Great work by Kevin Alfred Strom – When Asia Asserts Herself


When Asia Asserts Herself

Published by admin, on December 12th, 2010

Kevin Alfred Strom

by Kevin Alfred Strom

ASIA, PARTICULARLY CHINA, is bursting at the seams with human beings not of our race. Already they are overflowing onto the Pacific coast of North America, from California to Canada, in a quiet but accelerating invasion — so much so that the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, is now routinely referred to as Hongcouver. And, as Russia is economically prostrated by its Jewish oligarchs and pushed around by U.S.-based neocons and Jewish supremacists, the eastern territories of Russia are being infiltrated by Asians, threatening a serious blow to White geopolitical power and yet another serious reduction in White living space. (And, as we all know, the rest of Europe suffers from an invasion of Middle Easterners and South Asians.)

When it comes to racial interbreeding, Asians have such a huge worldwide numerical advantage that they are in the same position that White Americans were in when faced by the relatively tiny Amerindian populations: the racially conscious majority among them deplore such mixing, and its practitioners are often shunned and marginalized; but they feel they can survive a small amount of it, as they have again and again from the times of the Mongols and before. They even have a saying: Yolk yellow; rest of egg white. Mix both together. Result: yellow.

Asian writer Henry Liu (a pen name) put it well, if a bit theatrically, when he said:

‘We’re doing a pretty good job of infiltrating America and forcing Whites to accept us. Asians ought to continue to have many children. We are already more than half the Earth’s population, and it won’t be long before the 12% White minority have all become Asian or African mixtures since we’ve convinced them that intermarriage is good and normal. Over such a planet we Asians can unfurl our racial flag. …The schools teach White children that Americans should be tolerant and accept infinite immigration.

‘By 2030 immigrants, their White spouses, and other minorities [will] make up 70% of the U.S. population. By popular demand Federal law enforcement agencies go after any and all White people who resist us and put them away in concentration camps. …Other Western nations are forced under U.N. monitoring to accept millions of African, Asian, and Middle Eastern citizens. The planet then becomes a game between Africans and Asians only. Guess who will win that game?

‘White Americans have an average of 1.8 children per couple, and that number is declining. The number of couples is also declining as homosexuality and childlessness become ever more fashionable among Whites. At the same time, I predict 10% of Caucasians will marry non-Whites, while non-White immigrants continue to both come in increasing numbers and have more children per couple.

‘At the present rate, pure Europeans in America will become a rare species within decades. Given our ever-increasing standards of Political Correctness, it does not seem likely that the White separatists will be able to outlaw interracial marriages in time to make a difference. It also seems unlikely that a vogue for having many children will ever return for Whites: the media would oppose it as racist. Adoption of non-White babies is also skyrocketing.

‘It’s only a matter of time before U.S.A. stands for the United States of Asia. Since China’s one-child policy is falling apart and since White people are so eager to adopt babies, we could have a profitable trade of exporting Chinese babies to Western countries. Let’s continue to show them images of tortured orphans so that White couples will continue to adopt Chinese children like there is no tomorrow. I have been asked by other Asians: Are you suggesting that we start baby farms and harvest the babies as trading commodities? Well, we’ve always been good at trade, haven’t we?

‘If the environmentalists complain, we can just accuse them of racism. In place of China’s one-child policy we could have the “export-the-rest” policy. Every now and then we’ll slaughter a kid and show it off to the Western media, so that their churches will bend over backwards to adopt more kids.

‘We may never be able to defeat the West militarily, but we sure as hell can genetically.

‘Today, European man is losing out in numbers and economic prowess to Mongolian man. Even though Mongolians far outnumber Europeans in population, Whites have enthusiastically brought in Mongolian immigrants for assimilation and intermarriage. The one-way traffic of immigration occurs on top of lower birth and fertility rates for Whites. It appears that one day soon Asians can prepare to unfurl their racial flag over a vanquished planet. My critics say: When an Asian and a Caucasian join together, the kid is half Asian and half Caucasian. Neither the Caucasians nor the Asians have won in the match. But my critics are wrong. As the lineage becomes three-fourths-Asian, 7/8-Asian, 15/16-Asian there comes a point when the person is, for all practical purposes, Asian. Asian nations need merely to export a tiny percentage of their burgeoning populations in order to make U.S.A. stand for the United States of Asia.

‘Imagine a 22nd century when California becomes New Khalistan, Kansas becomes New Canton, Wyoming becomes New Wuhan, Louisiana becomes New Lhasa, North Dakota becomes New Dakka, Indiana becomes New India, Pennsylvania becomes New Pusan, and Washington, DC, becomes New Haiphong. Southern parts of the United States might be given to Latin American nations, so that Texas becomes Nuevo Sonora and Florida becomes Nuevo Cuba.

‘We could have White reservations in the hills of Appalachia, and their exotic Christian religion would be showcased in museums. There are already more Muslims than Episcopalians in America, so I suppose that it might become the state religion. Buddhists and Hindus would follow close behind.

