For the first time in decades, the US is moving to develop new nuclear ICBMs

As the first nation to develop atomic weapons, the United States has long enjoyed its status as among the premier nuclear powers on the globe, second in total nuclear weapon count only to its Cold War-era competitor, Russia (formerly the Soviet Union). Within the United States, Americans tend to assume that America not only possesses the most capable weapons but the most powerful and advanced — unfortunately, however, in the nuclear arena, none of that is true.

As SOFREP recently covered, America’s dated nuclear arsenal, although still frighteningly powerful, has lost the lead in nuclear weapon development to its competition in Russia and China. Much like hypersonic missile technology, long-range artillery, the narrative facets of hybrid warfare, and more, America’s two-decade-long investment into counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency warfare has drained the force of its ability to keep pace with lesser funded competitors that have not had to invest in the same breadth of continuous combat operations. In a nutshell, America’s military simply stopped emphasizing the development of new weapons platforms as it focused on fighting terrorism, and its opponents were given the opportunity to watch the U.S. military operate, and pursue technologies based on where they felt they could best counter America’s combat tactics.

As a result, both Russia and China have unveiled new nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) in the past few years, and the new weapons touted by each nation positively dwarf the destructive capacity of America’s aging Minuteman III missiles, which have seen updates but no replacements since the 1970s. The argument has been made that America’s overall nuclear strength still serves as deterrent enough and that further investment into the program is unnecessary when the use of nuclear arms in a national level conflict would almost certainly mean the end of humanity regardless of the individual yield of outbound warheads — but the point of developing new and more capable platforms isn’t really about delivering even greater levels of destruction (though in all likelihood, America’s new ICBMs will need to carry quite a bit more oomph than its current missiles), the real point behind these new missiles is all about the likelihood that they’ll reach their intended target. A high likelihood of success is absolutely integral to an effective deterrent strategy.

Because the vast majority of missile defense systems now employed by America’s competitors were developed after the Minuteman III came into service, it stands to reason that they were developed with America’s nuclear arsenal in mind. By logical extension, that means America’s dated nukes likely have a higher probability of being intercepted than Russia’s RS-28 Sarmat or China’s DF-41, both of which were developed with America’s three-tiered missile defense apparatus specifically in mind, and both employ a variety of tools aimed at countering or inhibiting the efficacy of kinetic intercepts of the sort America utilizes. In short, America needs ICBMs that are just as capable of beating missile defense systems in order to maintain the status quo we’ve come to know as mutually assured destruction.

With dated ICBMs, the destruction remains assured, but there would be questions pertaining to just how mutual it would be. America could launch more than enough nukes to inundate and overwhelm any nation’s missile defense systems — but the highest value targets would likely be saved as the target nation prioritized its defensive endeavors. America needs to ensure it can match the destructive capacity of its competitors in a singular launch precision strike (no matter how unlikely that may be) or in a full-scale nuclear war in order to maintain a solid footing in the nuclear staring contest that is this sort of posturing.

Armed with that understanding, the Air Force recently awarded technology maturation funds to both Northrop Grumman and Boeing — both of whom are already at work developing their bids at the next generation of American nuclear ICBMs, which the Air Force is calling the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent, or GBSD. These new missiles are expected to reach testing phases in the early 2020s, with plans to have a winner chosen and fielded in silos around the country by the end of that decade. While the Air Force has not addressed the expected yields of these new weapons, they have pointed out that they will be equipped with significant upgrades in targeting and guidance abilities as well as the overall durability of reentry vehicles.

“GBSD will provide a safe, secure and effective land-based deterrent through 2075,” Capt. Hope Cronin, Air Force spokeswoman, told reporters. The company that secures the contract to build the next generation of American ICBMs will be tasked with building as many as 400 of the new platform.

