Often people will ask- Why does it do this?

Often people will ask, “Why does the Nigger do this?” or “Why did the Nigger do that?” It is pretty much akin to asking why dogs bark, why cats climb trees, or why birds fly. They just do — their primitive brains are hard-wired in a manner that is incompatible with Human logic.

God only knows what really goes on inside the chimp’s brain-pan, but we can identify certain behaviors that seem to be consistent among the species:

1) “LOOK-A-ME!” This is the basic 24-hour a day / 7 days a week behavior that the Nigger employs to get attention. This is basically why Niggers wear the most idiotic outfits, have 10 pounds of fake “bling” around their necks, blare their stereos, talk at the top of their voice at all times, etc., etc. It is all a ploy to get noticed and stand out from the other members of the Chimp Pack in an attempt to get food, money, or sex.

2) “GIBS-MUH!” Now that the Nigger has your attention, it will attempt to extort spare change, get free Government Cheese, FEMA checks, or even the rims off of your car. The Nigger, suffering from an inferiority complex by nature, is also perpetually lazy and stupid, and therefore blames all of its problems on Whitey — seeking free handouts as a never-ending form of compensation for imagined wrongdoings.

3) “MUH-DIK” This is the primary driver of Nigger behavior. Everything to a Nigger revolves around sex — whether it’s with an unwilling victim, farm animals, patio furniture, a Brother on the “Down-Low”, or a female member of it’s own species. Niggers have an unusually strong sex drive because basically the species would have died out 10’s of thousands of years ago if they weren’t genetically programmed to screw even the ugliest, most disgusting member of the opposite sex in response to Nature’s demand to perpetuate the species.

4) “BLING-BLING”: Birds and Rodents are inexplicably drawn to shiny metal objects, and so it is with the Nigger. Just as a Pack Rat will stuff its nest with all manner of useless bits of shiny metal, the Nigger similarly adorns itself and its “crib” with the cheapest, gaudiest glittery metallic crap. Niggers in the Congo are literally walking around on top of raw diamonds and couldn’t care less, yet they will sacrifice themselves like Lemmings in an attempt to steal that sweet, and oh so seductive, shiny copper from High Voltage power lines. You could chrome plate a dog turd and somewhere a Nigger would absolutely think it was the greatest thing on earth.

5) “DAT-ASS”: The bigger the butt, the better — even to circus proportions, at least according to the Nigger. Interestingly this is a universal trait among Negroids scattered worldwide. I am at a loss to explain this, other than perhaps, just perhaps, that barely repressed Cannibalistic portion of their disgusting Simian cerebral cortex views their mates as potential sources of food in the even of some type of calamity. When they say, “Damn, Dat ass sho’ looks fine” it may have a ulterior, and sinister, motive behind it!

6) “SCALDING HOT WATER”: What the hell is it with Niggers and boiling water? It seems to be their weapon of choice when disputes erupt in their domicile, but think about it…. how often do you “just happen” to have boiling water just laying around your kitchen all day long and at all hours of the night??? Don’t be fooled — if you see a Nigger boiling water, trouble will follow. Someone or Something is going to get its ass scalded! As superstitious as these apes are, I think that they really believe that there’s an evil Jumbi in the water that they’re unleashing onto their victims. “I didn’t do nuffin’ – deys an evils Jumbi in dey watah dat jus’ flew out and burned muh husband while we wuz argueing an’ sheet!”

7) “40’s and a BLUNT”: The Nigger’s mutated chimp brain can make quite an internal racket, and they only way that the Negroid can shut the troublesome Inner Chattering Monkey off for awhile is to drown its ass in alcohol and subdue it with drugs. Not a bad plan, as the troublesome “thinking” part of their brains is the one that houses such bothersome emotions such
as “Guilt”, “Consequences”, “Remorse”, “Responsibility”, “Planning”, “Honesty”, “Intellect”, “Charity”, and a zillion other painfully excrutiating thoughts that can interfere with the normal criminal (i.e., jungle) mental process that the Upright Chimp feels quite at home with.

8) “FRUIT JUICE”: Niggers absolutely go ape over any fruit-flavored drink such as Tiki Punch or Kool-Aid. This is hard wired into their chimp brain pan, and like the appendix, appears to be a vestigial remnant from earlier times. The Nigger in the distant past was a lazy, useless scrounger — finding ripe and rotting fruit on the ground was a major component of their diet being that they were too stupid and lethargic to actually go hunt something. Niggers today survive on free Government Cheese, Welfare, FEMA Checks, and hand-outs from YT, but the Inner Chimp still gets all excited when brightly colored fruit drinks are served and will consume them in gluttonous amounts.

9) “WHITE WIMMINZ”: Often people will ask, “Why don’t they just stick to their own kind?” The answer is simple — have you SEEN the females of their species?!! The typical Negroid Sow is commonly a disgusting fat-assed disease ridden baboon which will indiscriminately mate with anything. Even good-looking “Women of Color” such as Halle Barry, Beyonce, and Mariah Carey have been enhanced by copious amounts of Human DNA in their lineage and are more distantly removed from their Negroid roots than they’d care to admit — but still a lot of make-up and plastic surgery has been used to make them look more Human.

10) “PUBLIC HUGGING”: Males of the Negroid species will commonly make a great scene of hugging each other in public places where White Wimminz congregate. This is to draw attention to themselves (typical “Look-A-Me” behaviour) and to make unsuspecting White Females think that Negroes are fun to be around, and that it is OK to touch them. It is not! Girls, don’t fall for this trap, Niggers are just Niggers even if bleach them white and send them to Oxford for an education. The Inner Chimp still awaits the right moment, and you will ultimately be raped, murdered, tortured, robbed, burned alive, hacked to death, or any number of other bad endings. Just say No to the Nigger!

