Enlightened Free-Loaders and the Pathological Altruists Who Love Them – Weaponized Honesty, Trump, and the New Right

“I am just a vigilant citizen
In a house that no one is living in

I am just a vigilant citizen
In a bed that everyone’s pissing in”-Cruel Hand, “Vigilant Citizen”

“Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.”-Aristotle

What is it about European civilization, and the Anglo-Saxon tradition in particular, that makes it so unique in the history of the world? There is a stunning cathedral in the center of York, England, called the York Minster that offers the perfect metaphor. Originally a Roman fortress, in 627 AD a wooden church was hurriedly constructed to be able to baptize King Edwin of Northumbria. A more permanent, but still humble, church was eventually erected, but it burned down in 741; a much more ambitious church with thirty altars was constructed on the site, and lasted until its severe damage in 1069 during William the Conqueror’s Harrying of the North and its ultimate destruction in 1075 by a Danish Viking raid. From 1080 another church was built in the Norman style. The present structure, which took over two hundred years to construct (1230-1472), is Gothic in style and sits on the Roman, Anglo-Saxon, and Norman foundations that came before. Given its size, intricacy, centrality, and importance, the cathedral requires consistent maintenance and renovation in order to preserve it in all its grandeur, but the expense is more than worth it to honor the region’s history and to be able to awe oneself in the presence of the cathedral’s stained glass, opulent ornamentation, magnificent architecture, and tombs of seminal religious and political figures. Visiting the Minster, you can time travel the two thousand years below the cathedral through the previous foundations and their artifacts, and climb the central tower to see the still-intact medieval walls of York and the nearly one thousand-year-old Clifford’s Tower that still stands on its outskirts.

The diligence, respect, patience, talent, faith, and cooperation it takes to create and maintain such a house of worship across many lifetimes is really a testament to civilizational pride and religious devotion, a true labor of love, and it speaks to something deep and profound in the Western psyche. I’ve written at length about the various contributing threads that have inter-woven over the course of the development of the West, but there’s one key factor that I haven’t considered in its entirety yet, mostly because it is a bit more nebulous and I needed to do much more research in order to speak with some “authority” on it, and that would be the role of giving, cooperation, and altruism.

The evidence for altruism having a strong biological component is mounting, and its occurrence varies across different races. Whites seem to have the highest levels of altruism, and are unique among the races for their de-emphasis on kinship and re-orientation of society to a more person-to-person “contractual” system, whereby cooperation between non-familial societal sub-groups and individuals takes on extra importance. To be sure, familial ties remain central to the organization of white societies, but beyond the immediate family, the ties, generally speaking, rapidly diminish. In Infidel, Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote about the kin system in Somalia, where everyone was expected to know their lineage ten or twenty generations in the past as a form of social organization and hierarchy, which could certainly be a source of strength and function both as a “networking tool” and as its own kind of welfare system in times of need, but could also in times of instability, such as the Somali civil war, turn into a tribal nightmare. The kin system is not conducive to building a modern nation-state.

Kin selection is just one mechanism in the evolution of cooperation, which also involves three different kinds of reciprocity, a “guardian function,” and group selection, which with the de-emphasis of kinship in Western societies allowed for voluntary association and hence a much greater degree of cooperation, which in turn allowed for the development of more complex social, political, and economic systems. Coupled with the genetic impulse among whites to be more altruistic than other groups—perhaps owing to climatic factors, but more research needs to be done here—the ready embrace of Christianity conjoined with the unique and varying local pagan customs, rituals, and spirituality, helped facilitate an extreme emphasis on the individual and stands in stark contrast to Jewish and Islamic tribalism, though Judaism is much more insular than either as it is not a proselytizing religion and has its own ethnic component. With these considerations we can clearly see why Western civilization surged ahead of its competitors once the free market began to take root after the Black Death and as the works of luminaries such as Chaucer, Boccaccio, Dante, and Petrarch writing in the vernacular in the High Middle Ages melded with the Renaissance of classical antiquity’s intellectual and artistic traditions, and were widely dispersed following the invention of the printing press. This double fusion—first of Christianity with local paganism, then with a re-discovery and advancement of the ideas and ideals of classical antiquity—imbued Europe with tremendous energy and brought it to the doorstep of modernity.

