Italy Rejects Boatload of Invasive Monkeys! Spaincucks Grab Them Up! HA!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 12, 2018

Well, well, well.

Looks like Caesar Salvini is doing exactly what he said he was going to do.

This is the first ever boatload of invasive apes to be rejected by Italy since… the Libyan regime change.

The Guardian:

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s far-right interior minister, has declared victory after a standoff over the fate of 629 people on a humanitarian rescue boat prompted Spain to agree to accept them.

The impasse, after the populist and far-right government in Italy refused to allow the MS Aquarius to dock over the weekend, suggested that Europe could face a humanitarian crisis this summer as it comes to grips with the new Italian government’s hardline approach to refugees and migrants.


The Merkel policy of “let them eat niggers” is no longer viable.

Salvini dgaf.

Destiny is coming.

Merkel has to confront Salvini and tell him he has to accept these niggers, or it proves she is weak. Others will rise up and challenge her.

Salvini blocked the ship from Italian ports and said it should go to Malta instead. Malta refused, saying it had nothing to do with a rescue mission overseen by the Italian coastguard in waters off Libya.

We have opened a front in Brussels,” said Salvini, who became interior minister last week. “We are contacting the European commission so that it can fulfil its duties towards Italy that have never been respected.”

With the UN refugee agency, the UNHCR, urging the urgent disembarkation of all 629 people on board, including 100 children, as provisions ran out, Pedro Sánchez, Spain’s new prime minister, gave permission for the MS Aquarius to dock in Valencia. He said his country would welcome those on board.

You just committed to a lot more than 629 niggers, Spaincucks.

While it appeared on Monday that an immediate crisis had been averted by Spain, Salvini’s response, and a statement indicating he would block more ships carrying refugees and migrants, promised that there would be more of such confrontations in the future.

The new Italian approach by the ruling coalition of Salvini’s far-right League and the populist Five Star Movement followed an election campaign this year in which Salvini vowed to adopt tough polices on migrants.

The standoff over the Aquarius marks the first time that his rhetoric has translated into action as interior minister, a role in which he will have oversight of migration and domestic security.



It has also left the NGOs on the frontlines of rescuing migrants at sea – and who sometimes have faced direct confrontations with Libyan coastguard officials seeking to take the migrants back to Libya – in uncertain territory about what comes next.

Yeah you don’t hear that point often – the NGOs confront Libyan authorities who are trying to stop this route because they don’t want all these niggers coming through their country.

“’We don’t know if Italy will continue blocking us, we don’t know if they will close again the seaports. What we know is that we will continue coordinating the rescue operation with [rescue officials],” said Mathilde Auvillain of SOS Méditerranée, which operates the Aquarius.”

Fuck you, whore.

Italy WILL continue to cockblock your rape-apes.

The jig is up!

She added: “We’ll wait for the instructions as we always did. If it is not Italy it will be another country. As I said, our rescue operation will continue, regardless.







“People are in distress, are running out of provisions and need help quickly. Broader issues such as who has responsibility and how these responsibilities can best be shared between states should be looked at later,” said Vincent Cochetel, the UNHCR’s special envoy for the central Mediterranean, before Spain made its offer.

No one cares, faggot!

If anything at this point people WANT to see these monkeys DROWN!

They have been recognized as an enemy invasion force! On a biological level! Selling them as victims has failed! No one is buying that shit anymore except a few stupid white whores who are looking forward to their first gang-rape!

More than 600,000 people have reached Italy by boat from Africa in the past five years, and it is estimated as many as 500,000 are still in the country.

The European commission, anxious to avoid feeding the new Italian government’s anti-EU narrative, had earlier called on Italy and Malta to consider the humanitarian needs of those on board.

France pushes people back at the border, Spain defends its frontier with weapons. From today, Italy will also start to say no to human trafficking, no to the business of illegal immigration,” said Salvini said on Sunday, adding that Malta “takes in nobody”.

The Maltese government rejected a request to take in the boat, saying international law required that the refugees and migrants be taken to Italian ports.

Malta’s prime minister, Joseph Muscat, thanked Spain on Twitter for taking in the Aquarius “after Italy broke international rules and caused a standoff”. He said his country would be “sending fresh supplies to the vessel. We will have to sit down and discuss how to prevent this from happening again. This is a European issue.”