11) “UNINTELLIGIBLE GREETINGS”: Two Niggers passing each other on a street or sidewalk will loudly utter unintelligible garbage back and forth and walk away smugly as if something important had just happened. It didn’t. The Nigger engages in a 24 hour a day effort to set itself apart from the rest of the Chimp Pack in order to be noticed by females, or by pretending it knows something that the others don’t in order to give its fragile ego a boost. Typically, in a scenario like described above, Nigger #1 will bellow out something like, “Hey Brutha — Foobity Hoo, Fu Man Chu, Who Be You, CanYaDigIt?”

The second Nigger, not wanting to admit that it doesn’t know what the first Nigger is even remotely talking about will reply in an even louder voice (to draw more attention to itself) “Summuh Fummuh, Shamma Lamma, Sweet Home Alabama, and a SideOrderO’FrenchFries”

The first Nigger, unable to understand a damn thing the second Nigger said, will pretend that it understands perfectly well as to not to appear stupid. It will respond in an even louder voice (again, typical “Look-A-Me” behavior) and utter some more idiotic garbage. Pretty soon, they are both talking at the same time and trying to drown one another out as they continue on their separate ways — each content that it was the victor in a verbal display of dominance and showmanship, much like two Roosters puffing and strutting around the same yard to impress the females. Stupid Niggers….

12) “EXAGGERATED SENSE OF SELF-IMPORTANCE”: Even the scrawniest, most butt-ugly, Lice-infested Nigger with a cold sore on its lip thinks that it is Wesley Snipes, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King all rolled into one. This exaggerated sense of self-importance is a defensive mechanism that the Negroid adopts at an early age in order to protect itself from having to deal with the truth — that it is in reality the stupidest, ugliest, lowest form of life on earth.

13) “LARGE SNEAKERS”: The Nigger shoe size seems to correspond directly to its age on a “one to one” basis (i.e., an 10 year old Nigger wears a size 10 basketball shoe, an 11 year old Nigger wears a size 11, and so on) which is based partially on physiology and partly on fantasy. Niggers do tend to have large feet, but also try to attract attention to themselves and hope to get some “Muh Dik” by wearing the largest and gaudiest footwear available — whether they shoplift it, or rob it from another Negroid at gunpoint.

14) “GHETTO LIMP”: Inner City Niggers walks with around with a limp in order to give onlookers the impression that they have sustained bullet injuries out there in the mean, cold streets. In fact, many do get shot and die while engaging in TNB. The ones that live are often partially paralyzed and confined to wheelchairs — the ones limping around either got hurt running from the Police, or trying to break into someone’s second story apartment window. The rest are just faking it.

15) “PACK of KOOL MILDS”: Contrary to popular opinion, Niggers don’t actually buy packs of cigarettes — they either wait until someone else does and will bum one off of them, or will buy just one single cigarette at a time in order to avoid being “Chumped” by the rest of the local Chimp Pack. The preference for Menthol cigarettes is a universal Negroid trait, perhaps best explained by the fact that when they still had tails they used to swing from Eucalyptus tree to Eucalyptus tree, enjoying those succulent leaves that Menthol comes from — before Australia finally broke away from the African continent and drifted away.

16) “UNABLE TO DIFFERENTIATE FANTASY FROM FACT”: Niggers have an extremely hard time separating what is real from what is not real, which is why they cannot simply sit quietly and watch a movie like everyone else does. The chimp brain lacks sufficient candlepower to understand that the actors on the movie screen or TV set cannot actually hear or see them. This behavior is also commonly seen in many other domestic animals that will suddenly go into “Fight or Flight” type behavior when a National Geographic special comes on, or when a Dog Food commercial is shown.

17) “SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION”: For the Nigger, have a car suddenly catch fire and go up in flames while driving is no big deal, in fact it seems to be a fairly common occurance. Similarly too, their living quarters seem to burst into flames alot. Some of it can be blamed on smoking while in bed, other incidents can usually be attributed to the shoddy means by which they repair things — also known as “Nigger-Rigging” which invariably leads to catastrophic failure.

18) “DISCONNECTED UTILITIES”: Yes, this sometimes happens to Humans, but standing in line to get “Da Lectric” or “Da Heat” restored after not paying the utility bills for months on end is a full-time occupation for the Negro. To the Chimpus Americanus it is a downright violation of their rights to actually have to PAY for something, as they have become so accustomed to hand-outs and entitlements they actually think YT owes them everything!

19) “CHIMP PACK”: The Chimp Pack denotes a random collection of Negroids that usually assembles for an immediate purpose — such as Gang Rape, Looting, Intimidation, or 10 against 1 attacks on unsuspecting Humans. Niggers are solely absorbed in their own selfish interests, but will band together as a temporary measure against outsiders. Once the immediate threat has passed, the Chimp Pack will desintegrate once again into a collection of individual Niggers that will try to rob, rape, or kill each other.

20) “RAP MUSIC”: Rap music is an expression of the noise that the Inner Chattering Monkey is constantly making inside the Nigger’s skull, much like the marble that rolls around inside a can of spray paint. In reponse, the Nigger will attempt to drown the Inner Chattering Monkey in cheap booze, Malt Liquor, or drugs — often freeing the dangerous “Inner Chimp” which still operates under the Law of the Jungle.