Featured image: Airmen from the 90th Missile Maintenance Squadron prepare a reentry system for removal from a launch facility, Feb. 2, 2018, in the F. E. Warren Air Force Base missile complex. The 90th MMXS is the only squadron on F. E. Warren allowed to transport warheads from the missile complex back to base. Missile maintenance teams perform periodic maintenance to maintain the on-alert status for launch facilities, ensuring the success of the nuclear deterrence mission. | U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Braydon Williams

100,000 Russians March to Honor Royal Family Murdered by Jewish Communists

EARLY IN THE MORNING of July 17, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia led a 22-kilometer procession in honor of the Romanov royal family on the 100th anniversary of their murder. Law enforcement agencies reported that over 100,000 pilgrims participated. Tsar Nicholas II, his wife, Alexandra Fyodorovna, their five children Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and Alexei, along with physician Yevgeny Botkin and three servants, were executed by Bolshevik revolutionaries on July 17, 1918.

Some of the participants wore Czarist-era clothing.

Appendix 1

The Brutal Murder of the Romanovs by Bolshevik Jews

The Russian Royal Family was executed and buried in July 1918.

AT ABOUT 1 a.m. on July 17, 1918, in a fortified mansion in the town of Ekaterinburg, in the Ural Mountains, the Romanovs — ex-tsar Nicholas II, ex-tsarina Alexandra, their five children, and their four remaining servants, including the loyal family doctor, Eugene Botkin — were awoken by their Bolshevik captors and told they must dress and gather their belongings for a swift nocturnal departure. The White armies, which supported the tsar, were approaching; the prisoners could already hear the boom of the big guns. They gathered in the cellar of the mansion, standing together almost as if they were posing for a family portrait. Alexandra, who was sick, asked for a chair, and Nicholas asked for another one for his only son, 13-year-old Alexei. Two were brought down. They waited there until, suddenly, 11 or 12 heavily armed men filed ominously into the room.

What happened next — the slaughter of the family and servants — was one of the seminal events of the 20th century, a wanton massacre that shocked the world and still inspires a terrible fascination today. A 300-year-old imperial dynasty, one marked by periods of glorious achievement as well as staggering hubris and ineptitude, was swiftly brought to an end. But while the Romanovs’ political reign was over, the story of the line’s last ruler and his family was most certainly not. …

Tsar Nicholas II of Russia with Tsarina Alexandra and their children grand duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia, and Tsarevich Alexei.

At first, during the spring of 1917, the ex-imperial family was allowed to live in relative comfort at a favorite residence, the Alexander Palace at Tsarskoe Selo, not far from Petrograd. Nicholas’s cousin, King George V of England, offered him sanctuary, but then changed his mind and withdrew the offer. It was not the finest moment for the House of Windsor, but it is unlikely that it made any difference. The window of opportunity was short; demands for the ex-tsar to stand trial were growing.

Alexander Kerensky, first justice minister and then prime minister of the provisional government, moved the royals to the governor’s mansion in Tobolsk, in distant Siberia, to keep them safe. Their stay there was bearable but depressing. Boredom turned to danger when Kerensky was overthrown by Lenin and the Bolsheviks in October 1917. Lenin famously said that “revolutions are meaningless without firing squads,” and he was soon considering, along with lieutenant ((((((Yakov Sverdlov)))))), whether to place Nicholas on public trial — to be followed by his execution — or just kill the entire family.

The Bolsheviks faced a desperate civil war against the Whites, counterrevolutionary armies backed by Western powers. Lenin responded with unbridled terror. He decided to move the family from Tobolsk closer to Moscow, to which he had relocated the Russian capital. A trusted Bolshevik factotum was dispatched to bring the Romanovs westward, and in April 1918 they endured a terrifying trip by train and carriage.

The teenage Alexei suffered an attack of bleeding and had to be left behind; he came to Ekaterinburg three weeks later with three of his sisters. The girls, meanwhile, were sexually molested on the train. But eventually the family was reunited in the gloomy, walled mansion of a merchant named Ipatiev in the center of the city, whose leaders were the most fanatical of Bolsheviks.

The mansion was ominously renamed the House of Special Purpose and converted into a prison fortress with painted-over windows, fortified walls and machine gun nests. The Romanovs received limited rations and were watched by hostile young guards. Yet the family adapted. Nicholas read books aloud in the evening and tried to exercise. The eldest daughter, Olga, became depressed, but the playful and spirited younger girls, especially the beautiful Maria and the mischievous Anastasia, began to interact with the guards. Maria began an illicit romance with one of them, and the guards discussed helping the girls escape. When this was uncovered by Bolshevik boss Filipp Goloshchekin, the guards were changed, regulations were tightened. All of this made Lenin even more anxious.

