Will the New Congress Be Different?

Will the New Congress Be Different?

by Jeff Davis

The Republican Congress is coming into office in a few days. One significant change is the Tea Party. There are a number of House Representatives and Senators who are effectively wild cards, who may actually do things and ask questions, which polite mainstream Republicans would never dare.

USA Today reports: “An incoming House committee chairman said today that the new Republican majority will probably move this month to repeal President Obama’s health care bill, setting up a major political battle over the president’s major domestic initiative. Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., incoming chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, agreed that the Senate is unlikely to follow suit, and Obama would doubtless veto any repeal effort. But he said Republicans would then seek to block various aspects of the law, including the requirement that all Americans buy health insurance.”

Obama can veto any attempt to repeal his health care bill so this seems like a waste of time except as a political stunt. This is going to be the story of the next two years; gridlock, which is fine, so long as it prevents Obama from destroying any more of what remains of America. But will it? A president with nothing to lose can still do some damage.

The article notes “‘We’re going to go after this bill piece by piece,’ Upton said on Fox News Sunday, later adding: ‘We will look at these individual pieces to see if we can’t have the thing crumble.’ Upton said a general repeal vote by the House will probably take place before the president’s State of the Union address, which is expected to be in late January. The health care law is also under challenge in federal court.”

Well, if the Republicans do have the moral courage to go after Obamacare, more power to them. I’ll believe it when I see it. The Republicans even more so than the Democrats have a tendency to have memories six minutes long when it comes to campaign promises. Politicians think promises are for the “rubes” on election day, not something one keeps.

What you have to remember is that through some kind of weird unwritten code or something, Congress and the federal government never repeal any of this liberal crap once it’s passed. Social security, medicare, the Civil Rights Act, Roe vs. Wade, now openly Gay soldiers in the military, all of these things are now effectively engraved in stone. No conservative opposition ever has or most likely ever will succeed in repealing any of this –at least not with the two-party system in its current configuration.

Will the Republican class of 2011 be any different with all those Tea Party types in there? It’s true they don’t have the numbers yet, but they do seem to have the will of the White majority behind them. Anyone who gets in front of the Tea Party steamroller is likely to get flattened in his next election just ask Senator Bob Bennet or Senator Arlen Specter.

Of course, the usual corrupting influences will try to seduce the Tea Party politicians into becoming venal sleazebags just like John McCain. Let’s hope the Tea Party folks aren’t so quick to sell their souls.

Tax Policy For A New Nation

Tax Policy For A New Nation

by Russell D. Longcore

December 9, 2010

We talk secession here at DumpDC.com. And as such, we think about what a newly seceded state, now standing on its own as a new nation, would do to raise money from the citizens to pay for the functions of the new nation.

Washington’s methods of taxation are insane. There are so many methods of taxation…so many assessments, fees, tariffs and penalties…that we cannot keep up with them. Then consider the voluminous IRS tax code. It has been said that there are so many laws in the IRS tax code that every taxpayer is likely violating some tax law at any given moment in their lives. And all of this tax insanity at every level of government robs Joe Taxpayer of about half his income.

The doublethink and mendacity coming out of Washington about taxes is enough to make even a liberty-minded free-market person confused. So today, I’m going to address some fundamental issues about taxation…kind of like “Tax 101.”

First lesson is about money. There is only ONE form of legitimate money, and that is precious metals such as gold and silver. But money is not currency and currency is not money. Currency…paper and coins not made of gold and silver, can easily be counterfeited and passed off as money. Most people think that the greenback paper bills in their wallets or purses are money. But that is just currency.

The word “Federal” would be dropped from the lexicon in a new nation, since the new nation is a single entity, not a confederation of states. The proper term going forward would be “National” to describe the government of the new nation.

A new nation needs to go on the gold and silver money system. For more about this, read Sound Money and Limited Government.

Once the money issue is settled, then the government can begin planning for how to generate revenue of money for its purposes.

“Taxation” is to impose a financial charge or other levy upon a taxpayer (an individual or legal entity) by a state (or the functional equivalent of a state) such that failure to pay is punishable by law. That is one method whereby governments collect money to pay for the costs of the government.

All taxation is the ethical equivalent of theft. But taxation has been found, over centuries, as the most workable way for government to collect revenue from its citizens to fund government activities. Most taxation is inequitable, meaning that some pay more, some pay less. Much of taxation is an attempt by government to either reward certain activity or penalize other activity. The disparity of taxation between income earners in America is so great that a large percentage of citizens effectively pay no tax, while other groups of citizens pay the most. So the best that any government could do would be to make the taxation as close to voluntary as possible. The sales tax is the method of taxation closest to voluntary contribution. Think about it. The only time you pay tax is when you spend money.

And what about so-called “fairness?” I’ve said for a long time that “fair” is a place you take your pig to win a blue ribbon. The fairness in taxation ends up being whatever those in power say it is, and that’s certainly not fair. But should not every person pay taxes? Every person enjoys some benefit from the functions of government. Why should the poor be exempt from taxes? More to the point, why should ANYONE be tax exempt? I hold the position that all tax exemptions be ended, no matter if you are a poor individual, a charity or a church. And with a national sales tax as the only method of taxation, all of the other tax exemptions would end as a byproduct of reinventing the tax system. They simply wouldn’t be needed anymore.

