Michael Savage: Straight talk, unfiltered

Michael Savage: Straight talk, unfiltered

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Talk Radio Network’s Michael Savage is no stranger to controversy and headlines. However, his show and audience just keep on growing. Why? Because he says what’s in his heart—right or wrong in the eyes of his listeners. He’s beholden to nothing and no one. And he’s definitely not afraid of a fight—enough so that he will put his own money where his mouth is.

Savage is great, compelling radio and his show is indicative of the power of radio. Yes, Savage is an entertainer (he can be hilarious without even trying), but he’s also an author and a bit of an activist as well—in things he really believes in. Of course, his audience backs him up.

He earned his PhD from The University of California at Berkeley and is the author of four best-selling books—a radio record! Liberal San Franciscans lock ears to their radios when Savage is live because they love his educated opinions and machine-gun wit.

We caught up with Michael recently and asked for his take on a lot of things—including what makes his show so successful.

What’s unique about The Savage Nation?

The Savage Nation is the only show in the country where you can get away from the inside the beltway claptrap that you hear everywhere. Everywhere you turn on the dial it’s Obama this, McCain that. The cable networks refuse to talk about anything else because they’re schilling for ad money from the candidates. Most radio shows blindly follow the lead of the cable networks, so the government media complex wins, the people lose, and we end up missing the real news. I’d rather talk about almost anything else – my dog, going to a restaurant, taking a walk – because these things ultimately have more political meaning than anything you’ll hear on these other shows. A walk through San Francisco becomes a treatise on the dangers of liberalism, a restaurant story becomes a metaphor for frustration with the Republican party, and talking about my dog turns into a parable about dealing with terrorism. No one else engages the radio listener on this level.

What does your recent victory in the Chessani case say about the power of radio?

When I gave $25,000 of my own money to Lt. Col Chessani and my audience raised over $200,000, we knew we were fighting an uphill battle. The military had 65 agents working to prove that Chessani had been responsible for covering-up what Rep. John Murtha falsely labeled a “massacre”. When the judge dismissed the case last month, it proved that talk radio has the power to change the outcome of critical political events. After all, it was The Savage Nation that was key in stopping the Dubai Ports deal, blocking the nomination of Harriet Meiers to the Supreme Court, and killing the Amnesty bill. Those who ignore talk radio do so at their own risk.

What are the three most pressing problems we face as Americans today?

We have the enemy without in the form of Iran and its Islamofacsist minions, the enemy within the form of rampant, insane liberalism destroying our culture, and a total lack of leadership that’s willing to deal with the other two. Let’s start with the enemy without. I’ve said time and again that the leader of Iran, Ahmadinejad, is the new Hitler. He’s on the record denying the Holocaust and saying he wants to wipe Israel of the face of the earth. Yet Obama wants to sit down and talk with this despot and Bush and McCain refuse to do anything but issue warnings. If we don’t take care of Iran, they will take care of us. As far as liberalism in the United States goes, all you need to do is look at the recent Supreme Court decision on child rape. What sane society would punish such vile psychopaths with anything less than death? Liberalism has ripped apart the mental and moral fabric of our nation and must be stopped. And as far as leadership goes, Bush has been a zero; McCain looks to be more of the same, and Obama is even worse. None of them have the guts to stand up to Iran, none of them have the guts to stand up to the ACLU, none of them have the guts to stand up to those who put the bottom line before the flag. The most important thing about our president is not their sex or race as the liberals insist. I would vote for a black woman for president if she would close the borders, destroy our enemies, and jail the traitors who are eating away at our nation from the inside.

What are your predictions for the Mideast? What are your fears?

Until we act decisively in the Middle East, Iran will grow stronger. As soon as we show them that we are willing to unleash our military might against them, they’ll back down and our problems will be over. My fear is that no real leader will appear who is willing to do this.

What can radio do to regain some of what it has lost, especially with younger demos?

Americans, especially younger Americans, are sick of Beltway Blather from talk show hosts. Men and women in their twenties call my show all the time because I present political and social issues to them in a way that is real to them. This is what talk radio has to do. Young people today are breaking their backs to support the idiocy that a generation of their liberal elders are foisted upon them. They don’t have the time or the interest for horserace politics of the sort most hosts engage in. They want someone who isn’t afraid to tell the truth and someone who has lived and worked and struggled in the real world, not someone whose entire career has played out in an air conditioned studio in Manhattan.

What commentary do you have on the state of America’s news media?

The liberal media in this country is probably more responsible than any other group for our nation’s cultural decline. For thirty years, they’ve been feeding us a steady diet of leftism that has transformed a once great nation into a country more concerned with Montezuma’s Revenge than The Halls of Montezuma. The news media has convinced and entire generation that self-esteem is more important than national pride. Even the so-called “conservative” media outlets give us nothing but globalism and depravity. So we have a nation filled with metrosexual men, women of ill repute, and children that know more about how to put a condom on a cucumber than they do about the Constitution.

What books do you still have to write?

I’m currently editing a collection of stories from my life, many of which I’ve spoken  on the air about.  It will be finished later this year and be made available on my website.

–by Carl Marcucci

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Michael Savage on the No Spin Zone with Bill O’Reilly

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Comments (63 posted):

Arec Ballwin on 09 July, 2008 12:08:16

Not the same old pap!

(Freerepublic.com is a conservative, not a Republican, forum for news and views. Check us out. We have lot’s of fun skewering the libtards)

Debbie Tomlin on 09 July, 2008 01:55:17

Savage speaks for the millions of American citizens our government turns a deaf ear to. He knows more about the serious issues America faces than the politicians who vote for the laws that are destroying us, or even more so, ignore the laws that would protect America and her citizens. But then our politicians don’t read the laws they pass anyway.

dave T on 09 July, 2008 02:28:15

Dr Savage, not only have you given me 3 hours of free entertainment a day, you’ve taught me to look at everything with a touch of skepticism, an ounce of common sense, and a pound of humor. You are truly a beacon, guiding the few sane folks left in this world to what would seem like common sense, but apparently has evaded the majority. Your radio show and you, are a wealth of knowledge that a 4 year college degree could never even touch. I/We appreciate all that you do, please keep up the good fight for many years to come. With a little bit of luck, tons of hard work from our men and women in the US military, and some grace from above, we will right this country once again.

