Nature is Racist

Nature is Altruistic but Racist too: A New Spirituality (Part 1)

by Willally

I would like to begin this article with a thought experiment. Let’s imagine we live in a world where we don’t have contact with Nature anymore. We live in capsules with no gravity, absolutely everything is made out of plastic or something artificial, and we see only artificial light – no sky, no trees, no animals anywhere. In such an environment how could a human being ever discover something about reality? Would he be able to create science? How could he ever verify if his ideas are true?

Nature vs artificial isolation. Only Nature can tell us something about reality.

Without Nature as a standard there’s nothing that stop us from believing the most absurd fantasies. Without Nature there’s no force that activates our talents and intelligence. Nature is the source of all Knowledge and all Talents, and if knowledge is power, then Nature is also the source of our power.

It’s not surprising that with every new Jewish technology the new generations get more cowardly and stupid. We should use technology in order to improve our interactions with Nature, and not in order to destroy her or to separate us from her. Here lies the difference between White and Jewish science.

We should invest in genetic quality and not in machines

Through Natural Selection we could have White people so intelligent they could do with their minds what any Jewish I-Phones do for us now. The science of Bionics shows us also that Mother Nature can produce much better technology than the Jew will ever be able to, and without destroying the environment. A spiderweb, for example, is stronger than iron, completely biodegradable and extremely flexible. Scientist can only dream about creating something like that. Nature doesn’t know the word wasting!

She can create better technology than the Jew

The only reason we invest in artificial technology, and not in improving the genetic quality of humans, is because artificial technology destroys Nature. Yes, you read that right. When we destroy Nature the Jew gets richer (because the resources get scarce) and Yahweh is happy. Our Jewish economic system is designed in order to make it unprofitable to employ humans, therefore the companies see themselves forced to use ever more machines.


The deployment of machines is expensive for the society and the environment but the economic system was designed by the Jew therefore it benefits only him at the expense of humanity and Nature (more about this later).

Nature Beyond our Planet

Let’s not forget that Nature encompasses outer space. Our sun is the only real source of energy for all living creatures on earth, therefore, we could say that the sun is part of life and Nature. The sun was born from the physical processes in the universe; in short, the whole universe takes part in the creation of life, including stars and planets, who behave almost like living creatures.

Sometimes I wonder if this guy is alive

It seems to me that some kind of Evolution and Natural Selection occurs among stars and planets too. They all seem to struggle against the dark emptiness of outer space. They all are trying hard to create Beauty and Order in Jehovah’s reign of dark emptiness.

For me Yahweh represents Nihilism, Chaos and destruction while Nature, including stars and planets, fights against Yahweh to create Beauty. The battle is so hard that we nevertheless see in Nature evil things.

Creating Souls

Nature is paradoxical, on the one side we have the will towards Beauty, on the other side she can act in the physical world only through trial and error. This trial and error means, in practice, that by pure accident a malformed monster can get to survive, reproduce and ground a race, as is the case with the Negro or some Asiatic people who look like as if they have down syndrome.

The fact that The White Race is the most beautiful and the most capable of creating Beauty is not to deny that the more primitive races were necessary in order to reach this successful race. A successful form is grounded on failed attempts.

Nevertheless, what today is successful won’t be successful anymore tomorrow. The expansion of the universe (entropy) makes the standards ever higher, so much that Nature has to create ever more beautiful and talented races in order to survive.

The most diabolical face I have ever seen (borrowed from the article, The destruction of Sweden). She performs ‘cultural black magic’

Another mystery of Nature is the question of whether souls can be somehow modeled by the conditions on earth. Could it be that in a multicultural society, the souls that incarnate in its mixed race individuals reflect somehow the satanic character of Yahweh? It would be something like a very powerful kind of ‘cultural black magic’.

An Aztec warrior wearing the skin of a human being after his family had eaten him.

These souls are somehow affected by the kind of culture we have on earth and these corrupted souls incarnate in ugly mixed-race exemplars.

I wonder sometimes if Yahweh created, through a similar way, the satanic race that carries over his plans of destruction (the Jew). It is something like meddling with Natural Selection. That’s, of course, just a vague speculation. Nevertheless, I’m convinced that Jehovah acts indirectly on earth, otherwise the Jews would have not had such a hard time implementing their plans of enslavement.

Jews are humans, but they are nevertheless connected with Yahweh. Rabbi Michael Laitman tells us that the mission of the Jews comes to them indirectly, like a revelation and this mission originates not from this planet.

This process of ‘indirect impregnation of souls’ could explain the existence of evil races like the Aztecs or blacks. Could it be that these evil races were molded by Yahweh despite Nature’s best efforts to create something good? …. and therefore she had to make new trials?

It would be something like an arms-race in which Nature seeks to create ever more beautiful forms, but along the way many trials fail and get uglified and satanized by Yahweh.

I think the most successful trial of Nature has been the White Race, but it is not yet fully immune to Yahweh. However, it is closer to Beauty than the others, and that’s why Yahweh has his evil eye specially on Whites. He wants to bastardize the White race in order to crack Her protection.

Social Darwinism?
Francis Galton, polymath and genius, he was a decent man and never endorsed any kind of cruelty

I would like to continue this article with the clarification that Social Darwinism has absolutely nothing to do with Nature. Were Charles Darwin to hear about Social Darwinism, he would laugh and think he is dealing with someone completely illiterate in Biology and Evolution. Francis Galton, half cousin of Charles Darwin and father of Eugenics, would probably react the same way.

There was absolutely no leader nor any intellectual in the National Socialist movement who ever endorsed ‘Social Darwinism’. The reason why, is because, Social Darwinism (just like the hollow-caust), exists only in the twisted mind of the Jew.

Social Darwinism is a caricature of Nature, invented in jewish Think Thanks (Brainwashing Laboratories) in order to turn us away from her, the same way as they did in the Middle Ages with their Frau Welt motives (sculptures slandering Nature).

Christianity depicted Nature as a seemingly beautiful woman who nevertheless is rotten from the back

Our Führer makes it very clear in his speeches that National Socialism is nothing else than Socialism (fairness and compassion inside the whole community) but limited to a specific nation (Nation was in those times still analogous to Race). He also makes it very clear that he expects from other human beings only what he has already done himself or what he himself is (at every moment) ready to do.

He always expected from a black person or a Jew only what he himself would do in a similar situation, namely to take responsibility for their own mistakes, to work with racial comrades and be self-sufficient.

He was always the first on the line ready to sacrifice in order to improve the race and the society, and this brought immense joy, not only to him but to the whole community. That means: Love, compassion, self-sacrifice, but directed towards creating Beauty and talent, not in self-destructive ways.

