Paganism & Orthodoxy

Paganism & Orthodoxy


When I hear Leftists rail against the “reactionary” Catholic Church, I find myself wishing, praying that it were so! Unfortunately, with the exception of a very few traditionalist parishes, the Catholic Church, from the pope on down, has contracted the liberal bug and is dying from it. I know because I was a Catholic for many years and traveled across the entire spectrum of the church, from the liberal extreme in Berkeley (where I grew up) to a traditionalist, schismatic group in San Diego. There certainly were priests and laity at the right end of the spectrum who were aware of what was happening to the church (even Pope Paul VI, who himself was in large part responsible for the disaster, said the “smoke of Satan” had entered the church), but these good right-wing folks had — it became clear to me — lost their church. They were like decent relatives in attendance at the Old Woman’s funeral.

There’s not room here to explain how I made my way to the Russian Orthodox Church, but I will try to explain briefly why I think pagans — at least the sort of pagans that are likely to visit AltRight — are no threat to the Orthodox and are a potential source of wisdom. As I’m sure you know, both the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church oppose the doctrine of “Sola Scriptura” by upholding both Scripture and Tradition. Both Orthodox and Catholics assert that, in order to be Christian, one has to immerse oneself within the traditions of the Church of which Scripture is but a part. Obviously, I accept this teaching, but it has become clear to me that this is insufficient in the current crisis. There is a third dimension, in addition to Scripture and Tradition: the larger culture in which any believer must take part. And that third dimension has collapsed around us.

There are all kinds of ideas and behaviors that are essential to the Christian life that were never made explicit in either Scripture or Tradition (more specifically, for the Orthodox, the teachings of the Church Fathers). Up until very recently, there was no need to make these ideas explicit, because they were a part of the larger culture, which had both pagan and Christian roots. I am thinking in particular of the relations between the sexes, but it is larger than that. It’s the replacement of all hierarchical thinking and practice with that “net-like structure” that Mark Hackard mentioned in his most recent piece. It was in great part the collapse of that third dimension of Christian life that brought down the churches. The best of them had their creeds and their liturgies and so forth, but the attack this time didn’t come in the form of armies outside the city walls or angry leftists pounding on the church door. Instead, the larger culture changed suddenly (after long gradual change). The culture, which was the very medium of existence, the water in which clergy and laity swam, became fundamentally opposed to traditional Christianity. Thus, except for the tiny minority that sensed what was happening and acted, Christians absorbed sentiments, prejudices, imaginations, etc. that were utterly antithetical to Church teaching, and in what was, historically speaking, the twinkling of an eye — maybe a decade — they ceased to be Christians. Some of them still recited the Nicene Creed and attended Mass, but their heads were full of thoughts utterly incompatible with traditional Christianity.

Traditional Orthodox parishes do stand in firm opposition to the larger culture, and priests such as our own are acutely aware that the Church is like an ark on stormy waters. But the Church has yet to face the threat fully and to articulate its response clearly and forcefully. The Church Fathers were men who faced the threats of the early centuries and articulated a response. Their defense of the essentials truths built much of the present Church; we still hear their words in the creeds and see the truths they articulated in the liturgy and in the icons and architecture. They built defenses that withstood the enemy for many centuries, but a new enemy has arisen. And so we need new Fathers.

The new Fathers will have to be men who are firmly grounded in both church and secular life. They will have to be immersed in church life, but also in current intellectual currents. They will have to understand the enemy thoroughly and formulate a forceful counter attack, which will take the form of polemics, creeds, and quite possibly literature. The new defense that these Fathers raise will have to be woven throughout Church life — into the liturgy and into Holy Tradition. This will probably be the work of centuries, but it needs to begin now. I believe it is beginning.

And this is why I welcome the neopagans. They did not poison the culture (and thus the churches), but are in fact enemies of that culture. Much of what they oppose in “Christianity,” I, too, oppose. I find that they are more clear sighted than many Christians, even traditionalist Orthodox, about what is ailing us. And so I welcome them as allies against a common enemy; and where they truly differ, I welcome them as worthy opponents who will help Christians to hone their own thinking and thus help them to prepare for the real battles that lie ahead.

Tactics to Turn the Tide

Tactics to Turn the Tide, Part 1

July 21, 2010

by David A. McElroy

The arrogant enemies of Truth, Justice, and Liberty for us all have established a long track record. Patriots have long gathered solid information and worked to educate us in the freedom movement, often at the risk, even loss, of their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. The enemy is obviously in their end game. Time is short, and education is useless without action. We prefer peaceful revolution, but violence threatens. What are we to do?

First, we must not let the enemy control public discourse, define terms and the course of public debate. We must rouse people, as daily public brainwashing deluges us, as the mainstream media is employed to do in scrubbing truth and freedom from public expressions. I quit the news media in 1989 as a small town newspaper editor, because there was no room in the BUSINESS for an honest man. A chain publisher made that clear. Freedom of the press is exercised by those who own presses, or transmitters, or web servers and routers. We must talk frankly to each other in our clear and present danger. We must muster the people, awaken them to the dangers at hand, and let God lead.

It was first a war of words, and the truth is always the first casualty in war. The American society has been misled by socialists twisting words and definitions, shifting our focus to set the limits of discussion and stifle dissenting voices, while “celebrating diversity and tolerance”. We must set the record straight and start using our language, not theirs, more carefully and pointedly. Congress is deaf to our pleas, mainstream media ignores us. Talk with friends and neighbors at church, school, the store, on talk radio. Everywhere! Do not mince words!