‘Overpopulation is often cited as a major problem in China and other Asian countries. Yes, the birthrate has been slightly reduced, but there is another solution which Asians are quietly implementing. Asian countries are exporting their excess populations to America, making more space at home, while America becomes more Asian. Naturally we are happy that Americans are not being informed of this in their media. As Sun Tzu would say: Sow confusion among your enemy and weaken them.

‘American school children are already learning about the aboriginal First Nations — the Mongolians — who rightfully own this continent. They are now learning about the crimes of the European invaders and usurpers, and soon all American school children will learn of the ultimate destiny and purpose behind it all: the new United States of Asia.

‘For those of us with Asian mothers, let us take this day to thank them for bringing us into the world. Let us pray that our holy genes will continue to spread across the planet until the day that the yellow sun will shine upon the Earth and the yellow moon will guide us through the darkness.’

Sobering thoughts for Whites, who ought to be thinking in terms of centuries instead of weekly paychecks or quarterly profit statements. And Asians — thanks to our Jewish- and capitalist-engineered “free trade” policies — now hold huge quantities of U.S. dollars and debt instruments. This means that not only do they have the biomass to swamp us, but they also have the little green slips of paper that we foolishly accept as money these days, so they can now buy whatever they want as they march across our continent — including our businesses, our land itself, our misled daughters, and our politicians who can only be distinguished from prostitutes by the fact that prostitutes don’t wear three-piece suits. (And prostitutes have a higher morality — most of them wouldn’t think of sending young people to die in the desert, for example.)

Democracy Should Be Condemned



Kevin Alfred Strom

on May 17, 2010

in Editorials

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

A CORRESPONDENT who had read one of my recent essays wrote to me, incredulously asking me if I was actually so wicked as to “condemn democracy.” I asked him to consider the facts and think, instead of just regurgitating the quasi-religious shibboleths that were imparted to him by the public schools:

James Madison certainly condemned democracy. So did Mencken and Saki and many others. And so do I.

If the majority is allowed to seize your property or make its opinions into law whenever it so chooses, how is that different from an autocracy? (With an autocrat, bad as that system is, at least you have a chance that the ruler will be wise or benevolent or both. With democracy, there is no chance whatsoever.)

That is why the founders opposed democracy and gave us a constitution that would protect us from it, just as much or more as it protected us from would-be kings.

They tied down the government with the stringent chains of the Constitution, which, especially the Tenth Amendment, severely restricted the areas in which government could do anything at all.

But politicians, notably Lincoln and the Great War Criminal but also many others including G.W. Bush and Obama, have found that, through bluster, intimidation — and packing the court (and the law schools) with those whose main goal was avoiding the founders’ strictures — they could get away with trashing the Constitution on almost every level.

The result is that we now do indeed have the “democracy” that the founders were trying to avoid; with the thoughtless majority easily manipulated into doing almost anything the ethnically distinct media masters want them to do.

The result is that we openly tolerate the invasion of our southern border while we slaughter innocents by the hundreds of thousands in the Middle East who never constituted even a slight threat to America.

The result is that we have a National Security surveillance state which arrogates to itself the right to “monitor” almost everything we say and do, and spy on our formerly private transactions and interactions.

The result is that we now have almost totally given up the right of freedom of association and must hire and buy and sell and send our children off to school all in accordance with our masters’ latest arcane formulations based on the race and ethnicity of their “subjects.”

The result is indefinite detention without trial.

The result is “extrajudicial rendition.”

The result is Predator drone attacks on apartment buildings containing mothers and children.

The result is the openly admitted ordering of the assassination of an American citizen by one of those Predator drones.

Yes, I condemn “democracy” as it currently exists in the country which is, quite anachronistically, still called by the name “United States of America.”

Conservatism Is Not the Answer



Kevin Alfred Strom

on December 1, 2010

in Essays

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by Kevin Alfred Strom (pictured)

AMERICA IS FALLING to the invaders before our eyes. Our borders are open, and a large faction of an ostensibly conservative party wants to open them even further. So do their opponents. Our women and children are increasingly raped, beaten, and killed by non-White gangs, demographic trends forecast the doom of our race, our soldiers have become nothing but enforcers for a criminal foreign state — and yet the people blithely play their ball games, work at making more and better widgets and burgers, listen to the soothing words of the preachers and the newscasters, and generally carry on as if death was not about to tap them and their children on the shoulder.

It has been said by Dr. William Pierce that the brainwashed American booboisie are like lemmings, those little arctic rodents who, when population and environmental pressures build up, flee in a mass unthinking panic, often directly to their doom. A legend was created — and popularized by a Disney film from the 1950s, White Wilderness — that the lemmings were deliberately committing suicide. But the truth is that the lemmings aren’t purposely killing themselves at all. They simply don’t know what they’re doing.

This makes Dr. Pierce’s analogy even more apt. Lemming numbers build up dramatically after a season or two of prosperity, and, as the lemmings attempt to spread out, sometimes geography constrains them into a small area or narrow channel, where social friction and distress lead to mass panic: Some lemmings begin to run in a certain direction, and soon they all are running madly in that direction without any purpose or destination in mind. And then comes the cliff, the river, or the sea. And the end of the lemmings.

What brings these lemmings to their doom is a kind of insanity related to the herd instinct. They’re running because the others are running. They’re running to get away from each other, but they’re all running in the same direction, so they never get away from each other until the fall or the water takes them. Insane.