Hitler was a very altruistic person, full of joy and energy.

He recognized the truth that only a world reigned by Whites could warrant freedom and peace to all races.

From the establishment of Eugenics in Western Countries until the Third Reich, there was in Europe a culture of self-sacrifice and love for one’s people and this culture expressed itself as eugenic laws, prohibitions and measures that the Jew today portrays as cruel and hateful. What in those times was a willing sacrifice out of love for your society is today slandered by the Jew as a forced program of extermination and cruelty imposed on the people.

This is not to deny that when someone with a hereditable disease wanted to have children he was frowned upon. It is a narcissistic and irresponsible behavior, no different than a crime, because it is the whole community and the children themselves of these degenerates who have to pay for these crimes.

If I had one of those diseases I would certainly have no children (no one would have to convince me!) and I would find joy and meaning in my life through helping healthy members and making sure no more people with these decreases are born. How proud would I be to see a generation much more beautiful and talented than me!

These people were nevertheless invited to take part in the community and live a plentiful life, so long they behaved in a responsible manner. There’s nothing evil about that.

Turning back to Social Darwinism and the origins of this superstition, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future, the Jews make up another lie by claiming the Nazis killed all people who didn’t look like Passarella models …’and that’s why people should never again be allowed to choose their partners anymore… to do so, would be ‘Sexual Darwinism… and that leads to the killing of innocent people’

Or they could try to make a caricature of motherly love by saying something like this:

‘Look how evil societies were in the past, a mother was expected to risk her life for her sons, perhaps killing herself for the child who tortured her during 9 months, before being delivered with extreme pain. This kind of oppression and torturing of women was imposed by Nazis who believed in Nature’. Therefore we should abolish motherhood… it leads to the torture and suicide of women.’

The Jew would like to abolish motherhood. He considers it a way of ‘systematic oppression’.

You notice the pattern, right? They take everything out of context, add up a few lies and voilà. They identify Nature with unbearable cruelty, and they give it a nasty name like Social Darwinism.

It is also important to realize that all of the freedoms and the sense of fairness (and here I don’t mean libertinage nor self-hate; things that the Jew disguises as freedom and fairness) that we enjoy in Western Countries have nothing to do with Christianity.

All these good things we already had before Christianity. Just look at the Brehon Laws of the ancient Celts as a good example; some authors believe the American constitution was inspired by them! And we just have to see non-White countries, like Mexico, who are more Christian than us and nevertheless have no sense of social responsibility, nor is there evidence that they will ever have it.

In fact, the more seriously we take Christian morality, the more we destroy our freedoms and all sense of social responsibility. Christianity/Marxism destroys homogeneity, and with it, trust and social cohesion. Genes for Beauty and intelligence are also destroyed by Christianity, although, those genes are the requirements for freedom and fairness in a society.

The Brehon Laws are a direct manifestation of pagan values

Thus, you see, our sense for freedom and fairness comes from Nature. The Celts who had a religion based of Nature already had this sense; it is ingrained in the White Race and we got it through Natural Selection, and the ‘Nazis’ themselves (the promoters of a morality based on Nature) were also Socialist. So much for the fairytale about Nature being Social Darwinism!

Parasitism in Nature versus Eternal Growth

If there are viruses in Nature and in computers, there’s nothing unusual about there also being parasites in culture. Approximately 90% of living species in this planet are parasites (including viruses). The reason why this number seems to many people so surprising is because we almost never see these parasites with our own eyes. In the same way, we almost never see a globalist Jew during our daily lives; it is only through special knowledge that we can detect the agent of destruction.

Parasites act through the means that Nature has to offer and this is also the case for cultural parasitism. If Christianity (Moral HIV) uses moral claims in order to propagate itself, it means that these moral claims – like altruism, love, tolerance etc.  -already exist in Nature (they were not invented by a crucified Jew). What the parasite did was mix these elements into a poison, or better said, these cultural elements were fused into a cultural virus.

As an analogy: The same natural elements that build a beautiful tree can be found in an HIV virus, and the same morality that could make a White nation prosper (cooperation, compassion), can be twisted into Christianity/Marxism (bastardization and self-destruction).

But what can we say about Yahweh, the source of all these evils? Is Yahweh a satanic creature from another universe, who for some reason wants to destroy life on this planet? Is he a parasite?

First of all, he is not a parasite. The Jews might carry out Yahweh’s Will through parasitism (using the means available in Nature) but Yahweh is not a parasite. Real parasites like viruses, wasps, worms, etc. are part of Nature and work as a system with her. These parasites are part of Evolution and are subordinated to her same laws.

A satanic force that instead of taking part of nature, has a goal to destroy her, cannot be a parasite; it is simply the antithesis of life and Beauty.

Here I come to the most important point in this article. Our modern economic system of usury and eternal growth is the direct manifestation of Yahweh. It is practically the main means through which he carries out the enslavement of humanity and it was practically invented by the Jews alone. Any other means the Jew utilizes in order to enslave use take just a secondary place to the economic system. Cultural Marxism, Christianity, wars, damaging technology, you name it; they all are either manifestations of this economic system or assistants of it.

I already tried to show in my last article that Christianity is not a religion, but rather the ideological basis of Jewish finance and here comes the central point.

In Nature nothing grows forever. Everything reaches a balance with the available resources and the environment. But not our financial system. According to the Jew it must grow forever. When we see a graphic depicting the economic growth of our Jewish financial system it resembles the growth of absolutely no living creature on this universe; the only thing it resembles is the growth of a tumor or of cancer. Here we have clear scientific evidence that Jewish finance is a tumor, a cancer that is consuming this planet to death.

Exponential growth is characteristic of cancer and malicious tumors.
The development of usury (interest) is a form of exponential growth.

The vicious cycle becomes visible here.

The only reason we have immigration is to keep this eternal economic growth, the reason why we need this growth is because without it there’s not enough poor people to pay interest to the Jew, and the reason why the Jew wants always more and more interests (despite already being rich) is to force the whole humanity into his projects of destroying Nature and Beauty.


These babies will keep the usury system and the environmental destruction in track.

We can say that every time Mark Zuckerberg or his Judaized friend Bill Gates give aid money to Africa, they do that only to make sure there will be more poor people in the planet who can pay them interest. The only thing that could help them, namely changing the economic system, never comes into question.

I mean, I think Blacks are stupid and evil, but they could nevertheless be self-sufficient and happy in small pre-technological communities, if they didn’t have to pay usury to the rich Jews.

Joseph’s penny: Year 1466= an earth globe out of gold. Year 2000 = 200 Billion globes of gold.