Somewhere along the line, however, the altruistic cooperation that was once so central to the development of Western civilization became a monstrous Catholic-Guilt-on-steroids; the reversion to Christian universalism and abandonment of the pagan infusion of what is essentially an alien faith, often unconsciously received, became whites’ Achilles heel. To quote Barbara A. Oakley:

For cooperative behavior to continue in complex biological or sociological entities, that is, for entities not to fall prey to ever-present, ever-evolving defectors, some form of evolving active guardian function must be present that detects when debilitating or destructive advantage is being taken of cooperative or altruistic behavior. The guardian system must not only detect but also disable such noncooperative behavior or render the entity immune to the pernicious effects. Without such detection and mitigation mechanisms, we see modeled evolutionary entities that are wiped out by defectors (note: emphasis added).[1]

These mechanisms are no longer present, and the defectors are eating away at the Western organism. These are the “enlightened free-loaders,” and we are the guilt-ridden “pathological altruists” who enable them. Metapedia defines pathological altruism as: “Sincere attempts to help others that instead harms others or oneself and where this harm could have been reasonably anticipated. It is often caused by cognitive and/or emotional biases that blind people to the potentially harmful consequences of their actions.” Our immune system is down and the carrion of our civilization is up for grabs. In fact, we’ll help you strip the carcass bare! As Mark Steyn says, “You don’t extinguish prudence for utopian delusions,” but that’s precisely what we’ve done. Pathological altruism and rampant white guilt under the manipulative guise of “liberalism” have enabled the transformation of the politics of the West—and the tributary of big-government-favoring Third World immigrants—into a kind of racial spoils system. This malignant form of liberalism, which is really not liberalism at all, is founded on premises closely hewing to Original Sin. That said, for Shelby Steele:

White guilt is not actual guilt…White guilt is not angst over injustices suffered by others; it is the terror of being stigmatized with America’s old bigotries—racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia. To be stigmatized as a fellow traveler with any of these bigotries is to be utterly stripped of moral authority and made into a pariah. The terror of this, of having “no name in the street” as the Bible puts it, pressures whites to act guiltily even when they feel no actual guilt. White guilt is a mock guilt, a pretense of real guilt, a shallow etiquette of empathy, pity and regret. It is also the heart and soul of contemporary liberalism. This liberalism is the politics given to us by white guilt, and it shares white guilt’s central corruption. It is not real liberalism, in the classic sense. It is a mock liberalism. Freedom is not its raison d’être; moral authority is…Without an ugly America to loathe, there is no automatic esteem to receive. Thus liberalism’s unrelenting current of anti-Americanism…This is moral esteem over reality; the self-congratulation of idealism. Liberalism is exhausted because it has become a corruption.[2]

What passes for liberalism in the United States today, and indeed much of the rest of the West, is a useful racial and tribal extortion racket for non-whites. Our political process is becoming a farce as we pantomime our commitment to what this great experiment in self-determination was meant to be. There is perhaps no one more emblematic of this than the mawkish ((((((Chuck Schumer)))))), incessantly whining and crying on television for some new entitlement or welfare program—or some stripping away of civil rights—in the name of COMPASSION and THE CHILDREN. It’s a cheap trick, but it works on the whites either already afflicted with an altruistic pathology or on those so encumbered by the guilt they’ve been marinated in their entire lives, they’ll willfully let the government cleave off half their paycheck so as to not be called racist. As Kevin Jackson says, “Race pimping has cost America trillions of dollars, as the money in race guilt is fantastic. Politicians line their pockets and those of family and friends, while delivering little to nothing to their constituents or the community at large.” ((((((Schumer)))))) and Company are living high on the hog (unless they’re kosher, in which case they’re living high on the New York bagel with cream cheese, lox, and capers), race-baiting their way to the bank.