But the behavior of these lemmings is no more insane than that of the men who continued their card games in the lounges of doomed and sinking ocean liners, or the members of the orchestras who kept playing to entertain them. No more insane than the behavior of the Romans, who, when the barbarians had entered the city and the slaughter had already begun, refused to adjust their behavior accordingly and continued to feast and bathe and indulge themselves with their fellow degenerate nobility until the end finally came. No more insane than the White people who willingly vote to send their children to school with vicious savages, tax themselves to import more savages, build breeding colonies for those savages in their own neighborhoods, and provide lavishly for every need of the savages to the point where something like half their lives are wasted laboring for them, crippling their own lives and the lives of their own children thereby. Yet these lemmings in human form, some of them apparently quite intelligent, continue to do that.

They’ve gone insane. Even if you leave the all-important issue of race out of it, they are clearly acting against the interests of their own families, their own children. They are mentally ill. They’re high on the hooch of the “equality” religion — and it is a religion — and, like an alcoholic whose habit is threatened, they will lash out viciously at anyone who tries to cure their addiction.

Even modern-day conservatives, who claim to want to preserve traditional American values, dare not tread on the really crucial issues — race and Jewish power — because if they did, they’d be outside the limits of permitted debate, and the attacks of the media masters and their conformist former friends would begin in earnest. They’d have a real fight on their hands, not the play fights in the Democratic/Republican sandbox they’re accustomed to. Since the conservatives won’t fight that fight, and the left, though awakening to some degree, is so mired in the “equality” religion that it cannot fight that fight, the duty falls to us. Every time I speak before a meeting of racially conscious White men and women I am filled with joy to look at the faces of men and women who understand that fact and are willing to do something about it.

The conservatives are permitted to rant about the Constitution and conspiracies and “traditional values” (so long as they never mention racial integrity, a core value of America’s founders) and prayer in the schools and bronze plaques of the Ten Commandments and the size of government and tax rates until they’re blue in the face, and no one in the ruling establishment really cares, no one from the FBI or JTTF shows up at their door — because all these are peripheral issues, and even if each and every one of them were decided for all time in the way favored by the conservatives it wouldn’t slow the death of our race and civilization by so much as a six months.

The conservative movement, which is more and more openly run by Jews and Zionist warmongers — like David Horowitz and Rupert Murdoch — and lunatic Christian Zionists, has become nothing more than a business, designed to separate the yokels from their shekels and get them alarmed, running in circles or, better yet, running over the cliff. They’re allowed to be distressed by the symptoms of multiracialism, but they can never even look for the real causes of our decline, much less the solutions, which they are not permitted to think about.

Glenn Beck — one of Murdoch’s “right wing” “constitutionalist” talking heads — literally slobbers all over himself worshipping multiracialism itself and in the person of its chief deity, Martin Luther King. What Beck’s followers don’t know (but Beck might, and Murdoch surely does) is that the multiracial society they adore 1) could never have produced the American Constitution, and 2) is directly antithetical to it and will never countenance its restoration.

The lunacy of the American conservatives reminds me of the story of the policeman who was walking his beat one dark night, when he saw a drunk under a streetlight on his hands and knees, going round and round in circles with his face pressed almost to the ground. The officer called out “Say there, what are you doing?” and the drunk replied “I lost my wallet on Maple Street, in the next block over.” That puzzled the policeman, and he asked “If you lost your wallet a block away on Maple Street, why are you looking for it here?” The drunk looked up and calmly explained “I’ll never find it on Maple Street — there’s no streetlight there.” Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News (among others) is making a lot of noises that conservatives like to hear, all the while shining a huge spotlight carefully aimed directly away from the real sources of America’s decline.

The American people, of course, have lost a lot more than their wallets — they’ve lost their country and they’ve lost their minds. I’ve devoted a substantial portion of my life to encouraging the sane remnant to look in the right places for solutions. Keep checking back at National Vanguard and we’ll continue this train of thought.

Multiracialists Are Crazy, part 1



Kevin Alfred Strom

on December 1, 2010

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

CRAZY PEOPLE say some really funny things, if you like absurd humor. A crazy person may believe that locomotives are actually made out of marshmallows. Or he may think that the only reason we can’t drink bleach without harmful effects is because we haven’t prayed to the right deity in precisely the right manner. And some lunatics are quite intelligent in their way, and may be able to produce creative and internally consistent arguments at some length to justify their positions, even if their premises are quite nutty. And all that’s good for a laugh.

For example, one Flat Earth believer insisted that the Earth was two-dimensional and shaped like a plate. And he could even explain how, on this plate-shaped Earth, people could apparently travel in a straight line and eventually end up back at their starting point. “They simply fall off the edge,” he said, “and since the Earth is two-dimensional with no thickness whatsoever, they ‘fall’ into an area comprising no space at all and reappear instantly on the opposite side of the plate to resume their straight-line journey back to their starting point.”

“But,” someone objected, “wouldn’t people notice all this ‘falling off’ and being transported across thousands of miles?”