One great topic is how senior citizens are being demonized for their Social Security and Medicare, benefits they have been forced to pay for over many years. They are now said to be “a burden on society” and “useless eaters” too expensive to maintain over the few years they may have left. They are “parasites” expecting “entitlements”, and that they “receive more than they put into the programs.” HELLO! Seniors are not the problem, and they should get some interest after about 50 years of payments!

This sham is to throw the attention away from a government which sold these as good retirement programs for seniors, but looted the funds in the old bait and switch. As the District of Criminals has stolen the money repeatedly, and insolvency looms as more of us become old, blame the seniors! Never mind the government was running a ponzi scheme far bigger than anything Bernie Madoff perpetrated.

These programs did not fail: they were ROBBED! If a private company did this, they would be prosecuted. Now, Obamacare is to be imposed and we are forced to pay more money because these older programs “failed”. Seniors will receive rationed healthcare to cut expenses. Of course, dead people don’t collect benefits. That will go a long way to ease federal shortfalls in Social Security and Medicare, won’t it? Instead of increasing mortality rates, we should INDICT and PROSECUTE officials!

In the word games, the enemy of freedom likes to cite things like slavery being allowed in early America, despite the fact “all men are created equal”. The problem was not with the Constitution, but rather the legal definition of “men”. People of African heritage were not defined as men, but chattel, or livestock.

And the flag of Dixie, the Confederate flag, has been denigrated as a symbol of slavery while slavery was imposed under “Old Glory” and practiced in the northern states long after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation ordered the release of slaves in southern states. Did you ever think about that? We don’t need any more constitutional amendments, we must DECLARE INDEPENDENCE from the lawyers and their legal definitions in the District of Criminals. They nullify the general principles America was founded upon pursuing minutia for political and economic gains, dismissing Natural Law, papering it over with complicated and devious writs and pieces.

We should say abortion is infanticide, a “fetus” an unborn human being and not a parasite. Why is it that it is a woman’s “freedom of choice” to kill her baby, but it is the man’s responsibility if she chooses to keep it? If a woman has a right to control her body, why is she is forced to take a vaccine or wear a seatbelt? Question authority–loudly!

Socialists only give us freedom of choice if we choose to degrade, corrupt, and injure ourselves in hedonistic undisciplined, ungodly ways that lack rhyme or reason, pursuing foolishness that will weaken and enslave us. Marxists lead us to conflicts foreign and domestic with blinders like beasts of burden destined for the glue factory. Jesus Christ is prohibited from the national holiday honoring Him, as is every logical choice leading to strong, healthy, independently prosperous people living in peace and harmony.

A sound republic is based on eternal principles of immutable truth, natural law. July 4th, Independence Day, we should remind everyone those fireworks are not just pretty sparkles in the sky. They commemorate the fiery battle that birthed our liberty! Our forefathers didn’t talk the British out of America, they shot ‘em!

The Hegelian Dialectic does not work when people are content and wise to the ways of Machiavellians. We must arouse the people to the truth of the trap. Politics is the art of compromise, and the politicians work diligently to compromise us all. Let’s just dismiss them. They create problems, derive their power in polarizing groups to play them off like pawns in chess games where they profit selling over-priced concessions to screaming crowds. If a few players or spectators get injured or killed, they care not. Our food stamps and TV are the modern equivalent of Roman “Bread and Circuses”. Like Rome, we have a preening psychopathic dictator and plutocratic senators in the box seats at the coliseum. Are you being served?–to lions?

Truth was declared to not be an obligation of news media in the whistleblower lawsuit of Jane Akre vs Fox News, ruled upon Feb. 14, 2003. The Florida Appeals Court agreed with Fox News, who asserted that it is not against the law to distort or falsify the news in the United States. (Surprised?) So we must convey truth independently for our own good.

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” Christ is quoted saying in John 8:32. If truth leads to freedom, falsehoods imprison us. Governments all divide and conquer by scattering, or compartmentalizing, information, or specific facts, small truths, to obfuscate the big picture and eternal Truth with a BIG LIE constructed of many small deceits, while distracting us with smoke and mirrors. But this is not a fun house.

Historian William Lecky summed this up noting “Truth is scattered far and wide in small portions among mankind, mingled in every system with the dross of error, grasped perfectly by no one, and only in some degree discovered by the careful comparison and collation of opposing systems.” Thomas Jefferson stated “It is error alone that needs the support of government,” (which sets up opposing systems). “ Truth can stand by itself.“ II Timothy 2:15, advises us to “study to shew thyself approved unto God, a work-man that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” Read widely, compare notes.

All real things have more than one facet, like a coin. We must know darkness to appreciate light, like two halves of a coded message. We must not feed from the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but the root! It is not by choosing the branches right or left seeking twigs to find fruit, but by following the other way to the sustaining root. Christ said “I am the true vine”, in John 15:1. Apart from His truth, we who branched off choosing either this or that cannot find peace or life deciding the lesser of two evils, the carrots and sticks Satan uses to tempt or frighten us. Read John 15. In the vineyard, pruned branches are burned after harvest, but the root stock is secure in the land.

Government agents often say “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” Yet government hides everything, and must fear a great deal in a guilty conscience. The feds classify everything “secret” for “national security” and reserve the “right”, the “duty” to lie, cheat, steal, and kill… while we are compelled by law to reveal every detail of our lives with no privacy respected, to be truthful in every statement and waive all our God-given natural rights, allow ourselves to be deceived, defrauded, robbed, and killed. Their one sided presentations are like paper tigers. Let’s tear them up!