Yeah, it all goes to Italy. The entirety of infinity niggers.

No more!

Salvini shall be CAESAR!



While it’s great that the flood has now been stopped, we must remove now the half million who are in Italy – by any means necessary.

It’s now time to pardon Luca Traini and put him in charge of deportations – by whatever means he deems necessary.

Trump Press Conference was EPIC

Trump Press Conference was EPIC – Jews Must Surrender!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 12, 2018

President Trump, on the heels of his historic summit with Kim Jong Un, told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he believes the North Korean leader will begin to work toward dismantling his country’s nuclear program “virtually immediately.”

The president left Singapore after the two leaders signed a document stating Pyongyang would work toward “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

In an interview with Fox News, Trump said the process is “really moving rapidly.”

“I just think that we are now we are going to start the process of denuclearization of North Korea, and I believe that he’s going back and will start it virtually immediately – and he’s already indicated that and you look at what he’s done,” Trump said.

The historic agreement came after the two leaders held several meetings throughout the day. Trump was asked by a reporter if Kim agreed to denuclearize and he said, “We are starting that process very quickly.”

Trump said at a press conference that he will be ending joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea.

He also said Kim agreed to destroy a “major” missile testing site, but did not offer specific details.

The joint declaration states that the U.S. has committed to providing “security guarantees” to Pyongyang.

Timestamped at 41:30)

Donald Trump gave the best press conference of his life following the GLORIOUS SUCCESS of the Singapore Summit (read my LIVE THREAD – it was amazing).

He gave great prepared opening remarks and he kept his cool, kept his humor, and blasted the Jewish media terrorists like it was nothing.

The primary argument of the kikes was that he never should have made a deal with North Korea because of “human rights.” They just kept saying the same thing over and over in their questions “HOW COULD YOU CALL HIM TALENTED AND YOUR FRIEND WHEN HE DID THE VARIOUS HUMAN RIGHTS ATROCITIES WE MADE UP????”

So if you follow that through to it’s logical conclusion – which no Jew expects a stupid goyim to do, but we here at the Daily Stormer are very clever goyim – the media Jews are claiming that the moral thing would have been to have a war where millions would die, because it is immoral to have diplomatic relations with countries that allegedly commit human rights atrocities.

I would have liked to have had Trump say “why do you never ask these questions when I meet with Saudi Arabia? Or Israel?” – but he did sort of hint at that when he said “things are tough in a lot of places, a lot of places.”

Because of course, the last people to give a shit about “human rights” are the Jews. All the alleged atrocities of North Korea are based on hearsay, whereas we have video of Israel mowing down protesters – including children and cripples in wheelchairs – and shooting nurses. The routinely kidnap and torture Palestinian children, they bomb hospitals – it never ends with these kikes, anything you can think of they’ve done.

And Saudi is arguably even worse.

So I think Trump could have snapped at one of them and said the word “Saudi Arabia” (I don’t expect him to say “Israel,” though that would be best) and that would have left a big impression.

But overall, he handled it well, saying basically “Well, what do you want? A war? What is the purpose of this line of questioning?”

The other thing the kikes were on about was the time frame for nuclear disarmament, which was agreed to in an agreement the two dictators signed. And it’s like well, the deal was made, he’s already blown-up testing sites, what do you want? An exact date?

The absolutely hostile nature of the Jew media after this monumental historical event demonstrates, beyond any shadow of a doubt, just how ridiculous these filthy scoundrels truly are. Not a single one of these journalists began with “Mr. President, I just want to congratulate you on this monumental historical achievement.”

One of them even brought up his comments to Trudeau, calling him dishonest and weak, contrasting that with calling Kim “talented” and said that it looks like he’s attacking “our” friends and allying with “our” enemies. As there’s a 99% chance the reporter was a Jew, then I guess he’s right.

But I’ll choose Kim over Merkel and Trudeau for a “friend” any day.

Kim Jong-Un never flooded my ancestral homeland with tens of millions of Islamic animals.

Kim Jong-Un never did this dance.

Or prayed to Allah with subhumans he flooded North America with.

No North Korean ever called me a Neo-Nazi White Supremacist.

These filthy media kikes are making yet another gamble, assuming Americans give a fuck about free trade and Canada, and they’re going to lose an entire pile of chips yet again.

