Colonizing the White Man- Europe and America are now open to colonization.

Colonizing the White Man

Anti-white propaganda has so distorted the history of colonization that it can now be used by former colonials to turn the tables on their one-time masters. Europe and America are now open to colonization.

The obligatory view is that European nations waxed fat as they raped and plundered their colonies. In fact, Europe’s wealthiest countries — Switzerland, Germany, the Scandinavian countries — never had colonies or only held them briefly. Some of the nations with the largest empires — Spain and Portugal — are, today, among the poorest. Even France and Britain were as much exhausted as enriched by empire.

Black nations, whether or not they were ever colonies, have been failures. White nations, whether or not they were ever colonies, have been successes.

Nor does the fact of having been a colony consign a nation to poverty and squalor. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States are successful nations that were once colonies. The most relevant African example is South Africa. It was likewise a colony, and lost its war of independence (the Boer War). Yet, it is today the only nation on the continent with a modern economy.

South Africa’s detractors inevitably explain its success as a consequence of minority-white exploitation of blacks. Yet the standard of living for South Africa’s blacks is higher than that of any nation south of the Sahara. In South Africa, there are more women with professional qualifications than in all the other black African nations combined. Immigrants from the surrounding black-run nations pour into South Africa, grateful for jobs that their own nations cannot provide.

Whether a nation was colonized or not is essentially irrelevant to whether it ultimately went on to success. Black nations, whether or not they were ever colonies, have been failures. White nations, whether or not they were ever colonies, have been successes. It is the people of a nation that forge its destiny.

But just as the welfare state is based on the assumption that no one, no matter how stupid or lazy, is responsible for his own poverty, current political orthodoxy assumes that no nation is responsible for its own poverty. Just as African poverty is speciously attributed to European colonialism, so is Latin American poverty blamed on “exploitation” by the United States. The white man “owes” the third world billions of dollars as penance for his past crimes.

Foreign aid is welfare on an international scale. If rich countries can be convinced that their wealth is founded on the poverty of others, they can more easily be persuaded to give money to failed nations. Similar thinking also underlies lax attitudes towards third-world immigration to Europe or the United States. If foreigners are fleeing misery for which we are somehow responsible, how can we turn them away?

The colonial powers are said to have sinned by taking wealth from the colonies and by sending settlers who weakened indigenous cultures and ways of life. Today, what does the third word do but take aid from the white nations and send settlers that weaken their cultures and ways of life? AR

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13 thoughts on “Colonizing the White Man- Europe and America are now open to colonization.

  1. SOMETHING EVIL IS TAMPERING WITH THE HUMAN GENE POOL. Looking at the news&data about the extreme low birth-rates of European whites&the opposite super population explosion of sub-saharian blacks, with the average black woman there having 8 children&various women there who want 20 children, this is uniquely interesting. I find it interesting that Protestant whites especially of northern European decent were the first people to start having fewer&fewer children, while the black race has always seen birth control as a plot against black people to wipe them out. Attempts throughout Europe to get those Europeans to have more children has miserably failed since the mid 20th century, but to convince black people the opposite-to lower their rates of birth-you cant pay them to have fewer or no children at all. It is interesting also that many Orientals&south Asians have or are slowing down their birth-rates, also many Latin Americans, especially the European aspects in many Latin countries. Soon the number of Black people in the world will out-number the white Europeans. By 2060, the Europeans will be only 8-9% while the black population will be 30 plus%. By 2100 the black race could be the predominate racial group in the world,with whites being only 2% of the population. I as a Christian beleive that there is ‘EVIL’ and this Evil or Satan wants to narrow the human gene pool to-ONLY THE DARKEST&OTHER MOST DOMINANT PHYSICAL TRAITS OF THE HUMAN RACE.First the lightest whites-(NORDIC,CELTIC,BALTIC&SLAVIC TRAITS) must become extinct then the other-(BRUNETTE WHITES), then the-(YELLOWS,REDS BROWNS-ORIENTALS,ASIANS,POLYNESIANS,AMERICAN INDIANS,EVEN ALL MIXED RACE PEOPLES) leaving only black people. It is interesting that there are forecasts that the number of ‘Black Muslims” will even outnumber the Muslims that are middle-eastern, Persian, Asian&other as the 21st century progresses, not only by conversion but also the higher birth rates than other non-black Muslims have.Oh PS by the way I have shared this with black people and they have listened to me.This evil wants to bring the WEST-1st world down to the level of the 4th world which is mostly sub-saharian black Africa, Haiti,and some parts of Asia-(Burma,Bhutan,Nepal,Laos,Cambodia).It is interesting how that sub-saharian Africa has gone backwards dropped down from 3rd world statusto4th world status since the end of colonialism in the mid 20th century. Not many people travel there because the area is so unstable&dangerous.These people wallow in filth, poverty,lack of opprotunity, crime,corruption,cival wars-one after the other,decayed or destroyed infristructure, yet they cry that it is the white mans fault for all their problems 50 years after they all gained their independence from their former colonial powers. Oh PS by the way when there are no more white people to blame, the blacks will make racist out of other dwindleing groups, like the Orientals ,south Asians, fairer skinned Latins&mixed race people. They will still need “whipping boys” to blame for their still on-going racial hatred against them. The end of the white race will not stop that.