Mainstream media has lost credibility with the public and is almost totally owned and controlled by a handful of corporate interests with a fascist agenda. Have you ever noticed that defendants in high profile court cases are never allowed to tell their story to the public? Did you notice neither Timothy McVeigh nor Bernie Madoff gave any public testimony? Could it be their silence was protecting Big Brother? Did you know numerous court rulings are kept secret and not published in law books to protect government from being successfully tried on various issues? Newspapers are losing subscribers and TV networks are losing ratings. TV “news” has become infotainment, while the internet, with free access for everybody online, is driving the big boys nuts!

The common public, true patriots, eye witnesses, and those in the know, openly communicate with many diverse viewpoints and real timely news items fat cats prefer suppressed. The open public debate and free exchange of information is largely responsible for the gains made by patriots in the last 20 years, thanks to the World Wide Web. Free speech lubricates our human progress. Yes, there is dross mingled with truth, but we have choices–for now. Blog your concerns!

Obama will be given a “kill switch” for the internet. Senators Rockefeller and Lieberman are stumping for it, and I would be surprised if the usurper did not use it. So let’s consider the battle of words before he exercises “full spectrum dominance” as the Pentagon put it.

They probably won’t kill internet activity all at once, because it also carries a great deal of commerce and the government propaganda. Look for further curbs in “reform”, screens placed across the portals by corporate gate keepers. More fear. “Hate crimes“. If you find the internet not online someday, expect truckloads of excrement to be flying from many spinning blades because the hammer and sickle will be acting in a theatre near you. Look for wolves in uniform prancing across your property. So, keep your powder dry!

Copyright 2010 Liberty Defense League

Tactics to Turn the Tide, Part 2

July 22, 2010
by David A. McElroy

(Editor’s Note: Despite this article being posted here after Independence Day, the message is worth your consideration.)

July 4th is fast upon us. Millions of Americans across these fifty united states will be lining the streets for parades, gathering to watch fireworks in celebrating Independence Day. There will be patriotic music, barbecues and baseball, and of course, the Star Spangled Banner. Will you help them remember why? This occasion for patriotic activities is the perfect opportunity to spread the message of liberty to the people in community directly. Help them recall the principles, the price, of freedom.

Wake them from their media-induced trance. Face them and make them aware of the socialist tyranny, and encourage them to lift their voices for freedom! The latest Rasmussen Report found 48% of American adults “see government today as a threat to individual rights,” in a survey polling 1,000 people June 18/19 2010. Also, it found “52% say it is more important for the government to protect individual rights than to promote economic growth,” and 58% “want less power and money for government.” Only “ 21% believe that government today has the consent of the governed.” Do you feel the stimulus? On July 4th, I have frequently distributed my own personal patriotic messages with flyers and banners to the crowds assembling to get good spots before the parade or fireworks.

They have time waiting for the show, and the time is ripe for patriotic discourse. Help them remember that when they pledge allegiance to “Old Glory”, the “republic for which it stands” no longer exists. The U.S. Constitution was suspended by FDR in 1932 and has enabled every president since to rule arbitrarily under the War Powers Act in a portfolio of executive power. That includes the Trading With The Enemy Act. Legally, in it, we the public have been deemed “enemies of the state”.

Roosevelt said “Some of my best friends are communists”, and his memorial in the District of Criminals is the largest and most lavish. Obama looks now to complete the Marxist Cultural Revolution in America. Will you just see July 4th as merely entertainment, or a great opportunity to rally countrymen to restore freedom in America? Make plans now for flyers and pamphlets to give away. DVD and CD messages are good also. Construct your own picket signs and banners. Prepare a meaningful costume, a tri-corner hat or Gadsden Flag. Be colorful, loud and proud.

But also be respectful of people, be cheerful and avoid arguments. Promote your cause verbally and in print, in music and symbols. Get out there! Meet and greet! This is the time to get face time with WE THE PEOPLE and bypass the media gatekeepers that usually ignore us or tilt against the cause of freedom. Plan to contact hundreds, even thousands, of people on Independence Day and act independently! Don’t ask permission, be bold.

Just do as your conscience leads you as opportunities present themselves in your local area. Of course, it may cost you some bucks to print up hundreds of flyers, but there is a price for freedom. Remember it is always cheaper to pay now, as paying later is always more costly. The enemy has his ducks in a row, the best Congress money can buy. Dark forces are in position to “legally” destroy us in their end game, with legislation much like that implemented by Hitler and Stalin.

Most of you reading have followed the issues for years. Don’t just be educated and entertained, alert your family, friends and neighbors. Independence Day is the day to read The Declaration of Independence loudly in the streets, just as Thomas Jefferson wrote it. It is the basis, the foundation, of America’s birth. It documents secession’s rightful need, our tradition of rebellion against tyranny in defense of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in secure and prosperous homes.

Remind everyone in earshot on the many streets and fairgrounds of America that those fireworks commemorate the fiery battle for freedom. They were incendiary weapons and calls to action in the Revolutionary War led by the Spirit of ‘76. George Washington, with rebel volunteers, the Green Mountain Boys, Paul Revere and the Minute Men, did not legislate or debate freedom….they fought for it. They didn’t talk the agents of oppression out of their towns, and they didn’t win their case in the king’s court. They shot the king’s men and drove the Redcoats to the sea!

The Liberty Bell is inscribed with “…Proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof…“, a verse from the Holy Bible found in Leviticus 25:10. The Lord instructed this should be done every fifty years to free people from servitude and erase debts. The Liberty Bell has been forbidden to ring for many years. It is up to you to proclaim liberty. Be loud and proud July 4th. Let Freedom Ring!