But the Flat Earther had an answer for that. “No, they wouldn’t,” he continued. “Since the area ‘off the edge’ of the Earth comprises no space, it therefore takes no time to traverse it, and the traveller is not even aware of his movement.”

All very logical, of course, if you accept the man’s premises. Even ingenious. But still completely insane.

We can laugh at our Flat Earther. And we should laugh at the multiracialist who believes that all human races are “equal,” or that “races do not exist,” for his ideas are equally kooky — and are even more at variance with observed reality than the Flat Earther’s. But crazy people are funny only at a distance. When they’re in the same room with you, you start getting nervous — and for good reason. If they ever get the upper hand over the sane people, then it’s really time to worry.

It’s all well and good for kooks to spout their theories behind padded walls or in isolated basements. But when they have the power to hold your wife and children on the railroad track so they can sample the delights of the rapidly-approaching marshmallow locomotive, then they become deadly. When they require us all to drink bleach because the right gods have been propitiated, then they are homicidal. And when they decide that “races don’t exist” or that “we’re all the same” and then start opening our borders and making social policy and propaganda to encourage racial mixing, then they are genocidal — and they must be stopped.

Eventually, we’ll have to remove all such people from positions of power. For now, I think that one of the best weapons against them is laughter — the demonstration that multiracialist ideas are indeed quite insane. This will help build the consciousness and confidence of Whites who have remained rational — and it will jar some of the good but miseducated folks who accepted multiracialism back into sanity. Let’s take a look at some of the multiracialists’ lunacy.

Groupthink: Suppressing Real Thinkers

Much of what passes for writing and education today contains an implicit assumption that is totally erroneous: the assumption that it is somehow “immoral” to recognize the reality of the inequality of the human races.

First of all, I see no validity whatsoever in any moral system which condemns free inquiry, rational thought, or recognition of ascertained facts. And I am going to question such pernicious nonsense wherever it appears.

To our shame, there was once a religio-legal system in place in the West which imprisoned or killed persons who questioned the existence of transubstantiation or demons (and many other fantastic delusions, too numerous to list). I have publicly condemned that system, and continue to do so, and obviously do not want it to return.

But we are returning to it, in a way.

We of the West are now veering toward the establishment of the doctrine of “equality” — racial, and other varieties as well — as a kind of secular religion. The “hate crime” laws which are now being imposed by the elites’ hired legislators (with the acquiescence of the boobs) are part and parcel of the new faith: Like most priesthoods, the prime movers of the “equality” hoax have a yen to punish, imprison, or kill those who question their profitable racket. In some countries, like Canada and Germany, they already have that power. (The same thing applies to belief in “the Holocaust,” another faltering styrofoam prop of the current establishment.)


A precursor to the legal persecution of those perceptive enough to realize that neither individuals nor races are, or should be, “equal” is the promotion (only begun in the last few decades, by the way) of the idea that such “evil” thoughts constitute “racism” and that “racism” is an awful awful bad thing — mustn’t do or Daddy spank. Slowly the idea is being added that not only is “racism” veddy veddy bad, but it is also somehow illegal.

Preposterous? Well, demons, witches, and transubstantiation are preposterous, too, but hundreds of thousands have been killed by “well-meaning” folks fired up for blood by an utterly false and insane belief system. I don’t want it to happen again.

There is no evidence whatsoever that the human races are equal in intelligence (or in many other characteristics), and in fact it would be a bizarre anomaly of Nature if they were. After many thousands of years of divergent evolution in vastly different environments, it would be astounding if we found the human races to be “equal” in physical structure or mental conformation. The whole concept of the evolution of life by branching and speciation depends on the ever-flowering inequality of races or subspecies. This applies to every form of life and, frankly, it’s not quite sane to believe it doesn’t apply to human beings.

There should be no moral opprobrium attached to the stating of this obvious fact.

I once had a multiracialist “explain” to me the consistent failure of Blacks and Mestizos to achieve at a level comparable to Whites. He said: “The only reason they could possibly fail is if they are discriminated against.” So, in his mind, “equality” of the races is a given, an almost divine law of the universe. The only reason we don’t have racial equality in the real world — the only reason — is “discrimination” by Whites. He then went on to demonize “discrimination,” as if it were a Satanic thing practiced by Whites for the sole purpose of preventing his perfect heaven of “equality” from coming into being.

But racial “discrimination” merely means choosing between races for some purpose. For example, when the founding fathers of this country instituted the Naturalization Act of 1790 (in effect until treasonously abrogated in 1952), which explicitly stated that only members of the European race could become citizens of the United States, they were certainly choosing in that sense. They were trying to ensure the practical fulfillment of what had been stated in the Constitution: that this new nation was for their “sacred posterity” — that is, the actual lineal descendants and kin of the European men and women making up this nation. They chose not to give their new nation, purchased at the cost of so much blood and toil, to others.

If you are an American basketball coach engaged in a bidding war to award “scholarships” to some of the lengthier African tribesmen, you too are engaged in racial “discrimination,” though of the crassest commercial sort.

Discrimination merely means choosing between alternatives. The expression “discriminating shoppers,” meaning “intelligent shoppers who care about quality,” survives in American English as a reminder of the original meaning of the word in the days before the insanity really got started.

