Hellstorm Got Over 1.5 Million Views in One Year Despite Censorship

Hellstorm Got Over 1.5 Million Views in One Year Despite Censorship

Last year on May 1st I released a documentary that would go on to shake the world. I knew it would reach a lot of people, but I had no idea just how big it was going to be until it launched. It received over 10,000 views in the first 24 hours and then averaged about 10,000 views per day for the first week. In the first three months this official youtube upload of Hellstorm racked up around 100,000 views per month. Then it was banned worldwide for a copyright claim, which was successfully contested, yet this version still remains unavailable.


Since I made this film publicly available for anyone to copy, the truth would not be stopped. People around the world uploaded the film to their own channels on youtube, some added subtitles in their own languages and we even had a whole German voiceover done, others put it up on other video sharing sites and made it available for download on torrents, while others purchased and burned DVDs for distribution. Because some of uploaders did not use the original title, I was not even aware of some of these copies until recently. All in all, the documentary has been viewed WELL more than one and a half million times less than one year later.

The top 14 uploads on Youtube that I was able to find are as follows (rounded to the nearest thousand views):
581,000 + 340,000 + 199,000 + 87,000 + 79,000 + 62,000 + 44,000 + 43,000 + 35,000 + 32,000 + 25,000 + 21,000 + 11,000 + 6,000 = 1,565,000

That total does not include any of the views outside of youtube, DVD plays, or torrent downloads, which would add tens of thousands more at least. Also, one “view” on Youtube could actually be a group of people watching the documentary together, meaning that at least 2 million people could have watched Hellstorm by now. If Youtube’s view counts have been altered to reduce the perceived popularity of the film, which happens, the number could be even far more.

This is quite incredible for a film that had less than $4,000 for a production and marketing budget! Our enemies could only wish to get such results with so little spent, but their tired old narratives will continue to flounder, since people have been inundated with Allied propaganda for the past 70 years and do not feel compelled to spread this narrative far and wide, even if they still believe it.

Photo dated 25 February 1945 showing residents and emergency personnel lining up bodies to be burned at the Old Market in the east German city of Dresden, following allied bombings 13 February 1945. The 60th anniversary of the massive fire bombing of the city, which killed anywhere between 25,000 to 135,000 people, many of them refugees fleeing the Russian advance, will be commemorated in Dresden 13 February 2005, amidst calls by far-right parties to hold a mass rally in Dresden on the occasion. AFP PHOTO SLUB DEUTSCHE FOTOTHEK/WALTER HAHN (Photo credit should read WALTER HAHN/AFP/Getty Images) BRL103

On the other hand, Hellstorm is right in line with the truth-seeking zeitgeist of our age, as people are beginning to realize that almost every narrative spoon-fed to us by the jewish media is the inverse of reality. Once folks understand they have been lied to in a big way, and realize the terrible situation we are in today is actually a result of the victory over Germany in WW2, then they feel compelled to shout the truth about Hellstorm from the rooftops. Or at least to share it on social media.

The success of Hellstorm has our enemies very worried. They had a campaign of rating the film as 1-star on IMDb, countering all of the 10-star ratings, to make it seem like WW2 truth is not popular and to discourage others from seeing the film.

Sign up at IMDb to leave a review
Sign up at IMDb to leave a review

Unfortunately for them, their campaign to discredit the film has not worked, so they have decided to take their efforts to the next level. In the past few days leading up to the 127th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday, I received messages that versions of the film on Youtube, including my own and ones on other channels, have been banned around the world (except for the US) because of a bogus copyright claim by BBC Worldwide.

Although I wonder how many views the film would have by now if there had been no censorship of my main upload a few months after the release, I think that the efforts to stop the viral success of the film will only backfire. People around the world realize that this truth is verboten and will find ways to get around censorship.

Watch the film here!



Are We Winning?

by Dr. William Pierce (1975)

People often ask me, “Are we making any progress? Are we winning? Can you see victory ahead”

I answer thus: “Yes, we are making progress, but not enough. The Enemy, despite a few setbacks he has suffered recently, is gaining ground faster than we are. Therefore, we cannot claim to be winning at this time. Nevertheless, I can see victory ahead – far, far ahead, and the road to that victory is rocky indeed. It runs through a vale of sorrows the likes of which we have never yet experienced.”

Let me explain my answer, because a full understanding of it is essential to all of you who have made, or may soon make, the decision to travel that road.

The Alliance has gained new members in the past year, and we have increased our capability for generating and distributing the printed word, although our rate of growth has not been what we would like. The real progress we have made, however, is of a different sort. It is progress toward a correct assessment of our situation and of its necessary remedy, progress toward the new outlook and the new attitude and the new attitude we must have before we can begin winning, progress toward truth.

There was a time, 10 years or more in the past, when virtually all racially conscious, decent White Americans were “conservatives” or “right wingers,” and all “radicals” and “revolutionaries” were either Jews or degenerate Whites. Gradually, however, the realization has dawned on more and more White Americans that the situation in which our race has gotten itself admits to no “conservative” remedy.

A correct assessment of the implications of the biological time bomb which the Enemy has built in American is beginning to be made. Former “right wingers” are beginning to understand that the growing non-White army of occupation in America, now 40 millions strong, cannot be made to go away by writing any number of letters to their Congressmen or by passing any Constitutional amendment or by undertaking any other sort of reform. It is a biological problem, and it requires a biological solution. There is no other way.