Tactics to Turn the Tide, Part 3

July 25, 2010

by David A. McElroy

Again July 4th has passed without another American Revolution. What can we do now to give impetus to regain independence within our God-given rights? I will suggest specific tactics to deal with the federal beast today. But, as we consider tactics to turn the tide in the battle for freedom, there are some largely overlooked matters to question. You are invited to participate with your observations and suggestions.

While our Gadsden flags boldly warn “Don’t tread on me!”, we must watch where we are treading. We outnumber the enemy, but the foe is in the catbird seat, a big ugly spider in the information web of wires it has spun to entrap all of us with our buzzwords. It has many eyes, many legs, looking to net us with or without due process, eat us now or later.

So, I must pose these questions as an activist in the freedom movement:

1. Knowing the Beast is capable of hacking into or terminating websites, and agents have even kicked down doors to seize computers, servers and their hosts, are we perhaps being baited in a feint prompting us to move forward discussing nullification and secession efforts on the internet and talk radio? To what end? Names are being taken, count on it.

2. How soon can we awaken a critical mass of our countrymen to their perils? We can’t win everyone, but victory will likely take more today than the active 3% in 1776. Critical mass is crucial to effecting a peaceful revolution. A few rebels can be “disappeared” so easily today, but not millions! Do your neighbors see the parallels with the rise of Nazi Germany’s tyranny in America? Have you discussed the evidence with them?

3. How many know our jury system has been rigged against us? Do they know of the Fully Informed Jury Association with solid information found at Do they know jurors can judge the law as well as the facts? That judges’ instructions are often untruthful and obstructing justice? Did they ever hear about the resignation of the Bush-appointed Chairman of Federal Elections Assistance Commission Rev. DeForest Soaries? He had resigned April 30th, 2005, to declare the whole voting system is rigged for fraud! Do your friends still think we can vote ‘em out?

4. How well are you prepared for personal hardships, not only holding up in your home well stocked, but perhaps as a fugitive or the victim of jack-booted “black ops” police? Do you realize the risks posed by laws already enacted and FEMA camps standing ready?

5. While we stand for home rule, the division of power, nullification of excessive federal powers and outright secession of sovereign states, how might this play into the hands of our globalist enemies? The New World Order, with US billionaires like Rockefeller and Gates, has long worked against us to destroy our heritage of freedom and representative government. They want to destroy our strength, divide and conquer us. They use our tax dollars to plan for every contingency. Think about it. Do you know your friends?

6. The NWO has moved foreign troops and military equipment onto our soil to “keep the peace in civil unrest” or train for “cooperation” or “disaster response”. Are they afraid our US military might choose to defend Americans rather than shoot us as ordered? Is this why our armed forces have been run ragged across the seas in bankrupting no-win wars of occupation? Is this why states’ National Guard units were deployed exhaustively in the middle east and finding their equipment neither returned nor replaced at home?

7. How can we prepare to inform the world about our plight and deflect the NWO media spin that will depict patriots as criminals and terrorists? In the media courts of public opinion, as well as the courts of law, the government claims to represent “the people”, and always seeks to impugn and destroy the defendants’ credibility and motives. The government will seek to silence dissent and hide “inconvenient truth“. To minimize foreign interventions, how can we turn the tables and present ourselves as morally righteous patriots seeking justice? How can we prosecute our case successfully, rather than retreat on the defense, and find freedom with a minimum of violence? Win friends?

These are important issues I don’t see being discussed often or in depth, if at all. Yet they should be addressed early on, before the “civil unrest“ of riots and martial law, outright civil war or foreign invasion. While we rest assured our cause is just and our need great in seeking relief from tyranny, there are other powers in the world that would look to profit from infighting among these less united states of America. China and Russia are at the top of the list.

There are lesser powers that would like to get their licks in also. As we embark upon the great and noble, inherently risky, mission of driving the federal vampire from us and declaring our independence as sovereign states, we must take care to attend the dangers posed by foreign as well as domestic enemies. This is why I strongly suggest that while our many states are sovereign and we pursue home rule, it would be best if we can remain united in spirit, if not bureaucracy, as we strive to evict the Beast holed up in the District of Criminals.

I suppose most of you have long realized the risks in using public forums to discuss the issues of nullification, secession, preparing to fend off martial law and survive civil war. But I question why patriotic discourse has gotten this far without violent repercussions. Do you?

I have a couple of tactics for you. Every once in a while I will send an E-mail to another of my E-mail accounts, speaking directly to the federal snoops. I let them know how they are serving evil and undermining truth, justice, and liberty for all in a totalitarian repression deadly to a free society. It is perfectly legal to send yourself an E-mail. But letting the “Man” hear you call him out is like blowing a stakeout when you walk up to that surveillance vehicle and let the cops know you’ve spotted them. Give them a piece of your mind.

Agents have been known to be converted when repeatedly exposed to the truth. You can do this. Be sure to put plenty of those colorful buzzwords in that will cause their computer to pick up on your token of appreciation. If millions of us could do this repeatedly, we just might overload their big bad computers. Instead of trying to stay under their radar, spread so much chaff they’ll be blinded. Think of it as being something like putting aluminum foil in a microwave oven. The snoops will definitely get overheated with the spike in their workload.

Many of you, have been working with the issues raised in questions 2 & 3. But we need to work harder as time grows short and our enemy is about to slam the trap shut!