Another even more insidious method of taxation is inflation. There is only one source for inflation, and that is a government that devalues its own currency. Inflation lowers the currency’s value. When currency is devalued, it takes more currency to pay for a product or service than before inflation. So it’s easy to look at price increases and think the increase is inflation. It is not. For some excellent information about inflation, go to www.Inflation.us.

I’m going to offer my proposals for generating revenue for the new nation. And when you read these, remember that I am throwing out everything that Washington has done over the last 200 years and starting with a clean sheet of paper.

National Sales Tax

A national sales tax only collects from taxpayers at the point of a retail sale. Every state already has a mechanism in place for the collection of retail sales tax. So any seceding state would have to revise the percentage of sales tax collected but that’s about it.

To fund all operations of the new National government, a sales tax of 15% will be assessed at the point of purchase. This turns national taxation upside down. No longer would the government be able to spend over its income. The new government would be forced to operate within its income, and that income would come from one source…the sales tax. Consequently, the new nation would have to prioritize the services it rendered based upon income, not providing services and then squeezing the citizens for money, borrowing or inflating to pay for it.

If this proposal seems unworkable to you, remember that a new nation, formed from a seceded state, would not have to start with the burdens presently laid upon all of us by Washington. No Social Security, Medicare, big military, and long list of three-letter bureaucracies like HHS, FBI, DOA, FTC, etc. The new nation would start with a very small government, and would be prevented from adding new government burdens unless it could pay for them.


• One tax, no other taxes. No property tax, personal property tax, estate tax, income tax, gift tax, capital gains, tariffs, duties, alternative minimum, Social Security, Medicare, and self-employment taxes.
• The gold standard money could be paid to the new national Treasury through coin, currency or electronic money.
• All government functions, from national down to county, city, village and townships, would be paid from the sales tax.
• All employees earning paychecks would have no government deductions of any kind.
• There would be no exemptions for any individual, business, charity or religious organization.
• No goods or services would be exempt, like food and medicine.
• There would be no tax forms whatsoever for citizens to fill out.
• It would eliminate the need for an IRS-type tax collector. Tax revenues would be forwarded to the Treasury by retailers. Retailers would be paid a service fee for collecting and forwarding taxes to the Treasury.
• No tax breaks, tax deductions, tax credits, tax amnesties, tax returns.
• The sales tax would collect revenue from citizens, aliens, illegals and tourists equally. If you spend money in the new nation, you pay sales tax.
• The national sales tax encourages savings and investment.

The Single Disadvantage:

Those who wanted to avoid the sales tax would sell stuff as a non-retailer, just like people do today when they do personal sales transactions like at yard sales.

There is no way to estimate the revenue that would flow from a national sales tax for any new nation. First, we’d have to know which state it was that seceded. Then, possibly some estimates could be made based upon the economic output of that state at the time of the secession. But a new national sales tax would be a game-changer for this new nation. What individuals or businesses would not LOVE the abolition of all other taxes and the establishment of the sales tax?

I predict that the economy of the new nation would explode with growth and prosperity. Capital from all over the planet would flow into the new nation as individuals and businesses sought the stability of this government and its monetary system.

The national sales tax as the sole method of taxation radically simplifies the taxation process while bringing taxation out into the light of day. It promotes transparency in the new government. Between the sales tax and the gold standard, it affords the new nation the freest economy in North America…arguably the freest economy in the world.

Secession is the hope for mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

Tea Party Nation reaffirms opposition to racism

Tea Party Nation reaffirms opposition to racism

By Matt DeLong

Updated at 11:21 a.m.

Fresh on the heels of the banishment of Tea Party Express and founder Mark Williams on Sunday, another tea party group is reaffirming opposition to racism.

Following Williams’s satirical mock letter to Abraham Lincoln from NAACP President Ben Jealous in which Williams called slavery a “great gig,” Tea Party Nation issued a statement Monday appearing to condemn Williams without mentioning his name. The group says it has a “zero tolerance policy against racism” and “will ban any members who show themselves to be racist.”

Tea Party Nation is perhaps best known for hosting the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville earlier this year, where the keynote address was delivered by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Former CNN host Lou Dobbs has signed on to headline the group’s next convention. The issue rose to prominence last week after the NAACP passed a resolution condemning racism within the tea party movement at its national convention.

Read Tea Party Nation’s full statement after the jump.

As most of you are aware, one of the leaders in the tea party movement posted a controversial blog many took to be racist.The Tea Party Movement is not racist. Tea Party Nation and many other groups have repudiated racism and racists. If you look on our website’s FAQ’s, you can see we have a no tolerance policy against racism. We have banned members who were racists and will ban any members who show themselves to be racist.

Tea Party Nation welcomes all patriots, regardless of gender, ethnicity or national origin to join us and help save this great country.