Racial “segregation” — which multiracialists condemn as even more terrible than discrimination — is, of course, the state of affairs which obtained between the races, wherever they intersected, for millennia before the advent of multiracialism and the equality cult. Absent laws forcing their association, the vast majority of the members of all human races segregate themselves quite naturally. An examination of high school lunchrooms — or metro area neighborhoods — in “racially diverse” areas will easily confirm this.

Before the racial “equality” nuttiness came on the scene, people organized their societies that way naturally without even thinking about it. Even today, Whites who are as “liberal” as you can get without actually being off your rocker still make housing purchase decisions in a manner absolutely indistinguishable from contributors to National Vanguard.

It’s unconscious. It’s biological. And it really has nothing to do with “hate” — and everything to do with divergent evolution.

If you are not free to discriminate, you are not free to choose.

If you may only discriminate when an authority says your choice is based on what the authority says is “relevant” (as in “best qualified for the job” or “able to pay,” or whatever), then you are a slave to that authority.

I prefer the principles of the founders of my nation, the United States of America, which give me the freedom to choose and to decide for myself what is relevant and what is not.

Persecution, Hate, and Conflict: Caused by Multiracialism

Multiracialists often claim that racial realists like us want to persecute and dominate other races. As far as persecution and domination are concerned, I’m absolutely against them. They implicitly assume a multiracial society. Wherever two or more races are required to live under the same government, there is always racial conflict and claims of domination or “unfairness.”

Once every race has its independence and freedom, and its own territory, such things will be as rare as racial conflict is in Iceland or Japan today. The Maxim of Self-Determination eliminates and makes impossible persecution and domination of one people by another to the same extent that it facilitates racial separation. It’s in the forced multiracialist states — which sadly includes most of the White world these days — where racial conflicts erupt. The multiracialist belief is the precise opposite of the truth.

The Law

Multiracialists condemn the former American laws which, until quite recently, prevented marriage between members of different races. Laws forbidding racial intermarriage were, as Jefferson stated, an unfortunate necessity because of the proximity of the races — unless one was willing, as the Founding Fathers and most Americans throughout history were not, to accept the genocide, by mixing, of one’s own race.

Jefferson, along with many other founders and also Abraham Lincoln, thought that the best answer was racial separation on a continental scale: that is, repatriation of Africans to the land of their ancestors, or, in the interest of economy, their transportation to the island of Santo Domingo in the Caribbean.

Multiracialists reject the rational and humane vision of the Founders. They dream of racial mixing as an ideal — they dream of racial mixing like some people dream of the Second Coming or winning the Publisher’s Clearinghouse sweepstakes. They dream of racial mixing as if it will usher in a new, ideal world of good and virtue. They are dangerous, crazy people. One actually told me once: “When we have mixed our gene pools enough, probably 10 or 20 generations from now, we will all be pretty close to the same color. End of the race issue. Interbreeding between races improves genetic vigor and dilutes race-specific defects… I am doing my part, as often as is practical.”

I am glad that such multiracialists forthrightly admit that they want the genocide and extinction of our race — most of their ilk are not so honest.

Fantasy Future

But I am afraid that their dream of the one happy mixed race of the future is a hopeless fantasy.

Wherever racial mixing has occurred on a large scale, the result has not been one harmonious mixed race, but exactly the opposite. New racial combinations come into being, with multiple layers of stratification, and there is a tremendous increase in racial conflict. (Spike Lee’s School Daze dealt with this process of race-formation and stratification among Mulattos and Blacks.)

India, which has now spun off into four separate nations, with at least another two about to be born in blood, is a good example; as is Brazil, where they are now shooting unwanted Mulatto children like mad dogs in the streets, with the apparent approval of many in all social classes, who are now so degraded that they only wish to see life go on with a minimum of trouble.

Those are not futures I would wish on my children. The only way to prevent them is to preserve the European racial character of our nation.

‘Race Does Not Exist’

Multiracialists like to claim that since many racial traits have no hard-edged geographic boundaries, that therefore “race does not exist.”

I am sure that few would assert, because the Earth’s atmosphere possesses no hard-edged boundary with the emptiness of interplanetary space, that the atmosphere does not exist or that it is identical to a vacuum.

The boundaries between pre-man and man were also not hard-edged when we were diverging from our pre-human ancestors. That racial division led to a very significant speciation indeed.

There is also an infinite series of gradations and no hard-edged boundaries between Lake Itasca, the Mississippi River, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean. I think we shall have to agree, though, that it is not wicked to regard the Atlantic Ocean as different in many most significant ways from Lake Itasca. And there are special rooms for people who seriously believe that these gradations somehow prove that the Mississippi River doesn’t exist.

And, further, there is a very long series of gradations of life forms between pond scum and the Queen of England, and the precise divisions we make between all of these life forms are to some degree “social” and arbitrary. But they are also useful; they describe real hereditary distinctions of structure and behavior; and they have greatly increased our understanding of the Life processes which allowed something not too dissimilar from pond scum to eventually become the Queen of England.

It is also true that chemical waste dumps blend to some extent with ground water, and that without extensive tests you cannot be sure that your well water is absolutely pure. But that is no excuse for pouring in a quart of dioxin, or for claiming that dioxin is “the same” as water. That’s essentially what the multiracialists are doing to our gene pool.