It is also important to realize that this Jewish economic growth leads unavoidably to the concentration of riches in ever fewer hands. They invented usury in order to monopolize all reaches with such a slow pace that people wouldn’t realize. As a reflection, if Joseph the supposed father of Jewsus had invested a single penny at the time of Jewsus’ birthday with an interest of 5% he would own by the year 1466 a sphere of solid gold the size of the whole planet.

Subjectivity in Nature

The modern cliché of the naturalist, fully detached from Nature, who sees in her a multicultural symbiosis, with the Negro being as beautiful as any other creature, is totally false and alien to Nature. That’s a view actually derived from Christianity.

No living creature can really take part in Nature without representing a specific aspect of her or better said, without taking sides. To be part of Nature is to be subjective and not universal or cosmopolitan. You can be sure that you are taking part of Nature and that your soul is evolving when you experience it fully, when you immerse in her, in all her good and evil… subjectively. To try to avoid that is actually to flirt with death.

Nature loves bigotry; Evolution is all about separation and doing things your own way; about ignoring conventions, about using ever more creative strategies to survive, about different species/races having different sensibilities, it is about choosing not about having everything.

Wer alles haben will, bekommt am Ende nichts
He who wants to have everything, gets in the end nothing (German proverb).

There is in Nature no single example of objectivity, of unending tolerance nor of universality, therefore, we could say that life and subjectivity are one and the same thing.

So called Racism is, in fact, a manifestation of subjectivity in Nature. It is the rejection that atoms feel against each other, which keeps matter solid. The space between the single atoms is so immense in comparison to the size of atoms that when we feel something as solid it is because there is this rejection keeping the universe from falling apart.

In a similar fashion it is racism what keeps Nature from falling apart. Racism paves the way for diversification into new species, and this diversity ensures that no species or race becomes too numerous that it destroys the whole planet. When you are racist you are actually helping life to keep its track; you make sure there is a healthy planet for everyone, including black people.

Racism is, in fewer words, seeing the world with a subjective view. It means taking part of Nature, and only when we take part of Nature can we regain our spirituality.

In a dead sea of objective nothingness there is life, a rare oasis of Beauty. Beauty can only arise through subjectivity. In order to get an impression of how Beauty is subjective, think about race and art. Among human races Beauty is rare, limited mostly to a single race or to some individuals; it is therefore NOT universal. Beauty is not a cheap whore that offers herself to every passerby.

Adolph Tidemand (Norway; 1779–1838) ‘Low Church Devotion’

Beautiful expressions of art like painting are beautiful when they represent specific aspects of the human experience, of a specific race, like a realistic painting about life in the 19th century Scandinavia, for example.

From Picasso. A monkey could have painted something more beautiful.

A line in a wall or cubism are closer to being universal, and this means they are closer to showing no specific racial traits, therefore they are not beautiful. They are not really art because they are easy to replicate, universal, in contrast to being subjective and beautiful.

This same principle applies to Nature. Beauty can only arise through what Jews call bigotry, through subjectivity and selection. Beauty is so capricious that it disappears from one creature as soon as a superior one wants to take its place. Were all human races on earth disappear except for the Negro, he would then (and only then!) became beautiful in comparison with an Australopithecus, but as soon as a white person appears, the negro becomes objectively and unbearably ugly. That’s the magic of Nature, similar to the quantum paradox in which the act of observing the atom affects its manifestation.

There’s a lot more to say about Nature and spirituality, but that will take place in the second part of this article. In order to end this one I would like to present once again (I wrote it already in other articles) the parable of the tree:

The Parable of The Tree

While thinking about the impossibility of being objective, this idea suddenly came to me A person cannot get a wider view of reality if first he doesn’t grow firmly rooted in his subjective identity. A racial/subjective identity is the ground where a man grows. The stronger he is rooted in his racial identity, the higher he grows. The higher he grows, the more able he is to take a wide view of other cultures and the surrounding world. Would he try to abandon his roots and his subjectivity, he would become weak and fall.

There are few living things as beautiful and at the same time as “racist” as trees.

Therefore, to get a wider view, the best you can do is to grow strong in your cultural/racial identity.

All this doesn’t mean that anyone that adopts a racialist (subjective) point of view will become wise and intelligent, it only means that he will have more possibilities (The greatest advancements in Science and Culture were made while Europe and America were still hopelessly “racist” and “Eurocentric”).

Nature lets all these subjective trees grow (different race-cultures) and watches while they compete. Some trees (cultures) will be genetically better than others and will grow higher (taking a wider view of the world) while others, despite of having a healthy racial identity, will not grow as high.

Throughout history, the culture that has reached the highest levels is White culture, therefore that’s the one to which we have to cling in order to become enriched. To doubt our Eurocentric view will only weaken our growth and allow more subjective races to outdo us (the Chinese?).



The Hidden Side of Nature – A New Spirituality (Part 2)

Human Nature means to rise above Nature, but this Divinity can only be reached when we respect Nature and root firmly on her.

The mythological theme of the Aryan hero, fighting in order to reach divine status.

With this opening sentence we could define the whole philosophy of our pagan ancestors. The main theme of their religion was the hero who becomes a god. They honored the hero, who defies all prognostics and reaches the impossible, motivated by honor rather than by the provability of being successful. This attitude makes sense when we believe that divinity is attainable, that our willpower, and not the approval of the masses, is what takes our soul forward.

In order to reach divinity we have to go first through the state of the demigod or hero, and this state requires doing what is honorable, what produces Beauty and talent, even if this seems impossible. We have enough lifetimes in order to keep empowering ourselves and that is why it is important to die for our ideals, instead of being weakened and enslaved by temporary commodities or approval.

I must confess there a few sections of strong critique in this article. We should not contemplate them as mere critique, rather as a diagnosis describing a severe condition. This is the ‘pessimism of the strong-one’; we describe the problem as cruel as it is only because we are determined to solve it and we have faith in our abilities.

Continuing with our subject, there is a threshold of weakness from which our souls cannot recover; once we cross this threshold, we end up absorbed by ugliness and stupidity forever. When we die, it is only our willpower and talents that live-on in the soul, and not our good or bad deeds, which are wholly subjective.

There is neither karma nor a god who chastises so called bad deeds; the only punishment is that your willpower becomes weak, when you do something that goes against your principles, against Beauty and the people you love.

Oriental Absolutism

That’s the heroic point of view in resonance with pagan ideals. This heroic attitude reflects Nature because it is only through sacrifices for the community and through the rewarding of heroic deeds that the gene pool becomes better and Evolution reaches higher horizons.