21) “MENTAL ILLNESS”: Mental illness is rampant amoungst Niggers, largely because they do not have the brain power to cope with the Higher Brain fucntions that are needed to adapt to Human Society. Laws, Rules, Customs, and Courtesies all take a great deal of brain power to process, and for the Nigger it is all too much. Eventually the chimp brain overheats, and the veneer of civilization that the Nigger wears as a disguise gets stripped off and the true nature of the beast is revealed!2

22) “BREAKFAST AT DENNYS”: The ultimate status symbol for a young Negroid is to be seen having breakfast at Denny’s Restaurant (Regional variations can include Elias Brothers Big Boy, Shoeney’s, and Waffle House) in the company of an attractive young white female whom it presumably spent the night with. When the check arrives the Nigger will recoil in absolute terror, and the naive white girl invariably picks up the bill and leaves the tip. As they drive away, the Nigger will be sprawled out in the passenger side of the girl’s vehicle with the seat fully reclined while young Ms. “Too Stupid to Know Any Better” has to pay for gas and drive the worthless Nig around all day. The final insult to Humanity is that the end result is usually an unwanted pregnancy, another mouth for the Taxpayer to feed, and the “Daddy Mack” Nigger nowhere to be found!

23) “LACK OF PARENTING SKILLS”: Niggers posses absolutely NO parenting skills, and quite frequently even kill some of their own young. Unfortunately, they usually produce somewhere close to a dozen offspring, with a typical sow producing generally 6 to 10 Niglets from an almost equal number of “Baby Daddys” that refuse to accept any responsibility or provide financial support. While Human couples tend to produce only a small number of children and devote their energies and resources to seeing that they are raised properly, Niggers are biologically programmed to spit out as many bastard miniature shitskins as possible with little regard for who donates the DNA.

24) “POOR ELOCUTION”: Simply put — Niggers can’t speak properly. Vocalizing even the simplest of sounds presents a major challenge to the modern day Yard Ape due to its lack of brain power. Speech is a High Level skill that requires the superb mental and physical coordination that is found in Humans and requires a well developed frontal brain lobes. The Nigger is nothing more than a weird Morph Ape with a Beta 2.0 version Chimp Brain upgrade, which is kind of like trying to play Halo II using an old outdated Commodor 64 computer.

25) “SLEEPY NIGGERS”: Niggers are by nature night time creatures, and much like cats, will try to sleep at least 18 hours a day. In the wild, the major activities of the Nigger were more or less confined to eating, sleeping, and trying to reproduce. The domesticated Nigger has somewhat of a more complex existence largely due to it’s preoccupation with liquor and drugs — and as a result spends a good deal of time committing crimes to support its habit, and avoiding getting caught by the Police.

26) “SLOW MOTION”: Niggers in any public place will move at a snail’s pace, particularly if it can delay a Human somehow. The whole purpose of the Nigger’s existence (besides crime, drugs, and Muh-Dik) is to get in the White Man’s way. Niggers will stop their cars in the middle of the “skreet” just to jabber back and forth like apes because they know someone else will be inconvenienced by it. Fat-assed Sheboons will block an entire Supermarket aisle while smacking their lips on handfulls of free stuff just to slow down a Human shopper. Proverbially, Niggers are pebble in the shoe of Human Progress.

27) “HAND ON MUH DIK”: Niggers just can’t seem to walk around in public without holding on to their penises. It doesn’t matter where – school, church, the Mall – they’d hold onto their jimmy-john in Court, except they’re usually wearing handcuffs there. They harbor some deep, dark fear that the Ju-Ju Man will cast a spell on them and steal it – then what the hell would they do with themselves all day?!! There have been numerous news articles about riots and deaths occurring in Nigeria because local citizens feared that their “privates” had been stolen by Witch Doctors. Christ, Niggers are stupid!

28) “COLOR OF MY SKIN”: A common refrain for Niggers is that they are hated for the color of their skin, and if they were simply born white, everything would be OK…. No, Niggers – you are hated for everything EXCEPT the color of your skin! You are useless, stupid, stinking pieces of animal filth that should not be allowed to co-exist with Humans. We would still hate you if you were green or purple. Deep inside you’re still Niggers – your actions and behaviours confirm this fact everyday!

29) “DEVOLUTION”: Unlike the rest of the Human Race, Niggers are slipping backwards on the Evolutionary Scale. During the days of Segregation they sought to emulate some of the finer points of White Society (as best they could) in order to attain better lives for themselves. But in the last several decades they have been given their freedom and have been encouraged to celebrate “diversity” and their non-existent “culture”. As a result, Negroes have rapidly begun to devolve into the useless violent apes they were before they were taken out of the jungle 400 years ago. Just like the Goldfish that adapts to the size of the fishbowl it lives in, Niggers will fall to the lowest, most primitive standards of behaviour that society allows them to – and in this case, we’ve removed all the stops by allowing them to act just like the Niggers they truly are!

%^$ Niggers!

  1. “LAWZY JEEBUS” – Niggers pray in public only to get attention. The magical figure they pray to is known as “Lawzy Jeebus” and, like the figure from the movie “Beetlejuice”, will appear to grant the Nigger a wish if his name is said 3 times. Niggers have no concept of the Holy Trinity, Crucifixion, or Eternal Salvation – explaining such things to them is like lecturing about Quantum Mechanics to a bunch of squirrels. When Niggers talk to Lawzy Jeebus they usually request White Wimmenz, free money, or to be miraculously rescued from some self-induced trauma (like robbing a bank) that they are going to prison for. Niggers don’t go to Heaven, by the way. Cats and dogs do, but Niggers don’t. Ha-ha, Niggers! Even God hates you….