Everyone who acknowledges the evolutionary process acknowledges that races exist. (It’s only when we come to the ever-so-sensitive topic of human races that religious and political delusions make some avert their eyes from reality.)

The Engine of Evolution

Race-formation is the very engine of evolution itself. Without it, Life as we know it would be impossible.

Due to mutations and the actions of natural selection on existing variations, new types develop. When these varieties become significantly distinct, we call them races or subspecies. When they become even more distinct, diverging to the point where interbreeding is the exception rather than the rule, or even becomes impossible, then we call them a new species.

All mammals had a common ancestor (now extinct), and there are now many species of mammal. Therefore all existing mammal species must have gone through a race-divergence process, evolving into many different subspecies and eventually new species.

Note that we are applying hard-edged concepts (species, subspecies) upon what is really a continuous process, the branching process of divergence and speciation.

This divergence has certainly happened to the human races, and indeed it would be a biological wonder approaching the fantastic if it hadn’t. In fact, it is still happening.

The Most Significant Question

The really interesting question isn’t where we hang the precise labels of race and species, though.

The question of greatest significance is this:

Will we, through our social policies and our popular mythologies, allow this branching process to continue; or will we attempt to terminate it?

Speciation is a gradual process which could not happen without race-formation. It’s absurd to deny this.

Race-formation occurs even in beings not possessing a consciousness, such as plants, and in fact took place for many millennia before the development of consciousness in any form. Astoundingly, all of this happened despite the fact that the big-brained multiracialists weren’t provided with a definition of race that suited them.

To claim that we must precisely or genetically define races before we acknowledge their existence is equivalent to claiming that Amazonian tribesmen may not distinguish between food and offal because they haven’t studied the chemical structures thereof.

Actually, it’s even more ridiculous than that: it is equivalent to claiming, because the tribesmen can’t make the requisite molecular diagrams, that there actually is no difference between the waste products of a chicken and its eggs.

So multiracialism is an absurd and dangerous body of ideas, bound to be ultimately fatal to any people that embraces it for long.

Cui bono?

The Jewish supremacists who dominate our media have promoted multiracialism 24 hours a day for two generations at least. Yet, clearly, from their opposition to Jewish intermarriage and their support of the racial-nationalist-supremacist state of Israel, we can see that they clearly do not believe in such insanity themselves.

So why do they promote it to us? Their culture is one of infiltrating and altering the other cultures within which they live. What they promote for us is based on what they want us to do. And what they want us to do is not what is best for us, but whatever they believe is best for them. That — like their talent for haggling over the price of a carpet in a Levantine market, or for getting the rubes to think the pea is definitely under the third shell — may ultimately be genetic.

To be continued

Multiracialists Are Crazy, part 2



Kevin Alfred Strom

on December 1, 2010

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Top: Richmond, Virginia’s Harvey family — brutally murdered on New Year’s Day, 2006 — Ruby, 4, Stella, 9, Kathryn, 39, and Bryan, 49. Bottom: Ray Dandridge and Ricky Gray, arrested for the Harvey murders and a string of other killings

Racial self-determination is the sane way to organize societies; multiracialism is an irrational quasi-religion and is extremely dangerous.

by Kevin Alfred Strom

WHAT IS A MULTIRACIALIST? He’s crazy — I told you that in my last installment. And he’s genocidal. Multiracialists believe that we should incorporate many races into our society, all under one government. Let’s take a brief look at just how crazy that is.

On New Year’s Day, 2006, in broad daylight in an old, established neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia, we found out about that kind of crazy. Dead crazy. Killing crazy. On that day a White family — rock musician Bryan Harvey and his wife, toy store owner Kathryn Harvey, and their two little girls Stella, 9, and Ruby, 4 — were getting ready for an afternoon party. They were last seen alive by a friend at 10 AM. By 1:40 PM they were all dead.

According to police, two Blacks, Ray Dandridge and Ricky Gray, entered the Harvey home, while a third Black, Ashley Baskerville, may have served as a lookout on the street. Dandridge and Gray overpowered the Harveys, bound them, tortured and beat them with blunt objects, then methodically slit all of their throats — and set their house on fire to destroy the evidence of their deeds. The Harveys, including their little girls, were obviously innocent of any offense against their killers — the motive was probably robbery according to reports — but the savage and bestial nature of the criminals led them inexorably to their acts. They are suspected of a string of similar killings. We will never know to what extent, if any, the “hate Whitey” attitude prevailing in the media fueled the rage of the killers, but we do know that Bryan Harvey’s evocation of White racial guilt in one of his songs — “White Folks’ Blood” — didn’t help him or his wife or children when the animals got out their knives.

FBI and local crime statistics show beyond doubt that Blacks are far less disciplined, far more violent, and far more criminal than Whites. No matter how differently the 5 per cent. or so of accomplished, educated Blacks and mixed-race Mulattos may act, the research report The Color of Crime reveals that on average “Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.” Mestizos commit violent crimes at three times the White rate. “Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving Blacks and Whites, Blacks commit 85 per cent. and Whites commit 15 per cent. …Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a White than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.” The proportion of Blacks and Mestizos in an area is, statistically, the single best indicator of how dangerous it is.