Without a doubt, those who have understood the unpleasant fact are still only a tiny minority, far outnumbered by those who will waste untold time and resources trying to get Mr. Wallace or Mr. Reagan elected next year. But the mere fact that ATTACK!, with its uncompromisingly revolutionary message, is now read by thens of thousands of substantial and respectable citizens each month – and not just by the “losers” and social dregs who are always ready for a revolution – is an indicator of real progress.

Willingness to recognize the necessity of revolution, as opposed to reform, is only the first part of the change in attitude we have been working to bring about. It is far easier to tear down an old, decayed structure than it is to erect a new, sound one in its place. What we must do now is infuse our revolution-oriented minority with a new outlook, a new world-view which will not only sustain them on the long and difficult road ahead but will guide them in the building of a new society and a new world when victory has been won. Otherwise that victory will not be lasting.

This is an important point. One does not simply take a number of small businessmen, lawyers, housewives, students, farmers, and factory workers, convince them that the government in Washington is filled with traitors who need to be hanged, and then build a revolutionary army from these people who will proceed to do what needs doing. First, the task facing them is so difficult that extraordinary motivation is required. Second, they must have a unifying creed which serves as a guide to proper action in all matters.

We have until now concerned ourselves almost exclusively with various practical matters involved in building our army and in fighting the Enemy. We have worked to increase the circulation of ATTACK!, to distribute leaflets, and to do other necessary things, but we have not devoted as much thought as we should to the spiritual side of our struggle. Now we must work harder than ever at the things we have worked at before, but we must also begin making sure that we all know the answers to certain fundamental questions. Among these questions are: Why is it necessary that the White race maintain its biological integrity? What is God’s will in this matter? What is the proper relationship of the individual to his race, and of the White race to the rest of Creation? In what way do our lives have an absolute meaning and value? What is the purpose of man’s existence? How does the individual attain immorality? What are the basic values on which we want to build a new society?

It should be noted that these questions aren’t new. But our answers to them are, even though in some cases we may simply be looking at an old answer in a new way. And the integrated whole of which the answers to these questions are parts is the new creed which must sustain and guide us. The degree to which we assimilate this creed and live by it is just as much a sign of progress as the numbers of ATTACK! newsracks we set up or the number of leaflets we are able to put into circulation. In the long run it will be more necessary for our victory than anything else.

To some the foregoing may seem an exaggeration. They may say: “We know who the Enemy is. The only other thing we need to know is how to destroy him. Tell us how, and let’s get on with it. We don’t need any fancy philosophical notions.” Such an attitude might be acceptable if we were faced only with a tactical problem having a reasonably quick and easy solution, but that is not the case.

“The only immortality that is real is the memory among the living of what we did with our lives.”
“The only immortality that is real is the memory among the living of what we did with our lives.”

The problem before us is one of enormous depth and complexity, and its ultimate solution will be anything but quick and easy. It is so difficult a problem that few will tackle it and fewer still continue to grapple with it for long years on end, unless they first have a completely convincing answer to the question: “is it necessary that we attain the goal we have set for ourselves?”

Is our effort necessary? Are all our sacrifices necessary? Is it necessary for us to prevail over the Enemy?

That question has been asked, in different forms, by men of our race through the ages. Previously it might have been, “Is it necessary for good to prevail over evil?” Or, even earlier, “Is it necessary for the forces of Light to prevail over the forces of Darkness?”

But for us the most general form of the question is: “Is it necessary that the world continue its evolution toward ever higher states of existence?” And, in view of the clearly demonstrated intentions of the Enemy, the specific form of the question which is pertinent to our present struggle becomes: “Is it necessary that the most highly evolved race of man, the pinnacle of Creation, maintain its integrity – that it protect and preserve its unique features and give free rein to its creative urges, rather than drown these things in the cesspool of miscegenation? Is it necessary that man continue his climb toward the superman, rather than plunge again toward subman?”

And if we understand the great, upward course of evolution of the universe, the eternal process of Creation symbolized in our Rune, to be the self-manifestation of God – then it is clear that what we are doing is necessary. Our struggle is that part of God which is in us seeking its own self-realization. It is the struggle of the human toward the divine, of manhood toward Godhood.

In our race this divine spark, this upward urge, has always been too strong to be denied. In this age of the ascendancy of the powers of Darkness, however, the minds of many are confused. The urge is still there, but it has been misdirected. The Enemy has blinded most of us to the fact that the inchoate gases of the void; the silent, frozen mountain peaks; the rustling trees of the forests; the teeming jellyfish of the oceans, and man are parts of the Whole, which is God. God existed before man and will exist after man has surpassed himself, but man is now, for a period, a part of God, of the ever-changing, ever-evolving whole. All the parts of the Whole serve God’s purpose, but of those parts only man is capable of a consciousness of that purpose and a willful contribution to that purpose.

Once we have freed ourselves from the false teachings of the Enemy – once we understand the inequality of all things, the inequality of the races – then the consciousness of our purpose can be restored and the necessity of our struggle becomes apparent.

America the Sleepwalker

Do you not understand what they are doing?


America the Sleepwalker

by Dr. William Pierce (1977)

Photos added by the Renegade editor.

Recently I was looking again at the picture of DC Mayor Walter Washington in the current ATTACK! Again I found it hard to believe. I know it is real, and yet it seems like something form a nightmare.