Dave in Houston

George Gardner on 09 July, 2008 02:35:43

I love this guy!!! WHY? Because he tells it like it is… LIBERALISM IS DESTROYING AMERICA!!! That simple.

I’ve been listening to Savage the first day he went on the air and haven’t stopped…
Hang in there Michael, keep up the wonderful service your doing for all of us Americans without a microphone!!
America needs you!!!!

NBG2004 on 09 July, 2008 03:08:37

Go get ’em Dr. Savage! Millions of constitutional originalists are revolted at the communistic, prostituted government that breaks our backs with immoral taxes and the disgusting, liberal liars in the news media who ignore the tsunami about to hit shore. We’re beyond being sick about our weak, PC, insane government and want our freedom and moral rectitude back! What a disgrace that the President of the United States imprisons heroic, border agents who give an illegal alien, drug smuggler what he deserves and spends millions to prosecute brave marines who are only guilty of loving the United States enough to shed their blood for her citizens!

Barbara Wolfe on 09 July, 2008 04:46:28

I completely agree with all that Mr. Savage has to say. But I have one question. How is it that the liberals who have succeeding in destroying this country have managed to get into a position of power to do so? Do you vote? Did you vote? Did you take the time to investigate for whom you were voting? We have a deplorable mayor in Phoenix…AND he was re-elected by a turnout of only 17%! I am truly ashamed to say I live here.

Gwyneth Ozmon on 09 July, 2008 04:49:46

I used to think Michael Savage sounded a bit crazy until I REALLY started to listen to his show in depth and now I think he’s absolutely brilliant. I really believe if people took the time to listen to his logic, wisdom and patriotism to this country, they’d realize that they’ve been brainwashed all of this time by Liberal propaganda. I say this because that was me a few years ago and now I’ve woken up. It makes mad very sad that a lot of politicians are intentionally trying to ruin this country right under our nose and many people don’t realize it because they ‘candy coat’ everything.
Dr. Savage, please keep doing what you’re doing because this country needs someone like you, especially now!

Yehuda Mond on 09 July, 2008 05:42:58

Yes, step by step the “Mid-Stream Media” is learning that Dr. Mike is more than your local Leperous-caun. Need I say more? The comments on this page and many others said it. Only one thing, Michael. I support you not running for office for many reasons aside from what you mentioned. We need you on radio. It is your “Tafkid HaChayim”, your job in life. G-d gave you these talents and you must use them to speak for those of us who don’t have those talents.
Michael, I wish you Hatzlacha Rabah, much success.
From your observant Jewish friends on the east coast.

Edward Isaacs on 09 July, 2008 06:02:19

Michael Savage is what all the other talkers combined are not; his own man. And he’s not for sale.

Charles Berton on 09 July, 2008 06:15:33

I believe that today, an ardent listener of The Michael Savage Show will one day be the next Ronald Reagan who will help return this nation to its former glory.

Paul Rogers on 09 July, 2008 06:17:48

Michael Savage is Phenomenal !! I work with a bunch of socialist, teamsters. Michael is right, again. as, always. teamsters + democrat = Liberalism is a mental disorder. Michael is One of a kind. Your the Man!! I listen to you, all the time. Thank You!! for who you are. Paul Rogers from the Socialist, State of Michigan.

Perry Given on 09 July, 2008 07:55:37

We love Michael Savage. Who else tells it like it is. Our country has been going downhill for years. I personally witnessed the destruction of our school system. In the 50’s I went from 1st grade through the 6th grade without hearing one cuss word, no drugs, no fights. We said prayer every morning and pledge to the flag. Then things started to change around 1959. Did the end of segregation have anything to do with it? My family had to move over 6 times to get away from the crime that kept moving into our neighborhoods. In the 50’s downtown Baltimore used to be wonderful, clean and safe streets, large exquisite department stores and everyone used to dress very sell. Now Baltimore looks like a bombed out crime ridden dangerous place. We had to move to the suburbs to escape. I am a very conservative Jewish guy who is a Republican, love America and a gun owner with a Master’s Degree. The Savage show is the only one that is genuine and sincere. The others like O’Rielly and Hannity are “phony conservatives”, and it seems they are in it for the $. Savage is our only hope. If we could only get him to run for office, but I feel unless you agree with the “powers” that be he could not make it or they would find a way to smear him. By the way if (I hope not) Obama gets in, I will feel that our elections are rigged. With computer voting they could easily find a way.

Russ Richards on 09 July, 2008 09:40:12

Dr. Savage is the anchor that holds stability for the silent majority listener. Without him, civil disobedience would rule the day. Michael teaches us patience and alternative solutions to get results. His so called “rants” informs us that every dog lives to fight another day. If everyone listened to the Doctor, we would have secure borders, our enemies would leave us alone, fuel prices will reduce, and we wouldn’t have bums in office. In fact the economy would be so vibrant, that the freaks in Washington will have enough revenue, so as not to sell us out to foreign powers.

Francis Cizmar on 10 July, 2008 01:56:30

Dr. Savage revived that conservative, God-fearing spirit that lay dormant in me for decades, which was caused by my own blind acceptance of the liberal lies vomited out by the mainstream media, the folly of political correctness, and the destruction of the male of the species by the radical homosexual death-style that made it a sin to be a true man, as in the days when the United States of America had its head on straight. I cannot agree more with Dr. Savage and others who blame the homo-guided mainstream media as being one of the chief reasons for our great country’s downfall. God Bless Dr. Savage and the Savage Nation, now and forever.

Mark D on 10 July, 2008 04:24:30

I started a small library featuring some of Savages best audio clips, check it out at the following link:


In the meantime God Bless you Mike, stay safe..


Mike Weiner on 10 July, 2008 05:10:28

I have to say that the guy is very intellegent and entertaining, but damm does he have a face for radio or what? Is he going for the Mr. Miyagi look or is he shooting for Otis Campbell from The Andy Griffith Show?