    31) “Huh? Wuh?” – The Nigger cranium is such an under-developed relic from the Pleioscene Era that it can barely keep them awake, let alone generate enough electrical activity to accomplish higher-order tasks (how many Niggers have accomplished great feats of engineering, or wrote a symphony, or painted any great works of art? Answer – none. And those shoes Michael Jackson patented don’t count!) In response to a sudden unexpected event like getting questioned by the police, the Nigger’s Simian brain simply locks up when queried for a response. For Example – when seeing a Nigger fleeing from the scene of a crime, the police will usually apprehend it and ask questions like: “I’ll need to see some ID. Where are you coming from?” Nigger: “Huh? Wuh?” In this instance, the Nigger is stalling for time in order to formulate a credible answer that will magically get it off the hook. However, since the hybrid chimpanzee brain is severely over-stressed under pressure – the Nigger will simply continue to answer “Huh? Wuh?” until it sees a chance to try and run away. Stupid Niggers….

    32) “MUH AUNTY” (alt: “MUH CUZZIN”) – These imaginary relatives are people that the Nigger makes up in order to evade questioning from Law Enforcement personnel. This is a variation of the “Huh? Wuh?” ploy. When asked where a Nigger got such-and-such stolen item (like the car they’re riding in), or how that bag of weed somehow ended up in it’s pocket – the Nigger claims that it belongs to “MUH AUNTY” or “MUH CUZZIN” over there on Fayette Street, and they will take the soonest opportunity to try and flee from the Authorities. Their brain power is so limited, it’s like trying to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool with a garden hose when they try to come up with an explantion for anything. Niggers suck!

  1. “MOUTH BREATHER”: Niggers never shut their mouth – literally! It’s open when they eat, it’s open when they are constantly hollering like a bunch of wild apes and it’s open when they breathe. As a matter of fact, the blubbery gaping Siminan maw of the Nigger CAN’T be shut, due to the antiquated geometry of the chimp-like lower jaw and socket. This is an adaptative trait from the Nigger’s early evolutionary days – you see by design, the Nigger is a useless, nocturnal scrounger. During the day of course they hung around in trees and slept in order to conserve energy – and what better source of hassle-free protein than to allow flying insects to crawl in one’s mouth, similar to the strategy employed by the Venus Fly Trap plant. The only drawback is that this “gaping mouth” feature usually causes them to drown when submerged in water. Tough luck, Niggers!

    34) “FECES”: Historically, Niggers haven’t created much of anything. No written language, no architecture, no science, nothing. About the only thing that they can produce however is feces, which is an endless source of amusement for themselves! To a Nigger, taking a dump is almost like magic. For a species that can’t accomplish anything, it is a miracle for them to be able to produce something out of nowhere! The female of the species is biologically programmed to double-check to see if it didn’t accidently crap out a Niglet, as these things happen as if by magic as well. Feces for a Nigger is almost like having their own custom-made Playdoh, which they typically will smear in their hair and all over themselves in order to repel stinging insects and to mask their own hideous body odor in an attempt to attract members of the opposite sex. Niggers are really such silly, filthy creatures!


    Unless they’ve just won the Nigger Lottery following a severe beating by cops in the vicinity of a libtard with a camcorder, or just sold a load of drugs to some wigger students, niggers are too poor to afford nice things, and in-store cameras prevent them from stealing as much as they used to. Many therefore have difficulty affording all the nice sport-related crap that bolster their egos and attract the boons and coalburners. However, they think that hanging outside a shop that sells what they want somehow allows them to bask in the aura of ownership of the shop’s stock. Therefore they can often be found hanging outside sportswear stores (JJB Sports is the favourite of the UK Nigger) in large numbers, inexplicably thinking that having a load of expensive Nike and Addidas shoes in a shop-window behind them immediately confers some sort of bling-bling super-powers upon them (which is as stupid as a human standing in front of a Rolls Royce car showroom thinking that everyone will assume he is rich!)

36) COCOA BUTTER: Niggers use cocoa butter like there’s no tomorrow. They think it makes them “look purty” because it tends to hide their scaly skin. Cocoa butter smells nice in small quantities, but when Niggers slather handfuls of it on themselves it smells exactly just like those burning 50 gallon shit buckets that are used in military latrines and then filled with diesel fuel and set on fire. Putting cocoa butter on a Nigger is like putting grease on a turd. I mean seriously – why bother? You just end up with a greasy turd.

37) CHIMPANZEE SKULL: Next time you’re sitting someplace, take a look as Humans and Niggers pass by. From the side view, the face on Humans is almost perfectly vertical – with the nose being the most prominent feature visible. Now look at a Nigger – the part that sticks out the farthest are the lips and teeth. This is because the Nigger skull is basically identical to that of a Chimpanzee – the jaw is thrust forward and the back of the skull is extended, resulting in very little forehead area. Unfortunately, this is where the Frontal Lobes of the brain go – these are the parts of the brain that control higher thought and reasoning. The Nigger brain closely resembles that of an ape and thus they lack any real mental ability or emotional control – everything with them is “Gibs Muh”, “Blame Whitey” and “Muh Dik”. Why we brought these diseased apes here is beyond me – they were never meant to walk freely among Humans!

38) GROOMING: The new thing with Niggers these days is to carry a small dog brush with them so they can comb their nappy heads in public. I’ve seen Niggers brush themselves in airplanes before take-off, and look around to see if anyone saw them trying to look all spiffy. “Oh look, Mommy – the Chimpanzee is cleaning itself!” This is just another form of “Look-A-Me!” behaviour used by these digusting creatures to get noticed. Unfortunately, it puts nearby Humans at risk for catching ticks, lice and scabies from this disgusting habit. Why in the hell do we allow Niggers on airplanes anyhow? As a matter of fact – why aren’t they still in zoos? Everytime a Nigger gets on an airplane the first thing it tries to do is mate with the liquor cart or blow itself up with an underwear bomb. Just say “No!” to airborne Niggers!