Therefore we see that the kind of religion a people creates tells us a lot about the character of that people. As further example, the attitude of Yahweh toward other gods reflects the attitude of the Jews toward other peoples. That kind of absolutism, intolerance, thirst for ruling and social resentment were completely alien to Whites before the conversion.

Christian Values and Jewish Finance

Intolerance arises only when different peoples are forced to live together under unnatural circumstances, the same way that Christian morals arise only under unnatural circumstances, where society has lost its social instincts.

Be it in the Roman Empire or in modern America, different people come to live together only when they are financially forced to; thus, we recognize here that Christian values and financial despotism are two faces of the same coin.

Financial despotism needs Christian values in order to legitimate its rule, and Christian values take roots only in artificial societies, intended for financial exploitation.

In natural circumstances morality arises spontaneously, from the people’s souls, reflecting their real needs and not the ones of free exchange, like the removal of racial, physical and cultural borders. Therefore Christian charity and universalism are needed only in a financially enslaved world.

Christian morals fulfill their role today also by acting as a moral encasement, making sure no one can escape Jewish rule. Anyone who tries to escape this globalist nightmare finds the way out blocked with this moral construction.

Wars, persecutions, refugee crises, slavery, colonialism, unbearable poverty in the third world, emigration, etc. – all those things are unavoidable in an economic system like ours, which was created by the Jews against the wishes of Whites, and those things don’t reflect the real intentions of the average White.

This system is programmed for eternal growth and the centralization of wealth/power into ever fewer hands. That’s why all people, regardless of their good intentions, had to engage through history in ever less fair practices in order to make a profit. Jewish usury and interests (which are nothing more than a tribute imposed on humanity) determine that every day it is more difficult for a boss to reward his workers for their sacrifices if he doesn’t want to starve himself.

We should never forget that the first victims of Jewish finance were Whites and as soon as we lose our social cohesion we will be enslaved the same way all over again.

We could further say that the debt we are born into is the original sin of the bible and we can find salvation/forgiveness from this debt, when we allow the Jew to build his world-wide rule of Orwellian equality; that is, unless we give up this financial system in exchange for a healthy one, based on Nature.

A good sign of how hypnotized humanity is with Christian ways of thinking is the fact that we cannot recognize the obvious anymore; the essence of Capitalism is universality and the war of classes, therefore it is a contradiction when a communist says he supports universalism and the war of classes, but at the same time he fights against capitalism. Marx must have known about this contradiction because no other ideology than his own has helped capitalism more to make globalization real.

Jesus in Your Chakra

I would like to share something important about me. My whole life I’ve been a crazy liberal, a leftist, an incurable dreamer. That’s an unchangeable part of my character, but at some point I recognized that the only way to reach my goals is by building upon reality, on Nature and her laws. I discovered that the greatest enemy of a tolerant, liberal world is the Jew and that only White people, living in racially pure societies are capable of making this dream true.

Non-whites are neither intelligent nor talented enough to create Beauty. We will never be able to have a liberal society so long there are non-whites in our lands and so long there are Jews forcing them into our world. I realized too that Christianity isolates us from Mother Nature; Monotheism with its dualistic, absolutist ideology has inspired most of the evils in history.

After many years of mental struggle I expelled Jesus completely from my soul. I knew I had to do it; I had been having dreams about mother earth and I could feel her suffering. I knew that as long as I didn’t exorcise Jesus completely from my being, he would keep trying to silence these messages I was getting from Nature.

Jesus offers cheap mental comfort and the illusion that everything’s okay but this indolence toward reality can only come at the expense of spiritual growth and power. The moment I cast Jesus out from me I felt a vacuum in my stomach.

It became obvious to me that Jesus had been parasiting my Chakra right on the stomach, keeping it from receiving information from Mother Nature. I felt myself weak for a few days, but that was because I hadn’t exercised my Chakra for so long.

I wonder now if the alien movies are a metaphor about Jesus. Could Jesus be an evil entity outside of this reality that parasites our Chakras? In the movies of Alien people don’t notice that they grow an evil entity inside of them until it is too late and it kills them.

Retrograde Morality

Because I’m a crazy liberal I know perfectly what I’m talking about when I criticize them. It is ironic that the moral models of liberals are more conservative and retrograde than the ones of medieval popes. They call themselves open minded and progressive, but they would never dare to question their moral assumptions about equality, which have remained basically the same since Hellenistic times, maybe earlier. By clinging to their moral values they act as a barrier that obstructs progress.

That’s not to deny that behind Christian claims of equality there lays a moral instinct, an ancient sense of fairness that we share with other animals, like apes and even dogs; Christianity preyed upon this ancient instinct in order to use it against us and against its evolutionary purposes.

This instinct of equality is thus, one of the most primitive ones that humans have. I would say that we evolved this instinct before we became humans and it is so appealing today only because it is so ancient.

An evil person outwitted his instincts and now he cannot scape

For those who think that Christianity or the Jews created the concept of equality, I want to answer by saying that Christianity only exploited those moral instincts, by taking them out of context and creating with them a moral poison. The same way that we can trap a wild animal by outwitting its instincts, the Jew has enslaved us by tricking our moral instincts.

The hallmark of a superior race is rather its capacity to develop a more sophisticated morality. ‘Absolute egalitarianism’ is natural only to hunter-gatherers like the Yanomamo in Brazil or the Australian aborigines. These peoples aren’t exactly the most progressive, nor the most intelligent. Maybe that’s why Karl Marx praised their primitive morals as the ideal of society, the so called Ancient Communism.

These guys were Marx’s ideal of progress. The few remaining representatives of the ‘Ancient Communism’.

In a creative universe with infinite possibilities nothing is more damaging than the assumption of an objective (unchangeable), universal morality (dictated by god). Morals are the result of Evolution and as such, they can take many different ‘colors’ and trace many different paths. There are as many moralities as there are physical forms.

When liberals talk about ‘us all being human’, ‘the human race’ (absolute singular), they assume, firstly, that Evolution acts only on the level of the skin, which is totally absurd because selection acts upon all organs including the brain, and secondly that we should all have one and the same morality.

Subjective Morality

The newest research reveals that Human races should rather be considered different species. This is the case because the size of differences between human races corresponds with the one between animal species (Sarich and Miele: Race. The Reality of Human Genetic Differences (2004), P. 170).

Note: The complicated explanation is that physical differences between human RACES are as great as the corresponding average differences between SPECIES of animals. The cultural differences between human races are even greater than the cultural differences between animal SPECIES.

