the fire. (Agence France-Presse, 30th July 2003)

The mutilated body of [black drug-dealer] Ray Samuels was discovered by a woman walking her dog in Epping Forest. Most of his skin had been sliced from his body and his tongue had been cut out – a sign that his killers believed him to be an informant. It appeared that he had been subjected to a lengthy torture session and finally died when a plastic bag was placed over his head. (The Observer, 26th August 2001)

Thugs and psychopaths exist in all races, but it’s a question of numbers and degree. When non-white minorities are vastly outperforming the White majority in the production of bestial crime throughout the invaded West, there is only one conclusion to draw: that they are a huge and growing threat to us. Take “violent racial attacks” in Britain. According to the BBC, 49,000 non-whites were victims in 2004. Were all of those attacked by Whites? I very much doubt it, but let’s assume that they were. Now, Whites outnumber non-whites about nine-to-one in Britain, so if all races are equally inclined to commit such crimes, you’d expect that for every nine non-white victims there would be one White victim. 49,000 / 9 ≈ 5,400. That’s roughly how many Whites should have been subject to a “violent racial attack” in 2004.

What is the actual figure? Not 5,400, but 77,000. According to these statistics, non-white racists are fourteen times more likely to attack Whites than White racists are to attack non-whites. When you look at cases that involved “wounding”, the discrepancy is even more appalling. 4,000 non-whites were wounded in “violent racial attacks” in 2004. So how many White victims should there have been? 4,000 / 9 ≈ 400. That’s the theoretic figure, based on the false “all races behave the same” assumption. The actual figure was 20,000. According to these statistics, non-white racists are fifty times more likely to wound Whites than vice versa.

But the statistics don’t tell the full truth, of course: in fact, the discrepancy between White and non-white behavior is even more extreme. This wasn’t counted as a “violent racial attack”, for example:

Baseball bat assaults condemned Police have condemned the beating of a mother and her daughter with baseball bats, while the attack was recorded with a mobile phone camera. The 48-year-old mother and her two daughters, aged 23 and 17, were set upon while walking home by a canal in Reading, Berkshire, on Tuesday night. The 17-year-old ran for help, but the gang of four boys attacked the other two women. The two were later taken to the Royal Berkshire Hospital with head injuries. The youth who filmed the attack on his phone is described as Asian, 16-years-old, and of heavy build. He was wearing a beige padded jacket, a hooded top, and jogging bottoms with elastic around the ankles. The other three offenders are described as black, about 13-years-old and thin. They were all wearing dark hooded tops. (BBC News, 30th December 2005)

Whites suffer a non-stop stream of murders, rapes, beatings, robberies, thefts and frauds by their vibrant non-white guests, very few of which are ever labeled “racially motivated”. After all, politicians and the media have always acted on the lie that racism and hatred work only one way: from White oppressors to non-white oppressed. And that lie is a very big incentive for non-whites to behave as they do. Our government and media constantly repeat the same simple message in non-white ears: “Whitey is racist! Whitey is your oppressor! Fight back against Whitey!” But non-white hatred of Whites is also fed by their envy of us. Living in a White society, they’re constantly reminded of their own inferiority. Violence against Whites helps take away the sting and boost that ever-important self-esteem. Look at the Kriss Donald murder again. The killers hated Whites but committed their crime using a silver Mercedes, a quintessential symbol of White civilization. This is a description of their ringleader (note that shahid is Arabic for “martyr”):

The swaggering bully Imran Shahid was the ringleader of an Asian gang called the Shielders which brought fear and violence to the biggest mixed-race community in Scotland. Nicknamed Baldy, although he was in the habit of dying his hair blonde, he is the son of a wealthy businessman and has a history of extreme violence. (The Daily Telegraph, 9th November 2006)

Why would a White-hating Pakistani want to dye his hair “blonde”? Why do White-hating gangsta rappers consume White luxuries so heavily and pursue White women so eagerly? Because they know that Whitey is mighty. Their hatred of us springs in part from recognition of their own inferiority, even when, as in Imran Shahid’s case, they come from rich and privileged backgrounds. But mention of gangsta rap brings me to the next factor in Kriss Donald’s murder.