Just like people don’t give a fuck about some fantastical tale of North Korean death camps (I’m surprised they don’t accuse Kim of making lampshades out of human skin).

The Jew media is still functioning under the paradigm that our values are their values because they say our values are their values.

But the internet and the death of boomer culture killed that evil goose.

The Opening Video

The opening video shown at the beginning of the press conference is fantastic. (I can’t find a copy of the isolated video uploaded yet, but it’s at the beginning of the top video, before Trump comes out.)

The Daily Stormer’s official favorite gaynigger who was on the CBS stream said when it started that it was the most bizarre thing he’d ever seen, and said that it must have been a North Korean propaganda video. Then Trump explained that he made it to show to Kim.

Presumably, it was actually made by South Koreans, as they would have a better understanding of what North Koreans would be into as far as these things go. It’s a video with a bunch of busy traffic mega cities and trains and lights and power plants and other technological stuff, crossed with images of different famous places across the world.

I did appreciate that Trump said, with regards to the video, that he would understand if North Koreans don’t want all of that technological advancement. With as much as the libshits talk about “white supremacy,” they continually assume that all people on earth have a deep desire to live in a hyper-industrialized megacity – and that this should be the goal of every people. You really saw that with Black Panther.

And it is really a powerful thing, I think, to say “maybe the North Koreas want to keep life a little bit slower – maybe they like it like that.”

This was a great, great day.

All around.

Really great.

And so it Begins… Tens of thousands march for Tommy Robinson’s release in central London.

Tens of thousands march for Tommy Robinson’s release in central London.

Thousands marched through London under the banner of free speech  after Tommy Robinson, a former leader of the far-right English Defence League, was Arrested and imprisoned.

Protesters flying national flags and holding placards decrying limits to free expression rallied at Whitehall after marching through central London from Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, a location seen as emblematic of free speech that has been the scene of several recent far-right rallies.

It’s to protest against all the censorship that’s going on, political correctness, cultural ((((((((((((Marxism)))))))))))) and attacks on the white, Christian culture, not just in this country but across Europe.

(((They))) now realize that the racist tag is dead: no one cares anymore with being labelled racists

Far right Dutch politician Geert Wilders gave a speech before he was escorted by police

Wilders, who leads the far-right PVV party in Holland, was pictured being escorted away by cops as police tried to contain the crowd.

The politician, who was temporarily banned from Britain in 2009, called for Robinson to be freed during a speech watched by thousands.

He said: “I am here to tell you that you will never walk alone. And we are here to tell the world, and the UK government in particular: ‘Free Tommy Robinson.’”

He added: “Tommy Robinson is a freedom fighter. He says what no-one dares to say. He has guts. He has courage.”

Rows of riot police blocked the gate down the Mall leading to Buckingham Palace where the Royal Family gathered on the balcony after celebrating Trooping the Colour just hours before.

Supporters elsewhere gathered in other British cities including Leeds and Belfast — while some demos were staged outside British embassies in Europe.

Police held back protesters from the gates of Downing Street as banners reading Free Tommy were waved.

One flag read “police state” followed by an Islamic crescent moon.

Other protesters scaled the steps of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square where they chanted slogans.

Hundreds of flag-waving demonstrators overran an open-top tourist bus — with one climbing onto the roof wearing a Donald Trump mask.

A spokeswoman for said: “Our London sightseeing bus was on its normal route when it got caught up in the demonstrations.

“The bus was stormed by demonstrators and the driver and a small number of customers got off.

“The demonstrators have caused a significant amount of damage to the bus which meant it had to be towed away.”

Our enemies only understand ONE thing, violence, we stand we fight, we take back our nations from the left, and expel the alien hordes that infest our lands, then we deal with the traitors and demons which have destroyed our nations.

The Contradictory, Shifting & Evasive Testimony of Holocaust Eyewitnesses Is Protected From Questioning To Justify The Genocide Of Germans

By John Wear

Eye witnesses say that for months after the killings the ground continued to spurt geysers of blood…. Famed Nazi-hunter ((((((Simon Wiesenthal))))))…. wrote that he tried to commit suicide by cutting his wrists while incarcerated by the Germans. Instead of letting him die, the Germans sent him to the hospital where they nursed him back to health…

Editor’s Comment: Evocative testimonies must comply with natural physical laws or be struck from history. Realistically, dead bodies cannot spurt blood for months unless in a Hollywood Studio. We invite any qualified expert to explain how authoritative eyewitness testimony such as this is plausible (assuming it is not illegal for the expert to do so).

