Kill Yourself Now!
Explanatory notes:

  1. ZOG: The Z WORD Occupation Government, the current regime.
  2. Exterminationist: Someone who believes in the “Holocaust.”
  3. Bread and Circuses: During the Roman invasion of Britain the Romans concluded that the populace only required bread and circuses to keep them content, removing practically all risk of rebellion.
  4. Blonking: A cameraman’s term for putting Blacks on camera, as is evident in contemporary TV.
  5. Rip-rap: rip-off rap; so desperate are they to put Blacks in front of a microphone even those who can’t sing are so privileged. Fools are even paying money for this rubbish, yet further evidence of the enormous influence of the mass media.
  6. Lib-lab-con: E.g. (in Britain) Liberal/Labour/Conservative pseudo-politics, in which each party says essentially the same thing, because all serve the same criminal masters.
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5 thoughts on “KILL YOURSELF NOW

  1. Come on white-Europeans, lets kill ourselves, so we can hurry up the process for the black&other races can take over faster than now. Remember according to evolution, that the black genetics are more stronger and superiour than any white genetics. Good-bye blonde hair&blue eyes, red hair&freckles, all shades of fair skin, you must go the way of the dinosoar-EXTINCT. Only black&dark skin must survive , only one hair color-BLACK, and only one eye color-DARK. You see those varied&recessive white traits cause too much trouble when other non-white&black people come in contact with white people, so it is best that the white race kill ourselves and get out of the way of-EVOLUTION because the white race cannot evolve any further, BUT the black&coloured races can evolve to the stars.

    • If only we could first stop white women from humping niggers by the dozen. Our race has been fundamentally altered, and the black/hispanic hoardes will eventually take over this country.

      We should all start thinking about where we will go when this country finally collapses under the weight of crushing debt, a government full of negro idiots, and white people who have handed the country over to them.

      It’s time to begin learning old skills, becoming more community focused (white community) and understand that our only strength will be in each other.

      • Very True. But networking is key.

        Rest assured, despite the danger, turmoil and conflict we face in the future, we
        have begun to see the truth, we have already won.

        The savior we have been waiting, the savior of western civilization who comes
        must and will be ourselves. It can be no other way. Each of us individually and
        collectively, together, are the savior, as it has always been so.

        What is the truth? At first all they wanted was to be treated as equals,
        entitled to the same inalienable rights, but whatever they were given, it was
        never enough. They speak of universal brotherhood and equality, while they
        destroy our future and erase our past. The lies and fabrications have become
        truth and those who control our society have based their government on those
        same lies. Lying manipulation have become a central tasks of our government. A
        lie that deceived everyone, that made everyone happy, that made everyone get
        along with one another, except those who suspected the truth.

        We don’t need movies, TV, or music to help us break through to the truth. The
        whole media/entertainment industry is part of the facade of untruth, and that
        includes the makers of these films, even what you suspect maybe be liberation
        only moves you from one prison to another, do not be fooled into hibernation,
        liberation that is promised without sacrifice is deceptive, such is the price we
        pay for ignorance.

        Recognize that we rationalist, logical, realist, face a religious and spiritual
        war against what can only be called a state sponsored religion, egalitarianism.

        It could in fairness be said that modern, secular Egalitarianism is in fact the
        transmogrification of Christianity into a religion that is now true to its
        theoretical principles to an extreme degree but that is now paradoxically
        devoid of its deity in the supernatural sense, the male God-figure having been
        killed off.

        Egalitarianism is the religion imposed via the State and other, opinion-forming
        and population-controlling entities upon the people of the West; as yet another
        instrument in furthering the dissolution of the “ European” West and its core

        The egalitarians believe it to be the final religion at the end of
        history—leading to the ascent to earthly utopia.

        The religion that shows the way to the perfected, temporal human condition: the
        absence of poverty, suffering, and unhappiness for all people on Earth. The
        shrill, inchoate hatred that infuses the attitude of the priests and true
        believers of Egalitarianism toward non-believers is a manifestation of the
        absolute incompatibility between these beliefs and the state of the world as it

        Egalitarian belief is indeed the belief in inconsistent ideals that not only
        conflict with one another, but that conflict with all empirical evidence before
        one’s eyes and all human instinct.

        Egalitarianism is a fragile, cracked and shifting skin of ice covering a
        turbulent, madly-rushing river of cold fact beneath it. It is only through
        passion and frenzied conviction that this cognitive dissonance can be mastered.

        Anyone who threatens this tender balance is to be hated.

  2. If it were not for the evil known as miscegenation, your kind would be doing nicely. I am the spawn of this heinous act, and I will soon remove myself from this world. Goodbye and good luck, you will need it.

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