  2. Ronnie Safreed, yours is a remarkably insightful comment. Persons who have expended the great moral and intellectual effort needed to understand the true nature of the world in which we live know that the Conspiratorial View of History is correct. That nothing on this good Earth happens by accident, especially in politics and high finance. Moreover, who understand that Hidden Hands are guiding mankind rapidly towards an apocalyptic time that is verily the Climax of the historical process as we know it. Furthermore, these Proper Students of History know that sinister hands are guiding the Ancient Evil Conspiracy for World Government, which is unfolding rapidly in the Arena of History, and which is easily observed by those with eyes to see …

    In this connection — and against the wishes of the vast majority of Westerners — a secret, high level policy of mass immigration of non-whites, adoption of foreign, non-white children, and increased miscegenation aimed at radically transforming the West has been pursued, and whose outrages and iniquities have been vigorously defended by professional “Race Relations” experts and “Race Industry” organizations whose disproportionate “power” within contemporary Western culture is not their own. The Shadow Government allows this “power,” for these vociferous advocates and defenders of Multiculturalism (as well as its ideological bodyguard, the Thought Tyranny called Political Correctness) comprise the legion of useful fools, infesting all fields of human endeavour, who are used by the Secret Rulers of this Earth on the long-travelled road towards global tyranny. The Multicultural scam becomes clearly visible to those with eyes to see when one ponders the injustice and absurdities inherent in official policy, especially that policy hidden from the purview of the masses, which not only encourages massive illegal immigration but also lavishly rewards those who break national laws and come to the West illegally. This overrunning of the West by NON-WHITE, non-Christian peoples, is primarily designed to create massive social tensions, using the old “divide and rule” principle, which will allow the Secret Masters of the Evil Agenda to bring about the final destruction of Western Christian Civilization and the enslavement of its indigenous peoples.

    Also permit me to state that it is only with intuitive insight that one can penetrate beyond the external form or substance of things, to reach their internal substance or reality. It is only with the inner light of the discerning heart that one can achieve confirmation that we now live in an Age of Extreme Evil which will culminate in the end of the historical process as we know it. Empirical and discursive knowledge and thought can only suggest, but cannot directly perceive, and hence penetrate, the true nature of the Age in which we now live. And one of the telltale signs of this Age of Evil is RACIAL AND ETHNIC ADULTERATION ON A MASSIVE SCALE, a pernicious plot especially directed at the indigenous Caucasian populations – particularly “Nordid” populations – of the Western World.