An important part of their character is determined by race

That character is determined by race has been demonstrated too by studying babies right after birth and controlling for important factors like similar kinds of pregnancy, lifestyle of the mother, among others; the results reveal that Asian babies are extremely passive, black babies get easily upset and White babies are somewhere in between (Daniel G. Freedman N.C. Freedman: Behavioral Differences between Chinese-American and European-American Newborns; Freedman: Human Sociobiology, 1979). These studies confirm only what twin and adoption studies had been telling about the hereditability of character through decades of research.

If morality reflects a people’s character and we get it through evolution, this means there are as many morals as there are societies. The kind of morality a society has, is in this sense, almost like the traditional music a society creates.

Oriental despotism may feel itself right among Arabs, but it is unbearable for Whites. The only factor determining whether Oriental despotism or White creativity rules, is self-assertion. So long as Whites don’t assert themselves and make sure the majority of people in our lands are White, the brown majorities will impose their subjective morals in the form of despotism. This situation won’t be altered by any good deeds, nor by love and charity as many superstitious liberals think. It is a matter of physics and numbers.

There is no god who favors one morality above another; the masses determine what kind of morality is accepted and a tyrannical morality can rule forever, so long as the people remains the same. There is no Karma that says ‘oh these poor Whites are being mistreated by the new Arabs’; that mistreatment is perfectly moral and right in the eyes of these Arabs and if Whites don’t make sure to expel these invaders, they will suffer forever under their mistreatment.

That’s not to deny that White morals make better societies. Evolutionarily speaking, cooperation, compassion and respect are more advanced strategies. The level of cooperation and trust in White societies is a fine-tuned wonder of Evolution. It gets easily upset with the inception of aliens, the same as you can ruin your newest laptop by forcing into it old hardware to which it was not designed.

Non-White strategies

Let’s imagine two strategies – White and black strategies. White strategy means cooperate whenever you find another person, black strategy means taking profit at the expense of the other. It takes a few blacks in the society in order to wipe out the White strategy because the losses of being attacked by a black are so great when you are unconditionally nice.

These moral strategies of trust and cooperation were already present in the pagan societies of our ancestors, but in those times they came always together with power and the readiness to defend oneself; just like one leg needs the other in order to move forward. Our ancestors didn’t believe they would be miraculously saved and rewarded when they engaged in self-destructive practices, just because a crucified Jew said it was moral.

We just have to take a look at the laws of the ancient Germans and Celts in order to realize that we can have liberalism and tolerance, without crazy fantasies of universalism or the moral poison of self-hate. Racial consciousness and homogeneity are totally compatible with tolerance, liberalism and progress.

What Makes us Different

But continuing with liberal arguments, let’s ignore for a minute all common sense and science; let’s assume that what makes us human is everything we have in common with blacks.

Even if we were all equal in ‘humanity’, what differentiates us would still be more important, and that is our God-like nature – to what degree we can create Beauty and understanding beyond the level of blacks.

And this God-like nature is precisely what Christianity forbids us to desire and develop. Nothing is more sinful in the eyes of the Christian god than wanting to achieve a God-like status. The tale about Lucifer, about the tower of babel, about the tree of knowledge… the whole Bible is a warning against wanting to reach higher, against wanting to be self-sufficient, against wanting to decide our own destiny.

Lucifer is described as the most beautiful. It is a metaphor of the White pagan who wanted to exercise his right of reaching divinity. With the arrival of the Jewish god, this was condemned.

According to Christianity we all must stop evolving and stay forever in the status of mere humans. Furthermore, irresponsible Christian charity is nothing more than disguised Dysgenics, because it replaces heroic self-sacrifice with narcissism. Unhealthy, anti-social elements are told they can have as many children as they wish at our expense, while the healthy ones are expected to live a hedonistic life devoid of children.

In a natural society the UNhealthy members would find joy and meaning by making sure the next generation becomes ever more beautiful and healthier, instead of believing they are the navel of the world and that the next generations should be as miserable as themselves. Even the healthy members are expected to make sacrifices and to stop believing they are perfect just by looking good and sitting around doing nothing.

I have never met a human being who is really happy without feeling himself part of the community, without making sacrifices for it and watching that his work is useful for other people. An Unhealthy person with genetic diseases will never be happy just by being told he is perfect.

It takes only to inform the public about the heritability of these diseases and the bad consequences for society in order to improve the gene pool. We don’t have to get anyone sterilized, neither do we have to force anyone not to have children. When the evils about genetic diseases are common culture, having children with someone with those diseases would seem even more stupid than having unprotected sex with someone with untreated HIV.

Healthy, beautiful young Whites have been tricked today into not having children, so why is it then immoral when we convince UNhealthy elements to abstain from having children, out of gratitude and love for their culture and society? Without children they can adopt the whole society as their own and they would have more time in order to lead useful projects. They would be admired and they could say with pride at the end of the day that they have contributed the same as any healthy member, despite their genetic diseases.

He just need more money and more freedom

Regarding charity to non-whites, there’s nothing more dangerous than giving power and wealth to people who have never earned those things in their own societies. The earning of something with your own effort (in cooperation with your racial comrades) has an educating effect and everyone who has not been through this process doesn’t possess the virtues necessary in order to make good use of the rewards.

Christianity is the negation of Natural Selection. These dysgenic practices make sure we never reach Nietzsche’s Superhuman, that we stay in the ‘human’ condition only to sink lower and lower, to the level of pre-humans.

Your children can find this easily in YouTube

If you doubt how low do Christian/Multiculti morals want to sink us, don’t forget that Allied crimes get censured by YouTube, while people who openly lobby for the acceptance of sex with animals are being protected, despite being flagged by offended users. In those videos you can see reunions of people describing their sexual experiences with animals, and YouTube finds that morally right, in tune with an unprejudiced, multicultural world.

You see, in the materialistic mind of these liberal lovers of humanity there’s nothing divine that makes one race different from one another, not even better than animals.

Speaking from my own experiences, many liberals are open and tolerant in everything but money. They gladly give away money taken from the government or from the society, but they would never make a monetary sacrifice that comes from their own pockets. In contrast to that, there are many nationalist to whom money has absolutely no value; the only thing that matters is culture and their own people.

Arguments Based on Superstition

Continuing with Liberal’s damaging points of view, their central argument about inequality is the superstition that our expectations create reality and that all differences among humans are the result of bad expectations, or ‘hate’. They cite the law of expectations, quantum physics, the role of the environment and similar stuff.

The problem is that this law of expectations is valid only in highly artificial circumstances controlled by humans, like speculating in the stock market. There’s absolutely no example in Nature of that kind of effect.

This happens every day just because of our expectations right? although it has been happening before there were humans.