Washington, D.C. Mayor, Walter Washington, and Local 1 Chapter Chairman of Sanitary Engineering, Thurmond Hayes, sign the contract that meant 35 cents an hour for D.C. sanitation workers in May 1970.
DC Mayor Walter Washington, center

Here we are, the descendants of the fierce Celts, of the warlike Vikings, and the others–here we are, in the most powerful nation on earth, which our forefathers built form a wilderness they took away from non-White savages–and the capital city of this nation, our nation, is governed by a crew of Black comedians straight out of Amos ‘n’ Andy, by a gang which no self-respecting troop of baboons would tolerate as their leaders for an instant.

Besides the head clown, who has managed to reduce the fiscal situation in the capital to a state of total chaos, to an incomprehensible shambles which not even the best auditors in the country can figure out–and he’s done this with a subsidy of nearly a million dollars a day from the Congress–besides Mr. Washington, we have a city council whose vice-chairman was convicted in court last year of biting a White man on the back three times in public–biting him hard enough to draw blood–when the White man momentarily blocked his parking space outside City Hall. And we have another prominent council member whose offices were used as a temporary morgue by some of his own employees who had organized a Black version of Murder, Inc. They would kill people and then hid the corpses in the councilman’s offices until they found a better place to dump them.

This absolutely grotesque situation in the District of Columbia might be more believable if America has been invaded by Africa and had lost a war, if we were a conquered nation. But we aren’t. Mr. Washington and his friends are all the descendants of our slaves. A hundred years ago they were all hoeing cotton and saying, “Yassah, mastah.” We put Walter Washington in office. We made the laws which allowed a Black city council to be elected. We are supplying the money which keeps the whole farce afloat–more or less. That’s what’s incredible. That’s what doesn’t seem real.

GrtcBNgAnd I know I’m not the only one who feels that everything that’s happening these days is just a bad dream, which will go away when we wake up. We received an order last week for some of our “Who’s Behind Busing?” leaflets, and the fellow who ordered them sent along a letter asking us to verify the authenticity of the photograph which appears on the leaflets. The photo shows White Federal troops using rifles with bayonets to push young White girls into a freshly integrated school in Little Rock, Arkansas, back during the Eisenhower period. The fellow who ordered the leaflets said some of his friends are claiming we faked the photo. They just can’t believe that the action the photo depicts actually happened.

I also remember that we got a number of comments from skeptics a couple of years ago when we printed a photograph on the front page of ATTACK! showing Nelson Rockefeller marching arm-in-arm in a New York City parade with a Black militant carry a machete and wearing a helmet with the words “Mau Mau” painted on it. They thought that photo was a fake too. They couldn’t believe that the governor of the state of New York, an intelligent, cultivated, White man, would parade arm-in-arm down the street with a Mau-Mau leader carrying a machete–just as some people can’t believe that a President of the United States, a White man and a military hero besides, would order Federal troops to jam White schoolgirls in the backs with bayonets to force them to go to school with Blacks. They can’t believe it. The say it didn’t happen, that we just made it up.

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced there are a lot of people like that, probably a majority of the White people in this contrary. They see with their own eyes what’s going on around them every day, but they don’t believe it. It’s just a dream, not real.

I think that explains a lot of things–in particular, why there has been virtually no organized White resistance to the takeover of America.

ZoIrrThere are some White people, of course, for whom the dream is not a nightmare at all, but a pleasant dream–one might almost say a wet dream. They are the sick ones, the ones who get a little thrill of excitement every time they read in the newspaper some new instance of the proud White man being humbled by his former slaves. They tremble in masochistic ecstasy at the thought reducing, someday, the whole country–in fact, the whole White world, starting with Rhodesia and South Africa–to the status of Washington, DC, with Blacks being driven around in chauffeured limousines and holding press conferences in their air-conditioned offices, while the Whites work to support their Black rulers. In their twisted minds, that would be real justice. That would be true equality.

But the great majority of White people certainly aren’t like that. For them, just as for us, what’s happening is like a nightmare. The difference between them and us is that we know it’s real, and they believe it’s only a dream, only a nightmare, and that it’ll go away when they wake up. At least, that’s what they want to believe, because it excused them from having to squarely face all sorts of nasty issues and make all sorts of unpleasant decisions.

I think there is real truth in this explanation of the way people are behaving. I’ve mentioned people questioning the reality of the photographic evidence we have presented to them of what’s going on in the world today. But all of us, I’m sure, have had the experience of arguing with people–not the sick ones, but just ordinary people–who clearly don’t want to face the truth about our present situation, who are determined to believe it’s all just a bad dream.

You collar a man on the street, and you say to him, “Listen, our news and entertainment media have been taken over by Jews and are being used as weapons to destroy America.” The chances are he’ll say, “Nonsense,” or, “I don’t believe it.” so you name the names for him, you show him clippings from the Jewish publications in which they brag about their control of Hollywood or of the TV networks, and he’ll look uncomfortable and say, “Well, so what? They are good businessmen. They worked hard to get where they are. This is a free country.”

If you try to tell him about the race situation instead you’ll get a similar reaction. You say to him, “Listen, the Blacks in this country and all the non-White immigrants who’re pouring in, they’re destroying everything our ancestor worked so hard to build up. They’re wrecking our armed forces, our government, our schools, our cities. They’re going to destroy not only our civilization but also our race if we don’t get rid of them soon.” And he’ll tell you you’re exaggerating. Things aren’t really that bad. And besides, Blacks are no worse than Whites. And so you give him the evidence. If you tell him about lower Black intelligence, he’ll parrot what he’s heard on TV about the intelligence tests being “culturally biased” against Blacks. If you talk about the Black crime rate, he’ll tell you it’s because they’re disadvantaged. No matter what argument you use, he’ll come up with a counter-argument–anything to avoid facing the facts and dealing with the problem.