Gangsta “culture”

I’d like to know what the killers of Kriss Donald had in their CD collections. Somehow I suspect there wasn’t much Mozart or Morrissey. I’d also like to know what was being played during the kidnap and murder of Mary-Ann Leneghan:

Police said a car with six men inside had been seen driving around playing loud music. While with the men, Mary-Ann and her friend had suffered several serious assaults. Detectives said Mary-Ann and her friend were [seen] in the car park of the Wallingford Arms, a disused pub in Reading. A third person was seen in a white car with them, and they were also seen getting into a burgundy or maroon car with six men inside. There was loud music coming from the vehicle. Chief Superintendent Mark Warwick of Thames Valley police said there had been “serious assaults throughout the evening, culminating in the death of the 16-year-old. We’re not sure whether they knew the males and we’re certainly not happy that they actually went with consent. These girls may have been in some distress from the moment they left the white car,” he said. (The Guardian, 9th May 2005)

Anyone who read this report at the time must have guessed why the race of the “men” and “males” was being concealed. Sure enough, they turned out to be five blacks and an Albanian Muslim “asylum seeker”. The viciousness of the crime was one unmistakable clue to their race, but so was the “loud music”. It’s another front in the war non-whites wage on Whitey. They assault our ears and destroy our sleep with it, and they train themselves in psychopathy and anti-White hatred by it. Gangsta rap breeds gangstas, like the Asians who murdered Kriss Donald. Their motive was lack of “respeck”, you see: one of them had been hit by a White with a bottle in a nightclub. So the obvious response was to kidnap a White fifteen-year-old at random, torture him and burn him alive. It’s the obvious gangsta response, anyway, as forged by the lo-IQ, hi-PsyQ – psychopathy quotient – blacks of the United States and exported throughout the world to other lo-IQ, hi-PsyQ non-whites suffering under White oppression. Which brings me to the next factor in Kriss Donald’s murder.

Low intelligence, high inbreeding

You need intelligence to navigate the complex societies built by Whites in Europe and America. Those who don’t have it will fail. If they’re non-white, they’re then actively encouraged to blame their failure on White racism. If they’re non-white and Muslim, they can blame “Islamophobia” too. Our liberal, ethno-friendly governments have been infected with the pseudo-science of Jewish fraudsters like Stephen Jay Gould, who preached the myth of human equality: that we’re all the same under the skin. We aren’t and never will be. Genetic differences are hugely important and account, inter alia, for an ineradicable gap between White and non-white intelligence and criminality.

Genetic disease is hugely important too and consanguineous marriages among Pakistanis and other Muslims are guaranteed to cause it, inflicting huge suffering on their own children and huge costs on White taxpayers. It also lowers intelligence among Muslims and may play some role in the psychopathy and amorality so evident in vibrant Muslim “communities” around the world, from Britain and France to Iraq and Australia. Either way, it’s obvious that such disease has to be prevented, which is why the British government is not stirring a finger. A brief discussion of the topic in 2005 produced not the slightest action, as I predicted at the time. But genetic disease is just one of the many blessings showered on Britain by the importation of…

“The Religion of Peace”

The two most potent causes of conflict and slaughter known to man are race and religion. By allowing huge numbers of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis into Britain, we’ve got two for the price of one: not just brown skins but a highly active and aggressive religion too. Islam is not the Religion of Peace but the Religion of Pieces – like the pieces of human meat scattered above and below London by the Fantastic Four suicide-bombers of 2005. The line between jihadis like them and gangstas like the killers of Kriss Donald is very thin, as this story proves:

Mock suicide bomber back in jail for breaching parole Crack cocaine dealer Omar Khayam dressed as a suicide-bomber The man who dressed as a suicide bomber to protest against the Muhammad cartoons was sent back to jail yesterday for breaching the terms of his parole on a drug dealing conviction. Omar Khayam, 22, wore a jacket similar to those used by suicide bombers during a demonstration in London at the weekend to denounce the satirical caricatures published in a Danish newspaper. He later apologised, but it transpired that he had been released on licence halfway through a five-and-a-half-year sentence for possessing crack cocaine with intent to supply. (The Guardian, 8th February 2006)

Islam has very bad effects on both its adherents and its apostates, who carry its violent contempt for the kaffir – the non-Muslim – with them when they abandon their faith. Here’s more about Imran Shahid, the ringleader in the Kriss Donald murder:

In 1994, when he was 17, he left a 25-year-old man with brain damage after attacking him in the street with a baseball bat. He also fled to Pakistan on that occasion, but was later sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison. More recently, he was jailed for two years for punching a woman social worker and driving a car at her. Shahid was also reported to have chopped off the finger of a man who was dating one of his sisters, before putting it in a glass of milk and handing it back to him [how very gangsta]. (The Daily Telegraph, 9th November 2006)