We must recall the price of liberty, a duty to act with righteous zeal and leave the results to God. Our forefathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor to freedom in America. All gave some, and some gave all. Recall that even Christ did not leave this world without knowing sorrow, pain, and a cruel death at the hands of unjust tyranny. Be at peace with God and look to heaven for strength. Men will disappoint you.

Questions 5 & 6 deal with scenarios the communists openly published in the 1930’s for overthrowing America. Check it out. In fact, many of you already know most basic goals of communism have been implemented in the USA for about 50 or 60 years now.

As for question 7, I have some ideas. Make it clear the feds initiated the violence. Did you see the photographic evidence of cops being the black-masked instigators in Canada’s G-20 riots? (Arresting cops and collared instigators all had identical uniform shoes!) We must be ready to present such evidence here in events unfolding. While the internet is still available, we can use it to spread our messages to the world abroad. Send E-mail and forward articles to foreign media and private individuals, humanitarian, educational, or religious organizations. I have started doing this. With text translation services now in vogue, you are not really constrained by language. Let’s make sure the bought and paid press whores are not the only ones reporting. Start now before Obama hits the kill switch on the internet! Act to pre-empt the evil by documenting facts early.

You are probably tired of various well-meaning organizations begging for donations and sending newsletters, saying your dollars are needed to wage that next battle to repel the enemy’s onslaught from Capitol Hill. Those donations for “victory next time” just milk us repeatedly in a struggle to bankrupt and frustrate us while the “Red Menace” takes two steps forward and one step back to waltz us over the edge. You probably know Democrat and Republican parties dance to the tune of the same billionaires. Blackmail and bribery are standard practice for them. When all else fails, assassination and “accidents” happen.

There are no “checks and balances” in our government anymore. It is openly fascist, and we must face it. The police state is not coming. It is here already!

The evil is all around us, even in our midst. The war will have to be waged on many fronts. None of us can do everything needed. A successful plan of battle will never be published anywhere until long after the dust has settled. Each of us must trust our Creator and choose the niche, the foxhole, where we should serve in our local communities. We must be prepared for the gathering storm, know our friends and stand with them united in the bonds of brotherly love. Discuss these things with your family and friends. Truth, justice, and liberty for all are for those in God, we trust!

Copyright 2010 Liberty Defense League

Roissy Is Restoring Balance To The Force

Roissy Is Restoring Balance To The Force

Edit: For the Roissy-haters who don’t comprehend the subtext of the Roissy phenomenon.

Sexual libertinism is how he illustrates the power-relation between the sexes, and it’s going to provide far more help to responsible beta males, who are the Atlases of family and nation, rather than men who are already alphas. Roissy’s work is going to help more children grow in up in homes with mom and dad, and maybe even mom working at home. Roissy’s work is going to help responsible betas go through life without getting pushed around by bosses, authorities, and women.

That is the meaning of Roissy.

P.S. If you believe in infinite economic growth, you are too dumb to bother debating.

As of 2010, I declare Roissy to be the greatest man of the 21st century. There will be more great men, but Roissy gets the title of Da Man, for the first decade.

The concept of Ecological Balance applies to human society, as to the natural world. Modern human civilization is way out of balance. The Right Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus as well as Jay Hanson have it right. If you haven’t read Hanson, click that link and watch his flash videos.

Industrial agriculture requires 10 calories of oil for 1 calorie of fossil fuel. Industrial agriculture is defined as using land to turn oil into food. This is negative EROEI (energy returned on energy invested.

The kind of farming I do, and teach, aims for a more positive EROEI. I want to restore balance to civilization’s ecology. We need a world of farmers who are in control of their own production and grow enough food for about 10 people with a positive EROEI. So we need a world that is at least 10% farmers. At least. This will be a much happier, healthier world.

As the natural world is out of balance, so is the Human Ecology. White people are subordinated; men are subordinated, but especially White men, or as New England college professors like to hatefully hiss, “h’white h’males.” (They could be referring to a white male dog. that’s not an accident).

The subjugation of would be patriarchs is a big part of this out of balance human ecology. A brilliant, stream of consciousness fan of Roissy, Great Books for Men, gives us these gems of prose:

how da university works: feminism = debt & debauchery & divorce & Desecration machine/army lzozlzlzlzlzlgh weo


univeristies are at the tip (tit lzozlzlzoz) of our debt empire

over the past thirty years or so univeristies desouled women in prima noctae assocking sessins (some of tehm secretly taped iwthout thei girls conthent as the neocons like it best) and they sent the army forth to 1) transfer assetts form menz, 2) destory the family, 3) murder 50,000,000 unborn innocent souls, 4) hype and sell sub prime loans while wearing short skirts lzozlzlzlzllzlzlz 5) lure men into marriage iwth their coconpirators the ministers who front the legal system that does what no pimp would wever do–charge men for past use of a pussy lzolsoslslslslslslslslsls

the fembot army;s main corporate state job is to create debt debauchery destiutution debt divorce deconstruction and devastation lzozlzlzlz

and they have succeeded!! lzozlzlzlzlzlzl

today our debt deficit will be greater than the gnp!!!!1

the feminsimt movement cooinnded with the largest greatest increase of debt ever known to namankinds lzozlzlzlzl this is because womenz who stamp their little feet and bitch and complain and tranfer and destory welath and say “me me m em e more material welath for me me me me for my gina!!!! it’s for the children (even though women aborted/killed/vacuumed 50,000,000 fetuss by their choice alone) lzozlzlz it takes a village–fund my village where we get to bang alphas and the betas pay for it whether we cuckold them in tehir homes or via the welfare state zlozlzozlzzlzl” and they bitch and complain and talk about handbags and butthex and twilight vampires and enocurage girls to long for and lust after undead bloodsucking vampire twilight monsters and butthexing douchebags and otehr things which make their bginas tingle repalced menz at univeristies menz who built invent iengineer buuikld invent reason truth write great books read great bookz think lzozlzl eb=engineer lzozlzlzozlzl replaced exaltation eand greatness with bdebt debuachery destitution lzozlz