Olga Birney on 10 July, 2008 09:09:51

Having moved here from Canada, we appreciate your conservative voice. Keep up the good work. Israel lives forever. Shalom

David Chen on 10 July, 2008 09:16:31

Fellow Savage, we all realize that only once in a life time that someone so brilliant like Michael Savage comes into our lives in daily 3 hour segments. I also believe most intelligent people listen to Michael Savage, and main reason is that we seek truth. Truth is not an opinion, it is forever and universal. Our current crop of politicans and mainstream media shun The Savage Nation because these worthless jackasses can’t tell the truth, and they are also afraid of Michael’s highly trained analytical skills will bruse their little worthless ego publicly. If we were in a civil war for freedom, no doubt the Savage Nation would become our underground voice.

I feel very privileged that we enjoy the Savage Nation 3 hours per day for free, but we must not forget to give back to the Savage Nation. How do we give back? Support Michael Savage’s causes, donating some money, use his avertisers when possible, telling your friends about the Savage Nation, and most of all, listen to Michael as often as you can.

Good luck to you all.

S. Fax on 10 July, 2008 10:39:20

Michael Savage is the General Patton of Conservative Talk-radio. Like Gen. Patton, he’s revered by his “troops”, feared by his enemies, and reviled by his peers. Savage takes no prisoners and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. So if your psyche is in need of a dose of the real thing, then Dr. Savage is your Rx.

Bob Baker on 10 July, 2008 12:28:47

You are a great American. I feel very blessed to have discovered your program. I listen to you at work and in the car, whenever I can. You are the only public figure out there, who actually knows what is going on. You are like a father figure who I can trust. The other “conservative radio personalities” are basically Republican shoe shine boys. Their programs have no substance. Their only message; Republicans-good, Democrats-bad. Michael, I’d love to see you run this country. I know you are not interested in the job, but you’d have millions backing you. We need some leaders will “cajones” who can end this insane downward spiral. I have two kids and I can only imagine what kind of craziness they will have to deal with. Michael, I think you are the greatest. Keep up the great work, and be careful. I’m sure there are many nutjobs out their who’d love to silence the smartest man on the planet, who also has the “cajones” to put everyone in their place. God Bless You!!!

Diane Snow on 10 July, 2008 12:36:14

I say GO Dr. Mike! Great story. 75MM listeners can’t be wrong! I love the wit, intelligence, insight, even the ranting (I worry about your heart) and IF I don’t agree (seldom) I am FREE to turn it off. (I donated my few $$ for free speech – did YOU?)

What is wrong with being RICH folks? Everyone I talk to wants to be rich. Guess if you win that lottery you will give it all back and stay poor – I say NO. The rich guy buys the Rolls and that salesman buys a Lexus and that one buys a Chevy so the next one can buy the Ford Focus and so goes the Capitalism it WORKS. Folks out there need to GET OFF THE BACKS of the Big Corporations and the Rich. Who pays your salary? I know they pay mine! I wouldn’t have food to eat or a car to guzzle gas if it weren’t for a BIG Corporation.

Drill for oil where ever we can, it creates jobs! Get those gas prices back down NOW, not next year or in 5 or 10 years. Those who vote against it need to be forced to ride bikes (I mean BICYCLES) instead of riding in private jets and limos! Take their cars away from them. They don’t deserve to drive them! Dr. Mike is the type of guy who can get the thought processes working. I never learned so much in such a short time every program something for my brain to chew on.

Borders CLOSED (if we let every illegal in and pander to them we only let them bring here what they are running away from)
English ONLY (learn languages, French, Mandarin, whatever to stretch your intelligence)

Jeffrey Silberman on 10 July, 2008 02:32:11

Savage’s Jew-baiting rhetoric exposed:


E-mail me for the audioclip to hear it for yourself.

James Klute on 10 July, 2008 02:34:31

Anyone who dismisses Michael Savage as a raving right-wing extremist has never openly listened to his broadcasts. Agree with him, or not, you could have an interesting and thought-provoking conversation with him over a cup of coffee.

Jeff Bostwick on 10 July, 2008 05:39:59

I was raised by liberals and always had a gut feeling that things weren’t right(no pun intended). Then a couple years ago I tuned in to The Savage Nation and what an eye opener. Everything I’ve always felt, Michael says. In a way, conservatism is something born in all freedom loving humans, and liberalism is something you must be brainwashed with. Thanks Mike, with all my heart!!

Lee P on 10 July, 2008 10:42:09

Dr Savage position on Borders, Language, Culture is right on. Originally from the Philippines, I have seen how different languages and cultures can have such a divisive impact on a nation and the sense of national identity of its people. The way immigrants come to America and assimilate, is what keeps its people united and the country to stay strong. But now I see America being weakened by the emphasis on multiculturalism and the moral degeneracy of its values, and must be stopped. That is why Dr Savage’s message is so relevant to this fight and that is why I subscribe to the Savage Nation.

Carol Ann Sawtell on 11 July, 2008 05:25:51

Dr. Savage, God has given you a brilliant mind..storyteller,activist,professor on so many subjects,satirist,comedian and the list goes on.I love listening to you. Keep up the great work!!!! Stranded but not hopeless out here in liberal land of Massachuseets…

Dale Rembold on 11 July, 2008 08:41:11

I want a wav file oratory that I heard you give about why you don’t do cruises anymore and European trips – funny, hilarious, and true – I nearly drove off the road laughing. Now I want to play it for others to hear. Am even willing to pay or it . . . .

Nick Roberts on 11 July, 2008 03:24:09

Savage is an entertainer, that entertains your thoughts LIVE. Here’s an unofficial message board http://www.savagemessageboard.com/forum/

John DiCarlo on 11 July, 2008 03:52:20

Dr. Savage – you’re amazing, sir. Thankyou for sharing your love of country and patriotism with us. Please do more to reach more Americans to disseminate your supremely important information to all Americans in these dangerous times. Please give serious consideration to starting a subscription website so that your insightful opinions can be spread to all. All Americans need you! The more Americans that are exposed to your view of traditional America, which millions of us share, the better the chance we have to pull our country out of the free fall it’s experiencing. Thanks again and may you live to be 120 years old!