By the beginning of July 1918 it was clear that Ekaterinburg was going to fall to the Whites. Goloshchekin rushed to Moscow to get Lenin’s approval, and it is certain that he got it, though Lenin was clever enough not to put the order on paper: The killing was planned under the new commandant of the House of Special Purpose, Yakov Yurovsky, who decided to recruit a squad to murder the royals all together in one session and then burn the bodies and bury them in the woods nearby. Just about every detail of the plan was ill conceived and would be grotesquely bungled in practice.

Early on that July morning, the bleary-eyed Romanovs and their loyal retainers stood in the cellar as the heavily armed murder squad filed into the room. Yurovsky suddenly read out a death sentence. Then the men used their weapons. Each was meant to fire at a different family member, but many of them secretly wished to avoid shooting the girls, so they all aimed at the loathed Nicholas and Alexandra, killing them almost instantly.

The firing was wild; the killers managed to wound one another as the room filled with swirling dust and smoke and screams. When the first volley was done, most of the family was still alive, wounded, crying and terrified, their suffering made worse by the fact that they were in effect wearing bulletproof vests.

The Romanovs were famed for their collection of jewelry, and they had left Petrograd with a large cache of diamonds hidden their baggage. During the last months they had sewn the diamonds into specially made underwear in case they needed to fund an escape. On the night of the execution the children had pulled on this secretly bejeweled underwear, which was reinforced with the hardest material in existence. Tragically, ironically, the bullets bounced off these garments. Finally the murderers waded into the gruesome scene of wounded, bleeding children (one of the killers compared it to a slippery ice rink awash with blood and brains) and stabbed them manically with bayonets or shot them in the head.

The mayhem lasted 20 agonizing minutes. When the bodies were being carried out, two of the girls turned out to still be alive, spluttering and coughing before being stabbed into silence. This was surely the origin of the legend that Anastasia, the youngest daughter, had survived, a story that inspired so many impostors to impersonate the murdered grand duchess.

The Romanovs’ remains were initially moved from their unmarked graves to a room in the bureau for forensic examination in Ekaterinburg.

Now that the deed was done, drunken assassins and Bolshevik thugs argued about who was to move the bodies and where. They mocked the deceased royals, pillaged their treasures, and then failed to conceal or bury them. Eventually the bodies were piled into a truck, which soon broke down. Out in the woods, where the Romanovs were stripped naked and their clothing burned, it turned out that the mineshafts that had been selected to receive the bodies were too shallow. In a panic Yurovsky improvised a new plan, leaving the bodies and rushing into Ekaterinburg for supplies.

He spent three days and three nights, sleeplessly driving back and forth to the woods, collecting sulfuric acid and gasoline to destroy the bodies, which he finally decided to bury in separate places to confuse anyone who might find them. He was determined to obey his orders that “no one must ever know what had happened” to the Romanov family. He pummeled the bodies with rifle butts, doused them with sulfuric acid, and burned them with gasoline. Finally, he buried what was left in two graves.

Yurovsky and his killers later wrote detailed, boastful, and confused accounts for the Cheka, a precursor to the KGB. The reports were sequestered in the archives and never publicized, but during the 1970s renewed interest in the murder site led Yuri Andropov, the chairman of the KGB (and future leader of the USSR), to recommend that the House of Special Purpose be bulldozed.

Appendix 2

The Mark Weber Report:
Communism’s Death Toll and the Jewish Role in Bolshevism

We’re relentlessly told that we must “never forget” the “Six Million” victims of Hitler and the “Nazis.” But we hear far less about the vastly greater number of [real] victims of Lenin and Stalin, and the grim legacy of Soviet Communism. Some 20 million people perished as victims of the Soviet regime, historians acknowledge. Jews played a decisive role in founding and promoting the egalitarian-universalist ideology of ((((((Marxism)))))), in developing the Marxist political movement, and in brutally establishing Bolshevik rule in Russia. With the notable exception of Lenin, who was one-quarter Jewish, most of the leading Marxists who took control of Russia in 1917-20 were Jews, including ((((((Trotsky)))))), Sverdlov, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Radek. The Bolshevik killing of Russia’s imperial family is symbolic of the tragic fate of Russia and, indeed, of the entire West.