41. WIDELY SPACED EYE SOCKETS: Ever notice how far apart Oprah’s eyes are spaced? As a matter of fact – ever notice how widely spaced apart most Nigger’s eyes are??? The “Gollywog” effect of wide eye spacing is indicative of two things – with one of them being inbreeding. The Nigger species has been identified as being the most “diverse” (genetically) of any creature – and in this case, like all other cases, “diversity” is bad. It means pockets of Niggers dragging their knuckles around Sub-Saharan Africa did nothing but shit everywhere and interbreed like rabbits for hundreds of thousands of years. Historically, Niggers didn’t travel – they were too lazy and stupid to venture beyond their local watering hole, resulting in many sub-species of Niggers (Pygmies, Congoids, etc.) that are virtually completely seperate species all by themsleves. Bottom line: They screwed their own sisters and cousins for eons, resulting many isolated clusters of identically bizarre and disgusting looking Niggers.

42. WIDELY SPACED EYE SOCKETS – PART II: Wide eye spacing also denotes that Niggers were prey, not hunters. All herbivores have eyes that have migrated outwards towards the peripheral portions of their skulls to afford them a more panoramic view of their surroundings in order to better detect predators. Closely spaced and evenly centered eyes are the traits of predators – who needed to have keen forward binocular vision in order to determine prey speed and distance. Humans, by virtue of having to survive the Ice Ages, underwent genetic adaptations spurring brain and cranial development in order for us to survive as a species. What are the world’s smartest animals? Hunters! Intelligence and planning are traits of predators – not Niggers. Niggers suck!

43. BETTER ATHLETES: Libtards and Nigger sympathizers will often argue that Negroes are “superior” because they can run fast and catch a ball. Ironically, this arguement actually defeats itself by PROVING that Niggers are in fact animals. Virtually every animal can outrun a Human. Virtually every animal can catch a ball better than a Human. That doesn’t make them “better” than a Human – it just means they’re animals. Niggers are fast runners because the slower ones got eaten by carnivores. It is interesting to note that Niggers didn’t run quickly TO catch anything – they ran quickly to get AWAY from things. Think about that next time you watch sports on TV – the “fast twitch” muscle response in Niggers was the direct result of running like scared bitches for the last 250,000 years!

44. BETTER ATHLETES – PART II: Being an Athlete means more than running, jumping and climbing. An Athlete is a role model. Dedication, humility, perserverence, and gratitude are the hallmark attributes of true Athletes. Thugs recruited from “da Hood” or some Nigger college to play in the NBA or NFL lack all of these traits. They are simply Gang-Bangers wearing Nikes, and their true colors show when they get some “cash money” in they pocket. Nigger “Afleets” ALWAYS self-destruct because they lack the intellect and moral up-bringing to handle the stresses and temptations that come with celebrity status. Media darlings such as OJ Simpson slashed his coal-burning wife, and the half-Negroe “Magic Nigger” Woods just couldn’t keep his jimmie in his pants whenever White Wimmenz was around. Nigger Afleets are little more than greedy, grabbing Monkeys who get their paws stuck in the cookie jar trying to steal more than they can handle!

45. SWIMMING: It is a well known fact most Primates can’t swim. Every zoo in the world has a moat around the Monkey Exhibit because everyone knows damn well that Monkeys can’t cross it, so no cages are needed. So why in the hell does everybody act so surprized when Niggers drown? Niggers look like apes, they walk like apes, and they sure as hell are dumber than apes…. but, noooooo – thanks to the Libtards we have to somehow ignore the facts and pretend these things are Human. Never mind they can’t do math, build cities, invent wheels, raise children, follow rules, or even fucking swim for Christ’s sake. Summertime is Nigger Rockfish time – truly the season to rejoice!
46. SHARE THE WEALTH: Niggers are ever-so-fond of “sharing the wealth” – but only when it means taking away YOUR stuff, not giving away theirs. Chimps are greedy, grabbing creatures by nature – and Niggers, which share 99.9% of the Chimpanzee DNA, are no different. Niggers will “share the wealth” by robbing, looting, and raping – and somehow rationalize it in their primitive inbred minds that “Whitey Owes Me”. Here’s a Newsflash, Mandingo – Whitey doesn’t owe you SHIT! You sub-humanoid pieces of Simian filth should be thanking us everyday for importing your worthless butts over to the civilized world, where you can scream “Gibs Muh” or “Rayciss” and Jessie Jackson and CNN will come running to pamper your black asses.

47. SMALL EARS: Although Niggers are usually referred to as “Chimps” technically the Chimpanzee is a different species entirely. Niggers are retrograde offshoots of the Great Apes, and most Niggers physically resemble Gorillas more so than they do Chimpanzees – same flaring nose, extended distal portion of the skull, and most notably incredibly small ears. Niggers are often heard saying “Huh? Wuh?” but this doesn’t have anything to do with hearing – it has everything to do with the fact that their under-powered brains are stalling for time so they can run away from the Law (covered in more detail under “Huh? Wuh?” section).

48. STUPID ARM GESTURES: Niggers will raise their arms and make stupid gang gestures when agitated. Chimpanzees and Monkeys will raise their arms overhead in the same manner when they feel threatened. Coincidence? I think not! Niggers are apes. Repeat after me – “N-I-G-G-E-R-S” “A-R-E” ” A-P-E-S” See? Isn’t it easier to speak the truth instead of lies the Libtards and Government has pounded into your head? Sure it is! Niggers are apes! ‘Nuff said!