Never mind that, pace Harvard sociologist Orlando Patterson, “The sociological truths are that America, while still flawed in its race relations … is now the least racist white-majority society in the world; has a better record of legal protection of minorities than any other society, white or black; offers more opportunities to a greater number of black persons than any other society, including all those of Africa.” No, the present dogma holds that there is something fundamentally cruel and insidious about the United States, deep-seated sins that must be atoned for, from its legacy of slavery to its legacy of colonialism. “That leads me to make several elephant-in-the-room observations,” says Sherriff David Clarke:

These “news” reports are followed by coverage of race hustlers calling for a “national discussion on race.” Provocateurs demand that all white Americans engage in self-flagellation, confess to false accusations of harboring racist feelings and admit that America is racist to the core. Like Pavlov’s dogs, many Republican politicians begin rushing to the nearest camera to flaunt their racial sensitivity…Do we allow false accusers to commit a criminal act and escape accountability? Not prosecuting a crime encourages others to commit similar offenses…Everyone is encouraged to feel aggrieved (everyone except white males). If no feeling exists, fantasize and make one up.[3]

Thanks to American Renaissance, we know that there were over one hundred hate crime hoaxes in the U.S. between when Donald Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015 and the close of 2017. There are tremendous privileges afforded the victims of hate crimes, and the mass outpouring of media coverage, money, and—you guessed it—empathy incentivize minorities to fabricate these crimes in order to be a beneficiary of the White Guilt Industrial Complex. What’s more, there’s virtually no downside, as when the hate crimes are revealed as hoaxes, with maybe one or two exceptions, the individuals in question receive at worst a slap on the wrist. Contrasting sharply with the narrative of “white privilege,” Gregory Hood makes the observation that, “Political power comes from shedding the imagined privileges of whiteness, and securing the actual privileges of non-whiteness.” None other than Linda Sarsour proved his thesis when she said, “When I wasn’t wearing a hijab I was just some ordinary white girl from New York City.” This is really deranged when you step back from the hysteria and think about it, and the gruesome twosome of guilt culture and pathological altruism is not confined to the United States by any means. It is a pan-Western epidemic of guilt assuagement with no set number of Hail Mary’s to affect clemency and a suicidal selflessness cresting a wave of giving-giving-giving-induced endorphins. Clearly the guilt-motivated penance, the pathology of altruism, and the imagined moral high ground and real social benefits of “altruistic” virtue-signaling do not need to have any basis in reality, or even actually help people. And when they are institutionally enshrined, even better! Returning to Barbara A. Oakley:

The government-sponsored enterprises Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae allowed less-than-qualified individuals to receive housing loans and encouraged more-qualified borrowers to overextend themselves. Typical risk–reward considerations were marginalized because of implicit government support. The government used these agencies to promote social goals without acknowledging the risk or cost. When economic conditions faltered, many lost their homes or found themselves with properties worth far less than they originally had paid. Government policy then shifted the cost of this “altruism” to the public, to pay off the too-big-to-fail banks then holding securitized subprime loans.[4]

Western elites and their clueless Goodwhite allies (colloquially known as “shitlibs”) are impervious to the mounting social, financial, and human cost in their endless pursuit of the brass ring of moral superiority. For some, it is purely self-serving, either through the acquisition of power and social capital, or because of the potent “helper’s high” that comes from giving and the perception of having “done good.” Others guiltily shrink away from confronting the harsh realities of existence while yet another camp toasts the cheap labor and cheap commercial products, drunk on the apathy of affluence—finally, still others’ eyes shine with malevolence, possessed as they are with raw hatred of the Western world and a desire to see it first reduced to ashes and then swept away forever. These groups are variegated in their present positioning, but all stand to gain from, depending on the group in question, our subjugation, demise, or erasure.