Europe Fights WWII Again As America Re-Fights The Civil War

Under democracy, we cannot learn from history if those lessons contradict the ideology of our time, known as egalitarianism. If something suggests that people are not equal and that we cannot form a great Tower of Babel united around the idea of everyone sharing the same values, it falls into the memory hole fast.

This means that when we learn a painful lesson such as that war under democracy is impossible with television cameras present as we did in Vietnam, we promptly forget it because it collides with The Narrative.™ The next generation must rediscover it for themselves, at the low, low price of only another giant heap of bodies.

Even more, it means that whatever was the actual issue behind the war — as opposed to touchstone events and talking points — gets buried under history because it brings up the possibility that there are flaws in The Narrative,™ and for that reason must be quickly obscured lest some voters stray from the paddock.

This means that we missed the point of WWII. This war might be described as Napoleonic War III, in that yet again, the democratic republics of the world waged war against those who had rejected democracy. Again, democracy was more popular, and won out by partnering with its ideological allies, the Communists.

However, a war won does not mean a discussion won. Ideas rebirth themselves in new minds. These ideas appear time and again because the underlying problems that they contemplate have not been solved, or perhaps even mentioned. Inevitably, because most people are inert, what is popular favors easy-short term non-solutions.

And so, today, we find ourselves re-fighting the Napoleonic Wars. Leftism wants to conquer Europe yet again, mainly because the nations that are most heartily endorsing it are bankrupt and seeing their policies failing, albeit slowly because of the wealth of Western Europe and the native abilities of its people.

Imagine two nations where Communism — which always causes systemic collapse over time — is imposed. In a poor nation, collapse may come in a decade; in high-IQ can-do Norway, it might take a century. Western Europe struggles with the same problems that afflicted the USSR but is stronger in enduring them, thus the collapse lingers.

Today Leftism seeks to conquer Europe with demographic warfare, mirroring the Hart-Celler act adopted in the United States in 1965. Leftists saw in the 1960s that native Western Europeans were hostile to Leftism, so they decided to import millions of third-world people who always vote Leftist.

Demographics thus determines the future of Europe and the USA. Like Detroit, when they gain a minority majority, they will never vote Republican again and will instead, as happens in low-IQ third world countries, always vote for free stuff promised by criminals.

The “nationalist powers” in WWII — Germany, Italy, and Japan — found the idea of demographic replacement to be odious, and so fought back against the rising tide of ideology in the UK, US, and USSR that said a nation was defined by its political and economic system, not its people.

Unfortunately, most of these powers had not yet thought through the process of rejecting the State, because it is a democratic trope that a nation is its state; in a clearer frame of mind, we might see a state (republic/government) as a guardian of its people, but not something to which one has allegiance in itself.

They did however resist the idea of the nation as a political/economic construct. This triggered Democracy, Inc., which knew that if a nation were to be defined by its people, culture and values would again take higher priority than money and power. This outraged them, so they waged a brutal war to dominate the globe.

In doing so, the Allies created a new world order, based on capitalism used to power a socialist-style entitlements system, fueled by a constant influx of people to be labor and a tax base. That in turn required it to be open to inexpensive labor from all over the world, so “diversity” became its new byword.

Except that it was not so.

The economy was not what required diversity; it was American political experience from the Civil War. That war taught America that it could mobilize the citizens of Democracy, Inc., to war using the pretext that someone somewhere was being discriminated against by not being taught equally.

The Americans resurrected their Civil War propaganda for WWII and then during the Cold War as a way of attacking the Soviets, styling them as the second coming of Hitler (ironic since Hitler learned authoritarianism from the Communists). With the new Hitler/Confederacy in its sites, the democratic citizens went to war again.

This mythos continued even into the Iraq war. Why was Saddam Hussein bad? He gassed those Kurds. The whole weapons of mass destruction (WMD) narrative relied on the idea that the Kurds were attacked with WMDs, a way of conflating gas weapons with city-erasing nuclear warheads. Inequality! Injustice!