short beta men rose fast in teh unievristy as they were handed fiat bernanke cash fronm helicopter ben and they used it to surrpound themselves with syocphantic harems of womenze as all teh betas love honor worship tucker max their ultimate master because he rhymes with goldman sax and also he butthexes girls and films it woithout teh girlths ocnthent and the weekly stanadrd neocns repeat his lies lzozlzlzlzzl that he is six foot tall zlozzlzllzlzlzlzl honoring their #1 butthexual hero lzozlzlzl

so anyeways teh fiat masters trianed owmen in the arts of divorce debuachery deseefxation destruction lozlzolzlzlz and abortion and debt creation, and as womenze rose to power on teh ffront lines of the epreemptive wars against teh unborn they murdered 50,000,000 since rose vs. wade they deconstructed and debuached tehc ulture on campuses as when yhou put womenze in charge it soons becomes all butthex all the time as priscilia paintion woemnze editor in chief of simon and schuster is publishing tucker max’s next book zlzolslssslslsoslsoslzozlzlzlzlz c hecks che-=checks it out peoples are saying and speaking out about the way womenze are debucahing defiling and butthexing the culture lozlzlzlzlzl:

WN 2.0 is about working to restore balance to the force.

We are not abusers, as the “the Authoritarian Personality” would claim. We are the competent. We have been wrongly defamed. Shake it off, and do what needs to be done.

The plutocracy, the vampires, have won the past century because they have a better 24-7-365 Mind Weapon, while we are just tool-users who think of transforming into werewolves using guns and knives and bombs when we think of weapons.

We need to stop waiting for the Judgment Day. It’s here, and your weapon is between your ears.

Liberalism Feminizes Men

Forget arguing with liberals. Point out that liberalism is about the subordination of men, and it is happening in real life, everyday, all around you. Roissy writes about this all the time, and I realized that for most of my life, I had internalized the rules about the subjugation of men.

The TV and movies constantly depicted masculine men as people who got out of control and destroyed their own lives and the lives of people around them. The Jewish media message “Testoserone makes you stupid.” There is perhaps the slightest grain of truth to this, but they took this message and delegitimized the father as the head of the family, and turned generations men into supplicants.

The reverse of the coin of the Jewish message is “women are wiser.” Thus we were taught to defer to the estrogen wisdom. So much misery has come from this upending of Nature.

Some alternet liberal, Josh Holland, was writing yet another finger shaking post about a naughty, naughty South Carolina politician who used the term “raghead” to describe Obama:

Obama in traditional garb

I guess it doesn’t matter that this is an accurate, if not genteel description. (As an aside, I have no animus left for President Obama 44, as Bush 43 took it all).

At any rate, a commenter on Holland’s article was going on about “Authoritarian followers.” I put in a quick comment, “Authoritarians get the hottest babes though,” and a light bulb went off in my wingnut brain! It’s true!

It’s amazing how a generation of men was slyly convinced to not be men! To give up manliness, and paternal authority, as though it was some sort of sin! Truly a severe case of culture poisoning. Amazing.

And need I add — women despise this. They condition men to be obedient betas — they’ll tell you that’s how a guy should be, but they sleep with the men who do exactly the opposite. I will quote a brilliant Roissy post in full:

Relationship Advice From A Supermodel

May 24, 2010 by Chateau

An Australian supermodel, Miranda Kerr, has put together a list of tips men should follow to keep their women happy and their relationships strong. (Article courtesy of reader J.N.)

Kerr revealed her top 10 romance tips to readers of, who voted her most desirable Australian woman in the world. They are:

1. Buy the right size

2. Listen to her

3. Connect with her

4. Know what you want

5. Don’t be afraid to show her love

6. Tell her she is beautiful and romance her

7. Get a baby sitter

8. Be healthy

9. Pamper her

10. Treat her like a goddess

Fascinating! In the interest of generous reciprocation, I offer my list of Chateau-approved tips for women to help keep the romance alive in their relationships.

1. Spend his money to buy yourself clothes in the right size. Men like it when they are made to feel like dutiful ATMs.

2. Talk to him. Constantly.

3. Connect with him emotionally. Sex should be an afterthought to connection.

4. Know what you want from him.

5. Don’t be afraid to withdraw love. Men like to chase.

6. Tell him he is your best friend. Punctuate with warm hug and three pats on the back.

7. Get a baby sitter so that he may spend lots of money on you at fancy restaurants and the theater so that you return home too tired for sex.

8. Be healthy. Duh. This needed its own tip?

9. Ignore him.

10. Treat him like a therapist… who also happens to be penis-less.


Naturally, Chateau decorum insists on the utmost adherence to sarcasm when the moment calls for it. This was on of those moments. The lovely Miranda Kerr’s list may as well have been titled “Top 10 Romance Tips for Men Who are Already Alpha Enough to Afford Handicapping Their Attractiveness”, or perhaps “Bottom 10 Romance Tips for Beta Males Who Yearn for the Closure of Being Dumped”.