To be fair, there are many people out there who do good simply because it aligns with their moral code and because it is just the right thing to do, or at least appears to be, and not all who do good are pathological, but there can be no question that: 1) as a society, as a culture, and as a civilization (what’s left of it), we are thoroughly pathologized, and 2) there are many self-interested “defectors” who, though not morally, are rationally reaping enormous benefit from the absence of a “guardian system.” We venerate the barbarian Other at our own expense and worship the Great Flattening of our dynamic and exceptional civilization and call it “virtue.” It is worth asking, in the end, who really benefits.

From https://theanatomicallycorrectbanana.com/home/2018/7/18/enlightened-free-loaders-and-the-pathological-altruists-who-love-them


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Based High-School Students Cyberbully Dyke Teacher into Insanity

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2018

Bullying works. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Here we have a heartwarming tale of heroic generation Z meme warriors defeating the forces of evil through epic cyberbullying efforts.

When you get black-pilled about life, never forget that this world isn’t all darkness and poz. There is light at the end of this tunnel. No matter how much kids may be oppressed by their demented teachers, some of these youngsters rise up and fight back against the machine – and win.


She never discussed her sexuality with her students – although there is no reason why she should not have. But she did post a photo of her and her partner to Instagram, and after it was discovered, that’s when the cyberbullying began.

Oh, yeah. Cyberbullying is the best kind of bullying. Because of memes.

The future is the best place to be, after all.

Amy Estes, a California middle school teacher says she went to the administrators asking for help and support, but got none. She says they ignored the problem, saying it was “drama,” and would “blow over.”

It didn’t.

Ignoring bullying never works.

Because bullying is always a result of your own degenerate behavior – whether that’s being a dirty bulldyke, or failing to bust someone’s lip when he makes fun of your Spongebob lunchbox.

To be a man, you have to fight for what you believe in. And that may include your totally lit lunchbox.

The only way to stop bullying is to correct your bad behavior, whether that means discontinuing your disgusting carpet-munching, or fighting any foo’ who gives you lip over your favorite cartoon characters.

“Estes, who has taught English at Spring View Middle School in Rocklin for five years, considered herself well-liked before the barrage of online taunts, nasty statements and memes began at the beginning of the school year,” The Sacramento Bee reports.

Lesbo memes? I wanted to see that. Why didn’t they include them in this article? Did a communist write this?

Oh, right. Nevermind.

Here’s some memes to get your fix.

So relatable…

The school not only refused to step in, but told her she should not discuss her sexuality as a means of getting the attacks to stop unless it was absolutely necessary.

“At the recommendation of her bosses, Estes tried to talk to the student she was told was the ringleader. He denied any wrongdoing,” the paper says. “She said she asked the school to investigate the social media posts and to talk to the students involved. She was told the school does not monitor what is being said on the internet. Estes says such monitoring has been done when students were bullying one another.”

Estes, it turns out, had helped to create the school’s anti-bullying curriculum, so she was familiar with ways to handle bullying.

Yeah, she sounds like a real pro!

The principal called it a teachable moment and said she wasn’t sure what Estes wanted school officials to do.

It was indeed a teachable moment. The dyke teacher could have learned to mend her degenerate ways.

But instead, she doubled down, trying to impose her sick views on her virtuous and noble students.

“What I wanted from my administration was to utilize the discipline matrix that I worked hard to establish,” said Estes, who helped build the anti-bullying curriculum used with students. “If there is hate speech, students are given a consequence – detention or other consequences. Speaking so hatefully deserved more than a teachable moment.”

It didn’t get better.

Of course not. Under an oppressive regime of state-mandated homosexuality, the righteous will rise up in protest.

These homo-kikes won’t be tolerated for much longer.

“She assigned her students a positive lesson: Write a report about how you would create a utopia and give a class presentation. When it was the girl’s turn, she said her utopia would not include gay marriage because it was bad. Her paper used a derogatory word to describe gay people, among other inflammatory things, Estes said.

The students reacted with clapping and cheers, obviously looking to her for reaction, Estes said.