Even Israel gets the Confederacy treatment, from the Left at least, every time they decide to defend themselves against the Palestinians launching rockets into their cities, blowing up buses, and shooting civilians. The irony of analogizing a Jewish state to Hitler and the KKK seems lost, but Israel is nationalist, just like those outliers.

We are refighting WWII and the Civil War every year now. When someone of a non-white race appears to have been victimized, our society goes into overdrive, and then sweeps it under the rug when the innocent victim proves to be not-so-innocent. We were ready to bomb Syria for attacking minority tribes as well.

In the EU, nationalism has reared its head because diversity finally revealed its true form. It was sold to people as a chance to have variety within their country; it turns out that the variety is here to replace them, and in the process, it makes formerly prosperous places into third-world ruins.

Similar things have happened in the USA. After electing Barack Obama, most Americans figured, “Well, that’s it — we finally undid white supremacy. Now everyone can get along!” Instead they got emboldened minority groups who made it clear that their goal was not co-existence, but reconquista, and they wanted whites dead.

If only someone could have warned us about this… oh wait, they did. Hitler — for all his faults, the blighted hipster art student — told us that diversity did not work. We did not listen. The Confederacy told us that we could not design a universal values system for all groups, and we did not listen.

Decades later, here we are, still fighting out these intractable problems. What makes them impossible to solve? Our assumption of equality means that we have to assume everyone is identical under the skin, and this sends us crusading for diversity and universal values systems. Neither are functional.

The West has chosen diversity as the hill upon which it wishes to die. Rather than admit that its assumption of diversity and universality is wrong, the West would rather self-immolate than look for alternative solutions. If diversity goes, so does our classless egalitarian society, and that makes our proles afraid.

Business looks at this and thinks, in classic bourgeois fashion, “This will cut sales!” Same thing with shopowners, and middle managers, and even church leaders. Everyone is falling over their own feet in an attempt to get out there and welcome the conquerors as the new target demographic.

And yet, voters are concerned, mainly about the fundamental transformation of America from the comfortable 1980s WASP-ruled country to a new dystopia. Europe is the same. Donald Trump noted this to the dismay of the media:

Trump told the British tabloid that “allowing the immigration to take place in Europe is a shame.”

“I have great love for countries in Europe,” he emphasized, “don’t forget, essentially I’m a product of the European Union, between Scotland and Germany. Right? My father Germany, my mother Scotland.”

“I think you are losing your culture,” he said. “Look around. You go through certain areas that didn’t exist ten or 15 years ago.”

“Fundamental transformation” means that the country designed for your people is replaced with one designed for a third-world population. They are not here to be one group of many; they are here to replace you as the dominant group so that Leftists can rule forever, even though that is already backfiring because red blood is stronger than Red flags.

Europe consists of independent nations who do not want to be erased. The founding group of America does not want to be erased. Our leaders and the new voting majority demographic want us to be erased. Third world groups never vote conservative, and will not vote for a party representing traditional interests.

This is why we are back in cold war conditions. This is do or die time. Either we get control of our nations, back from the Left and their foreign new citizens, or they turn both the US and EU into a permanent Detroit where minority majority rule guarantees increasing Leftist power.

We can look back to the 1950s and see how our country began to rot from within right after WWII. On the surface, all was chrome; underneath it was dark, organic, gritty, decomposing, corrupt, perverse, hideous, malformed, retarded, masochistic, sadistic, greedy, and evil.

Democracy ate us from within just as it did in ancient Athens. Once people have no thought in their mind except equality, since that concept expands to crowd out all others, they go looking for ways to expand equality, and eventually arrive at a quasi-religious quest for totalitarian ideological purity.

In the meantime, it destroys them personally, rotting out their souls, by making them focus on distinguishing themselves through personal drama, social status signaling, ideological demonstrations, and other forms of drawing attention to themselves. Peer pressure crushes common sense and exceptional logic alike.

Soon the West — Europe, US, Canada, Australia, even New Zealand — will experience an oil-on-water separation. Those who are realists like Donald Trump are backing away hard from the diversity agenda, even if they want no harm to occur to those foreigners already among us.

Everyone else remains within the fog of egalitarianism, driven forward by ideological feelings despite having great doubts about themselves and our future, with their minds disorganized from the sheer number of erroneous assumptions they must adopt just to get through their everyday lives.

