Ice People and Sun People

Ice People and Sun People

By Ian Jobling • 1/9/07

Ice Age hunter
He made us who we are.

Black studies professor Leonard Jeffries once declared that whites were “ice people” and blacks were “sun people.” Prof. Jeffries is not a man whose opinions I normally endorse: he is notorious for his hateful rants against the white race. His hatred goes so far that he has even exhorted blacks not to consume foods that are white in color! But his names for the two races are quite apt: it is true that whites evolved in a colder climate than blacks, and this is the reason for the differences between the two races. As for what those differences are, here again I disagree with Prof. Jeffries. Whereas he thinks that whites’ Ice Age past made them violent and cruel, the truth is that it molded whites into people capable of creating civilizations that are the summit of human accomplishment.

We have seen in the past two columns that whites and blacks differ in three basic ways: whites are more intelligent than blacks, less sexually promiscuous, and better able to defer gratification. The differences are so profound that they indicate whites and blacks evolved to form very different types of society suited to very different conditions.

What those different conditions are is not hard to discover. Blacks are a people adapted for tropical conditions: until the first Muslims began taking African slaves in the 10th century, all blacks lived in the tropics. Whites, however, spent 18,000 years of their evolutionary history living through the Ice Age. A world of ice and snow makes radically different demands of an organism than one of sun and lush forests, and these different demands led whites and blacks to develop very different abilities and temperaments.

Homo sapiens began migrating from Africa about 90,000 years ago; man was established throughout Asia and Australia by 50,000 years ago and in Europe by 40,000 years ago. This meant that Europeans had to survive an Ice Age that lasted from 28,000 to 10,000 years ago. It was much colder in Europe then than it is now: a massive glacier covered the continent down to northern England and Germany, and the rest resembled the tundra of Siberia.

In warm climates, people survive easily. They do not need to devote much effort to finding food, as fruit grows plentifully in the forests year-round. Contemporary hunter-gatherers living in tropical areas eat relatively little meat, and anthropologists believe Africans have always been highly herbivorous1. The climate itself also makes life easy: people do not need to worry about making warm clothes and shelters, but can survive practically naked and live in simple huts composed of mud and leaves.

Because of the ease of life in a tropical climate, fathers do not need to invest much energy in children. An African man can simply sire a child and move on to his next conquest, confident that the mother will be able to raise his offspring. Primitive African men who devoted care and energy to their families would have been evolutionary losers, as “players” could pass on more copies of their genes. Even today, most children in African societies are reared and supported by the mother alone, without the support of the father, and this pattern also prevails among blacks in the West2.

In cold climates, on the other hand, food is difficult to come by, as fruit does not grow the whole year round. Consequently, people need to hunt to survive. In fact, primitive peoples in Arctic climates rely virtually exclusively on animal foods. Hunting requires creating tools and understanding of the behavior of animals, both of which are spurs to the evolution of intelligence. There are many other problems posed by life in a cold climate, such as food storage and the construction of warm clothes and shelters, that also would have put pressure on people to evolve greater intelligence3.

Beyond this, scarcity of food and life-threatening cold requires that people plan for the future and develop foresight. One could not live hand-to-mouth and moment to moment in the Ice Age. Our European ancestors would have had to make sure that there was always enough meat and animal hides to keep the tribe from starving or freezing to death if the next hunt failed.

Finally, the difficult living conditions of the Ice Age would have made it necessary for men to devote substantial effort to providing for sexual partners and children. Since men are the stronger sex, the duties of hunting naturally fell to them, and, if they didn’t provide meat and other care, their mates and children would have died. In this environment, the men who would have passed on the most copies of their genes would have been the ones who were dedicated to the well-being of their families. Also, women would have been compelled to seek out men who would provide for them. Therefore, the environment of Ice Age Europe was conducive to the evolution of strong family bonds4.

Additional evidence that a cold climate causes the evolution of intelligence and family life is provided by Northeast Asians, such as the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans. The Ice Age in this area of the world was even harsher than it was in Europe, and the bodies of Northeast Asians, as well as their minds, show adaptation to freezing weather: Asians’ flattened noses evolved to help them to avoid frostbite, and their short legs and thick trunks evolved to conserve heat, as did the subcutaneous layer of fat that gives their skin a yellowish appearance5. Just as the theory of adaptation to cold climates would predict, the IQ of Asians, at 105, is higher IQ than that of whites6. Asians are also less sexually promiscuous than whites7 and less likely to bear children out of wedlock.