I’d predict that at least the female victim was White; the male victim of this separate Muslim “road-rage attack” certainly was:

Injured cyclist slams court Mr Andrew Williams was riding his bike on a sunny but freezing day when Hamza Hussain nearly knocked him off. “I got alongside him, tapped on his window and said politely ‘Just be careful’ because of the road conditions,” said Mr Williams. “The next thing, I heard his engine revving hard and wheels screeching. He drove intentionally at me, sending me flying. Then he chased me down the road with an iron bar and hit me over the head. The next thing a gang of about five Asian lads came at me. I was desperate for help and was shouting. There were dozens of other drivers and workers everywhere but everyone was too shocked or scared to help. I ran off into a nearby school yard but the mob started kicking and punching me, shouting ‘Kill the white bastard’. If I had gone down I think that would have been it.” (Sheffield Today, 2nd May 2006)

There are countless Muslim thugs like Imran Shahid and Hamza Hussein in towns and cities throughout the UK, but more and more of them are deserting small-time thuggery in pursuit of something that really makes Whitey bleed: mass murder in the name of Allah. I find Muslims a lot like wasps: they’re fascinating creatures, but it’s not a good idea to live near large numbers of them. So what have we done? We’ve allowed mass immigration to create loudly buzzing Muslim nests all over the West, while our foreign policies on Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan are big sticks poking Muslim nests both here and in the Middle East. But all attempts by sane Whites to end or reverse mass immigration by Muslims have been thwarted by…

Political correctness and “anti-racism”

As I pointed out in my previous column, Kriss Donald died as a direct result of a deliberate policy: to treat Asian criminals in Glasgow with kid gloves:

For years now, a “softly, softly” attitude towards crime in the ethnic community has prevailed – a disastrous policy born of the excessive interference of politicians.The simple truth for senior officers is that they are not going to win that longed-for promotion or the coveted knighthood if they upset the local politicians who control the police boards. So the attitude among Scotland’s police hierarchy is: “Be careful not to upset the ethnic community – they may start complaining.” What was striking about the Kriss Donald murder was the confidence his attackers displayed as they trawled the streets looking for their victim. Clearly, the Asian community is no less law-abiding than any other part of society. But on the South Side of Glasgow there is a significant group of young Asian men, mostly between 15 and 30, who are simply out of control. They believe they are beyond the law. They are heavily involved in drug-dealing and crimes such as fraud; some groups are well-organised, members travel extensively and have connections abroad. They are very aware the police are reluctant to challenge them in anything less than the most extreme circumstances for fear of being branded as racist. (“Why Police Are Afraid to Tackle Asian Crime”, Scottish Daily Mail, 19th November 2004)

But even in that article you can see political correctness at work in the false claim that “the Asian community is no less law-abiding than any other part of society”. No “community” is perfect, but some are far more imperfect than others. The “Asian community” commits electoral fraud on a massive scale, for example, but no White journalist dare investigate the problem, let alone draw the conclusion that Third World people inevitably cause Third World problems. The rule that governs vibrant multi-racial Britain is that ethnics can, and indeed must, condemn White failings loudly and regularly, but Whites cannot reciprocate. So it took an Asian journalist to reveal just how “law-abiding” her “community” really is:

I spent two utterly dispiriting days trailing along behind the five Asian candidates in Bradford West [in 2001]. None of them deserved to win a seat on a local school board, let alone a seat in Parliament. No women were at any of their political meetings and women I spoke to in the streets (in Urdu and surreptitiously) said in resigned voices that they would vote for the person their religious and community leaders told them to. In women’s groups in Bradford there was loathing for the candidates and their minders who intimidated their members. The game played in such areas is of ethnic entryism. This depends on an unholy pact which is understood by all parties. Asian candidates deliver votes in big bags provided they are not scrutinised too much by the local parties. (Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, The Independent, 29th April 2002)

Political correctness means that Whites can’t discuss the huge problems mass immigration has caused, which means that the problems and the mass immigration continue. But PC doesn’t protect only brown Muslims, of course. Imagine for a moment, if you will, what the British media would do if an evil white male had raped or sexually assaulted dozens of elderly black women and that one of them, “an 88-year-old”, had been “raped twice”, so that “her bowel was perforated and she almost died.” Do you think shrieks of outrage and horror would be ringing from every rooftop? Do you think the media would be demanding his capture and caging by any means necessary?