Eyewitness Testimony of German Genocide of European Jewry

Inevitably when anyone questions the genocide of European Jewry, eyewitness testimony is raised as proof that the genocide happened.  However, most of the eyewitness accounts of the Holocaust story have proved to be extremely unreliable.

For example, John Demjanjuk, a naturalized American citizen, was accused by eyewitnesses of being a murderous guard at Treblinka named Ivan the Terrible. Demjanjuk was deported to Israel, and an Israeli court tried and convicted him primarily based on the eyewitness testimony of five Jewish survivors of Treblinka. Demjanjuk’s defense attorney eventually uncovered new evidence proving that the Soviet KGB had framed Demjanjuk, and that documents supposedly showing him to be a guard at Treblinka were Soviet forgeries. The Israeli Supreme Court ruled that the eyewitness accounts were not credible and that Demjanjuk was innocent.[1]

Another example of false witness testimony of the Holocaust story occurred in the case of Frank Walus, who was a retired Chicago factory worker charged with killing Jews in his native Poland during the war. An accusation by ((((((Simon Wiesenthal)))))) that Walus had worked for the Gestapo prompted the U.S. government’s legal action. During Walus’s trial 11 Jews testified under oath that Walus had murdered Jews during the war. After a costly four-year legal battle, Walus was finally able to prove that he had spent the war years as a teenager working on German farms. An American Bar Association article published in 1981 concluded in regard to Walus’s trial that

…in an atmosphere of hatred and loathing verging on hysteria, the government persecuted an innocent man.”[2]

It would be impossible for me to discuss every eyewitness account of the Holocaust story. To illustrate the unreliability of eyewitness accounts of the Holocaust story, I will analyze the eyewitness accounts of probably its three most famous survivors:

  1. ((((((Elie Wiesel)))))),
  2. ((((((Simon Wiesenthal)))))), and
  3. ((((((Viktor Frankl)))))).
Questioning ((((((Wiesel))))))’s and other authoritative claims is now illegal in an increasing number of nations, including those who fought AGAINST Germany in WWII. Aside from nations that overtly make it illegal, many other countries also have broader laws that criminalize questioning the genocide of Armenians, Ukrainians, Tutsi, Jews… Even in America it is acceptable if you lose your job and livelihood for questioning the testimony of these and other revered witnesses.

((((((Elie Wiesel)))))), whose autobiography Night written in 1956 helped him win the Nobel Peace Prize, never mentions homicidal gas chambers in his book. Instead, ((((((Wiesel)))))) writes that Jews were killed en masse by being thrown alive in burning pits.[3] If there had actually been homicidal gas chambers at Birkenau, one would think that ((((((Wiesel)))))) would have mentioned the gas chambers in his autobiography. Also, if there had been burning pits at Birkenau, these would have shown in some of the Allied aerial photographs taken of Birkenau in 1944.

((((((Wiesel)))))) also mentions in Night that he had surgery on an infected foot in January 1945. The German authorities at Birkenau gave ((((((Wiesel)))))) and other hospital patients unfit to travel the option to remain in the camp. ((((((Wiesel)))))) and his father decided to evacuate Birkenau and travel to Buchenwald with the Germans rather than be liberated by the Russian army.[4] If Birkenau had been a place of mass exterminations, why would ((((((Wiesel)))))) choose to travel with his supposed killers? Also, why would the German authorities at Birkenau leave behind thousands of witnesses to their genocide if a policy of genocide had actually taken place at Birkenau?

That ((((((Wiesel)))))) survived his internment at Buchenwald is, of course, the result of a miracle. ((((((Wiesel)))))) states:

In Buchenwald they sent 10,000 persons to their deaths each day. I was always in the last hundred near the gate. They stopped. Why?”[5]

Today no credible historian believes that 10,000 Jews per day were executed at Buchenwald.

A remarkable witness himself, ((((((Wiesel)))))) assures us that he has met other remarkable witnesses. ((((((Wiesel)))))) states in one of his books that after Jews were executed at Babi Yar in the Ukraine:

Eye witnesses say that for months after the killings the ground continued to spurt geysers of blood. One was always treading on corpses.”[6] ((((((Wiesel)))))) repeats this claim later with some embellishment: “Later, I learn from a witness that, for month after month, the ground never stopped trembling; and that, from time to time, geysers of blood spurted from it.”[7]

This story lacks all credibility.