As we re-fight WWII and the Civil War, it becomes clear that the losing sides — while far from perfect — were correct about a few principles. Diversity is death and there is no one standard for different groups, even similar groups like English and Irish. The center cannot hold; the beginning is the end of our togetherness.

Italy Rejects Boatload of Invasive Monkeys! Spaincucks Grab Them Up! HA!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 12, 2018

Well, well, well.

Looks like Caesar Salvini is doing exactly what he said he was going to do.

This is the first ever boatload of invasive apes to be rejected by Italy since… the Libyan regime change.

The Guardian:

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s far-right interior minister, has declared victory after a standoff over the fate of 629 people on a humanitarian rescue boat prompted Spain to agree to accept them.

The impasse, after the populist and far-right government in Italy refused to allow the MS Aquarius to dock over the weekend, suggested that Europe could face a humanitarian crisis this summer as it comes to grips with the new Italian government’s hardline approach to refugees and migrants.


The Merkel policy of “let them eat niggers” is no longer viable.

Salvini dgaf.

Destiny is coming.

Merkel has to confront Salvini and tell him he has to accept these niggers, or it proves she is weak. Others will rise up and challenge her.

Salvini blocked the ship from Italian ports and said it should go to Malta instead. Malta refused, saying it had nothing to do with a rescue mission overseen by the Italian coastguard in waters off Libya.

We have opened a front in Brussels,” said Salvini, who became interior minister last week. “We are contacting the European commission so that it can fulfil its duties towards Italy that have never been respected.”

With the UN refugee agency, the UNHCR, urging the urgent disembarkation of all 629 people on board, including 100 children, as provisions ran out, Pedro Sánchez, Spain’s new prime minister, gave permission for the MS Aquarius to dock in Valencia. He said his country would welcome those on board.

You just committed to a lot more than 629 niggers, Spaincucks.

While it appeared on Monday that an immediate crisis had been averted by Spain, Salvini’s response, and a statement indicating he would block more ships carrying refugees and migrants, promised that there would be more of such confrontations in the future.

The new Italian approach by the ruling coalition of Salvini’s far-right League and the populist Five Star Movement followed an election campaign this year in which Salvini vowed to adopt tough polices on migrants.

The standoff over the Aquarius marks the first time that his rhetoric has translated into action as interior minister, a role in which he will have oversight of migration and domestic security.



It has also left the NGOs on the frontlines of rescuing migrants at sea – and who sometimes have faced direct confrontations with Libyan coastguard officials seeking to take the migrants back to Libya – in uncertain territory about what comes next.

Yeah you don’t hear that point often – the NGOs confront Libyan authorities who are trying to stop this route because they don’t want all these niggers coming through their country.

“’We don’t know if Italy will continue blocking us, we don’t know if they will close again the seaports. What we know is that we will continue coordinating the rescue operation with [rescue officials],” said Mathilde Auvillain of SOS Méditerranée, which operates the Aquarius.”

Fuck you, whore.

Italy WILL continue to cockblock your rape-apes.

The jig is up!

She added: “We’ll wait for the instructions as we always did. If it is not Italy it will be another country. As I said, our rescue operation will continue, regardless.







“People are in distress, are running out of provisions and need help quickly. Broader issues such as who has responsibility and how these responsibilities can best be shared between states should be looked at later,” said Vincent Cochetel, the UNHCR’s special envoy for the central Mediterranean, before Spain made its offer.

No one cares, faggot!

If anything at this point people WANT to see these monkeys DROWN!

They have been recognized as an enemy invasion force! On a biological level! Selling them as victims has failed! No one is buying that shit anymore except a few stupid white whores who are looking forward to their first gang-rape!

More than 600,000 people have reached Italy by boat from Africa in the past five years, and it is estimated as many as 500,000 are still in the country.

The European commission, anxious to avoid feeding the new Italian government’s anti-EU narrative, had earlier called on Italy and Malta to consider the humanitarian needs of those on board.

France pushes people back at the border, Spain defends its frontier with weapons. From today, Italy will also start to say no to human trafficking, no to the business of illegal immigration,” said Salvini said on Sunday, adding that Malta “takes in nobody”.