49. Primitive Tooth Structure: Mother Nature knows all – and she knew that Niggers would be too stupid and lazy to practice even the most basic hygiene skills, including wiping their ass and brushing their teeth! Your typical Negroe has big, widely spaced teeth that look more like a mouthful of tombstones. The wide spacing helps assure that nothing will get lodged between them – making routine maintenance unnecesary. The only Negroes that have nice, straight teeth are those that came from disgusting coal-burning moms. Human DNA helps smooth out some of the superficial Negroid features (think in terms of Beyonce or Alicia Keys) but of course merely masks the chimp lurking inside. Negroes lack tails because Mother Nature also wisely removed them – otherwise they’d drag them through shit all day!

50. Proof that Space Aliens Visited Earth: Niggers are not “One of God’s Creatures” – Anopheles mosquitos, Sand Fleas, and Hagfish qualify as being amoung God’s Creatures, but Niggers are not. Scientists are still trying to figure out which theory is correct – either that Niggers are proof that aliens visited Earth to screw monkeys during their holiday junkets, or that Niggers were created by Satan himself. Either way, Niggers don’t go to Heaven. As a matter of fact – they can’t even PRONOUNCE Heaven (see below!)

51. Heaven: Niggers talk about Heaven all the time like it was some giant combination FEMA Office, Liquor Store, and Whore House up in the sky that awaits them when they die. “Plenty of fried chicken, White Wimmenz, and Courvosier in Hebbins, yessir Boss!” Sorry, Niggers – you don’t go to Heaven. You can’t even prounounce Heaven you stupid apes. Heaven is pronounced “Heaven” – the best you dumb Niggers can manage to blurt out is something like “Hebbins” with those giant mumbo lips and ape-like jaw structure. Watch the “Green Mile” sometime and see that over-sized Nigger singing about “Hebbins – Ibz goins ta’ Hebbins” right before they fry its murdering ass. Now THAT is entertainment!

52. Church: Church is the place where Niggers go every Sunday to look, talk, dress, and act just like a bunch of Niggers. Church to Niggers is the ultimate ape-fest where wearing purple and orange suits is somehow acceptable and jumping up and down babbling about “Hebbins” and “Jeebus” is an attempt to induce members of the opposite sex to mate immediately afterwards. As a matter of fact, most Nigger offspring are conceived in stolen cars, the shrubbery, or in Porta-Johns right outside of Nigger Churches. The whole concept of “redemption”, “salvation”, and “confession” is lost on Niggers. For them it’s “Muh Dik”, “Muh Poosey” and “Blame Whitey”. Stupid apes….

53. Ambiguous Sexuality: Even experienced Zoologists have a hard time distinguishing the male and female members of the nigger species from each other. For the most part, there really is no physical difference between the two and some scientists are convinced that Niggers simply produce offspring spontaneously without requiring a member of the opposite sex to participate. Given that most Sheboons have had farm animals, rented furniture and major appliances as sex partners, that theory may very well be true! Another popular theory states that the reason that so many negroe males are on the “Dow Low” is that they simply don’t know the difference. Nature has endowed Niggers with the ability to mate with anything, and to do so frequently – much to the disgust of the Civilized World.

54. Sunglasses at Night: Niggers are so stupid that they think wearing sunglasses makes them look cool, and will wear them at night to look even more cool. Not! The only thing that wearing sunglasses does is make them look like Chimpanzees wearing sunglasses! Niggers have the uncanny ability to fool themselves, which Nature provided so they don’t all jump off of cliffs en masse like Lemmings. If Niggers knew how stupid and ugly they were, they would drown their offspring at birth and set fire to themselves. The Mai-Mai Nigger tribe in Africa wear faucets around their necks when they go into battle, believing that water makes them invisible and also bullet-proof. This really is how stupid Niggers are, folks!

55. Music in the Head: Every Nigger you see seems to be listening to some kind of music inside it’s head. This isn’t just an act – thanks to the unique ape-like structure of the Nigger skull, radio waves become trapped inside. The Professor from Gilligan’s Island proved this point by making a radio out of a coconut, until Gilligan screwed it up somehow and they never got rescued. Regardless, the Nigger skull is shaped much like a coconut and is just as thick. This combination of shape and thickness traps radio waves in the frequency of 96.7 Mhz inside their nearly empty craniums where the music plays all day long! Christ, they’re primative….

56. SOUL FOOD PART I – CHICKEN AND CHITERLINGS: The Nigger love for KFC and Popeyes Chicken is legendary. Even in the “Old South” Humans were puzzled by the Negroe’s insatiable desire for the “throw-away” parts of slaughtered animals that were normally fed to hogs. To understand this behaviour better, one must realize that the Nigger was never a hunter – it lacked the cunning and organizational abilities to do so, rather these disgusting Simians looked for food wherever they could find it – often waiting until something died or was killed and scrounged the remains of the picked-over carcass.

The prime competition for these remains was of course large winged birds such as Vultures. Armed with sharp beaks and claws, these foraging bands of Niggers routinely got their asses kicked by flocks of scavenging birds – and they had to wait and dine on whatever was left over once the other superior carnivores finally had their fill. For Niggers to enjoy the prime part of the kill, such as entrails and vital organs, was an impossible dream – so imagine their shock and joy when they became domesticated and were fed such delicacies as Hog Jowls and Chiterlins by their Masters!