It’s a bizarre situation. It’s quite plain that the public is suffering from much more than a severe case of misinformation. It’s quite clear that they have somehow convinced themselves that all the unpleasant things going on around them aren’t real and that they’ll never have to actually face up to them and do something about them.

It reminds me of a cartoon we once printed in ATTACK! An automobile with a little boy and his father is broken down beside the road in a pouring rainstorm. The hood is up, and the father is out in the rain, soaked to the skin, struggling without success to change a flat tire. The little boy, about five years old, had just asked the father a question, and the very wet, very exasperated father replies to him: “We can’t switch channels. This is real. This is life.”

Jew-TVThat cartoon suggests something to us, and it is this: perhaps we are trying too hard to tell people that America has engine trouble, that Western civilization has a flat tire, and that all sorts of troubles are raining down on our race. After all, they have eyes too. They should be able to see what’s happening as well as we can. Perhaps instead we need to try harder to convince people that no Big Daddy up in the sky is going to switch channels for them before things get too much worse. Perhaps we need to spend more of our time trying to wake people up to the fact that they cannot escape form the consequences of their foolishness, their cowardice, their selfishness, their laziness: that there is only one Reality, and they are part of it.

Perhaps instead of presenting people over and over again with Black IQ scores and crime statistics; instead of rubbing their noses in the bizarre antics of the DC city government: instead of quoting for them the chilling things the Jews are saying about Gentiles in their private publications–instead of presenting all these unpleasant facts, perhaps we should be thinking of ways to make people realize that this is life–their life–and that with life comes responsibility. Perhaps we should be trying harder to show people that they are not mere spectators at the sideshow of life, but that they all have a role to play themselves, they all have a Purpose.

Spectators at a sideshow–that sums up the attitude, the orientation, of most of those who are not sleepwalkers. And the common missing element, whether one is a sleepwalker who doesn’t believe that what he sees is real, or whether one is a spectator who believes it’s real but thinks it’s not his problem–the common missing element is the sense of responsibility which comes form an understanding and an acceptance of our great Truth, which is that there is but one Reality, and that Reality is the Whole, and we are of the Whole.

In plain language, that means that what those soldiers in Little Rock did to those schoolgirls at Eisenhower’s order they did to us; it was we who were betrayed by Rockefeller when he put his arm around the Mau Mau leader in New York: we are the ones who are being humiliated and made fools every day that Blacks preside over and misgovern Washington, DC: and it is our future against which Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, and Andrew Young are conspiring when they demand that the White Rhodesians and the White South Africans turn over their countries to Blacks.

1435252189723We may think we are only spectators, that all these things are only scenes in a dream, but that is not so. We are intimately involved in and responsible for these things. They do not happen by themselves; they happen because of what we do or because of what we fail to do. There is very little which happens in this world for which we are not responsible, either through our action or our inaction. And there is nothing in which we are not involved, nothing which does not affect us.

When a White schoolchild is beaten and robbed of his lunch money in Pittsburg, we are involved: it is our flesh which suffers.

When a White girl in Settle is persuaded to date a Black, we are involved: it is our blood which is defiled.

When the gang on Capitol Hill votes to give another squadron of F-16’s to the Jews in the Middle East, we are involved: is our honor and our security which are undermined.

That’s true–but here are an awful lot of wise guys, an awful lot of smart alecs in the world today who’ll try to tell you it isn’t They’re the fellows who have taken to heart the do-your-own-thing philosophy of alienation which is preached for the TV pulpit. They have learned that it’s still possible to make a fast buck these days, to wear the latest styles and drive the newest car, and so far as they care, what happens to the kid in Pittsburg is too bad–but it’s his tough luck, not theirs. And what the girl in Seattle does is nobody’s business but hers. And as for the gang on Capitol hill, well that’s just the way it is in politics.

The wise guys think they aren’t involved in these things. What’s real to them is the money in their wallets–the rest is just a dream.

Nocturnus-Libertus-Tweet-Photo-640x480If a sleepwalker never had to wake up, that would be one thing. But there is an awakening coming, and the awakened sleepwalker is going to find himself in a very awkward situation. All the little problems–in Pittsburgh or Seattle or Washington–which he thought he could ignore or argue away because they weren’t real, because they didn’t involve him–by the time he finally realizes they are real, that he is involved, these problems will have grown and multiplied a million fold. He will find himself in a world which has been made almost unlivable, a society which has been totally corrupted, an environment which has been irretrievably plundered, a racial milieu which has been irreversibly polluted. That is the danger in sleepwalking. A few minutes ago I said there is a difference between us and most people, in that we know that the things happening around us are real and that they do involve us, while most people don’t. And yet a lot of us act as if we’re sleepwalking too. We say we know what’s going on and that we’re concerned about it, but all we’re willing to do about it is talk, and even then only to those we think will be sympathetic. We succumb to the temptation to play it save.

When the Alliance asks people to get involved, to make a commitment, to participate in our program to reach other Americans, too often we hear in response the telltale sign of the sleepwalker: the excuse that one needs to think about it some more, or that one is in a sensitive position and has to be careful not to offend the government, or that one is too busy at the moment with one’s business or personal affairs or whatever.