Ben Groesbeck on 11 July, 2008 04:40:22

I appreciate your insight and the information you put forward. You give us all food for thought We live in very challenging times and your insight is very helpful. Thank you and god bless

John DiCarlo on 11 July, 2008 05:47:59

Savage’s Jew-baiting rhetoric exposed:


E-mail me for the audioclip to hear it for yourself.


Charles Berton on 12 July, 2008 03:09:58

Reply to John Dicarlo: Michael Savage IS Jewish. If anything, he makes fun of liberal Jews just like he makes fun of any other liberals. But I’m glad that you at least admit that liberalism is a mental disease.

Robert Kefauver on 12 July, 2008 12:05:22

I just signed up and I love everything about Dr. Savage! I hope and pray that the people of this land approve of his message to hold on to the country I thought would be here for my family and their family and that we could hold on to the values I grew up with. I know this is the melting pot but it does not have to become the land that they left to seek our way of life which I think is what they desired to move here in the first place as most all our forefathers and emigrants have in the past. I hope that there is a alien presence amoung us and they one day step in and clean house…could be the return of Jesus…I just hope that someone ,or some miracle comes to us all and helps Doctor Michael Savage in his quest to gather us in the correct path of understanding this unbelievable period of government that is acting like big business and wants to hurt us who created them…. Peace to You All ,

Igor Melnichenco on 12 July, 2008 04:44:50

Michael is 100% right.Liberalizm is destroing America.I came 12 years ago from ago from Russia.In 1996 America was more conservative than now.I really liked this country,but now more and more stupid liberal anticristian,antiamerican ideas and bills passing thrugh congress.Sometimes i think Americans become crazy destroing this beautifull country.
Michael Savage for president…

Joel Chandler on 12 July, 2008 10:00:32

I know you love to read emails about people who are anti-Savage because you love arguments from the “wee-folk” but I am slightly different. I am anti-politics in general and most of the nation should also be because the majority of people in this nation suffer minimal change to their life no matter who is elected. You can banter back and forth about petty little things but you really know that at the end of the day it matters not who is sitting in that oval office. And you have made a living out of arguing issue after issue that really means nothing to the majority of the people. Now, please take my post and tell the nation about how I am the decline of intelligence today or how I am the putresence in today’s society. Either way, I will still listen to your show occasionally to hear how you think you can shape us all into your way of thought.

Don Scotts on 12 July, 2008 11:28:52

“horserace politics of the sort most hosts engage in”

So true! Michael Savage is the best.

However I was disappointed that Michael Savage did not encourage Ron Paul’s run for president. After all I believe Ron Paul would have been the only candidate that would’ve welcomed being on Michael’s show instead of avoiding it like the other corporate candidates. While Michael may not have appreciated Ron Paul’s reluctance to war, having him on the show for a talk would not have been unreasonable and might have been productive because Ron Paul is still a true conservative and a reasonable one at that.

It was really puzzling to me why Michael Savage dissed Ron Paul, and I stopped listening for a long time because of that, but I’ve returned to listen again because he’s speaks more honestly than anyone else in the media.

Georgina Meyers on 14 July, 2008 03:43:42

Michael, You are a voice for people who do not have the ability to get heard. You are the voice of people who are suppressed by corrupt dubious governments especially local ones that think they have the power to inflict grief and injustice on innocent law abiding people. I am motivated to write this to you because I have no other structured means of being heard and I hope you would post this so everyone can see it.

I live in a predominantly liberal county. This is a county that has been ruled for 32 years by only liberals. These people are so arrogant that they no longer need to even perform to remain in office and what’s even worse is that they run unopposed. It is my belief and as the saying goes “great minds think alike or fools seldom differ” I think the latter is them. Everything you have been saying is true and unless it comes home no one is ever going to understand the power corrupt governments have. People have forgotten the value of “We the people” to me this means we put you in office and you do the right thing.

I am a physically challenged woman and despite my limitations I work full time. This county recently violated my rights, and broke several laws and despite the fact that I would never get any fairness I fought for my rights and I am still doing so but I am only one voice and do not have the means to get heard. Not many people would go up against a county to fight for what is right and I have done so. Not only have I accomplished doing this but I have written to elected officials regarding this and have got no help from anyone. What is even worse is these elected official pass state laws and when corrupt county officials break these laws these phony officials do not stand by the people in fact they stand by the county in order to protect their own position and to guarantee they get re-elected. I have caught them making false statements again and again in writing and still I am being denied the justice. To me justice delayed is justice denied. I have engaged them in intelligent dialogue and when they do not have an answer they stop responding to me. I would be happy to share my story with you because people need to hear this and although I have a lot to loose fighting for what is right at the end of the day it is worth it. I rather have my dignity and self respect over anything else and will have peace with my maker some day that I lived my life well and by what I believed in and not what society dictated.

The elected official who did nothing to help me recently introduced a bill which was later passed to remove a ban on an alcoholic drink perhaps he felt it was more important than standing up and doing the right thing for someone whose rights were violated and had the courage and determination to fight for their rights against all odds. This is the quality of people we put into office and that is why the country is headed in the wrong direction. People need to stand up and say “No” and believe in their hearts that “We the people” can do great things if we believe in just these 3 words and hold elected officials accountable. These are 3 words I have often heard you say and that has inspired me.

People like you are one in maybe a billion. You are an honest man and say things the way it is. People don’t like to hear the truth and that is why they may not like you. You go ahead and keep doing what you are doing and we will back you all the way……

Nigel Flamers on 18 July, 2008 06:45:25

By a majority vote, perhaps we can coerce Mr Michael Savage to accept our not too unreasonable demand – a demand that will make him run for president.
He is a true American!

Nigel Flamers on 18 July, 2008 06:53:33

I feel privileged…
I feel honoured…
I feel blessed…
To be in the United States of America

May I take this opportunity to sincerely wish the United States of America and its people continuous success and prosperity for my years to come.

God Bless America and God bless you all.