No one is so stupid as to think that the sun rises only because we expect him to do that, or that a tomato seed becomes a tomato plant only because we expect her to do so; by the same token blacks are not less intelligent just because we expect them to be so; blacks who have never encountered Whites are even less intelligent!

Racism means only discontent; the strangers can even earn hate, but it doesn’t mean that the stranger is stupid. Asiatic people are intelligent despite racism, and the Jews have become ever more cunning the more they have been persecuted.

Furthermore, expectations are always based on experience and they are useful only when they represent reality. The moment our expectations stop being based on experience they become harmful to us and they get wiped out from the genepool, as easy as that.

Thinking the laws of expectations work in human Nature goes back also to Judeo-Christian thinking. When we believe that humans were artificially created by god, that we live in an artificial system controlled by Yahweh, then we cannot differentiate anymore between the stock market and Nature.

The stock market doesn’t operate by rational, efficient laws, but is rather a sophisticated form of extracting tribute; therefore we could say that with Judeo-Christian thinking, people start believing human genetics resemble a system of financial scam and that this state of affairs is good for humanity!

Many Liberals cannot differentiate one from the other

Another central argument of liberals is that many evil things like raping and shitting on the street are natural, but we nevertheless recognize them as evil. We encounter here the ages-old slandering of Nature that the Jew uses since immemorial times. This argument is completely wrong and it shows a monumental amount of ignorance about Nature and Evolution.

Who’s more civilized?

Just how birds bathe themselves in order to avoid parasites, and just as trees produce antibiotics for similar reasons, so too some human races developed through Evolution (through Nature) the need for some hygienic practices.

The only race that respected its women were Whites, although this was interrupted by Christianity.

Human culture is also an extension of Nature, therefore there’s nothing unnatural about using a toilet, when it comes to (many) humans; shitting on the street may be natural for many animals, but not for Whites and not even for most cats.

The same is valid regarding the treatment of women. Whites evolved different moral norms toward women than other races. Raping women may be natural for many primitive tribes like the Yanomamo (the same egalitarian tribes that Marx admired), but not for Whites.

You see, Nature is creative and tolerant, the same way that Whites would be tolerant toward blacks if we were not forced to live with them by the Jew

Music and Spirituality

Here I would like to explain the connection between spirituality and music. A piece of music contains in 2 minutes more information than hundreds of books, but most importantly it connects us with The Transcendental, which is the source of all inspiring ideals. Because of this connection with The Transcendental, playing music or engaging in an artistic activity, together with reading, is the best way to strengthen our willpower.

In my article about the Race Chakra I explained how culture is something like ‘the collective mind of a race’. Persons of the same race are connected with each other through their chakras and this connection with one another gives them access to Archetypes of Beauty (or ugliness in the case of blacks) when they live together in a community, similar to the way single neurons connect with one another in order to create our mind.

Thus, the culture created by people connected by race, is like the mind created by neurons of the same DNA, connected with one another (only neurons of the same DNA can connect with each other).

German musician Robert Schumann was a great admirer of German writer Jean Paul Richter from whom he got a lot of inspiration for his music.

All aspects of a great culture stimulate each other. A piece of music from Robert Schumann inspires scientist and painters of the same race, while great musicians find Beauty in the works of literary geniuses or renowned scholars.

We should not forget that one of the most targeted groups by Communism were artists; they were dangerous because they could see beyond rational arguments and all sorts of intellectual deceptions on which Jews are experts. Adolf Hitler was an artist and I’m convinced that he got a lot of inspiration and insight from his artistic side.

This artistic side flows through the left side of our body and this is the same one that gets blocked when we watch TV or hear the radio because of the satanic content. This creative side also gets blocked when we spend too much time surrounded by non-whites; that is the case because in the presence of non-whites we cannot connect to Beauty and our chakras get exhausted without this connection.

Have you ever wondered why Whites are so creative and curious in comparison with other races? The reason also has to do with Beauty. When we find Beauty around us, we are ready to explore it, as we find the world inviting, but when we are surrounded by non-whites we spend so much of our energy and attention in trying to ignore ugliness (in trying to defend our chakras from that ugliness) so much that we stop paying attention to important details; we stop perceiving a lot of things, we stop learning!

This is a reason why students perform better when they are among Whites; their minds feel safe to explore and they fly freely into the dimension of ideas. Among non-whites they muss concern themselves with racial frictions, and the presence of non-whites hinders the connection with The Transcendental.

a typical black ‘artist’

Because of these reasons today we have music based completely on black music styles. Blacks are a mentally weak race, as they lack the willpower, discipline and endurance of Whites; therefore blacks are easy prey to Jewish ugliness and Materialism. When we hear music sung by blacks, based on black rhythms, our minds get filled with black mediocrity, ugliness and weakness, and that’s precisely the goal of the Jew; to make us culturally poor, to culturally ‘negrify’ us. Once this black music is firmly set in our minds it starts to pour into the soul, weakening our willpower and limiting our vision of reality.

We could say that black music is one of the strongest kinds of black magic because it tramples against life itself. Black music intended for White people is the negation of evolution. It looks forward to destroy the progress made through Nature, and that progress, that Evolution, is the whole purpose of life.

Another goal of modern media is to connect Beauty with weakness. Christian morality is nothing more than the exaltation of ugliness and weakness. The few new songs in the radio sung by Whites are often about a weak White (with effeminate voice tone) who has not grown up, who is extremely fragile and becomes easily offended. In a typical song we find a White that cries easily and who loses the desire to live at the smallest difficulty.

Beauty and power together is a pagan ideal

For our pagan ancestors the ideal was exactly the opposite – Beauty and power, the superhuman of Nietzsche, the humans who are free to create themselves, to become ever more beautiful and powerful.

We could say that the modern association of Beauty with weakness is only preparing the stage for the full gear promotion of weakness and ugliness. In old times the ideals of Beauty and power were set aside by Christianity, and now we are fed with ‘beautiful’ people acting cowardly and in the future we won’t see any Beauty anywhere, just ugly people acting cowardly.

I will go on and say that only Beauty can inspire us to fight, therefore the destruction of Beauty is an important requirement for our enslavement. Race-mixed people make such good slaves precisely because they rarely possess the inner beauty of Whites (call it idealism if you want); many of them may be intelligent enough to learn many things, but they would never sacrifice their comfort for the sake of great projects or for the sake of future generations, because these future generations will be mediocre anyway and they know that.

When I talk about Beauty I don’t mean it individually. There are today many White people who are cowardly and individualistic, but beautiful individuals together inspire a Beautiful culture and in this culture grow people of strong character.

The modern ideal of a White male

With intelligence occurs something similar, a simple White farmer who is part of a great culture will take smarter decisions and make greater achievements than a White intellectual who was raised in multicultural nihilism.