It is the quasi-religious and pathological belief system of multiracialism — the ideology that says that monsters like Dandridge and Gray should have free access to the neighborhoods and schools of Stella and Ruby and Kathryn and Bryan Harvey — that is ultimately responsible for this crime.

What exactly is multiracialism?

So, again I ask: What is a multiracialist? He’s a person who believes that it is wise and good to have multiple races in our society, all living together under the same government. Multiracialists believe in the opposite of the Maxim of Self-determination: “Every people that considers itself to be a people should, to the maximum extent possible, live under its own government.” To rephrase that maxim to fit their beliefs, it would read something like “All peoples, regardless of race or culture, should be able to come and live under our democratic government.”

You’ll notice I didn’t say “should be able to come and live under any democratic government.” I said our government. That’s because multiracialists are inconsistent. That’s to be expected, because multiracialism is not a well-thought-out philosophy. It’s less of a philosophy than it is a kind of crazy religion. And it is less of a religion than it is a pathology, a mental disease.

A multiracialist may claim to believe that all nations should open themselves up to unlimited immigration and racial mixing (which is roughly the same as an individual “opening himself up” by leaning back, making a sizable incision across his chest with a machete, and letting any creatures large or small that happen by have at his blood and internal organs in any way they want, including living inside them and feeding on them).

But the multiracialist really doesn’t think that “all nations” should open themselves up that way. No. He thinks that only White nations should open themselves up like that. You never hear multiracialists demanding that Japan or Korea or China open themselves up to mass immigration of Whites. Japanese racial-nationalism is real — Japan is virtually 100 per cent. Japanese — but you almost never hear this discussed as a “problem” in the controlled media, unlike the “emergency” that White-ruled South Africa constituted. You never hear a demand for Africa to open up its wide fields and magnificent mountains for the settlement of White people. You almost never hear multiracialists calling for Israel to let in more Blacks.

No, the multiracialists demand open borders and “racial diversity” only for White nations. America must become more non-White — Europe and Australia must become more non-White. That is their demand.

Only in traditionally White nations is it an “evil” bordering on an emergency when the native-born population wants to maintain its integrity. Australians wanting White cities and White beaches: total evil. Japanese wanting a Japanese nation: just fine. Germans wanting to stay German: a racist abomination. Israel wanting to remain a Jewish state: A-OK. White Americans wanting to preserve their heritage and culture, and organizing to do so: racism and hate. Africans wanting to preserve their heritage and culture, and organizing to do so: laudable and wonderful.

Solution to the Race Problem?

As columnist and wit Bob Whitaker says, the multiracialists may claim that racial mixing is the “solution to the race problem,” but that’s not what they really mean at all. What they really want, and what they’re really working for, is a “solution to the White problem.” Because, truth be told, everything they do is designed to exterminate us. The true-believing multiracialists, those who have accepted multiracialism as a kind of religion, have been in essence driven insane to the point where they are working to kill their own people. But those who crafted this anti-survival belief system, in my opinion, knew exactly what they were doing.

Multiracialists claim that culture — which is learned, they say — means everything and genes — which are inherited — mean nothing. But they are wrong — genes determine all human potential, including cultural potential..

Genes determine the structure of our brains, and our brains determine our behavior (including that of the culture-bearing stratum, if any, in a given race), and there are racial differences in all these things.

The culture of the West could not have arisen without the European race, any more than wasp’s nests can arise spontaneously without wasps.

(The environment is secondary, not primary, as a factor in culture and behavior. If you alter the alluvial deposits near a colony of mud-dauber wasps, it may be that the mud-daubers’ nests will then be of inferior or at least a different quality. However, if you eliminate the mud-daubers themselves and replace them with a different sort of wasp, there will definitely be no mud-daubers’ nests. )

If one hypothetically eliminated all non-White contributions to our civilization, it would still exist and still be recognizable. But if one eliminated all the contributions of Whites to Western civilization, one would for all practical purposes eliminate the whole of it, and certainly all of its distinctive characteristics.

What if our positions were reversed?

If Europeans were placed in Africa to fend for themselves, wouldn’t that be a demonstration of the relative effects of genetic structure on culture, versus the effects of environment? And such a test has in fact been done. In South Africa and Rhodesia and elsewhere we have examples of European man, sometimes largely the cast-offs and most poorly educated part of their societies, building magnificent nations hardly distinguishable from their European homes in just a few generations.

Give the Liberians New York City entirely for themselves and I suspect that trees would be growing up through the pavement of Wall Street in less than a century; give Liberia to European man and in the same amount of time great universities and spaceports would rise in the plains and valleys of Nimba and Lofa.

Would the Europeans in Africa produce exactly the same things they would have produced if they had stayed in Stockholm or Rome or Moscow? No. But they would express their characteristic mentalities and personalities in such ways as the new environment demanded or permitted, becoming a new and distinct nation — but still part of the European cultural and racial family, which is recognized as a unity by everyone except desiccated Western “intellectuals” and their puppet-masters.