And that was her breaking point.

Well done, kids. Beautiful.

This was masterfully done. The dyke teacher was forced into taking a “mental health” leave, which hopefully involved being locked in an insane asylum where she belongs.

Truly, the next generation will be titans of meme warfare

Restricting Voting Rights, Race, and Future Time Orientation

Restricting Voting Rights, Race, and Future Time Orientation


The left may actually have a grasp of race and politics than conservatives. In an article at NYTimes.com entitled The White Party, Columbia journalism professor Thomas Edsall writes the millionth article I’ve read summarizing racial voting trends. Seriously, I read this same article about once a week, basically just a list of statistics on what race votes for what party. Here’s an excerpt to show what I’m talking about:

Another way of looking at it is this: fully 88.8 percent of all ballots cast in 2010 for House Republicans were cast by whites, compared to 63.9 percent for Democrats.

The degree to which the Republican Party has become a white party is also reflected in the composition of primary voters. For example, on March 4, 2008, in Ohio — where non-Hispanic whites are 81.1 percent of the population, blacks 12.2 percent, and Hispanics 3.1 percent — the Republican primary turnout was 97 percent white. Hispanics were 2 percent and the black turnout was so low it was zero percent, statistically speaking. One percent was described as “other.”

In the Jan. 19, 2008, South Carolina primary, 96 percent of the Republican turnout was white, 2 percent black, 1 percent Latino and 1 percent other. The population of the state is 64.1 percent white, 27.9 percent black and 5.1 percent Hispanic.

Oh wait, I forgot the other part of this formulaic sort of article – castigate Republicans as racist merely on the basis of support amongst whites.

Now, moving toward what has all the markings of a historic ideological and demographic collision on Nov. 6, 2012, Republicans are doubling down on this racially fraught strategy.

But even Dr. Edsall admits Republican never make any explicit appeals to white voters, with this presumably the most basic justification of his characterization above:

While the subject of race and of the overwhelmingly white Republican primary electorate are never explicitly discussed by Republican candidates, the issue is subsumed in blatant anti-immigration rhetoric.

Ahh once again, the liberal mind-reading ability arises. Funny that liberals can so adeptly parse the hidden motivations of conservatives, including those of racist whites, institutionally racist businesses, women-hating men, and so on. Right after the above, Dr. Edsall notes a parallel strategy amongst Democrats, though the accusations of bias are conspicuously absent:

The major threat to the Republican “white” strategy is a revival of the high turnout among minorities that carried Democrats to victory in 2008.

But our intrepid Dr. Edsall does not stop there – he notes how those evil Republicans have enacted laws with the specific (though unstated) intention of reducing minority turnout:

Republicans, however, are taking advantage of their newly won control of state governments across the country to enact laws designed to suppress minority turnout. Republican legislators and governors are reversing decades of liberalized access to the ballot by passing laws restricting or eliminating election day registration, early voting, the broader use of absentee ballots and voting by mail…Liberal groups, including the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University Law School, estimate that as many as five million men and women will be unable to vote because of these laws, which disproportionately affect minority voters.

OK, maybe we’re not supposed to question the premises of leftist academics writing for the NYbetaT. But may I ask why exactly, in the liberal paradigm of racial behavioral egalitarianism, would “restricting election day registration and early voting” disproportionately affect minority voters? I presume it does (see next paragraph), but these laws don’t disenfranchise felons, a class whose racial disparities liberals can at least blame on our racist society. These laws merely demand that people put a little effort into voting, undoubtedly an act of great importance and one that should be granted to those who can exhibit the most trivial amount of responsibility. What exactly about racist judges, racist schools, and racist police officers would make minorities less able to register ahead of time? One presumes that someone who has the ability and information to vote on voting day also has the ability to register prior to that day. Liberals can’t resolve this “conundrum” and it’s why articles such as Dr. Edsall’s rely on invective rather than analysis.