That is the case because different Whites are different aspects of one another and we complement each other so long as we live together in a society. We could say that a homogeneous society is the source of our strength and this leads me once again to Nature.

Magnetic fields and Non-White Interference
Earth’s magnetic field

The role of music and Beauty in culture led me to the Race Chakra, but now I would like to connect all that with Nature. Just like mother earth possesses a magnetic field, we humans have one too. This field has many functions; on the one side it protect us from the bad radiation of other beings, but it also exchanges information with people who get close to it.

This magnetic field flows through our chakras and there is an important relationship between our feelings, our magnetic field and our chakras. Some feelings that are exchanged come from The Transcendental and they are the source of all wisdom and talent.

Magnetic field in the human body

All great ideas begin with a feeling and we just have to find the right words in order to communicate it. The same happens with extraordinary abilities; they are born out of a special way of feeling, and what is artistic talent if not the ability to properly communicate those feelings that come from the Transcendental? Therefore human culture is a manifestation of the Transcendental and some races can connect better to Beauty than others.

We as single individuals are too simple to reach The Transcendental alone, but when we connect with the right persons, in a society, we have access to it and it manifests itself in a great culture. We also have to remember that Christianity acts like a filter in our chakras, which blocks our connection with Nature. Nature can send us messages through her magnetic field into our own, the same way that our magnetic fields exchange information when we get close to a person and spend enough time with him or her.

Art and Science

In the past, the belief in Christian values and their implications was still superficial, and we should be thankful of that because it means our ancestors were still capable of receiving inspiration and information from Nature. We just have to read ancient proverbs (see my series of articles ‘Folk wisdom against Multiculturalism’) in order to admire the everyday wisdom of the normal people.

They possessed in their traditions more common sense than many scholars today. In fact, modern science has only begun to rediscover what our ancestors already knew. The difference is that our ancestors expressed that wisdom with a poetic, artistic language, using short sentences, while science adopts dinosaur terminologies from Latin and Greek and needs to explain every single detail, as if apologizing for not being completely objective.

The whole point of science in its modern sense is the monopolization of knowledge and its isolation from Nature. For our pagan ancestors there was no difference between science and art, between knowledge and Beauty, between Nature and wisdom, between religion and science.

Since Christianity blocks the communication with Nature, knowledge must be acquired through great difficulty, using only the scientific method. The scientific language is boring precisely because it has lost its creative, artistic side.

God, man and Nature were for the pagans one and the same and science was just another expression of art. If science is the attempt to understand humans and Nature, and art is an expression of the Beauty in Nature, then the dichotomy disappears completely. Those false dichotomies were invented by the Jews and they were counterintuitive to our pagan ancestors.

The whole purpose was to make sure science follows only the materialistic goals of the Jew, and that we don’t eat from the tree of knowledge. Once we lose our connection with Nature, the Jew can determine what kind of knowledge can be acquired through the scientific method and what kind of knowledge remains unfinanced.

The heavy plow is a Germanic invention. One among hundreds during the creative Middle Ages.

I have wondered many times, what kind of knowledge and technology we would have had through history, if the extraordinary talent of Whites had been used to explore Nature and create Beauty instead of it being exploited and monopolized by the Jew. It is still amazing to see how many inventions Whites have given to the world despite our talents being directed mostly toward Jewish goals.

An interesting thing about our magnetic field is that we find information about it only in neglected, informal sciences like Physiognomy. A central point of Physiognomy is the language of Nature; our faces and our bodies are an expression of Nature and as such they can be decoded.

This is the case because the members of a society complement each other and are different aspects of one another. There are some prototypes (the intellectual, the handworker, the sensitive one, etc.) and we have a little from each one in different measure. For example, some White people are more hardy and practical while others are more insightful and intellectual; the characteristics of our Race are distributed in different quantity among individuals, according to the needs of society.

An amazing question is, how does the society ‘know’ what kinds of individuals it needs, how is she capable of ‘creating’ farmers, intellectuals and artists in the right measure? That’s absolutely wonderful; it is as if a society is a living organism that knows what kind of cells it needs to produce.

This means also that in a race-mixed society the cells cannot communicate properly with one another and the ‘social body’ becomes incapable of being self-sufficient. We could say that a race-mixed society is more propense to social cancer, and that the organs cannot cooperate with one another.

I finish this section with a few examples of Physiognomy extracted from a German book based on old traditions. This should serve as material for reflection.

The Ruler’s nose

The ruler-nose : […]This person doesn’t react to emotional talks and is insensitive. He prefers to act without concern to the feelings of others […] Therefore he is also a great organizer […] always active in his mostly materialistic pursuits and he expects that from others too.

[Note: they are called ruler-nose not because they are suited for ruling, rather because these nicknames come from old European traditions and the people of old times were aware of the Jewish role in the courts and finance]

The Scholar’s nose

The scholar-nose: this nose is straight and prominent […] He can give the impression of a cold person but he is not. […] We have here before our eyes a person who has reached a high level of development. […] We see signs of curiosity, love for learning and the wish to research practically everything!

Source: Was unser Gesicht über unseren Charakter offenbart , Norbert Pelzer & Ute Brabowski (2014); Pages 97 and 99.

Building on Nature

The earth is limited, our bodies are limited, our lifespans are limited; in Nature there’s no such thing as eternal growth, nor such thing as a living being without a delimited form.

According to many scientists, life on earth, in its correct sense, began when cells developed walls that stopped the free exchange of genes with other cells, as opposed to ‘horizontal gene exchange’ where genes travel freely from one cell to another. These new cells acquired the characteristics of a living creature when they started selecting instead of exchanging genes randomly.


When we realize that a human society acts like a living organism, we notice that a society can be said to be alive only when it has walls that separate the free exchange of genes with other societies. To open the borders allowing exchange of genes with other races is literally a death sentence to those societies. In this sense we could say that racial segregation cannot be separated from life itself.

In the first part of this article I talked about our financial system resembling cancer or a malicious tumor; here I would like to go deeper in that subject. An important aspect of cancer, as seen from the perspective of the cells, is the concept of equality; all the cancerous cells are equal and they reproduce without brake. If the cancerous cells had an ideology it would be something like multiculturalist globalism.

These cells are programmed to be all equal without concern for the whole organism, programmed to reproduce fast, and they are out of place in the whole organism. Doesn’t this remind you of these refugees and third word immigrants who reproduce like rabbits and settle in the wrong societies, claiming all humans are equal? These immigrants appear in the wrong place, they believe we are all equal and reproduce there only because of our cancerous financial system.