Often times Niggers would leave their young unattended (a tradition that continues today!) and Niglets would be carried away by predatory birds. Often these Niglets attempted to “Muh Dik” the young birds in the nest they were being fed to as the mother bird was trying to tear them to shreds. So deep is the Nigger hatred for birds, that is genetically programmed into their DNA. Niggers are simple minded animals, and the sight of seeing their former Avain rivals now quartered and fried is too much for them to resist. Niggers will stuff as much fried chicken down their gaping Simian maws as they can to commemorate their “victory” over their former winged enemies of the sky!

57. SOUL FOOD PART II – RIBS: So now we know why Niggers are so attracted to Fried Chicken and Hog Jowls, but how does one explain their insatiable desire for ribs? Indeed, traditionally ribs were hardly a delicacy – more in fact, in the wild they were the very last part of the animal that ever got eaten. In most lean animals, there is little meat on the ribs – just some connective muscle tissue between the bones and the tough membrane that lines the respiratory cavity. In short, next time you see “National Geographic” on TV look at what’s left on an animal carcass after it’s been picked clean – there’s nothing left but bare ribs sticking up in the air!

Since Niggers normally had to wait until all the other more superior predators and scavengers had their pick of the kill, Niggers had survived for 100’s of thousands of years by relying on the very last part left over, and that was the ribs. Ribs have been the sole sustinance for packs of unevolved Niggers since time began, and as a result they’ve developed a strong affinity for them that still continues to this day. Ever seen a Nigger eat ribs? It’s absolutely disgusting! They revert back to their feral past instantly – smacking their lips and acting like savage apes (which in hindsight isn’t much different than they normally behave, but I digress!)

Ribs historically have been the least desirable part of the animal – at least until fire was invented and Mankind could season and marinate them, then slow cook them to a succulent goodness. Niggers never invented fire, so they had to wait until all the other animals had their fill and took whatever was left. As it is the Animal Kingdom, it is with all things in life – GET TO THE BACK OF THE BUS, NIGGER!

So now you know….

58. SLAVERY: Niggers invented slavery, and that is an indisputable fact. They are sick, loathsome creatures that occupy the lowest rung in every society and they darn well know it. In an effort to make themselves feel better, they have an inner need to find something – anything – that is below them, and they have fulfilled this need by capturing and enslaving others of their own hideous species for hundreds of thousands of years so they can feel just like they are the “Chimp in Charge” of another worthless piece of shit.

The modern spin on this is that Niggers will attempt to enslave white girls by getting them hooked on dope, then turning them out on the street corner to make money. This is the same reason that Niggers raise Pitbulls and own pets – just so they can feel “superior” to something. Niggers are truly sick, disgusting morph apes that shouldn’t be allowed to mix with Humans, let alone other animals. Good God, they truly make be want to vomit!

59. SLAVERY – PART II: Being brought to the civilzed world as slaves was the greatest thing that ever happened to Niggers, yet they piss and moan like it was some great catastrophy! Just once I’d like to see a Nigger actually thank his lucky stars that his Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather was some useless scrounger that was caught by his own kind and sold to Slave Traders.

Without slavery Niggers would be nearly extinct, yet they are flourishing now across the world thanks to White Guilt and “free gubermint money an’ sheeit” that has encouraged their species to whine and complain and not do a damn thing for themselves for at least the last 400 years or so. You would think that Niggers would want a holiday commemorating the landing of the Amistaad in the New World, marking the beginning of a whole new future for them – but nooooooooo, the stupid Nigs had to have a special day named after a fat-assed drunken whore-monger that used church funds to procure liquor and prostitutes instead. Next they’ll want ANOTHER one for that sack of shit Prezadent Obongo, then probably one after that for Tupac Shikor, then after that Gary Coleman, and finally Kwame Kilpatrick.

60. Spontaneous Death:

Ever read the newspaper? Virtually every morning you’ll see some Nigger “Afleet” (usually a Teenaper) has unexplainably keeled over and died for no apparent reason.

Niggers are prone to “sudden everything” – sudden rage, sudden violence, sudden looting, sudden muh-dik, sudden stupidity… and of course sudden death! If only they could add “spontaneous combustion” to that list, they’d get the whole Trifecta!

Sudden death is due to the fact that the Nigger is a genetic anomally – a freak offshoot of the ape kingdom that has learned to mimic human behaviour. Nature has responded to this abhoration by “flushing the toilet” and producing all kinds of mechanisms to rid itself of this hideous parasite – AIDS, Ebola, Hanta Virus, Drought, Floods, Starvation, etc., but Mankind in his foolishness keeps on interfering!

There’s a lesson in all of this – stop screwing with Mother Nature, and let these retarded apes finally perish!

60. Spitting on the Sidewalk:
One of the least endearing traits of the Nigrus Domesticus and it’s close cousin Nigrus on Parolus is the fact that these disgusting creatures spit on sidewalks.

The saliva of the both the feral and domestic Nigger is dangerous, and should technically be classified as “Biohazardous Medical Waste”. Unwitting passersby are tracking germs and bacteria from these disgusting apes into their homes which contains AIDS, Hepatitus, TB, Siphylus, and a thousand other ape-bourne diseases.

Niggers spit on the sidewalk because they are stupid, disgusting creatures who have no concept of sanitation or civilized behaviour. They also spit on the sidewalk out of contempt for “Whitey” and all of his rules. Niggers are really just angry and resentful apes. Inside their over-heated Simian brains they know damn well they are the most loathsome, disgusting creatures on the planet.

They also know that they are too stupid to even build a sidewalk. Building anything takes a knowledge of math and a number of skills that Niggers lack. What Nigger have you ever seen that possesses even the simplest ability to plan out and execute something even remotely complex? Not a single one!