    Why is Western Civilization the main, main target? For the reason that not only is it the cradle of the ancient Sinister Plot to Transform the World, but it is also its greatest impediment, or, more specifically, the spirituality that underpins Western Civilization, which is the Christ Impulse released from the Cross at Calvary commonly called Christianity. That is why the Secret Masters of the New Age One World Agenda – the Lords of Power – have worked tirelessly for centuries to subvert Christendom, and are now also working tirelessly to undermine the racial integrity of the Western Caucasian populations — whether the citizens have the clarity of vision to see it, or not.

  3. Thanks Sean, it is good to know that there are other people out there that can “see behind the scenes”. Sean I am 54 years old and going back to the late 60s, early 70s, I saw in my community how in white areas, you could not get an apartment with children or pets, even 2 bedroom apts. However in black areas young blacks could get cheap multiple bed-room apts, welfare, food stamps, stay in tech school forever, work flipping burgers, and have many children, while white youth had to have an college education with a 4 year degree to have kids. I smell a rat here, do you? Also during my growing up I experienced a “latinization of my county”, by the 70s&80s you also had to be “bi-lingual” to get many jobs here in Miami-Dade county FL. I now beleive that all our manufactureing going over-seas was an attack on blue-collar white America, to keep them from having kids. Also laws for buying mobile homes outside of a trailer park you need 10 acers of land, ps they have closed down many trailer parks. Blue collar white trash trailer parks must go the way of the dinosoar. Instead we need to build housing for the black&other non-white people&immigrants. BTW president Obama is getting ready as of Dec. 2010 to bring about 100000 Haitians from the earthquake devistated areas of Haiti to Florida. The question is, where are these people going to live? Where are the jobs for them when we have a 1213% unemployment rate here in south FL.? How much is it going to cost us taxpayers to help these people, welfare, unemployment, schooling, education, the list goes on&on. They will probably give these people a drivers liscence&more important a voters regristration card&tell them to vote democrat in the next general election. In the depression of th 30s there was not much immigration into this country, but the attitude now is “open the flood-gates more” because we are changing the demographics of the country economic downturn or not. I read in the paper after the quake in Haiti, that pres. Obama wanted to give a “preferred immigration status to the Haitians”. Various black leaders have criticized the past situation with the Haitians because we were allowing the mostly white Cubans here but not the black Haitians, so it was racial discrimination against them. Cubans dont have large families but many Haitians do 5-6 children. Sean our past people were correct to allow mostly Judeo-Christian immigrants into this country, Using the Bible a a referrence for immigration, loooking at the ancient Jews when they did not keep the pagan/heathen out of their land and the trouble that happened to them. The question is if we would have let radical muslims, atheist, agnostics, voodoo,ect into this country decades or centuries ago. Would we have put a man on the moon? Would we have industrialized the way we did? Would there have been the flow of inventions throughout our history?Advances in medicine? Ford, Coca-Cola, Boeing, General Electric, US Steel, John Deere, Maytag, Wrangler, Levi-Strause, Sears, Wal-Mart. I don’t think so. If America would have been a salad bowl instead of a melting pot, there would be no USA today. We would be a fragmented host of various nation-states 3rd&4th world like fighting each other. This is the way we are going and soon we can only reminisse of the glory days of the past.

  4. As much as I am opposed to abortion for Human Beings,I am rather pleased that the negresses of the U.S.A. experience 35 percent of all the abortions which is a disproportionate number in relation to the number of nigger ape shit creation that constitute the population of the U.S.A.It has been estimated that anywhere from 13 million to 16 million potential niggers have been terminated before they were ever popped out since 1973.Perhaps a more enduring solution would be the development of a male birth control spermicidal injection that would be administered to all Blacks,some Asians,and other coloured undesirables.It is imperative that all measures be taken to drastically reduce the fecundity of the Black ape shit creation because the Negro is a vile cancer that needs to be totally wiped out or controlled.These spermicidal injections should start in Africa,homeland of the ape shit creation,and then proceed accordingly in other jurisdictions where these creatures cluster.Niggers and cockroaches…not much difference.The ape swaggers and the cockroach slithers but both of them are contemptible and odious and need to be stepped on and crushed.