If Africans were in every way the equivalent of Whites, would we not find the great writers and artists of Africa — or the African diaspora — standing shoulder to shoulder with the great Europeans? Surely, with multiracialists eager to promote “equality” at all costs, the names of this unmined vein of new Poes and Vergils and Homers from Uganda — or “the hood” — would be shouted from the housetops and on every TV channel 24 hours per day.

In these politically correct times, anyone finding them would get a PBS spot with Bill Moyers and an Inaugural reading. But alas, the best they can give us is Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou and other fourth-raters.

But cultures do change!

Multiracialists might object to what I have said, and point out that cultures do change, even while the gene pool remains substantially the same. So how can genes determine culture?

A stone-building culture will change, of course, if the people run out of stones. A whale-oil-burning culture will change if all the whales are killed. An asteroid collision with the Earth would certainly change our culture. That’s elementary.

Equally elementary is the fact that a race, placed by Nature on a rich and gigantic continent, which in the course of its entire existence and in all of its innumerable tribes and peoples and nations, never independently created a written language is significantly different genetically from the race which — in the same amount of time — produced Dante and the Parthenon and the Saturn V rocket. The gene pools of some races produce brighter and more creative people, on average, than others. More discoveries are made in the cultures of such creative peoples. When the whale oil runs out, or the ice sheet expands, they can adapt more readily than others, too.

“Culture” is merely a name we give to the things that some groups of human beings do. Human beings behave as they do because of the structure of their brains. Unless there has been a serious injury or illness, that brain structure is determined by genetic inheritance.

What will racial mixture bring?

Mixing will not mean one homogeneous mixed race — far more likely is an India-like scenario, with a multiplicity of new types and subtypes, with all the associated hostilities and conflicts of a bi-racial society multiplied by ten. That’s not a future I’d wish upon my posterity.

Furthermore, even wholesale mixing will not end the processes of racial divergence and speciation. It may set them back 100,000 years (and, in the process, extinguish forever the hope that Life will transcend the bonds of Earth), but they cannot be stopped.

Like storm-clouds building into thunderheads, race-formation is always on the horizon, always happening.

So the enforced multiracialism that now prevails in the former West is not only cruel, genocidal, and destructive — but since it must fail in its goals, it is also pointless.

It’s magic

Multiracialists don’t think much of borders, but in their insanity they do give borders some magical qualities. They believe that merely arriving on our side of the U.S. border makes one an American, for example. I am sorry to interrupt their dream, but “arriving” anywhere does not make one a member of the people currently residing there — who, by sharing a language, history, sense of community, and blood relationship constitute a nation.

Nations are biological entities; they are groups of living people. They are also movable and not necessarily fixed in one location or territory, though they obviously need territory to survive.

It is the loony equality crowd who claim that mere residence (or residence combined with a few legal formalities and hand-waving) makes one an instant member of the nation.

Legal formalities and hand-waving: a recent American naturalization ceremony

It would make about as much sense to claim that a Volkswagen becomes a Fiat when it crosses the Alps, or that a Jackson Pollock painting becomes art when it is placed in a gallery, or that an intruder becomes a member of the family he is robbing and raping and killing because he’s in their house.

The achievement of American greatness occurred when America was about 90 per cent. White; when Whites controlled virtually every level of government, virtually all media of entertainment, education, and culture, and virtually all businesses. Imposing American culture on Blacks and other non-Whites — with very limited success, I might add — did not result in equivalent greatness among those races.

France is indubitably a great nation. But the imposition of French culture on North Africans did not result in a new or greater France. The imposition of French culture on Indochina did not result in a new France, or anything even remotely similar. It might be interesting to compare the achievements of French Polynesia with those of France. Culture is secondary. Race is paramount.

The European race has proven again and again and again that it has the requisite mental equipment to found, maintain, and advance a high civilization. Brand X cannot make this claim, even when advanced civilization is handed to them on a platter.

Multiracialism cannot succeed in its goal of eradicating racial divisions and the racial divergence that is an inherent part of evolution. Multiracialism cannot bring about a race-blind society. Multiracialism cannot create human “equality,” which is an utter delusion which will never exist.

But multiracialism can destroy our culture. It can prevent us from advancing and ever reaching the stars. It can exterminate our race. It can kill little children like Ruby and Stella Harvey. National Vanguard is dedicated to the purpose of educating our people to prevent such tragedies. Please help us today.


5 thoughts on “Great work by Kevin Alfred Strom – When Asia Asserts Herself

  1. Great work and yes it is true as I have extensive insight into races. Black and white or yellow cannot be mixed (or any other races ) for you can look at your founding fathers as you stated had a law to prevent it. We in South Africa can write books on the subject of cross breeds of different races! Not only is it wrong for the offspring but you have a different X race. I have to tread careful because we are the minority. Good luck and the big question should be what to do about the madmen when they in the same room!

  2. My novel Hold Back This Day is about an Asiatic take-over of the world. That’s right – not a Jewish take-over. In fact, I was first in the WN movement to correctly perceive that whites, if ever they succumb to a multicultural seizure of this planet, will find themselves in the iron-fisted grip of the Chinese. They are the number one threat against us, and any WN strategy that denies that will fail.

    Hold Back This Day
    The Towers of Eden

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