((((((Wiesel)))))) does not seem to know that photos taken at Babi Yar shortly after the alleged mass executions of Jews show no indication of any mass grave site or any disturbance of the foliage or ground cover.[8]

Famed Nazi-hunter ((((((Simon Wiesenthal)))))) also reports a trip to a German camp hospital in his book The Murderers Among Us. ((((((Wiesenthal)))))) wrote that he tried to commit suicide by cutting his wrists while incarcerated by the Germans. Instead of letting him die, the Germans sent him to the hospital where they nursed him back to health.[9] If the Germans were intent on committing genocide against European Jewry, why would they make the effort to send both ((((((Wiesel)))))) and ((((((Wiesenthal)))))) to the hospital to restore their health?

((((((Viktor Frankl))))))’s book Man’s Search For Meaning has been ranked by the Library of Congress as one of the 20th century’s 10 most influential books in the United States. Frankl describes his experiences at Auschwitz in this book as if he had spent many months there. In reality, Frankl was in Auschwitz only for a few days in October 1944 while in transit from Theresienstadt to a sub-camp of Dachau. Frankl has admitted this to the American evangelist Robert Schuller:

I was in Auschwitz only three or four days…I was sent to a barrack and we were all transported to a camp in Bavaria.”[10]

Frankl’s short time in Auschwitz is substantiated by the prisoner log from the sub-camp of Dachau, Kaufering III, which listed Frankl’s arrival on Oct. 25, 1944, six days after his departure from Theresienstadt.[11] Thus, Frankl’s descriptions of his long stay at Auschwitz in Man’s Search For Meaning are false and inaccurate.

The unreliability of eyewitness testimony of the Holocaust story has also been commented on by some historians. Jewish historian Samuel Gringauz criticized what he called the “hyperhistorical” nature of most Jewish survivor testimony. Gringauz wrote that

most of the memoirs and reports are full of preposterous verbosity, graphomanic exaggeration, dramatic effects, overestimated self-inflation, dilettante philosophizing, would-be lyricism, unchecked rumors bias, partisan attacks and apologies.”[12]

Shmuel Krakowski, archives director of Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust center, confirmed in 1986 that more than half of the testimonies of Jewish survivors on file there are unreliable. Krakowski said that many survivors, wanting to be a part of history, may have let their imaginations run away from them. He stated that many of the testimonies on file at Yad Vashem were later proved to be inaccurate when locations and dates could not pass an expert historian’s appraisal. Krakowski commented on the Jewish survivor testimony,

Many were never in the places where they claimed to have witnessed atrocities, while others relied on second-hand information given them by friends or passing strangers.”[13]

Although seldom mentioned in the press, numerous eyewitnesses have reported that they did not see any evidence of genocide in the German concentration camps. One of the first to dispute reports of German genocide was Paul Rassinier. Rassinier was a French professor of history who was arrested during the war for passive resistance activities, which included helping to smuggle Jews into neutral Switzerland. Rassinier stated that although he suffered greatly during the war in the Buchenwald and Dora concentration camps, he never saw any evidence of homicidal gas chambers or any program to exterminate the Jews. After reading sensationalized accounts that he knew were false, Rassinier felt it was his ethical duty to tell the truth about the camps and refute the false claims being made in the world’s press.

Rassinier wrote extensively about his own experiences and observations in the German camps. He also began to research the entire issue of German genocide against the Jews during the war. Rassinier concluded that the death toll in the camps was far lower than alleged. He also concluded that the deaths in the camps were not caused by a German program of genocide,[14] but rather primarily by the poor conditions of the camps attributable to the economic collapse of Germany during a devastating war. Rassinier had nothing to gain personally from taking his unpopular position, and after suffering greatly in the German concentration camps, he then suffered intense persecution in postwar France for his courageous writings after the war.