Similarly, my list would work great for 9s and 10s who are dating men so grateful to be with them that the men will put up with all sorts of shit. For the rest of womankind, my romance tips would have any man with a shred of dignity and a molecule of testosterone left in his sack running for the hills.

Kerr’s list — and just about all female relationship advice — neatly demonstrates one of the Chateau’s maxims:

CR Maxim #57: Never trust a woman’s advice on how to please women. Her advice is designed for alpha men she already finds attractive and from whom she seeks signals of attainability and commitment.

Corollary to Maxim #57: A woman’s sex and relationship advice isn’t meant to help men; it’s meant to distract men from what really works to turn women on.

Then I remembered an especially illustrative example of liberal betatude and this same sort of “bad advice for men” that Miranda Kerr proffers — a video ad by a liberal feminist for a book called “Over the Cliff” by the anti-white David Neiwert. I wasn’t able to embed the video, but here’s the link to the post It’s all about women slapping men for consuming conservative media, and the men of course taking it like good beta herbs. And then one of the herbs “does the right thing” and opens wallet (isn’t that always the beta male role) and buys his shackup girlfriend a copy of the Neiwert book, and so the woman agrees to have sex with him.

So that’s how it is in liberal-land? Even after you are living together, you are still supplicating and paying, paying, paying? Eternal supplication to the wiser, leftier woman? Ouch! Imagine if she caught you reading Occidental Dissent! She’d have to throw you out of the fashionable loft apartment . . . like . . . NOW! You fascist wingnut bastard! And she’d probably try to demand that you pay the rent for the rest of the lease. And a beta liberal herb would probably do it.

You want to be able to argue our side effectively with unawakened White men? There you go.

Americans Are Hell-Bent on Tyranny

Americans Are Hell-Bent on Tyranny

By Paul Craig Roberts

Obama’s dwindling band of true believers has taken heart that their man has finally delivered on one of his many promises—the closing of the Guantanamo prison. But the prison is not being closed. It is being moved to Illinois, if the Republicans permit.

In truth, Obama has handed his supporters another defeat. Closing Guantanamo meant ceasing to hold people in violation of our legal principles of habeas corpus and due process and ceasing to torture them in violation of US and international laws.

All Obama would be doing would be moving 100 people, against whom the US government is unable to bring a case, from the prison in Guantanamo to a prison in Thomson, Illinois.

Are the residents of Thomson despondent that the US government has chosen their town as the site on which to continue its blatant violation of US legal principles? No, the residents are happy. It means jobs.

The hapless prisoners had a better chance of obtaining release from Guantanamo. Now the prisoners are up against two US senators, a US representative, a mayor, and a state governor who have a vested interest in the prisoners’ permanent detention in order to protect the new prison jobs in the hamlet devastated by unemployment.

Neither the public nor the media have ever shown any interest in how the detainees came to be incarcerated. Most of the detainees were unprotected people who were captured by Afghan war lords and sold to the Americans as “terrorists” in order to collect a proffered bounty. It was enough for the public and the media that the Defense Secretary at the time, Donald Rumsfeld, declared the Guantanamo detainees to be the “780 most dangerous people on earth.”

The vast majority have been released after years of abuse. The 100 who are slated to be removed to Illinois have apparently been so badly abused that the US government is afraid to release them because of the testimony the prisoners could give to human rights organizations and foreign media about their mistreatment.

Our British allies are showing more moral conscience than Americans are able to muster. Former PM Tony Blair, who provided cover for President Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq, is being damned for his crimes by UK officialdom testifying before the Chilcot Inquiry.

The London Times on December 14 summed up the case against Blair in a headline: “Intoxicated by Power, Blair Tricked Us Into War.” Two days later the British First Post declared: “War Crime Case Against Tony Blair Now Rock-solid.” In an unguarded moment Blair let it slip that he favored a conspiracy for war regardless of the validity of the excuse [weapons of mass destruction] used to justify the invasion.

The movement to bring Blair to trial as a war criminal is gathering steam. Writing in the First Post Neil Clark reported: “There is widespread contempt for a man [Blair] who has made millions [his reward from the Bush regime] while Iraqis die in their hundreds of thousands due to the havoc unleashed by the illegal invasion, and who, with breathtaking arrogance, seems to regard himself as above the rules of international law.” Clark notes that the West’s practice of shipping Serbian and African leaders off to the War Crimes Tribunal, while exempting itself, is wearing thin.

In the US, of course, there is no such attempt to hold to account Bush, Cheney, Condi Rice, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and the large number of war criminals that comprised the Bush Regime. Indeed, Obama, whom Republicans love to hate, has gone out of his way to protect the Bush cohort from being held accountable.

Here in Great Moral America we only hold accountable celebrities and politicians for their sexual indiscretions. Tiger Woods is paying a bigger price for his girlfriends than Bush or Cheney will ever pay for the deaths and ruined lives of millions of people. The consulting company, Accenture Plc, which based its marketing program on Tiger Woods, has removed Woods from its Web site. Gillette announced that the company is dropping Woods from its print and broadcast ads. AT&T says it is re-evaluating the company’s relationship with Woods.

Apparently, Americans regard sexual infidelity as far more serious than invading countries on the basis of false charges and deception, invasions that have caused the deaths and displacement of millions of innocent people. Remember, the House impeached President Clinton not for his war crimes in Serbia, but for lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Americans are more upset by Tiger Woods’ sexual affairs than they are by the Bush and Obama administrations’ destruction of US civil liberty. Americans don’t seem to mind that “their” government for the last 8 years has resorted to the detention practices of 1,000 years ago—simply grab a person and throw him into a dungeon forever without bringing charges and obtaining a conviction.