The Maltese government rejected a request to take in the boat, saying international law required that the refugees and migrants be taken to Italian ports.

Malta’s prime minister, Joseph Muscat, thanked Spain on Twitter for taking in the Aquarius “after Italy broke international rules and caused a standoff”. He said his country would be “sending fresh supplies to the vessel. We will have to sit down and discuss how to prevent this from happening again. This is a European issue.”

Yeah, it all goes to Italy. The entirety of infinity niggers.

No more!

Salvini shall be CAESAR!



While it’s great that the flood has now been stopped, we must remove now the half million who are in Italy – by any means necessary.

It’s now time to pardon Luca Traini and put him in charge of deportations – by whatever means he deems necessary.

Trump Press Conference was EPIC

Trump Press Conference was EPIC – Jews Must Surrender!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 12, 2018

President Trump, on the heels of his historic summit with Kim Jong Un, told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he believes the North Korean leader will begin to work toward dismantling his country’s nuclear program “virtually immediately.”

The president left Singapore after the two leaders signed a document stating Pyongyang would work toward “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

In an interview with Fox News, Trump said the process is “really moving rapidly.”

“I just think that we are now we are going to start the process of denuclearization of North Korea, and I believe that he’s going back and will start it virtually immediately – and he’s already indicated that and you look at what he’s done,” Trump said.

The historic agreement came after the two leaders held several meetings throughout the day. Trump was asked by a reporter if Kim agreed to denuclearize and he said, “We are starting that process very quickly.”

Trump said at a press conference that he will be ending joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea.

He also said Kim agreed to destroy a “major” missile testing site, but did not offer specific details.

The joint declaration states that the U.S. has committed to providing “security guarantees” to Pyongyang.

Timestamped at 41:30)

Donald Trump gave the best press conference of his life following the GLORIOUS SUCCESS of the Singapore Summit (read my LIVE THREAD – it was amazing).

He gave great prepared opening remarks and he kept his cool, kept his humor, and blasted the Jewish media terrorists like it was nothing.

The primary argument of the kikes was that he never should have made a deal with North Korea because of “human rights.” They just kept saying the same thing over and over in their questions “HOW COULD YOU CALL HIM TALENTED AND YOUR FRIEND WHEN HE DID THE VARIOUS HUMAN RIGHTS ATROCITIES WE MADE UP????”

So if you follow that through to it’s logical conclusion – which no Jew expects a stupid goyim to do, but we here at the Daily Stormer are very clever goyim – the media Jews are claiming that the moral thing would have been to have a war where millions would die, because it is immoral to have diplomatic relations with countries that allegedly commit human rights atrocities.

I would have liked to have had Trump say “why do you never ask these questions when I meet with Saudi Arabia? Or Israel?” – but he did sort of hint at that when he said “things are tough in a lot of places, a lot of places.”

Because of course, the last people to give a shit about “human rights” are the Jews. All the alleged atrocities of North Korea are based on hearsay, whereas we have video of Israel mowing down protesters – including children and cripples in wheelchairs – and shooting nurses. The routinely kidnap and torture Palestinian children, they bomb hospitals – it never ends with these kikes, anything you can think of they’ve done.

And Saudi is arguably even worse.

So I think Trump could have snapped at one of them and said the word “Saudi Arabia” (I don’t expect him to say “Israel,” though that would be best) and that would have left a big impression.

But overall, he handled it well, saying basically “Well, what do you want? A war? What is the purpose of this line of questioning?”

The other thing the kikes were on about was the time frame for nuclear disarmament, which was agreed to in an agreement the two dictators signed. And it’s like well, the deal was made, he’s already blown-up testing sites, what do you want? An exact date?

The absolutely hostile nature of the Jew media after this monumental historical event demonstrates, beyond any shadow of a doubt, just how ridiculous these filthy scoundrels truly are. Not a single one of these journalists began with “Mr. President, I just want to congratulate you on this monumental historical achievement.”

One of them even brought up his comments to Trudeau, calling him dishonest and weak, contrasting that with calling Kim “talented” and said that it looks like he’s attacking “our” friends and allying with “our” enemies. As there’s a 99% chance the reporter was a Jew, then I guess he’s right.