  5. Eric abortion is killing off most white groups&diminishing various orientals like the Chinese. However the blacks have “high everything” In 1983,ten years after Roe vs Wade, I had a black nurse tell me that the government abortion clinics did not stop the so-called back-alley clinics in the black neighborhoods. The abortion/miscarrage/infant&child mortality rates are all “high&very high”, but the black conception rate just over-powers everything negative against population growth.This is an unique situation. There is something dark&sinister&”evil” about this. Like some force that wants every black woman to be&get pregnant as much as possible. It is unique how that throughout all black areas around the world that homosexuality is not accepted&many gays are harrased,hurt&killed&many have to stay in the closet. This is the opposite situation in many white communities in which homosexuality is given special rights&even promoted. The 13-16 million figure are from the government legal clinics but how many more have been done in the back-alley clinics&at home-self-inflicted?. The numbers would be equal or even more&yet the blacks the world over have the highest birthrates&it is a question if their high posterity will diminish anytime in the future? I think it never will&only some type of mass fammine&plague will reduce their numbers,of course they will blame it on the white-man. Remember in black Africa,the leaders&other activist keep telling the women-to keep having more babies. The average black woman has 8 kids in Africa&a reason that islam is spreading like wildfire in Africai because of the polygamy. Islam is forcasted to become a predominantly black religion in the future.

  6. Europe’s wealthiest countries — Switzerland, Germany, the Scandinavian countries — never had colonies or only held them briefly.

    German East Africa (German: Deutsch-Ostafrika) was a German colony in the African Great Lakes region, which included what are now Burundi, Rwanda and Tanganyika (the mainland part of present Tanzania). Its area was 994,996 km2 (384,170 sq mi), nearly three times the area of present-day Germany.

    German West Africa (Deutsch-Westafrika) was a designation used for German territories in West Africa

    German South-West Africa (German: Deutsch-Südwestafrika, DSWA) was a colony of the German Empire from 1884 until 1915, with an area of 835,100 km², it was one and a half times the size of the mainland German Empire in Europe at the time.

    Togoland was a German protectorate in West Africa from 1884 to 1914, encompassing what is now the nation of Togo and most of what is now the Volta Region of Ghana. The colony was established during the period generally known as the “Scramble for Africa”.

    The Swedish Gold Coast (Swedish: Svenska Guldkusten) was a Swedish colony founded in 1650 by Hendrik Carloff on the petroleum and natural gas rich Gulf of Guinea in present-day Ghana in Africa.

    In the 17th century, following territorial losses on the Scandinavian Peninsula, Denmark-Norway began to develop colonies, forts, and trading posts in Africa, the Caribbean, and India.

    Fort Christiansborg became the base for Danish power in west Africa, and the centre for slave trade to the Danish West Indies. In 1807, Denmark’s African business partners were suppressed by the Akan people subgroup-Ashanti, which led the abandonment of all trading stations. Denmark sold its forts to the United Kingdom in 1850.

    Anti White Ideologies are evolving from things Whites actual did vs. calling someone savages or inferior. Karma is a bitch and as the Western Bible says… the son shall reap what the father has sewn.

  7. Gay pride is important! Many of you don’t want to admit that having sex with men is healthy for us. I have had sex with several transsexuals and it is the greatest feeling in the world. You guys need to stop fighting and warring with each other. You should let off some steam. Get you a sweet sissy or a tranny and enjoy life instead of hating everyone. There is nothing like sucking tranny cock!!!!! Hate will not win. Gay people are tired of being oppressed. I am white and I have pride in who I am. I don’t deny my urges and needs. Some of you are so stressed and filled with aggression, but if you let it out, you would feel better. Don’t fight, lets make love. We can all be happy! I believe that white men are too proud to admit that many of them are in the closet! Most of my clients are white men and they love transsexuals!

  8. One world, one race, one culture, one religion, one language. The inevitability factor…. get use to it, morons

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