William Edginton on 18 July, 2008 02:07:26

Reply To Don Scotts-
I was also disappointed with Savage distancing himself from Ron Paul. I’m just hoping that he’s not serving as a sort of ‘pressure release valve’ for the many angry conservatives who are fed up with Bush and the Republican Party’s antics. If he ‘reluctantly’ suggests days before the election for us to vote for McCain in order to keep Obama from getting in, I would be kind of suspicious that he’s serving as a deep plant for the Republicans. After all, in the 2004 election, I was shocked, after hearing all his factual criticisms of Bush being a Liberal Republican and how he was dragging down the party, that he said he was going to vote the “lesser of two evils”. He said this even after predicting before the 2004 election that Bush would go even more to the Left if re-elected. I didn’t follow Savage’s recommendation because after voting for Bush in 2000, I saw what a phony he turned out to be, between his excessive domestic spending, refusal to secure the borders, not going after Bin Laden aggressively, and involving us in a low-level, protracted war where he tied our brave military’s hands behind their back for the sake of political correctness. The result being a lot of unnecessary casualties to our heroes and giving the terrorists confidence in our reluctance to fight them using all our military might.
I’m going to write-in Ron Paul when I go to vote this Nov

Duane Holder on 18 July, 2008 02:31:36

I challenge all people who are tired of both political parties to write in Michael Savage this November. Yes I realize he isn’t really running but I think it is time we all make a statement to our ‘government of the people’ that we don’t like either party. I don’t think it is a wasted vote especially if all 75 million people who voted for him on his site write in his name. No matter who we get as president it is only because people voted for the lesser of two evils. Take my idea call Savage and have him ask his loyal listeners to make the next move.

Scott W. on 19 July, 2008 08:03:34

Charles Berton on 09 July, 2008 07:15:33

“I believe that today, an ardent listener of The Michael Savage Show will one day be the next Ronald Reagan who will help return this nation to its former glory. ”

Better yet the next Teddy Roosevelt.

Byron Bauerman on 21 July, 2008 08:20:09

To The “Pseudo [?] Dr. Savage”….

I’m sure your Web site won’t post this comment, but I’m going to write it anyway! First of all, I am a “Mentally Disordered Liberal” (your words here, of course) who listens to you in my car only when John and Ken (on KFI) are talking about the LA traffic jams and potholes the mayor needs to do something about! (Then, I turn to your station to see what you’re ‘just as boringly’ complaining about)! When I tune in on the LA – AM station that carries your show, I guess you could say that I am in continuous wonderment that you’re still there! Are all of the FCC Bird Dogs always asleep at the wheel nowadays, or do you have some “Payola” thing goin’ to keep yourself alive and on AIR??

BTW, folks, you can all buy a copy of the greatly over-rated [old] “The Savage Nation” by Michael Savage (Paperback – Feb 24, 2004) used &/or new from $0.01 (yes, that’s ONE CENT, in case you can’t believe your eyes)! You can, as that is truly the going rate on Amazon.com, check it out! Enough said …’bye now all you “****-retentive neo-cons”. (BTW, try some good old ExLax — sometimes it helps)!!! 😦

PS — Hey, Savage, why don’t you post some of those old photos of yourself and that ol’ flaming *Gay* Blade, Allen Ginsberg here on your Web site? (Oh, I’m sorry I asked, I know why — they’re too ‘indecent’ — eh)? hehehe…

joelle rooselaer on 22 July, 2008 03:23:12

I am from Belgium.I watched Larry King and I found interesting the “debate” you opened about autism.
As long as autism will not be WELL DEFINITE(and the cause),there will be a problem with “diagnostic”.
What is autism?(infantil autism): It’s a child very intelligent and hypersensitive, who “refuses” to communicate because for that child there is a problem and if you know the story of the child you will understand that the cause is “the parents”.
I have LIVED autism thru the story of my nefew.We’ve been very close and I helped him A LOT.
Autism is not a mystery for me and I could talk hours about it.

Kent Parsons on 22 July, 2008 11:47:29

I am an elementary school principal with 16+ years of experience and Dr. Savage is right! The Special Ed. industry generates its own business. The growth of this industry is encouraged by stupid laws that give various incentives to parents, doctors, and lawyers. These exploiters obtain unearned rights which the rest of us do not enjoy. There are indeed outright fakers and those who exploit the system at the expense of others with genuine needs. I know, I live this nonsense every day. Keep up the good work Dr. Savage.

— Dr. Kent Parsons

Mike's wife on 22 July, 2008 03:37:25

Michael Savage (I’m sorry, I can’t call you even “Mister”). You asked a question. Autism is a Spectrum Disorder because there is a range of severity. One can have a 162 IQ and have autism. Only an idiot would think only idiots can have autism. Autism is a physical disability–the differences between the brain of a person on the AS and a neuro-typical (look it up) can be seen on a PET scan. It takes a MEDICAL DOCTOR to diagnose an ASD. I’m an autism expert. You show your ignorance by talking about meds and autism, when meds generally do not help persons on the AS, as their brains do not respond in a neuro-typical way. (Can you follow this? Read slowly, and have a dictionary handy) Also, you repeatedly say, “Be a man!” when every fifth person on the spectrum is female. Should these girls have fathers tell them to, “Stop whining” and “Be a man”? Also, Autism professionals and medical doctors have never stated that there is an “Autism Epidemic”. Um, that would be a phrase CNN coined. Epidemics involve viruses. Autism isn’t catching. There is, in fact, no epidemic. If you’d like to learn something about autism, e-mail me. I’ve been married to a man on the
Spectrum for 28 years. And, Savage, he’s a man. Not a whiner. I have a strong feeling you won’t be contacting me. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Malta O'Gorman on 23 July, 2008 05:01:41

America Not So Beautiful

America you’re not so beautiful
As originally thought to be.
No more land of Pilgrim’s pride
Because we’re no longer Godly.
So many things have gone wrong
Since we’ve become so bland.
Yes! our sweet land of liberty
Is now standing on shifting sand.

We elect those with no honor
That are rotten to the core.
Godless, greedy and self-serving,
Judges with no regard for law.
Children wandering aimlessly
Poisoned by lack of guidance.
Oh! your actions are not to blame
Go ahead and be self indulgent.