All I can say to the people who make these excused is–look again at this picture of the mayor of your nation’s capital. It’s real. It’s no dream. Whether you like it or not, you’re involved.


And if you wish someone could switch to another channel for you, I’ll tell you this: If there’s to be any channel-switching, we’ll have to do it ourselves. No one else will do it for us. And the only way we can do it is by working together, by participating actively in the Alliance’s program of education and recruitment.

Source:“America the Sleepwalker” by Dr. William Pierce from National Alliance Bulletin May 1977


Mud World – ‘Mad World’ by Gary Jules Parody



All around me are non white races,
Non white places, negro faces,
Bright and early for their monthly paychecks,
Doing nothing, doing nothing

Their lean is filling up their glasses,
No direction, no direction,
Hide my head and my car stereo,
No habla ‘spanol, no habla ‘spanol

Went to school and I was the only white kid
No one like me, no one like me
hello teacher, whats my lesson?
check your privilege, check your privilege

Shit on the street and given free bus passes
Chasing White girls w erections
Hide my purse and my and hope that they will all go
No habla dindu, no habla dindu

And don’t you find it funny
Don’t you find it sad
The dreams muds are having serve a jewish plan
I find it hard to tell you,
You’ll find it hard to take
When hebrews run our circles it’s a very very
Mud world, mud world

Black-Washing White History and Mythology

Black-Washing White History and Mythology

Youtube link

Duke of Durham gives his thoughts on the BBC’s anti-White propaganda campaign to push the image of a multicultural, multiracial Britain. From the days of the Roman occupation, to the Arthurian legends and tales of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, the notion of a “diverse” Britain is a poisonous lie.

Dugin Gets in the Ring

Dugin Gets in the Ring

Whither the Fourth Political Theory?

Dugin Gets in the Ring “Dasein is negotiable but the beard stays”

The Fourth Political Theory is a book that is clearly not short on ambition. I haven’t actually read it, but I already know more or less what is in it from past writings by its author Professor Alexander Dugin, as well as the lengthy video presentation he gave of his ideas at the Identitarian Ideas conference held earlier this year in Stockholm.

Dugin believes there have been three great ideologies in modern history – Liberalism, Communism, and Fascism/National Socialism – and that we are now seeing the formation of the Fourth, which is still waiting to be properly christened and so is known by an ordinal. In the footsteps of Locke, Marx, and Mussolini, we now have Dugin.

I greatly respect and like Dugin. With his Tolstoyan beard and aura of an old church father, he’s a personable and reassuring presence. But I also know how the academic world works, and how it finds all sorts of clever ways to serve different masters, and Professor Dugin is certainly well-connected to a lot of people in the Russian establishment. Is it a coincidence that his ideas support the existence of the Russian Orthodox Church or the multi-ethnic imperialism that is the unavoidable basis for a strong Russian state?

But onto the Fourth Political Theory, with its Millenialist feel of being the fourth and final horseman of the ideological apocalypse. OK, the Theory straps a cushion to its forehead by claiming to be a work in progress, so that any blows landed on it will be softened, but already much of the groundwork has been clearly laid. The road isn’t finished, but we can more or less see where it is headed under the guidance of Professor Dugin.

The Theory supposedly arises from the criticism and deconstruction of the previous three theories, which history has already revealed to be full of flaws and responsible for a great deal of suffering and confusion. Dugin seems happy enough to ride along with modern Liberalism’s historical demolition of Marxism and Fascism, as this makes it a tidy knuckle-to-knuckle, winner-takes-all match between his Fourth Theory and the still undefeated champion, Liberalism.

Seconds out – Ding! Ding! Ding!

Despite past attempts by the Second and Third Theories to claim the crown of modernity, Dugin believes that Liberalism has triumphed here and has managed to irrevocably present itself as the only truly “modern” way. It has also succeeded in presenting itself as the “natural order,” rather than a mere ideology.

To destroy Liberalism, Dugin strikes as these points. But rather than trying to claim that the Fourth Theory is more modern than Liberalism, his strategy is to try to get away from the whole idea of modernity itself by appealing to pre-modern values and conceptualizing them as post-modern eternal values. There is more than a touch of his Old Believer Russian Orthodoxy here.

This is not so much a heavy punch to the ribs of Liberalism as a bit of fancy footwork to avoid Liberalism’s nasty left hook. Modernity is not so easily discarded, as Dugin seems to believe. It operates as the measure of ideological victory, without which no battle can take place. His call to discard modernity is therefore a call for a defensive ceasefire or a time out.

Another key point for Dugin to attack is the subjects or agents of the other three theories. The economic classes of Marxism are presented as outmoded; Fascism’s state as something of a bourgeois innovation; and National Socialist race as a “kind of construction” and not very useful.

Although his punches are only glancing ones here, it does not matter, as these two systems are supposedly punch-drunk losers propping up the bar, muttering “I coulda been a contender.” Where Dugin is more effective is in battering Liberalism’s all-important individual.

This is his mighty opponent’s soft spot and Dugin makes hay here and even gets into position to unleash his KO, but this is where his attack comes unstuck. While all the previous systems have strong subjects/agents that human beings can all feel passionate about – race, nation, class, and our own beloved selves – the Fourth Theory substitutes Heidegger’s flat-footed and abstruse “Dasein” concept. You couldn’t imagine the Bastille being stormed or Stalingrad being held for the sheer pleasure of “being there”!