The relationship between climate and IQ has been examined by psychologists Donald I. Templer and Hiroko Arikawa. In a study of 129 nations, they found that there was a very strong correlation of -0.68 between the coldness of winter and the average IQ, meaning lower temperatures are associated with higher intelligence.

The traits that led the white race to develop advanced civilizations are the product of an environment that has long since disappeared. Whites managed to retain their distinctive traits after the Ice Age ended because life continued to be harsh and because Christian morality encouraged sexual continence and intellectual endeavors. However, it remains to be seen whether we can be true to the heritage of the Ice People in the conditions of abundance that now surround us. Because intelligence, foresight, and monogamy are no longer as strongly associated with success as they used to be, our society’s respect for them has begun to decay. In consequence, the West has developed a distinctly African ethos of hedonism. In order for whites to maintain the traits of their ancestors, they need to become conscious of how unique and precious these traits are and learn to cherish and nurture them.

26 thoughts on “Ice People and Sun People

  1. There are some aspects of what you have written that I clearly agree with, however I think that your theory is to broad and lacks statistical evidence. The white world population was at its height from 1700 to 1900. I mean brother, have you no knowledge of all the wars whites fought against each other. All that white killing….. It was religious intolerance that led to the white migration to America. And it was greed and lack of following God that enabled whites to kill and enslave. I will just tell you that it was a good run, but your time is running short. The party is over. Your weapons are no match for what is coming. The Sun is going to chase you into the ground. You will live like moles, coming out only at night. Then you will be hunted.

    • American white nationalist will dominate America in a post collapse America, along with our European and Russian brothers, we will decimate the remaining mud populations around the world.

    • Yes and we have evolved from that. THAT is the point! Africans are still doing what we stopped doing 100 years ago. Why do we have to be hunted? Can we not live on this planet in peace? You go to Africa, I stay in America/Europe/Canada/Russia.

  2. This site is a huge JOKE.

    Whites have only advanced through WAR, GENOCIDE, and WIDE-SPREAD THEFT of natural resources, etc.

    Yeah, you’re superior alright. Superior CRIMINALS and SAVAGES. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • This website IS a joke. The whites of Europe have a fascinating history, but it was the Romans who brought the tech West in the first place, and they were half-based off of Greek stuff. And then in that same time period, before the Greeks existed the Turks, the Egyptians, and all the way south to the *Ethiopians*. Those were magnificent kingdoms. What happened was that kingdoms fell into war and destruction, so civilization moved with the free people, or with the war. The sexual promiscuity angle I could maybe see, but not the intelligence. There are many things that can cultivate intelligence, and we also forget the jungle is pretty harsh in its own way, and obviously the desert. Technically the tundra IS a desert.

      Basically, article is skipping over a lot of key details about racial histories. The Asians aren’t any smarter than we are. They just test the smart ones, and actually encourage intelligence, culturally. Especially in that they don’t provide free education for everyone. Gangsters of America do not, including white trash. The problem isn’t black vs white – its victimization. The AFRICAN refugees I have met are appalled at American “black culture”. And their children did very well in school. I’ve known enough so-called “oreos” as well to know it is all a cultural thing that was bred here in America when we started “educating” them that they couldn’t survive without our welfare. Islam may have some to do with the descent into anarchy in Africa, as well as imperialism, but I haven’t researched enough to know. I am aware that the anarchy is actually fairly recent though, and that it wasn’t necessarily a bad place to visit.

      As far as whites being the source of all genocide, tis equally ridiculous. Let me just list a few commonly pointed-out sources of genocide: the Japanese, the Germans, the Early Americans (NA and British), the Africans, the British, and the general Near East area, the Chinese, and in India, the castes were based off of race, and now they war over Hinduism vs Islam. That goes every which way. Disgusting to blame one more than the other. Blacks and whites are not the same. But not being the same doesn’t make anything unequal. in India, the castes were based off of race, and now they war over Hinduism vs Islam. That goes every which way. Disgusting to blame one more than the other. Blacks and whites are not the same. But not being the same doesn’t make anything unequal.