Extrapolating a little bit from cells to human societies, could it be that nowadays so many people get cancer because our souls are all fed up with Multiculturalism? Our magnetic fields are being raped everyday with this cancerous ideology and that sickness of the soul manifests itself in our bodies too.

For those who remember, I have compared Christianity with HIV (a moral HIV) and now I compare Jewish capitalism with cancer. Is it HIV or cancer? Well, it is actually both. Remember that when it comes to diseases they are never mutually exclusive and every new virus becomes ever more complicated, combining mechanisms from other viruses and genetic mutations. We should also keep in mind that the mechanisms behind the virus/cancer are almost identical with what we see in society. It seems that some kind of moral HIV works in tandem with a financial cancer and both are kept in track by the Jews.

Bad Psychology

It’s sad how spiritually weak our youth has become with this ideology, and modern psychology can do nothing to help them. Modern psychology is all about finding every social bond as traumatic or evil, together with the idea that we should not try to change the world, we just have to change ourselves.

Psychologists are many times there only to replace real friendships and family relationships. I have seen parents abandon all responsibility toward their children just because the psychologist approves of their selfish attitudes. With the paid approval of the psychologist many people start believing they don’t need anything from other people anymore and abandon their own folk at the first difficulty.

First of all, most of our so called psychological problems are actually caused by repressed frustration at the face of so much ugliness and decadence in this world. We have to change ourselves only so much that we can better change the world. We have a responsibility toward our environment, otherwise we have only an inner life with no connection to the exterior world!

Yes, we have to acquire discipline, spiritual strength, and we have to create Beauty and acquire wisdom, but the goal is still the same, to cure this planet. The idea that the world is okay and we just have to learn to forgive and not care is pure Jewish nonsense. It’s like thinking that we can get rid of salmonella without physically destroying the agent of disease or thinking the nasty symptoms can be ignored with the right attitude.

Regarding traumatic situations, we have to realize that something is traumatic only when we are not capable of accepting it or assimilating it, when it doesn’t fit with our world view. As soon as we adopt a world view in which those traumatic situations are part of it and can be dealt with, they stop being traumatic. Needless to say, Multiculturalism and Christianity are so artificial and detached from Nature that nothing in the real world fits with them, therefore life itself seems traumatic under these world views.

The more we adopt multicultural values, the more we alienate ourselves from Nature and the more we find traumatic even the most casual experiences. Only a spirituality in line with Nature can empower us enough to deal with every difficulty and to find joy while facing them. It is no accident that for Christians and crazy liberals even the act of breathing itself is sad and immoral and must be expiated.

Germanic Mythology and the Universe

We reach here the final part of this article; I would like to arrive to the end by reminding you of a wonderful source of knowledge and inspiration that many times remains unrecognized, and that is the religion and mythology of our ancestors.

With the inception of Christianity Jesus enveloped this planet with an iron curtain that doesn’t allow the flow of information between us and Nature. Therefore we can be sure our pagan ancestors had a special connection with the cosmos that is lost to us today. Through their shamanistic visions and their healthy culture they had a more accurate view of the universe and the afterlife, and they described this knowledge using an artistic language.

That they used art should not surprise us because knowledge cannot be expressed in an objective, unemotional way. Even the modern scientific language is actually derived from Greco-Roman mythology and many Latin words in science were used in ancient times by normal illiterate peasants. We can say that the more our scientific language deviates from that mythological/peasant past, the more unintelligible it becomes.

A representation of Black Matter. The one of the planetarium resembled a tree even more

A good example of how our Germanic ancestors described the cosmos using poetry is the first part of Völuspa in the Edda. I will go into more details about this in a future article about the high culture of our Germanic ancestors, but here suffice to say that the description of the birth of the universe in the Edda reads itself like a metaphor of what actually happened, according to new scientific theories. Among so many possible theories we can get a clue in the Edda about which is the right one .

Someone might have asked himself, why is the article titled ‘The hidden side of Nature”? well, I got this idea from Germanic mythology. While watching a movie in a planetarium about the universe, I noticed that their representation of black matter resembled a huge tree with a lot of branches. I instantly asked myself, is the tree of Yggdrasill a metaphor for the hidden side of the universe?

I had read in a book about quantum gravitation that the reason why black matter is not visible is because it vibrates at a different rate. When our universe vibrates in a way that it becomes visible, black matter contracts into unity; when our universe contracts into unity, black matter vibrates into existence, and so on. Something is for sure, that the hidden side of the universe and the visible one are both part of the same system. Both worlds are connected, therefore, a transition between the two must be possible.

In Germanic mythology we hear about the different worlds and their connection through the tree of life. Could it be that when we die we go to that part of the universe where black matter is visible? Germanic mythology names 9 different worlds and the Norwegian author Maria Kvilhaug explains in her book (The Seed of Yggdrasill) that these nine worlds are different realities, some more illuminated than others.

In any case, what I consider important is the fact that the visible universe is only a tiny fraction of what we cannot see. I’m sure that in the afterlife we have still much more to learn and much more marvels to see.

In times of desperation I get solace from Germanic mythology too. While thinking of the difficulties that lay before us and that it seems that god is not on our side, a though tcame suddenly to me and I suspect it was a pagan spirit who shared it with me:

If god is so incompetent as to allow Beauty to be destroyed and there doesn’t seem to be any other gods ready to help us, then the only moral thing is to become like gods and create our own universe where things go the way they should be. Even if this attempt seems doomed to failure and impossible, that only means it is a challenge worthy of gods and not of men.

I remind myself of these thoughts whenever I find difficulties and I realize that the more impossible it seems, the more heroic it is to fight against it, and the more heroic it is the fight, the closer we are to divinity and the Transcendental.

Something that also helps me to concentrate my strength is the following prayer:

Wandering Jew; eternal hater of Nature and Beauty.
You have enslaved the whole of humanity.
You have enslaved my family and my people.
As long as you live you will try to poison my spirit.
But you are not invincible; you will not rule anymore.
My body can decay but my spirit can only become stronger.
Even if you destroy my body, my spirit will chase you without rest, day and night.
Even if I leave this world, I will remain a witness of your evil.
I will never forget the evil you cast upon me, not even after a million years.
Every living being in this planet is a protest against your presence.
Every beautiful flower, every beautiful sunrise demand your exile.
Every defenseless animal horrifies at the presence of your destruction.
The fight cannot be avoided, neither through forgiveness nor through death.
The fight cannot be avoided, either I fight or I become tortured, mercilessly by you.
The fight cannot be avoided, either I fight or you sink my spirit ever lower.
The fight cannot be avoided; if that’s all I can do, I will do it until I reach victory.