As a philosophical phrase that says very little by saying too much, it is appropriate that it is then extrapolated into a kind of blanket multi-polarity and call for a true multiculturalism (depoliticized in the case of Russia) and even multi-chronology. Regarding this latter concept, Dugin calls for a world where societies can exist that operate on different temporal patterns, such as cyclical, linear, or more complex. He also calls for the rejection of universal values and comparisons. This is clearly heavily defensive boxing, aimed at avoiding the clever jabs and looming thump that Liberalism is aiming at Putin’s Russia.

The Ascendant Order

Dugin’s interpretation of the previous three theories has a kind of grace, regularity, and ascendant pattern to it. There is natural and elegant progression from the individual to class, and from class to the state (or race). While the other three ideologies nobly struggled in the ring of modernity, and had subjects/agents that could inspire the masses, the Fourth Political Theory has a snatch of Heidegger embroidered on its boxing shorts and seems to be climbing through the ropes with its towel flying through the air behind it.

Perhaps the problem is ideology itself. While Dugin is happy to abandon notions of modernity, he is less happy to abandon ideology. This is only to be expected from an academic who eats, sleeps, and breathes ideology. So, do we actually need it?

Ideology has a progressive nature that does not endear it to many on the Right, but progress is essential in any system that is not based on pure stagnation. Even a cyclical system needs progress to get to the point of its collapse and rebirth. Ideology creates progress through competing with the status quo, or by helping a rising system to become manifest. Therefore, in addition to each ideology having a subject or an agent, history also demonstrates that it needs some kind of enemy or rival: Liberalism’s enemy was the old order; Marxism’s was Liberalism; Fascism’s was Marxism; and Neo-Liberalism’s was Fascism and Marxism.

The problem of the Neo-Liberal world order is that there seems no longer to be any enemy, thus endless stagnation looms. Progress will only arise when Neo-Liberalism in its turn becomes the defeated enemy. On this basis, a strong case exists for the necessity of a Fourth Ideology. But after this, will we need a fifth or sixth, and so on into infinity? The chances are that our technologically enhanced world cannot handle this kind of vast, intense dialectical struggle many times more, so it is essential that the Fourth Political Theory should internalize the engine of progress that has previously come from ideological conflict.

Escaping the Dialectical

As it now stands, the Fourth Political Theory is more a reflection of Russo-centric concerns, and also seems inconsistent with the broader ideological framework that Dugin has outlined. In order for it to gain wider credibility it will have to take on board some of the following points:

Firstly, it should be entirely divorced from any agenda that reflects specific political or religious goals or interests, such as those elements of Russian political pragmatism I constantly detect in Dugin’s work.

Secondly, modernity should not be abandoned. If we are to have an ideological battle, we need winners and losers, and we need a common standard by which to judge them. Communism understood this and so did Fascism, and both were ahead of Liberalism on points for most of their bouts. “Da Sein” and multi-chronology is a form of retreatism.

Thirdly, dismissing Communism and Fascism is premature. Although both were defeated, neither was a purely ideological defeat. Fascism’s defeat was mainly military, while Communism’s was economic. To use boxing terminology one last time, you could say that both were lucky knock outs. These two contestants should be readmitted to the ideological battle until they are defeated ideologically. Neo-liberalism is not capable of doing this. Only a later political theory will be capable of this.

Fourthly, the Fourth Political Theory should be adjusted to fit more neatly into Dugin’s grand pattern of ideological evolution. Only when this is done will it be successful. History shows that Marxism opposed but also used elements of Liberalism. Fascism opposed but also used elements of Marxism and to a lesser extent Liberalism. Therefore it seems likely that the Fourth Political Theory should oppose but also include elements of Fascism and to a lesser extent Marxism.

Fifthly, the Fourth Political Theory needs to find an appropriate subject/agent, one with an existence that the masses can relate to, and one that fits into the ascendant pattern of individual, class, and state/race. The only subject that fits this bill is humanity itself.

Sixthly, to avoid the dangers of endless stagnation and further dialectical struggles resulting in Armageddon, the Fourth Political Theory will need to internalize the progressive impetus.

The Loss of Reality

The Loss of Reality

The Ideological Caste and its Tyranny

The Loss of Reality A world built on abstractions soon loses its reality

There is a distinction between natural and artificial societies. Natural societies grow organically within a group of people with a shared ancestry. This is why patriotism is natural – it grows from emotional relationships and does not need a theory or ideological underpinning. There is more to human nature than reason and the act of bonding with your people and territory is a process of feeling, instinct, intuition and other human qualities.

I live in England so I will use England as my exemplar. England has been a nation since the time of Alfred the Great, and it is an emotional, organic growth, not an intellectual agreement. Intellectual nationalism came from the Enlightenment and, like other forms of thinking derived from the Enlightenment, is theory to be applied to men and women, that is, forced on people. It is a mistake for The New Right to adopt rationalist theorising in imitation of Marxist thinkers.

Education in the liberal era emphasised ideas, with people thinking that we are in a battle of ideas, as if ideas rule the world. In actual fact the world at a Global and local level is run by rich power groups. Power groups are changing our towns and cities into something different and separating us from our culture and history. These are being made un-British. Local councillors stand for election and promise benefits to the local community. If elected they act as agents for corporations and finance. The new buildings in London are financed by money from other countries and built and designed by global corporations using imported labour while our people remain unemployed.