  3. Thats right “Goddess” blame it all on the white man. Yeah those black/coloured people will be better off without those white people kicking them around. I have noticed that atheist white people hate their own race, and how they want the white man to “disappear”, and let the black/coloured man arise to take their places in the world.

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  9. “Whites have only advanced through WAR, GENOCIDE,etc”

    well well let me shoot this like a fish in a barrel,

    had blacks and for that matter native indians of america developed a written language and thus had kept a historical record of who they fought agaisnt and how many died, we would see that they too have been killing a lot of each other as we all know they did.

    as a matter of fact it is only because we caucasians are advanced enough to have a detailed written history that other races can point their finger at us for our wars and genocides

    We know that some american indians tribes were quite violent and quite fond of waging war ( and some really enjoyed torturing prisonners)

    and we know that only a few years ago in Rwanda blacks murdered 800,000 other blacks simply because they were slightly different…

    it is not that blacks and Indians have not killed large numbers of innocent along the milleniums, it is simply that the evidence is nowhere to be found as they never were able to invent a written language!

    just like a dumb person who has lost the pile of unpaid bills that was on their kitchen table does not mean they have less debt than the person who keeps track of every penny owed, blacks and indians have killed plenty of innocents ( Rwanda being the most recent example ) even if they have no record of it.

    • The ancient egyptians and nubians were negroids! They detailed there wars very well. They created a well known writing system. Yes there was war but we all know that the white till this day have kept their status through deception you are the true masters of evil. You are hiding so much

    • Lame ass excuse. So with no proof your saying they did all those bad things. No proof. But proof of whites wrong doing is actually somehow an accomplishment because they could remember? So whites are the only ones with written language? Bitch atleast blacks and other races arent lacking physically (melanin), mutated and imbred. You and this article are a joke. So many intelligent blacks and they think this load of shit is truth? Spreading lies, death, fucking with people around the world and covering it up is all whites have given. Not civilized life or structure or whatever the “white mans burden” is supposed to be. Go off yourself.

  10. I can’t believe you guys are going back and forth abt which race is “better.” Follow God and not this hatred.

  11. Racist article, the ice made savages out of white people, and hald so many negative defects, none more notable then inside the Jews in fact
    The Jews “chosen people” pretension is a typical Neanderthal in-group obsession that is actually a genetic racist predisposition against all other humans. It is a genetically determined “us against them” mentality.

  12. The Sun The key To Life On Earth & whom The Sun Loves No Man Can Defeate, But Some people hate the sun of god…..guess who?

  13. Are you guys listening to your selves? it sounds like a bunch of misguided emotions out of control…smh…. its the dawn of a new day… what we are and what our avatars/ bodies are are to different things…. LIFE EVOLVES, everything does…. dont you guys think that the human race is going to evolve into something truly astronomical… I am a black man probably with traces of other races…. Life is singular. which means that we all part of one source….all life is…. you guys need to join the movement… energy has no color… and so we are….” I AM A LIGHT BEING>>>> HAPPY NEW YEAR AND BLESSED LUV TO ALL…..”

  14. No white people migrated out of Africa..Neanderthal are not african in no way….Neanderthal people did not come from african people..white are clearly not African..the only reason you find African dnA in whites are due to prehistoric border migration into africa in scarce numbers and mix breeding..therefore you find some african dna in whites in the Mediterranean and southern Europe these whites migrated towards asia and mixed genes with Chinese people..leading into modern times..So the European and the mix breeds had more to do with this..THAN THE BIGGEST HOAX EVER PLAYED ON MAN..THAT ALL HUMANS CAME FROM AFRICANS…JUST NOT TRUE..

  15. This article is nonesense Europeans were to ignorant and lacked knowledge to create hence the reason why Africans had to educate them and thats a fact. If Europeans were so creative all forms of popular music would have its roots in Europe but no they have their bases from African rhythmic music same goes for all major religions. Black people unlike whites absorb sound waves and other frequencies better than Europeans and are the original human beings, Black can create every shade of colour on earth but white people can’t make black.

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