Truly from sea to shining sea
Our nation is loosing it’s way.
Turning from teaching God’s love
No longer feeling the need to pray.
God you ask, who is He really?
That He should tell us how to act.
How much longer will He wait
To see if we can get back on track?

America not so beautiful
Continue on down this path.
His patience will soon grow dim
And we will reap His wrath.
Wake up America! not so beautiful
If you don’t then you will see,
If you doubt God is in command,
Mercy will be withdrawn from thee.

If we who are God’s created
Will humbly bow to pray,
Seek His will for our lives,
And mend our evil ways,
God will hear our pleas in Heaven.
He will heal or sin-sick land,
Forgiving us of our foolish sins
Of all those that seek His hand.
~Malta MAR 2008~

T T on 30 July, 2008 07:13:03

I absolutely adore Michael Savage and I’ve been listening to him since he first started radio in San Francisco. He thinks there aren’t many women listening, but in fact, there are many of us! I was a Savagette, I joined his Paul Revere society back in 2004; the society was founded to preserve our borders, language and culture. I frequently promoted Savage back then as I still do now. Even the the Paul Revere Society isn’t around anymore, I continue to show people the back of the society card to explain the Paul Revere society’s mission statement; which is borders, language, and our culture.

After living in SF for more than 20 years, and graduating from SF State, I was so sick of the politics and what I saw in SF everyday that I finally left and moved to Oregon. The straw that broke the camels back for me in SF was how the voting system works there. In SF, the ballot is written in about 12 different foreign languages and my guess is that about 40% of the people who turn out to vote aren’t even US Citizens. Every time I would go to vote, I just felt sick. How Savage can stay in the Bay Area with all the politics is amazing to me, not to mention having to continue to see a once great City going down its current path day after day. I couldn’t take it anymore and I left as others I know have too.

I was happy to find him on a local AM station here in Medford and I eagerly await his show everyday from 3-6. He says everything I feel. I believe everything that was good and noble in our country is dying with our greatest generation and we really are turning into something similar to a third world country. We are floundering without a leader or direction. Our two choices for a President this November are just laughable, it’s insane, I don’t want either one of them running our country – neither has what we really need right now to pull us out of our tailspin.

There are so many things that need to be changed in our Country, but things are only getting worse and I really fear what the future holds. This is what must have happened to Rome, I guess we are reliving history. I wish there was something “we the people” could do to turn things around. I just keep doing my part by telling others to listen to Savage, or putting his station on when I’m in friends cars. I’ve had many people thank me for introducing them to his station over the years. And, like Savage, I also always give Liberals my .02 cents. Savage is my hero!

amy angel on 01 August, 2008 04:16:31

It’s too bad our ‘leaders’ don’t have the B—s to be open like Dr.Savage. I’m afraid the ‘Be Headers’ are here in USA; just look what happened in Canada!
They’re recruiting any lost soul!

rob saintlace on 11 August, 2008 02:57:00

Michael Savage …. I totally agree with you on all of your beliefs. You are a man I see as a leader and one who cares about his country. I tried to find your e-mail address to send you a story I have for you, but I could not locate it. This country needs more men such as yourself. Thank you.

Solphivyae Rose Thunderword-Cohen on 22 August, 2008 07:03:37

Dr. Savage, its because of your show I have abandoned liberalism AND embraced thinking for myself. I am looking forward to purchasing ALL of your books. I have been listening for four years, and learned a lot from good old fashion common sense politics to healthier living.

Yes, we don’t see eye to eye on all issues, but we do on what really matters, language, borders, and culture. Dr. Savage you are always in my prayers, and when you decide to run for President, I will start voting again. God bless you and your family, and God bless America.

Wanda Flesher on 03 September, 2008 08:43:54

Dr. Savage. Will you dare to read this? Will you take the time? I have tremendous respect for you, most days. On Sept 2, 2008, I was listening as you sabotaged Conservative’s only hope in the upcoming Republican Presidential election by berating the Vice Presidential nominee. She is John McCain’s choice of a working partner in the Presidency. If he is capable of being an effective President; if we have confidence in him to run our country and make insurmountable decisions to protect our freedoms; then why can’t we trust his integrity and ability to make a wise decision about a running mate?

As I listened to your weak reasoning and outright, blatant disregard and disrespect for this man, McCain, I felt rage coming from this person, myself, who is a mild mannered and gentle person. I truly began to wonder where your allegiance lies. I’m sure you know that you control the minds of the mindless – those who can not yet think for themselves, or hold firm to their ideals and values. When we first tuned in to your program, each early caller was mimicking your ideas regarding Mrs. Palin. Eventually, a few callers came to her defense. GOOD FOR THEM.

My point is: McCain can not renege on this choice. It would be political suicide without doubt. Rather than criticizing his choice – running her down – Why not report her qualifications?, which are many. Educate the public. Why not promote her and John McCain as the American Conservative’s ONLY choice in this upcoming election? You have the power to build confidence in this pair. You have power to build Conservative Success in this election.

Granted, John McCain is not on the ultra conservative end of the spectrum. His liberal-conservative ideas are, however, miles from the ultra liberal, anti-American (although supposedly unproven), mind set of Obama. McCain and Palin are the Conservatives ONLY choice, and it’s a much better choice than the alternative.

The News Media are doing a terrific job promoting Obama, and too many mindless Americans are buying into their mumbo jumbo. I’m sadly disappointed that Michael Savage has joined the ranks of the general news media. I doubt if the damage you did yesterday to the John McCain campaign can be undone. For the sake of our freedoms in this Great Nation, I pray that Conservatives can band together and overcome Obama’s evil.

The Republican Party and the Conservatives of America are not split, unless influential talk show hosts such as yourself, seals such a fate with negative promotions which was aired yesterday.

The more I learn about Sarah Palin, the more excited I become. I didn’t even recognize her name when she was selected. She has come out of the shadows and I have great respect for her, what she stands for and for what she has accomplished in Alaska. A woman with her integrity and abilities will not have any problem grasping foreign policy or any other segment of federal government. I’m excited about the prospects of having a Woman of her qualification running for Vice President. Get excited. Help Americans to get excited, and you can do this country a great service by exerting a positive attitude about our choice of candidates. Truth is one thing. Sensationalism for the sake of higher ratings is another. Keep a clear conscience and do what is right.