We are educated to be unrealistic and naïve. We are encouraged not to judge others, but the way to live safely is to assess human nature and make judgements on the suitability of others as friends or people we do business with. We are told it is prejudice to decide who to associate with, but making such decisions is essential human wisdom. To neglect this is to open oneself up to being harmed or taken advantage of.

Running a family is a practical activity, as is running a nation. The use of concrete nouns instead of abstract ones would effect how people think and would return them to reality. The abstract way of thinking was brought in by the French Revolution and has led people out of the world of reality into the realm of fantasy, because the words they think in have no substance. This is why immigrants, for instance, are thought to be the same as us, but if you believe they share the same basic human nature with us, then immigration is alarming because they are taking over our territory as earlier invasions have done.

It is their human nature to do so, as it was ours when we were in their countries. The mode of entry is not the point. The point is that, once in a country, human nature decrees that a people start claiming territory and that includes women. The widespread raping of young White girls some as young as eleven and twelve (and some Indian and Black) by the rival Muslim community is for them the taking of the spoils of war. The police and social services have been covering these child-rapes for years. They can not face the fact that their imported pets are not bringing us benefits and enriching our culture.

The use of concrete nouns instead of abstract ones would have an immense effect on how people think – it would bring them back to reality. The French Revolution and its abstract way of thinking have led people from reality into fantasy, because the words they think in have no substance.

When a world view becomes dominant it marginalises the opposing view, and that is what has happened to traditional or national conservatism. Another complication is that new Liberalism is different from Classical Liberalism. Liberalism was replaced by Cultural Marxism in the late 1960s.  They kept the name but changed the content so that there were two Liberalisms – Classical and New. New Liberals changed the nature of the ideology into what we now see as Identity Politics and Political Correctness. For example, individual rights became group rights, and that worked against us, as we are “oppressors” and the immigrants are “victims.”

The Progressive way of thinking that stems from the Enlightenment marginalizes traditional systems in favour of a way of thinking that disdains the past and looks forward to a future perfection. Progressives think that we are ineluctably destined for the brotherhood of man – an obvious Utopia! This is no more than an irrational superstition, and any examination of the world around them would show that the opposite is happening. They think human nature is malleable and can be re-fashioned to fit into their ideology and future utopia.

A formal ideology is written down like a “How to” book, which tells people how to think and behave. Ideology grew out of the Enlightenment as a secular replacement for religion with a programme of correct thinking and behaving, and with intolerance for deviation. The rulers changed from an aristocratic class, based on blood and land, to a secular elite defined by their ability to think and say the right things – in other words an “Ideological Caste.”

Ideological thinking starts with first principles and requires underpinnings to support or justify beliefs. Conservatism by contrast is a view of the world that grows out of our emotional bonds with our families and expands outwards through neighbourhood and community to the nation. It emanates out to Europe and the Anglosphere, though weaker. For example, we feel for the South African Boers in these days of their genocide. It is stronger at home, and a parent who wishes other children to do better than their own is perverse.

The Ideological uses of language

The elites try to change people’s thinking by changing the vocabulary: the British government guidelines to the media suggest certain words about non-white crime be replaced. The words to be suppressed included immigrant, illegal immigrant, illegal asylum seeker, bogus asylum seeker, non-white, non-Christian, mixed race, half-caste, mulatto. There is the substitution of euphemistic terms for those that reflect reality, as in the official designation of Anti-Islamic activity for Muslim terrorists.

The use of Political Correctness is a way of training people to think of, and to perceive, reality in the official way. If you think differently you are a “hater,” a “racist.”

Ideological change of the meaning of words passes for common usage as people innocently adopt them: bigot and tolerance are prominent examples. Bigot means one who refuses to listen to the opinions of others but is misused as a connotative word that only applies to “right-wingers.” A classic example of this Doublespeak was during the 2010 general election campaign when Gordon Brown described a woman who asked him about imported labour as a bigot; but he was the one being bigoted because he refused to listen to her opinions! Tolerance meant to tolerate an action or to put up with something one did not like, but is now misused to make indigenous British people passive and accept being replaced by immigrants.

We need a concrete, definite vocabulary, not vague linguistic terms like person and humanity, but terms like Englishman or Englishwoman, Welshman or Welshwoman, Scotsman or Scotswoman or Irishman or Irishwoman, boy and girl; land rather than country. They are more specific and convey a solid idea of substance; they get away from the woolly vocabulary that is a cause of our collective loss of touch with reality. This would clarify what we are referring to and make our common intercourse more realistic.

The great Welsh national anthem Land of My Fathers is a pertinent example as it makes a clear statement of debt to ancestors and suggests the piety necessary to honour what the ancestors have left us, and our obligation to hand it on to our descendants. This is embodied in the Fifth Commandment to honour thy mother and father; unless they are very cruel parents, of course.

On abstractions, the counter-revolutionary Josef de Maistre stated:  

“there is no such thing as Man in the world. In my lifetime I have seen Frenchmen, Italians, Russians, etc… I declare that I have never in my life met him; if he exists, he is unknown to me.” 