Thies Christophersen was another witness who said that the alleged genocide of Jews during the war never happened. Christophersen supervised about 300 workers, many of them Jewish, at Auschwitz from January to December 1944. On a number of occasions during this period he visited Birkenau where allegedly hundreds of thousands of Jews were being gassed to death. In a memoir first published in Germany in 1973, The Auschwitz Lie, Christophersen wrote that during the time he was at Auschwitz he did not notice the slightest evidence of mass gassings. In March 1988 at the Ernst Zündel trial in Toronto, he also successfully answered numerous pointed questions by the prosecuting attorney about his experiences at Auschwitz.

After The Auschwitz Lie was published, Christophersen received thousands of letters and calls. He wrote in regard to these letters and calls:

Many of those who contacted me can confirm my statements, but are afraid to do so publicly. Some of those are SS men who were brutally mistreated and even tortured in Allied captivity. I also immediately contacted those who claimed to know more about mass gassings. My experiences were precisely the same as those of French professor Paul Rassinier. I have not found any eyewitnesses. Instead, people would tell me that they knew someone who knew someone else, who talked about it. In most cases the alleged eyewitnesses had died. Other supposed eyewitnesses would quickly begin to stammer and stutter when I asked a few precise questions. Even ((((((Simon Wiesenthal)))))) had to finally admit before a Frankfurt district court that he was actually never in Auschwitz. All of the reports I have heard about are contradictory. Everyone seemed to tell a different story about the gas chambers. They couldn’t even agree about where they were supposed to have been located. This is also true of the so-called scholarly literature, which is full of contradictions.…[15]

Ursula Haverbeck at 89 years of age poses such a threat to humanity she has had to be jailed for a period longer than many rapists… to protect us. She questioned the eye witness accounts of the Holocaust and the ongoing consequences for Germans. Her sentence at her age could reasonably deemed “For Life”.

Another eyewitness who did not see any evidence of genocide of the Jews is Dr. Wilhelm Stäglich. Dr. Stäglich, a German judge, visited Auschwitz several times during the Second World War as a German orderly officer of an Anti-aircraft Detachment. Dr. Stäglich published the following account of his visits to Auschwitz:

On none of these visits did I see gassing installations, crematoria, instruments of torture, or similar horrors. The camp gave one the impression of being well-kept and very well-organized… The camp reminded me of the German Labor Front camp in which I served out my six-month stretch in the Labor Service, except that Auschwitz was, of course, considerably larger…None of the inmates behaved as though they were in fear of mistreatment, let alone death.

On the later point, one encounter with inmates especially sticks in my memory. As some comrades and I were standing near the camp one evening, we caught sight of a big gang of inmates returning to camp from work in the industrial plants. They were escorted by a relatively small contingent of SS-men—mostly older people—and seemed to be thoroughly undisciplined.

They talked loudly among themselves, laughing all the while. Two or three inmates dropped out of line when they spotted us, opened their flies, and made water. Although this gesture could have been interpreted as a sign of contempt for German men in uniform, the SS guards ignored it completely. Later, whenever I heard that mortal terror prevailed in the concentration camps, I had to recall this incident. Thatis hardly the way people who are in constant fear of death behave.[16]

Another credible eyewitness is the Austrian-born Canadian Maria Van Herwaarden, who was interned at Birkenau starting in 1942. Van Herwaarden testified at the 1988 Ernst Zündel trial that she saw nothing at Birkenau that resembled mass murder. She did testify, however, that many of the inmates at Birkenau died of typhus and some inmates committed suicide.[17] No prosecution witnesses were called during this trial because the prosecution knew of no survivors who could withstand cross examination by Zündel’s defense attorney.


Read Germany’s War

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The Other White Genocide: NATO-Backed Moslems Attack Displaced Christian Serbs in Kosovo

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2018

I’m not going to mince words here. The Jews and the traitor class in the Anglosphere have always been behind sponsoring and fomenting Islamic extremism to use abroad against their rivals.

The Muslim Brotherhood was basically an MI6 invention, to undermine the secular Arab dictatorship in Egypt around the time of the Suez Canal crisis.

The Taliban was created by the CIA to undermine the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

ISIS seems to have been created by Israel by the Mossad to create chaos in Israel’s near abroad to justify the eventual annexation of more territories.

And lastly, the Race War in the Balkans was fueled by ((((((Our Greatest Ally)))))), America, the Gulf States, Iran, Turkey and even some European neighbor states.

It all culminated in a NATO bombing campaign of civilian infrastructure in Serbia and the annexation of Kosovo – effectively establishing yet another Jihadi toehold in Europe.