I do. But that serial rapist of elderly black women doesn’t actually exist. Instead, Britain has a serial rapist of elderly White women and his race is, um… well, if you really have to know, it’s, um… “Sub-Saharan”. Or so the BBC told us during one of its reluctant visits to that locked filing-cabinet deep in the basement:

The search for a rapist who has struck at least 30 times over 12 years has been narrowed down to 1,000 suspects. Scotland Yard’s biggest manhunt, Operation Minstead, has used DNA samples to trace the roots of the man’s ancestors. He has been linked to at least four rapes and 27 sexual assaults on women aged between 68 and 93. Suspects have been narrowed down from an initial list of 10,000 and have been invited to give DNA samples. Detectives say most are co-operating, but some have refused to give samples. The attacker wears an all-in-one black suit and often removes light bulbs, cuts telephone wires and turns off the power after breaking into victims’ homes. One, an 88-year-old woman, was raped twice – her bowel was perforated and she almost died. DNA techniques have been used to trace his family’s roots. Samples from crime scenes in south London were sent to DNA Print Genomics in Florida, and found to contain Native American, European and Sub-Saharan strands. The combination is only found in the Caribbean. (BBC News, 8th July 2004)

Sub-Saharan? Caribbean? Yes, what the BBC is delicately hinting there is that the rapist is B.L.A.C.K. What the BBC will never in a million years so much as hint is that raping elderly White women is even more of a black specialty than raping young White women. After all, “Diversity is Our Strength” and we can’t let something so vulgar as truth or White suffering get in the way of political correctness. Which brings me last, but by no means least, to…

The Jewish Question

Who invented PC, multi-culturalism and anti-racism? Who created our race and immigration policies? Who runs our foreign affairs? The answers are: Jews, Jews and Jews. The Iraq disaster is an excellent example of how Jewish arrogance and megalomania create chaos and misery for the goyim, but the difference between Iraq and the West is only a matter of timing. Jewish neo-cons and their goyisch stooges have turned Iraq into a hellhole of ethnic and religious conflict very quickly; it’s taking them a bit longer in the West. But the gunpowder piled in the cellar is getting higher all the time. We’ve seen above how much trouble Muslims cause in Britain, from suicide-bombings through race-murder to electoral fraud. But Muslims want to cause much more trouble for us:

MI5 tracking “30 UK terror plots” MI5 knows of 30 terror plots threatening the UK and is keeping 1,600 individuals under surveillance, the security service’s head has said. Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller warned the threat was “serious” and “growing”. She said future attacks could be chemical or nuclear and that many of the plots were linked to al-Qaeda. Prime Minister Tony Blair said the terrorist threat was “very real” and spoke of “poisonous propaganda” warping the minds of young people. (BBC News, 10th November 2006)

And of course the people who created the disaster think they should be the ones to guide us out of it. What do they have in mind? For example, it would be insane to allow more immigration from countries like Pakistan until we’ve found a way of stopping that “poisonous propaganda” and “integrating” the vibrant communities we’ve already got. But stopping immigration from non-white countries would be “racist”. So which wins: sanity or anti-racism? You have precisely no guesses:

Half a million immigrants arrived last year More than 1,500 immigrants arrived in Britain every day last year, official data showed today. The Office for National Statistics said that 565,000 people came to live here for at least a year during the course of 2005. It means that the country’s net population rose by 500 a day, or 185,000 during the 12 months.The largest group of migrants were people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, who accounted for two-thirds of net “in-migration”. (The Guardian, 2nd November 2006)

Ah, yes, Sri Lanka, proud inventor of the suicide-bomber. Britain has been importing Third World people for decades and the inevitable result is that we are now suffering from Third World diseases, both literally and metaphorically. Non-white AIDS, hepatitis and tuberculosis patients cost us billions every year, while non-white terrorists and gangstas cost us billions more, cause us incalculable pain and misery, and give our traitorous governments an excellent excuse to take away more and more of our freedoms. All of this was utterly predictable not just fifty years ago but two thousand years ago. Here are two famous lines from the Roman poet Horace:

They change their sky, not their souls, who cross the sea. You can expel Nature with a pitchfork, but she will return.

She’s returning now, folks. And there’s nowhere to hide.