According to polls, Americans support torture, a violation of both US and international law, and Americans don’t mind that their government violates the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and spies on them without obtaining warrants from a court. Apparently, the brave citizens of the “sole remaining superpower” are so afraid of terrorists that they are content to give up liberty for safety, an impossible feat.

With stunning insouciance, Americans have given up the rule of law that protected their liberty. The silence of law schools and bar associations indicates that the age of liberty has passed. In short, the American people support tyranny. And that’s where they are headed.

Paul Craig Roberts [email him] was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during President Reagan’s first term.  He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal.  He has held numerous academic appointments, including the William E. Simon Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University, and Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University. He was awarded the Legion of Honor by French President Francois Mitterrand. He is the author of Supply-Side Revolution : An Insider’s Account of Policymaking in Washington;  Alienation and the Soviet Economy and Meltdown: Inside the Soviet Economy, and is the co-author with Lawrence M. Stratton of The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice. Click here for Peter Brimelow’s Forbes Magazine interview with Roberts about the recent epidemic of prosecutorial misconduct.

NOW WHAT DO WE DO? By Paul Proctor – America is collapsing not because we have failed to fight our enemies, but because we have forgotten God


By Paul Proctor
October 7, 2009

Many, both here and abroad, are wondering now what will become of America. There’s a lot of intense speculation going on these days as to whether we should expect renewal, revival, revolution or the wrath of God.

People are losing their jobs, their businesses, their homes, their families, their pensions and everything they’ve worked a lifetime for. And because the problem is so profound and systemic, there’s really nothing the public or private sector can do to stop our economy from collapsing around us in spite of all the disinformation and outright propaganda to the contrary being manufactured by the government’s mainstream media machine and all those who have a vested interested in keeping the illusion of prosperity alive.

Even the money we use to buy and sell with – the world’s reserve currency – is an illusion that is quickly losing its appeal in the global marketplace. Americans may soon be the only people on earth that take U.S. dollars for goods and services – but for how long is anyone’s guess.

As I write, the Independent is reporting “the demise of the dollar” – that “Arab states have launched secret moves with China, Russia and France to stop using the US currency for oil trading.” Japan and Brazil are reportedly following suit. And, there’s no reason to believe it will stop there.

Because the dollar has long been the world’s reserve currency, most of it has been in circulation and in storage overseas. Imagine what will happen to its value when all of that unwanted currency comes back home to America from the countries that no longer want it or need it.

Remember; the more there is of something, the less it’s worth. An item’s rarity and desirability are what determines its value – not the numbers printed on it.


Take a rock from your front yard down to McDonalds and see if they’ll give you a hamburger for it. My guess is, they won’t since the owner of McDonalds can’t buy more hamburger meat and buns from his supplier with rocks that customers offer him over the counter because rocks are not rare and therefore aren’t valuable. A homeless man can fill his pockets with rocks off the street – but they won’t buy him a hamburger no matter how many he gives the guy behind the register or what numbers he scratches on the rocks that he offers. They’re still just rocks.

When Americans wake up and realize that the dollars they have in their wallets and purses and on account at the bank are little more than surplus paper, they’re not going to desire them anymore than China, Russia, France, Japan or Brazil. When this happens, it’s going to be like shopping with rocks.

The day is coming when food is going to become a lot more rare and desirable than green paper with numbers on it. Even though I’ve never tried it myself, I’m quite sure that money is not very tasty, nutritious or sanitary, for that matter, though it could be filling, I suppose, if you ate enough of it. And, if the gas and electric company quit taking dollars, we could always burn them in our furnaces and fireplaces, if we had to, to stay warm in the winter.

As if our declining economy and currency weren’t enough to bear, we Americans are losing our country as well, along with all the rights, freedoms, privileges and responsibilities that came with being a citizen. In fact, it would appear the United States no longer belongs to its citizens. Even the word “citizen” has lost its meaning here. No, our country belongs to men of great wealth, power and privilege who rule from the shadows, recognize no borders and fear little in life but the light of truth.

From the pew to the pulpit – from Main Street to Wall Street and from the voting booth to Capitol Hill – it’s mostly a charade now – driven by “the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.” (1st John 2:16)

Should we be surprised? After all, this isn’t the Garden of Eden – nor is it the Promised Land. That means we have no eternal guarantee from God that He’ll sustain us as a nation indefinitely though He did give warning long ago about the hell that awaits nations that forget Him. But, as great and powerful as America once was, I have yet to find any mention of it in scripture. That ought to be humbling and a little disquieting for professing Christians here.

You see, empires come and go. History has taught us that their “15 minutes of fame” is a little over two hundred years which means America has statistically run its course.

So, what do we do now?

Do we take up the sword and our own perceived morality to exact vengeance on those we believe are to blame for the fall of our kingdom or do we take up our cross and follow Jesus to His?

This is the controversial question before us.

America is collapsing not because we have failed to fight our enemies, but because we have forgotten God, and in doing so, have made Him our enemy. Sure, we vehemently claim Him as our own but live day to day like He’s not there or doesn’t care what we think or say or do – like America is God’s home and we have some divine right to reside here forever.

But, that home has become a vain, vulgar and violent place under the throne of a righteous and holy God whose kingdom is not of this world. And, foreclosure is coming friends, because we’ve been living large on borrowed money, borrowed blessings and borrowed time.

“…Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” – Matthew 4:17b

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© 2009 Paul Proctor – All Rights Reserved