My prayers are with you. You have much influence which therefore puts much responsibility upon your shoulders. Respectfully submitted.

Aaron Royston on 03 September, 2008 05:46:48

Dear Micheal

Im getting really concerned about the direction in which our country is heading. The more and more I see and hear from the media the more and more I cant belive what im seeing unfold in my very eyes. We now live in a country homosexuality has became a norm. Murdering and killing are precious youth is an every day thing and why are these awful unspeakable crimes taking place, because we as American’s have put the leaders who make these choices for us in the postion to dictate what we do.If there were stricter laws in place to uphold laws like murder and that same sex marriages were not ok are country would be a much stronger place. But when your putting people like the McCain’s and the Obama’s in office then you will truly have a failed and lost country. Remember this “A country’s only as strong as its goverment and people are. When you have one bad element or another such as corruption then we as a whole nation will only continue to get weaker and weaker.Only when we break these chains and get the right people for the job (goverment)then we as Americans will finally get back what we used to have.
I enjoy hearing your show and continue to look forward in the near future to hearing some of your enlighting thoughts you make me think of keep on rocking the air waves Doc.

sincerely worried listener

ps. run for President 🙂

A.Elizabeth. Maney on 10 September, 2008 04:31:09

Obama, in my opinion, FEARS women, and this may be because his Oedipal Complex (remembered primal erotic sensations) causes/caused guilt feelings, which results in FEAR. His arrogant demeaner is an attempt to compensate. That facade is not successful as far as I’m concerned.

The “lipstick” on a pig is an old cliche, BUT, he was using a metaphor. That is, when one speaks of one thing in terms of another. He was speaking of a HOCKEY MOM in terms of a PIG. He’s DONE! That is, if others really pay attention to how he uses language.
He can’t speak spontaneously.

steve levaton on 09 October, 2008 01:15:07


steve levaton on 09 October, 2008 01:16:10

i like to know where is your talkshow radio

Jim Yates on 10 October, 2008 03:14:53


Yesterday morning, I was so upset with the direction our Country is heading and our election process that I put my thoughts down in writing. By that afternoon while driving in my car, my thoughts came back to me through your radio broadcast.

Where did America go wrong? How do we fix the problems that confront our Country? These are the questions of millions of grass root silent majority citizens and patriots.

In today’s political climate, Democrats and Republicans are so stronly polarized against each other, that both parties are casting their votes against each other, thereby throwing the baby out with the bath water. You simply, no longer can tell a Democrat from a Republican, or a Republican from a Democrat. Anytime, a third party comes into the mix at election time; it has a Ross Perot, split the party effect that thwarts the outcome of the election.

We Americans feel as if there is nothing we can do and that we are caught up in the middle of this perilous never ending downward spiral.

Times are changing in our Country for the worst. It’s no longer a Country of the People, by the People, for the People. Our current political and social rights couldn’t be burther from this. If the Constitution was written in today’s language it would read, that we are a Country of the Politicians, by the Politicians, for the Politicians.

Yes, we do need change in our Country. This writing is simply an outcry for civil morality to be brought back into the forefront of America. This writing is a pleading for answers on how to fix a Country that is truly broken.

Maybe, it’s time to create a third “Peoples Party’ for America!

Just the thoughts of a frustrated American.

Michael, you are on the right path, keep the faith.

Jim Becker on 18 October, 2008 12:54:40

Did McCain slip again, is it caz he’s pesuading his wife to make whoopi with him that night ~
keep the faith.

George Aalto on 19 October, 2008 11:15:06

A New Leftist Government

Seldom does a westerner have the unusual opportunity to live through the infancy of a new communist country, but I did. Eighteen months after Emperor Haile Salisse was deposed, I moved to Ethiopia and lived there for the next fifteen months.

Before I arrived, the communist military government instituted these changes:

ALL private housing was nationalized (became owned by the government) and redistributed “according to the needs” of each family. The man who owned the house I lived in (the former royal photographer) owned five homes, including one on a lake, and he was relegated to the smallest of his houses and received no compensation whatever.

ALL farms were nationalized and each farm laborer was given an acre plot as their own to farm. For the first year, they were grateful, though they didn’t have machines to work the land. With a shared wooden plow and ox, most farmers produced enough crops for their family’s needs. When they took their excess to town to sell or swap, these crops were taken by the government (nationalized).

Schools were closed and two years later the one university was still not open.

The only TV station and radio station and newspaper were owned and operated by the government, who put out “happy news” despite the frequent deaths from starvation (that I saw in the capital city of Addis Ababa) and the overnight raids to arrest and imprison suspected dissidents (many of whom were never heard from again). These arrests were made during the absolute curfew during the hours of midnight to 5:00 AM, when anyone see out in public was subject to immediate arrest or being shot, including foreign nationals and diplomats.

The banks, of course, were nationalized. Periodically, on a Monday morning, the banks didn’t open and they stayed closed for the entire week to allow the government to “tax” individual’s savings accounts, usually 10 – 20 percent.

I watched the nationalization of ALL of the over-the-road trucks (18-wheelers). The announcement stated that all truck drivers had 72 hours to drive to the capital and turn their truck in, no matter where they were in the country. This was logistically impossible for some drivers because of the distance involved and the marginal condition of many roads. When the drivers arrived at the turn-in point at the old airport (just down the road from where I lived), they were told to park their rigs, turn them off, and turn the keys in to the government agent.

THIS is what a leftist government did in less than three years and in front of my eyes.

As of mid-October 2008, the United States government has begun nationalizing private homes (if they hold your mortgage they own your home) and nationalizing private banks. One has to wonder when car and other vehicle loans, apartment rents, and food distribution will come under government control.


Jim Becker on 20 October, 2008 09:12:48

Now we understand what (WILL) happen to those companies moving overseas.

Greg Rittenhouse on 27 October, 2008 02:09:11

Check this out. The socialists media will never allow disclosure of this.