But I’ll choose Kim over Merkel and Trudeau for a “friend” any day.

Kim Jong-Un never flooded my ancestral homeland with tens of millions of Islamic animals.

Kim Jong-Un never did this dance.

Or prayed to Allah with subhumans he flooded North America with.

No North Korean ever called me a Neo-Nazi White Supremacist.

These filthy media kikes are making yet another gamble, assuming Americans give a fuck about free trade and Canada, and they’re going to lose an entire pile of chips yet again.

Just like people don’t give a fuck about some fantastical tale of North Korean death camps (I’m surprised they don’t accuse Kim of making lampshades out of human skin).

The Jew media is still functioning under the paradigm that our values are their values because they say our values are their values.

But the internet and the death of boomer culture killed that evil goose.

The Opening Video

The opening video shown at the beginning of the press conference is fantastic. (I can’t find a copy of the isolated video uploaded yet, but it’s at the beginning of the top video, before Trump comes out.)

The Daily Stormer’s official favorite gaynigger who was on the CBS stream said when it started that it was the most bizarre thing he’d ever seen, and said that it must have been a North Korean propaganda video. Then Trump explained that he made it to show to Kim.

Presumably, it was actually made by South Koreans, as they would have a better understanding of what North Koreans would be into as far as these things go. It’s a video with a bunch of busy traffic mega cities and trains and lights and power plants and other technological stuff, crossed with images of different famous places across the world.

I did appreciate that Trump said, with regards to the video, that he would understand if North Koreans don’t want all of that technological advancement. With as much as the libshits talk about “white supremacy,” they continually assume that all people on earth have a deep desire to live in a hyper-industrialized megacity – and that this should be the goal of every people. You really saw that with Black Panther.

And it is really a powerful thing, I think, to say “maybe the North Koreas want to keep life a little bit slower – maybe they like it like that.”

This was a great, great day.

All around.

Really great.

And so it Begins… Tens of thousands march for Tommy Robinson’s release in central London.

Tens of thousands march for Tommy Robinson’s release in central London.

Thousands marched through London under the banner of free speech  after Tommy Robinson, a former leader of the far-right English Defence League, was Arrested and imprisoned.

Protesters flying national flags and holding placards decrying limits to free expression rallied at Whitehall after marching through central London from Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, a location seen as emblematic of free speech that has been the scene of several recent far-right rallies.

It’s to protest against all the censorship that’s going on, political correctness, cultural ((((((((((((Marxism)))))))))))) and attacks on the white, Christian culture, not just in this country but across Europe.

(((They))) now realize that the racist tag is dead: no one cares anymore with being labelled racists

Far right Dutch politician Geert Wilders gave a speech before he was escorted by police

Wilders, who leads the far-right PVV party in Holland, was pictured being escorted away by cops as police tried to contain the crowd.

The politician, who was temporarily banned from Britain in 2009, called for Robinson to be freed during a speech watched by thousands.

He said: “I am here to tell you that you will never walk alone. And we are here to tell the world, and the UK government in particular: ‘Free Tommy Robinson.’”

He added: “Tommy Robinson is a freedom fighter. He says what no-one dares to say. He has guts. He has courage.”

Rows of riot police blocked the gate down the Mall leading to Buckingham Palace where the Royal Family gathered on the balcony after celebrating Trooping the Colour just hours before.

Supporters elsewhere gathered in other British cities including Leeds and Belfast — while some demos were staged outside British embassies in Europe.

Police held back protesters from the gates of Downing Street as banners reading Free Tommy were waved.

One flag read “police state” followed by an Islamic crescent moon.

Other protesters scaled the steps of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square where they chanted slogans.

Hundreds of flag-waving demonstrators overran an open-top tourist bus — with one climbing onto the roof wearing a Donald Trump mask.

A spokeswoman for said: “Our London sightseeing bus was on its normal route when it got caught up in the demonstrations.

“The bus was stormed by demonstrators and the driver and a small number of customers got off.

“The demonstrators have caused a significant amount of damage to the bus which meant it had to be towed away.”

Our enemies only understand ONE thing, violence, we stand we fight, we take back our nations from the left, and expel the alien hordes that infest our lands, then we deal with the traitors and demons which have destroyed our nations.