A television programme Gypsy Wars contrasted a local woman with tinkers who had invaded her land, and effectively reversed the roles. The intellectual and media elites think our traditional view of the world is pathological and try to correct it for us. No young Gypsy men were shown, because they would be aggressive, and the programme makers did not want to show them as a threat; village life was not shown because that is appealing and viewers would sympathise with the woman; the woman was selected because she is not typical of rural people but was a bit eccentric and could be set up as the aggressor even though she was in fact the victim. This role-reversal was undertaken to mould the public’s views and change attitudes. This was an example of how television re-structures thought in accordance with the establishment’s Progressive ideology. 

In August 2011, police closed the largest gypsy camp in Britain at Dale Farm and the biased television news reports once again left gypsy men out of their news reports. 

For years vacancies in television were only advertised in the Bourgeois-Socialist Guardian newspaper to help filter out applicants with the wrong attitudes. 

We are derided as prejudiced if we protest against the elites having us dispossessed, which is used to mean ignorant and narrow-minded, but prejudice is in fact traditional wisdom passed down by our ancestors, and is knowledge which is much broader-based than the narrow solipsism of the contemporary era. It saves us learning the hard way, and we would have been spared this dispossession if natural prejudices had been followed after the last war. 

The great Conservative satirist Michael Wharton would have recommended Prejudometers. 

We are being dehumanised and made a non-people. We must abandon this inculcated niceness, this apologetic approach and assert ourselves. We need to give our people a sense of their collective worth for the common good, and succeeding generations need to be built up to inherit the responsibility for our life and culture. The media are occupying them with trivialities like what to wear, how to get your hair done and where to have a tat! It is done to get their money, and is morally evil, as they are being debauched by temptations and distractions. 

Government from Brussels, economic control by global corporations, and Afro-Asian colonization is part of the progressives’ new dream for an ideal future, but in practice it disinherits our children of community and association with their own kind, which we are duty bound to preserve for them. 

Throughout history wars have been fought for territory, and by allowing newcomers to stake claims, our emasculated ‘elite’ are encouraging them to fight for yet more. Our rulers are handing our ancestral homeland to invaders and protecting their welfare over and above that of their own people. 

MPs also want children taught how to have relationships and make “informed decisions” about when to have sex. Propagandising homosexuality is another threat to our demographics.

A world view to unite us 

How do we counter the dominant ideology? The way to develop a new world view is to gather examples from the world around us, of what is really happening as a result of, say, immigration, collate it and form our version of reality. The first thing is to understand human nature and what people are capable of doing to one another. We also need to consider what gives life meaning, and this leads to the idea that nationalism is about our nation and a nation means a group of racially linked people with whom we belong by emotional attachments. I openly admit to being a racialist because I believe in racial differences between people, but do not hate other peoples and do not accept the Marxist pejorative term “racist.” 

Power groups are changing our towns and cities into something different and separating us from our culture and history. We must not endlessly rehearse what has come to pass but what we are going to do. How will people cope in the social disorder the elites are plunging us into.

 We have a responsibility for our kin and a duty to them. We have a duty to pass on what we have inherited to our children, as they, in turn, will have a duty to their children. We owe a debt to our ancestors who bequeathed to us our nation and culture and we must honour that. 

The elites promote a version of progress and see the past as obsolete. But the present grows from the past as the future grows from the present, which is why we have to get things right now, in the beginning of our revival. 

The attitude of those who control public life is to transfer power away from their own people and disinherit their descendants for the benefit of rival communities. We are morally obliged to put our people first, as we do with our families, even when foreigners are more in need of help. Supporting outsiders against our own people is morally wrong. 

We have natural bonds with our families, a responsibility for them and a duty to them as we have a duty to pass on what we have inherited to our children, as they, in turn, will have a duty to their children. This extends to our fellow nationals who share the same ancestral descent. We owe a debt to our ancestors who bequeathed to us our nation and culture, and we must honour that. 

A people need the numinous things in life – religion, art, culture, a wholesome countryside. The numinous is a feeling of, and a need for, the sacred, the holy, and the transcendent; not just the material and the hedonistic. 

Simple people say, “So what? It doesn’t matter if different people take over!” This shows a failure to understand human nature. They think it will be painless, like handing the baton on in a relay race, but examples from history like the Norman Conquest, show the oppression the conquered have to endure; other countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe show what will befall our children if the evil elites are not countered. 

The ideology of multi-racialism was a righteous reaction to the opening of the camps and the watchword was, “It must never happen again.” This has come full circle and now the Jews are being persecuted in France, Sweden and elsewhere by imported Muslims. Everyone must have seen Muslims brandishing placards that read: “God Bless Hitler” and chanting “Jews to the gas!”  They must know that The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is on sale in Muslim shops all over not only England but Europe. I have written elsewhere and repeat it here: if David Cameron and Ed Milliband and the other fantasists succeed in getting Turkey into the EU the number of Muslims will be so large that the EU forces will not be able to protect European Jews from, I dare say it, possible extermination. This has been imported by the elites who are not facing the reality of what they are doing. 

Unlike the rational ideologies that have been manifold since the Enlightenment, our views derive from an emotional and instinctive relationship with our people and our territory. It is more profound than rationalising an ideology to be learnt from a book because it grows from natural, human instinct and emotion. 

To give favourable treatment to aliens over our own people is morally wrong. A nation’s manners, morals, religions, political institutions, and social structures, are inherited from its ancestors and our loyalties begin with affection within families and this emanates outward to neighbourhood and nation. We belong to our kin, above strangers. 

Look at data from the Office of National Statistics (which doesn’t take into account the births to mothers born here), then look at your children and ask yourselves: “Am I betraying my children? Where will they live and work?”


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