Since that time, the Serbs have had their generals and leaders put on show trials in the Hague, and even the Croatians – who helped NATO and the Moslems against the Serbs – have started feeling the screws.

There are still Orthodox Serbs stuck in Kosovo, and they’re being attacked by the Moslems there – all with the approval of the American Embassy.

Strategic Culture:

On May 29th, a group of Serbs displaced from the Kosovo village of Petrich by Albanian violence attempted to visit the remains of the demolished village church and the village cemetery to mark Holy Trinity holiday (according to the Julian calendar). However, as is usual in most of NATO-occupied Kosovo, they were met by a violent Albanian mob who blocked the road leading to the church and hurled stones at them, injuring three, one seriously. In addition, another Serb participating in a holiday ritual was arrested inside the church yard by Kosovo Albanian police on dubious charges, only to be released a few hours later.

Marko Djurich, Director of the Serbian Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija, condemned this latest act of violence, referring to it as “anti-civilizational,” charging that displaced Kosovo Serbs have been “systematically prevented from marking Christian holidays in their villages” for years and that Albanian extremists “want to completely eradicate and suppress every memory related to the Serb existence” in that part of Serbia’s breakaway province.

Dalibor Jevtich, one of the Serbs still living in Kosovo who has tried to work with the majority Albanian authorities, but who recently resigned as Kosovo Minister for Communities and Return, reacted similarly:

“This is not just preventing the displaced from visiting the church and to preach their faith, this is a blockade of everything we are trying to do in terms of the return and survival of Serbs in Kosovo,” said Jevtich Just a day before, a clinic in the Serbian village of Suvi Do was stoned as well, with several windows being broken. Director of the Kosovska Mitrovica medical center, Dr. Milan Ivanovich, said that this was not the first time that the clinic had been attacked. “The surgery in the village of Suvi Do was stoned twice in 24 hours and before that scores of times,” he said, adding that the purpose of the stoning was to demonstrate that Albanians “do not want to co-exist with Serbs,” and that Kosovo government institutions “have shown no will to prevent similar attacks or find the perpetrators.” 

This is what NATO and ZOG do.

They arm and train Moslems to invade and kill anyone that doesn’t bend to the Jews’ will.

And the only people who have stood up for the White Christian Serbs have traditionally been WNs.

In fact, since tens of thousands of NATO troops arrived in Serbia’s southern Kosovo province in June 1999, following NATO’s illegal bombing of Serbia and Montenegro (at that time known as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), on the basis of UN Security Council Resolution 1244, the lot of the local Christians – and all non-Albanians for that matter – has grown progressively worse. More than 250.000 of them have been expelled and almost none allowed to return, and over 150 churches, monasteries and holy sites, many of them irreplaceable medieval treasures, have been severely damaged or destroyed. More than 1,000 Serbs have been murdered in this period, but the crimes have gone unpunished.

Does this sound familiar?

This, of course, did not deter the U.S. and other “liberal democracy” flag-waivers from recognizing so-called Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence of February 2008, and from pressuring other countries, including Serbia itself, to follow suit. It is no wonder that the culture of impunity has taken such firm hold among Kosovo Albanian politicians and, especially, the Islamists among them. According to a 2016 Deutsche Welle report, 50,000 Kosovo Albanians (out of a population of about 1 million) are now members of “conservative Islamic groups,” with the former relatively liberal form of Islam that had been practiced there for centuries increasingly being replaced by strict forms of the Saudi Wahhabism, and Kosovo Albanian society increasingly shifting to a “religious-ethnic society.” In addition, Kosovo has become the largest per capita supplier of ISIS fighters in Europe. All on NATO’s and the EU’s watch. Democracy at its finest on display.

This was not a mistake. This was deliberate.

Kosovo and Albania already run sex-trafficking, drug-smuggling, arms-running criminal gangs throughout all of Western Europe.

They will be the shock troops of the Moslems when they decide to make their move – if the more extremist faction of the Moslems win out over the moderates, who favor a “boil the pink skins slowly” approach.

The ISIS leader in Kosovo, he fought in Syria and Iraq

The minute a truly pro-White government comes to power anywhere, we will know it by this sign: it will immediately bomb the shit out of the Moslems in Albania and Kosovo, and return the land to the Orthodox Serbs.