While Waiting Court Ruling on Obama’s Birth Certificate, Website Admits Obama was Kenyan Citizen
By P.J. Gladnick

Following the controversy over the authenticity of Barack Obama’s birth certificate can be a bit confusing with all its detailed analysis. Your humble correspondent will leave that up to the experts. However, in response to the charge that Barack Obama is not an American citizen, Obama’s Fight the Smears website, quoting FactCheck.Org, has made a bombshell admission…Barack Obama was once a citizen of Kenya. You read that right, Obama had Kenyan citizenship until 1982. Here is the startling admission published in Fight the Smears (emphasis mine):

“When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.

Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4, 1982.”

So according to Fight the Smears itself, Obama’s Kenyan citizenship expired on Aug. 4, 1982 meaning he held Kenyan citizenship until that point. This is astounding and so far no mainstream media outlet has reported on it. Will some reporter out there be so bold as to ask Obama if he was a Kenyan citizen until his 21st birthday as his own website concedes?

Until reading of this Kenyan citizenship admission, I thought the lawsuit claimng that Obama was born in Kenya filed by Clinton supporter, Phil Berg, in Philadelphia was of minor import. However, by responding to it in the way it did, the Fight the Smears website has just opened up a big can of worms for Obama in its admission that he was a citizen of Kenya until 1982.

Meanwhile, instead of simply producing the original birth certificate in court and put the matter to rest, the Obama campaign seeks to evade that action by attempting to dismiss the lawsuit entirely. Here is the latest report on this lawsuit from the Phoenixville News:

PHILADELPHIA — Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee filed a joint motion in federal court Wednesday to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the Illinois senator to prove he’s a citizen of the United States.

On Aug. 21, four days before the Democratic National Convention, Lafayette Hill attorney Philip Berg filed suit in Philadelphia seeking to remove the Democratic candidate from the November ballot claiming he was born in Kenya and not in America.

Berg asked the court for a temporary restraining order “prohibiting Obama from being formally confirmed as the Democratic Party nominee for president,” according to court papers.

The Federal Election Commission was also named as a defendant in the legal action.

A day after the suit was filed, a federal judge denied the motion for a temporary restraining order.

When rumors emerged last summer questioning whether Obama was born Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii, his campaign posted a certificate of live birth on its Web site.

In a press statement circulated Wednesday by Berg’s law office, the attorney insisted the Democratic candidate was born in Africa and thus ineligible to run for president.

“It is obvious that Obama was born in Kenya and does not meet the ‘qualifications’ to be president of the United States pursuant to our United States Constitution. Obama cannot produce a certified copy of his ‘Vault’ (version) Birth Certificate from Hawaii because it does not exist,” the press release reads.

The suit seeks to compel the senator to produce the long version of his original birth certificate.

The motion to dismiss filed Wednesday called the suit’s allegations “ridiculous and patently false,” and argues the court lacks legal standing to challenge a presidential candidate’s qualifications.

While Berg argued the case against Obama on constitutional grounds, Obama’s attorney claims Berg must show a “specific and individualized injury” to prove standing in the case rather than a hypothetical one.

Earlier this year, a similar suit brought against Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s and the Republican National Committee claimed that McCain wasn’t “a natural born” citizen, having been born in the Panama Canal Zone while his father was serving in the military.

That suit was dismissed in July on grounds the plaintiff lacked standing in the case.

A minor lawsuit that seemed to be just a small irritant has now caused the Obama website to respond by admitting that he was once a Kenyan citizen. Where is the MSM on this? Which brave reporter will quote Obama’s own website to him? Until now, there has been absolutely no mention in the mainstream media that we have a presidential candidate that once held citizenship with another country.

Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4, 1982.”

George Hemsley on 30 October, 2008 05:40:06

Dear Michael–Last week you described our brainwashed generations as cucumbers. Let me suggest another name-
“mushrooms”. They say that the best way
to raise mushrooms is to keep them in the dark and cover them with ********.
PS-I recently wrote you about my under-
standing of the history of the Jewish
people thru the ages and their disasterous experiences with big government, and asked for your comments,
Hope you received it.
George Hemsley
San Diego

raise mushrooms is to keep them in the

George Hemsley on 31 October, 2008 12:14:39


Michael Savage, I would like to write you. Could you provide me with a mailing
address? Thanks very much.
George Hemsley

9 thoughts on “Michael Savage: Straight talk, unfiltered

  1. Michael Savage is a “John the Baptist, a modern day prophet for America. Just like John the Baptist was Judaism’s last revival in Ancient Isreal so is it here in America today. Soon him&people like him will be rounded up by the ‘king Herods&Herodious’es, and then chop off their heads and put them on a platter for those high-up anti-American haters to see and celebrate when they really come after the few in the media who are telling the truth. God help us all.Only a massive turning back to God can save America.

  2. Savage’s staff has been hanging up in callers’ faces when they try to bring up natural born citizenship.

    • because it doesn’t really matter, check out the rest of the site for answers, you will see the west is dying, we need a new civilization if white are to survive the end of this century.

  3. Whitelocust, I agree with you that this 21st century is a challenge for all white people world-wide. White Europeans going from 35% of the worlds population back in 1900, 17-18% in 2010&the number of blacks in the world now is more than whites. We will only be 8-9% in 2060& only 2% by 2100. Without some type of “divine intervention” the white race is going extinct fast, and various aspects of the Oriental race soon to follow us whites. The question is, what kind of world will take over with mostly black&dark brunette traits?Will it be the same but now with black&dark brunette people or will it be radically different?

    • we are already 10% of world population today. We believe that a world war is coming that will challenge the ideas that founded the western civilization, ideas that have helped bring this civilization to its knees. when America goes, so too will the rest of the west, and a new civilization will follow, one founded in reality of human differences.

  4. Yes, He regularly states SOME truths and is entertaining….
    He is a vicious zionist jew FIRST AND FOREMOST…
    He is also terrified of offending negro savages….

    The liberal vs conservative paradime is a RED HERRING
    to keep you enslaved….

    Yes, I listen to Savage almost every night but I am FULLY
    aware of his typical zionist agenda…..

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