For creatures who claim to have built pyramids and were “Kings an’ sheeit” Niggers are really awfully stupid. I mean seriously, they live in mud huts still to this day. They just make up stories like that to make themselves feel better – but we all know that it’s just a pack of lies!

“hanging out”

Niggers will take every advantage to walk as slow as possible in the middle of hallways, airports, cafeterias, and restrooms. They will always be in a group spitting out niggerbabble (love that word) and trying to act cool and get attention in the pack. (Look-A-Me example). Niggers inherited this common “hanging out” trait from their monkey ancestors who swung from trees screeching monkey ooks, eeks, and aaah!’s. Recently at an amusement park during the halloween season, my brother and I were waiting in a line for this Area 51 thing (that sucked anyway) And about 50 niggers were waiting in line in front and behind us. We were forced to stand in a slow-moving line filled with niggers yelling, fighting, pushing, and typing two word nigger messages on their jig-a-phones. This is probably the most common trait amongst niggers is grouping up and annoying and making YT as uncomfortable as possible. After the show, we walk through the concession to find about 5 fat-assed sows sitting on a bench pecking away at their fried chicken and nig-fries. After being disgusted and annoyed, figuring that walking 300 yards to the entrance gate took about half an hour, we just ended up leaving doing one thing and out whole day. I never went to that theme park again. As you can see, that “hanging out” trait interrupts the peaceful cycle that humans try to enjoy.

a pus filled and horrid death to all things nigger

Since Humans discovered the use of fire, spices, hygiene, curing, storage, etc. even the most vile pieces of a carcass may be made too good for the nigger. Ribs, good as they are when properly prepared have become popular and thusly the price has gone up.

Niggers associate price with class, if they purchase a rack and a bottle of some expensive shit like crystal they are considered gourmands within nigger culinary circles. They will imbide “cuz it be lukin all high cless n’ shiet”

On the first and “fit-teent O’ de munf prodigious consumption of grape kool-aid and cheetos (the real ones) creates the same perception.

May your holidays be filled with a pus filled and horrid death to all things nigger

  1. The Turtle Walk
    When niggers walk, they walk slow. The more niggers there are in a pack, the slower they walk. Sometimes they walk at the rate of about half a footstep per second. This behavior is often combined with the already mentioned “hand on muh dik.” This makes any human’s life hell. Humans have things to do and places to go, like work. There are a few things worse than being stuck behind a pack of niggers, but not too many. The worst part is that you can’t exactly blame your lateness on “the pack of stupid fat fucking niggers on the sidewalk.”

  1. Ize be lookin good/Ize be sexy syndrome
    The fattest of bucks/sows are completely oblivious to the fact that they are morbidly obese. The buck thinks ‘he be lookin gud’ and will hit on all the white wimminz. The sow is far worse as it will cram its 300 lb. bulk into clothes that would look great on a human female but do nothing but make it’s fat ass more undesireable than it already is. Something in its simian brain tells it ‘Ize be sexy’ and ‘da boyz be wantin’ this juicy fruit’.

    Also, the out of shape and/or skinny buck will think he is Ronnie Coleman after working out (improperly) one time as a New Years resolution. All she-boons in the gym are fat. They’re the worst as now that they are ‘working out’ they ‘beez lookin gud’. Despite the fact that they do not realize one must physically exert themself to produce actual results. Instead, tight clothes are worn, they ‘run’ on the treadmill at .00002 MPH while talking on their ‘sail’ phones and do completely useless and made up exercises.

8 thoughts on “Often people will ask- Why does it do this?

  1. Excellent and very perceptive is how I would describe this assessment of Nature`s Ape Shit creation…the useless,redundant,egregious NIGGER.I am able to relate to this assessment of this primal puss because I have seen it for myself and I have seen how this black spawn of the gutter act especially when there more than just a few of them.All Negroes/Niggers/Groids are the vilest most disgusting and obtuse shit ever pulled out of cunt at birth.Sometimes I honestly believe that the Negro was the byproduct of an enormous pile of steaming black shit that the fucking devil ejaculated on and the end result was…well what you see today.

  2. On second thought,I was giving the Nigger trash too much credit to suggest that this hideous life form was pulled out of cunt at birth.The Niglet is pulled out of it`s mama`s shithole at birth and this partially explains why this obnoxious,brain dead turd skin abomination smells for the rest of it`s useless existence.As far as “white women” are concerned any race traitor bitch that fornicates with a nigger should have her tubes tied period.As far as the buck nigger is concerned,I would strip him naked,hang him,draw him and quarter him.Oh and I would cut off his genitals as well and put severed chunks of the fucking black creature into a wood chipper.Castrating a buck nigger would be necessary to make this ape shit creation understand that you do not violate the sanctity of nature without incurring a terrible penalty!The Negro black ape shit creation is a shit stain on this planet requiring eventual eradication.

  3. Hello, I am a member of Bgol.us. On this site, there are a number of Niggers that somehow exhibit an intelligence that both rivals and surpasses many of my friends. It sickens me, and I implore you to visit this site so that you may be equally angered and inspired to remain vigilant in your quest to expose the Nigger. The high intelligence level of the majority of the monkeys on this site is incredible, anomalous even. I am glad that I found this site, because one of those ape shits emailed a version of your brilliant perceptions to me, but instead replaced all variations of Nigger with “Kuntry Kracka'” and i was INFURIATED!!

  4. The misin link,gorila,chimp,nigger,human,no wonder they cant find the misin link,its here spreding ape disease al ova the planet.

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