So why do blacks and Hispanics suffer disproportionately from these measures? (Let me just add that I love these laws.) They lack “future time orientation,” a concept well known amongst the HBD-osphere but surprisingly absent from academic discourse on intelligence. Two of the top Google results are from HalfSigma and Mangan. HalfSigma provides a great definition:

What is “future time orientation”? Presumably this refers to planning for a better future and placing future benefits over immediate gratification…The prisons are full of people lacking in “future time orientation,” because committing a crime to get some quick cash or get revenge at someone who pissed you off is an example of enjoying immediate gratification at the expense of one’s future.

One of the most well-known stereotypes about blacks, one that can’t be blamed on racist whites, is that they never show up on time. “Future time orientation” largely explains this as blacks lack the ability to analyze how present decisions will manifest as consequences for future situations. Blacks and Hispanics, due to their lower intelligence, have difficulty in planning, delaying gratification, and, most fundamentally, foreseeing future outcomes based on a perhaps complicated set of current data. Clearly then, blacks and Hispanics want to vote right when they’re able to, they don’t want to wait or plan ahead for something that won’t occur until a later date. Children think this way too, as evinced by the famous marshmallow study – they can’t temper their impulses in order to make rational decisions. As HalfSigma says, “the black man would rather hang out” than get off the stoop to do something for something else that won’t even occur for awhile later. (Do liberals get around this by having ACORN and other community organizers round up NAMs in the ghetto on voting day?)

However, even if this didn’t have the fortunate consequence of reducing minority turnout, I’d still support the measures. While I view democracy as an OK system, I still don’t want the listless classes having their say. I also don’t want a monopolized system of power, one largely confined to elitists living in the social Ivory Tower. I want a happy medium where the productive masses vote because they know what’s best and fair, not because they want a piece of the pie without working for it. By requiring a little bit of foresight in gaining voting rights, we ensure that the proper class of individual, non-criminal, mature, informed, and responsible, comprises the largest portion of the voting public. How can Dr. Edsall disagree with that? Oh wait, that’s waayyyccist.

Men of the West aka white guys

Not many of you can be called men, so may be this post should be “boys of the west.” For a people who conquered the world, built mighty empires, fought bloody world wars, and landed on the moon, it seems we have lost our manhood. Is it true the liberal education system has emasculated white males to the point of no return? Where is the warrior spirit of our ancestors? What happened to the european survival instinct?

If I can say one thing, its stop being a bitch! Simple as that! Stand up to them, this includes our women! Be men damn you! Stop cowering like a small child and stand and fight like men, stand and die like men if need be, but don’t lay there and die like dogs! Embrace the inner warrior, if you can’t afford guns and ammo, can you afford a sledge hammer? An axe? I’d rather fight with an axe in combat then my bare hands! Let me tell you if you have not purchased your killing tools then your good as dead anyways, and if you have your stock pile, your probably going to die anyways, buts it better to die a warriors death, killing our racial enemies, then on your knees begging for mercy. I will warn you, they are not known for their mercy, they will torture you, and consume your flesh before all is said and done, take the bastards to hell with you if you must.

The worst thing I have seen in this world is the feminized white male. Let them boys between your legs drop for a change and allow your natural instincts to make some choices for you once in a while, you might be surprised.

This ongoing attack on manhood is what prevents white males from becoming white men, but its an attack we allow to occur. They can’t force you to be a bitch, your doing that all on your own. Next time an enemy challenges you, don’t back down, stand up for our people! Know this, they bleed just like the rest of us, its only a matter of making them bleed! They are not gods, do not fear the parasites, do not fear the tick, the flea, and the tape worm, without us they would soon meet their maker.

Don’t cling to your wives for protection, that’s your job. Show your sons (if you have any) what a real man is. When it comes to our enemies, drop the whole turn the other cheek bullshit, and knock them the f*** out!

Stand up and protect our women! Set an example of strength, god man lose some weight! Spend some time at the gym, eat less garbage, go hiking, eat some meat, weight training, and act like men.

When the times comes do not hesitate to put them down!